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         Augustus Caesar:     more books (100)
  1. A New Map of Ancient Gaul or Gallia Transalpina Shewing the Divisions thereof by Augustus Caesar together with its principal People Cities Towns Rivers Mountains: &c. by Edward WELLS, 1712-01-01
  2. Augustus Caesars World 1996 publication. by Gnviv Fostr, 1996
  3. Mercy the truest heroism: display'd in the conduct of some of the most famous conquerors and heroes of antiquity; viz. Cyrus, Alexander, Julius Cæsar, Augustus, Flavius Vespasianus, ... by See Notes Multiple Contributors, 2010-06-01
  4. Heirs of Caesar: Augustus, Quintus Pedius, Lucius Pinarius
  5. Phædri Augusti Cæsaris liberti Fabularum æsopiarum libri quinque: or, the five books of the Fables of Phædrus, who was made a freeman of Rome by Augustus Cæsar, in imitation of Æsop's Fables: by Phaedrus, 2010-08-05
  6. The Roman history, from the settlement of the empire by Augustus Cæsar, to the removal of the imperial seat by Constantine the Great. ... Vol.II. ... The ... By Laurence Echard, ...Volume 2 of 2 by Laurence Echard, 2010-05-29
  7. Lucius Annæus Florus, his Epitome of Roman history, from Romulus to Augustus Cæsar. Made English from the best editions ... The second edition. by Lucius Annaeus. Florus, 2010-06-10
  8. AUGUSTUS CAESAR'S WORLD by Genevieve Foster, 1947-01-01
  9. A letter sent to His Excellency Claude, Louis, Francois, Regnier Count de Guerchy. ... By the noble Charles, Génevieve [sic], Louis, Augustus, Cæsar, Andrew, Timotheus, d'Eon de Beaumont, ... by Charles Geneviève Loui Eon de Beaumont, 2010-05-28
  10. AUGUSTUS CAESAR'S WORLD 44 B.C. TO A.D.14 by Genevieve Foster, 1947
  11. The exiles of the court of Augustus Cæsar. Being the secret history of the illustrious Ovid, Horace, ... and many other famous personages of that age. ... celebrated author of a neighbouring kingdom. by Madame de Villedieu, 2010-05-26
  12. Republican Holders of the Role of Pontifex Maximus: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Fabius Maximus, Pontifex Maximus, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus
  13. Augustus Caesar and the Organization of the Empire of Rome by John B. Firth, 1990-02
  14. The Worship of Augustus Caesar: Derived from a Study of Coins, Monuments, Calendars, Aeras and Astronomical and Astrological Cycles, the Whole Establishing a New Chronology and Survey of History and Religion by ALEXANDER DEL MAR, 1900

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