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1. Hideaway
2. The Taking
3. Fear Nothing
4. Love Heels: Tales from Canine
5. How to Write Best Selling Fiction
6. Odd Thomas
7. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Lost
8. Ghost Movies II (v. 2)
9. Trapped
10. Bliss to You: Trixie's Guide to
11. Three Complete Novels - Dean R.
12. Mr Murder
13. After the Last Race
14. The Fall Of The Dream Machine
16. The Fall of the Dream Machine/
17. Three Complete Novels (Strangers
18. Cold Fire
19. Dark Rivers of the Heart: A Novel
20. Seize the Night (G K Hall Large

1. Hideaway
by Dean R. Koontz
 Hardcover: Pages (1992-01-01)

Asin: B002EIY7XW
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (116)

3-0 out of 5 stars eh
I agree with what a lot of people here are saying: the first part of the book (the accident) is riveting.The wife is fierce and brave.Then, for some reason, after the husband starts having strange incidents, she turns into an annoying half-wit:
~despite the horrific experiences he describes to her, and the danger he knows is coming, she can't understand why he wants guns in the house and the doors locked
~despite same said experiences, then a creepy weirdo breaks into their home and snatches their child, it only dawns on her later as they're chasing said creep in their car that `something bad has come into their lives'
~she demands explanations and reasons from him (that he just doesn't have) while they don't have time, such as when they're chasing the psycho.
I would've liked Regina's character to have played more of a part.The whole adoption storyline was so neglected it almost seemed tacked-on.
The end is weak.It turns out to be a lame `showdown' between an archangel and a demon, named Urinal and Vagisil, respectively (or whatever) and the husband and the killer were just vessels they hitched a ride to this world through.
I was somewhat confused through the book when the serial killer (whom had already murdered over 20 people before he did himself in at the age of 20, went to hell briefly, and was brought back to life) kept worrying about needing to kill more to earn his way back to hell.I kept thinking, `Dude, you're good to goYou're in!."He killed himself before and got to hell, why couldn't he just kill himself again and go back now, since he wanted to so bad.It turns out, apparently, the demon (Vagisil) had pretty much hijacked the guy's body, and wanted to earn a special rank in hell; it wasn't Jeremy in there at all; while the husband remained himself throughout his `possession' and Urinal only took him over at the end.
I found myself skimming through many paragraphs instead of actually reading them when DK would start blathering on about the architecture of a neighborhood or whatnot.
This book does contain one of DK's usual ultra-conservative diatribes that all his books contain.(It's in the part about adoption laws.)
It's got some okay moments, but, eh.

5-0 out of 5 stars Another Fantastic Book
Dean Koontz is by far my favorite author.I have read around 15 of his books and each one has been a real page-turner, I never want to put the book down.This book, "Hideaway" keeps to that standard.

The thing I love most about this book are the characters.The characters are very well developed, unique, and keep the story moving.From the laid-back antique collector that is revived after 80 minutes of being killed named Hatch, to the disturbed want-to-be demon and serial killer named Vassago, the characters are definitely very interesting.Throughout the book, there are connections revealed between each character that continues to make the story even more exciting.

This book has a really dark and twisted plot- the connection between Vassago's mind and Hatch's mind leaves both characters trying to discover who the visions coming to them are from.This leads to a huge plot twist and a confrontation between Vassago and Hatch in the end.This book is very suspenseful and keeps you asking questions and wondering what will happen next right until the very end of the book.

1-0 out of 5 stars No more Koontz for me
This is the twelfth Koontz book I have read, and by far it was the worst book of any kind that I put my eyes to. I guess I am not a fan of the type of writing Koontz does. I did like Watchers... one of the best books I have read in a long time, but all his other books and especially this one are duds for me.

Koontz drags his narrative out for ever... boring. And when he gets into dialog, he is clumsy at it. Then he goes over the top with gore to the point of disgusting.

Hideaway started out with a bang. It was intense, vivid, and gripping... but from the time Hatch and his wife were in the hospital the story went straight downhill.

And all I can say about the ending ... there was no ending.

I am through with Koontz.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Read, good book
After the main character survives a car accident where he was plunged into not only the depths of a frozen river, but the depths of his own mind. The main character become strangely connected wit a serial killer and he is left to try to figure out why. The connection continues to deepen as the story build and it starts to drive him insane with all the odd images he has running through his head. the man becomes possessed with stopping the other that he is sure is real and continues to find different leads that are bringing them closer together.
After his family is brought into the twisted world of the serial killer the main character is forced to find him as quickly as possible. The serial killer thinks of himself as an artist that works in the medium of human flesh and believes he is possessed by a demon. The ending is a surprise that I did not see coming and the final showdown is worth reading the book for it's self.

5-0 out of 5 stars My first Koontz novel
This was the first Koontz novel I ever read. I didn't know what to expect, as it normally strays from what I usually read. I was hooked from page one and could not put the book down. Serial killers fascinate me, so this book was an excellent treat. Once I finished it, I was looking for more Koontz! I read Mr. Murder which is somewhat similar to this one, and is just as enjoyable, though Hideaway is better written. If you like books with serial killers, check out The Good Guy; Though the story itself is rather poor, it is still worth reading for the serial killer alone. ... Read more

2. The Taking
by Dean R. Koontz
Paperback: Pages (2005-04-26)

Asin: B001E3F68S
Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (550)

1-0 out of 5 stars Highly disappointed and disgusted at the ending...
The book would have gotten a 5 star rating but the end just messed it ALL up. If I could give this a 5, I would! The concept of an alien invasion terraforming the whole world into its image was both fascinating and horrifying..I loved it!

But, Dean Koontz had to go and mess it all up. Apparently, the "Aliens" that killed the folks in the International Space Station was Lucifer himself. The giant mothership that was making it rain? It was Hell. Hell was a spaceship floating in outer space. Lucifer decided that Humanity is violent and killed everyone except a few folks and all the kids. Humanity got a second chance.

I've only read a three of his books (this one included) and I will never read another one because they always end in such disappointment. And what the heck is this thing he has about dogs? Arrgh.

Mr. Koontz, next time, don't mess up a great story with religion.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Thiller
I preface this review by saying that I am a Dean R Koontz fan and I have been for 20+ years. One of my favorites was the first one I ever read-- Strangers. There isn't anything he's written that I don't like. Sometimes it does take me a little while to get enthralled in his books, but I'm never disappointed. For me, this book felt hokey for awhile, but all of a sudden I found myself riveted, and the ending was perfect. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers and also the open minded. This is not for someone who wants a factual type history book. I will definitely re-read this book over the years

4-0 out of 5 stars Intense and suspensful
Koontz is a master storyteller, and in the beginning of the book one can almost feel an unseen weight hanging over the main characters. It's coming closer, threatening to crush them, and as evident as it is that the strange things happening to them is only the beginning, there is no guessing where it will lead. Most of the book is a pageturner - it is intense and suspensful and one really wants to know what's going to happen. Towards the end the religious overtones become a little too strong for my taste and that's why it only gets four stars.

5-0 out of 5 stars I really liked it
After reading some reviews on here, I was ready to not like this book.I honestly loved it.I have been disappointed in the ending to lots of Koontz's books lately and was expecting this one to fall flat too but I was satisfied this time. I enjoyed the message at the end.

3-0 out of 5 stars This Novel took me nowhere...
I've read several of Koontz works, and this has to be his weakest. It starts quite strong. I was thrust immediately into the suspense and horror of the characters. Koontz trademark pace, style, and characterization are there, making this start out as an easy and enjoyable read. However, somewhere between Part 2 and the end of this novel, things got utterly confusing for me and all that went out the window.

Maybe it was how unclear this Taking was. [TINY SPOILER, BUT NOT REALLY] Was it aliens? Apocalypse? Some crazy dream sequence? Koontz hints and hits all three of these possible conclusions, but nothing is ever definite or described. And the main character is not a psychic but may have some deep seeded intuitions about the nature of things. She is always on the cusp of some great revelation about this "Taking", but never gets there. This confused me more, because somehow at the end, the character magically ties everything together, despite the fact that she was nearly clueless the entire novel.

Or maybe it was the repetitious use of the word 'disquieted' and any other form of the word known to the English language. "She was disquieted. He was disquieted. The silence was disquieting. The disquiet disquieted it." It got to the point where I bet myself to put the novel down for a day if I read the word disquiet again. Page later, I fulfilled that bet.

The novel seemed horribly rushed and ultimately thoughtless. I made it to the end thinking the mystery of the taking would be sloved. Maybe you're a psuedo psychic like the main character if you can guess what my reaction was. ... Read more

3. Fear Nothing
by Dean R Koontz
 Hardcover: Pages

Asin: B000X128CY
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (474)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Scary Story about a Boy and His Dog
Christopher Snow, called Snowman by his friends, is a twenty-eight-year-old writer who is doomed to a life of darkness because of a rare genetic disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum, or XP for short. He's normal in every way except that exposure to ultraviolet rays - even from fluorescent lights - could be fatal.

His father has just died. But when the hospital turns the body over to the mortuary, it's switched for one of a hitchhiker, who was a victim of a brutal beating that ended with someone plucking out his eyes. Snowman sets out to discover why and finds himself involved in a mystifying tale that involves all of Moonlight Bay, a quaint California coastal town.

Snowman goes to the mortuary but is discovered. There is a chase that wind up with Snowman following an intelligent cat into an underground drainage catacomb that's full of hundreds of animal and human skulls.

Snowman eases himself back into the darkness and goes home, where he gets his faithful dog Orson and heads out in search of answers. There are it seems, animals in town who are a whole heck of a lot smarter than they have a right to be. Some good, a troop of monkeys apparently not so good. In due course he finds out that his quiet little town has been a hotbed of DNA research and that his mother was involved in some sneaky governmental work that involved intra-species gene therapy. And he learns a little something about his dog.

This book is typical Koontz, a thriller as well as a scary read that grabs you from the first page and pulls you right into the story. I loved the characters, Christopher, Bobby, Sasha, but most of all I loved Orson the dog and I believe you will too.

4-0 out of 5 stars My first Koontz book - coming from a Stephen King fan
Good story.It could have been longer and gone into more detail about the history of Wyvern and the characters' parents.I am used to King books which can be very long.This book definitely sucked me in, and I am going to read "Seize the Night" next.

5-0 out of 5 stars i love this book!!! reviewer: apple allen
Christopher Snow, Sasha,Bobby,and of course Orson(!) are some of the best fictional characters ever written. I devoured FIND ME,also. I highly recommend the Christopher Snow novels,and hope Mr. Koontz has many more to come.

5-0 out of 5 stars First and favorite!
This was the first Dean Koontz novel I ever read.That was about 12 years ago now and this is still my favorite of his works.There's a great balance between humor and thrills.It's because of Christopher Snow that I use words like "bitchin'."The sequal, Sieze The Night, was also good.I just wish that Koontz would have continued the series like the Odd Thomas collection.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very Entertaining
This was the first book I read by Koontz and I am hooked.Very good story that had me hooked from page 1.I loved all the characters.This book was one that I couldn't wait to get back to when I had time to read.I have now read a few other Dean Koontz books (The Face & Sole Survivor) and Fear Nothing is my favorite so far.I am ready to read the sequel to this one "Seize the Night" ... Read more

4. Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for Independence
by Patricia Dibsie
Hardcover: 224 Pages (2003-10)
list price: US$28.95 -- used & new: US$22.45
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0972942726
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Witness the true definition of unconditional love revealed in the remarkable stories featured in -LOVE HEELS-Tales From Canine Companions for Independence, a beautifully designed and illustrated book celebrating people and dogs.The organization, Canine Companions For Independence (CCI) is a not-for-profit organization that -- with the help of so many volunteers-- breeds, raises, trains, and then places it’s exceptional canine graduates with disabled children and adults who are in need of their assistance. Then a very special bond between human and canine companion is established.

The stories and photos in LOVE HEELS bring the Canine Companions for Independence experience to life for the reader and introduces you to many of the thousands of selfless volunteers who make up the breeders, raisers, and trainers of these amazing dogs.From the joyful hours when litters are born, through the playful months of puppyhood, these team members cherish their canine charges until the day they tearfully, yet proudly, pass them on to those who need them most.It is their dedication to helping others and overwhelming love for the puppies that makes it possible for hundreds of people with disabilities to live more independent lives and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Then we meet the people for whom CCI was created —the "human partners" — the children and adults with physical disabilities—for whom performing everyday tasks seemed impossible…until they meet their "canine companion."These courageous and determined individuals develop an incredible bond with their new dogs, which not only brings them a great deal of assistance in daily living(the dogs respond to at least 50 commands), but friendship, joy, and an amazing amount of unconditional love.Being able to take charge of their lives, instead of being taken care of, allows the disabled to reach beyond their limitations to be the best they can be. LOVE HEELS is an inspirational and motivational book about courage and love of the softest and fuzziest kind!

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of LOVE HEELS will go to Canine Companions for Independence. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (9)

4-0 out of 5 stars Very Good Reading
this is a great book, very informative and the pictures are beautiful. it really gives you insight into just how much difference an animal can make and how valuable programs like Canine Companions for Independece are. i recommend this to anyone, not just animal lovers.

5-0 out of 5 stars As a physician, I LOVE this book!
I read Love Heels over a period of several days and was particularly impressed with the heart warming stories of the dog and human teams.One of the stories was about a little boy, whose short life was made bearable by the grace of his beloved service dog.None of us likes to think that our dogs will outlive our children, but some dogs have the great privilege of being there for people in a way that is unique and healing.The whole book is moving really, with stories about people from all walks of life who have survived and thrived in part because of the spirit of their canine companions.
If you already love dogs, or are involved in a service profession, you won't regret having this book on your coffee-table or in your study.
And as a physician who has a great interest in service and therapy dogs [...], I heartily recommend this book.
Be well,
Dr. Ferraioli
Author, "Cobwebs And Ugly Wallpaper"

5-0 out of 5 stars Heart warmer
What a wonderful organization...stories to touch hearts of all ages.We are currently raising a puppy for CCI and the experiences of the authors are especially meaningful.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful pictures and touching stories
This book makes a great gift. It is a very nice looking book at a good price. The pictures are as touching as the stories. If you love dogs or just want to read stories about love and courage this is a "must have" book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Love Heels:Tales From Canine Companions for Independence
Oh, wow!I highly recommend this book.I have been a puppy raiser for CCI since 1988, and this book absolutely captures the heart and soul of this wonderful organization.I have lived the puppy-raising part twelve times, so I especially appreciate the breeder-caretaker and graduate stories. The book not only reinforces the specialness of the bond between humans and dogs, but also gives you insight into how the lives of those who receive these awesome animals are forever changed.Buy it! ... Read more

5. How to Write Best Selling Fiction
by Dean R. KOONTZ
 Hardcover: Pages (1982)

Asin: B000HKJ5HW
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (9)

5-0 out of 5 stars Thank you, Mr. Koontz, for penning an excellent book on writing!
I found this book to be most helpful regarding all that goes into the writing process. Even though it was written many years ago by Mr. Koontz, I am most appreciative to him for taking the time to write this book as he explains everything in great detail. Also,even though the book was written many years ago, I found much of the info in it still holds true today. In my opinion, the chapters on how to write a good story (ie - having a plot, strong characters, interesting storyline, etc.) were especially informative. Thank you, Mr. Koontz!

3-0 out of 5 stars I've changed my mind - wish I could put five stars on this book and not three.
OK, I have been changing my review of this book for a couple of times. The first time I considered it was a three stars book because I was expecting someting else. Then I read the book again and I changed my mind about it. This is the third time I read it and now I can say this book is mind blowing. If you want to write bestsellers this as a good place to come and learn.

I just love how the author defends commercial writing and put it above the so-called "art writing". In recent times I've come across people and schools that look down at commercial writing and think their "artful writing" is much more valuable. I think not. Koontz proves his case by talking about some of the most successful writers of all times. Does Dickens sound familiar. Well, he's just one example of many.

Also, there are hidden jewels in this text. For example, I bought a dvd workshop that talks about a very exclusive method to develop a plot. This workshop claims that you will find this method in very few places. They sell this workshop with some degree of hype. Well Koontz explains the whole thing in a couple of pages -no hype, just the truth about the plot points common to all good and selling fiction. So, with Koontz you get the very best information on how to grow a plot without hype.

Another example of the secrets in this book has to do with methodology. Like it or not, the most difficult aspect to grasp about writing is methodology. How does a writer create? How does a writer come up with story ideas? Well, I have had to search in many many books on this topic. After searching a lot I found some very good ideas on the best methods to write stories. Then I came back and read Koontz again... and guess what? Yes! Some of those methods are right here.

I really don't know why the first time I read Koonts work I didn't see how rich and valuable it was. It has gone way up in my list of favorite creative writing books. It is now close to "Techniques of the Selling Writer" by Swain -which is still the best book I've found on creative writing so far.

Now, as time has passed I can see why many people like it. If you ask me, all I can say is that the book is not so much about techniques of effective writing. The book does address some techniques but the real main subject of this book is way of thinking about good selling fiction. The author presents a series of arguments to support his idea of what he calls "main stream fiction". On the one hand there are the "academic creative writing" books. Koonz gives reasons why you should run in the opposite direction when ever that kind of books and approach to writing is trying to influence you. On the other hand there are the "formulaic genre books" such as mystery novels, romance novels, etc. Koonz gives reasons why you should not under any circumstance choose that path.

Without "academic fiction" and "genre fiction" what do we have left? Main stream fiction. The rest of the book is an explanation of how main stream fiction differs from "academic fiction" and "genre fiction".

In some ways this book has a high dosis of Zen for writers. It is about your approach to writing and how to turn your writing into the most popular writing it can ever be.

Table of content.

1. A brief explanation of the author purpose.
2. Writing the great American novel.
3. The changing marketplace.
4. Creating and structuring a story line.
5. Action, action, action.
6. Heroes and heroines.
7. Creating believable characters.
8. Achieving plausibility through believable character motivation.
9. Background.
10. Grammar and Syntax.
11. Style.
12. Two Genres: Science Fiction and Mysteries.
13. A few more pitfalls to avoid.
14. Selling what you write.
15. Read, read, read.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Re-Issue of the 1974 Version
This must be a re-issue of the same book that Koontz published in 1974, in which he lays down exactly the way you write a best seller. I only have a copy of that book in Xerox. Anyway, he tells the most important secrets here. If you're ready to understand what he's talking about, you can use this to base a novel-writing career. No exaggeration. Fantastic book. Changed my life.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Great Book on Writing, but No Longer in Print
This is a great book on writing that was written by Dean Koontz when he was a relatively unknown 35-year old writer of paperback suspense novels.This book was written in 1981 and is no longer in print.It is very difficult to find, and old copies can sell for over a hundred dollars.

In HOW TO WRITE BEST SELLING FICTION, Koontz offers solid advice on how to create a good plot, interesting characters, good dialogue, and fast-paced action sequences.He also offers some common sense advice on how to write a popular novel that is marketable.This book is VERY well written and is just as good as Stephen King's ON WRITING in my opinion.

Koontz also offers a lengthy chapter where he offers his honest opinion on many of the famous writers of his day.I found this section quite fascinating to read.Throughout this book, Koontz also discusses his own past history as a writer, making this the closest thing to a memoir that Koontz has ever written.

I know quite a few established writers who were heavily influenced by this book.Is it worth one hundred dollars?Probably not.Given dramatic changes in the book industry, parts of this book are severely out-of-date.I recently read an interview with Dean Koontz where he admitted as much, which may explain why this book has been out of print for such a long time.

Unfortunately, Koontz has no current plans to update this book, so your best bet is to look for this book in your local library, which is where I found my copy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Classic Timeless Advice For Any Fiction Writer
Dean Koontz is a master at his storytelling craft. This book has been read and re-read as it's been on my shelf for more than 20 years. The advice has stood the test of time and it's invaluable for any fiction author.

In the first chapter, Koontz provides three key reasons why this book is worth your time.

"1. I am going to point out a couople of hundred pitfalls into which new writers always fall. I fell into every one of them, and I still have a few bruises to prove it. If my warnings help you avoid just a few of those traps, or if I am able to help you climb out of them more quickly than you otherwise might, you will probably save weeks, months, even years in your struggle to obtain the goals you have set for yourself.
2. This book will be more blunt and more honest about the hows and whys of marketing fiction than any book has ever been before. I will tell you about the strengths, weakness, successes, and failure of editors and publishers. I will tell you about the strengths that make a writer succeed, and I will warn you about the weaknesses and self-delusions that cause some writers to fail. I will lead you through the maze of book contracts and explain some of the more insidious and odious clauses that publishers try to slip past unwary authors. In the process, some myths will be shattered, including the one which would have you believe publishing is a refined, sensitive, gentlemanly business.
3. One of the most valuable things to be obtained from a book of this sort is the knowledge that you are not alone in your madness, that your obsession with words and stories is not as rare as you think. There are others of us who share your burning if somewhat irrational need to write and publish fiction."

Get this book. It's priceless. ... Read more

6. Odd Thomas
by Dean R. Koontz
 Hardcover: Pages
list price: US$7.99 -- used & new: US$37.77
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 5559608467
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
The new novel from the internationally bestselling author of The FaceAnother distinctive, original and thought-provoking work of fiction from Dean Koontz, one of the best-loved and biggest-selling authors in the world. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (534)

5-0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT read!
Odd is a character you'll love!Sweet, honest, helpful, etc. You feel sorry and hopeful for the poor fella! He is steadily in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe the right place at the right time? Whichever it is, you'll want him on your side for sure!This is 1 of a series.I've only read the 1st 4, since that's all that were available on Kindle.Books 1 and 3 are better than 2 and 4, but all are a must-read and you'll love Odd and his adventures (and his friends!)

3-0 out of 5 stars journey
Begins a long and wonderful journey with the prolific Mr. Koontz and his Odd creation. Enjoy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Definitely not the Sixth Sense...in a good way!
So I was certainly worried when I heard the premise of this book. A boy who sees dead people. How cliche. It surprised me though. It turned out to be one of the better, and more unique suspense books that I have read in an extremely long time. Riveting beginning, great twist at the end, and all kinds of excitement in between - what more can you ask for!

I have never read Dean Koontz before. Typically, I'm not a big suspense/thriller story kind of girl. I'm more of a science fiction/fantasy reader myself, but this book had just the right amount of paranormal quirkiness to wrap my attention. The characters were vivid and their emotions were real - even the blatantly idealistic relationship between Odd and Stormy seemed to make sense to me. I felt a strong connection with the characters and it made me want to read more. The descriptive detail in the book was incredible as well. I found myself prickling with goosebumps upon mention of the Fungus Man.

Not many books make me laugh or cry out loud, but this book made me do both. Certainly an excellent airplane book if you're looking for one. It made the flight whiz by! I was 90% through the book when the plane landed and I almost didn't want to get off the plane just so that I could keep reading. I certainly can not wait to read the next installment in the series. It should be interesting where the next story goes...

5-0 out of 5 stars Odd Thomas
When I started this book I really wasn't a Dean Koontz fan but I had heard in a book store about the Odd Thomas Series and so I just HAD to have it.Am I ever glad I did!It is a touching, heart warming book, not the terror I expected! Thankfully I have all the Odd Thomas books! And I recommened this book to everyone who loves a good hero even is his name is Odd Thomas!!!

4-0 out of 5 stars Make this your first Koontz read.
This is by far my favourite Koontz novel. So if you are new to his stories, make this your first one!Koontz always has great character development and you are pulled into the story very easily. ... Read more

7. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Lost Souls
by Dean R. Koontz
Paperback: Pages (2010-12-28)
list price: US$7.99 -- used & new: US$7.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0440422876
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
In a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time, Dr Frankenstein lives on, seemingly indestructible, more malignant than ever.Frankenstein's first monster, Deucalion, has spent two hundred years trying to put an end to his creator. Now he learns that a new Frankenstein clone, Victor Helios, is out there again, somewhere.Terrifyingly, with each incarnation the sinister doctor draws closer to the possibility of succeeding in his ambition to create a new human race -- which he will control. He has found an enigmatic backer and is working in a secret location.Together with the two ex-cops who helped him destroy the previous Victor, Deucalion is drawn to the small Montana town where Victor's grotesque new creations are taking shape.Victor's New Race is spectacularly different, a product of cutting-edge technology and stem-cell circuits, and when things go wrong, they go wrong in very unexpected ways.Frankenstein is unleashing a new menace on the world, whether or not he can control it. It may be too late, even if Deucalion can bring him down. ... Read more

8. Ghost Movies II (v. 2)
by Rudolf Steiner, Dean R Koontz, Peter Haining
 Hardcover: 256 Pages (1996-12-01)
list price: US$22.00 -- used & new: US$17.16
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0727849662
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

9. Trapped
by Dean R. Koontz
 Paperback: Pages (1993-05)
list price: US$9.99 -- used & new: US$27.18
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0061050040
Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (1)

3-0 out of 5 stars Good Story to Okay TPB
First of all, this book (a graphic story) is based on the story of the same name in Koontz's Strange Highways anthology. And while the story is well-written and exciting, the graphic story version is not as good. Thegraphics themselves are excellent, but like novel adaptations to movies,this adaptation seemed to be missing something. The pace was too quick andsuspense was absent throughout much of the book. The dialogue translatedwell into word bubbles, but much of the details and description were notleft to the imagination. And much of the same were just omitted. Sooverall, I liked the book, but I would much rather read the story withoutthe pictures. Prose is Koontz's forte, not scripting comic books. ... Read more

10. Bliss to You: Trixie's Guide to a Happy Life (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series)
by Trixie Koontz, Dean R. Koontz
Hardcover: 187 Pages (2009-02-04)
list price: US$30.95 -- used & new: US$30.95
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Asin: 1410413136
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Product Description
My goal is to someday be the person my dog thinks I am. --Anonymous

Bestselling author Dean Koontz says that his dog, Trixie, changed his life and made him a better, happier person.A 68-pound dog who lived close to the ground, Trixie certainly did cast a long shadow.She first became known outside of her own house (dog-house, that is) as a guest blogger on Dean's website, signing off every entry Life is Good, Bliss to You.Now, in this warm and funny book--as told to Dean Koontz--Trixie once again shares her inspiring outlook on life and reveals the eight steps that anyone can take to achieve not merely happiness, but bliss.

Packed with dog wisdom, both poignant and funny, this charming and heartfelt book gives the reader much food for thought--which might not be as tasty as a bowl of kibble but is nonetheless nourishing.

Bliss to You!

... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Dean Koontz: Spiritual Journeys
These books are the "best of Koontz". They provide a package that together provides an insight into Dean's inner self, documents the origin of a change in writing that I noticed since '98 and are perfect for holiday gifts for the persons that I treasure. The personal bonus for me was a response fron Dean when I wrote him. As I told him, : Trixie is my new Teacher".

5-0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming
If you want a lift in your daily life, get this CD!Heartwarming and entertaining advice from a canine.

5-0 out of 5 stars Trixie book
Sweet little book.Trixie was a very smart golden.Great advice, we should try to follow it be to blissful humans!

5-0 out of 5 stars Uplifting!
This is the best Trixie book so far. Even better than Life is Good and Christmas is Good.

After reading the book all the way through, I read one step whenever I feel low and it helps me focus on what's positive again.

I had to order another copy as I gave mine away to a friend who was spiraling down into hopelessness. She said it made her laugh and cry but most importantly switched her mood around and she was able to cope again.

Couldn't recommend this book enough.

4-0 out of 5 stars Very cute - especially for dog-lovers
Like Trixie's other books, it mixes good humor, a great canine perspective, and some real dog wisdom. Nothing earth-shattering - just good fun. And well worth the investment - nicely illustrated as well. ... Read more

11. Three Complete Novels - Dean R. Koontz - A New Collection (Shattered/Whispers/Watchers)
by Dean Koontz
Hardcover: 691 Pages (1992-07-20)
list price: US$10.99 -- used & new: US$3.50
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Asin: 0517073692
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Product Description
Three more electrifying thrillers by the new king of the genre. The New York Times #1 bestselling author's terrifying masterpieces: Watchers (his personal favorite), Whispers and Shattered, now for the first time in one hardcover edition. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (23)

5-0 out of 5 stars A MUST-HAVE Koontz collection!
As a devoted Koontz fan, I have to say his earlier novels are the best and worthy to read more than once.His dark timing and vivid characters and plot pull you in for a ride that you won't soon forget!Watchers is a classic read and one of Koontz's best works ever.Never a dull moment for the reader and prime examples of how suspense thrillers should be written!Predators of Darkness

5-0 out of 5 stars A Good Read
Wow 3 books for the price of 1...it don't get better than that.
if you like to be scared but not gorey scared this is the author for you. he will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5-0 out of 5 stars Strangers
It was excellent I couldn't put it down. It's about a bunch of strangers whoseinexplicable problems and strange behavior bring them together in a remote desert motel where they find out the government has things to hide and if you get in the way they'll try to get rid of you.I loved it from beginning to end I read the paperback first but the hardcover is much better with more detail. However It is Dean Koontz 's fault that I cannot go into a highway rest stop alone or after dark, because I read Shadowfires CREEEEpy!!! I can't read his books and go on vacation. I have read most of his books when I find a new one it's a must have. Odd Thomas is also very good.

5-0 out of 5 stars Nice for collectors
For the Dean Koontz fan this book is a must.It has 3 complete novels and as a hard bound book it looks great on display in a bookcase.

4-0 out of 5 stars three complete novelsby dean koontz
I ordered this book for my son who is quite a fan of Dean Koontz.He told me me enjoyed the stories very much.He read 2 of them twice!! ... Read more

12. Mr Murder
by Dean R. Koontz, Michel Pagel
Mass Market Paperback: 477 Pages (1998-12-16)
-- used & new: US$6.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 2266072218
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13. After the Last Race
by Dean R Koontz
 Hardcover: 297 Pages (1974)

Isbn: 0689106211
Average Customer Review: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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2-0 out of 5 stars Historic Koontz
This novel seems to have been written between Koontz's early science fiction works and his best sellers of the past 20 years. He seems to have wanted to try his hand at writing an Arthur Hailey-type story: bringing in lots of divergent characters, each with their own unique backgrounds, that come to a confluence at the end of the book.

As others have pointed out, this book gets off to an extremely slow start. Koontz seems to be trying for a "Mission Impossible" format showing bits and pieces of a master plan that become apparent later in the story. It is a good idea but his writing in the first part of the book was not up to whatever it takes to keep up the reader's interest. This improved later in the story but then another flaw in my opinion becomes apparent: I did not especially like any of his characters. For that matter, there was no character that was extremely "bad", either.

There was one character that the reader might have rooted for in the beginning but when that character was willing to "shoot to kill" anybody that got in the way of money that he wanted to steal, I lost did not care whether that character survived to the end of the story or not.

One of the thieves was portrayed as being the "bad guy" of the story as he was planning on killing all of his fellow thieves in order to have all of the booty to himself. But the others were willing to kill guards, police, or even a civic-minded civilian to get this same money so his behavior was not much worse than the rest of the gang.

I would not recommend this book to anybody. I am kind of glad that I read it but that is for historical purposes only. (It is interesting to see thedevelopment of a writer.)

3-0 out of 5 stars Above-average early stuff
Dean Koontz, After the Last Race (Fawcett Crest, 1974)

availability: bookfinder.com

Well, if you're going to write genre novels, you might
as well cover every genre. This is Koontz' first, and
really only, attempt at a straight hardboiled-style
thriller. A loose-knit gang of would-be thieves have a
plan to hold up a racetrack on a day when there will
be at least two million dollars on the premises.
Simple, easy to understand, with some nice plot twists
and excellent characterization. Koontz takes a
jaundiced look at the excesses of the seventies and
the excesses of thriller writers like Spillane all in
one gulp.

This is one of the longest novels Koontz wrote before
becoming a superstar, and one gets the feeling he was
testing his expansiveness legs, as it were.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite as well here as
it does in much longer books (e.g. Whispers or The
House of Thunder); the first fifty pages, especially,
are slow as molasses. Once it picks up, though, it
picks up fast.

This may well be the hardest Dean Koontz novel on the
planet to find. It's worth searching out, but the
prices will probably scare you more than most of his
later novels. ***

1-0 out of 5 stars Horrible book!
By far Koontz's worst book!Unless you are one of those fans who has to read everything that he's wrote, don't waste your money.Instead spend it on his IMHO best book Strangers.

3-0 out of 5 stars early writings
For all you regular Dean Koontz fans who don't recognize this title, it is because it was one of his very early books. Originally published back in 1974! That may be the reason some people might not enjoy this writing.

3-0 out of 5 stars Very different from newer Koontz
This book starts out slow, but picks up toward the end.It is veryun-Koontz-like.It's not a horror or even a suspense novel.If you're aKoontz fan you may want to read it just to say you've read it. ... Read more

14. The Fall Of The Dream Machine by Koontz; The Star Ventures by Bulmer - An Ace Double Book
by Dean R.; Bulmer, Kenneth Koontz
 Mass Market Paperback: Pages (1969)

Asin: B000I55X3Q
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

by Dean R. Koontz
 Paperback: Pages (1971-01-01)

Asin: B00266MLDA
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

16. The Fall of the Dream Machine/ The Star Venturers
by Dean R./ Kenneth Bulmer Koontz
 Paperback: Pages (1969)

Asin: B001JNW7BC
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

17. Three Complete Novels (Strangers / The Voice of the Night / The Mask)
by Dean R. Koontz
 Hardcover: 1 Pages (1994-04-21)
list price: US$11.98 -- used & new: US$9.75
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0399139273
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
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Product Description
The author's early classic of adolescent evil, The Voice of the Night, unites with The Mask (appearing in hardcover for the first time) and Strangers for a hair-raising collection of thrillers. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars Strangers and The Voice Of The Night
I've read 26 Dean Koontz books, and while I haven't read The Mask, both Strangers and The Voice Of The Night are excellent.Strangers is about a handful of people from different parts of the country who are experiencing bizzare, frightening occurrences and obsessions that are ruining their lives after staying at the same hotel a year ago.They all meet up and uncover the truth about what happened to them.

In The Voice Of The Night, a shy, unpopular boy who is struggling with his parents' seperation befriends a sadistic boy who tries to get him to go along with him in games of death.

Some other great Koontz books that I recommend you check out are "Intensity", "Twilight Eyes", "Whispers", "Watchers", "The Servants Of Twilight", "The Door To December", "Cold Fire", and "Lightning".

3-0 out of 5 stars Mike Crow "voices in The Night"
The book I read was called "The Voice In The Night." It was about a boy named Colin and his best friend named Roy. Colin is about five feet twelve inches. Roy is alt stronger than Colin. Once they start telling eachother more about their lives Roy reveals something so outrageous Colin can't believe him.Since Colin refuses to believe him. Roy feels compelled to do it again.It takes place six miles out of town in a junkyard where no one is around. When Colin and ROy get into a argument about what Royt is trying to do things get very ugly. Since I don't want to give the ending of this book away I'll let you read it.

4-0 out of 5 stars 3 great tales
I liked all three of these books.A very good combination of Dean Koontz' tales.A must read for anyone interested in DK and his cross-genre books.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not the greatest Kootnz has written
The book was very intriguing for the first 20 and last 50 pages, but the middled seemed to lose the reader in meaningless information.Theantagonist of the story, Roy, was a great character.Pay close attentionto him because you can never tell if you love him or hate him.Koontz dida great job with the characters in that aspect.The story line seemed tolack in something but it was an all around average book.

1-0 out of 5 stars Can you spell Boring?
OK. Let me see here. This book was boring. Was also boring. And I can't forget to say that it was boring. And not to metion it's boringness. But overall this book was B-O-R-I-N-G. It should of been called STRANGERS:Thebook that will bore you to death. ... Read more

18. Cold Fire
by Dean R. Koontz
 Hardcover: 652 Pages (1991-07)
list price: US$21.95 -- used & new: US$8.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1560541792
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
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Product Description
A popular best-selling thriller follows the events surrounding a quiet and reclusive man who emerges as a guardian angel for those in need, but who also warns of an impending evil. Reissue. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (115)

1-0 out of 5 stars What the?
I started out really liking this book and then about one-third of the way through Koontz became possessed and dumped his first idea for something totally weird.I kept wondering what happened to the good book I started out reading. It didn't get any better as I muddled my way through this novel searching for the original plot. I think Koontz tried to redeem himself towards the very end, but it didn't work. I had to struggle to finish it. I wouldn't recommend Cold Fire.

1-0 out of 5 stars Terrible
Terrible book.the story was way dragged out.Very boring.I had to fast forward throughout the book.Now I came to almost the end and the ending seems quite a let down.Not sure if I should even finish it.

2-0 out of 5 stars Starts Strong, but Takes a Nosedive Halfway Through
"Cold Fire" by Dean Koontz starts off very strong. We are introduced to former teacher Jim Ironheart, sort of a "Batman meets Charles Bronson" kind of guy traveling the country saving lives just before tragedy strikes. Koontz throws in a spunky newspaper reporter named Holly Thorne who crosses paths with Ironheart, and whose curiosity leads her deeper into Jim's troubled world. The opening chapters of the novel are gripping and suspenseful. The entire episode of Jim and the two maniacs in the motorhome is classic Koontz suspense.

After setting the stage with some pulse pounding action, and some true nail-biting passages things kind of fall apart in the middle of the novel...and go downhill from there. I don't want to ruin the tale so I promise not to spill any spoilers. As Jim and Holly dig deeper into what is "sending" Jim on his life saving missions, and trying to find out what is causing the vivid sleep shattering nightmares both have been experiencing the story kind of falls apart. What was a taut action/thriller gets bogged down in psychobabble junk, corny scenes and a lousy non-ending.

I think Jim Ironheart and Holly Thorne deserve a better finale than what "Cold Fire" gives us. I would love for Koontz to re-visit these characters and perhaps catch us up on what has happened to them since the events of this novel. As it is, "Cold Fire" just kind of peters out, and the payoff is less than spectacular. If this were the first novel in a trilogy or series I would definately rate it higher, but as a stand alone tale it just doesn't live up to other Koontz tales.

5-0 out of 5 stars " Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh " - The Windmill
This is the Dean Koontz I love! I listened to this as an audio book a few years ago and was thrilled to re-experience the story in print. Cold Fire was published in 1991, after The Bad Place and before Koontz starting coming out with 2-3 novels each year. Some issues examined in Cold Fire include: Environmentalism, Religion and Mental Illness. Like many Koontz novels, this work crosses over many genres including: Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense and Adventure.

It appears that Koontz has created a fictional work within his work of fiction: The Black Windmill, reportedly written by Arthur J. Willott. We of course know that Koontz is and expert at creating fictional names and works, claiming they were written by someone else but really the author is Dean R. Koontz. Another example of this is The Book of Counted Sorrows from which the following quote appears twice in Cold Fire to introduce readers to both part one and two of the story:

"In the real world
as in dreams,
nothing is quite
what it seems."

A windmill is a central focal point of this story and the imagery is wonderful :

"Night pressed at the narrow windows, which were almost like castle embrasures in the limestone walls. Rain tapped against the glass. Suddenly, with a creak of unoiled and half-rusted machinery, the four great wooden sails of the mill began to turn outside, faster and faster, cutting like giant scythes through the damp air. The upright shaft, which came out of the ceiling and vanished through a bore in the center of the floor, also began to turn , briefly creating the illusion that the round floor itself were rotating in the manner of a carousel. One level below, the ancient millstones started to roll against each other, producing a soft rumble like distant thunder".

Another great imagery example from four pages earlier in the story (this one much shorter):
"Night floated down like a great tossed cape of almost weightless black silk".

Some of my other favorite quotes:

On Religion: "I'm reluctant to believe that some statue of the Holy Mother wept real tears in a church in Cincinnati or Peoria or Teaneck last week after the Wednesday-night bingo games, witnesses only by two teenagers and the parish cleaning lady. And I'm not ready to believe that a shadow resembling Jesus, cast on someone's garage wall by a yellow bug light, is a sign of impending apocalypse. God works in mysterious ways, but not with bug lights and garage walls."

On Evil: "There's too much darkness in some people, corruption that could never be cleaned out in five lifetimes of rehabilitation. Evil is real, it walks the earth. Sometimes the devil works by persuasion. Sometimes he just sets loose these sociopaths who don't have a gene for empathy or one for compassion."

On Books: " Around her, thousands of times and places, people and worlds, from Mars to Egypt to Yoknapatawpha County, were closed up in the bindings of books like the shine trapped under the tarnished veneer of a brass lamp. She could almost feel them waiting to dazzle with the first turn of a page, come alive with brilliant colors and pungent odors and delicious aromas, with laughter and sobbing and cries and whispers. Books were packaged dreams."

And this bit of conversation:
" 'When we get where we're going, you won't carve me up with a chainsaw and bury me under the windmill, will you?'
Apparently he understood her sense of vulnerability and took no offense, for he said with mock solemnity, 'Oh, no. It's full-up under the mill. I'll have to bury pieces of you all over the farm' ".

My only criticism of Cold Fire, is the occasional bits of overdone horror which seem to be tossed in, not necessarily flowing with the story, following are two examples:

"Sensing something above her head, Holly looked up. A large web had been spun above the door, across the curve where the wall became the ceiling. A fat spider, it's body as big around as her thumbnail and its spindly legs almost as long as her little finger, greasy as a dollop of wax and dark as a drop of blood, was feeding greedily on the pale quivering body of a snared moth."


"Without warning, a vision burst in Holly's mind with such force and brilliance that the library vanished for a moment and her inner world became the only reality; she saw herself naked and nailed to a wall in an obscene parody of a crucifix, blood streaming from her hands and feet (a voice whispering : die, die, die), and she opened her mouth to scream but, instead of sound, swarms of cockroaches poured out between her lips, and she realized she was already dead (die, die, die), her putrid innards crawling with pests and vermin -"

All of Koontz novels have a supernatural element and some, like Cold Fire also have a Science Fiction theme. I'm not a big fan of Science Fiction but have really enjoyed Koontz' trademark genre mix. If you enjoyed or are interested in reading Cold Fire, I would also recommend the following Dean Koontz novels: Lightning, The Bad Place, By the Light of the Moon, and Brother Odd (Odd Thomas Novels).

5-0 out of 5 stars Great and Unassuming, Like the Main Character
In a quest to continue reading most of Dean Koontz' early novels, this one was written in 1991, I picked up Cold Fire.

Jim Ironheart is a very unique person; A voice drives him to save people. He doesn't know when the voice will move him, but when he hears it, he is single minded in his desire to get to a specific place to rescue someone. The introductory act of heroism is the saving of a child from being killed by a drunk driver in Portland, Oregon. It is during this action that a reporter, Holly Thorne (Koontz provides an excellent scene involving her name), witnesses the event. Holly is motivated to find out more about Jim, as he is very unassuming and not one for the limelight. While researching Jim, which motivates Holly to be the reporter she always had hoped to be, she discovers that the boy wasn't the first person he has rescued. There have been others, many others. But not everything that Jim "sees" is good; There is evil coming and it seems that he is the only one that can stop it.

Even though this is only the third Koontz novel I have read, it isn't anything like the other two (Watchers and Darkfall). Cold Fire is a novel that centers on Jim and Holly, their relationship, and the support that Holly provides to Jim to understand his gift and help with the dark times. Koontz keeps the suspense level high as the voice guides Jim through a few rescues, and when "The Enemy" makes its appearance. From that point, it is a testament to Holly's strength and love for Jim that they are able to battle The Enemy. After finishing the book, I felt a little disappointed with the climax and subsequent ending, but, later, as I turned the story over in my head, I realized that this was an outstanding novel. It seems like a very unassuming book, but, much like the characters and ending, it grows on you as you review what it is that you have read. Even now, as I write this review, I realize that I have been witness to another facet of Koontz' excellent writing ability. While not in the "horror/thriller" genre, this book should not be discounted solely on what you read on the jacket. Cold Fire will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.

And what a great last page it is, too. ... Read more

19. Dark Rivers of the Heart: A Novel
by Dean R. Koontz
 Hardcover: 544 Pages (1994)

Isbn: 0747209626
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (183)

2-0 out of 5 stars A Dated Techno Thriller Wrapped in Conspiracy Theory
I remember reading this novel almost 2 decades ago, but could only remember the climax nothing that came before it...after re-reading it I can understand why.

The cover of the novel should have been bare white with a black bar code and called "Generic Dean Koontz Thriller" as "Dark Rivers of the Heart" really doesn't break new ground. Actually, it's a hodge-podge of cliches taken right out of other (better) Koontz tales.

1. - Hero with a haunted past. Spencer Grant definately fits the bill, even touting a scar as a daily reminder of his horrific past. Unfortunately Grant is such a snooze, spouting his love for a woman he met for 20 minutes at a bar.

2. - The brunette heroine with a haunted past. Valerie Keene is a mysterious figure who finally makes an appearance halfway through the story. Once she comes on the scene you almost wish she stayed in the shadows.

3. - The dog. Meet Rocky, an animal rescue dog with a haunted past.

4. - The Killer. Roy Miro is a compassionate man who feels so bad for some people he thinks they will be better off in the next world, and does his best to send them there. He is also the point man for a shadowy government agency out to nab Valerie Keene. This character is one of the few bright spots in the novel.

Koontz lets the technology get in the way of the tale, spending quite a bit of time talking about modems, laptops, passwords, codes, satellites, computer access, computer hacking etc. all cutting edge circa 1993. Now a decade later, we can sit and smirk when Roy has to use cellular phone to connect to a modem so that he can then use his laptop to access a computer in Washington (think of how much easier Roy's job would be with an iPad??).

As if the dated technology doesn't dilute the story enough, Koontz takes up quite a bit of the novel talking about how the US Government can steal from any individual using the Asset Forfeiture laws. All of the horror Koontz talks about where the government can seize someones property with little or no reason were basically made obsolete with 2000's Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act. (and besides with most of our liberties being threatened by The Patriot Act on a daily basis...Asset Forfeiture looks pretty mild in comparison).

"Dark Rivers of the Heart" does contain a few action scenes that are fun nail biters, Grant's ride down the river, and mini-mall encounter were top notch fun...unfortunately they are buried in a dull and dated story.

2-0 out of 5 stars A darker Koontz
Unlike most of Koontz's books, Dark Rivers of the Heart had a bleak backdrop that was bigger than the main story. While Koontz likes to put his main characters through hell, the anxiety and gloom are temporary. The good guys win, all is right with the world.

In this story, however, Koontz writes of an America that fulfills every conspiracy theorists' worst predictions. The U.S. government is not run by Congress and the President, it's run by an unnamed, secret government agency. And the execs of this agency are all criminals -- pedophiles, sociopathic serial killers and so on.

At the end of the story, the bad guys have even more power than they began with. The person pulling the strings thinks nothing of incest to blackmail a family member, or arranging the assassination of the President and Vice President. Not the usual ending for Koontz. Oh, don't worry, the main characters have their triumph, but only for themselves, not for the country.

It's still a decent read, and I would have given it a 3 if not for the anachronistic feel. When a book is reissued and presented as a new book like this one was, the publisher should allow the author to update the story to match current audiences.

This was originally written in 1994 and computer technology plays a big part of the story. Reading a story with 1994 level technology is one thing, but since Koontz was projecting where computers can take us after 1994, he has many pages of descriptions throughout the book explaining a technology that is now commonplace or, to modern minds, silly. It was enough to push me out of the story so that I read the book over a full week instead of within a couple days, which is how I usually read Koontz.

That said, the main characters (a man, his dog and a woman) are some of the most complex that Koontz has created. They are the best reason to read this book.

1-0 out of 5 stars Fantasy fulfillment for a stalker

This book has shallowly written characters and major plot points solved by unbelievable coincidences.The good guy is a stalker and the bad guy unbelievable.The author also includes many political diatribes against anything not part of extremist right-wing America.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of his best
I am a huge Koontz fan and have read most of his work, This one in particular was very engaging and well thought out. It provided for multiple twists, and deep thoughtfulness. I can see why Koontz had to take some time off after writing this just to clear his head. The only issue I had with this audio book (and I listen to a tonof them being on the road alot)was I felt that the audio was read a little too fast. I did get used to it by the second disc and thouroughly enjoyed it. From a fiscal perspective, buying these audio books used makes a ton od sense. This one was in great shape with no skips.

3-0 out of 5 stars Good thriller
I enjoyed this book by Koontz, but only gave it 3 stars as, while very exciting and suspenceful in places, I found its length made it feel tedious in places and I was quite sick of the story by the end. Also, while I loved the hero's of the book (Spencer, Valerie and of course Rocky), I didnt think the villians were up to the usual Koontz standard. Eve had very good potential but sadly her charcater was underdeveloped, despite the 720 page length. I also felt the character of the black policeman (I just finished the book and dont remember this name..) was totally unnecesary and seemed to be added two thirds of the way through for no reason at all.

The books starts out very good with many twists as Spencer Grant - accompanied by his dog, Rocky - go in search of a mysterious woman named Valerie Keene, who Spencer met at a bar and instantly took a great attraction to - both her looks and her personality.

A sociopath called Frank, who works for the government is after Valerie - and now Spencer - for reasons that we do not yet know.

Very good if you are new to Koontz, although could be very sameish if you have read his books before as it is very similar to several of his others. ... Read more

20. Seize the Night (G K Hall Large Print Book Series)
by Dean R. Koontz
Hardcover: 603 Pages (1999-04)
list price: US$30.95 -- used & new: US$146.65
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0783885288
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Christopher Snow, the protagonist of the international bestseller "Fear Nothing", returns and is on the trail of missing children in Koontz's newest thriller. Snow believes the children are still alive and that their disappearances have something to do with clandestine scientific experiments at a nearby abandoned military base.Amazon.com Review
Chris Snow, the light-phobic, oddball hero of Dean Koontz's Fear Nothing, is onceagain caught in the middle of something ugly.The children (and pets)of MoonlightBay, California, are disappearing.The first to go is Jimmy Wing, the sonof Snow's former girlfriend, Lilly.Then Snow's own hyper-intelligent doggoes missing. Snow decides that he will find them, but what he uncovers ismore than just a simple kidnapping; before he can turn back, he's upagainst an age-old vendetta, an active time machine, and a geneticexperiment gone awry.

Seize the Night offers up the same eclectic mix of characters thatappeared in Fear Nothing: boardhead Bobby, disc jockey Sasha, Snow,and all of their friends band together to find the missing kids and figureout why the people of Moonlight Bay are morphing into demonic versions oftheir former selves.They outsmart corrupt cops, outrun geneticallyenhanced monkeys, and outlive a time warp with a vengeance--all betweennightfall and sunrise, the only time that Snow can be outside.

Though the premise is a little bit hard to believe, and the surf lingooccasionally irritating, Seize the Night is ultimately fun to read. Koontz successfully draws you in and keeps you entertained through anunexpected climax and an enlightening resolution. --Mara Friedman ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Dean Koontz Seizes Readers!
I recommend you read Fear Nothing first, as "Seize the Night" is the second in the series. Night owls will love these, as the lead character, Chris Snow, is the ultimate Night Person.His dog, Orson, is no ordinary dog.Dean Koontz ROCKS again!

1-0 out of 5 stars Dull and needs a plot please!
I tried reading this book but after 6 chapters of Snow's constant conjecture and little as far as advancing the story line I had to ditch this book.

2-0 out of 5 stars Good story, but less prose, more action would be desirable
I haven't read Koontz in years (Voice of the Night was probably the last book of his I did read though not a very good one) but picked this up at a point where I could find nothing else, intrigued by the blurb on the back.I'm about 2/3 of the way through, and reading it only because, again, there's nothing else (currently waiting on several books) and the story actually has *just enough* intrigue to it that like the plot to a semi-bad B-movie, I just gotta see how it ends.

The problem is the long, drawn out, super-metaphorical way every scene is handled; there was a writer from around the turn of the century, I recall a friend telling me, who would fill out his books in such a way (describing a room, a chair, etc.) just to please editors who called his works "too short"--and this book so badly reminds me of that.The surfer banter is grating but not as bad as these long, drawn out scenes!Because of them I actually find myself backtracking, trying to remember referenced events and people...I feel like Koontz was told, "We want x number of pages" and he did his best to fill them, at the price of story pace.

I'll probably finish it for the reasons stated above, but after that, I think I'm going to swear off Koontz again (as I did after Voice of the Night).At least until he decides to focus more on story and pacing, rather than filling pages.

5-0 out of 5 stars There are Scary Creatures in the Night
This is the sequel to "Fear Nothing" which introduced Christopher Snow, who suffers from a rare, light-sensitive condition known as xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). Light shortens his life, so he has to live in the dark, in the shadows. We also met Snow's, sharp as a tack girlfriend Sasha and his surfer pal Bobby. And of course we can't forget his genetically altered, very bright dog, Orson or the small seaside town of Moonlight Bay, where they all live.

Five-year-old Jimmy Wing is missing and Snow and his friends are concerned, especially Snow, because Jimmy's mother is a friend and a former lover. Soon they learn that Jimmy isn't the only missing child in Moonlight Bay and the clues seem to lead to Fort Wyvern, the base where a series of secret experiments years earlier left behind an assorted mix of genetic mutations - super-smart rhesus monkeys, snakes, coyotes and the occasional human, the occasional very strange human. And, of course, Orson, the intelligent pouch, is a result of those same experiments.

Snow's deceased mother had a lot to do with these experiments, which started out to be a search for a cure for genetic disorders, but Fort Wyvern is a military base, after all. Is it any wonder that the experiments turned to the dark side, any wonder that the super secret types would want to use genetics to turn out the perfect soldier.

In no time at all Snow and his pals are up against mutant creatures of several stripes, creatures that will give you the chilly whillies. But our gang of good guys fights on and perseveres to the end. However you won't have to fight on or persevere through this book that is so good that it seemed to be over before I started. Dean Koontz sure knows how to draw you into a story, how to tingle the imagination, chill the spine, speed up the pulse. Don't pass this one by.

3-0 out of 5 stars Love the author, but not the story in this one

Seize the Night is the second book of a series featuring Christopher Snow, who suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), and his frantic search for the missing child of an ex-girlfriend. XP is a condition that renders Snow extremely sensitive to any form of light, limiting him to a lifetime spent in the dark of night, to which he has adapted and thrives.

The search for the child takes him to Wyvern, an abandoned government R&D facility on the outskirts of town, that rumors link to any number of wild genetic studies and, as we find late in the story, time travel experiments. Snow survives a number of threats, from swarming suicidal birds to rabid and super-intelligent rhesus monkeys and genetic mutants, and in the process loses his best friend Orson, his canine companion, himself a product of the bio-engineering that takes place at the Wyvern facility.

With the help of some friends, Snow later returns to Wyvern to rescue what he deduces to be a group of missing children, only to find a host of new challenges. * * *

My Two Cents Worth

I am an avid reader and most of my friends know that I am always looking for "new" authors, genres, and writing styles. Many of them recommended I give Koontz a try, so I did. Seize the Night was my first Koontz book and I was hindered by the fact that I had no knowledge of the prequel in the series.

That being said, I was initially quite pleased by the author's way with words in the first 42 pages, but it was exactly here that my focus was lost. The clever dialogue, interesting setting, and vivid descriptions of the games that a person's mind plays as they maneuver in a totally darkened environment ended abruptly.

Just as the action promised to race, it became mired in wordy and disjointed paragraphs that completely derailed the story line. By the time Snow leaves Wyvern to gather his friends for the return trip (page 208) I had lost interest.

The following 130 pages - as we meet the friends who are to accompany him back to the lab - was much too long an interlude in the plot for me. The characters were weak, not to mention unnecessarily odd, and the "surfer dude" dialogue made me crazy. I didn't like it at all.

From page 370 to the climax of the story, the wandering and excessive descriptions of the laboratory became a hindrance to the action. Finally, as the mystery is being revealed and the action mercifully hits its peak, Snow stops to read newspaper clippings he finds taped to the walls of the dark hallway through his night vision goggles. I found this to be a very weak way to discover some of the missing clues about the evil kidnappers. I was disappointed and it felt like the author had forgotten to disclose some important details earlier in the plot and threw them in as an afterthought.

Koontz is such an accomplished author but I feel like this was the wrong book for me to start with. I will choose another of his books in the future, but this one didn't do it for me. Sorry guys.

443 pages
6 hours!! ... Read more

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