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         Africa Indigenous Peoples General:     more books (100)
  1. Indigenous Peoples of Southern Africa: Bushmen
  2. Village People - Nourivier, South Africa by Gary I. Rothstein, 2006-01-06
  3. Fraser Darling in Africa: A Rhino in the Whistling Thorn by John Morton Boyd, 1993-04-08
  4. Fang: Visions of Africa series by Louis Perrois, 2008-10-01
  5. The Tuareg: People of Ahaggar by Jeremy Keenan, 2003-01
  6. Death in Abeyance by Christopher Davis, 2000-10-15
  7. The Dynamics of Culture Change: An Inquiry into Race Relations in Africa by Bronislaw Malinowski, 1976-05-19
  8. Overtly Muslim, Covertly Boni: Competing Calls of Religious Allegiance on the Kenyan Coast (Studies of Religion in Africa) by Mark R.J. Faulkner, 2006-05-30
  9. Reaction to Conquest: Effects of Contact with Europeans on the Pondo of South Africa (Classics in African Anthropology) by Monica Hunter Wilson, 1996-09
  10. Native vs. Settler: Ethnic Conflict in Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, and South Africa (Contributions in Military Studies) by Thomas G. Mitchell, 2000-08-30
  11. Reports of the African Commission's Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in Africa: Research and Information Visit to Burundi, 27 March-9 April 2005 by African commission on Human and Peoples Rights, 2007-08-31
  12. Native Artists of Africa: Visits the Workshops of Five Tribal Artists (Rainbow Warrior Artists) by Reavis Moore, 1995-05
  13. The Continuum Encyclopedia of Native Art: Worldview, Symbolism, and Culture in Africa, Oceania, and North America by Hope B. Werness, 2003-03
  14. Lobi: Visions of Africa by Daniela Bognolo, 2007-08-06

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