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         Astrogeology:     more books (76)
  1. Geology of Venus: Venus, Impact crater, Observations and explorations of Venus, Volcanism on Venus, Plate tectonics, Fault (geology), Fold (geology), Perovskite, ... Arachnoid (astrogeology), Greenhouse effect
  2. Yardangs of Peru and other desert regions (Interagency report : Astrogeology) by John F McCauley, 1977
  3. Geologic exploration of the moon: Objectives and some recommendations (Technical letter: astrogeology) by David Schleicher, 1967
  4. Detection of SH-type seismic shear waves by means of angular accelerometers, (Contributions to astrogeology) by James H Whitcomb, 1969
  5. Interagency Report: Astrogeology 47 - Documentation of Apollo 15 Samples by R. L. Et al Sutton, 1972-01-01
  6. Missile impact craters (White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico) and their applications to lunar research (Contributions to astrogeology) by H. J Moore, 1976
  7. A photoelectric-photographic study of the normal albedo of the moon, (Contributions to astrogeology) by Howard A Pohn, 1970
  8. Task analysis of shirtsleeve geologic methods for the Apollo applications program test AAP-8 (Technical letter. Astrogeology) by K. V Edmonds, 1967
  9. Topographic mapping of Mars (Interagency report : astrogeology - United States Geological Survey) by Sherman Shou-Chou Wu, 1975
  10. Structural geology of the Henbury meteorite craters, Northern Territory, Australia, (Contributions to astrogeology) by Daniel J Milton, 1968
  11. Encyclopaedia of Atmospheric Sciences and Astrogeology (Earth Sci. S) by Rhodes W Fairbridge, 1968-03
  12. Geology of the Lunar Crater volcanic field, Nye County, Nevada, (Contributions to astrogeology) by David Holcomb Scott, 1971
  13. Astrogeology, Origin and Destiny of the Earth by Hector L. Bonilla, 1999
  14. The contributions of Ranger photographs to understanding the geology of the Moon, (Contributions to astrogeology) by N. J Trask, 1972

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