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21. adventures in Armenian Cooking
22. The Armenian Kitchen
23. Classic Armenian Recipes: Cooking
24. Ethnic Cookbooks and Food Marketplace:
25. A Hundred Years and Still Cooking
26. Mijore: Banasteghtsutyunner (Armenian
27. Come Into My Kitchen: Old-World
28. The Recipes of Musa Dagh - an
29. The Silk Road Gourmet: Volume
30. Zov: Recipes and Memories from
31. Armenian Cuisine
32. Italian Armenians: David Nalbandian
33. Western Armenian Cuisine: Halva,
34. The Starving Armenians: Cook and
35. Armenian American Cook Book
36. Cuisines of the Caucasus Mountains:

21. adventures in Armenian Cooking
 Unknown Binding: Pages (1979-01-01)

Asin: B0027QWIM8
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

22. The Armenian Kitchen
by St. Stephen's Armenian Church Cookbook Committee
 Spiral-bound: 200 Pages (1997)

Asin: B0015J8MS2
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Cookbook of recipes collected from members of St. Stephen's Armenian Apostolic Church of Greater Boston (Watertown). ... Read more

23. Classic Armenian Recipes: Cooking Without Meat
by Alice; Jebejian, Mariam Antreassian
 Paperback: Pages (1983-01-01)

Asin: B002K7RHAC
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

24. Ethnic Cookbooks and Food Marketplace: A Complete Bibliographic Guide & Directory to Armenian, Iranian, Afghan, Israeli Middle Eastern, North Africa
by Hamo B. Vassilian
 Paperback: 144 Pages (1992-05)
list price: US$29.95 -- used & new: US$29.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0931539064
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

25. A Hundred Years and Still Cooking
by First Armenian Presbyterian Church of Fresno, CA Fidelis Society
 Spiral-bound: Pages (1998)

Asin: B000JOSML6
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

26. Mijore: Banasteghtsutyunner (Armenian Edition)
by Kajik Grigoryan
 Hardcover: 222 Pages (1994)
list price: US$13.95 -- used & new: US$165.81
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 5550004550
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

27. Come Into My Kitchen: Old-World Armenian Recipes and International Favorite Cuisines
by Dorothy Arakelian
Paperback: 284 Pages (2006-10-20)
list price: US$21.99 -- used & new: US$14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1425710077
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
If your everyday efforts in baking and cooking have not gotten you the raves you would like to hear, perhaps this book will be of help to you.

In Come Into My Kitchen, this first-time writer, Dorothy Ajdaharian-Arakelian includes her all-time favorite Armenian and International recipes, inspired by her families' needs and her gastronomic taste buds.

The author's Armenian upbringing and pride in her heritage enables her to write about old-world Armenian recipes that were handed down from her Mother, along with International favorite recipes she has accumulated over the years.

An interesting feature that makes this book different from a standard cookbook is that the writer has strived to separate the Armenian recipes from the International, thus, enabling the reader to conveniently choose from a variety of cuisines at a glance. The author's introduction and step-by-step methods for preparing dough from scratch and various labor-intensive appetizers and entrees should prove to be fun and accessible, even for the non-expert. From suggested guides for an elegant dinner party for four or forty, to simple short-cuts for make-ahead and one-pot meals for the busy homemaker who has to balance a career.

Dorothy has shared that it took many years to transform her second nature knowledge of recipes, ingredients and processes into easy-to-follow instructions for others to understand. As with all good processes, nothing is exact and Dorothy encourages her readers to experiment with seasonings and flavors to extend the recipes in her book to each individuals' personal preference.

Come Into My Kitchen will allow the novice cook or seasoned homemaker to have a wealth of information at his or her fingertips.

"Enjoy" ... Read more

Customer Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars Delicious armenian recipes
I came across this book online because I was looking to make choreg and a few other armenian dishes that a friend had introduced me to.While I am not Armenian, I wanted a recipe that was easy to follow and understand AND delicious.My mother is Polish and I grew up watching her bake Polish bread and pastries and always thought her cooking was the best.Well, the choreg recipe and kamish bread were the most amazing desserts I have ever made.They were very easy to follow and came out just as the recipes suggested.I look forward to making more dishes from this book and who knows.. I just might try making a traditional armenian meal! Love this book!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars A welcome invitation
For many years I enjoyed lunch and some dinners at a wonderful Armenian Restaurant. The restaurant went out of business because the proprietor, due to health issues, could no longer sustain the business.
I always wondered how I could obtain some of the terrific dishes that were served there.....cheese beoreg, lamb shank, tulumba and so many more. Now I know. The mystery is solved with this marvelous book filled with easy-to-read directions for assembling delicious dinners. And not just Armenian dishes. This book provides many international recipes for dishes that will surely delight both you and your guests. Try it...you will really like it!

5-0 out of 5 stars This cookbook is FABULOUS!
What a terrific cookbook! I have made over two dozen recipes, and ever single one of them are unique, easy and delicious. This author writes with such a warm and welcoming style. You really feel as if she and her mom, and her mom's mom are right there in the kitchen with you. Just delightful. I am so very glad that these ancient, wonderful recipes have been preserved and not lost to future generations and cooks.

Specifics: there are many excellent one-pot meals; the helpful hints are really terrific; try any eggplant recipe; ditto for any lamb dish, but DO NOT miss the turnip stew with lamb and this incredible ancient recipe called "Keshgeg". The breads and desserts are simple and so very tasty. Best baklava recipe I've ever tried. Highly recommended cookbook! ... Read more

28. The Recipes of Musa Dagh - an Armenian cookbook in a dialect of its own
by Alberta Magzanian, Anna Magzanian, Louisa Magzanian
Paperback: 172 Pages (2009-02-13)
list price: US$19.50 -- used & new: US$17.54
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0557016134
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
The Armenians living in villages on the mountain of Musa Dagh, Syria had a cuisine that was distinct from the traditional cooking of Armenians throughout the rest of of the Middle East. This book preserves the recipes from that area, a small Armenian homeland that the residents evacuated in 1939 when it was transferred from Syria to Turkey. Three sisters have teamed up to produce this wonderful cookbook that provides the recipes as taught to them by their mother and tell the stories of the village where they lived as youngsters. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars mother-in-law
I would like to review this book, after exchanging emails with an Armenian blogger connected to the authors, but when the book arrived I gave it to my mother-in-law (Musa Dagh descendent, terrific cook) and forgot to take it back. I will have to remember next time we are over for dinner (frequent, but I am absentminded).

Armenian food can be pretty terrific. The Musa Daghers also have a proud history, that was the reason I did not hesitate a moment to order this, hoping to learn a little more about that history. My wife looked at the preface (history part) before we took it to my mother-in-law, so I missed that opportunity too.

Pretty sad, huh? But this book is sure to have a lot of great recipes. I'll check back later. Stay tuned. ... Read more

29. The Silk Road Gourmet: Volume One: Western and Southern Asia
by Laura Kelley
Paperback: 372 Pages (2009-07-15)
list price: US$24.95 -- used & new: US$15.75
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1440143056
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
From the shores of the Black Sea to the sands of the Pacific, the foods enjoyed along the Silk Road whisper tales of connections between the cultures, histories, economies, and regions of Asia. In The Silk Road Gourmet, author Laura Kelley brings the breadth of Asian cooking to your door. Spanning more than thirty countries and including 1,000 recipes, the three volumes of The Silk Road Gourmet explore the cuisines of the countries that traded goods and shared culture along that great lifeline of the ancient world. This first volume surveys the cuisines of Western and Southern Asia from the Republic of Georgia to Sri Lanka and examines the cultural links between the countries that have led them to share ingredients, methods of preparation, and even entire dishes. This cookbook includes recipes for delicious and authentic main-course meat and vegetable dishes as well as appetizers, desserts, sauces, and condiments to grace contemporary, globalized tables. Learn how to prepare Grilled Chicken with Garlic and Walnut Sauce from the Republic of Georgia, Meatballs in Lemon Sauce from Armenia, and Cinnamon Potatoes with Pine Nuts from Azerbaijan.With fully tested recipes and step-by-step instructions, The Silk Road Gourmet brings the exotic home to you. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (10)

3-0 out of 5 stars Informative
More than just a cookbook, The Silk Road Gourmet Volume One explores a subject that is culturally univeral in its importance and value. The author provides just enough region specific information to add to the casual reader's knowledge base without becoming too bogged down in details.

The author provides recipes covering the regions of Western and Southern Asia and traces the use and exchange of ingredients along the traditional trade routes. There are a variety of recipes from each country covering appetizers, side dishes, main courses, desserts among other culinary treats.

This book is a wonderful alternative to the traditional cookbook. Pictures of the dishes would be a wonderful addition.

5-0 out of 5 stars Makes me want to get on a camel
Actually I first bought this book at the gift shop after completing the tour of the "Silk Road" at the Museum of Natural History in New York.I had a bit of a head shake when I noticed it was self published, IUniverse, butquick run thru of the recipes convinced me that I needed this book.My wife and I are fans of off-of-the road travelling -- our last 2 vacations have been to the Republic of Georgia and Lebanon.Both countries have fabulous cuisines.I also lived in Afghanistan many years ago, and was excited to see someone who knew a little bit about that cooking.

In other reviews, I've seen riticisms that the book is for more advanced cooks, and perhaps that's a fair cop.It does ask you to find marigold leaves.(But how hard is that?) But the food we've made with the book has been fabulous. Would provide more details, butI'm writing this review enroute to ordering a copy for some good friends, and so must say adieu.

2-0 out of 5 stars Disappointing recipes
I am an experienced cook who has lived or traveled in most of the countries whose recipes are included in this cookbook.The table of contents, essays, and recipes all looked exciting.In execution, however, this book has been a disappointment.I have cooked several recipes so far and have not found a "hit" among them - the dishes seem unfinished, somehow, as if just one ingredient were missing to pull it together.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Silk Road Sizzles in My Kitchen
What Laura Kelley does in her cookbook is let us all see how we are truly interconnected - while making us happy with a mouth watering sampler of the REAL Silk Road. Like a Douglas Adams of cookery she teaches us not to be too smug about our ethnic cuisine - all the while telling us to remember the history of the Western and Eastern collisions of what can only be seen as the first global trade... the Silk Road. Asia and the Caucuses, Indonesia, all blend in various regional borrowings one from another - sort of like my kitchen... I had Chinese soup 2 nights ago - with cinnamon and star anise in the spicing - and a quince koresh from Iran tonight.. spiced with saffron and cinnamon.Kelley introduces the reader to the less known Oriental side of the Silk Road - not just the Marco Polo caravans we learn about in grade school - don't worry - there is plenty to cook from the Western end as well as Central Asia. Kelley shows us through food that the Silk Road is the world of trade - of ships - of wealth and cultural borrowing. Recipes jump off the page into the pot and on to the dinner table.. Let's see - for dessert...I'll make.....

Her initial volume begs for an encore .. As we wait - you might want to visit The Silk Road Gourmet Blog for an enlightening walk with one of the most interesting authors I have recently discovered. [...] ( )

5-0 out of 5 stars fascinating information, great food
The Silk Road Gourmet is a fascinating addition to Asian cook books that I have used over the years.First of all it is a valuable introduction to the foods of many countries, not just the usual subjects.I had never seen much in the way of Afghan or Iranian cook books, let alone Georgia and Azerbaijan (and had never seen cook books from Bangladesh or Sri Lanka).By providing a full complement of recipes from these many countries (not just India, for instance), this book serves as both a wonderful introduction to these wonderful cuisines, but enough options to find something in each that anyone can both cook and enjoy.

But the book is more than just a collection of recipes.Unlike almost any cook book I have come across, reading The Silk Road Gourmet teaches something about the ways Asian cultures have mixed and mingled over the centuries.Laura Kelley shows that what we think of as "national" cuisines--say Indian--are really a reflection of the international contacts that culture has experienced through history.Spices and other ingredients, as well as cooking styles, have spread to all the countries covered in this book by way of trade, migration, and conquest.In other words, there are no truly national cuisines, except to say that a nation's food is truly a reflection of that nation's history.This is an important contribution to the way we should think about food, cooking, and culture.

So, what about the recipes?Well, my wife and I have both cooked a number of recipes from throughout the countries presented in The Silk Road Gourmet and have been thoroughly pleased with the results.We have both traveled extensively in South Asia and have had some of these recipes cooked in fine restaurants and by natives, and the recipes presented here are truly authentic.I recently cooked the Georgian grilled chicken with garlic and walnuts, a dish I had at a leading restaurant in Moscow a few years ago, and the version in The Silk Road Gourmet was better than the restaurant's.I admit I'm not the most skilled cook, but I found the directions easy to follow and the ingredients not too hard to come by, but the results excellent.And since you buy a cook book to cook from, that is the most important criteria.

All in all, an excellent introduction to foods that you may know well (India for instance), some you won't know at all (Armenia or Azerbaijan), and some that you certainly should know better (Afghanistan, Iran).
... Read more

30. Zov: Recipes and Memories from the Heart
by Zov Karamardian
Hardcover: 262 Pages (2005-01-01)
list price: US$35.00 -- used & new: US$23.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0975955802
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
A collection of over 100 recipes, which blends contemporary Mediterranean and Middle Eastrn cuisines and cultures, was inspired by favorite family recipes Zov's extensive world travel, and the people with whom Zov has had the plesure of eanting and cooking.This 268 page book is an informative and easy to use cookbook.It includes cooking techniques, pantry ingredients, andfull photographs of each recipe.Foreword by Dean Koontz. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (4)

5-0 out of 5 stars Will use this book often!

I have made several of the recipes in this cookbook and they all turn out looking just like the photo as well as tasting fantastic. My husband has made almost all of the soups with great results and the meats, especially the marinated flank steak, are just fabulous!I have actually served the flank steak often to guests with rave reviews. You will be so glad you have this cookbook! I am!

5-0 out of 5 stars Zov:Recipes and Memories from the Heart
This book is outstanding!Clear instruction, wonderful and unique recipes that always turn out deliciously.I've already recommended this book to a number of people.I served the cheese and parsley filled phyllo triangles at a dinner party last night. Yum!The memoirs are delightful, too.

5-0 out of 5 stars The flavors of the acclaimed restaurant in your own kitchen!
From the Orange County Register
May 19, 2005

by Judy Bart Kancigor, author of Cooking Jewish: 532 Great Recipes from the Rabinowitz Family

Are your seat belts securely fastened and your tray tables in their upright and locked position? Hang on. We're taking a little journey.

Our tour guide is none other than Zov Karamardian, Orange County's own national treasure and award winning restaurateur. Zov's Bistro in Tustin, serving contemporary eastern Mediterranean cuisine, has since 1987 been one of the most popular and highly rated restaurants in the county.

And now Zov has written a cookbook - "Zov: Recipes and Memories from the Heart" (Zov's Publishing) - taking us along for the ride, from her childhood in the Middle East to her world travels, as each memory inspires her to create a dish. Hummus from her family's stay in Beirut when she was 11. Jasmine Rice Pudding from the paddies she visited on a culinary tour of Vietnam in 2000. Feta for her Angel Hair Pasta inspired by childhood memories of her Syrian grandmother ripening goat cheese in buried pots. Potato Salad from her school days in Baghdad, where it was served with amba (pickled mango chutney) in a sandwich called Piaz.

"Whoever graduated from that school, they talk about that sandwich," Zov told me. "It's one of those kid things that people love, like French fries here. We used to fight in that line to get that sandwich. If my mom made it we wouldn't eat it. It's the place and the environment that created that sandwich."

And it's the place and environment that creates the mental picture, through Zov's evocative prose, that makes you want to head straight for the kitchen to cook. We can see the bustling souks, smell the fresh mint, hear the crackle of roasting peppers.

"I take a canvas and I paint it," said Zov. "I want the readers to really salivate when they visualize the dish. I want them there with me. Every recipe has a photo. People eat with their eyes first, so it's going to tantalize their senses first and then their palate."

After years of responding to customers' queries for recipes, Zov finally decided to document them in a book. "People really wanted those recipes," she told me. "They kept asking me all the time, `Can I have the Golden Lentil Soup recipe?' `Can I have that salad dressing?' Finally I decided to gather them all in one place."

While many of the recipes border on the exotic - Grilled Shrimp with Mint and Cilantro Pesto, Sumac-Coated Chicken Kabob - with Zov as teacher, the preparations are not daunting.

"My philosophy is convenience, quality and healthy ingredients and quick preparation," she said. "We're all busy, so there is really little time left to cook and shop. All the ingredients in the book are available in any market, except for some spices which you can easily find in a Middle Eastern market or health food store."

Experienced and new cooks alike will appreciate the informative notes accompanying the recipes. "Don't be intimidated by the recipe or afraid to add what you like," Zov advised. "The recipe is a guideline, but it's a teaching tool too. I don't think there's anything in the recipe that you're going to need to know that I don't mention: technique, ingredients, preparation. It's all there. If you don't know how to cook now, by the time you finish cooking from this book, you will know how to cook. "

from "Zov: Recipes and Memories from the Heart"

2 pounds small red-skinned potatoes, cut into 3/4-inch pieces
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 1/2 teaspoons salt, plus more to taste
1 teaspoon ground black pepper, plus more to taste
1 teaspoon crushed dried mint
1/3 cup finely chopped green onions
1/3 cup finely chopped red onion
3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh mint
Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish

Fill a large pot with 2 inches of water. Place a steamer basket in the pot, cover and bring water to a boil. Place potatoes in basket and steam until just tender, stirring after first 4 minutes, about 8 minutes total. Remove potatoes from pot. Meanwhile, whisk lemon juice, oil, 2 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper, and dried mint in a large bowl to blend. Add drained hot potatoes and toss to coat. Add green onions, red onions and chopped fresh mint. Toss gently to combine. Set aside until room temperature, tossing occasionally. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Garnish with fresh mint sprigs and serve. Serves 4 to 6

5-0 out of 5 stars www.valderbeebeshow.com
This month for the Valder Beebe Show (www.valderbeebeshow.com)segment, For Your Reading Pleasure, I interviewed Zov Karamardian, chef and owner of Zov's Bistro in Tustin (Orange County), California.Her new book that took five years to produce is called "Zov!"As a recipe contributor to such publications as Bon Appetit, Food and Wine and the Los Angeles Times, she also enjoys the accolades of being named Chef of the Year by the California Governor's Office and Restaurateur of the Year by the Southern California Restaurant Writers.Her book is filled with delightful and easy gourmet recipes.Prior to our interview I made Gazpacho (p. 102) to expand my cooking repertoire, a delicious and easy summer cold soup.The book is filled with wonderful spices to experience; and being of Creole heritage, I enjoyed expanding my knowledge.The book is color-coded for easy use including Zov's Pantry Essentials, Zov's Essential Cooking Techniques among appetizers (Mezza), salads, soups, vegetables, pastas, grains, meats, poultry, seafood, desserts and breads. As a world traveler, Zov's joy for food is outstanding in the recipes and photography. ... Read more

31. Armenian Cuisine
Paperback: 100 Pages (2010-08-10)
list price: US$45.00 -- used & new: US$45.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6130280440
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Armenian cuisine includes the foods and cooking techniques of the Armenian people and the Armenian diaspora. The cuisine reflects the history and geography where Armenians have lived as well as incorporating outside influences. The cuisine also reflects the traditional crops and animals raised in areas populated by Armenians. Armenian food is festive and it has influenced other Mediterranean cuisine. Regional influences include the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and to a certain extent also influences from the Balkans. Armenian cuisine and traditions in turn have influenced the culinary traditions of nearby countries and cities such as Aleppo. The preparation of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes in an Armenian kitchen requires stuffing, frothing, and pureeing. Lamb, eggplant, yoghurt, and bread (lavash) are basic features of Armenian cuisine. Armenians use cracked wheat (burghul) in preference to the maize and rice popular among its Caucasian neighbors (Georgia and Azerbaijan). ... Read more

32. Italian Armenians: David Nalbandian
Paperback: 42 Pages (2010-05-31)
list price: US$14.14 -- used & new: US$13.24
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1156259533
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: David Pablo Nalbandian (born January 1, 1982) is an Argentine professional tennis player, former World No. 3, currently ranked 149th in the world as of May 24, 2010. He turned professional in 2000. In 2001, he finished in the ATP top 50 for the first time. He finished 2002 as No. 1 Argentine and South American for the first time in his career, winning two ATP titles and reaching the Wimbledon final, where he lost to Lleyton Hewitt. Nalbandian was not able to return to the Wimbledon Championship in 2003, as he was knocked out in the Round of 16 to hometown favourite Tim Henman. He did however make an impressive run at the U.S. Open, taking out both of the Wimbledon finalists #20 seed Mark Philippoussis, and the #2 seed Roger Federer along the way to a semifinal matchup with Andy Roddick. It was the second time in less than a month that he would meet Roddick in high stakes match, having lost to him in the final of Rogers Cup a few weeks earlier, Nalbandian started strongly as he took a two sets to love lead, and held a match point in the third set tiebreak. There was a little bit of controversy during the match when a fan yelled "out" at 77 in the tiebreak, causing Nalbandian to mishit his following shot when he thought the linesman was the one who called it. Roddick took the point and eventually prevailed in the tiebreak. Ultimately, he was not able to finish the match and eventually lost 67(4), 36, 76(7), 61, 63, l affine championship. He finished 2003 ranked #8 in the world. In 2004, Nalbandian made his best effort at the French Open reaching the semi-finals, again he lost to the eventual champion Gastón Gaudio. Although he did not win any titles in 2004, he did finish runner-up at both the Rome Masters and the Madrid Masters, losing to Carl... More: http://booksllc.net/?id=670270 ... Read more

33. Western Armenian Cuisine: Halva, Sarma, Tabbouleh, Chee Kufta, Leblebi, Bulgur, Tursu, Imam Bayildi, Fattoush, Fried Cauliflower, Piyaz
Paperback: 60 Pages (2010-09-14)
list price: US$19.99 -- used & new: US$19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1155728963
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: Halva, Sarma, Tabbouleh, Chee Kufta, Leblebi, Bulgur, Tursu, Imam Bayıldı, Fattoush, Fried Cauliflower, Piyaz, Fried Aubergine, Eetch, Cheoreg. Source: Wikipedia. Free updates online. Not illustrated. Excerpt: Halva (or halawa, haleweh, elwa, halvah, halava, helava, helva, halwa, aluva, chawa) refers to many types of dense, sweet confections, served across the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, West Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Balkans, and the Jewish world. This term is used to describe two types of desserts: Halva may also be based on numerous other ingredients, including sunflower seeds, various nuts, beans, lentils, and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, yams, and squashes. The word halva entered the English language as "halva" between 1840-50 from the Yiddish halva. The latter term came from Romanian, which in turn came from the Turkish helva, a word which itself ultimately derived from the Arabic Al alw, meaning sweet confection. The Arabic root alw means "sweet". Most types of halva are relatively dense confections that are sweetened with sugar or honey. Their textures, however, vary. For example, semolina-based halva is gelatinous and translucent, while sesame-based halva is drier and more crumbly. This type is made by frying the flour such as semolina in oil into a roux and cooking it with a sugary syrup. This is popular in Iran, Turkey, Somalia, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This halva, produced and served in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan and surrounding countries (different versions of it are also found in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro and Turkey), is usually made with wheat semolina, sugar or honey, and butter or vegetable oil. Raisins, dates, or other dried fruits are often included. Nuts such as almon...More: http://booksllc.net/?id=182802 ... Read more

34. The Starving Armenians: Cook and Humor Book
by John Shirn
 Paperback: 328 Pages (2003-02)
list price: US$22.95
Isbn: 1403361193
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
"THE STARVING ARMENIANS:Cook and Humor Book" Compiled by John (Sherbatjian) Shirn contains recipes from the Mid East that dates back to Jacob and Esau.You will not find them in dozens of other cookbooks.Enjoy the best. ... Read more

35. Armenian American Cook Book
by Rose Baboian
 Hardcover: Pages (1990-06)
list price: US$10.00
Isbn: 9993580309
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars I have a signed copy of this wonderful book
My mother gave me a signed copy of Rose's book when I got married in 1960.The cover is falling off, and the pages are stained, but it's the best!This book has authentic recipes, and the food tastes just as if my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law cooked them.I always know that what I prepare will turn out as expected, and my family will love.

My 3 children also have copies of this wonderful book.My one son got his from Amazon.com!

Paree achorghag!that means good appetite, in Armenian

5-0 out of 5 stars My Great Grandmother
My Grandfather (Robert Baboian)'s mother wrote this book. It is a very good Armenian Cookbook. I like the recipe for pilaf the most because pilaf is excellent.

5-0 out of 5 stars By Far, the Best Armenian Cookbook
Many great childhood memories were cooked up from this book in my house...we grew up on some of these favorites...even the one for "American" stuffing (dressing) - I've never come across anyone who didn't love the recipes from Rose's book.

5-0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Armenian Cookbook, Loaded w/ Recipes and Fun!
I really love this cookbook!I have about quite a few Armenian cookbooks, but this one is becoming one of my favorites.I am Armenian, born in the USA, and have grown up on Armenian food.My parents were from Egypt, and my mother is an excellent cook.Sometimes I enjoy surprising her with Armenian dishes she hasn't had in quite some time, and the recipes in this book come out right and tasting authentic, even without her input!Rose has also written some silly little poems about her recipes, and it just makes me smile picturing this Armenian lady including little rhymes about her recipes!There are nophotos, but there are different versions of dishes, as well as different amounts based on portion size, which is really a useful tool.I think this book is a real bargain for anyone who would like to try cooking some Armenian dishes.Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned cook, The variety of Armenian dishes and Rose Baboian's light writing style will make this a favorite in your cookbook collection.

5-0 out of 5 stars Don't Pass This Book Up
I received a copy of this book from my mother-in-law many years ago.She used it before me and taught me to cook my husband's favorite foods from it.I have tried other Armenian cookbooks over the years and NONE compare to this one for its authenticity and simplicity.You will find the paklava, lahmejoun, kufte, beurek, madzoon, and dolma recipies excellent and timeless.

I have used the book so much that the cover is now falling off and I need a new copy. I never thought I'd still find it available.I plan to get two extra copies for my two sons and I highly recommend it to those who want to learn traditional Armenian recipes. ... Read more

36. Cuisines of the Caucasus Mountains: Recipes, Drinks, and Lore from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia
by Kay Shaw Nelson
Hardcover: 271 Pages (2007-10-30)
list price: US$24.95 -- used & new: US$17.09
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Asin: 0781809282
Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
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Editorial Review

Product Description
Caucasians are noted for a creative and masterful cuisine that cooks evolved over the years by using fragrant herbs and spices and tart flavors such as lemons and sour plums. With healthful yet delectable ingredients like pomegranates, saffron, rose water, honey, olive oil, yogurt, onions, garlic, fresh and dried fruits, and a variety of nuts, these 184 authentic recipes provide many delicious options. The literary excerpts, legends, and lore sprinkled throughout the book will also enchant the reader-chef on this culinary journey to one of the world's most famous mountain ranges. Because of its geographical and ethnic diversity, the colorful and vibrant cookery of the Caucasus, interwoven with the history and invasion of conquest, the influence of religious affiliation, and the effects of political and social orientation or allegiance, represents a mixture of tastes. We find distinct culinary influences from the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Turks, and Central Asians as they passed through or occupied the area, and there are also some Slavic or Russian contributions. Today, the region's cuisine is perhaps best described as a joyful mélange of Persian, Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean dishes, with many innovations and improvements. --from the author's introduction ... Read more

Customer Reviews (4)

1-0 out of 5 stars A lot of misclassification
The range of recepies offered in the book is great, but a lot of the recepies are misclassified by country/culture. Also, in the introduction part, and the part describing the history of the region, some facts are misrepresented.

1-0 out of 5 stars I wouldn't recommend to buy the book
Knowing the region described in the book quite well, as I am from that region, AND reading this book, I was surprised with the way author (who is a historician !!!) puts the outdated information about the certain countries of the region and their cuisines. Seing the map with the wrong names/borders in the book was just shocking!!! The author have not done enough research on INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED facts on the region, it's history and geopolitics, and therefore is misrepresenting the region and may actually be offencive for the people like me, who grew up in that region.

The names of some culinary dishes are misperperented and misclassified, too.

Instead of spending money on this book, I'd recommend searching the information available online, where you can find more truthfull and up-to-date informaiton, and a variety of recipes for free!

5-0 out of 5 stars Not just food but also history
I'm happy I bough the book.Not just for the food but it also gives the best decription of the region and a great run down through the history.

4-0 out of 5 stars Focuses on what people actually eat!
What a great looking book. My mouth watered as I looked at the cover.

Kay Shaw Nelson is a student of Russian studies - thereby someone who really did research in the countries that this book covers and not just a compiler of other people's information. She even gives some reviews of places to eat in-country! She did a nice job of including literary references and short stories about some of the dishes. I'm no chef and I was able to make most of the items with ease. The tasks are easy to follow and replacements for some ingredients not easily found outside of the Caucasus are included.

Caucasus food has great flavor and uses herbs and spices masterfully. It is healthy and tasty. There are many vegetarian options as well.

Some of my favorites: page 165 rice-filled tomatoes, page 203 lavash (this actually tasted like lavash!), page 256 tan, page 42 cucumber-yogart dip, page 79 green beans and eggs. ... Read more

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