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         Meteorology Publications:     more books (100)
  1. Some relationships between the surface energy budget and the water budget (Publications in meteorology) by Richard J Lee, 1972
  2. The winter energy requirement of an open water channel in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: A study of the possibility of keeping an open lead in the Gulf ice, ... energy balance (Publication in meteorology) by Fabiola Renaud, 1976
  3. An intercomparison of satellite images and radar rainfall rates (Publication / Meteorology Program, University of Maryland) by Nancy Cheng, 1977
  4. The potential for air pollution in Gladstone, Queensland (Publication / University of Melbourne, Meteorology Department) by R. G Tapp, 1976
  5. A meteorological programming system (Publication / University of Melbourne. Meteorology Department) by John Straede, 1968
  6. Studies in Arctic and stratospheric meteorology / [by] F. Kenneth Hare [and] B. W. Boville (Publication in meteorology - McGill University.Arctic Meteorology Research Group) by F. Kenneth Hare, 1961
  7. A Selection of lectures presented to the third Seminar in Arctic and Stratospheric Meteorology, July 27 to August 7, 1959 at Stanstead College, Stanstead, ... Canada (Publication in meteorology) by Warren L Godson, 1961
  8. The greenhouse effect of the arctic atmosphere (Publication in meteorology) by E Vowinckel, 1964
  9. Temperature and Wind Frequency Tables for North America and Greenland (Publication in Meteorology- McGill University, Arctic Meteorology Research Group) (2 Volumes) by John N Rayner, 1960
  10. Atlas of mean monthly albedo of arctic surfaces (Publication in meteorology) by P Larsson, 1961
  11. A spectral model of bubble convection (Publication in meteorology) by Roger Willis Daley, 1971
  12. Reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere temperature, 1579-1880 (Publication / Meteorology Program, University of Maryland) by Brian S Groveman, 1979
  13. Insolation and absorbed solar radiation at the ground in the Arctic, (McGill University, Montreal. Arctic Meteorology Research Group. Publication in meteorology) by E Vowinckel, 1962
  14. A spherical model of baroclinic stability (Publication in meteorology) by Helen Warn, 1975

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