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         Oceanography Research Submersibles:     more detail
  1. Research submersibles in oceanography, (Contribution of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, no. 2456) by Robert D Ballard, 1970
  2. Future Needs in Deep Submergence Science: Occupied and Unoccupied Vehicles in Basic Ocean Research by Committee on Future Needs in Deep Submergence Science, National Research Council, 2004-03-05
  3. Undersea Vehicles and National Needs by Committee on Undersea Vehicles and National Needs, National Research Council, 1996-11-19
  4. Underwater exploration: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 3rd ed.</i> by Gillian S. Holmes, 2004
  5. The unmanned submersible as an Arctic research tool by Gordon M Gray, 1972
  6. Deep submergence vehicles for ocean research (Woods Hole, Mass. Oceanographic Institution. Reference) by Scott C Daubin, 1969
  7. OCEANOGRAPHY: An entry from Charles Scribner's Sons' <i>Dictionary of American History</i> by Keith R. Benson, 2003
  8. Summary reports of vessels, aircrafts and submarines during 1967 (Technical memorandum WHOI) by W. M Dunkle, 1969
  9. Summary reports of vessels, aircraft flights, and submarine dives during 1972 (Technical memorandum / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) by W. M Dunkle, 1973
  10. Summary report of vessels, aircraft flights and submarine dives during 1973 (Technical memorandum WHOI) by W. M Dunkle, 1974
  11. NR-1 submersible cruise report for Offshore Operators Committee study of chemosynthetic marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico by James M. Brooks, Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, and Robert R. Bidigare by J. M Brooks, 1987

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