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1. Contemporary Mathematics in Context:

1. Contemporary Mathematics in Context: A Unified Approach, Course 2, Part A, Student Edition
by McGraw-Hill
Hardcover: 327 Pages (2002-08-05)
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Asin: 0078275415
Average Customer Review: 1.0 out of 5 stars
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Editorial Review

Product Description
From the Core-Plus Mathematics Project

MathematicsThat Makes Sense to More Students

This innovative program engages students in investigation-based, multi-day lessons organized around big ideas. Important mathematical concepts are developed in relevant contexts by students in ways that make senseto them. Students in Contemporary Mathematics in Context work collaboratively, often using graphing calculators, so more students than ever before are able to learn important and broadly useful mathematics.
Courses 1, 2, and 3 comprise a core curriculum that will upgrade the mathematics experience for all your students. Course 4 is designed for all college-bound students.

Research-Basedand Classroom-Tested

Developed with funding from the National ScienceFoundation, each course in Contemporary Mathematics in Context isthe product of a four-year research, development, and evaluation processinvolving thousands of students in schools across the country. The result is aprogram rich in modern content organized to make active student learning adaily occurrence in your classroom. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (2)

OK, I am a student in a WA public school and i hate this thing! it offers very little, vague explanations, and thats if you'r lucky. Most of the information comes from the teacher- but what if you are tired or distracted that day? if that happens, tough luck because you wont make any sense off of this book. thankfully, the school told us they are bringing new material in 2011 thank god. The companies gave the school the material to try out and it looks pretty good, so there will be a better tomorrow for WA math.

I'm sad a tree had to die for this thing.

1-0 out of 5 stars TERRIBLE
This curriculumn is a disaster.The Washington State schools system has forced this course on our students with terrible results. More than half of our students in high school cannot pass the state's math proficency test.

This course takes the traditional math learning process and turns it upside down. Traditionally we were taught certain formulas or algorithms and then we were taught how to apply them.Eventually working into story problems.This course does the opposite.They start with a story problem and then ask the student questions like, how would you solve this, what do you think the relationship is?Then the book will direct the student to "get with your group and try to find an algorithm."

I am an engineer, I have a very good math backround.As I tried to work with my son to help him with this course I would be baffled by what the book would be asking for. As I worked through the book I kept wondering, if I cannot figure this stuff out, how is a teenager with no math backround going to do it.To compound the fustration of trying to learn from this course the book has no solutions to its problems.A student cannot check thier work.

This particular book is linear algebra.One of the most basic concepts in linear algebra is the slope of a line. There is no place in this book where it cleary defines the slope, or tells the student how to calculate the slope, but there are pages and pages of problems that require the student to find the slope of a line.

If your child has the misfortune of being stuck in this curriculm you are going to have to find them an alternative way to learn math. Otherwise your child will be handicapped in the future job market because they will have been deprived of understanding basic math concepts. ... Read more


Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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