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1. Baartock
2. Artificial Intelligence Applications
3. Trapped on a Cloud
4. Lewis Roth-Baartock
5. Evening Serenade (Abendstanchen,
6. Peter and The Wolf, Opus 67 (Symphonic
7. Peter and the Wolf: Symphonic
8. Four Orchestral Works
9. David Wojnarowicz: Rimbaud In
10. John Lewis Roth, the first white
11. Sergei Prokofiev Four Orchestral
12. Port-Orford-cedar root disease
13. Four Orchestral Works: Complete
14. Characteristics of the NASA Lewis
15. Oops! We Forgot The Kids
16. Oops! I Forgot My Wife (Discussion
17. Virtual Dig: A Simulated Archaeological
18. Marriage Ministry in the 21st
19. Oops! I Forgot My Wife: A Story
20. Playgirl Magazine: August 1986

1. Baartock
by Lewis Roth
Paperback: 120 Pages (2004-07-13)
list price: US$11.99 -- used & new: US$11.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1414215762
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
This book is directed at children, up to about third grade, though it should be read to them by an adult. ... Read more

2. Artificial Intelligence Applications in Materials Science: Proceedings
by Ralph J. Harrison
 Hardcover: 220 Pages (1987-09)
list price: US$56.00 -- used & new: US$56.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0873390679
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

3. Trapped on a Cloud
by Phyllis Roth Lewis
Paperback: 115 Pages (2001-04-12)
list price: US$20.99 -- used & new: US$122.08
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0738856231
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description

Pete Jones is tricked into living in a place disguised as a cloud. He and twelve other children have been promised lives as super humans, and they do develop some amazing powers.

Pete convinces his friends that the strange place is not really what it seems. However, they are trapped because they must take daily treatments to survive.

Pete has overwhelming urges to help people on Earth even after he learns that it might destroy him. Some of his friends help him survive his forbidden trips. They also try to find out what is really going on before it is too late. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Trapped on a Cloud
This book was easy to read, full of humor. Loved the characters and most of all loved the thought behind the story. I look forward to reading more work by this author. ... Read more

4. Lewis Roth-Baartock
by Lewis Roth
Kindle Edition: Pages (2009-07-22)
list price: US$4.99
Asin: B002IPGX1K
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
An Excerpt from the book-

Chapter 1

Baartock was sitting by the side of the old two lane country
road, crying.Seven years old and all alone for hours, but that
wasn't why he was sobbing, tears running down his cheeks.He had
grown up in the forest, he was used to being alone, except for his
parents.He wasn't lost and he hadn't run away from home, though he
felt so ashamed he didn't want to go home.It had been a bad day, a
terrible day.Baartock had been waiting all day to scare someone,
but there hadn't been anyone to scare.It was such a bad thing to
happen to a troll on his first day.

Today was such an important day.Today was the very first
day that Baartock was to go out scaring all by himself.He had
stayed up late the night before and had gotten up early, so he would
be all tired and cranky.He had gone out of the cave where he lived
and rolled in the smelliest, nastiest mud he could find, so he would
look his scariest.And he had practiced his screams and shrieks,
until both his parents yelled at him to shut-up and to go scare
somebody.He had set out, going down the old dry stream-bed, just
like his father had told him.On the way, he fell down and cut his
knee, which made him really angry. He threw a rock at a bird that was
singing in the trees, trying to make fun of him.He missed and that
made him even angrier.When he got to the road and looked both ways,
he crossed it and hid in the culvert.Then he waited and listened.

The culvert wasn't much of a bridge. It was just a big, old
concrete pipe that went under the road for rain-water to go through.
He wished that it was a bridge, any kind of bridge at all.Even a
wooden bridge, but a real bridge that he could hide under and come
rushing out to scare people. He crouched down to wait and listen.

He knew what he was listening for.The sound of someone
walking down the road.Baartock had practiced at home, just the way
his father had shown him.He would stand waiting, just out of sight.
Then, when he heard something, he would run up the hill, roaring and
screaming.The practice had all gone so well.When he did it at
home, he never had to wait long to hear something.He had scared
lots of squirrels, a deer, two opossum, and a skunk. Baartock didn't
like to remember the skunk.They had scared each other.

... Read more

5. Evening Serenade (Abendstanchen, Op. 42, No. 1) for Six-part Chorus of Mixed Voices (Sa(s)attb) a Cappella
by Johannes Brahms, Lewis Roth, Harold Heiberg
 Sheet music: Pages (1960)

Asin: B001MS3KTC
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
10 pages. ... Read more

6. Peter and The Wolf, Opus 67 (Symphonic Tale for Children)
by Serge Prokofieff
 Paperback: 43 Pages (1964)

Asin: B000F3HPRS
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Piano reduction by the composer of this delightful symphonic work. The accompanying story text is in English, French and Spanish. ... Read more

7. Peter and the Wolf: Symphonic Tale for Children, Op. 67 (Piano Score)
by Serge Prokofieff
Paperback: 43 Pages (1948)

Asin: B001P8CRW0
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Music book, piano score with English, French, and Spanish texts. Piano reduction by the composer, edited by Lewis Roth. 1948 by Leeds Music Corporation. 43 pages, folio size, about 12 inches high. ... Read more

8. Four Orchestral Works
by Sergei Prokofiev
Paperback: Pages (1974-06)
list price: US$25.95 -- used & new: US$88.92
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0486202798
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Amazon.com Review
He had his ups and downs, musically and politically, butProkofiev made a (mostly) positive mark on the music of the 20thcentury. This volume from Dover Publications, reprinted from variousSoviet publishing houses, offers four of his most popular works: Peter and theWolf, the Lieutenant Kije Suite (with rarely-if-ever-heardvocal parts), the Classical Symphony, and the cantataAlexander Nevsky. Although the markings and, in Peter,the narration are given in Russian and English, the vocal lines are inCyrillic only.This is a bargain for students of Prokofiev. ... Read more

9. David Wojnarowicz: Rimbaud In New York 1978-79
by Jim Lewis
Hardcover: 108 Pages (2004-10-02)
list price: US$70.00
Isbn: 0971548021
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
In 1978 David Wojnarowicz took a series of photographs of a man wearing a paper mask bearing the face of Arthur Rimbaud, the French poet. Wojnarowicz was 24 when he shot most of the Rimbaud in New York series, and the urban situations in which he poses the masked figure represent a specific moment in history: post-Stonewall but pre-AIDS, a land of sex, drugs, art, love, and wondrous bohemian existence. When a few pictures from the series were published in the Soho Weekly News in 1980, they were the first of his works to make it into print. This volume reproduces for the first time, the series in its entirety.Edited by Andrew Roth.

Essay by Jim Lewis.Clothbound, 8.5 x 10.5 in. / 75 pgs / 5 color. ... Read more

10. John Lewis Roth, the first white child born in the Moravian mission at Gnadenhutten
by Harlow Lindley
 Unknown Binding: 257 Pages (1935)

Asin: B0008BIG98
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

11. Sergei Prokofiev Four Orchestral WorksClassical Symphony Lieutenant Kije Suite Peter and the Wolf Alexander Nevsky Cantata
by Lewis (Editor) Roth
 Paperback: Pages (1974)

Asin: B000UEKLLO
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

12. Port-Orford-cedar root disease (R6-FPM)
by Lewis F Roth
 Unknown Binding: Pages (1987)

Asin: B000715CIM
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

13. Four Orchestral Works: Complete Scores of Peter and the Wolf, Lieutenant Kije Suite, Classical Symphony, and Alexander Nevsky Cantata
by Sergei Prokofiev
 Hardcover: Pages (1985-06)
list price: US$16.50
Isbn: 0844650765
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

14. Characteristics of the NASA Lewis bumpy-torus plasma generated with positive applied potentials (NASA technical note ; NASA TN D-8114)
by J. Reece Roth
 Unknown Binding: 53 Pages (1976)

Asin: B0006W9LGQ
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

15. Oops! We Forgot The Kids
by Doyle Roth
Paperback: 380 Pages (2007-07-01)
list price: US$16.99 -- used & new: US$8.38
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0936083263
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Thousands of couples have read Doyle Roth's Oops! I Forgot My Wife. Now the subject is parenting. Once again, you'll think he's sneaking a peak at your family! Doyle's strategy is much the same: combine situations from his decades in family counseling into one engaging story, have the characters involved discuss effective parenting principles via email, add the "how tos" and season it all with humor and solid counsel from the Scriptures.Oops! We Forgot the Kids teaches achievable parenting skills to everyday dads and moms who want to be effective down in the trenches of parenting. Real life problems and questions, some old-fashioned horse sense and time-tested biblical insight combine to give parents hope and help.Filled with down-to-earth advice, good humor and biblical insights from decades of family intervention, is sure to bring you a deeper appreciation of your own family--and some hints on making it even better. (Not perfect, just better.) ... Read more

16. Oops! I Forgot My Wife (Discussion Guide)
by Doyle Roth, Paul Santhouse
Paperback: 48 Pages (2005-05)
list price: US$4.99 -- used & new: US$2.25
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0936083190
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
What could be more fun than getting together with a bunch of guys? How about going home afterwards and having your wife be thrilled with you? No, really—it could happen! That's what this discussion guide is all about. When you learn to love your wife as Christ loved the church, honoring and cherishing her as your most valued friend, she will be happy to let you spend an evening with the guys. Especially if you're discussing ways to love her better.The Oops! I Forgot My Wife Discussion Guide combines helpful and humorous insights from the book, along with practical questions to fuel hearty discussion. Some of the questions will prompt you to assess how things stand in your marriage, while others will inspire you to invest creatively in your best friendship.Think of it! A bunch of guys having fun discussing how to love their wives better. Who wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars for that? Probably you, for one. But don't worry, this booklet costs less than a fast-food meal. So grab a copy, call your friends, and give your wife every reason to feel thankful and delighted that she married you. ... Read more

17. Virtual Dig: A Simulated Archaeological Excavation of a Middle Paleolithic Site in France
by Harold Lewis Dibble, Shannon P. McPherron, Barbara J. Roth
Paperback: 148 Pages (1999-04-23)
list price: US$39.45 -- used & new: US$19.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0767402456
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
This combination of workbook and CD-ROM functions as a "virtual field school" that gives students the opportunity to carry out an excavation using real data. Based on excavations at the Middle Paleolithic site of Combe-Capelle in France, the exercises included in Virtual Dig ask students to access the CD's database to analyze and interpret findings. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Virtual Dig: A simulated Archaeological Excavation of a Middle Paleolithic Site in France
Required reading for under-grad taking Archaeology as a degree. The companies service as well as the quality of the merchandise was every bit what was promised. If this quality is the standard for this book store, I will order again from this company.

3-0 out of 5 stars Simulated Excavation: Great Idea, Poor Implementation
Any introductory archaeology class should have a lab or lablike simulation. This book represents a good idea--simulate an actual excavation--but the book and CD program are pitched well beyond the introductory level.

The book and program simulate an actual excavation at a Middle Paleolithic site called Combe-Capelle in southern France, not far from Le Moustier, which gave the Mousterian tool tradition its name. The original inhabitants were Neanderthal, and they produced a variety of tools for which Francois Bordes, the early expert on the Lower and Middle Paleolithic, provides a hierachy of 63 types. That is the core (no pun intended) of this program's problems--it is too complex for the beginning student.

The book has some value. Dibble and associates are to be congratulated for a not-bad replication of an actual excavation, and they have perceived a need for such a program at colleges that cannot budget for an archaeology lab.

Unfortunately, Dibble and his colleagues go too quickly into the complexities of the site without first laying a solid groundwork for a good excavation: mapping a site, excavating with various tools, explaining in detail why each tool (from dental pick to trowel to backhoe) should be selected, and the rudimentary elements of archaeological analysis.

Instead, the book charges into the more advanced topics at te outset. The student learns, or tries to learn the finer points of Bordes's tool typology in Chapter 2, and then, on page 13, is treated to a brief introduction to the Charantian Mousterian and its two subvariants, the Quina and the La Ferrassie Mousterian. So goes the rest of the book; by Chapter 20, the student is scratching his/her head over character and numeric values with nary an introduction to statistics.

The fundamentals are scattered here and yon. We do not get down to site charting until Chapter 5, after a chapter on the finer points of research design, long before the students have some notion as to what is to be researched. Stone attributes are not covered until Chapter 16. Types of excavation tools take up less than a page of description, and we get little idea as to when to use a dental pick and when to drag out a backhoe. We are expected to know what kind of a crew to recruit in Chapter 8, what vehicles to get in Chapter 9 (all from a French company), and what should go into a budget in Chapter 10--before we know what we are to budget for.

In sum, the book has value, but the instructor planning to use this text has a lot of reorganizing to do--not to mention excising of that material more appropriate to upper division courses--before springing Virtual Dig on first- or second-year students. ... Read more

18. Marriage Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas
by David and Lisa Frisbie, Les and Leslie Parrott, Doyle Roth
Paperback: 223 Pages (2008-01-08)
list price: US$24.99 -- used & new: US$145.33
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0764435671
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Choose from more than 200 great ideas that strengthen marriages! Marriage Ministry in the 21st Century is your one-stop resource for building a marriage ministry--and getting couples connecting at you ... Read more

Customer Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars PRACTICAL resource for ministry!
Our church wants to minister to Moms and Dads as we minister to their children.We didn't know where to start--this book was the answer.There are 165 creative, easy, fun, interactive ideas in this book for ways to minister to couples--the parents of the kids in your church.There are also a few chapters on marriage ministry that have been helpful for us as we have started addressing the whole "family ministry" idea that is all the buzz these days.This book is a must have for churches and ministries that care not only about kids--but the homes they live in and parents they live with!

Check out this other incredible resourse from Group Publishing:
Fun Ideas for the Family Friendly Church

5-0 out of 5 stars Helpful for all Marriages, including Remarriages

This book was compiled by editors at Group Publishing, drawn from material written by Les and Leslie Parrot, David and Lisa Frisbie, and Doyle Roth. Each of the primary contributors furnishes a chapter; other sections of the book are drawn from input, ideas and suggestions that the authors furnished.

Very helpful for premarriage counseling (Les and Leslie Parrot) and also highly useful in preparing for remarriage (David and Lisa Frisbie). Each of these couples are acknowledged experts in their respective fields. Each of these couples has written numerous books in their subject areas.

Doyle Roth furnishes excellent material related to marriage counseling. I am not familiar with Roth's background or other writing, but his work here is well-organized and well-written.

This volume is a "handbook" or "guidebook" that deserves a place on the shelves of every counselor, rabbi, minister or pastor who works with married couples and/or remarried couples and blended families.

Barbara Sheldon, M.S.W.
I also recommend: Happily Remarried: Making Decisions Together * Blending Families Successfully * Building a Love That Will Last

5-0 out of 5 stars Even for counselors
This was a gift for a friend who is going into Christian Counseling, and even though this may not be marketed as such, it seems that it would be a plus for the Christian counselor.There are suggestions on nights together and getaways.For a little more spiritual depth, suggestions are given for "Spiritual Retreat Ideas."Also there are chapters on strengthening marriages and families and a section on couples' bible studies.Specifically for the counselor are sections on "Ideas for Starting Marriages Right" (could be used in premarital counseling), helping marriages through "rocky times," and ministering to those going through a divorce; and section twelve is entitled "Marriage Counseling."

... Read more

19. Oops! I Forgot My Wife: A Story of Commitment as Marriage and Self-Centeredness Collide
by Doyle Roth
Hardcover: 295 Pages (2004-10-31)
list price: US$19.99 -- used & new: US$6.74
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0936083182
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
A marriage book for folks that don't like marriage books! Through humor, biblical instruction and story, Oops! I Forgot My Wife helps facilitate the growth of healthy marriages. Written as an exchange of emails between a church elder and a young man whose marriage is crash landing, Oops! features short chapters that fit the busy pace of men's lives and a "straight-talk" style that hits the issues head on.

In addition, the Oops! materials:
--Equip men to develop spiritual leadership in the home
--Encourage women to be godly wives
--Provide helpful resources for counseling, mentoring and group discussion
--Challenge marriages to face their #1 enemy: self-centeredness

"Most of us men could use help with our marriages, but most of us have little patience for touchy-feely, psycho-babbly marriage books written in professional counseling language. Bravo to Doyle Roth, who in Oops! addresses us sorry husbands using his own cowboy wisdom and wit--loaded with ammunition to demolish male self-centeredness, yet still raw enough to engage the typical American male.
-- Douglas Hsu, Executive Editor, Advancing Native Missions ... Read more

Customer Reviews (7)

5-0 out of 5 stars Good book for couples
Love the book and it is a fun book to read with your spouse. We have had fun doing it and we are reinforced in continuing to grow in our Christian marriage.Even when you have a good marriage for 42 years it is always good to study together and continue to grow. John

5-0 out of 5 stars Straight talk and good information
An excellent book giving straight talk about what we men do wrong in marriage.An open examination of how our self-centeredness damages our marriages, and the kind of marriages that our Lord wishes for us to have.An owners manual to lead you to the ultimate owners manual.

5-0 out of 5 stars Oops!I discovered a great book!
This is really a pretty good book.I have to admit that I held little optimism for this book initially.The cover was a bit corny and the intro sounded a bit down home for me.I got a good deal on the book and the reviews were good so I took the plunge.I am very glad I did.

The book is written mostly as a series of emails with a couple of brief epilogues.Through the emails we see the story of a marriage in trouble.Let's not kid ourselves this is a marriage in crisis.The emails are a series of correspondence between our fictional (I believe) couple individually to our good counselor and also from a couple that is supporting the troubled pair to the counselor and amongst themselves.Sound confusing?Don't worry.It isn't.

The story, for that is what it is, is easy to follow and well written.The method of using emails is an excellent way for the author to tell us exactly how he feels without coming off as lecturing.The different situations are sometimes extreme but usually teach a valuable lesson.

Personally I found the book totally engrossing.I read the entire test except for the last 20 pages in one sitting.The impact of the lessons told in a folksy style hit home even if the situations did not match mine closely.

So here is my summary of good and bad.

1. God centered.If you are a Christian this will fit well in your faith system.If you are not a Christian the faith based parts might turn you off to the rest of the text.....might.
2. Has high impact.The cost of not making sacrifices and doing what is right are told in a high impact and emotional way.
3. Progression is right.The issues escalate and the blindness of people is real.
4. Easy to read.Short chapter/emails.

1. Cartoons.There are cartoons at the end of most chapters.I just didn't get the humor honestly.
2. Some of the situations seemed a bit extreme.
3. The later dialogue and developments felt just a bit rushed and extreme.Not horribly so but not as natural as the first ¾ of the book.

The bad points are really not bad as much as personal observations.I endorse this book for any couple (especially men) who are having a crisis in the relationship.Maybe better read it before you do in order to learn how to avoid the crisis.

Remember we are human.Wanting to be good and do the right thing is never enough.This book is a great help.I found it inspiring, motivational and a great tool.I found myself wondering how I could email someone like the counselor in this book just to hash things out.I have not seen or read the study guide but I imagine that it would be an excellent study guide if it is based on this text.

5-0 out of 5 stars great information
This book arrived in excellent condition, on time and much information that would benefit young married and older adults too.

5-0 out of 5 stars Eye Opening Truth
A book for every couple to read.It truly opens your eyes to how easy it is for men and women to grow apart.At the same time, it provides some simple "rule of thumb" type applications that can make a huge difference in your relationship.Cause a huge paradigm shift for me.The e-mail setting for the writing style was fantastic. ... Read more

20. Playgirl Magazine: August 1986 -- Ratt's Stephen Pearcy Nude, David Lee Roth!
Paperback: Pages (1986)

Asin: B000Q7RM9O
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
This issue of Playgirl features David Lee Roth on the cover and in an interview inside. Also in this issue, mostly nude photos of Stephen Pearcy from Ratt, Playgirl's Man for August Matt Clark, a pictorial of kayaker Randy Fine, profiles of Mitch Gaylord and Michele Phillips, and much more! ... Read more

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