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1. Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana:
2. Archbishop: Inside the Power Structure
3. Joel, Amos, Obadiah - An Exegetical
4. Thomas Paine and the Promise of
5. Millionaire Women Next Door: The
6. Field of Battle: The Civil War
7. Ultralight Boatbuilding
8. Now We're Enemies: The Story of
9. Marketing to the Affluent
10. 1776 Year of Illusions
11. Pocket Ref
12. The Philadelphia Campaign: Germantown
13. Selling to the Affluent
14. In Search of Excellence : Lessons
15. The Origins of the Liturgical
16. Classical Epic: An Annotated Bibliography
17. World Mythology
18. Theories of Myth: An Annotated
19. Now We Are Enemies, the Story
20. Now We Are Enemies:The Story of

1. Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana: Law and Public Affairs, from TR to FDR
by J. Leonard Bates
 Hardcover: 432 Pages (1999-07-27)
list price: US$42.00 -- used & new: US$34.20
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0252024702
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

2. Archbishop: Inside the Power Structure of the American Catholic Church
by Thomas J. Reese
 Hardcover: 401 Pages (1989-04)
list price: US$17.95 -- used & new: US$22.25
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060668369
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

3. Joel, Amos, Obadiah - An Exegetical Commentary
by Thomas J. Finley
Paperback: 344 Pages (2003-04-08)
list price: US$29.95 -- used & new: US$27.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0737500182
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

4. Thomas Paine and the Promise of America
by Harvey J. Kaye
Hardcover: 336 Pages (2005-08-03)
list price: US$25.00 -- used & new: US$13.15
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0013JD9K0
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description

America’s unfinished revolution

The revolutionary spirit that runs through American history and whose founding father and greatest advocate was Thomas Paine is fiercely traced in Thomas Paine and the Promise of America. Showing how Paine turned Americans into radicals—and how we have remained radicals at heart ever since—Harvey J. Kaye presents the nation’s democratic story with wit, subtlety, and, above all, passion.

Paine was one of the most remarkable political writers of the modern world and the greatest radical of a radical age. Through writings like Common Sense—and words such as “The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth,” “We have it in our power to begin the world over again,” and “These are the times that try men’s souls”—he not only turned America’s colonial rebellion into a revolutionary war but, as Kaye demonstrates, articulated an American identity charged with exceptional purpose and promise.

Beginning with Paine’s life and ideas and following their vigorous influence through to our own day, Thomas Paine and the Promise of America reveals how, while the powers that be repeatedly sought to suppress, defame, and most recently co-opt Paine’s memory, generations of radical and liberal Americans turned to Paine for inspiration as they endeavored to expand American freedom, equality, and democracy.
... Read more

Customer Reviews (14)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Timely Treasure
When I ordered this book I was thinking of updating my knowledge of one of that group of men we usually think of as our "forefathers"--the ones who were there at the birth of our nation.I got that AND SO MUCH MORE.In addition to learning more of Thomas Paine himself, I learned why he has never had the place of distinction and honor accorded others of his time despite his seemingly crucial activities in securing our independence.THEN, this fine historian takes the "essence" of this dynamic American, traces its ( and his) waxing and waning influence through the decades, and presents us with the need to re-capture, if we can, that zeal for maintaining our freedom and our "national theme" of a nation for the common good--for the common man.For me, anyway:A Masterpiece. The only drawback (if one can call it that):Now I MUST read ( and own) the basic works--in Thomas Paine's own words

5-0 out of 5 stars Common Sense Society of Fort Lee NJ
This is a brilliant work that breathes new life into the legacy of Tom Paine and links his writings to our lives as Americans today.We in the Borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey are proud that Paine began to write "The American Crisis" while in Fort Lee as an aide to General Nathaniel Greene.The retreat to victory through New Jersey in November 1776 was one of the darkest periods of the American Revolution.Paine's words in The Crisis inspired this young nation so much so that General Washington had "The Crisis" read by his offcers to his men prior to the crossing of the Delaware.

We in Fort Lee are presently forming "The Common Sense Society" to promote the ideals of Tom Paine and to work with the Borough of Fort Lee to erect a statue to Paine in our Monument Park where Paine encamped with the American Army in 1776.This would be only the sixth statue of Paine in the world and the fourth in the United States.

2-0 out of 5 stars Well written but biased and flawed argument
Kaye's prose is solid and I certainly enjoyed the first few chapters on Paine's controversial life. The book, however, takes a turn for the worse when it launches (for half the book!) into a very oversimplified argument that "liberals" (of all times, shapes, and persuasions) are the true decendents of Paine's ideology and that conservatives (over and over derided as "the powers that be" "capitalist elites" etc.) can never truly draw from Paine's legacy. Quite the contrary, Kaye admits that Paine's libertarian tendencies and his disdain for government, contradicting his own argument. An interesting read, but disgustingly biased and as a previous post commented, should be on the shelf with other political polemics. Wouldn't recommend it to an objective student of history looking for a good intro to Paine.

5-0 out of 5 stars More than a Biography

Although I purchased this book assuming it was a biography of Paine, I discovered it was much more. While the first third of the book is a short, excellent biography, the heart if the book is a study of Paine's influence on American's liberal, progressive, radical movements and even of the Reagan conservative revival.Kaye makes it clear that his sympathies lie with the left and views Reagan's reliance on Paine's words as a highjacking, but despite this bias, the book is an objective analyses of Paine's influence throughout the 230 years of American history. One question, I have oftenasked is why did the conservative elite of the Colonial Era, who had so much to lose if the Revolution failed, pledge the "their lives, their fortunes and scared honor" to the cause of American Independence?Kaye offers a plausible and logical explanation: the influence of Thomas Paine's pamphlets, most notably "Common Sense.".

3-0 out of 5 stars Good story, poor writing
Good review of the life and times of an often over-looked founders but it's often hard to follow the disorganized and disjointed style of the author. ... Read more

5. Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen
by Thomas J. Stanley
Hardcover: 320 Pages (2004-05-01)
list price: US$28.95 -- used & new: US$3.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0740745328
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description
Eight years ago, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley swept aside the mythical magic curtain of wealth to reveal The Millionaire Next Door. America found out just who and how common the truly wealthy were in this country¿and we learned the characteristics and habits that made them so. Now the author of the follow-up The Millionaire Mind focuses on one of the least understood but increasingly rich demographics: Millionaire Women Next Door.¿Why write another book that profiles millionaires?¿ Stanley asks. ¿The vast majority of the millionaire respondents (92 percent) in The Millionaire Next Door were men. . . . I felt that it was indeed time for successful businesswomen of the self-made variety to be heard.¿ And heard they are in this book that is destined to become every bit as informative, quoted, and inspirational as the author¿s earlier works. Readers everywhere will be fascinated by Stanley¿s thoroughly researched findings and conclusions. More than a simple extension of his studies of male millionaires, Millionaire Women Next Door presents groundbreaking concepts involving the nature, lifestyle, and business choices of successful American women that reach far beyond the scope of the author¿s previous studies. The book examines the choice of businesses elected by self-employed women, ranking over 150 categories in terms of their profitability and probability of success. It also describes the women¿s background, highlighting the fact that most millionaire women were raised in nurturing family environments that were literally training grounds for success, instilling the values that make this group one of the most generous in American society as demonstrated by its level of giving to charities, family, and friends. While many characteristics such as frugality and simplicity of lifestyle are similar to those of their male counterparts, Stanley demonstrates that most millionaire women work harder and do better¿at school, in business, and in investment practices. Millionaire Women is sure to be one of the most read, reviewed, and discussed books to come out this year. Make your own wise investment for a wealth of solid sales.

... Read more

Customer Reviews (26)

5-0 out of 5 stars Role-Models for Would-Be Millionaires
Question: What's the one thing a woman can do for herself if she wants to be a successful businesswoman or a millionaiare?
Answer: Find a role-model, and emulate the things she does.

Thanks to Thomas Stanley, women don't have to network to find the mentor they need. They'll be able to find her right in the pages of this book.
With abundant statistics and case profiles, Stanley presents us with successful women from varied backgrounds, and shows us exactly how they did it.

The book is rich with details, and focuses on the "5-W's" (of good journalism):

WHO these women are.
WHAT they do and how they decided to do it.
WHEN they made the decisions that propelled them to success.
WHERE they live and work, and come from.
WHY they are so successful.

Recommended reference to keep in your "how to succeed" library.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not Quite Stanley's Best, But Well Worth A Read, Nonetheless
I just finished reading this book after picking it up at a bookstore about five days ago.I read from it every chance I got, and though on the one hand, I have to agree with those readers who pointed out that the book was tough going at times, on the other hand, I also have to agree with other readers who had very good things to say about the book, as the favorable reviews are well deserved.First I will cite the bad about the book, and then I will cite the good.

First the bad.The book appears to rely heavily upon convenience sampling and voluntary response.The author seems to have shared mostly only those stories sent to him, or more plainly, that just fell into his lap.Second, like his two other millionaire books, the author uses the book as a platform to share with us the things he values, and appears only to look for that information or evidence which supports his values, never once addressing information that contradicts his position.Third, in keeping with the standard paradigm of women = victim and male = (opportunistic) victimizer, (which always plays well to the target demographic of the book), the author's attempt to make out this group of women as selfless, do-gooding heroines was a bit overdone.The millionaire women are seen as generous and charitable as a group, and the millionaire men are portrayed as heartless misers who penny-pinch at every turn.I felt especially incensed when Stanley went out of his way to make excuses for some millionaire womens' poor choices in mates- the so-called 'Marginal Bobs' (the book titled, Smart Women, Stupid Choices, comes readily to mind for some peculiar reason).By association, if some of the men made poor choices in terms of mates, would they too be given sympathy and generous excuses, or are we to believe that they deserve what they get?

And now the good.Aside from the obvious attempts to play to the book's target audience (middle class, educated wage-earning women) and attempts bordering on the egregious to trumpet the merits of personal financial planners of various stripes, the book did have quite a few good points about it.We learn that if we divide the millionaire women into two groups, those that give the most to charitable causes tend to have lowerannual earned incomes and higher net worth.These women tend to give just for the joy of giving, and seek to make the world they live in a better place.Many people took issue with the inclusion of a chapter about a dyslexic man who did good; however, I think the point of the chapter was to show that even those with identifiable disabilities can become millionaires, be they male or female, so long as they play to their strengths, live below their means, save and invest, avoid a lifestyle centered around consumption, and most of all, have a source of thoughtful, intelligent mentoring available to them.Readers that read the book carefully will glean some powerful information from this book, such as the following: 1) you can not change the past, but you have considerable control over your future, 2) those who are professional, service-oriented and customer-focused will always beat the competition, 3) it pays to play to your native strengths, 4) great investors are not born, they are made through trial and error, so go ahead and make a few mistakes, and 5) most important, limit borrowing only to those things that generate a realizable (net) income- a lesson all of those would-be real estate moguls and Robert Kiyosaki mimics would do very, very well to keep in mind.

In passing, I did not think that it was appropriate for Stanley to profile two college professors in his chapter on wealthy educators, simply because in order to become a college professor, one has to spend, at last count, a minimum of at least seven years beyond the Bachelor's degree to receive a doctorate.These days, most places won't allow you to teach on the faculty without a PhD, and more than a few people on faculties do not get tenure.In my mind, it would have been better for him to profile a wealthy elementary or high school teacher, as this is a goal that is more attainable for most readers.Still, I got a good kick out of his story of the matronly professor who touched the lives of so many deserving students.

In sum, I found the book to be a very worthwhile read.Though many would dismiss the book's more important contents as common sense, it is hard to believe that many people still don't get it.Readers should keep in mind that it all comes down to the choices we make, and take special care not to equate one's net worth with one's self worth, a trap too many Stanley devotees tend to fall into.I still contend that ongoing investments in one's health and continuing education will lead to satisfying increases in one's wealth.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very Interesting Book
When I read The Millionaire Next Door, I was intrigued. However, I was left yearning for similar information regarding women. Well, I found it in this book. It was very interesting to read statistical information about successful women.

1-0 out of 5 stars If you've got the Money, Honey---I got the Time.
Or, "How I learned to LOVE pinching pennies & clipping coupons!"

Now there's a title to stir the very hottest of boiler-fires in this coldest of Bounders, oh yes: "Millionaire Women Next Door"! Yummy! The title conjures up visions of 90-something tottering dowagers, having crumb-cake brought to them on silver platters by decrepit butlers, toddling about the mahogany-panelled passages of O Altitudo, shepherded by manservants and maids from Library to Sunroom to Palatial Dining Hall to the Rolls-Royce (gassed-up & ready to rumble by the handy valet) for the Sunday drive in the country.

Think of it: a ninety-something bat with the ferocious desire to rut like a crazed Gambian Howler Monkey, a creature with a very weak ticker, a short life-span, millions of dividend-paying bluechips and tax-free muni bonds piled up in her hoard, and me---first in line in her will!

Or even a chummier prospect: the Millionaire Woman Next Door who primped, nipped, tucked, & aerobicycled her way to bodily perfection, all of 35, hooked up with some venerable drooling Texas Oil Tycoon-Geezer, waited for him to drop, and now is positively rolling in the Shekkels and ready to party!

Alas, those fragrant, lustrous visions are for another writer and another book: this is a Thomas Stanley tome, Stanley being the scholarly fellow who pulled back the frayed shower-curtain on America's eremite wealthy only to reveal that mysterious class wasn't comprised of Robber Barons pulling their 500-foot nuclear powered megayachts into Mediterranean Ports, oh nosirree: they were plain folk, Good Reader, just like you and me!

Only they saved, live frugal lives, clipped coupons, ate catfood from a tin, scrounged, skimped, pinched the pennies until the Little Coppery Abrahams screamed in pain, maybe even splurged every 3 months on a 1-course meal at Mickey D's for the entire clan!

And, of course, according to Stanley and his prodigious stack of statistical data that suggest---no, confirm---that the meet may not inherit the Earth, no sirree, but the skinflints sure as Hell will---they'll die loaded.

I'm not going to parse or quibble with Stanley's research: coming myself from degenerate, somewhat deranged Southern stock, I've seen, firsthand, accounts of miserliness, weal, and grasping avarice that would chill the blood.

I have an Aunt who would hook up with her (loaded) buddy, and the two biddies would have Thanksgiving Dinner at the local homeless shelter. Hey, it was a cheap meal, no doubt.

But is that any way to live? Is it worth it to you, to spend your fleeting hours scrimping and scrounging, fretting over every penny, so you can die loaded? And so, once you give up this mortal coil and your wizened soul speeds Valhalla-ward, your spoiled, nasty little nephew, the only creature left alive mentioned in your will, inherits all your booty, and proceeds to blow the entire stack on a civilian super-submarine---I mean, what's the point?

I was hoping with "Millionaire Women" Stanley would let his hair down, get all "Shaft" with us, maybe talk a little bit about Divorce, the single greatest gender-to-gender (ie, poor hapless dudes to merciless chicks) wealth transfer ever invented in the history of the world. The Big D, an easy con to pull off, and pulled off every day: Woman sinks her claws & pinions, parasite-like, into a Hapless Man, catapults out a few nasty brats so he's bound to her for Eternity, then Lawyers up and pirates his loot. Works like a charm.

But no such luck: we're spoiled even that much of a Dickensian romp.

So if you insist on looking here, know this: Stanley's 'blockbuster' first book, "The Millionaire Next Door", was all about America's truly wealthy: Stingy Dudes.

To cut to the chase, "Millionaire Women" is the same disc, spinning backwards, without even a few Satanic Verses---to wit: Stingy Chicks.

Unless you're looking for a real blue-light special, avoid.


5-0 out of 5 stars Statistics for women
I thought this book was a great read, based on the power of the statistics alone.Lots of great information about profitable women- owned businesses, as well as hearing the stories from the women who made it themselves. ... Read more

6. Field of Battle: The Civil War Letters of Major Thomas J. Halsey
by K. M. Kostyal, Thomas J. Halsey
Hardcover: 156 Pages (1996-05)
list price: US$30.00 -- used & new: US$7.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 079223412X
Average Customer Review: 2.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (1)

2-0 out of 5 stars Fish or fowl?
It's difficult to figure out what this book wants to be.Its title suggests that it's a compilation of the Civil War letters of one Thomas J. Halsey, major in a New Jersey infantry unit.As one interested in experiences of soldiers on the ground during the Civil War, this is why I bought a copy.Big mistake.In fact, the book has but a few snippets of Halsey's letter, offered up in box-size bites, and not very interesting or illuminating ones at that.So regardless of the book's title, it most definitely isn't in the Civil War letters genre.

In actuality, the book is quick and easy history of the Civil War that loosely (Halsey served in the eastern theater, and the book's text touches on east and west) parallels the dates and locations of Halsey's letters.The history is competent, but introductory.Anyone who knows much of anything about the Civil War won't find it at all instructive.

So:the book isn't what it wants, or at least claims, to be, and what it does is nothing much to write home about.Why two stars?For two reasons.First, the photographs in the book, both contemporary and historical, are beautiful, as one would expect from a National Geographic publication.Second, the book comes with a marvelous detached military map of the eastern and western theaters--again, something one expects from National Geographic--that illustrates campaign and battle sites.It's one of the best I've seen, and I actually had my copy laminated. ... Read more

7. Ultralight Boatbuilding
by Thomas J. Hill, Fred Stetson
 Paperback: 134 Pages (1987-11)
list price: US$19.95 -- used & new: US$14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0877422443
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description

Ultralight canoes and small boats are things of beauty, their apparent delicacy concealing great strength. They are lapstrake-constructed from marine plywood planks, each plank overlapping the one below it in a gracefully curved hull. Epoxy glue along the laps gives the hull structural reinforcement, minimizing the need for framing and permitting an amazingly light structure. Round-bilged and elegant, they are built over jigs, but the method is straightforward and not time consuming. You can build a boat that will give you fun and satisfaction, one you can be proud of, in a winter of leisurely weekends. No fancy tools are needed, and care and patience will make up whatever you lack in woodworking skills.

All the information you need is here. Tom Hill, the chief proponent of ultralight boatbuilding and its leading practitioner, describes the method from start to finish using a skiff and canoe as examples. In the appendix is a gallery of ultralight designs, all but one of which you can build without lofting. If you want more flexibility, however, you can adapt almost any lapstrake small-boat design, traditional or modern, to the ultralight method. With some lofting (directions for which are given) you may then build a wide range of boats whose offsets are available. And you may adjust planking thickness and scantlings to give your boat extremely light weight with normal strength, or moderate weight with great strength.

Particularly if you lack an extensively equipped workshop and professional skills, Ultralight Boatbuilding will unlock exciting possibilities you considered out of reach. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (9)

3-0 out of 5 stars not bad, but a bit closed minded
This was the first book I purchased on the topic of building clinker ply boats, and I wasn't terribly impressed.If I was building one of the two boats he describes, it would probably be more useful, but it doesn't cover anything about round bilged dinghies.It goes over a flat bottomed skiff and a round bilged but very lightly built canoe.

The author only covers one way of doing everything, and his methods usually struck me as tedious.For example, to spile a plank he clamps an entire 2'x16' sheet of plywood to his building jig and then the shape out from underneath.

I found John Brook's "Building Ellen" article in woodenboat magazine issues number #156, 157, 158 to be more helpful than this entire book.While I don't have John's book, if it's anything like the article it is probably much more useful.

I'd recommend buying Iain Oughtred's book "Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual" instead.It covers a whole variety of techniques, including Tom Hill's, and also covers a much wider variety of hull types (prams, dories, round bilges, etc).

4-0 out of 5 stars other books
I am very happy with the books you have but one of the books on the order came from some one else, I waited 3 extra weeks although I got the confirmation a couple of days apart and then recieved the wrong book. Of course it was the bookI wanted the most. I am in the process of returning it now and ordered it from wooden boat publications rather than trying you again. I had my confirmation in under 45 min. and the book will be sent within 24 hrs. That will be today soI will see how long it takes.
John Paterson

5-0 out of 5 stars Essential reference for glued lapstrake boatbuilders
This is one of two books I recommend as essential reading for anyone attempting to bulid a glued plywood lapstrake boat for the first time. The other book is "The Plywood Clinker Boatbuilding Manual" by Iain Oughtred. There are several approaches to building a plywood glued lapstrake boat, and in my opinion the technique presented in this book gives the greatest chance of producing a high quality, fair hull. This book is not a set of instructions for building a particular boat design, but rather a set of procedures for building ANY lapstrake plywood hull. It is an easy read and has lots of detailed information on tasks that are not generally covered elsewhere, such as cutting a rolling bevel. The technique of using stringers on the mold makes getting the plank shapes right a snap. If you are thinking of building a lapstrake boat, read this book first. It gives a comprehensive overview of the process and may give you the confidence you need to go ahead with the project.

5-0 out of 5 stars Glued Lapstrake Boatbuilding
This is an excellent book that teaches techniques in building glued lapstrake boats in a clear and accessible manor. There is also plenty of useful information on general woodworking techniques applied to boat building. I'm not sure where the term "ultralight" comes from, but I wish the title had been, "How to Build Wooden Boats Using the Glued Lapstrake Method."

This book has more helpful pictures than most others. Still, I wished there were more at times. However, in those cases I was able to get a mental picture from the author's exceptionally clear explanations.

I am using this book as a guide as I build my own glued lapstrake boat.

I also recommend "Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual", by Iain Oughtred. That book also has some great diagrams and pictures. Also get "Building Small Boats", by Greg Rossel, but if you are new to boatbuilding, you might want to read this book and Oughtred's first since they are slightly more accessible.

By the way, if you want to build the skiff discussed in the book, Redmond Designs is easily found on the internet by searching for "Steve Redmond Boatbuilding".

2-0 out of 5 stars Deceptive Book Title
I bought this book with the misconception that I would be able to build the canoe shown prominently on the cover.
The boat shown on the cover is only mentioned as a set of plans offered for sale by the author.There are no plans included with the book, although several sets of plans (for sale) are mentioned.The book appears to be primarily an advertisement for the Author's boat plans, which are not included and nothing can actually be constructed from the information in the book.
Thumbs down on this one.Carl Platt.. ... Read more

8. Now We're Enemies: The Story of Bunker Hill
by Thomas J. Fleming
 Hardcover: Pages (1960)

Asin: B000IU714A
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

9. Marketing to the Affluent
by Thomas J. Stanley
Paperback: 336 Pages (1997-08-01)
list price: US$21.95 -- used & new: US$11.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0070610479
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Three uniquely targeted guides by Thomas J. Stanley--bestselling author of The Millionaire Next Door--have been released in paperback for those specializing in sales to the wealthy. In Marketing to the Affluent, Stanley defines the moneyed population and outlines the traits it takes to reach them. In Selling to the Affluent, Stanley discusses the true needs of the well-to-do and ways to effectively meet those needs. And in Networking with the Affluent, he explains how to reach this elite audience by securing word-of-mouth endorsements from their peers.Book Description
"Dr, Stanley's prospecting techniques saved me thousands of hours of tedious work normally given to cold calls and mailer leads."-Ken Catanella, Senior Vice President, Shearson Lehman Hutton. "This is a must-read book for anyone involved with strategic planning for businesses serving the affluent."-Seth Poppel, Vice President, Director of Corporate Planning, Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (10)

3-0 out of 5 stars Good research, but dated and personal selling oriented
If you're looking to become involved in personal selling to high net worth individuals this book will hit quite close to the mark. However, much of his data is quite dated from the early 80's. A lot of things have changed since then. For instance, he talks about which ethnic groups possess the highest wealth, but his data is very behind.

If you're looking for an overall marketing campaign strategy with an affluent target, I believe you'll find this book lacking in substance.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great info from a top marketer!
If you want to know the real truth about marketing to the affluent, and especially want to hear about creative networkers, this is THE book for you!!!

2-0 out of 5 stars Only relevant to a select few
This book would be great to those marketing financial services.Example after example is spent determining how to market securities and finding out about how to find them.Unfortunately, if you are in any other line of business, there will be precious little for you to take away with this book.It was a waste of my money, but again, if you are selling financial products go for it.


5-0 out of 5 stars Succesfully marketing to the rich.
This book is a "how to" guide to establishing a solid marketing strategy in an affluent market. A great read that provides a clear indication of who has the money, what they spend it on and what you can do to get it.

5-0 out of 5 stars A must have
As a strong believer in the concept that there are defined qualities that produce given results I was further impressed with this book. When you consider other books covering the millionaire subject such as the Instant Millionaire or the Millionaire Brain, you can start drawing up your own set of criteria that define this important segment along with the parameters that will allow you to reach out and conduct business with this important market. ... Read more

10. 1776 Year of Illusions
by Thomas J. Fleming
 Hardcover: 546 Pages (1996-08)
list price: US$12.99 -- used & new: US$48.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0785807241
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Customer Reviews (5)

4-0 out of 5 stars Scholarly, good
Only history geeks would go looking for the books recommended in their old textbooks, which is how I found this.And found it was worth the read.The best ways to learn things and make them stick are to repeat and repeat them, which is my reasoning in reading the same topics.Worth it!

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellant Book about the American Revolution
Mr. Fleming skillfully disects a significant year in US history, providing a detailed and fascinating tableau of the events that occured.As an American history buff, I was very surprised to realize how much I did not know about 1776.When I finished, I found myself hoping that the author would do the same for the other years of the American Revolution.I ran across this book and took a chance on it, despite not knowing about the writer.I was very surprised at how much I liked it and highly recommend the book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent small details
Mr. Fleeming is one of my favorite historians when it comes to writingabout the American Revolution. He brings up so many small details about thewar that many other historians simply gloss over, but are important tounderstanding what really happened during 1776. I first read his WE ARE NOWENIMIES (Bunker Hill) several years ago, and also highly recommend it.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Must for History Buffs
I could hardly put this book down, a fascinating read from the page one.This book does away with all the myths about the American revolution, and tells the reader how things really happened.

Boy, are we lucky...

4-0 out of 5 stars A book that gives a real sense of time & place.
In "1776 Year of Illusions" the author takes his readers back in time. The personalities of the individuals on both sides of the Revolutionary War come out in suprising and fascinating passages. Myths and misconceptions are swept aside as we see the reality of day to day life in a land where war and suspicion are spreading.We meet an array of interesting characters, some famous and some not, whose actions bring a new nation into being. The author illimunates the motives behind those actions without ever being dry or dull. It is a work of Solid History enhanced by the exciting and unpredictable character of human nature ... Read more

11. Pocket Ref
Paperback: 542 Pages (1995-04)
list price: US$12.95 -- used & new: US$9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1885071000
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
This great little book is a concise all-purpose reference featuring hundreds of tables, maps, formulas, constants & conversions AND it still fits in your shirt pocket! Goes where you go! ... Read more

Customer Reviews (88)

5-0 out of 5 stars Bets book ever!
The "Pocket Ref." is a must have for anyone that lives and breaths. The information in this book is invaluable. I highly recommend this book to anyone & everyone that has a desire to be prepared for any situation. This book has it all, from first aid, automotive, geology, carpentry& construction and even world zip codas. Anything you will ever want to know. This book would make a great gift for students from grade school to collage or any professional. It is a must buy, well worth the small price tag for what you get. Order one and see for your self. You wont be disappointed!

5-0 out of 5 stars a book that everyone should have
My husband has this book and uses it frequently. It is all kinds of useful information and conversion charts. My 14 year old thought this would be a good thing to keep in her backpack, it is like carrying an encyclopedia of math and science information packed away in a small book.

5-0 out of 5 stars WOW!
The information contained in this book is extensive. I've never seen so much diverse information contained in one place. And the size makes it very handy
as well. A great resource.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Gift!
This was a gift and they loved it!It has so much information in one place!Great reference!

5-0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Resource!
This book will help you no matter what type of information you need to gather or manipulate.They use this book on the TV show, "Mythbusters" all the time, to ensure that they are using the correct formulas to receive honest results from their experiments.It will make you smarter if you read it in your spare time as well... ... Read more

12. The Philadelphia Campaign: Germantown and the Roads to Valley Forge (Philadelphia Campaign)
by Thomas J. McGuire
Hardcover: 372 Pages (2007-06-10)
list price: US$34.95 -- used & new: US$21.92
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0811702065
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description

Based on soldiers' and civilians' vivid accounts--many uncovered for the first time from private collections--the story of the compelling fight for independence reaches its most desperate moments. This second in a two-volume set follows the saga from Cornwallis's triumphal march of his British and Hessian troops into Philadelphia in late September to Washington's movement of the weary Continental forces to camp at Valley Forge in December.

Defeated at Brandywine, the Continental forces were worn out and ill equipped. Yet on October 4, Washington embarked on his first major offensive of the war--a surprise attack at dawn on Howe's main camp at Germantown. Only narrowly defeated, the Continentals gained valuable experience and new confidence in the possibility of victory. The seige of the Delaware River forts--one of the bloodiest and prolonged battles of the war--ended with British success in mid-November, but still Howe failed to end the war. He tried unsuccessfully to draw Washington from the fortified hills of Whitemarsh. As the Continental forces moved to Valley Forge for the winter, they would have to face their greatest challenge--survival.

... Read more

Customer Reviews (2)

4-0 out of 5 stars The Philadelphia Campaign: Germantown and the Road to Valley Forge (Volume II).
This book is the second in a two part history of the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777.Like the first book the author allows the participants to do most of the speaking in their own voices.He also has chosen to use copies of their maps rather then updated accurate historian produced maps.This helps the reader to view the situations as the authors experienced them.Unfortunately if you are not versed in the events this coupled with the multiple approaches and views of a single event can cause the reader to get confused.This may put some readers off, but it must be remembered that combat like many other stressful situations has a way of creating a narrow tunnel vision in the participants.This book allows the reader to share that point of view which is usually sanitized by historians trying to create a single authoritative narrative.

This book is an excellent addition to a very pivotal year in the American Revolution.I was surprised at how very close the Americans actually came to defeating the bulk of the British forces in America in 1777.Most of us are quite familiar with the result of the Battles at Saratoga, NY, but how many are familiar with the siege of Ft. Mifflin? I had heard of this battle and overviewed the site but what I did not fully understand was how important it was for the British to eliminate this American strongpoint.This strongpoint was essentially preventing re-supply of the entire British Army which was occupying Philadelphia and which was starving.They had won at Brandywine and won again at Germantown but they were essentially cut off in Philadelphia with Washington constricting the bag around them.If Ft. Mifflin had held out it is probable that Howe would have had to conduct a fighting retreat with a starving army back to his fleet.

I was also struck by the descriptions of the Battle of Germantown and how some things in the military never change through time and culture.Yet the reader is also given glimpses into how very different war and armies were back then, especially because of the social constructs of the time.Soldiering though is an eternal sameness going back to the ancients and forward to the present.These soldiers on both sides were very hard men and their stamina in the field and in marching would humble any modern army today.That they endured the lack of logistics and still managed to march and fight as they did with the pluck and spirit they had continues to be the untold story of the American Revolution.It is no wonder that Civil War soldiers held the Continentals up as the standard they were trying to match.

I was also continually struck by how they did fight these battles.Not so much on the operational or strategic level but at the tactical level.There was not as much standing shoulder to shoulder in straight lines and shooting it out as is too often portrayed.The dominance of a light infantry ethos especially among British troops will surprise many readers.They other great factor is the predominance of the bayonet as a weapon of decision.This was not the same British Army which would march against Napoleon though it is often portrayed as such.

The bibliography is excellent and will serve to foist many other titles onto my reading stack, in particular I have become interested in the writings of the Hessian Light Infantryman Johann Ewald.His observations seem quite adept given what he was experiencing.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Campaign History Available
If you have only limited space for Revolutionary War Campaigns this shOULD be in your library along with volume one on the PHILADELPHIA Campaign. its one of the best That is available and is marked by solid research and good writing. Many new manuscript sources were used. The author knows his subject matter intimately. ... Read more

13. Selling to the Affluent
by Thomas J. Stanley
Paperback: 477 Pages (1997-08-01)
list price: US$19.95 -- used & new: US$11.05
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0070610495
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description

In this classic of marketing literature, best-selling author Tom Stanley explains the mindset and buying patterns of wealthy individuals. Stanley shows salespeople how to approach this enormously attractive market, open doors, appeal to the "hot buttons" of the affluent, and sell to extremely successful people.

He provides insights into different affluent groups including:

  • Business owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Women
  • Asian Americans
  • Retired millionaires

Stanley also discusses how to sell both tangible products, such as luxury cars and real estate, as well as intangibles, such as financial services. Selling to the Affluent is the most authoritative and comprehensive guide available for selling products and services to the affluent market.

... Read more

Customer Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Ph.d in selling
This book by Dr. Stanley is equalivent to a Ph.d in selling. No matter how many books you have read on selling, this book will teach you many things you have never heard before.

Must reading for all serious sales people

5-0 out of 5 stars Very good information
Like every book on the subject of selling, this one has lots of stuff that will not apply to any one individual reader however it will have some stuff that will prove to be of great value to nearly anyone that sells for a living.
While it is true that it is a long work and covers a lot of data, it is also true that the reader can skip over sections that don't apply.
I found the work to be both readable and thought provoking and I am looking foward to other books by the same author.A strong recommendation to those that are working in sales or considering it for a career.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very good book but read others Dr. Stanley has written
This is a good book and part of a series that Dr. Stanley has written.

Dr. Stanley has become a big name since the tremendous success of "The Millionaire Next Door" but all of his books on marketing and selling to the affluent are great.

I prefer the book "Marketing to the Affluent" if I only had one to read but if you are someone who deals with high income people, all books in the series are a must.He is ground breaking in his research and writes in an easy to read style.

I am a financial consultant and structured settlement consultant for injury victims who receive large settlements.I quote Dr. Stanley's research often and try to read everything he publishes.

I would recommend this highly as well...

5-0 out of 5 stars Packed with information -Very Useful
This outstanding book by Dr. Stanley took my sales to a new level.

I was introduced to Dr. Stanley via his mega best sellers "Millionaire Next Door" and "The Millionaire Mind", both outstanding reads.

I also recommend 'marketing to the Affluent" also by Dr. Stanley.

Selling to the Affluent will take your sales to a new high, just as it did for me. Great book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding - A treatise on how to sell to the savvy
Aside from being a followup to Marketing to the Affluent, STTA shows you how to sell the savvy. It tells you when the best time is to approach them and also offers dialoques and examples.Having read many sales books, it is refreshing to read one that deals with facts and teaches techniques that don't insult your client.Selling to the Affluent reveals the three most important things you can do to land afluent prospects and encourage wealthy clients to buy and make repeat buys.Stanley shows how to:Create lists of affluent prospects who are "riding high" because they've suddenly come into money or improved their socioeconmic status.Approach prospects at the moment when they are most likely to buy.Find and utlize critical information that will help you prospect, communicate, and clos sales more successfully.Chapterprofiles two of America's most successful sales professionals and chapter 13 goes into apostles vs. antagonists. Which one do you want to be?I highly recommend this book along with Marketing to the Affluent. Two other worthwhile reads are Earning what you are Worth and Advanced Sales Strategies. ... Read more

14. In Search of Excellence : Lessons from Americas Best Run Companies
by Robert H Waterman, Thomas J Peters, Tom Peters, Robert Waterman Jr.
 Paperback: Pages (1982)

Asin: B000NCXBUQ
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

15. The Origins of the Liturgical Year (Pueblo Books)
by Thomas J. Talley
Paperback: 255 Pages (1991-04)
list price: US$33.95 -- used & new: US$20.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0814660754
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

16. Classical Epic: An Annotated Bibliography (Magill Bibliographies)
by Thomas J. Sienkewicz
 Hardcover: 265 Pages (1991-01)
list price: US$40.00 -- used & new: US$155.84
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0893566632
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

17. World Mythology
by Thomas J. Sienkewicz
Hardcover: 480 Pages (1996-06-18)
list price: US$55.00 -- used & new: US$30.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0810831546
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description
A compact reference source that offers general readers bibliographic access to significant English-language translations, retellings, and summaries of myths from cultures around the world. While Greek, Roman, Norse, and Arthurian myths are the best known, this bibliography also surveys the less familiar materials containing African, Asian, Oceanian, and American myths. This easy-to-use reference arranges entries geographically and also includes author, illustrator/photographer, and subject indexes. ... Read more

18. Theories of Myth: An Annotated Bibliography
by Thomas J. Sienkewicz
Hardcover: 240 Pages (1997-08-28)
list price: US$47.95 -- used & new: US$33.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0810833883
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Book Description
Lists the most important English-language studies of myth theory, which attempt to answer the questions: What is myth? How does it function in human society, and how is it to be interpreted? ... Read more

19. Now We Are Enemies, the Story of Bunker Hill
by Thomas J. Fleming
 Hardcover: Pages (0000)

Asin: B00128SIOO
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

20. Now We Are Enemies:The Story of Bunker Hill
by Thomas J. Fleming
 Hardcover: Pages (1960)

Asin: B000NURMT4
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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