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         Cole Thomas:     more books (100)
  1. Thomas Cole: Drawn to Nature by John R. Stilgoe, Ellwood C. Parry III, et all 1993-11-15
  2. Thomas Cole's Poetry: The Collected Poems of America's Foremost Painter of the Hudson River School by Thomas Cole, 1972-06
  3. Thomas Cole by Earl A. Powell, 2000-10-01
  4. A Guide to Humanistic Studies in Aging: What Does It Mean to Grow Old?
  5. No Color Is My Kind: The Life of Eldrewey Stearns and the Integration of Houston by Thomas R. Cole, 1997
  6. The Journey of Life: A Cultural History of Aging in America by Thomas R. Cole, 1992-11-27
  7. The Correspondence of Thomas Cole and Daniel Wadsworth: Letters in the Watkinson Library, Trinity College, Hartford and N. Y. State Lib., Albany, N. by Thomas Cole, 1983-12
  8. The Early Genealogies of the Cole Families in America: (Including Coles and Cowles). with Some Account of the Descendants of James, by Hartford, Connecticut, ... of Thomas Cole, of Salem, Mass., 1649-1672 by Frank Theodore Cole, 2010-02-26
  9. What Does It Mean to Grow Old?: Reflections from the Humanities
  10. Thomas Cole (Famous Artists Series) by Matthew Baigell, 2000-01-01
  11. Contemplation in a World of Action (Gethsemani Studies in Psychological and Religious Anthropology) by Thomas Merton, 1999-03
  12. To Walk with Nature: The Drawings of Thomas Cole (An Exhibition Organized by the Hudson River Museum, January 24-March 14, 1982) by Howard S., Essay (Thomas Cole) Merritt, 1982
  13. Winter Evenings at College, a Description of the Manners [&c.] of the Ancient Greeks, by a Clergyman [B.T.H. Cole]. by Benjamin Thomas H. Cole, 2010-03-16
  14. The Life and Works of Thomas Cole by Louis Legrand Noble, 2009-12-23

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Cole, Thomas Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, 1828,oil on canvas, Museum of FineArts, Boston. Cole, Thomas The Connecticut River near Northampton, 1846.
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  • Cole, Thomas
    WebMuseum, Paris, painting, Paris, American, France Cole, Thomas
    Cole, Thomas

    Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, 1828,oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Cole, Thomas
    Niagara Falls, 1830,oil on panel, The Art Institute of Chicago. Cole, Thomas
    The Consummation, from the series: The Course of the Empire, 1836. Cole, Thomas
    The Connecticut River near Northampton, 1846.

  • Marsha Savage Woodstock, GA United States My paintings are the expresssion of a chosen moment in time. I hope my paintings elicit feelings of warmth, cheerfulness and comfort, also reflecting the beauty and complexity of what ... "Along the Creek " , Painting Other, 2002 US$ 950.00

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    Index of /kfrancis/images/cole thomas. Parent Directory; Beth -Cole.jpg;Cole at hospital and bringing home.jpg; Cole with Dad at hospital.jpg; Thomas/
    Index of /kfrancis/images/Cole Thomas

    3. Cole Thomas
    Translate this page cole thomas. Name cole thomas, wohnhaft in Junglinster, Hobbies Tennis,Klavier, bisherige Vereine Junglinster, spielt für Junglinster seit 1992,
    Cole Thomas
    Name: Cole Thomas wohnhaft in : Junglinster Hobbies : Tennis, Klavier bisherige Vereine : Junglinster Lieblingsposition : linke Aussenbahn Lieblingsspieler : Lieblingsverein : Lieblingsessen : Marke der Fussballschuhe : Adidas +Diadora Marotte vor dem Spiel : Kommentar : Always look on the bright side of life

    4. Thomas Cole
    Similar pages WIEM cole thomascole thomas (18011848), amerykanski malarz romantyczny, pejzazysta. ColeThomas (1801-1848), amerykanski malarz romantyczny, pejzazysta.
    Thomas Cole images and biography
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    See also: Hudson River School VIEW IMAGE LIST "Thomas Cole, born in Lancashire, England, was trained as an engraver of woodblocks used for printing calico. Because he did not have any formal education in art, his aesthetic ideas derived from poetry and literature, influences that were strongly to mark his paintings. The Cole family emigrated to America in 1818, but Thomas spent a year alone in Philadelphia before going on to Steubenville, Ohio, where his family had settled. He spent several years in Steubenville designing patterns and probably also engraving woodblocks for his father's wallpaper manufactory. He made his first attempts at landscape painting after learning the essentials of oil painting from a nebulous itinerant portraitist named Stein. In 1823, Cole followed his family to Pittsburgh and began to make detailed and systematic studies of that city's highly picturesque scenery, establishing a procedure of painstakingly detailed drawing that was to become the foundation of his landscape painting. "During another stay in Philadelphia, from 1823 to 1824, Cole determined to become a painter and closely studied the landscapes of Thomas Doughty and Thomas Birch exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy, His technique improved greatly and his thinking on the special qualities of American scenery began to crystallize. Cole next moved to New York, where the series of works he produced following a sketching trip up the Hudson River in the summer of 1825 brought him to the attention of the city's most important artists and patrons. From then on, his future as a landscape painter was assured. By 1829, when he decided to go to Europe to study firsthand the great works of the past, he had become one of the founding members of the National Academy of Design and was generally recognized as America's leading landscape painter.

    5. Thomas Cole
    .. cole thomas, Romanticism, Masters, Artists, Art History and .. . I136 Emily cole thomas (28 Apr 1839 - 16 Apr 1930)
    You are in: Museum of Art Hall of American Art Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole
    COLE, Thomas , painter, born in Bolton-le-Moor, England, 1 February, 1801; died near Catskill, New York, 11 February, 1848. His father emigrated to the United States in 1819, and settled in Ohio, where Thomas took lessons in art from a mediocre portrait-painter named Stein. In 1825 he removed to New York, became intimate with Durand and Trumbull, and turned his attention to depicting the autumn scenery of the Hudson, with such success that he soon became known as one of the best of American landscape-painters. He made several professional visits to Europe, and sketched and painted in England, France, and Italy; but his most attractive works were executed in this country. In 1830 he exhibited at the Royal academy, London, a "View in New Hampshire" and "The Tomb of General Brock," and in 1831 a "View in the United States." Among his most popular works are the "Voyage of Life," a series of allegorical pictures, familiar through engravings, and the "Course of Empire,"

    6. Biography - Cole Thomas
    cole thomas. HOME. THOMAS COLE was born in Jackson Co., Alabama, on the 8th of August,1845, a slave of Robert Cole. He ran away in 1861 to join the Union Army.
    Cole Thomas
    HOME Biography Index Slave Index THOMAS COLE was born in Jackson Co., Alabama, on the 8th of August, 1845, a slave of Robert Cole. He ran away in 1861 to join the Union Army. He fought at Chickamauga, under Gen. Rosecran and at Chattanooga, Look Out Mt. and Orchard Knob, under Gen. Thomas. After the war he worked as switchman in Chattanooga until his health failed due to old age. He then Came to Texas and lives with his daughter, in Corsicana. Thomas is blind "I might as well begin far back as I remember and tell you all about myself. I was born over in Jackson County, in Alabama, on August 8, 1845. My mother was Elizabeth Cole, her bein' a slave of Robert Cole, and my father was Alex Gerrand, 'cause he was John Gerrand's slave. I was sposed to take my father's name, but he was sech a bad, ornery, no count sech a human, I jes' taken my old massa's name. My mother was brung from Virginny by Massa Dr. Cole, and she nussed all his six chillen. My sister's name was Sarah and my brother's name was Ben and we lived in one room of the big house, and allus had a good bed to sleep in and good things to eat at the same table, after de white folks gits through. "I played with Massa Cole's chillen all de time, and when I got older he started me workin' by totin' wood and sech odd jobs, and feedin' de hawgs. Us chillen had to pick cotton every fall. De big baskets weigh about seventy-five to a hundred pounds, but us chillen put our pickin's in some growed slave's basket. De growed slaves was jes' like a mule. He work for grub and clothes, and some of dem didn't have as easier a time as a mule, for mules was fed good and slaves was sometimes half starved.

    7. Cole Thomas
    Thomas Cole (18011848) Biography. Thomas Cole, ''The Clove Catskills'' 24 x 33 in.h. $300.00. Thomas Cole, ''The Course of Empire The Savage State'' 24 x 37 in.

    8. Welcome Cole Thomas Witmer
    A new Witmer was born on Wednesday the 11th of December at 758 pm.His name is cole thomas. He weighed in at 7 lb 6 oz and 19.5 .
    A new Witmer was born on Wednesday the 11th of December at 7:58 pm. His name is Cole Thomas. He weighed in at 7 lb 6 oz and 19.5". He was baptised on March 9th.

    9. Brian Mcdonald - Cole Thomas Mitsdarfer
    palmpix. kitchencam. webcam. cole thomas mitsdarfer. Cole is my nephew. These pagesare where I can show him off for his parents. march 12, 2001. november 27, 2000.
    home home jackson deck ... webcam cole thomas mitsdarfer Cole is my nephew. These pages are where I can show him off for his parents. march 12, 2001 november 27, 2000 august 24, 2000 june 28, 2000 (c) 2001 brian mcdonald

    10. Virtual Nursery - Baby Cole Thomas M.
    Baby cole thomas M. Home Contact Services Physicians News Jobs Virtual Nursery Links, Babycole thomas M. Born October 17, 2002 at 818 PM Weight 6 lbs. 13 oz.
    Baby Cole Thomas M. Welcome to our Website
    Sunday, March 23rd, 2003
    Health Information Contact Services ... Jobs Virtual Nursery Welcome March 2003 February 2003 January 2003 ... Links
    Baby Cole Thomas M.
    Born October 17, 2002
    at 8:18 PM
    Weight: 6 lbs. 13 oz.
    Length: 19 inches
    Delivered by : Dr. Kerkhoff
    Pediatrician: Dr. Ben
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    11. Cole Thomas Democritus And The Sources Of Greek Anthropology (Monograph Series A
    cole thomas Democritus and the Sources of Greek Anthropology (MonographSeries American Philological Association No 25). Author cole thomas.
    Cole Thomas Democritus and the Sources of Greek Anthropology (Monograph Series American Philological Association No 25)
    Author: Cole Thomas
    Title: Democritus and the Sources of Greek Anthropology (Monograph Series American Philological Association No 25)
    Neusner The Twentieth Century...

    Neusner, Jacob The Talmud of B...

    Cox, Claude E. VII Congress of...


    12. Rankings - Cole Thomas' Game Den Rankings
    Black Rose Series Rankings The Game Den. Player Information 32722507, ColeThomas, The Game Den. Ranking, Format, Rating, Matches, Win, Loss, Draw,Bye. Den/32722507.htm

    13. Reports - Utah State Championship Match Report (Finals: Cole Thomas Vs Jason Rei
    Utah State Championship Match Report (Finals cole thomas vs. ColeThomas ( Cheese Eatin' surrender monkeys ) MonoRed Sligh).
    Utah State Championship Match Report
    (Finals: Cole Thomas vs. Jason Reilly)

    by Cole Thomas ("Cheese Eatin' surrender monkeys") [Mono-Red Sligh]) Blistering Firecat Goblin Sledder Skirk Prospector Shock ... Mountain Sideboard Flaring Pain Lava Dart Goblin Sharpshooter Threaten Jason Reilly (Counter/Madness) Wild Mongrel Basking Rootwalla Wonder Merfolk Looter ... Cephalid Coliseum Sideboard Werebear Syncopate Compost Moment's Peace ... Chain of Vapor While it may seem that a deck that can cast third turn 4/4's and fourth turn 6/6's is the perfect answer to monoreds small goblins and burn this matchup isn't nearly as lopsided as it may seem on first glance. Having said that G/U does have some excellent weapons against sligh. Wild mongrel can be hard to burn on the second turn and if it lives to get a arrogant wurm into play or enables a fourth turn roar of the wurm the game can be difficult for sligh. Another thing Jason's deck has going for it that it runs memory lapse which we found to be especially good vs. sligh in playtesting. Sligh is all about tempo and a memory lapse can set it back. Also slighs low land count means it needs to draw every turn to increase its chance of hitting land sticking a spell on top of the library with memory lapse will often hinder slighs mana development.

    14. ThompsonBaby -Cole Thomas S.
    cole thomas S. Born August 21, 2002 Time 1016 pm Weight 8 lbs 11ounces Length 21 1/2 Parents Brett Lez Delivered by Dr. Chin.
    Cole Thomas S.
    Born August 21, 2002
    Time 10:16 p.m.
    Weight 8 lbs 11 ounces
    Length 21 1/2"
    Delivered by Dr. Chin
    We're so happy to have him here!!!
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    15. WebMuseum: Cole, Thomas
    Contains two paintings from The Voyage of Life series.Category Arts Art History Artists C cole, thomas......cole, thomas. (b. Feb. 1, 1801, Boltonle-Moors, Lancashire, Eng.d.Feb. 11, 1848, Catskill, NY, US), American Romantic landscape
    Cole, Thomas
    (b. Feb. 1, 1801, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, Eng.d. Feb. 11, 1848, Catskill, N.Y., U.S.), American Romantic landscape painter who was a founder of the Hudson River school.
    Encyclopaedia Britannica

    • The Voyage of Life: Childhood
      begun 1839
    • The Voyage of Life: Youth
      begun 1839
    © 14 Jul 2002, Nicolas Pioch Top Up Info
    Thanks to the BMW Foundation , the WebMuseum mirrors partners and contributors for their support.

    16. Magic The Gathering Resource
    Staff, Title, Player, Location, Finished, Date. Sligh, cole thomas, Champs 2002Utah, 1st, 11/3/2002. cole thomas, Black Rose Invitational 2002, 5th 8th, 7/28/2002. Thomas

    17. Cole Thomas Waligura, Our Second Born, 10-10-99, To Be Exact (cool Birth Date, D
    cole thomas Waligura. 1010-99. (Updated September 23, 2002). Our second born(cool birth date, don’t you think?). Those of you with two, understand. Page.htm
    Cole Thomas Waligura (Updated February 16, 2003) Our second born (cool birth date, don’t you think?). Those of you with two, understand. He is also an angel, but ornery as they come. I think he’s gonna be the “instigator”. Only time will tell. Update (6-27-02)…What have I done.. This one may be the death of me…but WILL be the death of my wife! I have my seatbelt fastened…cause with Cole around…its bound to be a bumpy ride. Mini-sasquatch I didn’t do it…It was Coop! Busted by Kylie with icing on my finger I am toooooooo handsome! Me and my big cousin Kylie Purple pop-break No daddy…I DID NOT eat that chocolate…..really…. Guess how old I am today A day at the pool. Riding Carter’s big bike Please don’t drop me…please don’t drop me… I MADE IT MOMMY!!!!!! Cole got a monkey on his back…and can’t shake it! Mixing up trouble. I am TOOOOOO cool! My daddy’s favorite picture of me. Back to Front Page

    18. Niagara Falls In Art- Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole. 18011848. Thomas Cole sketch of Niagara Falls - DetroitInstitute of Art. Thomas Cole, born in England, had discovered
    Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole sketch of Niagara Falls - Detroit Institute of Art Thomas Cole, born in England, had discovered inspiration in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Catskills in New York state. In 1829 he decided to go to Europe to study, but before he set sail he went to Niagara Falls in May - hoping that the cataract would be an ideal subject to impress his European audience.
    He left on May 1st and travelled on the Erie Canal, arriving at Niagara Falls a week later. The weather was unseasonably cold and Cole was not able to cross the ice choked river to get a view from the Canadian side. He did 23 sketches. The one seen here, today in the Detroit Institute of Art, is titled Morning on Niagara and is labelled with color descriptions.
    Thomas Cole - Niagara Falls 1829 Art Institute of Chicago The final version of Cole's image of Niagara shows the cataracts in the autumn, with the lush foliage colors and two Indians contemplatively looking on. While the sketches were done on site, the actual painting was done in England and was exhibited to rave reviews.
    Next - George Catlin and an early aerial view

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    19. Catskill Archive - Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole (18011848). Thomas Cole was born Feb. 1, 1801 in Lancashire,England. In 1819, he sailed with his family to Philadelphia.
    Thomas Cole (1801-1848) Thomas Cole was born Feb. 1, 1801 in Lancashire, England. In 1819, he sailed with his family to Philadelphia. After working for a time as an engraver there, Cole travelled, mostly on foot, to Ohio to rejoin his family. After two years working in his father's small wallpaper factory, Cole struck out on his own again, walking from town to town in Ohio, painting portraits and playing the flute to support himself. He returned to help his family move from Ohio to Pittsburgh, before returning to Philadelphia in Nov. 1823. Financially, Cole fared just as badly there, but, studying at the Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Arts, his painting technique was refined and improved. In April, 1825 Cole left Philadelphia to rejoin his family, now living in New York. It was in New York, that Cole's fortunes changed. He spent the summer of 1825 walking and sketching the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. The resulting paintings, displayed in the window of a local shop, caught the notice of fellow artist John Trumbull. The paintings displayed included "The Falls Of Caterskill"

    20. The Thomas Cole National Historic Site, CEDAR GROVE, Catskill NY Landmark Site
    Catskill, NY home and workshop of the founder of the Hudson River School.
    Painting by Charles Herbert Moore, Cedar Grove 1868
    • National Historic Landmark 1965 National Historic Site 1999 Affiliated Site of NPS 1999 Greene County Historical Register 2001

    Thomas Cole Biography
    Cedar Grove Special Events 2003 Directions ... Links The Thomas Cole National Historic Site Site Address
    : 218 Spring Street Catskill, NY Mailing Address : PO Box 426 Catskill, NY Phone

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