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         Ernst Max:     more books (108)
  1. max Ernst by Pere Gimferrer, 1983
  2. Max Ernst by Eileen B. , Translated From French Hennessy, 1985-01-01
  3. Max Ernst, 1891-1976: Jenseits der Malerei (German Edition) by Ulrich Bischoff, 1987
  4. Le Eredita sconosciute di Peggy Guggenheim: Da Max Ernst a Jackson Pollock : New York, marzo-maggio 1987, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum : Venezia, ottobre ... Peggy Guggenheim (Italian Edition)
  5. Max Ernst (Italian Edition) by Pere Gimferrer, 1983
  6. Max Ernst from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ernst by Jeffrey J Spalding, 1979
  7. Sur la planete Max Ernst (Chroniques anachroniques) (French Edition) by Gilbert Lascault, 1991
  8. Hommage an Max Ernst: "les labyrinthes ne sont pas faits pour les chiens" : Bilder und Blatter 1920 bis 1939 : zur Ausstellung mit Bildern und Blattern ... Koln (Brusberg Dokumente) (German Edition)

61. Index Of Artists And Architects. Digital Imaging Project: Art Historical Images
Shark Diver) Epstein, A. and Sons (Associates Center) Epstein, Sir Jacob (The Visition))Erickson, Arthur (Canadian Embassy) ernst, max (Capricorn) ernst, max
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Aalto, Alvar (Baker House, MIT)

Abakanowicz, Magdalena (
Puellae [Girls]
Abramovitz, Max and Harrison (Empire State Plaza)
... Ayers Saint Gross (Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia) B Baker, Bryant ( Barnard, George Grey ( Maidenhood Barthelme, Donald (Hall of State, Texas Centennial Exposition) ... Brown, A. Ten Eyck (Roosevelt High School) Brown, Denise Scott (see Venturi Scott Brown and Associates) Brunelleschi, Filippo (Ospedale degli Innocenti) Bufano, Beniamino ( Peace) Bulfinch, Charles (U. S. Capitol) ... Manipulator C Calatrava, Santiago (Milwaukee Art Museum)

62. ArtandCulture
Now bring them together. Feel that electricity? That’s called art or at leastit's a metaphor for the Surrealist art of max ernst. max ernst Gallery.

63. Gallery Of Art -- Washington University In St. Louis
15758, and max ernst, max ernst, Beyond Painting (New York Wittenborn,Scholtz, 1948), pp. 4-7. See ernst, max ernst, pp. 7-9, 12-18.
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Press Releases
General Information
Permanent Collection
The Eye of Silence Max Ernst (Germany, 1891-1976)
The Eye of Silence
Oil on canvas
42 1/2 x 55 1/2" University purchase, Kende Sale Fund, 1946 One of Horst W. Janson's most significant purchases in 1946 was Max Ernst's The Eye of Silence, acquired from the artist's friend and New York dealer Julian Levy. Ernst had been an active member of the European avant-garde since the appearance of his early Dada collages and paintings made just after World War I through his important role in the development of Surrealism in Paris during the 1920s, 1930s and beyond. The Eye of Silence is one of the most highly-regarded paintings in a series of animated landscapes begun in the late 1930s, and it is a powerful restatement of the major symbolic themes of the individual, myth, and nature that recurred throughout the artist's work. The painting presents a view of a lone woman reclining by the shore of a lake surrounded by fantastic formations of plants, faces, animals, columns and towers overgrown by a plant-like web of indeterminate character that binds the forms into a frozen mass. Max Ernst was a self-taught artist and perhaps this lack of formal training allowed him the freedom to explore new and unconventional techniques to accomplish his artistic ends. Ernst manipulated images to produce visual shocks and dislocations that evoked the mystery and psychic power of dreams and stimulated the mind and emotions of his viewers. He explored technical processes that used the element of pure chance to liberate the same powers in the artist.

64. Circonium : Ernst + Max
ernst + max. ernst, max, anna, beate, axel, bernd.clara, doris, christian, daniel, erika, frauke, eckehart, friedrich. gisela, heidi,inge, jutta, home music
daniel erika frauke eckehart friedrich gisela heidi inge jutta karin lotte monika nicola olga petra susi trixi ulla vera wanda xenia yvette zora
max ernst max ernst home that's new music ... contact last update 1 jan 2003

65. Circonium : Max + Ernst
home music max + ernst. max, ernst, axel, bernd, anna, beate, christian, daniel,clara, doris. ulla, vera. wanda, xenia, yvette, zora. max ernst max ernst x100. that's new music berlin pictures ... music
doris eckehart friedrich erika frauke gisela heidi inge jutta karin lotte monika nicola olga petra susi trixi ulla vera wanda xenia yvette zora
max ernst max ernst home that's new ... contact last update 1 jan 2003

66. ERNST, MAX, At Eye Level Paramyths. Poems And Comments. Paramyths. New Poems And
di max ernst; pp. Libreria Bongiorno. ernst, max At eye level Paramyths.
Libreria Bongiorno
ERNST, MAX At eye level Paramyths. Poems and Comments. Paramyths. New poems and collages. Beverly Hills, The Copley Galleries, 1949. In 8vo, (cm. 26); cop. orig. in mz. tela blu e piatti in cartone pesante azzurri con disegni di Max Ernst; pp. 39, (1). Bella PRIMA edizione stampata su due tipi differenti di carta azzurra e bianca. Con una interessante fotografia dell’autore in compagnia di Peggy Guggheneim. Molte ill. anche a p. pagina. Scritti di Paul Eluard, Benjamin Peret, Robert Desnos, Man Ray ecc. Otto famosissime illustrazioni di Max Ernst a piena pagina su carta azzurra per PARAMMYTHS. Preziosa edizione originale disegnata da Max Ernst e stampata da Lynton R. Kistler per la Galleria Copley in 513 copie numerate. This item is listed on Bibliopoly by Libreria Bongiorno ; click here for further details.

67. Otto Eckmann Biographical Information
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z. ECKMANN, OTTO. ernst, max.EVENEPOEL, HENRIJACQUES. Otto Eckmann - Click here to view available works.

Otto Eckmann - Click here to view available works.
German, 1865 - 1902 Eckmann was a painter and designer who was made Professor of the Academy of Decorative Arts in Berlin in 1897; he was particularly well known for his designs of typical Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) type faces.

68. Links - Max Ernst
Below are some links to sites which offer information on max ernst. max ernst ernst, max (1891 - 1976) ernst studied philosophy at Bonn University
Below are some links to sites which offer information on Max Ernst.
We hope they can be useful but cannot ensure the quality of the content.
books biography films ... Ernst
his stylistic syntax Ernst created recognizable links between the works, which form
a Indeed, the effect of every Max Ernst image depends largely on the
Description: A number of Ernst's works viewable at multiple sizes. - 23k Max Ernst artist portrait, brief biography and links
Max Ernst
Apr 2 1891, BrÙhl, Germany. . a portrait
of Ernst , brief biography and links - 20k Max Ernst on the Internet
All links last verified February 18, 2002, Press [ctrl]-D to bookmark this page now. Fine Art on the Internet Search Max Ernst Max Ernst Ernst Max Ernst studied philosophy at Bonn University 1944), and The Eye of Silence (1945). Ernst remained true to the surrealist movement when - 4k

69. Books- Max Ernst
Anonymous Reader. max ernst, ernst (Great Modern Masters). max ernst Dadaand the Dawn of max ernst. max ernst 18911976 (Basic Art Series).

books biography films ... home click on the titles below to purchase: Une Semaine De BontE : A Surrealistic... It's a fascinating book. The collages are made of illustrations from lurid French novels popular at the time. The edges of the different cut and pasted pictures look seamless, and Ernst has a great design sensibility. The introduction is useful, if short. The surrealist aesthetic toward womenthat is, surrealist art (including that by women) constantly shows female figures, generally nudes, as victims or in sufferingis particularly visible here, probably helped by the source matter. It's significant that the major female artists involved in the movement, such as Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, and Dorthea Tanning, tended not to produce much until they had been seperated from the heart of the movement for years. It's the major flaw in the movement's thinking, but that doesn't stop this from being an intriguing book for occasional contemplation. The original title pages are reproduced in facsimile and translated.

70. Max Ernst - Olga's Gallery
Click Here Olga's Gallery. max ernst. (18911976). Biography. Page One. 1-15 16-30 31-45 46-59 , Search for max ernst Posters and Prints.
Olga's Gallery
Max Ernst
Biography Page One Fruit of a Long Experience. 1919. Painted wood relief. 45.7 x 38 cm. Private collection. Family Excursions. c. 1919. Oil on canvas. 36 x 26 cm. Narodni Gallery, Prague, Czechia. Aquis submersus. 1920. Tempera, goache, ink, pencil, collage on paper. 31.2 x 22.2 cm. Private collection. Untitled. 1920. Gouache, Chinese ink and pencil on cardboard. 30 x 25 cm. Private collection. The Small Fistule That Says Tic Tac / La petite fistule lacrimale qui dit tic tac. 1920. Gouache on paper. 36.2 x 24.5 cm. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA. The Fall of an Angel / La Chute d'un ange. Collage and oil on paper. 44 x 34 cm. Private collection. Un peu malade le cheval patte pelu... 1920. Collage and gouache on paper mounted on cardboard. 16 x 23 cm. GAM - Galleria Civica d'arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Turin, Italy. The Gramineous Bicycle Garnished with Bells the Dappled Fire Damps and the Echinoderms Bending the Spine to Look for Caresses. 1920/21. Gouache on print. 74.3 x 99.7 cm. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA. 1921. Collage, gouache and Chinese ink on paper. 29 x 9 cm. Private collection.

71. Wissenschaftliche Preise - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
ernst-Rudolf-Schloeßmann-Stiftung wurde von dem Fördernden Mitgliedder max-Planck-Gesellschaft, ernst Rudolf Schloeßmann, eingerichtet.
Nobelpreise und andere hohe wissenschaftliche Auszeichnungen an Wissenschaftler der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Wissenschaftliche Preise und Auszeichnungen sind ein wichtiger Indikator für die Qualität von Forschungsleistungen. An erster Stelle unter den wissenschaftlichen Preisen steht international der Nobelpreis . Seit Gründung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft im Jahre 1948 zählt sie allein fünfzehn Nobelpreisträger in ihren Reihen. Hinzu kommen weitere fünfzehn Nobelpreise, mit denen Wissenschaftler der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zwischen 1914 und 1948 ausgezeichnet wurden.
Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft gehören zu den Preisträgern hoher wissenschaftlicher Auszeichnungen:
  • Japan-Preis
  • Leibniz-Preis
  • Deutscher Studienpreis : Dieser Preis soll Studierende aller Hochschulen im In- und Ausland über die Fächergrenzen hinweg anspornen, aus der Routine des Hochschulalltags auszuscheren. Im zweijährigen Turnus schreibt die Körber Stiftung jeweils ein aktuelles Rahmenthema von gesellschaftlicher Bedeutung aus. Das Thema der aktuellen Ausschreibung lautet "Tempo! - Die beschleunigte Welt". Forschungsqualität, Praxisrelevanz und eine auch für Fachfremde verständliche Darstellungsweise sind für die Beurteilung der Wettbewerbsbeiträge maßgeblich.

72. Wissenschaftliche Mitglieder Der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Translate this page BALTES, Paul B. MPI für Bildungsforschung. BAMBERG, ernst, MPI für Biophysik. BERTHOLD,Sigfried Peter, max-Planck-Forschungsstelle für Ornithologie.
Wissenschaftliche Mitglieder der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Sektion
Biologisch-Medizinisch Chemisch-Physikalisch-Technisch Geisteswissenschaftlich Name
A-E F-J K-N O-S T-Z Institut
A-D E-J K-M N-P Q-Z Sortieren nach
Alphabet Institut Sektionen A S trafrecht ALDINGER, Fritz M ... eronomie B BALDWIN, Ian Thomas kologie BALTES, Paul B. B ... hysik C COMRIE, Bernard Sterling A nthropologie CONRAD, Ralf ... sycholinguistik D DASTON, Lorraine W issenschaftsgeschichte DENK, Winfried ... lasmaphysik E EBERT-SCHIFFERER, Sybille B EICHELE, Gregor E ... trafrecht F FALTINGS, Gerd M athematik FISCHER, Gunter Siegfried ... lasmaphysik G GALLWITZ, Dieter C hemie GANZINGER, Harald Bruno ... rnithologie H HACKBUSCH, Wolfgang M athematik in den Naturwissenschaften HAHLBROCK, Klaus ... ellbiologie und Genetik J C hemie JAHN, Reinhard C ... hemie K KAHMANN, Regine M ikrobiologie KAISSLING, Karl-Ernst ... lasmaphysik L LACKNER, Karl P lasmaphysik LAMPERT, Winfried ... ntwicklungsbiologie M MAIER, Joachim F MANDELKOW, Eckhard m ... athematik in den Naturwissenschaften N NAVE, Klaus-Armin M edizin NEHER, Erwin ... ntwicklungsbiologie O OESTERHELT, Dieter B iochemie OEXLE, Otto Gerhard ... iologie P A nthropologie PARRINELLO, Michele

73. Warlick: Max Ernst And Alchemy
March 2001
ISBN 0-292-79135-6
$50.00, hardcover
ISBN 0-292-79136-4
$24.95, paperback Max Ernst and Alchemy
A Magician in Search of Myth By M. E. Warlick
Foreword by Franklin Rosemont "M. E. Warlick's book is a unique and highly significant contribution to the literature on modern art and modern culture in general."
Linda D. Henderson, Professor of Art History, University of Texas at Austin Surrealist artist Max Ernst defined collage as the "alchemy of the visual image." Students of his work have often dismissed this comment as simply a metaphor for the transformative power of using found images in a new context. Taking a wholly different perspective on Ernst and alchemy, however, M. E. Warlick persuasively demonstrates that the artist had a profound and abiding interest in alchemical philosophy and often used alchemical symbolism in works created throughout his career. A revival of interest in alchemy swept the artistic, psychoanalytic, historical, and scientific circles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and Warlick sets Ernst's work squarely within this movement. Looking at both his art (many of the works she discusses are reproduced in the book) and his writings, she reveals how thoroughly alchemical philosophy and symbolism pervade his early Dadaist experiments, his foundational work in surrealism, and his many collages and paintings of women and landscapes, whose images exemplify the alchemical fusing of opposites. This pioneering research adds an essential key to understanding the multilayered complexity of Ernst's works, as it affirms his standing as one of Germany's most significant artists of the twentieth century.

74. TOC & Excerpt, Warlick: Max Ernst And Alchemy
ISBN 0-292-79135-6
$50.00, hardcover
ISBN 0-292-79136-4
$24.95, paperback
Max Ernst and Alchemy
Table of Contents
  • Foreword by Franklin Rosemont
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • The Myth of the Child
  • Alchemy: Its History, Revival, and Symbolism
  • Initiation
  • The Occultation of Surrealism
  • Collage as Alchemy
  • The Alchemical Androgyne: Ernst and the Women in His Life
  • As Above, So Below: The Alchemical Landscapes
    • Conclusion
    • Notes
    • An Alchemical Glossary
    • Selected Bibliography
    • Index
    1.1. Opening lines, "Some Data on the Youth of M. E., As Told by Himself"
    1.2. Max Ernst's horoscope
    1.3. Athanor and alchemical animals
    2.1. Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Alchemist
    2.2. Two versions of "St. Marcel"; Basil Valentine's Synthesis of the Work from the Twelve Keys
    Rebis , from Herbert Silberer, Probleme der Mystik und Ihrer Symbolik
    3.2. Max Ernst, Winter Landscape: Carburation of the Vulcanized Iron Bride for the Purpose of Producing the Necessary Warming of the Bed
    Winter Landscape 3.4. Max Ernst, Dada Gauguin 3.5. Petrus Bonus and Janus Lacinius, Pretiosa Margarita Novella 3.6. Max Ernst
  • 75. Guggenheim Collection - Artist - Ernst - Biography
    b. 1891, Bruhl, Germany; d. 1976, Paris max ernst was born on April2, 1891, in Bruhl, Germany. He enrolled in the University at
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    b. 1891, Bruhl, Germany; d. 1976, Paris Max Ernst was born on April 2, 1891, in Bruhl, Germany. He enrolled in the University at Bonn in 1909 to study philosophy, but soon abandoned this pursuit to concentrate on art. At this time he was interested in psychology and the art of the mentally ill. In 1911 Ernst became a friend of August Macke and joined the Rheinische Expressionisten group in Bonn. Ernst showed for the first time in 1912 at the Galerie Feldman in Cologne. At the Sonderbund Pablo Picasso , and Vincent van Gogh . In 1913 he met Guillaume Apollinaire and Robert Delaunay and traveled to Paris. Ernst participated that same year in the Erste deutsche Herbstsalon. In 1914 he met Jean Arp , who was to become a lifelong friend. Despite military service throughout World War I, Ernst was able to continue painting and to exhibit in Berlin at Der Sturm in 1916. He returned to Cologne in 1918. The next year he produced his first collages and founded the short-lived Cologne Dada [ more Histoire naturelle was published in 1929. The following year the artist collaborated with

    76. Guggenheim Collection - Artists
    Translate this page Marcel Duchamp-Villon, Raymond. ernst, max, Fischli, Peter and DavidWeiss Flavin, Dan, Fontana, Lucio. Gauguin, Paul Giacometti, Alberto
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    Abramovic, Marina

    Acconci, Vito

    Albers, Josef

    Andre, Carl
    Zorio, Gilberto

    77. Kindness Week (Max Ernst)
    Kindness Week (max ernst). max reason. The quality of the animation issuperb, and the entire film was personally approved by max ernst.

    78. Max Ernst Journey Into The Subconscious
    max ernst Journey into the Subconscious. The inner world of the great paintermax ernst is the subject of this film. max ernst The Bride of the Wind.

    79. Guardian Unlimited | Arts Features | Pieta Or Revolution By Night, Max Ernst (19
    All articles from this series. No 63 Pieta or Revolution by Night, max ernst (1923)Jonathan Jones Saturday June 23, 2001 The Guardian · View the work online,11109,740302,00.html
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    Archive All articles from this series
    No 63
    Pieta or Revolution by Night, Max Ernst (1923)
    Jonathan Jones Saturday June 23, 2001 The Guardian
    View the work online Artist: Subject: The figure carried by the bowler-hatted man is generally accepted to be a self- portrait; it has Ernst's features. The bowler-hatted man appears to be a portrait of Ernst's moustachioed father. Distinguishing features: Ernst thought of his father as a fool. The man with the turned-up moustache was not just a Sunday painter, but one with a heavy academic style; Ernst's entire career was a rejection of the middle-class idea of art for which his father stood. And yet it is his father who takes on the role of the Virgin Mary in this Pieta, a representation of the cradling of the dead Christ by his mother. Here the child is not dead but on the verge of sleep, about to be carried up to bed. Father and son are at the bottom of a staircase on which a bearded figure, his head bandaged, sleepwalks. This spectral figure has been interpreted as Sigmund Freud, and also as a portrait of the French poet and critic Apollinaire, wounded in the head in the first world war. In either case, it seems to lead the artist in his father's arms further into sleep, dreams and towards the end of consciousness.

    80. Series 4: Discography Of German Spoken Word Recordings
    Translate this page Müller, John Louis Nuelsen, OWIN-Radio, Karl Freiherr von Pflanzer-Baltin, ErwinPiscator, ernst von Possart, Maria Reese, max Reinhardt, ernst Röhm, Ernest
    Series 4: Discography of German Spoken Word Recordings/
    Discographie der deutschen Sprachaufnahmen [ISBN 3-9803461-3-7]
    Volume 1 by Rainer E. Lotz, Michael E. Gunrem and Walter Roller.
    Volume 2 by Rainer E. Lotz and Walter Roller.
    Volume 3 by Rainer E. Lotz and Walter Roller.
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