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         Fitzgerald John Anster:     more detail

1. Fairy Art By British Artist John Anster Christian Fitzgerald
John Anster Christian Fitzgerald (British, 18231906).
John Anster Christian Fitzgerald
(British, 1823-1906) Home Faery Magick
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Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Englan d
The Enchanted Forest
Rabbit Among the Fairies
The Fairies Banquet

JOHN ANSTER FITZGERALD (18231906). Fairy Lovers in a Bird’s nest watchinga white mouse. c.1860. watercolour and bodycolour on paper,. 19.9 x 16.7 cm.
Fairy Lovers in a Bird’s nest watching a white mouse
c.1860 watercolour and bodycolour on paper, x 16.7 cm inscribed: monogram FG P.423 Back to list Originally attributed to Frederick Goodall, R.A. (1822-1904), who occasionally painted similar subjects, though with less whimsy. Fitzgerald was a painter of fairy scenes and dreams (people asleep surrounded by goblins); all his works are of his imagination. His paintings are rare and little is known of his life. He was the son of the poet William Thomas Fitzgerald and had little or no formal art training. By the 1850s he was contributing to The Illustrated London News as an illustrator. He belonged to the Maddox St Sketching Club and exhibited at the R.A., 1845-1902, his final exhibit there being Alice in Wonderland. EJ A Fairy Scene by Frederick Goodall RA. EXHIBITIONS: Watercolours From Bedford , Norwich, Castle Museum, 1965, no.17 as Fairy Scene by Goodall;

3. Midnight Meadows: John Anster Fitzgerald
John Anster Fitzgerald. In Fairyland. Rabbit Amongthe Faries. The Enchanted Forest. . . . back . . .
John Anster Fitzgerald
In Fairyland Rabbit Among the Faries The Enchanted Forest . . . back . . .

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6. ArtMagick - John Anster Fitzgerald (British, 1823-1906)
Short biography and several of his best known paintings with commentary.Category Arts Art History Artists F fitzgerald, john anster...... john anster fitzgerald (British, 18231906) Quick Links Use the links below tosearch for books, posters and other websites about john anster fitzgerald.
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John Anster Fitzgerald (British, 1823-1906) Browse Paintings List Available Paintings View Available Prints Biography
Son of a much ridiculed poet, William Thomas Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald appears to have had little or no formal training, but from 1845 he was exhibiting at the British Institution and the Royal Academy. Although he is chiefly known for his fairy pieces, Fitzgerald seems to have made a living as a portrait painter and illustrator, although he also painted genre scenes. By the late 1850s he had become a regular contributor to The Illustrated London News, and in 1864 he was a candidate for the Society of British Artists. He was a member of the Maddox Street Sketching Club. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1845 to 1902. Like his father, Fitzgerald played on his Irish ancestry and was remembered by members of the Savage Club for his burlesque imitations of old-time actors and theatrical managers. Quick Links Use the links below to search for books, posters and other websites about John Anster Fitzgerald

7. John Anster Fitzgerald Online
john anster fitzgerald Short biography and several of his best known paintings with commentary. "fitzgerald, john anster" search on This category needs an editor Copyright © 1998-2002 Netscape Terms of Use
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John Anster Fitzgerald
[British, C.1819-1906]
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Museums and Art Galleries: Tate Gallery , London, England
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John Anster Fitzgerald at ArtMagick
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8. John Anster Fitzgerald, Fairies,Fairy, Fairys
john anster fitzgerald prints on canvas fairies Illusions Gallery. john anster fitzgerald. The Stuff that Dreams are Made of
Illusions Gallery
John Anster Fitzgerald
The Stuff that Dreams are Made of Fairies Looking through an open Window Titania and Bottom A Midsummer Nights Dream The Fledgling Fairy Hordes Attacking a Bat The Fairy's Funeral The Enchanted Landscape Cat Among the Fairies Fairies in a Nest The Concert White Mice The Chase of the White Mice The Fairies' Banquet The Fairy's Barque more fairies home site map Beautiful prints on canvas contact us at:

9. John Anster Fitzgerald Fairy Artist
john anster fitzgerald. Fairy Artist. and. Illustrator. Artists of thePast. Cicely Mary Barker, Rene Cloke, Edmund Dulac, john anster fitzgerald.
John Anster Fitzgerald
Fairy Artist
John Anster Fitzgerald is mainly remembered for his fairy drawings but was also a portrait painter and illustrator, and also painted genre scenes. He contributed to the The Illustrated London News and held an exhibition of his work at The Royal Academy from 1845 to 1902. See further sites about this artist - click here 21st Century Artists John Arthur Julie Baroh Jasmine Becket-Griffith Linda Biggs ... Maria J William Artists of the Past Cicely Mary Barker Rene Cloke Edmund Dulac John Anster Fitzgerald ... Contact Information Web Site designed by Latest update: March 6, 2003

10. John Anster Fitzgerald (1823-1906)
fitzgerald, john anster (18231906). fitzgerald prints
Fitzgerald, John Anster (1823-1906) Fitzgerald prints on canvas from illusions (US)

11. John Anster Fitzgerald [a0022440] (Autor)
fitzgerald, john anster. BIBLIOGRAFÍA GENERAL

12. ArtMagick - Painting Detail For The Nightmare By John Anster Fitzgerald
painting detail The Nightmare Artist john anster fitzgerald Painting Date 18578(?) Medium Watercolour Size 22 x 28 cm Location Private Collection
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painting detail: The Nightmare Artist: John Anster Fitzgerald
Painting Date:
Size: 22 x 28 cm
Location: Private Collection
Click to view enlargement About the painting: The painting's subject is chillingly mirrored in the description by Oswald Doughty in his biography of the death of Elizabeth Siddal, the wife of the English Pre-Raphaelite painter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti: 'Returning at half past eleven, Rossetti, on entering his wife's room found her lying in bed unconscious and breathing heavily. The room reeked of laudanum and on the small table by her bedside stood an empty Laudanum phial... She lay as if sleeping save for her cold pallid face and strangled breathing. previous painting next painting list all paintings themes People Drugs Nature Night ... Nightmares eCard Send as an eCard Purchase Print This painting is unavailable as a print or poster. GIFT SHOP View all prints available for John Anster Fitzgerald.

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14. Midnight Meadows: John Anster Fitzgerald
john anster fitzgerald. In Fairyland
John Anster Fitzgerald
In Fairyland Rabbit Among the Faries The Enchanted Forest . . . back . . .

15. John Anster Fitzgerald Artworks And Fine Art At
john anster fitzgerald art artwork and indepth artistic information such as paintings,sculpture, photography fitzgerald, john anster fitzgerald, john anster .
Artist: F : JOHN ANSTER FITZGERALD Alphabetical Artist Index: A B C D ... Z
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. Tate Collections, with a multitude of images. 1819-1906
Fitzgerald, John Anster

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16. DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Art/Art History/Artists/F/Fitzgerald, John
john anster fitzgerald Short biography and several of his best known paintings with commentary.
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17. The Fledgling, John Anster Fitzgerald
Illusions Gallery. The Fledgling john anster Christian fitzgerald 16 X26 print on canvas $115.00 back. home site map
Illusions Gallery The Fledgling John Anster Christian Fitzgerald 16"X26" print on canvas back home site map

18. John Anster Fitzgerald - The Captive Robin
Art Image Collections Gallery. john anster fitzgerald The CaptiveRobin. To save the image, position your mouse over the image, right
Art Image Collections Gallery
John Anster Fitzgerald - The Captive Robin
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19. John Anster Fitzgerald (1832-1906): An Overview
john anster fitzgerald (18321906) An Overview. Biography. JA fitzgerald isone of the most delicate and imaginative of the Victorian Fairy painters.
John Anster Fitzgerald (1832-1906): An Overview
J. A. Fitzgerald is one of the most delicate and imaginative of the Victorian Fairy painters. More than any of the other artists working in this genre, he was able to suggest the existence of a coherent alternative world, which was ethereal and bizarre. He exhibited in most of the major London exhibitions from 1845 onwards, showing works at the Royal Academy, the British Institution, the Society of British Artists, the Watercolour Society, and the Dudley Gallery (Nahum).
    Nahum, Peter. Fairy Folk in Fairy Land . London: Peter Naham at Leicester Galleries, 1997.
Last modified 30 July 2001

20. Watercolors By John Anster Fitzgerald (1832-1906)
Watercolors by john anster fitzgerald (18321906).
Watercolors by John Anster Fitzgerald (1832-1906)
Last modified 1 August 2001

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