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         Solomon Simeon:     more books (24)
  1. Love Revealed: Simeon Solomon And the Pre-raphaelites by Colin Cruise, Victoria Osborne, et all 2005-10-01
  2. The Vision of Simeon Solomon by Simon Reynolds, 1984-06
  4. The Victorian Romantics 1850-70: The Early Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris, Burne-Jones, Swinburne, Simeon Solomon and Their Associates by T. Earle Welby, 1929
  5. The Victorian romantics, 1850-70;: The early work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris, Burne-Jones, Swinburne, Simeon Solomon, and their associates by T. Earle Welby, 1966
  6. Simeon Solomon : Notes on His "Vision of Love" and Other Studies (in) The Bibelot / Vol. XIV, No. 9 / September 1908 by Charles Algernon Swinburne, 1908
  7. Two Appreciations : I. Aubrey Beardsley - II. Simeon Solomon (in) The Bibelot / Vol. XVII, No. 4 / April, 1911 by Robert Ross, 1911
  9. From Prodigy to Outcast: Simeon Solomon - Pre-Raphaelite Artist by Jewish Museum, 2001-03
  10. Simeon Solomon;: An appreciation, by Julia Ellsworth Ford, 1909
  11. Simeon Solomon: Notes on his "Vision of love" and other studies (Bibelot) by Algernon Charles Swinburne, 1908
  12. Solomon: A family of painters : Abraham Solomon, 1823-1862, Rebecca Solomon, 1832-1886, Simeon Solomon, 1840-1905 : Geffrye Museum, London, 8 November-31 ... & Art Gallery, 18 January-9 March 1986
  13. Adolphus S. Solomons;: Co-founder of the American Red Cross by Solomon Robert Kagan, 1943
  14. A vision of love revealed in sleep by Simeon Solomon, 1993

1. Simeon Solomon Research Archive - Last Updated 4/1/02
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The University of Wales, Aberystwyth
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In March 2002, the Simeon Solomon Research Archive received the first ARLIS/NA Worldwide Books Electronic Publication Award for outstanding electronic publication. I thank both organizations for their support of my work and the continuing growth of electronic art information resources. Web site published 20 September 2000. Last updated 1 April 2002.
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2. I2185: Margaret COWARD (1821 - ____)
HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/30/01 030231 AM PacificStandard Time. solomon simeon Walter STRICKLAND. 7 Mar 1849 - 16 Oct 1915.
Margaret COWARD
Family 1 Francis William BACKSTROM
  • MARRIAGE : ABT 1848
  • John Francis BACKSTROM INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/30/01 03:02:31 AM Pacific Standard Time
    William F. EUBANKS
    • BIRTH : 1832, ,Greene,Mississippi
    Father: Charles Pinkney EUBANKS
    Mother: Allie Elizabeth HARVARD
    William F. EUBANKS
    INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/30/01 03:02:31 AM Pacific Standard Time
    William M. HARVARD
    • BIRTH
    Family 1 Susan BRANNAN

    !BIRTH: Who Married Whom in Greene County Mississippi compiled by Jean
    Strickland. HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/30/01 03:02:31 AM Pacific Standard Time
    20 Apr 1880 - 21 Feb 1937
    • BIRTH : 20 Apr 1880
    • DEATH : 21 Feb 1937, ,Greene,Mississippi
    • BURIAL : ,Greene,Mississippi
    Father: Samuel J. HENDERSON
    Mother: Missanirah DOUGLAS
    Family 1 Edward Washington JAMES
    • MARRIAGE : 7 Aug 1899, ,Greene,Mississippi
  • Hadley Bryce JAMES
  • Cecil E. JAMES _William Isaac HENDERSON Emma HENDERSON ... INDEX !BIRTH: Roberson Genealogy !MARRIAGE: Roberson Genealogy
  • 3. William Holman Hunt - Simeon Solomon
    Simeon Solomon 1840—1905 Born Bishopsgate, London, 9th October 1840, son of animporter of Leghorn hats and a prominent member of the local Jewish community

    SIMEON SOLOMON (18401905). Coptic Baptismal Procession. 1865. watercolour, bodycolourand. gum arabic on paper,. 26.5 x 42.4 cm. inscribed monogram, ‘65. P.430.
    Coptic Baptismal Procession
    watercolour, bodycolour and gum arabic on paper, x 42.4 cm inscribed: monogram, P.430 Back to list One of several illustrations that Solomon, who never visited Egypt, made for Lady Duff Gordon’s Letters from Egypt Lady Duff Gordon was born in 1821 but, suffering from tuberculosis, went to Egypt for her health in 1862 and died there seven years later. Copts are descendants of the Egyptian Christians who did not convert to Islam when the Arabs conquered Egypt in the 7 th century A.D. The baptismal procession is described by Lady Duff Gordon in a letter of 21 May 1863 following a visit to a new Coptic church in Cairo. There she witnessed the priest in a black robe leading the procession with two young ecclesiastics in yellow satin copes (contrasting queerly with the familiar tarboosh of common life on their heads), these carried little babies and huge wax tapers, each a baby and a taper….A lot of closely veiled women stood on one side in the aisle, and among them the mothers of the babies who received them from the men in yellow copes at the end of the ceremony (from a letter to Mrs Austin, 21 May 1863, Cairo).

    5. Franklin Co., TN Marriages 1838-1875 Errors
    Page 99 solomon simeon to Sarah Ann BYROM. Should have been solomon simeonREAVIS. Page 100 - SC ROGERS to Mary J. BURT. Spencer A. ROGERS.
    By Judy Henley Phillips
    The marriage book at the courthouse (1838-1875) is either not the original book or the clerk had difficulty recording the marriages from the officiator's record. During the course of many years of research, I have discovered the discrepancies given below. I'm sure there are more. Many of the brides have had a previous marriage. I have not included those in this list. I encourage you to submit any corrections that you may have found for inclusion on this web page.
    Page 6 - H.R. BENNETT to Clarisa KEATON. One researcher says he was Hutchison King BENNETT. Other data may show he was Henry R. BENNETT.
    Page 8 - John BROWN to Mary Ann JONES. I believe this should be Mary Ann JEANS.
    Page 9 - Robert C. LASATER to Susan DAVIDSON. Unless he had multiple names, the "C" should be "E". The marriage was performed by Augustus DORRELL on 27 Dec. 1838.
    Page 10 - John F. BLACK to Mary SARTON. Should be Mary SAXTON.
    Page 16 - John M. BRANNON to Mary A. ROGERS. Should be John M. BRANDON.

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    7. ArtMagick - Simeon Solomon (British, 1840-1905)
    Pre-Raphaelite Collection, short biography and three examples of his paintings.Category Arts Art History Artists S solomon, simeon...... simeon solomon (British, 18401905) Biography simeon solomon, an orthodoxJew, was an admirer of Rossetti's late aesthetic period.
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    Simeon Solomon (British, 1840-1905) Browse Paintings List Available Paintings View Available Prints Biography
    Simeon Solomon, an orthodox Jew, was an admirer of Rossetti's late aesthetic period. He entered the Royal Academy School in 1855 and exhibited his first picture there in 1860. He was quickly befriended by Rossetti, Burne-Jones and the poet, Algernon Swinburne, along with other members of the Pre-Raphaelite circle. During the 1860s he produced a number of fine drawings, gouaches and oil paintings, mainly of religious subjects, especially depicting Jewish ritual, but also classical and allegorical subjects which combine Pre-Raphaelite and aesthetic ideas in a highly individual way. Although Solomon's pictures owe much to Rossetti and Burne-Jones, especially his allegorical female figures, they have a strong individuality which makes them instantly recognizable. Solomon's career disintegrated when, in February 1873, he was arrested for homosexual offences, after which he was completely shunned by all his former friends, including Swinburne. The remainder of Solomon's career is one of the minor tragedies of the Pre-Raphaelite story. Made a complete social leper by the strength of the Victorian moral code, he steadily gave way to drink and dissipation, ending his days an alcoholic in the St. Giles Workhouse in 1905. During his last years he supported himself by making drawings and pastels.

    8. Famous Artists British Arts
    Percy (18401918 ); Soest George (circa 1600-1681 ); Solomon Abraham(1824-1862 ); solomon simeon (1840-1905 ); Solomon J. Solomon 1860
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    9. Simeon Solomon Online
    simeon solomon English PreRaphaelite Painter, 1840-1905 Guide to pictures of works by simeon solomon in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. simeon solomon art links/last verified December, 2002
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    Simeon Solomon
    [English Pre-Raphaelite Painter, 1840-1905]
    Brother of Abraham Solomon
    Brother of Rebecca Solomon Museums and Art Galleries Image Galleries Articles
    Paintings in Museums and Art Galleries: National Gallery of Art , Washington D.C.
    Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums
    , Scotland NEW!
    National Portrait Gallery
    , London, England
    Tate Gallery
    , London, England
    Fine Art Services: ArtPrice Art Market Auction Records
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    Signatures and symbols used by Simeon Solomon. Pictures from Image Galleries: Simeon Solomon at ArtMagick Webshots rocsdad gallery: 10 images Articles: Search Millions of Published Articles for Simeon Solomon free trial eLibrary registration required to see full text) Buy this book at

    10. Simeon Solomon
    Notes on the life of the PreRaphaelite artist simeon solomon and links to related information simeon solomon was born into a prominent Jewish family in London.
    Simeon Solomon (1840-1905)
    Reading Simeon Solomon was born into a prominent Jewish family in London. He trained at his brother Abraham's studio in Gower Street, then at Cary's Academy in Bloomsbury, following which in 1855 he attended the RA schools, having his first picture exhibited at the Academy when he was only 18 years old. His brother Abraham Solomon and sister Rebecca Solomon were also artists. Early on, Simeon Solomon met Rossetti , and became part of his circle. He produced very Pre-Raphaelite pictures, and was also influenced in his art by Burne-Jones . He was part of a sketching society with Albert Moore Henry Holiday and W. B. Richmond , and was also a friend of E. J. Poynter , later to become President of the Royal Academy. His friends included others within the larger Pre-Raphaelite circle, such as Holman Hunt , Tennyson and Swinburne. Unfortunately, Solomon was arrested for indecent exposure in 1871, at which all his friends dropped his acquaintance, and he became a pariah, moving to the workhouse and eventually dying of drink. However, even in his decline, he continued to paint, selling his work to college students at one pound a time in the mid-70s. Solomon's work includes Moses , which on exhibition in 1860 at the Royal Academy received wide praise and gave a big boost to his career, Isaac and Rebecca , now at the Victoria and Albert Museum , typical of his old testament works, and several ideal portraits, of which an example is at Leighton House . He also made several

    11. Simeon Solomon As An Illustrator
    simeon solomon illustrations of Jewish customs in 1860s
    Simeon Solomon as an Illustrator
    Due to lack of space, the full-sized pictures have been removed from this file, and only the small pictures remain. In the 1860s, Simeon Solomon made a few very important illustrations for well-known magazines of the time. In 1862 he had drawings in Once A Week , and also in Good Words , where many of the most famous Pre-Raphaelites also provided drawings. However it is the pictures for the Leisure Hour (1866) which are the most remarkable, and which are reproduced here. The Leisure Hour pictures illustrate Jewish customs, and there are ten articles, each with a single 5x4 inch illustration. They are: the Feast of Dedication, Circumcision, Celebration of the Passover, the Marriage Ceremony, Eve of the Jewish Sabbath, the Feast of Jerusalem, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of the Tabernacles, the Rejoicing of the Law, and the Week of Mourning. The introduction to the series begins as follows: "We propose to present our readers from time to time with pictures (after drawings executed by Mr. Simeon Solomon) of various rites and ceremonies observed by the Jews at the present day in their synagogues and homes. We believe that such illustrations will not be without interest, as they will serve to show in what manner several commandments of the Bible are carried out in practice by this ancient people." The Feast of Dedication "In the accompanying sketch we see the rabbi, clad in the

    12. ArtMagick - Painting Detail For Love In Autumn By Simeon Solomon
    painting detail Love in Autumn Artist simeon solomon Painting Date 1866Medium Oil on canvas Size 84 x 64 cm Location Private Collection
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    painting detail: Love in Autumn Artist: Simeon Solomon
    Painting Date:
    Oil on canvas
    Size: 84 x 64 cm
    Location: Private Collection
    Click to view enlargement About the painting: No additional information available. previous painting next painting list all paintings themes Nature Autumn People Love eCard Send as an eCard Purchase Print This painting is unavailable as a print or poster. GIFT SHOP View all prints available for Simeon Solomon. Visit the Gift Shop to browse more items. 2003 Fine Art Calendars Important Please do not link directly to images at ArtMagick . Images that are remotely linked, especially on bulletin boards or chatrooms or by bloggers , use ArtMagick bandwidth for which there is a limited supply each month. You can link to any .aspx page on this site but please do not link directly to images and please do not mirror an entire page on your website. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Veiled Vision MMII Quick Links: Random Painting Donation top of page

    13. Solomon, Simeon - Rosa Mystica
    solomon, simeon (18401905) Rosa Mystica oil on canvas 20 x 15 signed with monogram,dated Roma 3 67 the Madonna holding a rose LAPD DR 91-0823682 (Case 8
    SOLOMON, Simeon
    Rosa Mystica
    oil on canvas
    20" x 15"
    signed with monogram, dated "Roma 3 67"
    the Madonna holding a rose
    LAPD DR# 91-0823682 (Case 8-8/91) If you have information on this case, please contact:
    LAPD Art Theft Detail

    14. SSRA: Literature - Last Updated 4/1/02
    solomon, simeon. Sketches Invented and Drawn by simeon solomon for HisFriend EJ Poynter 20 Photographs. London copy. solomon, simeon.
    The following citations are works that were written by Simeon Solomon. In typical Pre-Raphaelite fashion, Solomon was not only a skilled artist, but he also experimented with prose-poetry. He was known for his sarcastic wit, which is reflected in other works cited below that are satirical in nature. Solomon, Simeon. Sketches Invented and Drawn by Simeon Solomon for His Friend E. J. Poynter: 20 Photographs . London: [Issued by Frederick Hollyer], 1865, [?].
    This work is cited in both William Fredeman's bibliography and in the Geffrye Museum catalogue, but I have not located a copy. Solomon, Simeon. A Mystery of Love in Sleep: An Allegory . Privately Printed [London: Spottiswoode], 1871, 15 pp.
    Lionel Lambourne has noted that Solomon wrote this early draft of his prose-poem around 1870 while visiting Rome with Oscar Browning. Solomon, Simeon. Two Treatises on Scientific Subjects [Astronomy and Chemistry] . Privately Printed [London: Spottiswoode], 1871, 15 pp.

    15. SSRA: Solomon Biographical Timeline - Last Updated 11/21/01
    BIOGRAPHICAL TIMELINE OF simeon solomon'S LIFE 9 Oct. simeon solomon is born to Michael solomon and Kate Levy solomon, the last of eight children (Abraham solomon born
    9 Oct. Simeon Solomon is born to Michael Solomon and Kate Levy Solomon, the last of eight children (Abraham Solomon born 14 May 1823; Rebecca Solomon born 26 Sep. 1832; five other children: Aaron, Betsy, Isaac, Ellen and Sylvester). The family lives in Bishopsgate Without, a suburb of London, and are among the first Jewish families accepted into London city. Elder brother Abraham attends the Royal Academy Schools when Solomon is born and paints a portrait of his sleeping baby brother. In the same year as Simeon's birth, Michael Solomon sells the successful hat business he runs and establishes a factory embossing paper doilies. Simeon attends Carey's Academy to study art. His sister Rebecca, after attending school at Spitalfields School of Design, exhibits at the Royal Academy for the first time. 24 April. Simeon begins his studies at the Royal Academy Schools. Simeon meets Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Through him, he will meet Algernon Charles Swinburne. Later, they will all live for a brief time at Rossetti's house on Cheyne Walk. Simeon exhibits his first work, a drawing entitled

    16. Solomon, Simeon Information Sites
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    17. Phryne - Works By Solomon, Simeon At Birmingham Art Gallery And
    Works by simeon solomon at The Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum, 'Bacchus' 1867,Androgynous and improbably wistful young winegod. Return to index page.

    18. Webshots Community - Simeon Solomon 1840 - 1905
    simeon solomon 1840 1905. Marie Spartali Stillman 1844 - 1927. Community EntertainmentArt simeon solomon 1840 - 1905 British Pre-Raphaelite Painter.
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    19. Webshots Community - Guestbook For Simeon Solomon 1840 - 1905
    photos! Community Home My Photos My Favorite Members New Photos MostPopular. Guestbook for simeon solomon 1840 1905. Name Message

    20. Simeon Solomon (1840-1905): An Overview
    simeon solomon, 18401905 An Overview. When Burne-Jones met simeon solomon in thelate 1850s, he thought his work as imaginative as anything he had ever seen.
    Simeon Solomon, 1840-1905: An Overview
    When Burne-Jones met Simeon Solomon in the late 1850s, he thought his work as imaginative as anything he had ever seen. Solomon showed precocious talent, exhibiting his first Royal Academy picture at the age of 18 in 1858. During the 1860s he was a highly influential young artist, one of the circle which was moving towards aestheticism, and which included Rossetti Burne-Jones and the poet Swinburne Solomon and Swinburne met in 1863, they became close friends and exercised a mutual influence on each other. Swinburne was at this time reading widely in classical literature including Ovid, Homer and Euripides. Inspired by this and by three trips to Italy between 1866 and 1870, Solomon was one of the instigators of the revival of classicism in the 1860s; this aspect of his work is shown in The Little Improvisatice . Peter Nahum.
    . London: Peter Nahum, nd. Last modified 30 July 2001

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