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         Astronomers:     more books (100)
  1. The Backyard Astronomer's Guide by Terence Dickinson, Alan Dyer, 2008-09-12
  2. The Practical Astronomer by DK Publishing, 2010-05-17
  3. God and the Astronomers Second Edition by Robert Jastrow, 2000-07
  4. Practical Statistics for Astronomers (Cambridge Observing Handbooks for Research Astronomers) by J. V. Wall, C. R. Jenkins, 2003-11-17
  5. Star Ware: The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories by Philip S. Harrington, 2007-04-20
  6. When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer (Golden Kite Honors) by Walt Whitman, 2004-10-26
  7. The Practical Astronomer's Deep-sky Companion by Jess K. Gilmour, 2002-12-05
  8. Amateur Astronomer's Handbook by J. B. Sidgwick, 1981-01-01
  9. The Astronomer: A Novel of Suspense by Lawrence Goldstone, 2010-05-11
  10. The Virtue of Heresy: Confessions of a Dissident Astronomer, Second Edition, Revised and Updated by Hilton Ratcliffe, 2008-07-18
  11. The Prophet and the Astronomer: Apocalyptic Science and the End of the World by Marcelo Gleiser, 2003-07-21
  12. Light Hearted Astronomer by Ken Fulton, 1984-06
  13. The Amateur Astronomer's Handbook by James Muirden, 1987-09
  14. Star-Hopping for Backyard Astronomers by Alan M. MacRobert, 1994-03

1. StarChild: A Learning Center For Young Astronomers
Information and online movies related to the solar system and space exploration. A service of the Category Kids and Teens School Time Science Astronomy and Space......Welcome to StarChild A Learning Center for Young astronomers. Solar SystemUniverse Space Stuff Glossary Solar System Universe Space Stuff Glossary,
Welcome to StarChild
A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
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Return to the StarChild Main Page

Go to Imagine the Universe!
(A site for ages 14 and up.)
The StarChild site is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) Dr. Nicholas E. White (Director) , within the Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA) at NASA/ GSFC StarChild Authors: The StarChild Team

StarChild Project Leader: Dr. Laura A. Whitlock
Responsible NASA Official: Phil Newman
If you have comments or questions about the StarChild site, please send them to NASA's Privacy Statement NASA's Security Statement

2. Home Page Of The Junior Astronomers- Astronomy Club Of Santa Clarita And Astrono
The Junior astronomers are the members 018 years old of the Local Group.
Of the Local Group- Astronomy Club of Santa Clarita The Junior Astronomers are the members 0-18 years old of the Local Group. For more info on the Local Group, follow the above link.
Members and non-members, please feel free to browse the more than 70 cool stories and activities dealing with space, astronomy, and the universe, as well as the space news and links sections . If you have space or astronomy questions, send a message to Thanks for visiting! January: Not quite Mars but close enough to learn how to live there! February: Super Spacecraft meets the Asteroid of Love! Click here for 12 awesome What's Up articles/stories from 1999 Click here for 12 awesome What's Up articles/stories from 1998 ... This page has many awesome links to pages with loads of astronomy pictures and other amazing stuff! For more info on the Junior Astronomers send an email to webmaster Jeremy Davis at . Thanks for visiting!

3. The American Association Of Amateur Astronomers
News, events, publication discounts for members, CCD image gallery, links to members' astronomy sites .Category Science Astronomy North America United States......The American Association of Amateur astronomers The Internet Astronomy Club. PlanetarySociety Member. Join the American Association of Amateur astronomers.
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers Explore the AAAA Universe
Start Here Control Center
Site Table of Contents Join
Membership in the AAAA News from the AAAA
Press Releases and News Updates FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions Member Activities
AAAA News and Reports AAAA Guestbook The American Astronomer
The AAAA Newsletter - Online The American Association
of Amateur Astronomers

AAAA Mission Partnerships
Members of the AAAA Team AstroMax The AAAA Online Store First Light Introductory Astronomy Kit Links to Astronomy Sites Observing Programs from the Astronomical League The Solar System Planetary Data Page The Constellation Home Page Facts, Background, and Myths An Overview of Astronomy A Concise Guide to the Universe Arp Peculiar Galaxies A CCD Image Gallery SWRAL Southwest Region of the Astronomical League Bringing Amateur Astronomy to the World Serving the Amateur Astronomy Community Online Since 1996 Click on our LOGO to TAKE a TRIP to the UNIVERSE
Select AAAA AAAA Universe AstroMax Press Releases Join the AAAA Control Center Member Reports Astronomy Links Observing Programs FAQ Constellations Planets Universe Guide Arp CCD Images Partnerships AAAA Newsletter AAAA Mission Search AAAA Web Site Browse the A stro ... Astronomy Catalog
The Astronomy Club for the New Millennium
If your friends think that your Newtonian telescope tube

4. The Society Of Amateur Radio Astronomers
Nonprofit, international group of enthusiasts provides information on the science of radio astronomy as well as details on membership. The Society of Amateur Radio astronomers (SARA) is a dedicated group of people that formed an international society to
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) HOME WHY PROGRAMS ABOUT ...
SARA 2001 Annual Meeting
at the National Radio
Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank,
West Virginia, USA. ( Click for larger jpeg image The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) is a dedicated group of people that formed an international society to learn, trade technical information and do their own observations of the radio sky. This organization is a scientific, non-profit group founded for the sole purpose of supporting amateur radio astronomy . SARA was organized in the early 1980's and today has about 400 members worldwide. The group consists of optical astronomers, ham radio operators, engineers, teachers and non-technical persons. Many of our members are new to the field of radio astronomy and membership is extended to all who have an interest in radio astronomy. New! "Member Annex" Pages
Why Amateur Radio Astronomy?
Free SARA Journal sample issue (Radio Astronomy, May/June/July 2001) (372K pdf) ... How to Join NEW! "Member Annex" Pages Sources of Components, Software, and General RA Information Interesting Web Sites for RA Enthusiasts This site is maintained for SARA
by Bob Lash (

5. ADC For Amateur Astronomers
Astronomical Data Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Page for amateur astronomers offers information on using ADC resources and links to selected external resources.

ADC for Amateur Astronomers
Lucile Miller Observatory
Special Note: The World Wide Web contains many, many sites for Astronomy, many of which may be of interest to amateur astronomers. The ADC primarily serves the professional astronomy community. However, amateurs can find many of the ADC's catalogs useful for their hobby. This page includes information on using ADC resources for amateur astronomy and links to selected external resources that may be of interest. We are not responsible for the content of the external pages. If you have suggestions for additional links, please send them to the curators at the e-mail addresses listed at the bottom of the page. We regret that we may not be able to accommodate every such request. THE ADC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF EXTERNAL SITES LINKED FROM THIS PAGE. Amateur Astronomy Uses of ADC
What type of stuff can I find here?
The Astronomical Data Center specializes in archiving and distributing collections of data that have been published by professional astronomers. Most of these data sets are in the form of computer-readable tables of numbers, rather than images. Amateur astronomers can find these data collections useful in looking up the properties and locations of celestial objects. This can help amateurs plan for observing sessions, and help them to better understand what they've observed. Please see our

6. San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
Home page for the San Francisco Sidewalk astronomers New Telescope clinic each month with the San Francisco Amateur astronomers! Click here
New Click here
Welcome to the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
We stop people on sidewalks and let them see the craters of the Moon, the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, or the spots on the Sun. For just a moment, they have a personal connection with the universe around them, and sometimes life seems a little better after that.
SF Weekly
from the San Francisco Bay Guardian
San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
  • 24-hour Telephone Hotline for Sidewalk Astronomy Events:
  • Information email address: info at
  • Click here to subscribe to event announcements by email.
  • Here is the archive of postings to the sfevents announcement list.
  • The home Sidewalk Astronomers site, , featuring links to Sidewalk Astronomy organizations and events around the world.
  • The John Dobson flier with a complete list of contacts for the Sidewalk Astronomers, and the story "Watchers of the Skies." PDF format.
  • A half-page flier handed out by Jane and Mojo with some fun facts about our favorite telescope targets. PDF format.

7. Famous Physicists And Astronomers
Several pages containing brief biography and accomplishments.
Famous Physicists and Astronomers
The information on this web page was taken from various sources. We do not have copyrigt on it. If you have any questions, please send e-mail to D.Paar at

8. Gary & Jake - Sidewalk Astronomy For The People Of Mill Valley
A site dedicated to sidewalk astronomy from downtown Mill Valley, California.
Committing Random Acts of Astronomy Since 2001
Gary and Jake plan to be out on Friday, October 4th.

Observation Logs

New Server

Monday, Jun 11th, 2001 - Jake has put together a new server for the website (he might have less computer junk than Gary, but his junk is cooler). We hope that this will make your experience here even better with faster response time and quicker downloads. Give it a try!
We're Famous!
Sunday, Jun 10th, 2001 - Mill Valley 94941 . Skip on over there and check it out, then come visit us on the sidewalk to see what it's all about!
Network Outage and Site Upgrade
Friday, May 25th, 2001 - A DSL network outage has kept the site down for most of the day. Of all the days for this to happen, Friday is the worst! Gary made the best of the situation by redesigning portions of the site and upgrading some hardware on the server. A new video card and tiny monitor will let him monitor the site more easily. We hope to continue improving the site whenever we can! Gary and Jake Website Launches! Friday, May 18th, 2001 - Gary and Jake proudly announce the launch of their new website, dedicated to Mill Valley sidewalk astronomy. We welcome the public to join us in observing the skies from downtown MV!

9. Physicists And Astronomers
U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook Printerfriendly version (HTML) (PDF) Physicists and astronomers Almost all astronomers do research. Some are theoreticians, working on the laws governing the structure and evolution
Skip Navigation Links Latest Numbers U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook OOH Search/A-Z Index BLS Home Get Detailed Statistics ... Find It! In DOL Printer-friendly version ( HTML PDF
Physicists and Astronomers
Nature of the Work Working Conditions Employment Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement ... Sources of Additional Information
Significant Points
  • A doctoral degree is the usual educational requirement because most jobs are in basic research and development; a bachelor's or master's degree is sufficient for some jobs in applied research and development. Because funding for research grows slowly, new Ph.D. graduates will face competition for basic research jobs.

Nature of the Work About this section Back to Top Physicists explore and identify basic principles governing the structure and behavior of matter, the generation and transfer of energy, and the interaction of matter and energy. Some physicists use these principles in theoretical areas, such as the nature of time and the origin of the universe; others apply their physics knowledge to practical areas, such as the development of advanced materials, electronic and optical devices, and medical equipment. Physicists design and perform experiments with lasers, cyclotrons, telescopes, mass spectrometers, and other equipment. Based on observations and analysis, they attempt to discover and explain laws describing the forces of nature, such as gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear interactions. Physicists also find ways to apply physical laws and theories to problems in nuclear energy, electronics, optics, materials, communications, aerospace technology, navigation equipment, and medical instrumentation.

10. ThinkQuest
Features profiles of various astronomers of fame, from Galileo to Ptolemy.
We're sorry. The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. If you are the owner or creator of this site, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at Thank You.

11. The San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
Dedicated to taking your telescope to the sidewalk. Also has telescopes for you to borrow for free .Category Science Astronomy North America United States......After about five years of having this page up, I have abrogated my association withthe San Francisco Sidewalk astronomersmainly because I don't physically
After about five years of having this page up, I have abrogated my association with the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomersmainly because I don't physically go out to the sidewalk anymore with my telescope(s)... However, in this virtual world, I still encourage others to do so. This page is also a space that facilitates my "telescope loan program": I loan out my personal scopes (no chargeno obligationno club to join) so others may see the universe through a telescope too... But I don't care anymore whether you share the Universe with others or not. This page will continue to have some "sidewalk-like" articles beneath its cover, but it will also be geared to the average astro-interested beginner. For official SF Sidewalk Astronomer information, go to: Morris Jones' San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers' Webpage ... Or call the SFSA "hotline" for the latest scheduled get together: (415) 289-2007. Telescopes You Can Borrow!

12. The San Francisco Amateur Astronomers
Welcome to the San Francisco Amateur astronomers! Founded in September1952, the SFAA is an association of people who share a common

Email WebMaster

Email Treasurer
Welcome to the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers! Founded in September 1952, the SFAA is an association of people who share a common interest in astronomy and other related sciences. Our membership consists of people from all walks of life, educational backgrounds and ages.
Membership Information
Members Only

13. Harmonia Macrocosmica Seu Atlas Universalis Et Novus
Atlas of the heavens as seen by the astronomers of the time of its 1661 printing Copernicus, Ptolemy, Brahe, and Aratus. Entire book has been digitized and the images may be browsed or searched.
Marriott Library Digital Technologies Digitized Collections Harmonia Macrocosmica PROJECTS ABOUT US



Scanning Techniques
Harmonia Macrocosmica
by Andreas Cellarius
Harmonia Macrocosmica, by Andreas Cellarius, is part of the Marriott Library's Rare Book Collection. Printed in 1661, it is an atlas of the heavens as seen by the astronomers of the times: Copernicus, Ptolemy, Brahe, and Aratus. There are 30 double-folio hand-painted color plates, plus approximately 200 pages of accompanying text in Latin. The entire book has been digitized and the images may be browsed or searched by clicking on the links to the right. Browse the 30 Color Plates Browse the Text Pages Search
University of Utah

14. Educational Observatory - Astronomy Clubs, Societies, Associations
American Association of Amateur astronomers (AAAA). The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

15. Orange County Astronomers -- Home Page - Moved To
We have moved! please update your bookmark for this site to thefollowing address. See you there soon!
We have moved! please update your bookmark for this site to the following address See you there soon! setTimeout("location.replace('')",10000)

16. RCA: Dark Skies
Includes a information about the effects of light pollution and local darksky sites.
Rose City Astronomers Site Index Membership Calendar Newsletter ... Star Links
    Oregon Dark Skies
    Rose City Astronomers are proud members of the International Dark Sky Association.
    Our members are active observers in Oregon and Southern Washington. Attention Clackamas County residents!
    Download this letter (it is a word document)
    , add your own personal touch and send it off to the Clackamas County Commissioners urging the adoption of a 'dark sky' ordinance in Clackamas County. IDA Newsletters Why are engineers, medical professionals, and amateur astronomers, concerned about the effects of Light Pollution?
    • Some studies show: the effects of not sleeping in total darkness can degrade the immune system of animals and humans. See articles gathered by Dark Skies Northwest.
      Poor lighting and wasted energy is misuse of electricity and money.
      Misdirected light, 'Light Trespass' is a nuisance and architecturally unappealing.
      Studies show that various uses of lighting may actually increase crime, just exactly the opposite of what people try to achieve.
      The light pollution from inferior lighting design on highways creates a hazard to driving known as 'Road Glare.'

17. Redirect Message From Muslim Scientists And Islamic Civilization
Informal astronomy club holds meetings on the sidewalks of San Francisco. Learn about sidewalk viewing and find a meeting schedule. abrogated my association with the San Francisco Sidewalk astronomersmainly because I don't physically go out to the
Before European Renaissance, 700 - 1500 C.E. This page has moved to new location:

Please bookmark new URL.

18. Redirect Message From Muslim Scientists And Islamic Civilization
MUSLIM SCIENTISTS, MATHEMATICIANS AND astronomers Before European Renaissance,700 1500 CE. This page has moved to new location http//
Before European Renaissance, 700 - 1500 C.E. This page has moved to new location:

Please bookmark new URL.

19. Deepsky 2003 Deepsky 2002 Deepsky 2000
commercial Windows Observation planning software for astronomers. Includes telescope control, logging, and charting.
ez_codePath = "code/" document.write(""); showPermPanel('Bar', 5, 35)
Deepsky 2003 Astronomy Software
Deepsky 2003 (for Windows) is a collection of observer friendly software tools designed to make your observing sessions more productive. By using these integrated tools, you'll be able to easily plan for an observing session, be productive while observing, and record what you see. This is no average planetarium software folks! Deepsky packs an enormous wealth of features all integrated together in one low cost solution.
The software is written with the observer in mind and is very easy to learn and use. Its simple, yet powerful features will provide you with the information you require to make your observing sessions more fun!
Feature Summary:
  • Spreadsheet Database of 708,000 Deepsky Objects
  • 11,000 Images (CD) or 400,000 Images (DVD)
  • Interactive Star Charts with Stars to Magnitude 15.5 !
  • 18 Million Stars - HGSC ver 1.3
  • Super Tycho Star Catalog
  • Observer's Logbook
  • Oberserving Planner
  • Integration With Cartes du Ciel software
  • Sync your PC to an Internet Time Server
  • 4,000 Observations from other Observers

20. The Fraser Valley Astronomers Society British Columbia Canada
A local astronomy site with comprehensive information about the local darksky park including directions; Category Society Issues Environment Light Pollution......Your Online Telescope Store! These Folks Sell Real Telescopes! It ismy opinion the President of the Fraser Valley astronomers Society.
Your "Online" Telescope Store!
These Folks Sell Real Telescopes!
It is my opinion the "President" of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society.
That YOU cannot find a truly good telescope in a department store.
Do yourself a favor and read this topic BEFORE YOU BUY By Ed Ting
You'll be glad you did!

Excellent Discussion Group.
This Page is
Best Viewed at 1024x768!
Brand New Revised!
"THE BACKYARD ASTRONOMER' S GUIDE" Click here to have a look! Need answers? Join ACATW . You will find all kinds of folks there willing to lend you a hand. Telescope Making Stigs Sky Calendar Moon Phases (courtesy of the US Naval Observatory About Us! Vic's Mirror Making Vic's Telescope Making ... Vic's Parabolising Joe's ATM Pages!
Mirror Making Machine shop to Die For! Telescope Plans Waddingtons Vacuum Coatings SkyView Vacuum Coatings and Mirror Blanks Binocular Box UPDATED! First Surface Mirrors Before you Buy! Telescope Reviews Resources ... Made Easy! DARK SKY PARK Dark Sky Park Maps to get you there! DSP's of North America Abbotsford Weather CLEAR SKY CLOCKS ABBOTSFORD MANNING PARK MERRITT B.C.Weather Center

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