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  1. Final technical report astronomical software directory service : contract no. NAS5-32496, funded by NRA-OSSA-92-15, Astrophysics Data Program (SuDoc NAS 1.26:207174) by R. J. Hanisch, 1998
  2. Directory of Land and Hydrographic Survey Services in the United Kingdom
  3. Catalog of radio observatories (Technical memorandum: physical electronics LMSD-703079) by C. R Moe, 1960
  4. Astronomer's Computer Companion by Jeff Foust, Ron LaFon, 1999-11-07
  5. Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Volume XIXB (International Astronomical Union Transactions) (v. 19B)
  6. A lecture on astronomy: With some remarks on Newtons discoveries : given in the Museum of the Torquay Natural History Society on March 6th 1876 by Thomas G Hall, 1876
  7. Star Guide 1998-99 (Serial) by Air, Axiom Information Resources, 1997-11
  8. Electronic mail: Guide- 1 Jan 1989 by Chris Benn, 1989
  9. North American Small Telescope Cooperative (Wisconsin astrophysics) by Jason A Cardelli, 1994
  10. Space Programs Outside the United States: All Exploration and Research Efforts, Country by Country by Daphne Burleson, 2005-01-14
  11. Earth and Astronomical Sciences Research Centres (ROR) by J Fitch, 1984-11
  12. The American Space Program: Mercury and Gemini Missions--The Best Websites by Beverly Durfee, 2005-01-01

61. AstronomyLINKS - Other Link Directories - Astronomy And Space Directory, Links, other link directories - astronomy and space links The sourcefor the best astronomy and space related links from around the world
location: index > other link directories astronomy and space directory search links: site map advertise add URL contact us ... Geodesium Space Music for Inspiration
astronomyLINKS recommends " Stellar Collections "] site features: astrowire news webmaster utilities donate to this site stellar link award: Remembering STS-107 : Nicely done tribute website for the Shuttle Columbia crew nominate a link poll/quiz: Is there life in any form outside of our Solar System? ·Yes, definitely ·Most likely ·Probably not ·No, not a chance
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62. Astronomy
Research_1 Alternative energy_8 Amateur Science_2 Antigravity_2 Articles_6 Ask a Question_2 Astronomy_4 Bioenergy_1 Directories_1 Energy
Top 100 sites list EtcDomains Home The Cyberwiz Directories Software, Games and Music ... Yourname@cwizmail.c om Join HitGen Link Partner What are you searching for?
Home Page Bruce Cathie Clustron Sciences Experiments ... Ufology
    Department of Physics and Astronomy Postal Address: Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, Scotland, United Kingdom Telephone: (+44) 14...
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh...
The Royal Observatory Edinburgh Homepage.Linking to the UKATC and the Institute for Astronomy...
Welcome to the PPARC Transition Web Site Home Page...
PPARC supports research and training in particle physics, space science and solar-system studies, and astronomy and cosmology. We also have important industrial liaison and public understanding of ...

Home Page
Bruce Cathie Clustron Sciences ...
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63. Graduate School Directories - Astronomy And Astrophysics
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Graduate School Directories
View Graduate Programs in:
Eastern U.S.A.
Western U.S.A.

Outside the United States

Distance Learning Programs
Certificate Programs
Or select other related directories here Astronomy and Astrophysics Atmospheric Sciences Education - Teaching Science History of Science and Technology Meteorology Physics
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64. Untitled
The discussion will be about resources on the web relating to the history of astronomy.directories and sites will be covered, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
History of Astronomy on the World Wide Web
Saturday, February 1, 2003, 10:00 AM
Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, California The discussion will be about resources on the web relating to the history of astronomy. Directories and sites will be covered, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I expect some discussion about what's missing as well as about what's there. As a starting point for research, I offer the following list of directories and sites. I invite participants to bring their own experiences to the meeting as well. General Purpose Directories There are three major general purpose directories on the web, all of which purport to have a section concerning the history of astronomy. To avoid conflict of interest, I must refrain from saying which one is clearly the best. See them all and judge for yourselves. Science:Astronomy:History on the Open Directory Project,
Google, AOL, and many smaller directories are derived from this. The content is generated by a group of volunteers and is distributed freely on the condition that it be properly attributed.
on Zeal,

65. Science/Astronomy/Directories
123World Alphabetic listing of astronomy sites. http// astronomy Resources Links to hundreds of astronomy sites.
Search the Internet:
Check Out: Home Science Astronomy : Directories LINKS:
Alphabetic listing of astronomy sites.
4StarGazing - A Guide for Amateur Astronomers from

Did you make a wish? If it was for all the astronomy, planetarium and star gazing sites you ever wanted, then your wish has come true with 4StarGazi...
Amateur Astronomy

WWW Virtual Library
AstroLinks - Internet's Astronomy Guide

Cosmobrain's Astrolinks is a complete guide for Astronomy on the web. Only selected links. Astronomy by Includes an online store, classifieds, telescope information, discussion forum, astronomy links and more. Astronomy Links for Drennon's Science Astronomy Resources Collection of links by S. Wormley at Iowa State University. Astronomy Resources Links to hundreds of astronomy sites.

66. EBroadcast Internet Directories :: You'll Find It At The Internet Directories!
EBroadcast Internet directories. It's 2003. eTopic Science astronomy (3,397)Add to favorites. the entire directory.

67. UCI Physics & Astronomy Administration And Directories
Questions/comments Department of Physics and astronomy 4129 FrederickReines Hall University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA 926974575.
Faculty and Staff Directory
Travel Information
Physical Sciences Safety Information
Campus Directory ...
Department of Physics and Astronomy 4129 Frederick Reines Hall
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-4575

68. - Science & Technology :: Astronomy & Space :: Directories
Winner of the Weekly Link Award Winner of the Weekly Link Award importantmessage Links Science Technology astronomy Space directories Links Links
  • Brian's Space Hotlist - A collection of thousands of links to quality space information intelligently organized into a number of topics and annotations that make it clear what each site listed is about. - ENGLISH

Winner of the Weekly Link Award

Forward ...
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69. Guide To Selected Astronomy Resources (Science / Engineering Services, Texas A&M
astronomy Resources directories. ELECTRONIC. AAS Membership DirectoryLists names and contact information for the membership of the
Astronomy Finding Aids Dictionaries Encyclopedias Directories ... Other Subject Guides
Astronomy Resources
ELECTRONIC AAS Membership Directory
Lists names and contact information for the membership of the American Astronomical Society. Searchable by name, institution or city. IAU Membership Directory
Lists names and contact information for the membership of the International Astronomical Union. Searchable by name only.
Maintained by Kathy Jackson
Original Content by Brian Quigley, Physical Sciences Librarian.
Original Design by Brian Quigley, Physical Sciences Librarian.
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70. UD DPA Teaching
of Physics astronomy, Univ. of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716. http// Last updated April 2, 2001. © Univ.

71. E-Resources Search
directories In 'Physics astronomy'. Important Physics astronomydirectories. StarPages see full record The Star*s Family of

72. Science/Astronomy/Internet Directories And Portals -
Home Science astronomy Internet directories and Portals. ListingsAstronomer Magazines, the solar system, skywatching technology
Search: Advanced Search Home Science Astronomy : Internet Directories and Portals
Astronomer Astronomy Net, The Solar Eclipse News - Learn about solar eclipses. News, images and related links. Space
Search: Advanced Search Home Add a Site Modify a Site ... Link to Us
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73. Directories: Science And Technology: Astronomy
More search options. Home. directories Science And TechnologyAstronomy, Back. LINKS Ahlan Wa Sahlan ke Astronomi Malaysia
Home Chat Classified Comics Email Events Exchange Rate Fast Mail Food Guide Forum Friends Games Greeting Card Health Horoscope Match Maker Movies News Ringtones Software Sports Stories Travel TV Guide WAP Weather Search Directories Friends Recipes Ringtones More search options Directories: Science And Technology: Astronomy Back LINKS:
  • Ahlan Wa Sahlan ke Astronomi Malaysia
    Ana sebagai salah seorang anggota 'astronomi_malaysia' yang ditubuhkan untuk membincangkan berkenaan astronomi(umum) atau astronomi(Islam) mempelawa muslimin muslimat ...
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  • Asas Astronomi
    Laman web ini dicipta khas bagi membantu memberi sedikit sebanyak maklumat asas mengenai astronomi, memandangkan tidak banyak laman web yang membincangkan topik-topik berkenaan astronomi di dalam Bahasa Melayu. Di harap laman ini dapat membantu mereka yang tiada pengetahuan asas di dalam bidang astronomi.
    (Hits: 161 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 2)

74. Search Engines And Directories For Astronomy, Astrophysics And Stars
ADSWWW, Astrophysics Data System Harvard, AstroWeb, astronomy STSCI, LiveSky,Stars at night, MTRL Toronto, Bsd astronomy, NIX, NASA Image eXchange,
Search the memory of the net- all about
searching information on the Internet,
search engines and website promotion.
to Webrom news and Webrom newsletter
Search engines and directories for astronomy, astrophysics and stars

Quick search

Search and find
... ADSWWW Astrophysics Data System Harvard AstroWeb Astronomy STSCI AMASE NASA Astrophysics Multi-Spectral Archive Search Engine help LiveSky Stars at night MTRL Toronto Bsd Astronomy NIX NASA Image eXchange SYZ Astronomical Image Library For more information about services we can provide for you, document.write(''); document.write('contact us' +'');

75. Andre HECK - Directories
André HECK directories. (ISSN 0764-9614 - ISBN 2-908064-12-x); astronomy, spacesciences and related organizations of the world - ASpScROW 1991, Publ. Spéc.
See also the atlases, catalogues and dictionaries , the monographs , the theses , as well as the list of edited publications and books
  • International directory of amateur astronomical societies 1978 (with J. Manfroid), ed. Heck-Manfroid (1978) ii + 110 pp.
  • International directory of amateur astronomical societies 1979 (with J. Manfroid), ed. Heck-Manfroid (1979) ii + 288 pp.
  • International directory of amateur astronomical societies 1981 (with J. Manfroid), ed. Heck-Manfroid (1981) iv + 300 pp.
  • International directory of amateur astronomical societies 1982 (with J. Manfroid), ed. Heck-Manfroid (1981) iv + 304 pp.
  • International directory of amateur astronomical societies 1984 (with J. Manfroid), ed. Heck-Manfroid (1984) iv + 278 pp.
  • StarGuides 1993
  • StarGuides 1994
  • StarGuides 1995
  • StarGuides 1996 ...
  • StarGuides 2001 - A World-Wide Directory of Organizations in Astronomy, Related Space Sciences and Other Related Fields, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht (2000) xiv + 1224 pp. (ISBN 0-7923-6509-7)
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Go to CV main page
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76. Andre HECK
Recent review paper on `From Early directories to Current YellowPage Services' forthe book `Information Handling in astronomy Historical Vistas' (December
(MSc, MEd, MMan, PhD, Habil., DSc)
Observatoire Astronomique WWW: (current page) CV Activities Books Potins ... Varia Recent contribution on `Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory and its Multinational History' at the 201st AAS Meeting (Seattle, 5 January 2003) Recent review paper on `Half a Century of Intense Maturation' for the book `Information Handling in Astronomy Historical Vistas' (December 2002) Recent review paper on `From Early Directories to Current Yellow-Page Services' for the book `Information Handling in Astronomy Historical Vistas' (December 2002) Presentation on `Advertising from Space: A Real Danger?' at the `International Conference on Light Pollution' (La Serena, 6 March 2002) Contribution on `Creativity in Arts and Sciences: A Survey' for the book `Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy II' (June 2001) Contribution on `Information Handling in Astronomy' for the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (January 2001) Review paper on `Characteristics of Astronomy-Related Organizations' (Astrophys. Sp. Sc. 274, 2000, 733-783)

77. Physics And Astronomy Faq-O-matic: User Home Directories
(Category) Physics and astronomy FaqO-matic (Category) Departmental Unix UserHome directories. Moderator (inherited from parent).
Physics and Astronomy Faq-O-matic Departmental Unix
User Home Directories Moderator: (inherited from parent) (Posted by A.Flavell for Graeme in his absence) User home directories are now supposed to be accessed by means of a path of the following form:
where 'username' is the Unix login name of the relevant user. Some shells also support the convention of ~username Please note that users who were previously aware of the actual location of their home directory, e.g cepheid, may have been referring to their home directory as /home/cepheid/username Now that cepheid is being phased-out, those users' home directories have been moved elsewhere (actually titania, although users should not need to know that). Some arrangements had been made to try to make this transition transparent, but during this transitional phase, some users have been experiencing unexpected results when they tried to access /home/cepheid/username explicitly. There is a technical reason for this which I won't go into in detail here. Suffice it to say that the /home/username format should now be the correct form for all users, regardless of which nodes their home directories were on before or are on now.
2001-Jul-08 16:57

78. - Vietnamese Links - Search Directories [Science/Astronomy]
VNCENTRAL LINKSScience/astronomy. Suggest a Site. Copyright©1998 All rights reserved. Questions regarding about this site ?
Liªn Lạc Giºp Đở? VnCentral VNCENTRAL LINKS Science/Astronomy Suggest a Site Questions regarding about this site ?

79. German Astronomical Directory (GAD) Astronomical Directories
directories Andres Scholl's mit allenPlanetarien in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz; astronomy in Austria;
astronomical directories
GAD English Homepage German Version astronomical clubs public observatoires ...

LibrarySpace and astronomy; Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) On-lineParticle Physics Information; Star*s Family directories of organizations
The AstroWeb Consortium a collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet, containing well over 1,000 links to research groups, telescopes, observing schedules, databases, preprints and many other resources. The AstroWeb information is available at the consortium centres:
The Consortium also provides a search utility: Click here to search the AstroWeb database

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