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         Astronomy Education:     more books (100)
  1. Astronomy Education: Current Developments, Future Coordination (Asp Conference Series Proceedings ; Vol 89)
  2. A Systemic Approach to Improving K-12 Astronomy Education Using NASA's internet Resources.: An article from: Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching by Timothy F. Slater, Brian Beaudrie, et all 2001-06-22
  3. Innovation in Astronomy Education
  4. Astronomy Media Workbook for the Cosmic Perspective the Essential Cosmic Perspective by Michael C. LoPresto, 2006-01
  5. Astronomy for the Utterly Confused (Utterly Confused Series) by Dr. Terry Jones, Jeanne Hanson, 2006-12-22
  6. Schaum's Outline of Astronomy by Stacey Palen, 2001-11-12
  7. Ready-To-Use Earth & Astronomy Activities for Grades 5-12 (Secondary Science Curriculum Activities Library) by Mark J., Ph.D. Handwerker, 2000-07
  8. Astronomy for the Southern Hemisphere (Science and our Future) by Paul Wyatt, 1996
  9. Activators - Astronomy by Farndon, 1999-06
  10. Peer Instruction for Astronomy by Paul J. Green, 2002-08-24
  11. 2000 Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields
  12. Project Earth Science: Astronomy by P. Sean Smith, 1992-03-26
  13. Astronomy: Study Guide and Exercises for Distance Education by John L. Safko, 1994-08
  14. A Complete Guide To Astronomy - Be A Stargazer + Plus Bonus

1. Public Education And Outreach
General astronomy tutorial, education links, web courses, documents at the UCSD Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences.
University of California, San Diego
John P. Gleason Celestial Images
Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial
Project ASTRO at CASS ... Related Educational Sites Prof. GENE SMITH's ASTRONOMY TUTORIAL
If this looks a little like an Introductory College Astronomy Course, that is because these pages were developed for my Courses for Liberal Arts Majors. These pages will evolve to feature topical material and new research. (Copious thanks go to Susan Rappoport who has done a bit of everything in making these pages possible.) The Scale of The Universe Introduction : Through the Universe at the Speed of Light A Brief History of Astronomy Forces and Light Telescopes : Ground-Based and Space Bourne
Reflectors Radio Space Telescopes Thermal Radiation Atomic Structure Stellar Spectra Spectral Classification ... Stellar Evolution I Forming Stars to the Main Sequence Stellar Evolution II Massive Stars Supernovae General Relativity Black Holes The Milky Way Galaxy The Interstellar Medium The Distance Scale in the Universe Galaxies : The Spiral Nebulae Clusters of Galaxies Dark Matter Gravitational Lenses Quasars ... The Big Bang - A Brief History of the Universe Cosmology The Structure and Future of the Universe Featured Links
  • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Images and description of NASA supported research of topical interest. Frequently features Hubble Space Telescope and other research that you'll see on the news.
  • 2. Association For Astronomy Education (AAE)
    Association for astronomy education (AAE) An affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association.
    Association for Astronomy Education (AAE)
    an affiliate of the
    National Science Teachers Association ( NSTA ) USA
    Welcome to the new homepage for the US Association for Astronomy Education (AAE). We are still growing - check back soon!! Among many things, you will find a limited list of resources for teaching and learning about astronomy from kindergarten up through graduate school. We have not attempted to provide a comprehensive list - if your pages aren't listed here, check the references therein - you'll find them!!! Currently, there are no membership dues. If you would like to receive our electronic announcements, please send a blank email to: send astroed_news-unsubscribe if you need to disconnect Handy Hyperlinks E-Mail Distribution Archive from May 2001 to present

    Similar Organizations
    • American Astronomical Society Education Office ( AAS Ed Astronomical Society of the Pacific ( ASP American Association of Physics Teachers ( AAPT European Association for Astronomy Education ( EAAE

    Links for Teachers
    • NASA Spacelink ( NASA Astronomy Diagnostic Test ( ADT ASTROLRNER Astronomy Education Research Listserv ( ASTROLRNER National Science Education Standards ( NSES Canonical Teacher Resources ( CTR

    AAE Officers PRESIDENT
    Tim Slater
    University of Arizona
    Department of Astronomy
    Tucson, AZ 85721

    3. EAAE HomePage
    astronomy education at The Astronomical Society of the Pacific The main Education page has been moved to our new website. Click on the link below to go to the page at our new site.
    c/o European Southern Observatory
    Welcome to EAAE!
    The purpose of the Association is to improve and promote astronomical education at all levels in all institutions involved in teaching astronomy in Europe. Catch a Star! - The ESO/EAAE project which took place within the context of the EC-sponsored European Week of Science and Technology this year. The accepted projects are now on-line!>> Take a look at the new ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercises for high school students! >>
    About EAAE
    EAAE Summer Schools
    Coming Up Statutes By-Laws ... FTP



    Georgia Germany Greece Italy Latvia Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
    Organization EAAE was constituted in Athens on November 25, 1995. The supreme authority of EAAE is the General Assembly and the governing body is the Executive Council . To facilitate the work of the Association concerning the different countries, National Representatives have been elected. Furthermore, to support the work of the organization, two

    4. ASP: Education
    AstroWeb astronomy education Resources. INACTIVE LINK ? 33 - ANOA - Astronomia On-Line (Portugal)
    home education
    SEARCH ASP SITE: Education Topics: Programs Activities Resources Staff
    Education Highlights Shop the ASP online store for our Family Astro games and our extensive astronomy education resources. Visit the Astroshop Learn how you can be involved with Bay Area Project ASTRO ! We are currently accepting applications for both teachers and astronomers to participate in next year's program. See if your students, family or friends can survive a Crash Landing! by trying our latest Sample Activity from Family ASTRO
    • Find out more about this highly successful national program that partners astronomers and teachers in the classroom
    • San Francisco Bay Area ASTRO is a Project ASTRO National Network Site that is run by the ASP
    • Family ASTRO Discover a new program at the ASP that is developing events and activities to share the excitement of hands-on astronomy with families
    • SOFIA Explore the invisible universe of infra-red astronomy in a 747 at high altitudes
    • The Survey of College Astronomy Teachers Add your voice to a growing network of educators who teach introductory astronomy at community colleges and other institutions without extensive research programs

    5. ASP: National Astronomy Education Projects
    This is an evolving list of those projects and programs in astronomy education to which anyone from Category Science Astronomy Education...... National astronomy education Projects A Catalog.
    home education
    SEARCH ASP SITE: Education Topics: Programs Activities Resources The Universe in the Classroom ... Staff
    National Astronomy Education Projects: A Catalog
    printer-friendly version This is an evolving list of those projects and programs in astronomy education to which anyone from around the U.S. can apply or from which anyone can receive materials. It does not include the many worthwhile projects that are designed to serve only one city, one state, or one institution (although we recognize that such programs may nevertheless serve as models for the rest of the country). We very much welcome suggestions and additions for future versions of this list. Please contact the first author at the above address or e-mail: Note: Organizations that are involved with a number of projects are just listed with their names; see the key at the end of the list for their addresses and telephone numbers. Table of Contents: Workshops and Training for Teachers of Astronomy (K-12)
    Workshops and Training for Teachers of Astronomy (College)

    Curriculum and Information Materials

    Audiovisual Materials
    ... Appendix: Addresses of Frequently Listed Organizations by Andrew Fraknoi, Shannon Lalor, and Nicole Taddune

    6. Montana State University Physics And Astronomy Education Research Group
    Research pages and description of Ph.D. program in physics education research.
    The CAPER Team has the following mission: Focusing on collaborative learning strategies, to develop and disseminate effective instructional interventions and authentic assessment strategies based on rigorous research in student understanding. The team conducts research and public outreach activities in the areas of physics, astronomy, and earth/space science. people graduate education activities resources
      Please Visit The CAPER Team in Bozeman:
      • Jeff Adams : Collaborative Learning, Gender Equity, Astronomy Conceptual Assessment, Project Evaluation Greg Francis : Physics by Inquiry, FCI Investigations, Teacher-Enhancement, Peer Instruction Training Larry Kirkpatrick : AAPT Past-President, Theory into Practice, Textbook Author, Graduate Student Training George Tuthill : Teacher-Enhancement via Internet-based Distance Learning Strategies (NTEN)

      Graduate Students
      Closely Affiliated Team Members
      • Ed Prather: Stu dent concep tion s of radiation, astrobiology curriculum development, interactive-lecture methods, University of Arizona Tim Slater : K-16 Astronomy Curriculum Development, NASA EP/O Planning, Student Assessment, University of Arizona

    7. Astronomy Picture Of The Day's Educational Links
    A list of resources that excel in astronomy education. Each is distinctly different, having been chosen Category Science Astronomy Education......What follows is a list of resources that excel in astronomy education. This premierinternet education site now covers a broad range of astronomy topics.
    Astronomy Picture of the Day's
    Educational Links
    What follows is a list of resources that excel in astronomy education. Each resource is distinctly different - they have been chosen to highlight a wide range of interests. We believe the list is topologically complete in that there are no publicly advertised astronomy resources on the WWW that cannot be found by following the internal links of these resources. The list is in alphabetical order, and is subject to change as the WWW, and our knowledge of it, matures.
    APOD in the Classroom
    How Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is being used as a learning tool by teachers and students.
    Ask the Space Scientist
    Answers to thousands of astronomy questions by Dr. Sten Odenwald.
    Astronomy HyperText Book
    Several astronomy lectures on an intermediate level. You can also ask a question, through e-mail, of an astronomy expert.
    Astronomy with a Stick
    Elementary school astronomy activities that can be done with only a stick. Brought to you by the National Science Teachers Association
    Astronomy Picture of the Day Subject Sorted Archive
    This archive contains Astronomy Pictures of the Day (TM) sorted by subject and is updated monthly.
    AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources
    An exhaustive list of astronomy resources on the internet.

    8. Astronomy Education Review (Issue 2)
    Announces a 4Day Education Workshop for Scientists, Engineers, and EPO Managers.Opportunities. Posted February 25, 2003. » Teaching Astronomy with Science
    Volume 1, Issue 2 ISSN: 1539-1515
    Latest Issue Back Issues Opportunities ...
    The Space Science Institute Announces a 4-Day Education Workshop for Scientists, Engineers, and EPO Managers

    Opportunities. Posted February 25, 2003
    Teaching Astronomy with Science Fiction: A Resource Guide
    , by Andrew Fraknoi, Foothill College and Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
    Resources. Posted February 11, 2003
    Misconceptions Scientists Often Have About the K-12 National Science Education Standards
    , by Cherilynn Morrow, Space Science Institute.
    Research and Applications. Posted February 10, 2003
    So What IS the Astronomy Major?
    , by Juan Cabanela, Haverford College, and Bruce Partridge, Haverford College.
    Research and Applications. Posted February 3, 2003
    Birth of the Astronomy Diagnostic Test: Prototest Evolution
    , by Michael Zeilik, University of New Mexico.
    Research and Applications. Posted January 13, 2003 Educational Science CD-ROM Utilization: An Investigation of Science Software Programs in the K-12 Classroom , by Rebecca Knudsen, NASA Office of Space Science. Research and Applications. Posted January 13, 2003

    9. Astronomy Education Review
    ÆR About astronomy education Review Home Latest Issue Back Issues OpportunitiesSearch Tools About the Site. Welcome to the astronomy education Review !
    About Astronomy Education Review
    Latest Issue Back Issues Opportunities ... How to Reach Us
    About the Site
    Welcome to the Astronomy Education Review ! Our goal is to design a site that makes it easy to find, read about, and use new ideas and resources for teaching and outreach in astronomy and space sciences. On the home page we will list new postings with a date so that you can see immediately what's new since the last time you visited the site. This listing is currently identical with the Table of Contents of the latest issue, but the two will diverge as more material is added to the issue. This site is very much a work in progress. Important features still to be added include printer-friendly reformatting of articles and search tools. In the future, we will provide a mechanism for becoming a registered subscriber so that you can receive a short e-mail newsletter about what's new. If you have suggestions for making the site easier to navigate and use, or for additional features, send them to

    10. EAAE Sverige
    EAAE, EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR astronomy education Sverige -, in English.c/o Mediecenter Stockholm, Döbelnsgatan 89, Box 19612, 104 32 Stockholm.
    - Sverige - in English c/o Mediecenter Stockholm
    Physics on Stage 3!

    Catch a Star!

    Alla godkända projekt i detta pan-europeiska ESO/EAAE-projekt är nu on-line! Internationella Astronomiolympiaden
    En Svensk kom trea i finalen i Ryssland!



    Georgia Grekland Irland Italien Litauen Luxemburg Norge Portugal Ryssland Schweiz Spanien Storbritannien Tyskland ORGANISATION
    1998 skedde det i Stockholm Astronomi är dessutom ett extremt populärt ämne. Allmänheten är mycket intresserad av ämnen som förmörkelser, meteorskurar och rymdprojekt. Dessutom finns ett stort intresse för astronomi i massmedia. Flera "testprojekt" i skolor har visat att astronomi är det perfekta sättet att entusiasmera och intressera alla elever som annars ofta blir uttråkade av studiet av andra ämnesområden. Genom vårt vitt spridda nätverk av verksamma i astronomiundervisningen i Europa, kan våra medlemmar utbyta erfarenheter internationellt. Lärare och elever uppmuntras att samarbeta med grupper utomlands och att använda våra etablerade kontakter med professionella astronomer. Som medlem kan du också prenumerera på EAAE:s e-postlista, i vilken du kan skicka och läsa cirkulationsbrev som går ut till alla andra prenumeranter. Medlemmar kan också publicera artiklar i vårt newsletter och annat material på vår website. Svenska Astronomiska Sällskapet NYHETSBREV (på engelska)

    11. Astronomy Education At The ASP -- Site Update
    astronomy education at The Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Themain Education page has been moved to our new website. Click
    Astronomy Education at
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
    The main Education page has been moved to our new website.
    Click on the link below to go to the page at our new site.
    Please make a note of the new URL and update links and bookmarks as necessary. Thank you.

    12. Astronomy Education At The ASP -- Site Update
    astronomy education at The Astronomical Society of the Pacific. The SelectedList of Web Sites for Instructors of Introductory Astronomy
    Astronomy Education at
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
    The "Selected List of Web Sites for Instructors of Introductory Astronomy Courses" page has been moved to our new website.
    Click on the link below to go to the page at our new site.
    Please make a note of the new URL and update links and bookmarks as necessary. Thank you.

    13. Physics And Astronomy Education
    Physics and astronomy education Ask the Experts ask your physicsand astronomy questions, read the archived library of answers.
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    Physics and Astronomy Education
    • Ask the Experts ask your physics and astronomy questions, read the archived library of answers.
    • History of Physics and Astronomy links to the history of physics and astronomy web sites, online museums, science centres, etc.
    • Essays collection of essays that explore the interface between science, art, religion and philosophy.
    • Astronomy links to astronomy resources on the web.
    • Grad Advisor resources for graduate students and those who are applying to gradute schools.
    • Software collection of physics, astronomy and math software reviews.
    • Reference for Educators links to reference and learning sites for educators.
    • Youth Science links to fun programs and websites for young scientists.
    • New Theories links to web sites with new theories in physics and astronomy.
    Editorials How to Be a Good Graduate Student by Marie desJardins Graduate school is a lot of work and requires strong motivation and focus. How to survive and prosper? Dr. Marie desJardins gives advice to both graduate students and their advisors. Continue ...

    14. Astronomy Education Resources Resources
    astronomy education Resources Resources. They are copyrighted by Nick Strobel.This web site is offered to the net as a resource in astronomy education.
    Astronomy Education Resources Resources
    ANOA - Astronomia On-Line (Portugal) -
    All about Popular Astronomy in Portugal [em Portugues].
    The astronomical information service ASTRONET provides information on astronomical phenomena and closely follows the news on astronomy, space research, space flight, meteorology and earth sciences. ASTRONET is frequently updated.
    ASTRONOMY magazine is produced by the publishers of the world's best selling English magazine of the same name. Like its sister publication, Astronomy magazine, offers visitors a wide variety of information for both hobbyist and armchair astronomers alike.
    Academic Assistance Access (AAA) -
    Academic Assistance Access functions in a mailing list environment divided by subject matter (including Astronomy). By subscribing to a specific mailing list, you will get answers to your questions.
    All about solar eclipses

    astronomy education Camp. 6 days/nights of workshops, classes and clear dark skies for observing clear nights.

    16. IAU Commission 46 Contents Page
    Home ~ Guidelines ~ Officers ~ Liaisons ~ Newsletters ~ Links. Welcometo the IAU Commission 46 Website. astronomy education and Development.
    Home Guidelines Officers Liaisons ... Links
    Welcome to the IAU Commission 46 Website
    Astronomy Education and Development
    Read about the recent reorganisation of Commission 46, including its subsuming of the activities of Commission 38 (Exchange of Astronomers), the Working Group for the World-Wide Development of Astronomy, the International Schools for Young Astronomers and the Teaching for Astronomy Development program.
    National Liaisons Online Newsletters External Links Announcements/News
    • Report from the Commission 46 meeting at the XXIV IAU General Assembly (Manchester UK, August 2000)
    • Report from the Commission 38 meeting at the XXIV IAU General Assembly (Manchester UK, August 2000)
    • Information on How to Apply for Grants may be found here.
    This WWW site is maintained by Andy Norton ( ), to whom comments and suggestions should be addressed.

    17. Index Page: The Orbital Mechanics, Space School UK
    Space and astronomy education and projects for all ages.
    The Orbital Mechanics Educational Network
    Our Space Education web site Shooting Stars
    Peace in Space
    An educational web site from The Guardians of the Millennium Space School UK
    Summer School for teenagers interested in Space Rocket Science!
    Setpoint Science website These sites are designed to viewed at 600 x 800 January 2002 email: email

    Powered by:

    18. Newsletter Of The Working Group On Astronomy Education

    19. European Association Of Astronomy Education (EAAE Österreich)
    Organisation zur F¶rderung der Astronomie.

    20. Astronomy Education Board
    astronomy education BOARD Revised 15 July 2002 History Established atthe 188th Meeting, June 1996 in Madison, Wisconsin by restructuring
    Revised : 15 July 2002 History: Established at the 188th Meeting, June 1996 in Madison, Wisconsin by restructuring the educational activites of the AAS particularly by merging the AstronomyEducation Advisory Board and the ad hoc Astronomy Education Policy Board. The new term of the Board begins June 1997. Chair: The Board will be chaired by the Education Officer. Members: Members will be appointed by Council. Ex-Officio members will include the Director of Education Activites, the Executive Officer, and the President. Members selected should represent both the education community reflecting experience with many grade levels, from undergraduate to pre-college, and including those involved with public outreach and the research community which educates graduate students. In addition, representation should be included from both the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the American Association of Physics Teachers. Council Liaisons will serve as ex officio members, and will be appointed by the AAS President, with the approval of the Council. Term: Three years, June to June; staggered.

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