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  1. Black hole found a little off-center: displacement could provide clue to history of galaxy M87.(Atom & Cosmos): An article from: Science News by Ron Cowen, 2010-06-19
  2. STAR CODES.(Pasatiempo): An article from: The Santa Fe New Mexican (Santa Fe, NM) by Unavailable, 2010-03-19
  3. Carl Sagan's Universe
  4. Curious constant for black holes makes an unexpected appearance: physicists puzzled by Newtonian analog to relativity math.(Atom & Cosmos): An article from: Science News by Rachel Ehrenberg, 2009-03-28
  5. Odd couples: big black holes challenge star theory.(This Week): An article from: Science News by R. Cowen, 2007-10-27
  6. Pamela spots the dark stuff, maybe: orbiting observatory records excessive positron production.(Atom & Cosmos): An article from: Science News by Ron Cowen, 2008-09-27
  7. Aboriginal astronomer credited with comet find.(news): An article from: Windspeaker by Cheryl Petten, 2008-11-01
  8. Deep-space dancers.(black hole ): An article from: Science News for Kids by Stephen Ornes, 2009-03-18
  9. Events may leave you starry-eyed.(Science & Technology)(Astronomy: Two local groups plan to commemorate the five-planet alignment.): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  10. A new spin: X-rays shed light on black holes.: An article from: Science News by Ron Cowen, 2007-01-06
  11. Bill stokes hopes to reopen planetarium.(Science & Technology)(Astronomy: The Senate's budget bill includes $1 million for the Lane County facility, but ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  12. Anthropology & archaeology.(SCIENCE NEWS Of the year): An article from: Science News by Gale Reference Team, 2007-12-22
  13. Future aligned in the stars: a business venture of astronomical proportions.(News): An article from: Northern Ontario Business by Andrew Wareing, 2004-01-01
  14. Black hole bully: galaxy blasts its smaller neighbor.(This Week): An article from: Science News by S. Williams, 2007-12-22

81. SCIENCE NEWS: Astronomy And Physics
Burster from astronomy Picture of the Day GammaRay Bursts from the Marshall SpaceFlight Center Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial Cosmic expansion news story
Lighter than Air
New schemes to cancel the pull of gravity aren't just science fiction
By Corey S. Powell In her laboratory at the University of Alabama, Ning Li tinkers time and again with a device she believes will transform the world. Tanks of liquid nitrogen and a clumsy array of plumbing surround a chamber in which the temperature has been reduced to 390 degrees below zero. Inside, a disk of an exotic ceramic material that's about the size of a phonograph record spins rapidly. Levitated by powerful magnets, the disk floats in midair. The contraption may not look like much, but Li insists that the data she is gathering could rid mankind of the shackles that bind us to the planet. "It could change everything," she says. "Current industry will vanish from the face of the Earth!" A practical antigravity device could allow rockets without propellant or power plants that run without fuel. Li hopes to pave the way by designing an antigravity car-and thinks she can do it in a decade. Full story
Super-Telescope Sightings Images from the world's most sophisticated optical observatory showcase the dynamic interactions that build and tear apart galaxies. Scientists working on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in southern Chile have viewed a swarm of young stars stirred by vast explosions; a dwarf galaxy in the process of fading away to nothing; and a "globular cluster" of stars being cannibalized by the gravity of the Milky Way. The results were released this week at a special symposium celebrating the inauguration of VLT's first telescope. Eventually the observatory will consist of four giant, linked telescopes, each with a mirror 25 feet across.

82. Welcome To The Astronomy Ireland Homepage
Details of the Irish national spaceinterest association, with sky and space news, including details of upcoming events, links and general information.
Astronomy Ireland Homepage Last Update: Sunday, 02 March 2003

Lecture Webcasts

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About Us

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Accessories How to Find us Current Issue
(Click for more details) Out Feb 17th! Welcome! Welcome to Astronomy Ireland's Homepage! Subscribe to the Magazine Subscribe Why not give a gift that repeats 12 times a year to remind that someone special every month that you care about them? (Add your own personal message to send to your intended in the comments box and we will pass it on.) What to see in the Sky For the latest details of what to see in the sky (from planets to space craft) please call our premium rate Newsline serivce (new message at least every Monday): Republic of Ireland (74c/min) N.Ireland and Great Britain (60p/min)

83. Astronomy Space - History - News -What You Need To Know About Astronomy - Space
Systems Technology (AIST) Program. More news New Format - Space,astronomy Mission news Daily. More This Date - In History
zfp=-1 About Homework Help Space/Astronomy Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
with Nick Greene
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Free Sky Maps Free Virtual Space Greeting Cards Astronomy/Space Calendar ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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In The Spotlight Tue, Mar 18, 2003
Dr. Mae C. Jemison

Chemical engineer, scientist, physician, teacher and astronaut; Dr. Mae C. Jemison is well-versed in African and African-American Studies, speaks fluent Russian, Japanese, and Swahili, as well as English and is trained in dance and choreography.
Special: STS-093 Images - 1st Shuttle Mission Commanded by a Woman
More: Sally Ride Biography - The first American Woman in Space. NASA Funds New Information Investigation Press Release - NASA has awarded funding for 20 new investigations in information systems technology development under the Advanced Information Systems Technology (AIST) Program. More: News - New Format More: This Date - In History the of Space Exploration About Space Station - A Place For Kids More: Word Search Puzzle - New Puzzle On Our Games Page.

84. UNL Physics And Astronomy-News And Events
news and Events. Observatory Public Nights during the spring semester of 2003January 10, February 7, March, 7, and April 4. astronomy Education Workshops

Prospective Students

Student/Faculty Services

News and Events
Research and Facilities

Department Information

Contact UNL Physics

Main Page
News and Events
Whats New:
Spring 2003 Colloquia Schedule
Spring 2002 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Seminar Schedule
Updated Football Physics

Current and Upcoming Events:
Student Observatory Public Night Spring schedule TBA. Behlen Observatory - Public Nights during the spring semester of 2003: January 10, February 7, March, 7, and April 4.
Astronomy Education Workshops Guest Speaker: Dr. Richard McCray, from the University of Colorado. Friday, January 24, 2003.
Current and Upcoming Projects:
Project Fulcrum Cosmic Ray Observatory Project Saturday Science
Do you have any physics department news? Please submit your news events, or even an article about the event to

85. UCLA Physics & Astronomy
Offers weekly events calendar, news, and announcements, and provides overview of academic programs, classes, and research efforts.
(refresh to see another link)
W 2001-02 Annual Report , and the faculty web pages.
Claudio Pellegrini, Chair
Box 951547, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547
phone: 310-825-3440 - fax: 310-206-5668
e-mail: DEPARTMENT NEWS: WEEKLY EVENTS CALENDAR News Archives Spring 2003 - Class Announcement Physics 185 - Physics Beyond Physics
Physics 215 D - Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Biophysics
In Memory of those we have recently lost
Offices of Plasma Physics
, Faculty, Staff and Grad Students have been relocated
More Plasma Science and Technology Institute News NEW PSTI is proud to announce The Young Plasma Scientist Seminar Series March 7, 2003

86. Astronomy Articles, Forums, Listings, And Other Resources About Astronomy.
249 Hits, June 26, 2001; ESA awards giant contract for astronomy satellites spaceflightnow TouristTito Arrives at Station, Says He Loves Space -
Astronomy News Headlines Articles AstroGuide Astro Images Calendar ... Home News Headlines Login for this week's headlines plus top ten lists.
August Headlines
March Headlines

87. CU Department Of Astronomy : News Archive
have the opportunity to do important research and then to see their work publishedin leading astronomy journals. For the complete story, the news article is

Main Homepage


About The Department

Department News Archive
Graduate Student's Guide to Cornell Astronomy

Search Cornell Astronomy:
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Department News Archive
CU-led science team readies for NASA comet mission launch, July 1
June 27, 2002. "Up, up and away" is the song that Cornell researchers are hoping they will be singing in the early hours of a Florida pre-dawn when NASA's Comet Nucleus Tour (CONTOUR) mission lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a three-stage Boeing Delta II expendable launch vehicle. The spacecraft will carry with it the hopes of Cornell astronomer Joseph Veverka and his international science team. For the complete story, the news article is located at the Cornell Chronicle web site.
NASA, CU set out on course for comets
June 13, 2002. An unmanned NASA spacecraft set for launch next month will fly closer to the nucleus of a comet than any spacecraft ever has, Cornell University scientists said Wednesday. For the complete story, the news article is located at the Ithaca Journal web site.

88. PSIgate - Astronomy Home Page
news Services PSIgate news / Awareness Services. Reference

89. PSIgate - Astronomy Home Page
news Services PSIgate news / Awareness Services. Reference Reference.

90. Welcome To Flandrau Science Center
news JUPITER STILL CLOSE TO EARTH! telescopes and giant binoculars will be set upby Flandrau Science Center and the Tucson Amateur astronomy Association on

Flandrau Science Center is offering a one night 'rain date' viewing of the planets Jupiter and Saturn for the general public on Friday March 7, from 6:30-10:00 p.m.
Perhaps even more so than in February, early March is still an excellent opportunity for evening viewing of Jupiter in a telescope, because Jupiter is higher in the sky during the evening hours. Also, early March 2003 is still one of the best months in the past 3 decades to view the ring system of the planet Saturn in the night sky! Saturn's rings are at their greatest angle of tilt in 15 years, and the ringed planet is nearing its 2003 perihelion (the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Sun) date. Perihelion for Saturn occurs once every 29 years.
Also, Saturn remains fairly bright in the sky and large in a telescope. In addition Saturn is very high in the evening sky for northern hemisphere observers (almost as high - far north - as is possible) and is perfectly situated for convenient evening viewing!
To assist the public in viewing Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and other objects in the winter sky, large telescopes and giant binoculars will be set up by Flandrau Science Center and the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association on the University of Arizona mall in front of Flandrau Science Center.

91. Physics_Footer
of reference should be addressed to Dr, Richard Wolf, Chair of the SolarPhysicsSearch Committee, Department of Physics and astronomy MS-108 news Archive .

92. Greek National Committee For Astronomy - News
news. General Interest. Letter of the President of GNCA to the directors of allthe astronomy sectors Institutes (November 2002), Minutes of GNCA meetings.
General Interest
Minutes of GNCA meetings The 25th IAU meeting (July 2003) Letter of GNCA's President to the Minister of YPAN News regarding the OPTICON Network Greek IAU Membership Hipparchos "Astronomy in Greece at the Gates of the 21st Century" report Invitation by Dr. Buckley to participate in the 10m SALT project Reports from Astronomy centers (in preparation) Meeting regarding selected ESA's programs Previous Newsletters
Send comments to Last update: August 26, 2002

93. -- News And Information About Meteor Showers, Solar Flares, Aur
Forecasts of solar flares and geomagnetic storms, plus daily animations of the sun.Category Science Technology Space NASA Utilities...... MINOR, 20 %, 15 %. SEVERE, 05 %, 05 %. What's Up in Space 16 Mar 2003 Subscribeto Space Weather news! astronomy CLUBS Do you run an astronomy club newsletter?
Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.
Solar Wind

speed: km/s
density: protons/cm
more data
Updated: Today at 1327 UT
X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: 1205 UT Mar18 24-hr: 1905 UT Mar17 explanation more data Updated: Today at 1320 UT Daily Sun 18 Mar '03 Sunspot 314 has a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Image credit: SOHO/MDI The Far Side of the Sun This holographic image reveals perhaps one or two small sunspot groups on the far side of the Sun. Image credit: SOHO/MDI Sunspot Number What is the sunspot number? Updated: 17 Mar 2003 Coronal Holes Earth is inside a solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole. Image credit: SOHO Extreme UV Telescope. More about coronal holes Interplanetary Mag. Field

94. Automatic Redirection To New Night Sky Observer Page
Resource for (primarily Irish) astronomy and space buffs which features news, articles, local weather, Skydiary , software and links to a range of astronomical and spacerelated subjects.
! Location Changed !
Please note the new location is Ensure you update your bookmarks. This page will automatically redirect in 5 seconds. If this does not work for any reason use the link below:

95. FYI - American Institute Of Physics Bulletin Of Science Policy News
Summarizes science policy developments in Washington, DC, affecting the physics and astronomy community. Summaries are approximately one page long and are issued two or more times every week. FYI subscriptions are free.
Search FYI Subscribe to FYI 2003 Archives 2002 Archives ... 1999 Archives FYI summarizes science policy developments in Washington affecting the physics and astronomy community. Summaries are approximately one page long and are issued two or more times every week. FYI subscriptions are free ; they are provided by AIP as a service to the science community. Latest FYIs: Orbach Speaks to Fusion Advisory Committee Key Hearings Completed on FY 2004 DOE Science Request House Science Committee Responds to Administration's FY 2004 Request Any questions about science policy developments or pending legislation can be directed to

96. Astronomy Articles, Forums, Listings, And Other Resources About Astronomy.
Resources, searchable forums and searchable lists of organizations providing astronomy services.
The Astronomy Net Articles AstroGuide Astro Images Calendar ... Support the Astronomy Net Home Search: All of Astronomy Net The AstroGuide Astronomy Articles All Forums Astrophotography Amateur Telescope Making CCD Equipment Blackholes - Theories, Discussion, etc. Blackholes II Celestron User Group Discussion Forum Domes - Portable, fixed, etc. Eyepieces for telescopes General Interest and Misc Topics God and Science Discussion Meade User Group Discussion Forum Software for Astronomy UFO findings and discussion XEphem User Group discussion forum
Report Shuttle debris you find here
W elcome to the Astronomy Net. Here you can find resouces to help understand perhaps the grandest of all sciences. Employing widely disparate disciplines astronomy boldly attempts to understand nothing less than the universe itself. This site exists to help you achieve this goal. Here is a breakdown of this site. The AstroGuide This site includes lists of manufacturers, vendors, software, etc. organized in the AstroGuide to help when you are looking to purchase your tools. Login to help us verify the links. Astronomy News The popular Astronomy News sections organizes current and past astronomy news headlines for your convenience. Login for more features.

97. OLogy
Learn a lot about astronomy, paleontology, and the definitions of other ologies on this site by taking journeys through space and the Gobi Desert. Includes games and activities and is presented by the American Museum of Natural History.

98. 2003 PACS // Journal Of The American Physical Society
Hierarchical numbering scheme, developed by the American Institute of Physics, used to identify fields and subfields of physics.
Physical Review since 1975 to identify fields and sub-fields of physics. (PACS codes from the Acoustics Appendix are not included in some of the formats listed below.)
The 2003 PACS scheme is provided in various formats:
General Information
If you are new to the PACS scheme, or would like further information, it is available here at AIP If you have comments about the PACS scheme, or want to suggest changes or point out errors, please use the feedback form
2001 PACS
1999 PACS
1998 PACS ... APS Journals

99. Amherst Astronomy Association, Astronomy Clubs, Massachusetts, Astronomy, Amhers
Conducts free astronomy programs open to the public. Located in Amherst, Massachusetts.
President - Tom Whitney 413-256-6234 1403 South East ST, Amherst, MA 01002-3031 CALENDAR Location MAPS ABOUT JOIN ...
Amherst SOLAR Observing
1 pm SATURDAY Apr-Nov
Northampton SOLAR Observing
3 pm SATURDAY Apr-Oct
4 pm SATURDAY Sep-Apr
9 pm SATURDAY Mar-Dec
Mt. Pollux SUNSET Observing
Sunset SUNDAY Apr-Nov

Astronomy Day
Comet Crescent Moon ...
7 pm, 1st-3rd-5th FRIDAYS C L U B P R O G R A M S
OBSERVING NEWS ... Astronomy Association Law Site - Attorney Tom Whitney

100. Article List
WARNING The page you have accessed is dependent on JAVASCRIPT whichis not supported by your browser. Due to this limitation, you

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