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         Astronomy Publications:     more books (100)
  1. The World Treasury of Physics Astronomy and Mathematics - 1991 publication. by unkn, 1991
  2. Astronomy Today,1998 publication by Eric-McMilan,Steve-McMilan,S Chaison, 1998-01-01
  3. The World Treasury of Physics Astronomy &Mathematics - 1991 publication by various, 1991-01-01
  4. Cosmic Dispatches: The New York Times Reports on Astronomy and Cosmology,,2000 publication by John Noble Wilford, 2000-01-01
  6. Astronomy Encyclopedia - 2002 publication. by unkn, 2002
  7. Physics of The Solar System- A Companion to Introductory Astronomy Textbooks,1998 publication by Magnani: LaRosa, 1998-01-01
  8. Astronomy Book , 1999 publication by Jonsthsn Hnry, 1999
  9. Arco Astronomy Handbook - 1984 publication. by Jams Muirdn, 1984
  10. Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy - 1992 publication by various, 1992-01-01
  11. Astronomy 2007 publication by JohnD.Fix, 2007-01-01
  12. Prentice Hall Science Explorer Astronomy - 2007 publication by MichaelJPadilla;IoannisMiaoulis;MarthaCyr, 2007-01-01
  13. Schaum's Outline of Theory &Problems of Astronomy 2002 publication by StacyE.Palen, 2002-01-01
  14. Prentice Hall Science Explorer ,Astronomy 2002 publication by IoannisMiaoulis, 2002-01-01

61. Home
Publishes original research papers in all areas of astronomy covering all wavelengths and distance scales as well as papers on the latest innovations in astronomical instrumentation, data analysis, and software.
Photo credit: European Southern Observatory (Home) (General) (Categories)
(Electronic PASP)
... (Dissertations)

62. LSW Publications, Inc. - Publishers Of Educational Materials Specializing In Ast
Publishers of Educational Materials Specializing in astronomy and Weather Topics
LSW Publications, Inc. Publishers of Educational Materials
Specializing in Astronomy and Weather Topics
The LSW home page utilizes advanced Web design features such as frames, Java, Javascript, tables, and interactive forms as well as high-resolution graphics. Therefore, it essential to be using the latest web browser version and have your computer video resolution set properly. Many very powerful new computers STILL ship with video resolutions far below what their hardware can easily support. MS Internet Explorer 4.0 and are the latest versions of the two most popular Web browsers. Presently, version 3.0 will display most Websites equally as well, but the latest versions are much more powerful and easier to use. Visit our Webmaster's video resolution checker to see if your PC configuration is set to its maximum potential.
    Web page designed by:

63. Science History Publications Ltd
Publisher of academic journals in history of science History of Science; Journal for the History of astronomy; Archaeoastronomy; Archives of Natural History.
Sample Issues Contributor's style sheet Subscriptions Links ... E-mail Science History Publications Ltd is an academic publishing company established in 1971 and based in Cambridge, England. We specialize in journals in the fields of history of science, history of astronomy and archaeoastronomy. Science History Publications Ltd
16 Rutherford Road
UK Tel. +44 1223 710969
Fax. +44 1223 565532

Information about research programs, courses offered, activities, meetings and publications.
The department of Astronomy of the university of Guanajuato
Tel: +52 (473) 732 9607 or (473) 732 9548
Fax: +52 (473) 732 0253 The department of Astronomy of the University of Guanajuato Mexico, was founded in 1995 and is administratively linked to the Institute of Physics located in the city of Leon. In February 1997, we inaugurated the offices of the department located in the city of Guanajuato
The Department
Colloquium and meetings Formation and outreach Publications Useful links in Astronomy
All about the city of Guanajuato
This page is maitained by Roger Coziol and was last updated the 27 of February 2003.

65. ISU Astronomy - Publications 1994-95
Selected publications of 199495. ISU astronomy Group. This is a list of paperswritten by members of the astronomy group during the academic year 1994-1995.
Selected Publications of 1994-95
ISU Astronomy Group
This is a list of papers written by members of the astronomy group during the academic year 1994-1995. You can find papers from other years ( , and ) as well as recent preprints in the section of the Graduate Program
  • Appleton,P.N., Eitter,J.J., Uecker,C, ``The Orbit of the Double-lined Spectroscopic Binary HR 7112'', J.Astrophy.Astro., 16,(1995),37-43
  • Dehner, B. T., and S.D. Kawaler, ``Thick to Thin: The Evolutionary Connection Between PG 1159 Stars and the Thin HeliumEnveloped Pulsating White Dwarf GD 358,'' Astrophysical Journal (Letters), 445, L141 (1995).
  • Griffin,R.F., Eitter,J.J., Appleton,P.N., ``Spectroscopic Binary Orbits From Photoelectric Radial Velocities. Paper 120: HR3325'',The Obs., 115(1995), 16-24
  • Kawaler, S. D., M.S. O'Brien, J.C. Clemens, et al., ``Whole Earth Telescope Observations and Seismological Analysis of the PreWhite Dwarf PG 2131+066,'' Astrophysical Journal, 450, 350 (1995).
  • Kawaler, S. D., ``Old and New Opacities in White Dwarf Models,'' in I.A.U. Joint Discussion #16: Astrophysical Applications of Powerful New Atomic Databases'', ed. S. Adelman and W. Wiese (Provo: PASP), (1994).
  • Kawaler, S. D., ``Probing the Extraordinary Ends of Ordinary Stars: White Dwarf Seismology with the Whole Earth Telescope,'' in IAU Colloquium #155, ed. J. Percy, (1995).
  • 66. Department Of Astronomy - University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
    Department of astronomy research, publications, people, academia, links.
    Astronomy News
    Reflections of a Supergiant Wind
    The December release from the Hubble Heritage Project features images and science by Illinois astronomers You-Hua Chu Rosie Chen Bryan Dunne , and Robert Gruendl , Illinois alumnus Sean Points , and collaborators Sally Oey Charles Danforth , and . The Hubble Space Telescope images reveal a bow-shock-like halo around the HII region N30B toward the B[e] supergiant Henize S22 in the Large Magellanic Cloud. B[e] stars are a peculiar class of stars; in addition to their normal starlight, they also show emission from warm, dense gas that surrounds the star in a disk. This reflection nebula offers a convenient and unique mirror to probe the properties of the star-disk system in a B[e] star from different viewpoints. The full paper has been accepted for publication in the April 2003 issue of the Astronomical Journal. Read More...
    Spectacular Sun Pillar
    A photograph of a dawn sun pillar by Professor James Kaler was featured as the Earth Science Picture of the Day for December 11th, 2002. See the full image and read more about it here
    The "Smoking Gun" of the Nearest Known Supernova
    Illinois researchers Peter McCullough Brian Fields , and Vasiliki Pavlidou have discovered evidence for a very nearby supernova explosion in the relatively recent past. The remnant of the supernova spans 20 degrees across, looming so large that is has been overlooked in more narrowly focused sky surveys. The large angular size of the remnant also implies that it is very close to us, and thus presents us with a unique supernova laboratory. This is the closest known supernova remnant, which our ancestors would have seen shining nearly as bright as the full moon about 2 million years ago. This discovery was featured in the August 24th, 2002 issue of

    67. ISU Astronomy - Publications 1993-94
    Selected publications of 199394. ISU astronomy Group. This is a list of paperswritten by members of the astronomy group during the academic year 1993-1994.
    Selected Publications of 1993-94
    ISU Astronomy Group
    This is a list of papers written by members of the astronomy group during the academic year 1993-1994. You can find papers from other years ( , and ) as well as recent preprints in the section of the Graduate Program
  • Griffin, R.F., Eitter, J. J. and Appleton, P.N. 1994, ``A Spectroscopic Orbit for HR 3335'', Observatory (submitted)
  • Fekel, F.C., Henry, G.W., Busby, M.R., and Eitter, J.J. 1993, ``Chromospherically Active Stars. XI Giants with Compact Hot Companions and the Barium Star Scenario'', A.J, 106, 2370
  • Appleton, P.N., Eitter, J.J., and Uecker, C. 1994, ``The Orbit of the Double-line Spectroscopic Binary System HR 7112'', J. Astrophys. Astr. (submitted)
  • Basart, J.P. and McCoy, M. 1994, ``Terrestrial Interference Effects on Space-Based Low Frequency Radio Astronomy'', BAAS, 26, 896.
  • He, L.X., Appleton, P.N. and Basart, J.P. 1994, ``Designing Morphological Filter for Removing `Cirrus' Emission from Far-IR Extragalactic IRAS Fields'' Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Midwest Electro-Technology Conference, 43-46.
  • He,L.X., Appleton, P.N. Basart, J.P. and Pedelty, J.A. 1994, ``A Self-Consistent Design Approach to the Removal of Galactic `Cirrus' Emission from IRAS Images,'' BAAS, 26, 968.
  • 68. Marc Gagné
    Xray astronomy West Chester University astronomy education astrophysics publications NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory
    Department of Geology and Astronomy
    Boucher 232
    West Chester University
    West Chester, PA 19383 Courses Research Planetarium Observatory Spring 2003
    History of Astronomy


    Office Hours

    Picture of the Day
    Hubble Space Telescope Chandra X-ray Observatory Sky and Telescope ... Search the Web
    Astronomy Courses
    ESS 111 ESL 111 General Astronomy Fall 2002 Spring 2003 ESS 355 ESS 555 Intermediate Astronomy Fall 2002 Fall 2004 ESS 362 ESS 562 History of Astronomy Spring 2001 Spring 2003 Department of Geology and Astronomy West Chester University

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    70. Home - Christos Bohoris
    Christos' publications, PhD research and other research projects. Also links related to his interest in astronomy.
    Home Research Chris Bohoris
    You have found the Internet home of Chris Bohoris.
    What am I up to?
    I am currently a student at the University of Surrey , writing up my PhD thesis titled "Network Performance Management Using Mobile Agents". Most of the work towards this thesis was done during the 4 years (1998-2002) I had been employed as a research fellow in the Networks group of the Centre for Communication Systems Research
    About Me
    I was born in Athens, Greece, in January 1975. I have moved around a lot since and re-located numerous times in Chania/Crete, Nicosia/Cyprus, Cardiff/Wales and Guildford/England. I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Master's degree in Telematics (Telecommunications and Computer Engineering). Astronomy is one of my main interests. I currently use a 4.5 inches (reflector) telescope for mostly planetary and sometimes deep space observations. I also enjoy playing classic guitar, having completed 6 years of classic guitar studies.
    E-mail me at

    71. NASA ADS At SAO: ADS Article Service
    Includes the full text of 31 major astronomy and astrophysics journals.Category Science publications Journals Free Online Journals...... Scanned Bulletins and Observatory publications Service view and print scannedpages of Bulletins and Observatory publications digitized by ADS.
    ADS Article Service ADS Home HELP Sitemap
    The following query pages provide access to articles that have been scanned by the ADS. If you want to access the fulltext of every article from a particular journal (including the recent electronic articles available from publisher's web sites), please use the Journal/Volume/Page Query Page
    Please note that Please see the Conditions of Use for more details.
    We would like to acknowledge the many people and organizations
    Scanned Journals Service
    view and print scanned pages of journals digitized by ADS.
    Scanned Proceedings Service
    view and print scanned pages of conference proceedings digitized by ADS.
    Scanned Bulletins and Observatory Publications Service
    view and print scanned pages of Bulletins and Observatory Publications digitized by ADS.
    The ADS is looking for donations of missing publications for scanning. If you can help, please let us know.

    72. The United States Naval Observatory Library
    Library resources include access to the online catalog, publications from the USNO, and astronomy resources on the Internet.
    You need a browser that supports frames to view this page. Click here to view the non-framed version of this page.

    73. OSU Dept Of Astronomy - Publications
    astronomy Courses astronomy Major Graduate Program Calendar of Events ResearchResources Public Outreach MDM Observatory LBT Project publications Picture
    Department Personnel

    General Information

    Astronomy Courses

    Astronomy Major
    LBT Project

    Picture Gallery

    Local Resources

    Department Publications
    Graduate Program Brochure
    BAAS Annual Reports
    PostScript (424k) gzipped PS (191k) PDF (193k)
    PostScript (393k) ...
    A Letter to the Ground-Based OIR Decadal Survey Panel (1999 May 20).
    Return to the OSU Department of Astronomy Homepage Department of Astronomy, The Ohio State University 140 W. 18th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1173 Phone: 614 292 1773; Fax: 614 292 2928 Updated: 2002 November 4 [rwp]

    74. David Chandler Company Home Page
    Quality software and publications for astronomy and astronomy education.
    Quality software and publications for astronomy and astronomy education Software Observing Aids Telescope Interface
    Retail Orders
    ... Links P.O. Box 999, Springville, CA 93265 USA / Voice: -539-0900 / Fax: E-Mail

    75. Cavendish Astrophysics Homepage
    A wideranging program of research, including the Mullard Radio astronomy Observatory, situated at Lord's Bridge. Group members, research interests, publications, surveys and catalogues, other resources.
    The Cavendish Astrophysics Group
    Cavendish Laboratory
    Welcome to the Cavendish Astrophysics Group homepage. The Astrophysics group is part of the Cavendish Laboratory, the Physics Department of the University of Cambridge. The Astrophysics Group manages a wide-ranging program of research, and runs the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, situated at Lord's Bridge.
    Results from the VSA - December 2002

    Group Members

    Research Interests

    ... Cavendish Laboratory Last modified: 24 February 2003
    Webpage Administrator

    76. Faculty Profile: Bernard F. Burke
    Professor of Astrophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A profile of Bernard Burke and his work in radio astronomy
    FACULTY PROFILE: Bernard E Burke
    Boston native and William A.M. Burden Professor of Astrophysics Bernard R. Burke completed his SB in 1950 and PhD in 1953 at MIT. In 1953, he joined the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism at the Carnegie Institution in Washington and became a section manager in 1957. Upon his return to MIT in 1965 as Professor of Physics, Professor Burke introduced interferometric techniques at the Haystack Radio Observatory in Westford, Massachusetts. As leader of RLE's research group in this area, he shared the 1971 Rumford Prize awarded by the Academy of A rts and Sciences. Together with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the Canadian National Research Council, his research group developed techniques for very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI). This method uses atomic frequency standards to synchronize radio teles copes at remote locations around the world and has improved angular resolution for radio telescopes by 1000-fold. Professor Burke's group was also first to conduct inter- and transcontinental VLBI. Recently, he has served as the U.S. principal investigato r to develop orbiting VLBI stations and has also participated in European and Soviet VLBI mission studies. He has served as Visiting Professor at the University of Leiden (1971-72), Sherman Fairchild Scholar at the California Institute of Technology (1984- 85), and held a Smithsonian Regents Fellowship in 1985. In 1963, he received the Warner Prize of the Amer ican Astronomical Society and, in 1988, was corecipient of a NASA Group Achievement Award. He served as President of the American Astronomical Society (1986-88), is Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and was elected to the National Acade my of Sciences in 1970. He chairs and serves on several advisory boards for NASA and the National Science Foundation, and participates on the editorial boards of many professional journals.

    77. Science History Publications Ltd
    Publisher of academic journals in history of science, history of astronomy and archaeoastronomy.
    Sample Issues Contributor's style sheet Subscriptions Links ... E-mail Science History Publications Ltd is an academic publishing company established in 1971 and based in Cambridge, England. We specialize in journals in the fields of history of science, history of astronomy and archaeoastronomy. Science History Publications Ltd
    16 Rutherford Road
    UK Tel. +44 1223 710969
    Fax. +44 1223 565532

    78. Neil Savage, Freelance Science Writer
    Neil Savage writes about optics, fiber optics, telecommunications, astronomy, and technology for Discover, Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum, OE Magazine, and other sciencerelated publications.
    Neil Savage
    Freelance Science Writer
    I'm a freelance writer based in Lowell, Mass. Much of my work lately has to do with optics and telecommunications, but I'm also interested in astronomy, and I've even done the occasional health story. Once upon a time I was the health and education reporter for a small daily newspaper in Connecticut, until I left to attend the master's program in science journalism at Boston University. Later, I was an editor at Laser Focus World. I've been a full-time freelancer since March 2000. I traveled to Australia just before the 2000 Olympics, and recorded some of my observations (unedited) for posterity.
    How to reach me: email: Neil Savage
    Last update: Sept. 3, 2002

    79. Hal Weaver's Home Page
    Research scientist at the department of physics and astronomy at the Johns Hopkins University, contains personal information and publications.
    Harold A. Weaver
    (Last Updated: 1 November 2001)
    First off, my friends call me Hal. I am a Research Scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Most of my scientific work is related to comets and their relevance to the origin of the solar system, but I am also interested in planets and satellites, the interstellar medium, and the formation and evolution of planetary systems. Here is a brief biographical sketch , that provides some background on my research career. Here is a PDF version of my vitae . Or, if you prefer, you can grab this postscript version Here is the PDF version of my publications . Again, you might instead want to download the postscript version
    Other information that might be of interest:
    Read about the breakup of Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR). You can dowload a reprint of the paper An Infrared Investigation of Volatiles in Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner (PDF format, 234 KB), which was recently published in Icarus (v. 142, pp. 482-497, 1999). Unfortunately, Academic Press made an error in typesetting the abstract and published an

    80. American Institute Of Physics - Home Page
    It is the mission of the Institute to serve physics, astronomy, and related fields of science and technology by serving its Member Societies, individual scientists, educators, students, R D leaders, and the general public with programs, services and publications Information That Matters.

    rewarding five women from around the globe for their scientific contributions
    Physics Today March 2003
    Now purchase AIP journal articles for as little as $3
    Get the articles you need quickly and easily. Prepay for a number of articles from AIP publications, enjoy immediate online delivery, and save up to 85% off single-article prices. Click here for more information. PACS
    The newest edition of AIP's Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme is available online. Complimentary paper copies are available upon request. Comments and suggestions from the community are welcome. Visit PACS online. World's largest physics meeting
    Microscopic traffic-control systems for fluids and the molecule that may have started life on Earth were two topics at last week's APS March Meeting in Austin. Physics News Update has some of the first coverage from the meeting Click on Logo to Return to AIP Home Page
    American Institute of Physics

    One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843

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