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81. #11 Tim Naehring - Boston Red Sox - CBS SportsLine
Logo 11 tim naehring Third Base. Born 02/01/1967 in Cincinnati, OH.Height 62, Weight 205. Bats Right, Throws Right. College MIAMI (OH).
#11 Tim Naehring
Third Base Born: 02/01/1967 in Cincinnati, OH Height: Weight: Bats: Right Throws: Right College: MIAMI (OH)
Career Batting Statistics - Through September 27, 1998
Career Fielding Statistics - Through September 27, 1998
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82. Top 15 Fantasy Players By Position
Rankings by baseball Weekly fantasy columnist John Hunt, baseball Weekly editor Paul HayesWade Boggs 14 M. Grudzielanek Mike Blowers tim naehring Jason Giambi
04/15/97 - 02:14 PM ET - Click reload often for latest version
Top 15 fantasy players by position
Rankings by Baseball Weekly fantasy columnist John Hunt, Baseball Weekly editor Paul White, John Benson and Bill James.
Starting pitchers
Hunt White Benson James
Hunt White Benson James
Hunt White Benson James
First basemen
Hunt White Benson James
Second basemen
Hunt White Benson James
Third basemen
Hunt White Benson James
Hunt White Benson James
Hunt White Benson James

83. Kingman's Baseball Autograph Website
Kingman's baseball Autograph Website. Darren Bragg 19 Roger Clemens 20 Wil Cordero21 Jeff Frye 22 Nomar Garciaparra 25 Reggie Jefferson 27 tim naehring 28 Troy
Kingman's Baseball Autograph Website
Below are the 1997 Fleer cards i have signed (Cards 1-250):
4 Rocky Coppinger
5 Cesar Devarez
6 Scott Erickson
10 Mike Mussina
12 Rafael Palmiero
13 Cal Ripken Jr
14 BJ Surhoff
15 David Wells
17 Darren Bragg
19 Roger Clemens
20 Wil Cordero 21 Jeff Frye 22 Nomar Garciaparra 25 Reggie Jefferson 27 Tim Naehring 28 Troy O'Leary 30 Mike Stanley 31 John Valentin 32 Mo Vaughn 34 Garret Anderson 35 George Arias 39 Gary DiSarcina 40 Jim Edmonds 42 Jorge Fabregas 45 Mike Holtz 47 Mark James 48 Mark Langston 49 Troy Percival 50 Tim Salmon 52 JT Snow 56 James Baldwin 58 Mike Cameron 59 Ray Durham 62 Robreto Hernandez 64 Darren Lewis 65 Dave Martinez 67 Greg Norton 68 Tony Phillips 69 Chris Snopek 70 Kevin Tapani 72 Frank Thomas 74 Sandy Alomar Jr. 78 Brian Giles 80 Kenny Lofton 82 Jack McDowell 83 Jose Mesa 87 Manny Ramirez 89 Julian Tavarez 91 Jose Vizcaino 92 Omar Vizquel 93 Brad Ausmus 94 Kimera Bartee 95 Raul Casanova 96 Tony Clark 97 John Cummings 98 Travis Fryman 99 Bobby Higginson 100 Mark Lewis 101 Felipe Lira 102 Phil Nevin 103 Melvin Nieves 104 Curtis Pride 105 AJ Sager 106 Ruben Sierra 107 Justin Thompson 108 Alan Trammell 112 Johnny Damon 117 Jeff Montgomery 118 Jose Offerman 120 Joe Randa 121 Bip Roberts 122 Jose Rosado 124 Michael Tucker 125 Jeromy Burnitz 126 Jeff Cirillo 127 Jeff D'Amico 128 Mike Fetters 129 John Jaha 130 Scott Karl 131 Jesse Levis 132 Mark Loretta 133 Mike Matheny 135 Matt Mieske 138 Jose Valentin 139 Fernando Vina 140 Bob Wickman 141 Gerald Williams 142 Rick Aguilera 143 Rich Becker 144 Ron Coomer 145 Marty Cordova

84. Baseball Journal, 4/98
Sure, there were question marks, but every pitching staff in baseball has questionmarks; but I would have matched this staff up Is tim naehring coming back?
David N. Townsend
Baseball Journal
April 23, 1998
Pitchers are looking up: but the ball stays in the park
With April nearly behind us, and a surprisingly low number of shower-outs (but one roof-out), we can submit to our first review of developments in this 1998 baseball season. Remember the predictions of January and February ? I said home runs would be down, not up, and young pitchers would be good, not lousy, this season. The reasoning is there for you to review. With about 1/8 of the games played, how does my neck out on the limb look, compared with the bobbing heads of the "Expansion will bring a new offensive explosion" yeah-sayers? Through April 19, 1998: Total major league home runs Total runs scored Total games played Home runs per game '98 Runs per game '98 Home runs per game, '97 Runs per game, '97 Home runs per game, '96 Runs per game, '96 So, expansion will bring a deluge of home runs? So far, homers per game are way behind the pace of last year, as well as that of 1996, 1995, and 1994. Runs per game, on the other hand, are up slightly from last year, although well behind the 1996 pace. These twin trends are exemplified by the Yankees home opener with Oakland, in which the 17-13 score included only one home run. Are there more walks? Are hitters getting more doubles? Are poor fielders creating more unearned runs? I haven't yet investigated the answer, and it may well change as the season goes on. But to date, expansion has

85. The Official 1998 Postseason Site Of Major League Baseball - Stats
20. Keith Mitchell, 23, .273, 33, 4, 9, 2, 0, 0, 6, 1, 7, 5. tim naehring,0, .000, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0. Trot Nixon, 13, .259, 27, 3,7, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 3. Troy
Reg. Season Hitting Stats
Reg. Season Pitching Stats
G AVG AB R H HR RBI SB BB K Billy Ashley Steve Avery Brian Barkley Mike Benjamin ... Damon Buford Jim Chamblee Robinson Checo Jin Ho Cho Michael Coleman Jim Corsi ... Reggie Jefferson Keith Johns Kerry Lacy Mark Lemke Darren Lewis Derek Lowe ... Pete Schourek Brian Shouse Chris Snopek Mike Stanley Greg Swindell Carlos Valdez ... John Wasdin David West
Scores Schedule Live Audio ... Store

86. Live Out Your Fantasies Through Baseball
Now I just love baseball selectively. two, when Rod Beck is leading the league insaves after two weeks and when an average hitter like tim naehring has four
Wednesday, 4/16/97
Live out your fantasies through baseball
Unique 'league' allows you to love the Giants but root against Barry Bonds By Vytas Mazeika Daily Bruin Contributor I love baseball. I love the crack of the bat, the pitcher's windup, the green fields, and especially the peanuts and Cracker Jacks. And this year, in particular, it's great. There are no labor disputes - just arguments as to whether or not spitting on umpires should be allowed. It feels like everything is all right with the world once again. But I love baseball for more than just simply the sport. Sure I love to watch Roger Clemens effortlessly strike out 20 hitters, Kenny Lofton steal second, third and home on the same pitch, and Mark McGwire hit three towering 500-foot homers. But you see, I am a fantasy league manager. For those of you who do not know what a fantasy/rotisserie league is, here is a quick explanation: based on players' statistics throughout the actual major league games, people who have selected these players in a draft will get points for such things as batting average, home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, etc. So when I watch baseball, I do more than just cheer for a team.

87. 1998 Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball AL Player List
Scoresheet Home Scoresheet Fantasy baseball Scoresheet Fantasy baseball 3Stage DraftPitchers R 27 2.63 ChA Chris Snopek 412 R 31 2.68 Bos tim naehring 413 B
1998 Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball AL Player List
Go to instructions on downloading this list if you have problems. Scoresheet Home Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball 3-Stage Draft Pitchers ... Catcher numbers Pitchers Short Relievers Catchers First Basemen Second Basemen Third Basemen Shortstops Outfielders Designated Hitters 572 R 35 Sea Edgar Martinez 573 R 41 Min Paul Molitor 574 B 38 NYA Chili Davis 575 L 29 Bos Reggie Jefferson 576 L 39 Bal Harold Baines 577 R 34 Ana Cecil Fielder Unsigned Additions (These players have a dash for a team, meaning they were not signed as of January 12th, 1998, when we made up these lists. However, like all players on this AL player list, they WILL be eligible to be drafted in Scoresheet American Leagues for all of 1998, and will NOT be eligible to be drafted in Scoresheet National Leagues in 1998.) 578 B 38 4.19 - 2B Tony Phillips(Ana) (OF 2.10) 579 R 39 2.08 Oak OF Rickey Henderson 580 R 33 2.04 Cle OF Geronimo Berroa 581 R 26 2.06 ChA OF Wil Cordero 582 R 33 2.04 Tor OF Jose Canseco 583 L 31 2.07 Min OF Orlando Merced Other players have been added to the list as they've signed so if you'd like to draft a player that is unlisted above, just write his first and last name, the team he plays for and his position. If he's signed by your draft day, you'll be able to draft him.
the Scoresheet Gang
(United States office)

88. Capital Baseball League
Capital baseball League Rosters EAST DIVISION CENTRAL DIVISION WEST DIVISION. naehring,tim, Spiezio, Scott, Hayes, Charlie, Martinez, Edgar, Olerud, John, Offerman
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites Capital Baseball League - Rosters EAST DIVISION


EAST DIVISION Blackjacks Bombers Icons Mitts Sun Devils Whiz Kids Cone, David Arrojo, Rolando Acevedo, Juan Baldwin, James Anderson, Matt Benitez, Armando Coppinger, Rocky Astacio, Pedro Assenmacher, P Bohanon, Brian Belcher, Tim Burkett, John Fontenot, Joe Batista, Miguel Brantley, Jeff Dejean, Mike Clark, Mark Candiotti, Tom Gardner, Mark Blair, Willie Clemens, Roger Dreifort, Darren Cook, Dennis Fassero, Jeff Guardado, E Hershiser, Orel Cordova, Francisco Gomes, Wayne Cooke, Steve Fernandez, Osvaldo Harris, Pep Lopez, Albie Darensbourg, Vic Hampton, Mike D'Amico, Jeff Garcia, Ramon Hermanson, Dustin Mesa, Jose Millwood, Kevin Heredia, Felix Edmondsen, Brian Hamilton, Joey Hitchcock, Sterling Olivares, Omar Neagle, Denny Johnson, Randy Embree, Alan Jones, Bobby(col) Holt, Chris Pettitte, Andy Percival, Troy Key, Jimmy Frascatore, J Mercedes, Jose Holtz, Mike Pichardo, Hipolito Reed, Rick

89. Baseball Photos MLB 8x10 .  We Offer A Great Selection Of Sports Pictures.   
Sports offers one of the largest selections of 8x10 MLB baseball photos in CalderonWil Cordero Carl Everett Troy O'Leary Phil Plantier tim naehring Hideo Nomo
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Baseball Photo Quick Links: 2001 All-Star Game 1999 All-Star Game Photos Current Baseball Stadiums Old Basball Stadiums New! Updated List for 2003 We are just begining to update our 2003 list with many more players to come over the next 2 months. Players on new teams will be Studio shots until the season starts in April. Most photos are action shots and we get new poses in all the time. From Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente to Ichiro Suzuki and Roger Clemens, we have the best photographs from yesterday and today.. 8X10 COLOR PHOTO PRICING NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL

90. Reds Minor League Report
He's probably going to end up winning more games than anyone in the organizationover the last two years,” player development director tim naehring said.
var zflag_nid="215"; var zflag_cid="119/2"; var zflag_width="468"; var zflag_height="60"; Apr. 13, 2003



AL Standings

/* You may give each page an identifying name, server, and channel on the next lines. */ var pageName="" var server="" var channel="" var pageType="" var pageValue="" var prop1="" var prop2="" var prop3="" var prop4="" var prop5="" var prop6="news" var prop7="" var prop8="" var prop9="" var prop10="" /********* INSERT THE DOMAIN AND PATH TO YOUR CODE BELOW ************/ /********** DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING ELSE BELOW THIS LINE! *************/ var s_code=' '
Sunday, July 21, 2002 Reds Minor League Report Mottl leads list of strong-armed minor-leaguers

By John Fay
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Nothing illustrates the glut of young pitching the Reds have at Double-A better than the plight of Ryan Mottl. Mottl, a 24-year-old right-hander, is 8-6 for Single-A Stockton after going 15-6 for Single-A Dayton last year. Among the starters at Chattanooga are Ty Howington, Dustin Moseley, David Gil, John Koronka and Josh Hall. Gil is 23; Howington, Hall and Koronka are 21, and Moseley is 20. All have big-league potential.

91. Tim Naehring
Player Search 11 tim naehring Cincinnati Reds Roster, Age 36 Height62 Weight 203 lbs. Bats Right Throws Right Pos 3B Player

92. Red Sox 7, BLUE JAYS 6
TORONTO (CP) Mike Stanley and tim naehring hit backto-back homers to cap a five-runseventh inning as the Boston Red Sox defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 7-6
Canadian Baseball
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    Red Sox 7, BLUE JAYS 6
    BoSox dingers doom Jays
  • Boxscore Notes : Toronto has not won a home series since winning two against the Detroit Tigers May 5-6. ...Ed Sprague is hitting .194 (12-62) with runners in scoring position. ...Benito Santiago's seventh-inning single was his first hit in five games. ...The Jays started the season strong defensively but have made 21 errors in their past 27 games. They have turned just 58 double plays, lowest in the league. SLAM! Sports Search Help CANOE ... Netgraphe Inc
  • 93. Rednot032702
    a learning experience for everyone,'' naehring said. Reds medical director Dr. TimKremchek confirmed NOTEWORTHYReds director of baseball administration Brad
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    Kearns OK with assignment to AA
    By Tony Jackson, Post staff reporter SARASOTA, Fla.The Austin Kearns saga, the most recent and possibly final episode in a spring that for the Reds has been filled with controversy, was settled on Tuesday to the apparent satisfaction of all parties involved. Kearns, an outfielder and the Reds' top minor league prospect, met privately with general manager Jim Bowden upon his arrival at the team's spring training complex. Shortly thereafter, Kearns met with player development director Tim Naehring, then hit the back fields to rejoin the rest of the minor leaguers for stretching. Kearns, who was upset after Naehring told him on Sunday he would begin the year at Class AA Chattanooga rather than AAA Louisville, did not show up for work Monday. ''We just needed to get on the same page,'' Kearns said. ''It's pretty much a dead issue now. I don't have anything against the idea of playing at Chattanooga. But I kind of wasn't prepared for it. That's the thing I was upset about. Now, it's over and done with. I'll just go out and play. That's the only thing I can do.'' After the meeting, Naehring reiterated his belief that AA is a more suitable level right now for Kearns, who was limited to 59 games at Chattanooga last year by a torn ligament in his right thumb. Naehring also repeated Kearns' statement that the entire episode is over now, adding that there will be no further repercussions for Kearns.

    94. - High-level Pitching A Definite Weakness
    system. In fact, Reds player development director tim naehring saidKearns has the most polished skills in the system. Like Dunn
    Home News Money Sports Inside Baseball Baseball home Scores Box scores Statistics ... City Guides American League News briefs Standings Probable pitchers Team notes ... Daily schedule National League News briefs Standings Probable pitchers Team notes ... Daily schedule Baseball Weekly Print edition Archive Life Tech ... Weather Site Web
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    01/03/2002 - Updated 04:06 PM ET Prospect watch: NL Central Cincinnati Reds High-level pitching a definite weakness Produced by our major league team of Lisa Winston, Paul White and Mat Olkin. Stats by Howe Sportsdata. Most organizations strive for continuity throughout the system, but that could turn out to be a good news/bad news scenario for the Reds. Their minor league system looks a lot like the major league club, at least for the near future. Offense is the hallmark of the system. The pitching generally is full of question marks. The next year or so should pose some interesting decisions for general manager Jim Bowden, especially as the Reds move toward their new ballpark. Does he continue to trade young position players as soon as they establish themselves in the majors? Or does he use the surplus of prospects for trades to bolster the major league club? The system does have some promising arms, though most of them were in Class A this past season. Those pitchers typically showed good stuff but, predictably, also displayed a lack of consistency. The Reds have tried to restock the upper-level pitching staffs in recent years with little success.

    95. Cincinnati, Ohio - - The Baseball Cube City Profile
    On behalf of the web site Playing baseball in Wayne (Michigan), she hassponsored the Michigan Regions page and the City of Wayne page.

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