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1. WWW Oaza - European Basketball Championship - France 99
Ovo je veoma vazna pobeda za nas" Izjavio je posle utakmice dejan Bodiroga 0-2. -. -. 3. -. tomasevic dejan. -. 3-6 0-2. -. -. 3. -. tomasevic dejan. -. 3-6
Group A ROUND I Yug - Isr Fra - Mac 71:67 ROUND II Yug - Mac Fra - Isr 77:66 ROUND III Isr - Mac 64:62 Yug - Fra 63:52 GROUP B GROUP C GROUP D
Vlade Divac i Dzim Bilba
Dosad najteza utakmica za nase, centri nisu bili superiorni kako se to ocekivalo. Stavise, svi su imali najslabiji ucinak do sad Slede 2 slobodna dana, prvenstvo se nastavlja
u subotu. Sajt ce biti azuriran i u toku pauze "Francuzi su igrali tvrdo, prljavo, sto su im
sudije dozvolile.
Zahvaljujuci dobroj odbrani u drugom delu smo pobedili.
Ovo je veoma vazna pobeda za nas" - Izjavio je posle utakmice Dejan Bodiroga
Najteza utakmica do sad, kao se i ocekivalo.

2. Player Details - Dejan Tomasevic
dejan tomasevic (Photo ACB.COM). Partizan Beograd (1T) 99 transferred to Buducnostfor $750,000, which is the new record in Yugoslavian basketball 1999-2000

3. Basketball World Championship
TARLAC, Dragan. 27. Novi Sad. Center. 13. DROBNJAK, Predrag. 25. Bijelo Polje. Center.14. tomasevic, dejan. 27. Belgrade. Center. 15. JESTRATIJEVIC, Nikola. 24. Zemun.Center.

4. Directory Vaionline: Siti_Mondiali/Sports/Basketball/Regional/Yugoslavia
Igor Rakocevic, dejan tomasevic, Predrag Drobnjak. YuSearch Sport / basketball Listing of Yugoslav basketball-related
in questa categoria in tutti siti mondiali
Sports Basketball Regional : Yugoslavia

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5. Web Wombat - World Directory
Rakocevic, dejan tomasevic, Predrag Drobnjak. Yubasket and Kosarka websites. Yugoslav basketball Association Logos

6. Sportmachine
Player profiles of Yugoslav national basketball team at the 31st Men's European basketball Championship (France, June 21 Olympiakos (GRE). dejan tomasevic. 26. 206. Center
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• Italy

• Korac Cup

co-webmasters of this site Dejan (football)
(basketball) ...
(football) Interview with Dejan Tomasevic one of the best European forwards Marko Majkic : How would you see the situation when for example Montenegro separates or tries to separate from Serbia? What steps would you take then? Would you still play for Buducnost?
Dejan Tomasevic:
I am professional player. I don’t think about this possibility, but if it comes true I will stay in Buducnost. Marko Majkic : After a disappointing Euro campaign with Yugoslavia, what are your personal, and team goals for the 2000 Olympics? What will be considered a good achievement?
Dejan Tomasevic:
I don’t agree with your opinion that was disappointing campaign. In that moment, under all problems with the injuries that bronze medal was like the gold one to us. I have to say again that we were without five playmakers… We plan to go at the Olympic Games with the strongest team and we will try to defeat Dream Team. In Atlanta we won a silver medal and that was a great success. It will be nice if we get this target again. We have a quality for final game and we shall see what we are able to do in these 40 minutes.

7. Serbia Info News / Buducnost The Champion
Podgorica, May 4 At the Yugoslav basketball Championship play-off finals in in13th minute since his cheekbone was broken in the duel with dejan tomasevic. CIVIL ISSUES POLITICS MILITARY KOSOVO AND METOHIA ... CULTURE AND RELIGION SPORT
Buducnost the Champion

May 03, 2000
Players of Buducnost celebrate their triumph
Belgrade, May 7th - Buducnost, for the second time in a row became Yugoslav basketball champion, after beating host, Partizan, 87-79 (47-44) in the third game of the play-off finals in Belgrade. The team from Podgorica ended the season making a record in basketball championships in Yugoslavia, it had 30 victories out of 30 games. The only defeat that Buducnost suffered from any Yugoslav team during the season was in National Cup from Zdravlje Leskovac. Partizan, although, considerably weakened because Aleksandar Cubrilo and Ratko Varda did not play, was near the victory because, thanking the aggressive defense and successful offensive actions by Veselin Petrovic and Nenad Canak, led with nine points difference (69-60) in the 33rd minute. At the end of the match, Buducnost proved to be a better team and that it had a larger choice of quality players. Radonjic and Vukcevic scored two very important three-pointers, which disturbed the rhythm of the opponent team. Visitors from Podgorica soon made a series 17-6, Raicevic, 40 seconds before the end, missed two free throws and it was clear that the champion would defend the title won last year.
Dejan Tomasevic
(blue jersey, Buducnost)

8. Serbia Info News / Domination Of Yugoslav Basketball Continues
team on the eve of the 13th World basketball Championship Aleksandar Djordjevic, ZeljkoRebraca, Predrag Drobnjak, Nikola Bulatovic, dejan tomasevic and Milenko CIVIL ISSUES POLITICS MILITARY KOSOVO AND METOHIA ... CULTURE AND RELIGION SPORT
Domination of Yugoslav basketball continues

June 08, 1999
Yugoslav basketball players has confirmed in 1998 that they are playing, besides American professionals from the NBA, the most attractive and the best basketball in the world. After lifting the sanctions, the Yugoslav national basketball team does not know what is failure. They returned to the great world scene in 1995 when they won the European champion title in Athens. One year later, the best Yugoslav basketball players lost to USA "Dream Team" in the finals of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and in 1997 confirmed their superiority in Europe. In 1998, once again for the fourth time, they became the world champions. The first coach of the Yugoslav national team Zeljko Obradovic had a lot of troubles to compose the team on the eve of the 13th World Basketball Championship. He could not count on the starters from Atlanta, Zoran Savic, Vlade Divac and Predrag Danilovic. Administrative obstacles prevented the Yugoslav players with the Greek citizenship, Stojakovic, Tarlac and Gurovic to finally play for Yugoslavia. Moreover, the captain of the national team Aleksandar Djordjevic arrived to preparations for the championship insufficiently ready due to operation of his injured leg. The following players of the national team went to Athens: Dejan Bodiroga, Vlado Scepanovic, Sasa Obradovic, Nikola Loncar, Dragan Lukovski, Miroslav Beric, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Zeljko Rebraca, Predrag Drobnjak, Nikola Bulatovic, Dejan Tomasevic and Milenko Topic.

9. Basketball - Europameisterschaften (Herren)
basketball Europameisterschaften (Herren) Jahr. Vlade Divac, dejan Koturovic, ZoranSavic, Zeljko Rebraca, Miroslav Beric, Zoran Sretanovic, dejan tomasevic).
Historie Basketball - Europameisterschaften (Herren) Jahr Mannschaft Lettland (Eduard Anderson, Alexej Anufrijew, Martinsch Grundmanis, Gubins, Rudolfs Jurzins, Ledmanis, Dschems Raudzins) Litauen (Andrulis, Budriunas, Jurgela, Krauciunas, Lescinskas, Lubinas, Puzinauskas, Ruzgis) Litauen (Andrulis, Budriunas, Jurgela, Krauciunas, Lescinskas, Lubinas, Puzinauskas, Ruzgis) CSSR (Milos Bobocky, Jiri Drvota, Josef Ezr, Gustav Hermann, Jan Hluchy, Josef Krepela, Ivan Mrázek, Pavel Nerard, Ladislav Simácek, Frantisek Stibitz, Josef Toms, Ladislav Trpkos, Emil Velensky, Miroslav Vondrácek) UdSSR (Jewgeni Alexejew, Stepas Butautas, Nodar Dschordschikjia, Wassili Kolpakow, Anatoli Konjew, Michail Korkija, Witas Kulakauskas, Ilmar Kullam, Justinas Lagunavicius, Iwan Lissow, Alexander Moissejew, Kazis Petkavicius, Sergej Tarasow, Juri Usakow) Ägypten (Youssef Abbass, Youssef Abou Off, Fouad Aboul Kheir, Gaby Catafago, Salah El Dine Nessim, Rahman Hafez Abdel, Hussein Montasser, Mohammed Ali Raschidi, Wahid Saleh, Mohammad Soliman, Albert Tadros, Medhat Youssef) UdSSR (Anatoli Below, Stepas Butautas, Wassili Kolpakow, Anatoli Konjew, Michail Korkija, Heino Kruus, Ilmar Kullam, Justinas Lagunavicius, Juri Larionow, Iwan Lissow, Alexander Moisejew, Jewgeni Nikitin, Wiktor Wlassow)

10. Exchange And Directory: Sports/Basketball/Players/T
This category is for T and is part of the Sports basketball Players T category. Thomas, Tim (1). tomasevic, dejan (0). Turkoglu, Hidayet (2)
Home Sports Basketball Players : T the entire directory only this category More search options Do your have a small business you want to market on the internet? If so click here and learn more. Categories:
Tabak, Zan Taylor, Maurice Thomas, Isiah Thomas, Tim ...

11. Basketball - Weltmeisterschaften (Herren)
basketball Weltmeisterschaften (Herren) Sasa Obradovic, Nikola Loncar, MiroslavBeric, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Zeljko Rebraca, dejan tomasevic, Milenko Topic
Historie Basketball - Weltmeisterschaften (Herren) Jahr Mannschaft Argentinien (Pedro Bustos, Leopoldo Contarbio, Hugo del Vecchio, Oscar Furlong, Ricardo Gonzales, Vitor Liva, Alberto Lopez, Ruben Menini, Omar Monza, Raúl Perez Varela, Juan Carlos Uder, Roberto Luis Viau) USA (Jerry Arkarath, B.H. Born, Richard Gott, Forrest Hamilton, William Johnson, Allen Kelly, Kirby Minter, Donald Penwell, Richard Rutherford, Kendall Sheets, Edward Salomon, Joseph Stratton) Brasilien (Edson Bispo dos Santos,Waldemar Blatkauskas,O.C. de Nobrega,Fernando Perreira de Freitas,Zenny de Azevedo,Carmo de Souza,Waldyr Geraldo Boccardo, J. Maciel Senra, Wlamir Marques, Antonio Pasos Amaury, Jatyr Eduardo Schall, P. Vicente Fonseca) Brasilien (Waldemar Blatkauskas, Friedrich Wilhelm Braun, Carmo de Souza, Carlos Domingos Massoni, Wlamir Marques, C.L. Menon, Victor Mirshawka, V. Torelli, Antonio Pasos Amaury, Ubiratan Perreira Maciel, Antonio Salvador Sucar, Jatyr Eduardo Schall) UdSSR (Wladimir Andrejew, Sergej Below, Tino Lepmez, Jaak Lipso, Alexander Trawin, Rudolf Njesterow, Modestas Paulauskas, Anatoli Poliwoda, Priit Tomson, Surab Sakandelidse, Juri Selichow, Gennadi Wolnow)

12. Basketball Players Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers, Profile, News, And Merchandise
Main. basketball Players. Thomas, Tim Thompson, Alicia - Thompson, Tina - Thorpe,Otis - Thurmond, Nate - Tinsley, Jamaal - tomasevic, dejan - Torres, Oscar
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Tuvic, Slobodanka

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  • 13. Dejan Tomasevic Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers, Profile, News, And Merchandise @ B
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    NBA NFL NHL MLB ... Basketball Players Dejan Tomasevic Dejan Tomasevic photos, videos, CDs, and memorabilia @ eBay
    Dejan Tomasevic
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    Dejan Tomasevic
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  • 14. 2002 Basketball WorldCup
    Bunlarin disinda kadroda, Marko Jaric (Kinder Bologna), dejan tomasevic (TauCeramica), Dragan Tarlac (Real Madrid) gibi Avrupa'nin en iyi takimlarinda
    Yugoslavya Yugoslavya, 2002 Dünya Þampiyonasý'na geçen yýl Türkiye'de düzenlenen Avrupa Þampiyonasý'nda altýn madalya kazanmýþ bir takým olarak gidiyor.
    Yugoslavya Milli Takýmý, tarihinde birçok Olimpiyat'a, Dünya ve Avrupa Þampiyonasý'na katýlmýþ bir takým.
    Yugoslavya'nýn Dünya Þampiyonalarý serüveni 1950 yýlýnda Arjantin'de düzenlenen ilk Dünya Þampiyonasý ile baþlýyor. Bu þampiyonayý on üçüncü sýrada tamamlayan Yugoslavya, 1954 yýlýnda Brezilya'nýn ev sahipliði yaptýðý ikinci Dünya Þampiyonasý'nda on birincilik elde etti. Bu tarihlerden sonra bütün Dünya Þampiyonalarý'na katýlan Yugoslavya, bu turnuvalarda hep üst sýralarda yer aldý. 1970, 1978, 1990 ve 1998 yýllarýnda altýn, 1963, 1967 ve 1974 yýllarýnda gümüþ, 1982 ve 1986 yýllarýnda da bronz madalya kazanan Yugoslavya Milli Takýmý, 1980 yýlýnda Moskova'da düzenlenen Olimpiyat Oyunlarý'nda ise altýn madalya kazandý. 31 Temmuz - 4 Aðustos 2002 tarihleri arasýnda Türkiye'de düzenlenen ve Dünya Þampiyonasý öncesi en büyük hazýrlýk olarak nitelendirilen ''Efes Pilsen Ýstanbul World Cup'' turnuvasýna da katýlan Yugoslavya, burada þampiyon olarak, Dünya Þampiyonasý'nýn favorileri arasýnda yer aldýðýný bir kez daha kanýtladý.

    15. World - Superguide
    VIDEO Euroleague Ideal Five dejan tomasevic (TAU Vitoria VIDEO - Euroleague IdealFive dejan Bodiroga (Panathinaikos NBA - National basketball Association

    16. World - Superguide
    Kinder Bologna) VIDEO Euroleague Ideal Five dejan tomasevic (TAU Vitoria VIDEO- Euroleague Ideal Five dejan Bodiroga (Panathinaikos basketball Bundesliga I

    17. USA Basketball
    OFFICIAL basketball BOX SCORE GAME TOTALS USA vs Yugoslavia 09/05/02 800 pm atConseco Fieldhouse 1 4 1 2 4 6 0 3 3 3 7 2 3 0 1 20 14 dejan tomasevic 3 5 0

    18. The Official Site Of The USA Basketball Men's Senior National
    Milwaukee Bucks head mentor George Karl is head coach of USA basketball's 2002 WorldChampionship during the 2000 Olympics, 69 dejan tomasevic, added 6.7 ppg.

    19. WWW Oaza - European Basketball Championship - France 99 - Group E
    Divac Vlade, 18, 56, 4-7, 0-3, 13, 4, 1. Tarlac Dragan, 22, 2-2, 2-3, -, 6, 4,2. tomasevic dejan, 11, -, 2-4, -, 4, 4, 2. Topic Milenko, 12, -, 0-1, -, 0, 2,2. TEAM. 1P, 2P, 3P, UK, SK, AS.
    Group E last update, Tue 10:15
    ROUND IV Fra - Esp 74:57 Yug - Slo Rus - Isr 93:84* ROUND V Yug - Esp Slo - Isr 66:67 Rus - Fra 62:66 ROUND VI Esp - Isr 88:74 Yug - Rus 68:76 Fra - Slo 74:69 GROUP F GROUP A GROUP B GROUP C ... GROUP D
    Sasa Djordjevic proslavlja svetsku titulu.
    Mozda se tek danas videlo koliko nam fali
    "Sale nacionale"
    Za najnovije vesti kliknite ovde Savezni trener Obradovic komentarise stanje u ekipi posle povrede Obradovica : "Vidite da nas stalno prate povrede. Prakticno smo ostali bez plejmejkera jer Sasa ne moze da nastavi ucesce. Sa Lukovskim stvari idu nabolje, ali nisam siguran da li ce i koliko moci da igra
    protiv Nemaca.

    20. Eurobasket MEN
    Última Edición (2001) XXXII Men´s basketball European Championships. Divac, ZoranSavic, Miroslav Beric, dejan Koturovic, Zoran Sretenovic, dejan tomasevic.
    Basketball / European Championships (1)
    Baloncesto / Eurobasket (1)
    Edition Place / Lugar Year Gold / Oro Silver / Plata Bronze / Bronce I Switzerland Latvia Spain Czechoslovakia II Lithuania Lithuania Italy France III Lithuania Latvia Poland IV Lithuania Czechoslovakia Italy Hungary IV Chech Rep. Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Egypt VI Egypt Egypt France Greece VII France Soviet Union Czechoslovakia France VIII USSR Soviet Union Hungary France IX Hungary Hungary Czechoslovakia Soviet Union X Bulgaria Soviet Union Bulgaria Czechoslovakia XI Turkey Soviet Union Czechoslovakia France XII Yugoslavia Soviet Union Yugoslavia Bulgaria XIII Poland Soviet Union Poland Yugoslavia XIV USSR Soviet Union Yugoslavia Poland XV Finland Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Poland XVI Italy Soviet Union Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia XVII Germany Soviet Union Yugoslavia Italy XVIII Spain Yugoslavia Spain Soviet Union XIX Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Soviet Union Italy XX Belgium Yugoslavia Soviet Union Czechoslovakia XXI Italy Soviet Union Israel Yugoslavia XXII Chech Rep.

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