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21. Basketball /
basketball / Olympic Games (1). Predrag Drobnjak, Nikola Loncar, Sasa Obradovic,Zarko Paspalj, Zeljko Rebraca, Zoran Savic, dejan tomasevic, Zeljko Topalovic
Basketball / Olympic Games (1)
Baloncesto / Juegos Olímpicos (1)
MEN / HOMBRES Year Gold / Oro Silver / Plata Bronze / Bronce United States Canada Mexico United States France Brazil United States Soviet Union (USSR) Uruguay United States Soviet Union (USSR) Uruguay United States Soviet Union (USSR) Brazil United States Soviet Union (USSR) Brazil United States Yugoslavia Soviet Union (USSR) Soviet Union (USSR) United States Cuba United States Yugoslavia Soviet Union (USSR) Yugoslavia Italy Soviet Union (USSR) United States Spain Yugoslavia Soviet Union (USSR) Yugoslavia United States United States Croatia Lithuania United States Yugoslavia Lithuania United States France Lithuania
Rosters / Plantillas (since/desde 1960)
Roma 1960
United States Soviet Union (USSR) Brazil Jay Arnette, Walt Bellamy, Bob Boozer, Terry Dischinger, Jerry Lucas, Oscar Robertson, Adrian Smith, Burdy Haldorson, Darrall Imhoff, Allen Kelley, Lester Lane, Jerry West. Yuri Korneyev, Janis Krumins, Guram Minaschvill, Valdis Muiznieks, Cezars Ozers, Aleksandr Petrov, Mikhail Semyonov, Vladimir Ugrekhelidze, Maigonis Valdmanis, Albert Valtin, Gennady Volnov, Viktor Zubkov. Edson Bispo dos Santos, Moyses Blas, Waldemar Blatkauskas, Zenny de Azevedo, Carmo de Souza, Carlos Domingos Massoni, Waldyr Geraldo Boccardo, Wlamir Marques, Amaury Passos, Fernando Pereira, Antonio Salvador, Jatyr Schall.

22. Eurobasket
Friday, Feb.7, 2003. Spanish basketball. Hopkins, Abbio, Montecchia, Oberto. Name,CM, Pos, Bo, NAT, Fr, To, Former Team. tomasevic dejan, 205, F/C, 73, YUG, 02, 03,Vitoria (ESP).

23. Dejan Bodiroga - The World Best Player
Jaric 9, Drobnjak, Divac 3, Vujanic 7, tomasevic 6, Gurovic 3 Barcelona, SPAIN, July12 dejan Bodiroga, captain of the Yugoslav basketball national team

September 10, 2002
Belgrade welcomes Yugoslav basketball heroes
Belgrade, September 10 (Reuters)
More than 100,000 fans gave a hero's welcome to the Yugoslav national basketball team on Tuesday as they returned from Indianapolis, where they won a fifth world title
The ecstatic fans crammed outside the city hall, where the team displayed the trophy on the balcony and thanked the crowd for their support throughout the tournament.
"We knew you were with us and we won this silverware for you. It belongs to you, the people of Yugoslavia," said captain Dejan Bodiroga, the hero of a thrilling 84-77 win against Argentina in the final.
Top scorer Predrag Stojakovic said the welcome the team received was a unique feeling.

24. Sport1 - Teamportrat Jugoslawien - Basketball EM 2001 Teams
Translate this page Obradovic dabei Ebenfalls auf sich aufmerksam machten die beiden Center dejan tomasevic(2,06 Julia Schaper Ihre Meinung zu diesem Thema im basketball-Forum.

25. Sport1
Translate this page 11, Dragan Tarlac, C, 2.10, 09.03.1973, Real Madrid. 12, dejan tomasevic, C, 2.06,06.05.1973, Buducnost Podgorica. Ihre Meinung zu diesem Thema im basketball-Forum.

26. España - Baloncesto Español - Superguide
VIDEO Euroleague Ideal Five Marko Jaric (Kinder Bologna) VIDEO - Euroleague IdealFive dejan tomasevic (TAU Vitoria NBA - National basketball Association

27. YU-Qwest SIGs SPORT
67 0-0 0-0 1 1 3 7 0 1256 tomasevic, dejan 15 - TOPIC Referee COLUCCI, Gennaro ImageItalyITA First Referee Image Image Image basketball New Sport
Expanded Results - Men's Basketball - Quarterfinal
Sport (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 16:55:08 -0400

30.Jul 96.
Dana: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 16:55:08 -0400
Na temu: Expanded Results - Men's Basketball - Quarterfinal

[Olympic Results: Men's Basketball - Quarterfinal - IBM]
Men's Basketball - Quarterfinal
Yugoslavia 128
People's Republic of China 61 Date: 30 July Time: 12:00 Team 1st H 2nd H Final Yugoslavia 63 65 128 People's Republic of China 29 32 61 [Image] Start List [Image] Men's Basketball - Quarterfinal [Image] Yugoslavia[YUG] (128) Player Points 2 Point 3 Point Free Assists Steals Turnovers ReboundsFouls Minutes Baskets Baskets Throws Played BODIROGA

28. "Spielplan Supercup 2002" (Nationalmannschaft) -Textversion- B
Translate this page Stojakovic (20), dejan Bodiroga (14), Igor Rakocevic (11), dejan tomasevic (10) -Eurelius von, Fan-Community für basketball aus Deutschland

29. Basketball-Bundesliga Community: "Spielplan Supercup 2002" (Nationalmannschaft)
Translate this page 20), dejan Bodiroga (14), Igor Rakocevic (11), dejan tomasevic (10) - Eurelius Artikelüber das Thema Nationalmannschaft Spielmodus basketball-WM 2002 in

30. - Basketball Canada Press Releases
College, Abbotsford, BC 730 pm Sunday, August 18 basketball Centre, Richmond Yugoslaviaused the inside scoring of dejan tomasevic who garnered 16 first half

31. World Of Sport: Olympics: Medals
Men's basketball Women's basketball since 1936 Men's basketball Year Gold, Silver ZarkoPaspalj, Zeljko Rebraca, Zoran Savic, dejan tomasevic, Zeljko Topalovic
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Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball since 1936 Men's Basketball Women's Basketball Year Gold, Silver, Bronze 2000 1996 United States, Brazil, Australia 1992 CIS, China, United States 1988 United States, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union 1984 United States, South Korea, China 1980 Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia 1976 Soviet Union, United States, Bulgaria 1936-1972 not on program Teams: 1996 United States: Jennifer Azzi, Ruthie Bolton, Teresa Edwards, Venus Lacey, Lisa Leslie, Rebecca Lobo, Katrina McClain, Nikki McCray, Carla McGhee, Dawn Staley, Katy Steding, Sheryl Swoopes 1996 Brazil: Maria Angelica, Janeth Arcain, Roseli Gustavo, Silvia Luz, Hortencia Marcari Oliva, Alessandra Oliveira, Claudia Maria Pastor, Adriana Santos, Cintia Santos, Maria Paula Silva, Leila Sobral, Mart de Sooza Sobral 1996 Australia: Carla Boyd, Michelle Brogan, Sandy Brondello, Michelle Chandler, Allison Cook, Trisha Fallon, Joanne Hill, Robyn Maher, Fiona Robinson, Shelley Sandie, Rachael Sporn, Georgina Stevens, Michele Timms, Jennifer Whittle

32. Germany - Superguide
VIDEO Euroleague Ideal Five dejan tomasevic (TAU Vitoria Euroleague Ideal Fivedejan Bodiroga (Panathinaikos National basketball League - Premier League

33. Germany - Superguide
Euroleague Ideal Five dejan tomasevic (TAU Vitoria Euroleague Ideal Five dejanBodiroga (Panathinaikos League National basketball League Premier League.

34. - France - Superguide
Kinder Bologna) VIDEO Euroleague Ideal Five dejan tomasevic (TAU Vitoria). Superguide.Information, Back to previous page. NBA - National basketball Association

35. Canada Basketball 416.614.8037 Fax 416.614.9570 1 Westside Drive
Translate this page côté des Yougoslaves, les meilleurs marqueurs ont été dejan tomasevic, PredragStojakovic Natalie Sklizovic (416) 614-8037, poste 201 www

36. Canada Basketball 416.614.8037 Fax 416.614.9570 1 Westside Drive
Leading scorers for Yugoslavia included dejan tomasevic, Predrag Stojakovic and MarkoJaric with 21 Natalie Sklizovic 416.614.8037 ext 201 www

37., The Basketball Page For Thinking Fans
dejan tomasevic, a star in Spain (even with that weird skin thing on his arms theWorld Championships are a little bit like college basketball, because it's a
The Basketball Page for Thinking Fans

From the Baseline

Player Ratings

Fantasy Ratings
The Book

September 9, 2002
Whu' Happened?
Three times . You could understand if the U.S. team lost just once; that could be written off as a fluke. But three times? (I feel like Ferris Bueller's principal: Three times .) How do you explain that?
I have a few thoughts on how this debacle came about and what can be done to improve it, so in no particular order, here's my list: Laissez-faire : Far and away the biggest reason the U.S. team lost was that they didn't play with anywhere near the intensity of the other teams in the tournament. That showed up in myriad ways, from Baron Davis' hot-dogging, to the parade of back-door layups against Argentina, to Paul Pierce's near-total disregard for defense, to the flubbed attempt at getting a final three-pointer in the Yugoslavia game. The oft-bemoaned "lack of fundamentals" and other skills is a small part of the issue; otherwise, we would see more foreign players dominating in the NBA. The bigger problem in the World Championships was that the other teams were in midseason form and the U.S. club had been slapped together a few hours before tip-off after chillin' for most of the summer. They looked and acted like a group of guys who were still on vacation. This also showed in the team's ability to run set plays. Wait, they never ran a set play. Never mind.

38. USBasket - North American Basketball
(BSC). Matic dejan, 188, G, Trinity Intern. Milosavljevic Zoran, 201, F,77, Montana (Bsky). Tahiri Afrim, 205, C/F, Menlo. tomasevic Bosko, 203, F,81, Oberlin.

39. Eurobasket 2001 Turkey
14, dejan, tomasevic, 28, 208, C, TAU CERAMICA 6.1 ribounds/game) Best Assister dejanBODIROGA(4.3 Champion 1997Barcelona-Champion National basketball Stats NUMBER

40. Press Box - USA BASKETBALL - Yugoslavia Rallies For 82-79 Win Over USA - 9/6/200
Indiana local time which is CDT, seven hours ahead of European Central Time OFFICIALBASKETBALL BOX SCORE 4 1 2 4 6 0 3 3 3 7 2 3 0 1 20 14 dejan tomasevic 3 5

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