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61. Eurobasket
SPANISH basketball MAIN PAGE. got 28 pts and 7 rbs against his old team, at the samethat tomasevic. dejan Bodiroga was fouled out in the 24 th minute and only
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62. Basketball-Teilzeit -Internat-Langen
Translate this page Eine basketball-Schule für die Rhein-Main-Region. 1978, tomasevic, Radivoj 12/93-02/94,Eintracht Frankfurt, 2 1980, Reljic, dejan 09/94-07/97, TV Langen USC
B asketball- T eilzeit - I nternat- L angen Eine Basketball-Schule für die Rhein-Main-Region Fördern durch Fordern ! Ehemalige BTI-Teilnehmer in der 1. Bundesliga und in National-Mannschaften Jahrgang Name, Vorname
BTI von-bis gleichzeitig in
Jugend-Verein(e) Bundesliga-Karriere National-Teams bei
besondere Leistungen Schiebelhut, Norbert
TV Langen 2. TV Langen (84-85)
1. DTV Charlottenburg (86-87)
1. + 2. TV Langen (87-94)
2. TV Lich (94-95)
2. TV AXA DIREKT Langen (95-98) 2. Mallorca/SPA (98) DM C-Jugend 1982 DM B-Jugend 1984 EM Junioren 1984, 5. Pl. EM Junioren 1986, 4. Pl. WM Junioren 1987, 4. Pl. Schindler, Olaf vohrer: FC Kaiserslautern TSV Speyer 1. + 2. TV Langen (88-90) College USA (90-91) 1. TV Langen (91-92)

63. Allzone Sports/Basketball/Players/T
Search for Home Sports basketball Players T. Tabak, Zan Tarlac, DraganTaylor, Maurice Thomas, Isiah, Thomas, Tim tomasevic, dejan Turkoglu, Hidayet.

64. Allzone Sports/Basketball/Players/T/Tomasevic, Dejan
icon. Search for Home Sports basketball Players T tomasevic, dejan.Shopping Mail Chat Weather Mobile My Allzone Add your site Advertise.

65. Game Statistics - Yugoslavia Vs Argentina
FÈDÈRATION INTERNATIONALE DE basketball INTERNATIONAL basketball FEDERATIONFIBA. tomasevic, dejan, 20, 3/4, 75.0, 0/0, 0.0, 0/0, 0.0, 2, 0, 2, 1, 5, 0,2, 0, 6.
F I B A Individual Game Statistic World Championship for Men 2002
Start Time: 15:00 Yugoslavia 84 vs 77 Argentina
City: Indianapolis
Attendance: 17079
Game No.: Yugoslavia 2P FG 3P FG FT Reb Name Min M/A M/A M/A O D Tot As PF TO St BS Pts Bodiroga, Dejan Koturovic, Dejan Cabarkapa, Zarko Rakocevic, Igor Stojakovic, Predrag Radmanovic, Vladimir Jaric, Marko Drobnjak, Predrag Divac, Vlade Vujanic, Milos Tomasevic, Dejan Gurovic, Milan Totals Argentina 2P FG 3P FG FT Reb Name Min M/A M/A M/A O D Tot As PF TO St BS Pts Sanchez Brown, Juan Ignacio Ginobili, Emanuel Montecchia, Alejandro Oberto, Fabricio Victoriano, Lucas Fernandez, Gabriel Sconochini, Hugo Scola, Luís Gutierrez, Leonardo Noccioni, Andrés Palladino, Leandro Wolkowyski, Ruben Totals Legend Min Minutes Played M/A Made/Attempted Shooting Percentage O Offensive Rebounds D Defensive Rebounds Tot Total Rebounds As Assists PF Personal Fouls TO Turnovers St Steals BS Blocked Shots Pts Points

14 tomasevic dejan, 24, 6/7, 85.7, 0/0, 0.0, 2/2, 100.0, 0, 4, 4, 1, 4,1, 1, 14. The statistics have been provided by the HONG KONG basketball ASSOCIATION.
Game Statistics
People's Republic of China 64 vs. 84 Yugoslavia , September 2nd 2000 CHN 2P FG 3P FG FT Reb Name Min M/A M/A M/A O D Tot As foul TO St BS Pts 4 Li Qun 5 Li Xiaoyong 6 Guo Shiqiang 7 Sun Jun 8 Hu Weidong 9 Zhang Jinsong 10 Li Nan 11 Liu Yudong 12 Zheng Wu 13 Yao Ming 14 Menkbatere 15 Wang Zhizhi Totals YUG 2P FG 3P FG FT Reb Name Min M/A M/A M/A O D Tot As PF TO St BS Pts 4 Bodiroga D. 5 DanilovicPredrag 6 Obradovic Sasa 7 Loncar Nikola 8 Stojakovic Predrag 9 Scepanovic Vlada 10 Lukovski Dracan 11 Jestratijevic Nikola 12 Tarlac Dracan 13 Drobnjak Predrag 14 Tomasevic Dejan 15 Gurovic Milan Totals The statistics have been provided by the HONG KONG BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION. Team 1.HT 2.HT 1.OT 2.OT 3.OT Total People's Republic of China Yugoslavia

14 tomasevic dejan, 29, 7/13, 53.8, 0/0, 0.0, 4/4, 100.0, 3, 6, 9, 1, 3,0, 1, 18. The statistics have been provided by the HONG KONG basketball ASSOCIATION.
Game Statistics
Yugoslavia 94 vs. 89 Canada , September 4th 2000 CAN 2P FG 3P FG FT Reb Name Min M/A M/A M/A O D Tot As foul TO St BS Pts 4 David Daniels 5 Sherman Hamilton 6 Andrew Mavis 7 Steve Nash 8 Shawn Swords 9 Rowan Barrett 10 Greg Francis 11 Todd Macculloch 12 Eric Hinrichsen 13 Peter Guarasci 14 Michael Meeks 15 Greg Newton Totals YUG 2P FG 3P FG FT Reb Name Min M/A M/A M/A O D Tot As PF TO St BS Pts 4 Bodiroga D. 5 Danilovic Predrag 6 Obradovic Sasa 7 Loncar Nikola 8 Stojakovic Predrag 9 Rakocevic Igor 10 Lukovski Dracan Rebraca Zecdko Jestratijevic Nikola 13 Drobnjak Predrag 14 Tomasevic Dejan 15 Gurovic Milan Totals The statistics have been provided by the HONG KONG BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION. Team 1.HT 2.HT 1.OT 2.OT 3.OT Total Yugoslavia Canada

68. Australia - Australian Basketball - Superguide
Robles Pedro, 1977, 191, 6' 3 , SG, Spain. Rodilla Ignacio, 1974, 192, 6' 4 , PG,Spain. tomasevic dejan, 1973, 208, 6' 10 , PF, Yugoslavia. Daily Free Report !Register Now.

69. 22st  June
According to Daniel Mitrovica, director of Podgorica’s basketball players effortsin including dejan tomasevic one of the best players of Europe made good news/daily-news22-6.htm
21th June

20th June

19th June

18th June
5th April

April 22nd of June
(updated at open frame in new window PRESIDENT DJUKANOVIC SPOKE WITH BILL CLINTON: SUPPORT FOR MONTENEGRO AND NEW RELATIONSHIPS WITH SERBIA LJUBLJANA - USA will support their companies and banks to invest capital in Montenegro. With there's influence USA will provide international financial support for future economic development for Montenegro. Clinton pointed out this during the conversation with Montenegrin President Djukanovic the last night on Hill near Kranj. Conversation was attended by Slovenian President Kucan and Prime Minister Drnovsek. According to Djukanovic, he and Clinton agreed to continue and intensify negotiations between Podgorica and Washington. They agreed that economic help for Montenegro would present important moves in realization of its development ambitions, which Montenegro created with its State policy. "I express the expectation that USA would support the ambition of Montenegro to create relationships with Serbia on new democratic basis which would provide to Montenegro enough independence for dynamical continuing of policy of democratically and economical reforms", said Djukanovic after talks with Clinton.

70. GLAS JAVNOSTI - The Latest News
European Championship in Belgrade and Podgorica, Yugoslav basketball national team thelucky are Dragan Lukovski, Milenko Topic, dejan tomasevic, Igor Rakocevic
Prvi broj izašao 15. jula 1874. u Kragujevcu
Internet Edition
Izdaje NIP „GLAS“ a.d.

Vlajkoviæeva br. 8,
Beograd, Jugoslavija
15/05/99 00:30 (GMT +01:50)
NATO Plane Downed near Nis
NIS - Information Center from Nis stated on Friday that one NATO plane was downed on the area of that town, around 7.20 p.m. Pilot of downed plane catapulted himself in the region of the village of Brenica near Nis. Air raid sirens were off since 9.44 a.m.
Another NATO Crime Against Civilians
100 People Killed in NATO Bombing of Village of Koris
PRIZREN - At least 100 civilians were killed and over 50 wounded during the bombing of the village of Koris near Prizren early on Friday morning, Kosovo-Metohija provincial Civil Defense Center said. According to the Center, it is feared that human toll could be twice as much, since NATO warplanes struck a refugee column of 500 ethnic Albanians who, fleeing NATO bombs, were heading for Albania. NATO's air strike against the wider area of the town of Prizren, according to the Center, lasted from 1:00 to 4:00 a.m.

71. Sydney Olympics 2000 - Basketball - Men's Schedule
Giacomo Galanda 8, Roberto Chiacig 8, Andrea Meneghin 7, German Claudio Scarone2, Alessandro Abbio 2, Denis Marconato 1 Yugoslavia dejan tomasevic 13, Sasa

Olympics 2000 Coverage on

Women's Schedule / Results

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Sydney Olympics 2000
Men's Schedule
USA 85, France 75

Vince Carter (USA) had 13 points.
Ray Allen (USA) had 13 points. Vin Baker (USA) had 11 points. Laurent Sciarra (Fra) had 19 points. Stephane Risacher (Fra) had 15 points. Bronze Medal Game Lithuania 89, Australia 71 Sarunas Jasikevicious (Lit) had 22 points and 6 assists. Saulius Stombergas (Lit) had 28 points including 12-17 FG and 3-4 3-pointers. Mindaugas Timinskas (Lit) had 13 points and 5 rebounds. Andrew Gaze (Aus) had 22 points including 12-13 FT. Andrew Vlahov (Aus) had 13 points and 5 rebounds. Lit shot 58.3% (35-60) FG and Aus shot 40.7% (22-54) FG. 5th/6th Place Playoff Italy 69 Yugoslavia 59 (33-31) Italy: Gregor Fucka 17, Gianluca Basile 13, Michele Mian 11, Giacomo Galanda 8, Roberto Chiacig 8, Andrea Meneghin 7, German Claudio Scarone 2, Alessandro Abbio 2, Denis Marconato 1 Yugoslavia: Dejan Tomasevic 13, Sasa Obradovic 10, Predrag Stojakovic 9, Dejan Bodiroga 6, Zeljko Rebraca 6, Dragan Lukovski 5, Igor Rakocevic 4, Nikola Jestratijevic 4, Predrag Drobnjak 2

Translate this page dejan Bodiroga et tomasevic répondaient du tac au tac à Foirest 6), Scepanovic (2),Jaric (2), Drobjnak (17), tomasevic (23), Gurovic (8
FRANCE - YOUGOSLAVIE (05/08/2001) Présentation du match Le résumé Les déclarations
Les statistiques
... Le bilan du tournoi
PRESENTATION DU MATCH La France et la Yougoslavie s'affrontent dimanche (13h30 locales et en France) pour la victoire honorifique du Tournoi de basket-ball de Brunswick, compétition préparatoire à l'Euro-2001, du 31 août au 9 septembre en Turquie. Les Français, comme les Yougoslaves, ont remporté leurs deux premières rencontres contre les Allemands et les Lituaniens, respectivement. Les Yougoslaves, champions du monde, ont fait très forte impression lors des deux premières journées. Malgré l'absence de très bons éléments, comme Tarlac et Stojakovic, il semble qu'ils aient laissé de côté leurs déboires à Sydney. Ils avaient été battus en quarts de finale. Les Français ont réalisé de bonnes performances. Solides en défense, inspirés en attaque, ils ont montré qu'ils étaient sur le bon chemin malgré le retrait d'Antoine Rigaudeau.
LE RESUME La France a subi un petit coup d'arrêt en concédant sa première défaite de l'année face à la Yougoslavie (88-79), dimanche lors de la troisième et dernière journée du Tournoi de Brunswick de basket-ball. Les champions du monde yougoslaves, avec trois succès en autant de rencontres, ont remporté cette épreuve amicale de préparation à l'Euro-2001 qui aura lieu du 31 août au 9 septembre en Turquie. Les Français ont terminé deuxièmes, une belle performance car ils sont devant les Lituaniens.

73. | 2002 (Over 22) International Prospects
Odds of playing in the NBA in the Future 20% dejan tomasevic 610 PF TAU Ceramica Returnto basketball is questionable, and he'll be out of action for a year
2002 (Over 22) International Prospects
2002 International Prospects
By Uros Velkavrh
This page is a ranking of the top International talents OVER the age of 22. These players are undraftable because they are over 22 and not playing in the NCAA. Some examples of players who after being drafted, stayed in Europe developing their games are Arvydas Sabonis , Zeljko Rebraca, Andre Kirilenko, to name a few. Some of these players may already belong to NBA teams while others are free agents. Not included in this list are players deemed too old to make an impact on the NBA.
Updated 5.28.02
  • Marko Jaric 6-6 SG Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna (Yugoslavia) 1978 Drafted in 2000 by the Los Angeles Clippers who he may play for next season. Very tough minded player who has great versitility. His natural position is point guard. Great body, great defender, good shooter, average passer, very good rebounder. Extremely athletic. Very intresting. In the past season has elevated his game to another level. Probably joins the Clippers for the 2002-03 season. Odds of playing in the NBA in the Future: 95%
  • 74. Iverson E-zine
    Predrag Drobnjak, dejan Koturovic, dejan tomasevic, Milos Vujanic gold medal in theWorld basketball Championship with an dejan gave us life back, said Vlade

    75. Ricoh Astronauts Basketball Team
    Soms kan het er wild aan toe gaan in het basketball. De Fransman Laurent Foirest wastopscoorder voor Tau met 24 punten en center dejan tomasevic, lid van het

    Eregalerij topkampioenen Basketball 2001 / 2002
    NBA Draft: Teleurstelling voor Gadzuric Nederlander wint volgend jaar NBA kampioensring? Laatste kampioenen in Europa zijn bekend ... Tony, Urbian, Egi, Terrance en Lucien zullen niet terugkeren bij RICOH Astronauts SLUC Nancy, 8e thuis in Frankrijk, winnaar Korac Cup zaterdag 29 juni 2002 We kunnen nog geen genoeg van krijgen van het afgelopen seizoen 2001 / 2002. Hieronder een overzicht van de topkampioenen in Europa en natuurlijk de officieuze kampioen van de wereld, de LA Lakers die voor de derde keer op rij de NBA wonnen. Beste ploeg in europa was Panathinaikos en op de wat lagere niveaus in Europa waren MSB Siena en SLUC Nancy de kampioenen van respectievelijk de Saporta Cup en de Korac Cu. DE NEBL, voor het laatste gespeeld, had Lietuvos Rytas als kampioen en de nieuwe Adriatic League had Union Olimpija als winnaar. Verder een selectie van de top basketballanden in Europa. Maar, zoals in het liedje, het is moeilijk bescheiden te blijven, dus nog even in herinnering wie de kampioen van Nederland was. Eregalerij Top Kampioenen 2001/2002 Nederlands kampioen RICOH Astronauts NBA Euroleague Saporta Cup Korac Cup LA Lakers Panathinaikos MSB Siena SLUC Nancy NEBL Adriatic League Greece - Heba Italia - Lega A

    76. MasBasket
    Translate this page USA), Predrag Drobnjak (Supersonics, USA), dejan tomasevic (Tau, ESP Tarlac (RealMadrid, ESP), dejan Koturovic (Alba El street basketball congrega a equipos de
    Jueves, 01-08-2002
    Dominadores de un
    continente muy olvidado Angola se medirá a España en el Grupo A del Mundobasket
    FIBA. Campeones de África
    FIBA. Lutonda, un clásico
    NCAA. Gomes juega en EE.UU.
    LOS OTROS Yugoslavia y Canadá prosiguen su preparación
    Además de Angola, los rivales de España en la primera fase del Mundobasket 2002 serán Yugoslavia y Canadá. Se trata de dos selecciones importantes (sobre todo la balcánica) que, a poco más de un mes para el incio del campeonato, todavía no están del todo definidas. En el caso de los yugoslavos, entrenados por Svetislav Pesic, los seleccionados para viajar a Estados Unidos saldrán de la siguiente relación de jugadores:

    77. AIM - Academic Information Network - Akademska Informativna Mreza
    dejan tomasevic (6 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists), Milenko Topic and Miroslav Nikolicand Buducnost basketball club ended their very successful cooperation

    78. Eurobasket - Yugoslavian Basketball
    Join Us !!! We are looking for someone from Yugoslavia to help us cover Yugoslavianbasketball. Please send email. Becin dejan, Bjelic Danilo, Bjelica Milko.

    79. El Pamesa Ficha A Dejan Tomasevic
    Información sobre deportes, resultados, clasificaciones y noticias

    80. - Olympic Sports - Basketball - Canada, Italy Win In Consolation Games
    would make the rest of the world take note of Canadian basketball. dejan Tomasevichad 13 points for Yugoslavia, the reigning world champions whose streak of


    Sportsman of the Year

    Heisman Trophy

    Swimsuit 2001

    Fantasy Central

    Inside Game

    Multimedia Central

    Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore Roundup
    Canada, Italy win in consolation games
    Click here for more on this story Latest: Saturday September 30, 2000 04:13 AM SYDNEY, Australia (AP) Steve Nash was the catalyst for Canada throughout the men's Olympic basketball tournament, right down to the final extra 10 minutes. Nash accounted for eight of Canada's 10 points in the second overtime of an 86-83 victory over Russia on Saturday (Friday night EDT) in the seventh-place game. Canada (5-2) won its pool with a 4-1 record and Nash was the reason. The point guard for the Dallas Mavericks came up biggest in the win over Yugoslavia that gave Canada the top seed entering the quarterfinals. He had 26 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in dominating that game in the second half. Against Russia, he finished with 14 points and three assists, but eight of the points came after regulation ended in a 69-69 tie.

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