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         Fischer Bobby:     more books (103)
  1. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, et all 2010-02-04
  2. BOBBY FISCHER'S CHESS GAMES. by Robert Wade and Kevin O'Connell., 1972
  3. The Chess of Bobby Fischer (Great Literature Series) by Robert E. Burger, 1994-11
  4. Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves (Fireside Chess Library) by Pandolfini, 1985-10-14
  5. Bobby Fischer's Chess Games by Bobby Fischer, 1973
  6. BOBBY FISCHER TEACHES CHESS by Bobby, Stuart Margulies & Donn Mosenfelder Fischer, 1966
  7. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Fischer Bobby, 1966-01-01
  8. Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess by Bobby Fischer, 2008-07-25
  9. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess [BOBBY FISCHER TEACHES CHESS] [Mass Market Paperback]
  10. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess 1st Edition by Bobby Fischer, 1966
  11. Bobby Fischer: From Chess Genius to Legend by Eduard Gufeld; et al, 2001-08
  12. Three Days With Bobby Fischer and Other Chess Essays: How to Meet Champions & Choose Your Openings by Lev Alburt, Al Lawrence, 2003-11
  13. Searching for Bobby Fischer: World of Chess Observed by the Father of a Child Prodigy by Fred Waitzkin, 1994-01-06

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2. The Amazing Robert James 'Bobby' Fischer
Features an article and links to books on fischer.

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English 165 4 Nov. 1994
The Amazing Bobby Fischer
It does not take a chessplayer to realize that Bobby Fischer is an absolutely amazing man. Aside from his numerous chess accomplishments, he has an astronomical I.Q. with an exceptional memory; in the world of chess, no player has ever proved to be as devoted as Bobby Fischer. Fischer is "generally acknowledged as the greatest chessplayer of all time" (Pandolfini 1). Robert James Fischer was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 9, 1943. His parents were divorced in 1945, and his mother moved him and his sister to Brooklyn a year or so later. "At the age of six he acquired a chess set and soon became deeply absorbed in the game" (Hooper and Whyld 115). This was the beginning of a legend. In 1963 Fischer played in and won the New York State Open Championship at Poughkeepsie, New York. During the last round I was involved in a complicated ending with Frank S. Meyer . . . Fischer, on his way to the washroom, briefly paused at my board -for perhaps five seconds- and then walked on. A few months later, he visited me at my office . . . "How did that last round game turn out?" he inquired. I told him I had won, but with difficulty. "Did you play Q-B5?" he asked. I told him quite frankly I couldn't remember what I had played. He immediately set up the exact position to "help" me remember, and then demonstrated the variation I should have played to have secured a much more economical win. The main point is . . . he remembered not only the position but also his fleeting analysis as he had passed my board months previously. (VII)

3. The Incredible Genius Chess Society
A group of chess players that believe that bobby fischer is the best chess player that has ever lived. With several games he has played.

4. Fischer Random Chess - News
fischer Random chess News. bobby fischer, (the former world champion chess), proposed a variant of chess, where the
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Fischer Random Chess - News
Bobby Fischer, (the former world champion chess), proposed a variant of chess, where the game is played from a randomly generated setup. Here, you will find a collection of news items on the game.
Grandmaster Leko on Fischer Random Chess
In an interview in Schaakmagazine , the magazine of the Dutch chess federation (KNSB - Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaak Bond), in February 2000, Peter Leko from Hungary mentioned Fischer Random Chess. Grandmaster Leko is currently having the sixth highest ELO-rating (i.e., he is considered to be the sixth' best chess player in the world), at an age of 20. In the interview, he is asked what Fischer (a friend of Leko) thinks of his level of chess. Leko answers: (the text below is a translation of the text, as it appeared in Dutch in the journal. I.e., Leko's literal words probably have been different.)

March 9, 2003 Happy 60th Birthday bobby fischer!. January 8, 2003 Addeda little hidden chess words puzzle. January 1, 2003 bobby fischer Quotes.
What's new to the site?
Created October 6, 1995
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This page is a Fischer fan site.
Bobby cannot read any of these emails you may send to me, thinking they are intended to him. Question: "Where is Bobby now?"
That is the #1 question I find coming to me via email. Answer: I don't know.
Who does? The truth is that Mr. Fischer moves around a lot and when he does pop up, in one form or another, those news bits also pop up. I cannot find anything concrete enough to post here, save for Bobby has been sighted in Brazil, Hungary, Philippines, England and Japan. I search the web for bits and that is my only suggestion to you as well. Once something concrete does arise, I will be sure to inform the world. Until then, keep surfing.
books articles results ... updates

6. Chess Megapage
chess Theory, Openings A00E99, commented games by grandmasters from recent chess tournaments, and sections devoted to Judit Polgar and bobby fischer.

by bobby fischer, United States chess Champion, International Grandmaster StuartMarguilies, Ph.D., Dir., Curriculum Development, Basic Systems, Inc.
All of the books both by and about Bobby Fischer that I own Hays, Lou, 1947-
Bobby Fischer - Complete games of the American World Chess Champion Includes Indexes.
1. Fischer, Bobby, 1943- 2. Chess-Collections of games. I. Title.
ISBN 1-880673-89-4 Hays, Lou, 1947-
Bobby Fischer - Complete games of the American World Chess Champion Includes Indexes.
1. Fischer, Bobby, 1943- 2. Chess-Collections of games. I. Title.
ISBN 1-880673-99-1 Published by Simon and Schuster
Rockefeller Center, 630 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10020 First Printing, Hardcover Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 68-21821 David McKay Company, Inc.
New York Reprinted June 1969 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 65-18548 Dover Publications, Inc.
New York This 1989 Dover edition, is an unabridged and unaltered republication of the 1973 revised edition of the work first published in 1965 by the David McKay Company, Inc., New York, under the title Profile of a Prodigy: The Life and Games of Bobby Fischer ISBN 0-486-25925-0 First Published 1972, Hardcover

8. Fischer Rook House - Home
The former world chess champion expressed a desire for a rookshaped house. This is a design for such a house. Plans and 3D computer reconstructions.
A Rook-House for Bobby Fischer "I want to live the rest of my life in a house built exactly like a rook." (Former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer) This is a modern design for such a house. View Facade View Interior View Floor Plans Home page View Facade View Interior View Floor Plans

9. Telegraph | News | Bobby Fischer Speaks Out To Applaud Trade Centre Attacks
Why pay retail when you can save at Half? Always find low prices on books by bobby fischer and a great selection of new used books.

10. Your Move
chess masters can be odd ducks remember bobby fischer? probably because of the tunnel vision necessary to dominate those 64 little squares. So Garry Kasparov, the game's reigning world champion, can be forgiven for taking his current opponent lightly. Kasparov is playing on the Internet, and his opponent is the world. As in every chess player who's ever had a hankering to knock off No. 1. But it's clear that Kasparov has the upper hand The world turned out to be very smart, he told Reuters Friday, but it has a very difficult task to save the game. A great quote, and he even got the pronoun right. Wired News

11. Robert (Bobby) Fischer
Robert (bobby) fischer. 1943 . 11th World Champion, 1972 - 1975. Robert Jamesfischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time.
Robert (Bobby) Fischer 11th World Champion, 1972 - 1975 Robert James Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. He was born in Chicago, USA in 1943 and brought up in Brooklyn where his mother moved after she was divorced in 1945. He learned to play chess at the age of 6 and soon became deeply absorbed in the game saying "All I want to do, ever, is play chess." At the age of 13 he became the youngest national junior chess champion in the USA and at the age of 14 he became the youngest senior US Champion. In 1958, at the age of 15, he became the youngest Grandmaster in the history of chess. He broke the Soviet domination of the World Championship when he became the first American to win the title by defeating Boris Spassky of the USSR in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972. In 1975 FIDE refused to meet Fischer's conditions for a World Championship match with the Soviet Anatoly Karpov and Fischer refused to play. Consequently FIDE awarded the title of World Champion to Karpov. After this dispute Fischer vanished from public eye for twenty years and moved to Europe.

12. World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer Interviewed Over The Radio
Features transcripts and streaming audio (RealPlayer) of three Philippines interviews. Includes links Category Games Board Games World Champions fischer, bobby...... LOT 150 Box Lot of Correspondence To From bobby fischer, chess Magazinesand Other Items LOT 159 bobby fischer's chess Move Diaries
Bobby Fischer Interviewed over the Radio
UPDATE: New Bobby Fischer Radio Interview, January 27, 2002 After 27 years of giving almost no interviews to the press, World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has suddenly been interviewed five times on the radio, four in the Philippines and once in Hungary.
All the interviews can now be heard
Here is the interview everyboby is screaming about
Bobby Fischer
Here are the first five interviews which took place via the Philippines: You will need to download Real Player to hear them, if you do not have it already:
(One visitor kindly provided a list of Fischer's personal items that were recently auctioned) WORLD WIDE MEMORABILIA COLLECTION FROM INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPION BOBBY FISHER INCL: LOT 148
Box Lot of Scrapbooks of Bobby Fisher's Chess Matches, some from Russian Newspapers, some from Spanish Newspapers, etc. LOT 150
LOT 151
Box Lot of Telegrams To Bobby Fischer During World Chess Championship LOT 152
Box Lot of Books Inscribed to Bobby Fischer (not by authors) LOT 153
From the People of New York given to Bobby Fischer - Leather Scrapbook with Letter and Telegram from Mayor John V. Lindsay of New York City

13. USCF Plans To Expunge The Name "Bobby Fischer" From Chess
bobby fischer Teaches chess The USCF Executive Board has ruled The book bobbyfischer Teaches chess shall henceforth be sold under the title Blank Blank
USCF Plans to Expunge the name "Bobby Fischer" from Chess
Shoeless Joe Jackson, probably the greatest player in baseball history, had his name expunged from baseball history for allegedly taking a bribe to throw the 1919 World Series, even though he batted .375 in that series and set several records which were not broken until years later. Since then, until recently, the name of Shoeless Joe Jackson was expunged. Generations of young men grew up, lived their lives and died thinking that Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb were the greatest baseball players in history, because they never got to hear the name of Shoeless Joe Jackson. Now, the United States Chess Federation Executive Board proposes to do exactly the same thing with the name of Bobby Fischer, even though the USCF President, John McCrary, has admitted that he has never heard the tape on which Bobby Fischer made his allegedly objectionable remarks and that he does not know exactly what it was that Bobby Fischer said.
The USCF Executive Board has ruled: The book "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess" shall henceforth be sold under the title "Blank Blank Teaches Chess".
Here is a really good idea. Thank you Paul Rubin.

14. Bomis: The Games/Board Games/C/Chess/People/Fischer, Bobby Ring
Bomis The Games/Board Games/C/chess/People/fischer, bobby ring. chess Dominion Gallery Of Champions bobby fischer.
Bomis: The Games/Board Games/C/Chess/People/Fischer, Bobby ring Build a ring
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  • ...Games/Board_Games/C/Chess/People Home My Bomis Webmasters ... Ring Rankings
    Click to visit the Bomis Board for Bobby Fischer Ring sites
    The Bobby Fischer Home Page
    Comprehensive site with background, games, news, and more. The Amazing Robert James "Bobby" Fischer An essay on Bobby Fischer written for an English class. Fischer Random Chess A chess variant created by Fischer, which entails a random positioning of the pieces on the first and last row. Federal Grand Jury Indictment of Bobby Fischer In 1992 Fischer played a match against Borris Spassky in Yugoslavia, going against a presidential decree prohibiting commerce with that country. Chess Dominion - Gallery Of Champions: Bobby Fischer Chess Dominion - Gallery Of Champions: Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer Contains numerous interviews in Real Audio format, as well as information on his exile status.
  • 15. Current Biography Excerpts: Boxing
    fischer, bobby Mar. 9, 1943 chess player. If for no other reason, bobbyfischer was and would be the greatest chess champion who ever lived. .
    Current Biography Excerpts: Chess
    To view an excerpt from the Current Biography profile, choose from the list of names. FISCHER, BOBBY
    Mar. 9, 1943- Chess player. In the autumn of 1992, the international grand master of chess BobbyFischer emerged from two decades of self-imposed obscurity to play a remarkable exhibition match against his old rival Boris Spassky. Fischer, who had defeated Spassky in the famous 1972 World Championship held in Reykjavik, Iceland, only to be stripped of the title three years later after refusing to defend it, won the 1992 encounter handily. His dramatic return to competition was just the latest episode in a career marked by a string of impressive victories. An eight-time United States champion, he is the only American to win a world championship in recent memory, and, until 1992, he held the record for being the youngest person to become an international grand master. Some observers have suggested that Fischer, in bringing to chess an impressive mastery of technique and combinative brilliance, created a whole new climate of appreciation for the game in the United States."It was Bobby Fischer who had, singlehandedly, made the world recognize that chess on its highest level was as competitive as football, as thrilling as a duel to the death, as aesthetically satisfying as a fine work of art, as intellectually demanding as any form of human activity," Harold C. Schonberg wrote in Grandmasters of Chess (1973). "If for no other reason, Bobby Fischer was and would be the greatest chess champion who ever lived."

    16. The Atlantic | December 2002 | Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame | Chun
    Article detailing bobby fischer's history and his recent public antiAmerican and anti-Semitic rants .Category Games Board Games World Champions fischer, bobby...... turn a confident, charismatic figure into a dithering recluse; and, sadly, they havebeen enough to make us forget that when bobby fischer played chess, it was
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    Foreign Affairs

    on politics and society from The Atlantic Monthly. From the archives: "Computers Aren't So Smart After All" (August 1974) "In the late sixties a chess-playing, computer program was written at MIT and was entered into some local tournaments." By Fred Hapgood From Atlantic Unbound Web Citations: "Chess on the Net" (September 17, 1997) An online community where those with the best moves always mate. Elsewhere on the Web Links to related material on other Web sites. Bobby Fischer.Net A privately maintained fan page, offering articles, related links, diagrams of Fischer's important chess games, and more. Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame by Rene Chun You go walking down Broadway, watchin' people catch the subway! Take it from me, don't ask for a helping hand, mmm, 'cause no one will understand! " With each note he became increasingly strident. " Bright lights will find you, and they will mess you around! Let me tell you, millions will watch you! Have mercy now, as you sink right down to the ground! " Even if you knew nothing about Bobby Fischer, listening to him sing this song would tell you all you needed to know. "

    17. U.S. Chess Championships
    chess The Records by noted British chess historian Ken Whyld lists championsby event. Year, Venue, Winner. 1957-58, New York, fischer, bobby.
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    U.S. Chess Championships Unofficial (starting 1845) and official (starting 1936). The record of the early championships is open to some interpretation. Chess - The Records by noted British chess historian Ken Whyld lists champions by event.
    Year Venue Winner Cincinnati Showalter, Jackson St.Louis Showalter, Jackson Lexington Showalter, Jackson Match Lipschuetz(, Solomon?) Match Showalter, Jackson Match Pillsbury, Harry Nelson Match Pillsbury, Harry Nelson Pillsbury death Showalter, Jackson Match Marshall, Frank J. Match Marshall, Frank J. The USCF Yearbook (2001) starts earlier and identifies the strongest player for specific periods.
    Year(s) Venue Winner Stanley, Charles

    18. Bobby Fischer
    bobby fischer's Pathetic Endgame by New York journalist Rene Chun. The feature, subtitled'Paranoia, hubris, and hatred the unraveling of the greatest chess
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    Robert James (Bobby) Fischer Eight times U.S. Champion and 11th World Champion (1972-1975) Related Resources Fischer - Part 2
    World Champions

    World Champions - Links

    Elsewhere on the Web Fischer and the FBI
    Atlantic Monthly Dec.2002
    Bobby Fischer has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Fischer has always received a lot of attention, but right now it seems like a tidal wave. On 17 November 2002, the Philadelphia Inquirer, in a story about Fischer and his mother Regina, said, 'FBI records obtained by The Inquirer under the Freedom of Information Act show that intermittently, from the 1940s to the 1970s, the Fischers were being watched.' See the link Fischer and the FBI in the right linkbox for that story. The Inquirer article includes a further link to scans of some of the original documents released by the FBI.

    19. Untitled
    Absofuckinglutely nil! 1 bobby fischer's bobby fischer Teaches chess contractdated October 21, 1965.(13 pages) list_1 list_2 2 bobby fischer's My 60
    SOME BOBBY FISCHER related Documents
    We have some documents here which you really should view. You need Acrobat Reader for this. If you don't have it, go to and look for the link (we think it is somewhere at the bottom left side, yellow button) which says "get acrobat reader here". It is completely free. First of all, you might like to see a picture of Bob Ellsworth. Click here
    Here are photocopies of the checks sent to Ellsworth to pay for Bobby's bills in the states.
    And photocopies of the registry notice evidencing that the checks were sent.
    Global Commentary
    For Mr. Bob Ellsworth "shame" is just a word in the dictionary
    It's business as usual for the Jewish liar, embezzler and thief Bob Ellsworth. For this hardened, heartless Jewish criminal robbing all of Bobby Fischer's belongings in storage was a"piece of cake." Like taking candy from a baby. Hardly worth losing any sleep over. As a Jew he is convinced of the superiority of his"race" and even more importantly he knows that the fix is on and that the police won't touch him!
    As you may recall in about late 1998 or early 1999 the U.S.government, Bob Ellsworth and Bekins Moving and Storage company(Pasadena, California branch) plundered all of Bobby Fischer's cash valuables and other belongings (including his gold and silver coin collections) which Mr. Fischer had kept in storage at the Pasadena, California branch of Bekins Moving and Storage company for many years.

    bobby fischer was arguably the greatest chess player of all time. Asa boy, he faced and defeated the greatest players of his time.
    Chicago Sun-Times photographers capture the best of Chicago in pictures
    News Sports ...
    Date of publication: 08/11/1993 For cast, rating and other information, (click here) By Roger Ebert
    "There was a boy, a chess player, once, who revealed that his gift consisted partly in a clear inner vision of potential moves of each piece as objects with flashing or moving tails of coloured light: He saw a live possible pattern of potential moves and selected them according to which ones made the pattern strongest, the tensions greatest. His mistakes were made when he selected not the toughest, but the most beautiful lines of light." From The Virgin in the Garden, by A. S. Byatt
    Child prodigies are found most often in three fields: chess, mathematics and music. All three depend upon an intuitive grasp of complex relationships. None depends on social skills, maturity, or insights into human relationships. A child who is a genius at chess can look at a board and see a universe that is invisible to the wisest adult.
    This is both a blessing and a curse. There is a beauty to the gift, but it does not necessarily lead to greater happiness in life as a whole.

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