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  1. Chess International Masters: Irina Krush, Henry Ernest Atkins, Ashot Nadanian, Lev Aronin, David Levy, Fedor Bogatyrchuk, Edward Lasker
  2. Chess Woman Grandmasters: Irina Krush, Judit Polgár, Hou Yifan, Susan Polgar, Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Natalia Pogonina
  3. Chess Life: Americans on the Rock, Irina Krush Defeats Akopian and Korchnoi in G by Various Staff, 2007-01-01
  4. American Chess Players: Benjamin Franklin, Humphrey Bogart, Stanley Kubrick, Irina Krush, Paul Morphy, Wilhelm Steinitz, Maurice Ashley

81. FIDE World Chess Championship 2000
Demina Julia, RUS, 2368, Zone 1.6. Eidelson Rakhil, BLR, 2360, Zone 1.8. krush irina,USA, 2378, Zone 2.1. Amura Claudia, ARG, 2351, Zone 2.5. Klinova Masha, ISR, 2350,Zone 1.2.
Curtain Raiser



FIDE World Chess Championship 2000 New Delhi INDIA Players list
Women Men Player Country Rating Qualified through Xie Jun CHN Seeded Galliamova Alisa RUS Seeded Chiburdanidze Maia GEO Seeded Zhu Chen CHN Zone 3.3 Xu Yuhua CHN Zone 3.3 Qin Kanying CHN Zone 3.3 Wang Lei CHN Zone 3.3 Hoang Thanh Trang VIE Junior Cramling Pia SWE Seeded Ioseliani Nana GEO Seeded Kovalevskaya Ekaterina RUS Skripchenko-Lautier Almira MDA Administrator's Nomination Zhukova Natalya UKR Zone 1.9 Kachiani-Gersinska Ketino GER Zatonskih Anna UKR Zone 1.9 Maric Alisa YUG Seeded Matveeva Svetlana RUS Zone 1.6 Peptan Corina ROM Zone 1.4 Vasilevich Tatjana UKR Zone 1.9 Bojkovic Natasa YUG Zone 1.5 Khurtsidze Nino GEO Zone 1.5 Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan GEO Seeded Peng Zhaoqin NED Seeded Gaprindashvili Nona GEO Zayac Elena RUS Zone 1.6 Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman IND Zone 3.1 Zielinska Marta POL Zone 1.4 Gurieli Nino GEO Seeded Dworakowska Joanna POL Zone 1.4 Manakova Maria YUG Zone 1.5 Demina Julia RUS Zone 1.6 Eidelson Rakhil BLR Zone 1.8

82. BBC News | Sci/Tech | Microsoft Challenged Over Net Chess
One of the options, proposed by 15year-old US women's chess champion irina krush,did not appear, because she had server problems when posting the move by e

Front Page



UK Politics

Tuesday, October 19, 1999 Published at 15:59 GMT 16:59 UK
Microsoft challenged over Net chess

Kasparov makes a move every other day
Chess players around the globe have accused Microsoft of ruining an internet game between Russian grandmaster Garry Kasparov and the rest of the world. They say the company messed up a move they posted on a special website where the world champion was taking on all comers. The participants say the mistake cost them at least a highly-respectable draw and may even have denied them victory. But Microsoft rejects criticism of the way it has managed the four-month-long Kasparov vs the World game, saying the cyberclash has been conducted within the rules. In the game, which started on 21 June, Kasparov holds the white pieces and makes a move every other day. The World plays with black and its pieces are moved on the basis of a vote by internet users. They are offered a range of options posted on the Microsoft site by several young chess experts, who also receive suggestions from net surfers. The row centres on move 58. One of the options, proposed by 15-year-old US women's chess champion Irina Krush, did not appear, because she had server problems when posting the move by e-mail. Consequently, internet users could not vote for her suggestion and chose what turned out to be an inferior option.

83. Sokuhou
1998 Interplay US chess Championship(Denver) 10?3111?19? WOMEN 1 krush, irina USA 2275 8.5/9 2 Khan, Anna wm USA 2265

84. 1998 World Open Chess Championship Results
1998 World Open chess Championship Results Philadelphia, June 27 July 5, 1998 OpenSection. 15 D 40 L 14 W108 L 13 5.5 46 krush, irina ..2379 W108

85. 1998 Liberty Bell Open Chess Tournament, January 16-19, Allentown, Pennsylvania
2236 L 3 W 31 D 22 L 10 W 27 L 9 W 28 3.5 21 Johnson, Ben C ..2200 L 6W 32 L 2 L 29 W 37 D 25 W 30 3.5 22 krush, irina ..2270 W 31 L 3 D
Liberty Bell Open: Open Section Home More crosstables

86. Salon Technology | Microsoft Chess: Call It A Draw?
Black made a questionable move; the commentator, irina krush, resigned; and on thenext move, the World or possibly just a few disgruntled chess players who

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Sign up here to receive our weekly e-mail newsletter listing recent and upcoming articles and events in Technology. Unsubscribe Microsoft chess: Call it a draw? The virtual match "Kasparov vs. the World" ends in chess suicide, offering a glimpse into the nature of online community. By Mark Gimein Oct. 20, 1999 S abotage. Ballot stuffing. Mass suicide. Protest Web sites. Welcome to the world of online chess. For the last four months, chess addicts and duffers worldwide have engaged in a struggle to beat the world's top chess player, Garry Kasparov, in the ongoing chess game Kasparov vs. the World, presented by Microsoft's Gaming Zone. Every two days, Kasparov, playing White, makes a move. Then, chess players who have signed up with MSN get to vote on an answering move. On each turn, "the World" makes the move that gets the most votes from the chess players who've signed up with MSN. (According to Microsoft, 6,000 to 10,000 players vote on a typical turn.) Think of it as a contest pitting the democratic process against one brilliant chess player. Well, that was how it was

87. Performance Ratings In Chess Olympics / Women / Sorted By Performance
Performance ratings in 35th chess Olympics / women / sorted by performance.Explanation 78. 7, USA, 1, wm, krush irina, 18, 2403, 9, 13, 2550, 70.
Performance ratings in 35th Chess Olympics / women / sorted by performance
men : sorted by country performance difference
women : sorted by country performance difference country title name age elo score games perf.rat rel CHN wg Zhao Xue RUS wg Kosintseva Tatiana VIE wg Hoang Thanh Trang GEO g Chiburdanidze Maia RUS wg Matveeva Svetlana IND wg Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman USA wm Krush Irina CHN wg Xu Yuhua POL wg Socko Monika YUG wg Prudnikova Svetlana POL wg Radziewicz Iweta GER wg Kachiani-Gersinska Ketino POL wg Dworakowska Joanna BUL g Stefanova Antoaneta GEO wg Ioseliani Nana SVK wg Hagarova Zuzana ROM wg Foisor Cristina Adela ARM wg Mkrtchian Lilit CHN g Zhu Chen RUS wg Kosteniuk Alexandra GRE wg Botsari Anna-Maria ROM wg Peptan Corina UKR wg Vasilevich Tatjana YUG wg Bojkovic Natasa FRA wg Skripchenko-Lautier Almira GEO wg Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan CUB wg Arribas Robain Maritza AZE wm Mamedjarova Zeinab NED wg Peng Zhaoqin USA wg Donaldson Elena UKR wg Gaponenko Inna VIE Nguyen Thi Thanh An HUN wg Dembo Yelena GER wg Paehtz Elisabeth HUN wg Lakos Nikoletta BUL wg Voiska Margarita HUN wg Vajda Szidonia UKR wg Zhukova Natalia CZE wg Jackova Jana HUN wg Gara Anita MDA wg Petrenko Svetlana ARG wf Lujan Carolina IRI wm Paridar Shadi BUL wg Aleksieva-Collas Silvia TKM wg Geldyeva Mekhri ESP wf Llaneza Vega Patricia SVK wg Pokorna Regina CHN wg Wang Pin ARM wg Danielian Elina USA wm Baginskaite Camilla ENG wg Houska Jovanka GEO wg Khurtsidze Nino UZB wm Kim-Sabirova Olga MGL Batchimeg Tuvshintogs CZE wm Sikorova Olga ISR wg Klinova Masha FRA wm Sebag Marie USA wm Shahade Jennifer AUS wm Berezina Irina EST wm Piarnpuu Leili FIN wm Koskela Niina MGL wm Mongontuul Bathuyag

88. Shirky: Kasparov Vs. The World
better than anybody dared hope, resulting in surprisingly challenging chess andthe ascension of one of The World's experts, irina krush, into chess stardom. Clay Shirky's Writings About the Internet
Economics and Culture, Media and Community, Open Source Kasparov vs. The World
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Clay Shirky's Writings About the Internet
Economics and Culture, Media and Community, Open Source

89. New In Chess - Magazine
gave Ilya Smirin an early lead that proved decisive at the 35th Biel chess Festival. JUSTCHECKING Any idea who is irina krush’s favourite player of all time

90. Game Analysis - Kasparov Vs. The World
Within our game we have covered all the elements of modern chess. Theater Chat RoomIrina krush's Move Analysis SUMMARY No analysis or recommendation received
Game History Play Kasparov Complete history of the Analysts Moves and Commentary! Notation Explanation ... Irina Krush
The analysts for the World Team in the Kasparov vs. The World are all rising young chess superstars. These are the next generation of names that will rise to the top of the chess-playing world. If you're unsure what move to play against World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, our analysts can point you in the right direction with their thoughtful responses.
Danny King's Commentary
The pawn advances to the 7th rank, just one square away from becoming a new queen. The World can stave off its promotion for a few moves, but that is all. Defeat is inevitable. Once a new queen arrives, White will have an overwhelming superiority in forces.
Garry Kasparov happens to be here in London at the moment and, as the event is drawing to a close, he was happy to discuss the game in detail. He is obviously very proud of his achievement over the past few months and is quite willing to participate in a post-game discussion when the event is over.
He showed me just a few of the critical variations he and his team had worked on. They were mind-blowing; sometimes they looked just like an endgame study. He said he had never before analysed with such intensity over such a long period of time, and that includes preparation for his World Championship matches.

91. Rising Chess Stars Page With Cart
In her debut instructional chess video, the dynamic young chess talent irina Krushanalyzes some of her best games and super combinations from her young but stars.htm
Rising Chess Stars American Chess Princesses
171 min. With Irina Krush Elina Groberman Laura Ross Shirley Ben-Dak . In a special double-volume chess video, four of America's young female chess stars present some of their best games from the 1997 FIDE World Youth Championships held in Cannes, France with the assistance of their coach - GM Ron Henley. No junior chessplayer will want to be without this chess video which stars Irina Krush (1998 US Women's Chess Champion!), Elina Groberman, Laura Ross, and Shirley Ben-Dak! America's Chess Princesses have made a chess video that can be enjoyed by students of all ages. Krushing Attacks! Volume 1
66 min. With NM Irina Krush Krushing Attacks! Volume 2
90 min. With NM Irina Krush EMAIL Chess 4 Less
Last Modified November 10, 2002 To Order call 1 (800) 500-2905
For Product Information call 1 (877) 892-4377

92. US 2003 Krush
Exclusive! Correspondent Jim Perry's interview with irina krush, from the 2003 USChess Championships. Interview and article copyright 2003 by James F. Perry. 2003 Ch Krush.htm
A well-played chess game, like a beautiful woman, is music to the soul.
U.S. Championships 2003
January 9 - 29, 2003 Exclusive! Correspondent Jim Perry's interview with Irina Krush, from the 2003 U.S. Chess Championships. IRINA KRUSH
[Editor's note: this interview was recorded following the completion of the final round of the tournament, but prior to the 3-way playoff involving Anna Hahn, Jennifer Shahade, and Irina Krush.] JFP: You became very strong at chess very early in life. When you were 14 years old, you were rated about 2400 . . . Irina Krush: Yes, right, in fact I was even over 2400. JFP: How did you manage to combine an active chess life with your schooling? JFP: And now? Irina Krush: Now, I go to New York University. I just started my first semester and I don't know yet what I'm going to major in. I'm just taking some required classes, some electives. JFP: In the background information which the Foundation [America's Foundation for Chess] supplied those of us in the press, it says (in reference to yourself) "she is confident that her best achievements in chess are yet to come". But about 4 years ago you were rated 2400 and your current rating is about the same. Have you hit a flat spot in your development as a chessplayer? Irina Krush: Well, the thing is about my FIDE rating, at 15 my highest rating was 2432 and right now it's 2433. It has been much less than that. I've had some bad times. At one point, I went from 2432 to 2354. Then, it gradually rose up again. But the first thing I want to say is that when I first hit the rating 2432, I was actually a bit overrated. I don't think I was quite that strong at that time. My rating right now is very solid. Whatever it is, I'm definitely not overrated. I was definitely weaker back then than I am now. I had just a lot less knowledge about chess. I'm not oblivious to the fact that my rating is essentially the same now as it was 4 years ago. It's not because I haven't improved in the chess sense. I have other things going on, but actually I feel like right now is the time when I can improve a lot and my rating can go up. The past is just the past - you get experience, you grow as a person and then your rating gets higher.

93. Teoma Search: Irina Krush
Elisabeth Pähtz. irina krush. A review of 15year-old irina krush’schess victories and achievements would fill several pages. Krush

94. Murrow Chess Team
News, March 14, 2000 All the Right Moves for Brooklyn chess Kids in New York PostIrina krush Considered Among America's Strongest Woman chess Players in New
Chess Team The Murrow Chess Team The Murrow Chess Team has a very distinguished history and continues to write more of the same. We not only have extremely gifted chess players but also one of the largest chess clubs in any high school. Thanks to the brilliant leadership of Eliot Weiss, our chess coach, we are lighthouses for chess greatness and sirens of dread for our opponents. History of the Chess Team Chess Team Championships CHESS VETERANS (Seniors) Irina Krush - For anyone that knows chess she needs no introduction. Chances are, that while you are reading this, she is winning some prestigious tournament in Europe. The highest rated player in our club. Brandon Fuchs - We would like to thank the Boody JHS Chess team under the guidance of Mr. Fuchs for sending us this titanium strength player to us. On a different note he is very humorous and likes Chinese food...a lot. Eugene Shenderov - The new captain of the chess team. One of the best we have; loves chess with all his heart. Shiltsov Igor -An enthusiastic chess player, he is a dedicated and a committed player wishing to win games for his team. Abereoje Omotayo - A new addition to are chess team this year. Can't live with out chess.

95. Sport-echecs
ENG 2451 3,5 pts; 9e Wells, Peter Kg ENG 2517 3 pts; 10e krush, irina m USA

96. MECCA - CLINK! - Click The Link!
library on the net, La Mecca chess Encyclopedia can offer all of your favoritechess books, from Date 2001-6-10 http//

97. Torshavn00
A wellplayed chess game, like a beautiful woman, is music to the soul. IM IrinaKrush, chess Goddess. 3rd Tórshavn International October 5 - 14, 2000.
US 2000

Worlds 2000

Olympiad 2000
News 08/00
Women in Chess
A well-played chess game, like a beautiful woman,
is music to the soul. IM Irina Krush, Chess Goddess 3rd Tórshavn International
October 5 - 14, 2000

The 3rd Tórshavn International takes place October 5th - October 14th 2000 in the Nordic House in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. Entries include: Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR), Milov, Vadim (SUI), Psakhis, Lev (ISR), Grischuk, Alexander (RUS), Baburin, Alexander (IRL), Savchenko, Stanislav (UKR), Stefansson, Hannes (ISL), Persson, Tiger Hillarp (SWE), Conquest, Stuart (ENG), Danielsen, Henrik (DEN), Rowson, Jonathan (SCO), Radjabov, Teimour (AZE), Pedersen, Steffen (DEN), Salmensuu, Olli (FIN), Johannessen, Leif Erlend (NOR), Bykhovsky, Anatoly A (RUS), Eriksson, Johan (SWE), Gunnarsson, Jon Viktor (ISL), Krush, Irina (USA) , Nilssen, John Arni (FAI), Rodgaard, John (FAI). Besides Irina Krush, the 30 players range in age from 13 year olds Olaf Berg, Faroe Islands (1800) and

98. Pakistan Chess Player
.chess .PLAYER, USChina chess Summit Match 2001 Round 2 USA 5 China 5. IrinaKrush followed this example and scored her second half point for team USA.
US-China Chess Summit Match 2001
Round 2: USA 5 China 5
The American team captain Nick de Firmian decided to use his three reserve players in the second duel. Joel Benjamin replaced a rather tired Alexander Ivanov, US Women's co champion Elina Groberman took the spot of Camilla Baginskaite and the youngest player of this event, 13 year old Hikaru Nakamura got the opportunity to play Chinese junior Ni Hua. A few hours into the match all looked rosy for the American team and another victory seemed in the air. The Chinese players defended well and after nearly six hours of fighting a 5-5 result was penciled in on the score board. Half way this competition the US team is leading by the smallest margin possible, a half point.
The round started earlier than the previous one as the players and officials were invited for a dinner hosted by Washington State Governor Gary Locke and his wife Mona. Boris Gulko made sure he would be there in time by having a swift draw with China's strongest player Ye Jiangchuan. Irina Krush followed this example and scored her second half point for team USA. A nice achievement considering that Irina's opponent has 120 rating points more.

99. SmartChess Online
This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

100. Sport-echecs
wm IND 2299 4.5; 4. Gormally, Daniel m ENG 2505 4.5; 5. McNab, Colin Ag SCO

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