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  1. International Professional Hockey League: International Professional Hockey League Players, Newsy Lalonde, Cyclone Taylor, Hod Stuart
  2. International Professional Hockey League Players: Newsy Lalonde, Cyclone Taylor, Hod Stuart, Hughie Lehman, Didier Pitre, Joe Hall
  3. Renfrew Hockey Club Players: Newsy Lalonde, Skene Ronan, Don Smith, Fred Doherty, Steve Vair
  4. National Hockey League Scoring Leaders (Prior to 1947-48): Howie Morenz, Newsy Lalonde, Joe Malone, Doug Bentley, Elmer Lach, Babe Dye

61. A To Z Encyclopaedia Of Ice Hockey - La
lalonde, Edouard Charles 'newsy' (18881971) Born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.Centre. Honours Elected to the hockey Hall of Fame in 1950.
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La Coupe Magnus
The name of the trophy presented to the winners of the French Championship . Established in 1985 by the French Ice Hockey Federation to honour the memory of Louis Magnus
"La Pationoire"
A French comedy film made in 1999 about an ice hockey movie being made on an ice rink. The film-within-a-film idea is extended because the film crew also has a TV crew making a documentary of the movie.
Laaksonen, Emma
International Career : Played for Finland (Women) in the 1998 Olympics
Labayen, Pedro
Born in San Sebastián, Spain. Forward. A member of the first Spanish team to enter a World Championship
International Career : Played for Spain World Championship Pool C
Club Career : Played for FC Barcelona
Labbe, Jean-Francois
Club Career : Played for Hershey Bears Honours : Won the Les Cunningham Plaque in 1996-97.

62. SLAM! Hockey: Art Ross Winners
of the National hockey League's Art Ross Trophy, awarded annually to the league'shighest scorer 1918 Joe Malone, Montreal 1919 newsy lalonde, Montreal

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    Art Ross Winners
    1998 Winner Jaromir Jagr Back to Hockey Through the Years SLAM! Sports Search Help ... Netgraphe Inc
  • 63. Hockey Mags & Programs 2
    38, The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade B / Label No, Headline Five man hockey proposed by newsy lalonde / Head shot of lalonde, $ 20.00 Add

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    Item # Date Magazine / Grade Athlete(s) / Teams on Cover Price HM-028 SPORT FAN and the PUCK
    (tabloid 12' X 16') vol 8, no 19
    Grade: B- / Label: No
    Add to Cart
    HM-029 SPORT FAN and the PUCK
    (tabloid 12' X 16') vol 8, no 21 Grade: B- / Label: No Canadiens, Black Hawks Buy Maroon Players : Canadiens get (pictures) Stew Evans and Martin Wentworth PICTURE Add to Cart HM-030 The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade: C+ / Label: No Charlie Conacher (Toronto Maple Leafs) / inside 1938-39 Seven (7) NHL Rosters PICTURE SOLD HM-031 The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade: C+ / Label: No Headline : Feud between Art Ross and Eddie Shore, story behind scenes of holdout / headshot of both players PICTURE Add to Cart HM-032 The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade: C+ / Label: No Head shot: Bill and Bun Cook (NY Rangers) Add to Cart HM-033 The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade: B- / Label: No Headline : Five man hockey proposed by Newsy Lalonde / Head shot of Lalonde Add to Cart HM-034 The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade: C+ / Label: No PICTURE Add to Cart HM-035 The PUCK and the SPORT FAN (tabloid 12' X 16') Grade: B- / Label: No Ebbie Goodfellow (Detroit Red Wings) / Turk Broda (Toronto Maple Leafs) / Lorne Carr (NY Americains)

    64. Hockey Mags & Programs 6
    HM6-26, 1965, Official National hockey Annual Grade C+ / Label No, Stan Yes,On the Mtl Forum ice in suits Maurice Richard, newsy lalonde, Butch Bouchard

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    Item # Date Magazine / Grade Athlete(s) / Teams on Cover Price HM-6-01 Jan '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare
    Grade: B- / Label: No Jacques Plantes (Montreal Canadiens)
    Add to Cart
    HM-6-02 Feb '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare
    Grade: C+ / Label: No Red Kelly (Toronto Maple Leafs)
    Add to Cart
    HM-6-03 Mar '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: C+ / Label: Yes Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings) Add to Cart HM-6-04 Mar '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: B- / Label: No Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings) PICTURE Add to Cart HM-6-05 May '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: B- / Label: No Bobby Hull PICTURE Add to Cart HM-6-06 May '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: C+ / Label: No Bobby Hull Add to Cart HM-6-07 Jun '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: B- / Label: No Marcel Bonin (Montreal Canadiens) Add to Cart HM-6-08 July'62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: C+ / Label: No SOLD HM-6-09 Aug '62 Sport Revue (French) / rare Grade: C+ / Label: No Jacques Plante Add to Cart HM-6-09-1 Oct '62 Hockey Pictorial Grade: B- / Label: No Henri Richard (Montreal Canadiens) Add to Cart HM-6-10 Dec '62 SPORTS (French) / rare Grade: B / Label: No Add to Cart HM-6-11 Official National Hockey Annual

    65. Pastenforcers
    he’d kick your balls off. Sprague wasn’t just hockey’s toughest player, however.He was also a legitimate enforcer. When newsy lalonde knocked Odie to

    66. Trolleytracks Hockey
    a referee in the National hockey Association. For many years, any argument over whothe greatest player of all time was revolved around newsy lalonde and Bowie

    67. The Brothers Forbes
    There was also a hockey team called the Vancouver Millionaires, withTaylor and newsy lalonde, winning the Stanley Cup in 1915.
    Vancouver Story Larrie ... Home Larrie Forbes The Vancouver Story: as told by Reginald S. Forbes (1907-1989) My grandfather, Richard Smith Forbes, from Albermarle, Bruce County, Ontario, arrived in Port Moody in 1886 on the first train this far west. He proceeded by trail further west to the Gastown area, now Vancouver. There were approximately two thousand people in the community when he arrived. On April 22, 1888 my father, Andrew Milton Forbes, age 15, (1873-1963) arrived on the first train west of Port Moody to the gastown area. My father used to tell us about Gassy Jack who owned the only hotel in the area. My Dad got a job sacking coal for ten cents a long ton. He eventually got a job in Tom Dunn's Hardware Store, working his way up to Manager of the store at a salary of $75 a month. One day he saw a young lady pass by the window, and said "thats the girl for me". He knew the lady she was with, Mrs. Sarah Powell, thus an introduction to her younger sister, Blanche Oakley was in order. This was the summer of 1883. He then decided to open up his own hardware known as "FORBES & VAN HORNE". In 1896, my father , Andrew Milton Forbes, married Blanche Renetta Oakley, youngest daughter of Samual Oalkley, who was the Master Car Builder for the railroad, everything west of Winnipeg. Blanche and Andrew spent their honeymoon at the Empress Hotel in Victoria.

    68. NHL - Year-by-Year Leading Scorers
    22 36 36 Noble, Reg Tor. 20 28 28 lalonde, newsy Mtl. 14 23 23 Denneny,Corbett Tor. lalonde, newsy Mtl. 17 21 9 30 Cleghorn, Odie Mtl.
    Year-by-Year Leading Scorers Bottom of Page 1917-1918 Player Club GP G A Pts. Malone, Joe Mtl. 20 34 44 Denneny, Cy Ott. 22 36 36 Noble, Reg Tor. 20 28 28 Lalonde, Newsy Mtl. 14 23 23 Denneny, Corbett Tor. 21 20 20 Pitre, Didier Mtl. 19 17 17 Cameron, Harry Tor. 20 17 17 Darragh, Jack Ott. 18 14 14 Hyland, Harry Mtl W., Ott. 16 14 14 Skinner, Alf Tor. 19 13 13 Gerard, Eddie Ott. 21 13 13 1918-1919 Player Club GP G A Pts. Lalonde, Newsy Mtl. 17 21 9 30 Cleghorn, Odie Mtl. 17 23 6 29 Denneny, Cy Ott. 18 18 4 22 Nighbor, Frank Ott. 18 18 4 22 Pitre, Didier Mtl. 17 14 4 18 Skinner, Alf Tor. 17 12 3 15 Cameron, Harry Tor., Ott. 14 11 3 14 Noble, Reg Tor. 17 11 3 14 Darragh, Jack Ott. 14 12 1 13 Randall, Ken Tor. 14 7 6 13

    69. - Fred Bourdginon
    He rarely spoke about his time in pro hockey, and had never returned to the sport. I have also heard that newsy lalonde was the player who checked Bergdinon

    Fred Bergdinon

    Bob Boucher

    D'arcy Coulson

    Tom Coulter
    [Click to enlarge]
    Frederick George Bourdginon, who's name was interpreted as "Bergdinon" in NHL circles, was born in Parry Sound, Ontario, on June 22nd, 1906. The only child from his father's third marriage, Fred was raised as such, given that his half-siblings were much older than he was and had already left the family home to make their own lives.
    Described as a handsome young man and a good athlete, Fred was popular in his small hometown. His father was very proud of him, and encouraged him to play hockey, which was often seen as a waste of time and not a viable career in the 1920s. He also bought Fred one of the first automobiles in town.
    Fred began to play organized hockey in high school and later played for Parry Sound's junior OHA team. At some point around 1924, he is believed to have signed a professional contract and joined an unknown team in Minnesota. From there, he was likely discovered by a scout, which landed him with the Boston Bruins of the NHL.

    70. Other Sports: Football, Hockey, Etc...
    Babe D. Zaharias beautiful fountain pen signature!$750 hockey HOF signed $150 SeymourKnox 3x5$150 newsy lalonde 3x5-$750 Al

    Dr. WG Grace:
    Still known throughout England today as simply "WG", Grace is to English cricket what Babe Ruth is to baseball it's most popular and well-loved player.
    After Queen Victoria, Grace was the most widely recognized figure of late 19th Century England. He died in 1915 and his is among the most sought-after signatures in sport. We offer an extraordinarily rare signed document from 1899 when he served as secretary to the London County Cricket Club. This is for the true sports historian $3,250.
    Autographs on 3x5 Cards unless otherwise noted:
    Wilt Chamberlain-$250
    Bob Cousy 3x5$35
    Bob Cousey personal check filled out and signed$75
    Bill Cunningham 3x5$95
    Bill Cunningham 1961 Naismith stamp HOF commemorative First Day cover signed$150
    Dave DeBusschere-$25 Bruce Drake 3x5$150 Pat Ewing boldly signed 8"x10" color action photo$75 Cliff Fagan $95 Joe Fulks GPC postmarked "1948"$250 Joe Fulks on an A/P with others $175 Joe Fulks on a lined 3x5$150 Alex Hannum pencil signature on an A/P with Adolph Rupp and five others (all in pencil)$495 Red Holzman-$75 Buddy Jeannette$75 Magic Johnson great action color 8"x10" boldly signed!$295

    71. Joy Of Hockey/NHL Players In Hockey Hall Of Fame
    hockey Hall of Fame Duke Keats Leonard Red Kelly Teeder Kennedy Dave Keon JariKurri Elmer Lach Guy The Flower LaFleur *Edouard newsy lalonde Rod Langway
    Hockey Hall of Fame!
    (Under Construction)
    *Sid Abel *Jack Adams *Syl Apps George Armstrong ... *Ace Bailey *Dan Bain *Hobey Baker Bill Barber *Marty Barry Andy Bathgate *Bobby Bauer ... Jean Beliveau *Clint Benedict *Doug Bentley *Max Bentley *Hector "Toe" Blake Leo Boivin *Dickie Boon Mike Bossy Emile "Butch" Bouchard *Frank Boucher *George Boucher Johnny Bower *Russell Bowie *Frank Brimsek *Harry "Punch" Broadbent *Walter "Turk" Broda John Bucyk *Billy Burch *Harry Cameron Gerry Cheevers *Francis "King" Clancy *Aubrey "Dit" Clapper Bobby Clarke *Sprague Cleghorn *Neil Colville *Charlie Conacher *Lionel Conacher *Alex Connell *Fred "Bun" Cook *Bill Cook *Art Coulter Yvan "Roadrunner" Cournoyer *Bill Crowley *Rusty Crawford *Jack Darragh *Scotty Davidson *Clarence "Hap" Day Alex Delvecchio *Cy Denneny Marcel Dionne *Geordie Drillon *Charles Grahame Drinkwater Ken Dryden Woody Dumart *Thomas Dunderdale *Bill Durnan *Mervyn "Red" Dutton *Cecil "Babe" Dye Phil Esposito Tony Esposito *Arthur Farrell Bernie Federko Viacheslav Fetisov Fern Flaman *Frank Foyston *Frank Fredrickson Bill Gadsby Bob Gainey *Charlie Gardiner *Herb Gardiner *Jimmy Gardner Mike Gartner Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion

    72. Year-by-Year NHL Scoring Leaders
    19191920, Joe Malone, Quebec, 24, 39, 6, 45. 1918-1919, newsy lalonde, Canadiens,17, 23, 9, 32. DISCLAIMER Joy of hockey is dedicated to the fans of the NHL.
    Year-by-Year NHL Scoring Leaders SEASON PLAYER TEAM GP G A PTS Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh 1994-1995 (T) Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh 1994-1995 (T) Eric Lindros Philadelphia Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Wayne Gretzky Edmonton 1979-1980 (T) Marcel Dionne Los Angeles 1979-1980 (T) Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Bryan Trottier Islanders Guy Lafleur Canadiens Guy Lafleur Canadiens Guy Lafleur Canadiens Bobby Orr Boston Phil Esposito Boston Phil Esposito Boston Phil Esposito Boston Phil Esposito Boston Bobby Orr Boston Phil Esposito Boston Stan Mikita Chicago Stan Mikita Chicago Bobby Hull Chicago Stan Mikita Chicago Stan Mikita Chicago Gordie Howe Detroit Bobby Hull Chicago Bernie Geoffrion Canadiens Bobby Hull Chicago Dickie Moore Canadiens Dickie Moore Canadiens Gordie Howe Detroit Jean Beliveau Canadiens Bernie Geoffrion Canadiens Gordie Howe Detroit Gordie Howe Detroit Gordie Howe Detroit Gordie Howe Detroit Ted Lindsay Detroit Roy Conacher Chicago Elmer Lach Canadiens Max Bentley Chicago Max Bentley Chicago Elmer Lach Canadiens Herbie Cain Boston Doug Bentley Chicago Bryan Hextall Rangers Bill Cowley Boston Milt Schmidt Boston Toe Blake Canadiens Gordie Drillon Toronto Dave Schriner N.Y. Americans

    73. Lengths Of Hockey Players' Careers Through The Ages
    hockey to start with the ECHA of 190809, by definition no-one started their majorleague career before then. This does penalise people like newsy lalonde and
    Hockey Players' Career Lengths
    Watching this year's Stanley Cup finals, I'm somewhat surprised at how long some of the participants have played for. Ron Francis has been in the NHL since 1981-82 (in his rookie season, he was a teammate of Dave Keon), Chris Chelios and Steve Yzerman have been playing since 1983-84, and several others have been NHL regulars since the mid-1980's. Also, several other players (such as Igor Larionov) had logged several years in Europe's "elite" leagues before joining the NHL. This seems rather unusual to someone like me, who first learned about hockey in the 1980's. While it is nice, in a way, to see these players continue playing, it strikes me that, not all that long ago, people's careers weren't that long. In the 1980's, after Keon retired, I don't recall a lot of ancient players in the NHL. People like Gilbert Perrault, Guy Lafleur and Larry Robinson were very much an exception. Nowadays, Detroit has several ancients, and there are others scattered throughout the league. This raises two questions: First, is my perception correct, or am I just imagining that things were different in the 1980's than they are now, and second, why? In an attempt to answer these questions, I'm going to look at one aspect of the big picture. Specifically, I'm going to look at every year during which major-league professional hockey was played (In this exercise, I use a definition of "major league" similar to that used by Klein and Reif in

    74. Interesting Individuals
    Edouard Charles (newsy) lalonde was the dominant player during the first 25 yearsof hockey according to no less an authority than the hockey Hall of Fame.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated E-mail this page to a friend Tell me when this page is updated
    Interesting Individuals
    John Cariboo Cameron
    The Story of John 'Cariboo' Cameron
    Dr. Donald G. Dingwall
    a Sketch of his life
    Charles William Gordon,
    pen name Ralph Connor
    Newsy Lalonde
    The Lalonde family can truly boast of producing one of the greatest players ever to play the game. Edouard Charles ( Newsy Lalonde was the dominant player during the first 25 years of hockey according to no less an authority than the Hockey Hall of Fame.
    John D. McArthur
    John D. McArthur 1854 - 1927 from Lancaster, Ontario
    Archie H. McCuaig
    Archie H. McCuaig missing since 1908, from Perveril/Dalhousie Mills/Cote St. George Area.
    Dr. Royce MacGillivray
    Proposed book announcement on Pipe Major John T. MacKenzie New 8/00
    Claude J. Nunney , check under VC winners
    REGIMENTAL WINNER OF THE VICTORIA CROSS No. 410935, PTE. Claude Joseph Patrick Nunney, VC, DCM, MM
    Sir Edward Peacock
    Came from the St. Elmo Area, Kenyon township. Any Comments, Contact

    75. Insane Hockey Newsletter #16
    And now, the NEWS. First off, I suppose we have to talk about The hockey News'top 50 players of all time. Dickie Moore 32. newsy lalonde 33. Syl Apps 34.
    I n s a n e Hockey Newsletter Welcome to the 16th Issue! This issue is dedicated to all the 4x4's out there. As always, the Insane Hockey Newsletter is Brought to you by: Hypercat, official mascot of the First Church of Shatnerology , put on your toupee, supplicant and beam over there now. We'll be here on your browser's back button. Go there. Now. I said now. Or if that religion is not good enough for you (but dammit, it should be) you might try the Temple of the Puck And now, the NEWS First off, I suppose we have to talk about The Hockey News ' top 50 players of all time. They are, in order: 1. Wayne Gretzky 2. Bobby Orr 3. Gordie Howe 4. Mario Lemieux 5. Maurice Richard 6. Doug Harvey 7. Jean Beliveau 8. Bobby Hull 9. Terry Sawchuk 10. Eddie Shore 11. Guy Lafleur 12. Mark Messier 13. Jacques Plante 14. Ray Bourque 15. Howie Morenz 16. Glenn Hall 17. Stan Mikita 18. Phil Esposito 19. Denis Potvin 20. Mike Bossy 21. Ted Lindsay 22. Red Kelly 23. Bobby Clarke 24. Larry Robinson 25. Ken Dryden 26. Frank Mahovlich 27. Milt Schmidt 28. Paul Coffey 29. Henri Richard 30. Bryan Trottier 31. Dickie Moore 32. Newsy Lalonde 33. Syl Apps 34. Bill Durnan 35. Patrick Roy 36. Charlie Conacher 37. Jaromir Jagr 38. Marcel Dionne 39. Joe Malone 40. Chris Chelios 41. Dit Clapper 42. Bernie Geoffrion 43. Tim Horton 44. Bill Cook 45. Johnny Bucyk 46. George Hainsworth 47. Gilbert Perreault 48. Max Bentley 49. Brad Park 50. Jari Kurri First off, all of these players are good players. No slouches here. However, left off of this list is the number five goal scorer of all time: Mike Gartner. He should be on this list, as opposed to Jaromir Jagr. Jagr may be one of the Top 50 all time before he retires, but let's not enshrine him in the Hall of Fame until we have a full career to look at. Other names that should have been included are: Brian Leetch, Rod Langway, Borje Salming, Boris Mikhailov, and perhaps Vladislav Tretiak. Of course, that would mean excuding some of the others above.

    76. Rfplayers
    That’s where he got the name newsy and it stuck with him for life. lalonde wasan outstanding hockey player along with being an outstanding lacrosse player
    Great Players
    Here you will find a list of some of the great players who have played for the Montreal Canadiens. I have a list of 27 players here, though there are many more. Every player on this list is in the hall of fame, therefore I have included the year they were inducted underneath their name, and underneath that is their position.
    Aurel Joliat
    left wing
    Born in Ottawa on August, 29, 1901. Known as the Mighty Atom or Little Giant, Joliat was a small but tough and hardworking player of the early years. He was known as an outstanding checker; capable of stopping an opponent, wheeling on a dime and starting a rush of his own. He spent 16 seasons as a member of the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL.
    Joliat was actually a fullback for the Ottawa Rough Riders and Regina Wascona boat club who also played hockey. A broken leg led him to concentrate on hockey. His early hockey experience came playing with the Ottawa New Edinburghs and Iroquois Falls Eskimos. He later planned on staying with the Saskatoon Sheiks, but the Habs dealt the great "Newsy Lalonde" for this unknown kid, Joliat.
    In his second season with Montreal, 1923-24, Joliat was teamed with Morenz and Boucher on a line to become one of the greatest left-wingers in history, scoring 270 goals and winning three Stanley cups in 1923-24, 1929-30, and 1930-31. He also played on four NHL all-star teams and won the Hart Trophy in the 1933-34 season. Aurel Joliat died June 2, 1986, in Ottawa.

    77. Hall Of Honour
    Installed in the. International hockey Hall of Fame. April, 1945. Silas (Si) Griffis,Harry J. Trihey. Edouard (newsy) lalonde, Charles Drinkwater. Frank Patrick.
    T his International Hockey Hall of Honour "has been dedicated to perpetuate the memories of the men who have done so much to develop Nationally and Internationally Canada's Winter Sport."
    Associations and Leagues
    T he following groups have offered their approval "of such a Memorial being designed for this purpose".
    The National Hockey League
    The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association
    British Columbia Hockey Association
    Alberta Amateur Hockey Association
    Saskatchewan Amateur Hockey Association
    Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association
    Thunder Bay Amateur Hockey Association
    Ontario Hockey Association
    Quebec Amateur Hockey Association
    Maritime Amateur Hockey Association American Hockey Association of United States American Hockey League Amateur Hockey Association of the United States International Ice Hockey Association
    Rules For Election
    A committee appointed by the Board of Directors shall select for enshrinement the members of the International Hockey Hall of Fame. Any person who is or has been distinguished in hockey as a player or as an executive, shall be eligible as worthy to be honoured.
    Basis of Selection
    C candidates for election shall be chosen on the basis of playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and their contribution to their team and hockey in general.

    78. 1999 UD Century Legends Hockey Cards -
    1999 Century Legends hockey Cards. Upper Deck. 30 Bryan Trottier, 1 available.32 newsy lalonde, 2 available. 36 Peter Stastny, 2 available.

    79. Total Hockey : The Official Encyclopedia Of The National Hockey League - Hockey
    If you're a hockey nut, this book is for you Now you can see who all newsy lalonde(the Wayne Gretzky of the early 1900's) played for, and his stats, as well as
    Total Hockey : The Official Encyclopedia of the National Hockey League - Hockey Books Click here to buy this item now Total Hockey : The Official Encyclopedia of the National Hockey League
    by Dan Diamond (Editor), James Duplacey Igor Kuperman
    Hardcover - 1792 pages (October 1998)
    Avg. Customer Review:
    Number of Reviews: 5
    Customers who bought this book also bought:
    Book Description
    Hockey fans have long known that their sport is the coolest game. Now they have a reference book worthy of the game itself. Andrews McMeel Publishing, Total Sports, and the National Hockey League have teamed up to produce Total Hockey: The Official Encyclopedia of the National Hockey League-and it's the book the sport has been waiting for. Total Hockey is simply the most authoritative, complete, and fact-filled volume ever produced on the game. And it is total in scope, covering not just the National Hockey League in the most comprehensive fashion ever, but also chronicling pre-NHL hockey, minor league and junior hockey, rival leagues, and hockey around the world. And it's as up-to-date as the historic USA women's hockey victory at Nagano. The author, Dan Diamond , September 3, 1998

    80. PCHA & WCHL Hockey Teams
    hockey Hall of Fame members, 11, Seasons played. John James (Jack) Adams SilasSeth (Si) Griffis Edouard (newsy) lalonde Frederick Hugh (Hughie) Lehman Duncan
    Vancouver Millionaires - Maroons Hockey Hall of Fame members Seasons played John James (Jack) Adams
    Silas Seth (Si) Griffis
    Edouard (Newsy) Lalonde
    Frederick Hugh (Hughie) Lehman
    Duncan McMillan (Mickey) MacKay
    Frank Nighbor
    Thomas N. (Tommy) Phillips
    Didier Pitre Russell (Barney) Stanley
    Frederick (Cyclone) Taylor
    Francois X. (Frank) Boucher
    Samuel Russell (Rusty) Crawford Frederick Hugh (Hughie) Lehman Duncan McMillan (Mickey) MacKay Frederick (Cyclone) Taylor Team colours white and maroon Team Logos Vancouver

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