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         Adams John:     more books (99)
  1. John Adams by David McCullough, 2008-01-29
  2. State of the Union Address by John Quincy Adams, 2006-11-03
  3. My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams by Abigail Adams, John Adams, 2010-11-15
  4. John Adams: A Life by John Ferling, 2010-02-09
  5. First Family: Abigail and John Adams by Joseph J. Ellis, 2010-10-26
  6. The Letters of John and Abigail Adams by Abigail Adams, 2003-12-30
  7. Orations by John Quincy Adams, 2010-07-06
  8. John Quincy Adams (The American Presidents Series) by Robert V. Remini, 2002-08-20
  10. John Quincy Adams (American Profiles (Madison House Paperback)) by Lynn Hudson Parsons, 1999-03-01
  11. The John Adams Reader: Essential Writings on an American Composer (Amadeus) by Thomas May, 2006-06-19
  12. A Force for Nature: The Story of NRDC and Its Fight to Save Our Planet by John H. Adams, Patricia Adams, 2010-08-25
  13. The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams by John Adams, 1988-09-30
  14. Risk by John Adams, 1995-02-01

1. John Adams - Biography
Biography, selected discography, work list, reviews, upcoming performances.Category Arts Music Composition Composers A Adams, John Coolidge......Home Composers John adams john Adams. updated 12 July 2002. John Adams. JohnAdams is one of the best known and most often performed of America's composers.
Home Composers
John Adams
updated 12 July 2002
John Adams
John Adams is one of the best known and most often performed of America's composers. As Andrew Porter wrote in The New Yorker , Adams is the creator of a "flexible new language capable of producing large-scale works that are both attractive and strongly fashioned. His is a music whose highly polished resonant sound is wonderful." Le Monde says that his music " the impression of a rediscovered liberty, of an open door which lets in the fresh air in great gusts." Adams was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on 15 February 1947. During his youth, growing up in Vermont and New Hampshire, he was strongly influenced by the intellectual and cultural institutions of New England. He received both his BA and MA degrees from Harvard University, where he was active as a conductor, clarinetist, and composer. His principal teachers included Leon Kirchner , David Del Tredici, and Roger Sessions. In 1971 Adams began an active career in the San Francisco area, teaching at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (1972-83) and serving as new music adviser and composer-in-residence for the San Francisco Symphony (1978-85). His creative output spans a wide range of media: works for orchestra, opera, video, film, and dance, as well as electronic and instrumental music. Such pieces as Harmonium Harmonielehre Shaker Loops , and The Chairman Dances are among the best known and most frequently performed of contemporary American music. In these works he has taken minimalism into a new and fresh terrain characterized by luminous sonorities and a powerful and dramatic approach to form.

2. Encyclopedia Americana: John Quincy Adams
A detailed biography written for students. Includes inaugural addresses and a fact file.Category Society History Presidents Adams, John Quincy......JOHN QUINCY ADAMS Biography. President John Adams relieved his son ofthe post at Berlin immediately after Jefferson's election in 1801.

Inaugural Address
Quick Facts The Presidents EA Contents JOHN QUINCY ADAMS

John Quincy Adams, (1767-1848) , ad'[sch ]mz, 6th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES . He was the son of John ADAMS , 2d president. Independence and Union were the watchwords of his career; a Union of the United States of North America to grow by the destiny of Providence and nature to become a continental republic of free men stretching from ocean to ocean and from Gulf to Arctic. "The Second Adams" was the only son of a president to become president; in fact, his parents actually trained him for highest office. His mother told the boy that some day the state would rest upon his shoulder. As he grew up with the new nation, he had during his long lifetime two notable careers, separated by a strange interlude. The first career was as an American diplomat who rose to become secretary of state. The second career was as a member of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and opponent of slavery. The strange interlude was as president of the United States; for four years the state did indeed rest, uneasily, upon his shoulder. Never publicly popular, often reviled by his political enemies, he nevertheless ended his life in the sunshine of national esteem. Early Life John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Mass., on July 11, 1767. During the first years of the American Revolution, he received his education principally by instruction from his distinguished father and gifted mother, the incomparable Abigail. As a boy of ten he accompanied his father on diplomatic missions to Europe. There he learned French fluently in a private school at Paris; next he studied at the University of Leiden. In 1782-1783 he accompanied Francis Dana, as secretary and interpreter of French (then the language of the Russian court), on a journey through the German states to St. Petersburg, returning to Holland by way of Scandinavia and Hannover.

3. John Adams
Biography, discography.Category Arts Music Composition Composers A Adams, John Coolidge......John Adams. John Adams was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1947 andgraduated from Harvard University in 1971. He moved to California
John Adams
John Adams was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1947 and graduated from Harvard University in 1971. He moved to California where he taught and conducted at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for ten years. His innovative concerts led to his appointment firstly as contemporary music advisor to the San Francisco Symphony, and then as the orchestra's composer-in-residence between 1979 and 1985, the period in which his reputation became established with the success of such works as "Harmonium" and "Harmonielehre". Recordings on the New Albion and ECM labels were followed by a contract with Nonesuch Records in 1986. Of John Adams' compositions, the best known and most widely discussed is his opera "Nixon in China", given its premiere by Houston Grand Opera in 1987 and winner of the 1989 Grammy for Best Contemporary Composition. With "Nixon in China", the composer, along with director Peter Sellars, librettist Alice Goodman and choreographer Mark Morris, brought contemporary history vividly into the opera house, pioneering an entire genre of post-modern music theater. The original staging of the work by Sellars has subsequently been seen in New York, Washington, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Paris, Adelaide and Frankfurt. New productions of the opera have been presented in Helsinki (in Finnish) and Beilefeld (in German). Adams' second opera, "The Death of Klinghoffer", again a collaboration with Sellars, Goodman and Morris, had its premiere at the Brussels Opera in 1991. Described by Newsweek critic Katrine Ames as "a work that fires the heart," it has also been seen in Lyon, Vienna, New York and San Francisco.

4. John Luther Adams
Picture, biography, news, interview, recordings, catalog, writings, and calendar.Category Arts Music Composition Composers Contemporary A......John Luther Adams.

5. Portrait Of John Adams
John Adams (17351826). Founding father. Second President of the UnitedStates, first treaty of Paris with England in 1783. John Adams.
John Adams
Founding father. Second President of the United States, first vice-president of the U.S., member of the Continental Congress, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, helped negotiate the treaty of Paris with England in 1783. John Adams Home Search Early America Review Movies ... Town Crier Forums

6. Adams
John Couch Adams. Honours awarded to John Couch Adams (Click a linkbelow for the full list of mathematicians honoured in this way).
John Couch Adams
Born: 5 June 1819 in Laneast, Cornwall, England
Died: 21 Jan 1892 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
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John Couch Adams showed great mathematical ability while at school, and he became known for his considerable abilities for accurate numerical calculations. During this period he first became interested in astronomy and, by the age of 16, he had worked out when an annular eclipse of the Sun would be visible in Lidcot. His brother lived at Lidcot, which is near Launceston about 10Km from where John was born. Adams was educated at St John's College, Cambridge. He began his undergraduate course in October 1839 and graduated Senior Wrangler four years later. He is said to have been awarded double the marks of the Second Wrangler which, if true, is an incredible achievement. Also in 1843 he became first Smith's Prizeman and he became a Fellow of Pembroke College. He was to hold this Fellowship, in addition to other posts, until his death. In 1841, while still an undergraduate, he decided to investigate

7. John Luther Adams
John Luther Adams. No, not that John Adams. This one is 804592). OtherInternet Information Write John Luther Adams at New
John Luther Adams
No, not that John Adams. This one is from Alaska and his music is appropriately icy, distant and spacious. -John Schafer, New Sounds The music of John Luther Adams has been called "art of beauty, power and intellectual integrity" (American Record Guide). Adams' works have been performed in concert and broadcast on radio and television throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Great Britain and Australia. He has received numerous commissions, awards and fellowships - from the National Endowment for the Arts, Meet the Composer, the Lila Wallace Trust, the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Music Center and the Alaska State Council on the Arts, among others. Born in 1953 and raised on the East Coast, Adams studied composition with James Tenney at the California Institute of the Arts (BFA '73), where his other teachers included Harold Budd , Leonard Stein, Morton Subotnick and Mel Powell. In the mid-70s, he migrated to Alaska, where he has lived ever since. An active environmentalist, Adams worked for several years as executive director of the Northern Alaska Environmental Center and has been a leader in the Green Party of Alaska. He has worked as a wilderness guide and traveled exensively throughout the far north, pursuing a strong love for wild places and indigenous Alaskan culture. For seven years, he served as timpanist and principal percussionist with the Fairbanks Symphony and the Arctic Chamber Orchestra. As National Endowment for the Arts composer-in-residence with these orchestras, he founded and directed three seasons of "American Originals", an annual festival of new music.

8. Welcome
Texas Death Row inmate John Wade Adams (Terrell Unit, Livingston) seeking for Justice.

Photo Album


The Case
Welcome to John Wade Adams Association Internet site ! John Wade Adams is a Death Row inmate actually detained in the Polunsky Unit, in Livingston, Texas, USA. He is 38 years old. He claims to be wrongly incarcerated. Read his statement The John Wade Adams Association located in Geneva, Switzerland, is helping John in his claim of innocence, through funding. If you wish to write to John Wade Adams : John Wade Adams Polunsky Unit Texas Death Row #999278 3872 F. M. 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351 USA For any request the John Wade Adams Association e-mail address is : Last update You are the visitor number Thank you for singing in my guestbook For any other request click here
ACLU Execution Watch

9. WIEM: Adams John
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia A......adams john (17351826), ojciec Johna Quincy'ego, polityk i dyplomata amerykanski,z wyksztalcenia prawnik. Jeden z przywódców wojny adams john. napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Postacie historyczne, Historia powszechna, Stany Zjednoczone
Adams John widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Adams John Adams John (1735-1826), ojciec Johna Quincy'ego , polityk i dyplomata amerykañski, z wykszta³cenia prawnik. Jeden z przywódców wojny o niepodleg³o¶æ Stanów Zjednoczonych, 1774-1778 delegat na I i II Kongres Kontynentalny , wspó³twórca Deklaracji niepodleg³o¶ci Stanów Zjednoczonych . W latach 1778-1788 pe³ni³ misje dyplomatyczne na terenie Europy, negocjowa³ warunki i 1783 podpisa³ paryski traktat pokojowy. Jeden z czo³owych federalistów, 1789-1797 wiceprezydent, 1797-1801 prezydent USA. D±¿y³ do umocnienia w³adzy centralnej, zapobieg³ wybuchowi wojny z Francj±, ograniczy³ imigracjê do USA ( Alien and Sedition Acts Zobacz równie¿ Deklaracja niepodleg³o¶ci Stanów Zjednoczonych Odwied¼ w Internecie Adams John Powi±zania Uniwersytet Harvarda w Cambridge Federali¶ci Bia³y Dom Adams Henry Brooks ... do góry Encyklopedia zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra

10. WIEM: Adams John Quincy
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia A......adams john Quincy (17671848), syn Johna, amerykanski polityk i dyplomata. 1809-1814posel w Rosji, 1815-1817 w Wielkiej Brytanii. adams john Quincy. napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Postacie historyczne, Historia powszechna, Stany Zjednoczone
Adams John Quincy widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Adams John Quincy Adams John Quincy (1767-1848), syn Johna , amerykañski polityk i dyplomata. 1809-1814 pose³ w Rosji, 1815-1817 w Wielkiej Brytanii. Pocz±tkowo zwi±zany z  federalistami , przeszed³ nastêpnie do Partii Republikañskiej. 1817-1825 sekretarz stanu, wywar³ wp³yw na amerykañsk± politykê zagraniczn±, doprowadzi³ do zakupu Florydy (1819), uznania niepodleg³o¶ci Kolumbii, Chile, Brazylii i Meksyku przez Stany Zjednoczone oraz ustalenia przebiegu granicy z Meksykiem i Rosj± (na Alasce), wspó³twórca doktryny Monroe . 1825-1829 prezydent USA z ramienia republikanów. 1831-1848 cz³onek Izby Reprezentantów . Przeciwnik niewolnictwa, aneksji Teksasu i  wojny meksykañskiej (1846-1848). Autor dziennika Memoirs of John Quincy Adams (tomy 1-12, 1874-1877). Odwied¼ w Internecie Adams John Quincy Powi±zania Uniwersytet Harvarda w Cambridge Adams Charles Francis Adams Henry Brooks Quincy ... do góry Encyklopedia zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra

11. Who2 Profile: John Adams
JOHN ADAMS • 2nd President of the United States. A colonist EncyclopediaAmericana on John Adams Trusty biographical entry, John Adams
JOHN ADAMS Politician A colonist agitator against the Stamp Act of 1765, Adams helped draft the Declaration of Independence. From 1777 to 1782 he was an all-purpose diplomat for the new republic, and in 1785 he became the first American Minister to London. Under Washington he was vice-president; he beat Thomas Jefferson in 1796 to become the second president. He was respected, but not popular, and served one term, losing to Jefferson in 1800.
Extra credit : Historian David McCullough's biography, John Adams , was an instant bestseller after its release in May of 2001... Adams and Jefferson , revolutionary cohorts and longtime political rivals, died in separate states on the same day, 4 July 1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence... Adams was the first president to attend Harvard University and the first to have a son become president; his wife, Abigail Adams , is one of history's best-known First Ladies.
Adams appears with his son John Quincy Adams in our loop Presidents Closely Related
Encyclopedia Americana on John Adams

Trusty biographical entry John Adams
Great starting place to find out more John Adams
The official story from The White House Thoughts on Government
Behind the sexy title are some good quotes from Adams Birth:
30 October 1735 Birthplace:
Braintree, Massachusetts

12. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Adams
John Clement Adams. (b.1947).
John Clement Adams
Classical Net Resources:
Grand Pianola Music
Grand Pianola Music with Short Ride in a Fast Machine/Chandos CHAN9363
Stephen Mosco/Netherlands Wind Ensemble
Harmonium for Orchestra/ECM New Series 478118-21277-2
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email John -

14. John Adams High School
Including information on staff, calendar, contacts, athletics and helpful links.
Administration Academics Athletics Parents Student Resources Extra Features Offsite Links
John Adams High School
Pride of the Eastside John Adams seniors, Adam Hauch, Meng-Meng Fu, Isaac Janson, and Erin Born, have been selected as finalists in the Indiana Science Talent Search sponsored by the Indiana Academy of Science (a group of professional scientists). Their selection was based on an evaluation of last year's research work and reports. The students will be presenting the results before a group of scientists on October 26 and 27, 2001. The research abstracts can be found here
Congratulations to our new Student Government officers: Tiara Nelson, Student Government President; Matt Magliozzi, Senior Class President; Britney Vergon, Junior Class President; Michael Cwidak-Kusbach, Sophomore Class President; Emily Cwidak-Kusbach, Freshman Class President.

15. Encyclopedia Americana: John Adams
Provides a detailed biography of America's second president. Find Adam's inaugural address, a fact sheet, and a portrait. john adams. Biography. john adams, ad'sch mz, 2d PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Inaugural Address
Quick Facts The Presidents EA Contents JOHN ADAMS

John Adams, ad'[sch ]mz, 2d PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES . He devoted his life to politics, participating with distinction first in the revolutionary activities of Boston and Philadelphia and later in the founding of the republic. He served as a Massachusetts delegate to the Continental CONGRESS , as a diplomat in the struggle to win European recognition of American independence, and as VICE PRESIDENT and president of the United States during its critical, formative years. Adams' diaries, letters, and books provide invaluable information about the politics of his time. His writings reveal the mind of an astute observer and philosophera very human one whose warmth, wit, and playfulness captivate the reader. His reputation as an intelligent and courageous statesman endures; but his name has been overshadowed by othersperhaps because he was not uniquely connected with any single great event. Boyhood and Education Adams was born in the village of Braintree (Quincy), Mass., on Oct. 30 (Old Style, Oct. 19), 1735. His parents and ancestors had been honored members of the community since its founding. His father, John Adams, was influential in town business, serving as selectman and officer of the militia; his mother, Susanna Boylston Adams, was known for her devotion to family and church. The Adams clan had arrived from England about 1640 and settled on land that their descendants were still tilling in John's boyhood.

16. USA: Biography Of John Adams
Includes essays on 7 important periods in his life, as well as a bibliography.
FRtR Presidents John Adams Biography
John Adams
Biography of John Adams
  • Childhood
  • Education and Early Career (1745-1758)
  • Lawyer (1758-1761) ...
  • 17. Biography Of John Adams
    Short biography from the official White House site.Category Society History United States Presidents adams, john...... adams. john adams. Learned and thoughtful, john adams was more remarkableas a political philosopher than as a politician. People
    Tours Tour in Person Tour On-Line Spotty's Tour
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    White House Art Eisenhower Executive Office Building Facts Life in the White House ... State of the Union
    Resources Historical Association Presidential Libraries
    Military Air Force One Camp David Marine One Home ... John Adams
    John Adams Learned and thoughtful, John Adams was more remarkable as a political philosopher than as a politician. "People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity," he said, doubtless thinking of his own as well as the American experience. Adams was born in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1735. A Harvard-educated lawyer, he early became identified with the patriot cause; a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses, he led in the movement for independence. During the Revolutionary War he served in France and Holland in diplomatic roles, and helped negotiate the treaty of peace. From 1785 to 1788 he was minister to the Court of St. James's, returning to be elected Vice President under George Washington.
    President Bush Biography

    Vice President Cheney Biography

    Laura Bush Biography

    Lynne Cheney Biography
    Adams' two terms as Vice President were frustrating experiences for a man of his vigor, intellect, and vanity. He complained to his wife Abigail, "My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived."

    18. Biography Of John Quincy Adams
    Biography of john Quincy adams, the sixth President of the United States(18251829). Quincy adams. john Quincy adams. The first President
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    White House Art Eisenhower Executive Office Building Facts Life in the White House ... State of the Union
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    Military Air Force One Camp David Marine One Home ... John Quincy Adams
    John Quincy Adams The first President who was the son of a President, John Quincy Adams in many respects paralleled the career as well as the temperament and viewpoints of his illustrious father. Born in Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1767, he watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from the top of Penn's Hill above the family farm. As secretary to his father in Europe, he became an accomplished linguist and assiduous diarist. After graduating from Harvard College, he became a lawyer. At age 26 he was appointed Minister to the Netherlands, then promoted to the Berlin Legation. In 1802 he was elected to the United States Senate. Six years later President Madison appointed him Minister to Russia. Serving under President Monroe, Adams was one of America's great Secretaries of State, arranging with England for the joint occupation of the Oregon country, obtaining from Spain the cession of the Floridas, and formulating with the President the Monroe Doctrine.

    19. John Adams Official Web Site
    Features a biographical article, list of works with program notes, and discography.Category Arts Music Composition Composers A adams, john Coolidge......

    20. Internet Public Library: POTUS
    Read a biography of this contemporary composer and conductor. View photos, survey his recordings, and research upcoming performances.
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    John Adams
    2nd President of the United States
    (March 4, 1797 to March 3, 1801) Nickname: "Atlas of Independence" Born: October 30, 1735, in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts
    Died: July 4, 1826, in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts Father: John Adams
    Mother: Susanna Boylston Adams
    Married: Abigail Smith (1744-1818) , on October 25, 1764
    Children: Abigail Amelia Adams (1765-1813); John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) ; Susanna Adams (1768-70); Charles Adams (1770-1800); Thomas Boylston Adams (1772-1832) Religion: Unitarian Education: Graduated from Harvard College (1755) Occupation: Lawyer Political Party: Federalist Other Government Positions:
    • Member of Continental Congress, 1774-78

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