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  1. Speech of John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, Upon the Right of the People, Men and Women, to Petition; on the Freedom of Speech and Debate in the House of Representatives of the United States; on the Resolutions of Seven State Legislatures, and the... by John Quincy Adams, 1838-01-01
  2. Orations Of John Quincy Adams: Oration At Plymouth; Lafayette; The Jubilee Of The Constitution by John Quincy Adams, 2010-05-22
  3. Speech, Suppressed By The Previous Question, Of John Quincy Adams, Of Massachusetts: On The Removal Of The Public Deposits, And Its Reasons (1834) by John Quincy Adams, 2010-05-23
  4. Speech of John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, Upon the Right of the People, Men and Women, to Petition on the Freedom of Speech and Debate in the House ... of June to the 7th of July 1838, Inclusive. by John Quincy Adams, 2009-04-27
  5. THE PRESIDENT JOHN ADAMS and JOHN QUINCY ADAMS BIRTHPLACES, QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS: Their origin, early history, & changes down to the present time. by Waldo Chamberlain, Historian, Quincy Historical Society. Sprague, 1964
  6. Memoirs of John Quincy Adams, Comprising Portions of His Diary From 1795 to 1848 (Volume 05) by John Quincy Adams, 2010-01-06
  7. Memoirs of John Quincy Adams: Comprising Portions of His Diary from 1795 to 1848, Volume 4 by John Quincy Adams, 2010-01-11
  8. Writings of John Quincy Adams by Adams; John Quincy, 2007-08-04
  9. Writings of John Quincy Adams, Vol. 4 of 6 (Classic Reprint) by John Quincy Adams, 2009-06-13
  10. Speech Of John Quincy Adams, In The House Of Representatives, On The State Of The Nation: Delivered May 25, 1836 (1836) by John Quincy Adams, 2010-05-23
  11. John Quincy Adams, And Speaker Andrew Stevenson, Of Virginia: An Episode Of The Twenty-Second Congress, 1832 (1906) by John Quincy Adams, 2010-09-10
  12. Argument of John Quincy Adams before the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of the United States, appellants, vs. Cinque, and others, Africans, ... 11th, and 12th volumes of Wheaton's Reports by John Quincy Adams, 1969
  13. State of the Union Addresses of John Quincy Adams by John Quincy Adams, 2003-12-25
  14. Memoirs of John Quincy Adams, Comprising Portions of His Diary From 1795 to 1848 (Volume 11) by John Quincy Adams, 2010-01-09

81. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Presidents: John Quincy Adams
Includes biography, inaugural address, and state of the union addresses.Category Society History Presidents adams, john quincy......USAproject, presidents-area, information regarding the sixth presidentof the United States, john quincy adams. john quincy adams (1767-1848).
FRtR Presidents John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)
6th president of the United States: 1825-1829
John Quincy Adams

82. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Adams, John Quincy (1825-29) (Presidents: Alphabetica
Looking for the best facts and sites on adams, john quincy (182529)? BIOGRAPHY WorldBook Online Article on adams, john quincy; adams the American Presidency;
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Adams, John Quincy (1825-29)

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  • World Book Online Article on ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY
  • Adams, John Quincy
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  • 83. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Jul. 11: John Quincy Adams's Birthday, 1767 (Today Is
    11 john quincy adams's Birthday, 1767? BIOGRAPHY World Book OnlineArticle on adams, john quincy; adams the American Presidency;
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    Jul. 11: John Quincy Adams's Birthday, 1767

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  • World Book Online Article on ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY
  • Adams, John Quincy
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  • 84. Ancestry Of John Quincy Adams: Index
    b.1803 adams, john (marriage to Abigail Smith) (i1), b.1735-d.1826 adams, john(marriage to Susanna Boylston) (i2), b.1691-d.1761 adams, john quincy (i8), b
    Adams, Abigail (i7), b.1765-d.1813
    Adams, Charles
    (i13), b.1770-
    Adams, Charles Francis
    (i68), b.1807-
    Adams, George Washington
    (i66), b.1801-
    Adams, Henry

    Adams, John
    (i1), b.1735-d.1826
    Adams, John
    (i2), b.1691-d.1761
    Adams, John
    (i67), b.1803-
    Adams, John (marriage to Abigail Smith)
    (i1), b.1735-d.1826
    Adams, John (marriage to Susanna Boylston)
    (i2), b.1691-d.1761
    Adams, John Quincy
    (i8), b.1767-d.1848 Adams, Joseph (i19), b.1626-d.1694 Adams, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Baxter) (i19), b.1626-d.1694 Adams, Joseph, Jr. (i15), b.1654-d.1737 Adams, Joseph, Jr. (marriage to Hannah Bass) (i15), b.1654-d.1737 Adams, Louisa Catherine (i69), b.1811- Adams, Susanna (i12), b.1768-d.1770 Adams, Thomas Boylston (i14), b.1772-
    Alden, Ruth Alden, Ruth (marriage to John Bass)
    BASS ...
    Bass, Hannah (i16), b.1667-d.1705 Bass, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Adams Jr.) (i16), b.1667-d.1705 Bass, John (i25), b.1630-d.1716 Bass, John (marriage to Ruth Alden) (i25), b.1630-d.1716 Bass, Samuel
    Baxter, Abigail (i20), b.1634-d.1692 Baxter, Abigail (marriage to Joseph Adams)

    85. Ancestry Of John Quincy Adams: Third Generation
    john adams and Susanna Boylston had the following child + 6 i. john 2 adamswas born 19 Oct 1734/35. Send email to preparer
    Third Generation
    John Adams Joseph ... Henry ) was born in Braintree, Norfolk, MA 8 Feb 1690/1. John died 25 May 1761 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA, at 70 years of age. He married Susanna Boylston in Brookline, Norfolk, MA, 23 Nov 1734. John Adams and Susanna Boylston had the following child: + 6 i. John Adams was born 19 Oct 1734/35.
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    86. John Quincy Adams
    pub. 1949)). adams, john quincy, 17671848; United StatesForeign relations1783-1865. (New York, NY Macmillan, 682 p.). adams, john quincy, 1767-1848. Quincy Adams.htm

    Business Fiction

    Business History
    John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams Samuel Flagg Bemis (1973). John Quincy Adams and the Foundations of American Foreign Policy . (New York, NY: Norton, 588 p. (orig. pub. 1949)). Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848; United StatesForeign relations1783-1865. John Quincy Adams and the Union . (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 546 p. (orig. pub. 1956)). Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848; PresidentsUnited StatesBiography; United StatesPolitics and government1815-1861. Marie B. Hecht (1972). John Quincy Adams; A Personal History of an Independent Man . (New York, NY: Macmillan, 682 p.). Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848. Paul C. Nagel (1997). John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, A Private Life . (New York, NY: Knopf, 432 p.). Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848; Presidents United States Biography. ed. Allan Nevins (1951). Diary, 1794-1845; American Diplomacy and Political, Social, and Intellectual Life from Washington to Polk

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    88. Inaugural Address Of President John Quincy Adams
    The University of Oklahoma Law Center. Inaugural Address of PresidentJohn quincy adams March 4, 1825 In compliance with an usage
    The University of Oklahoma Law Center
    Inaugural Address of
    President John Quincy Adams March 4, 1825 Return to the Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents Page

    89. John Quincy Adams (Smithsonian Infusion)
    john quincy adams. john quincy adams was the sixth president, and sonof john adams. In 1794, he was appointed by George Washington
    John Quincy Adams
    John Quincy Adams was the sixth president, and son of John Adams. In 1794, he was appointed by George Washington to the post of U.S. Minister to the Netherlands. Adams was elected to the United States Senate in 1803. In 1808 he lost this position. He was appointed to represent the United States in Russia's Court in 1809. President James Monroe appointed him his Secretary of State in 1817. Adams was elected to the presidency in 1825. As President, his Secretary of the Treasury was Richard Rush After his term, he retired to civilian life, but before long was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he remained until his death in 1848, serving 17 years. Adams was an abolitionist, and made effort to disallow slavery in newly admitted states and any child born after July 4, 1842. John Quincy Adams praised Smithson's far-seeing benefaction and was the fund's defender and protector in Congress.

    90. PBS VIDEOdatabase Of America's History And Culture Chapter
    052, adams, john quincy, on his destiny. 101, adams, john quincy, Neustadt,Richard on. Neustadt, Richard, on adams, john quincy, destiny of.

    91. John Quincy Adams
    Home\Politics\Head of the States\john quincy adams BioGraphy. Click to learnmore john quincy adams Born 7/11/1767 Birthplace Braintree, Mass.
    Home Politics Head of the States A portal dedicated to famous persons of the world John Quincy Adams
    Braintree, Mass.
    John Quincy Adams was born on July 11, 1767, at Braintree (now Quincy), Mass., the son of John Adams, the second president. He spent his early years in Europe with his father, graduated from Harvard, and entered law practice. His anti-Paine newspaper articles won him political attention. In 1794, he became minister to the Netherlands, the first of several diplomatic posts that occupied him until his return to Boston in 1801. In 1797, he married Louisa Catherine Johnson. In 1803, Adams was elected to the Senate, nominally as a Federalist, but his repeated displays of independence on such issues as the Louisiana Purchase and the embargo caused his party to demand his resignation and ostracize him socially. In 1809, Madison rewarded him for his support of Jefferson by appointing him minister to St. Petersburg. He helped negotiate the Treaty of Ghent in 1814, and in 1815 became minister to London. In 1817 Monroe appointed him Secretary of State where he served with great distinction, gaining Florida from Spain without hostilities and playing an equal part with Monroe in formulating the Monroe Doctrine. When no presidential candidate received a majority of electoral votes in 1824, Adams, with the support of Henry Clay, was elected by the House in 1825 over Andrew Jackson, who had the original plurality. Adams had ambitious plans of government activity to foster internal improvements and promote the arts and sciences, but congressional obstructionism, combined with his own unwillingness or inability to play the role of a politician, resulted in little being accomplished. After being defeated for re-election by Jackson in 1828, he successfully ran for the House of Representatives in 1830. There, though nominally a Whig, he pursued as ever an independent course. He led the fight to force Congress to receive antislavery petitions and fathered the Smithsonian Institution.

    92. Biography Of John Quincy Adams
    Biography of john quincy adams and a discussion of his role in theAmistad case. john quincy adams (1767 1848). john quincy adams
    JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (1767 - 1848) John Quincy Adams was born the son of John, who later became the second President of the United States, and Abigail Adams on July 11, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts. He was educated principally by his parents during his adolescence and later at private schools in Paris while accompanying his father on diplomatic missions in Europe. He also attended the University of Lieden while in Europe. He furthered his formal education at Harvard University on his return to the United States in 1785 graduating in 1787, then studied law under Theophilus Parsons in Newbury, Massachusetts. On completing his studies with Mr. Parsons he began to practice law in Boston in 1790. Adams had several articles published in the Boston newspapers defending President George Washington's policies. President Washington recognized the value of Adams as an ally and appointed him minister to the Netherlands from 1794 to 1797. In 1797 Adams was appointed as minister to Berlin where he remained until 1801. While on a mission to England Adams married Louisa Catherine Johnson, the daughter of the U.S. consul at London. After the election of Thomas Jefferson to the Presidency in 1801, President John Adams relieved his son from the Berlin ministerial position. John Quincy Adams returned to Boston and resumed his law practice. He sought a more active political role in U.S. affairs and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1803. He also served as a professor at Harvard University from 1806 - 1809. On the election of President Madison, Adams was appointed minister to Russia where he remained from 1809 - 1814. Adams was called to peace negotiations during the war of 1812 and was subsequently assigned to serve as U.S. minister to England. He was recalled to the U.S. by President James Madison to become Secretary of State.

    93. Adams, John Quincy
    adams, john quincy. adams. Up to this time john quincy adams was regarded as belongingto the Federalist Party, but he found its general policy displeasing.

    94. John Quincy Adams - 6th President Of The United States
    This page contains links to a number of john quincy adams Presidential resourceson the web. PRESIDENTS HOME PAGE. john quincy adams. 6th President 18251829.
    PRESIDENTS HOME PAGE John Quincy Adams 6th President: 1825-1829 Birth: July 11, 1767 at Quincy, Massachusetts Birthplace information from American Quincy, Massachusetts website Adams National Historic Site Death : Febrary 23, 1848 at Washington, D.C. Gravesite information from American Picture of Grave Biographies Grolier online biography White House biography Congressional biography Biography from Books and Other Media John Quincy Adams : A Public Life, a Private Life Amistad : A Novel Arguing About Slavery : John Quincy Adams and the Great Battle in the United States Congress John Quincy Adams ... Search for books about John Quincy Adams Cabinet/Staff List by Henry Clay - Secretary of State Election Results/Presidential Campaign Opponents: Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay , William H. Crawford Election Opponent: Andrew Jackson (D) Election The First Election Cartoon (1824) and Tally Sheet for Electoral College (1825) Events during Adams’ administration and lifetime Outline of events during Adams’ administration The Amistad Case First lady and family Louisa Adams biography from Grolier online Louisa Adams biography from the White House Pictures of Louisa Adams from the Library of Congress John Adams ... Charles Francis Adams Genealogy Brian Tompsett’s US President genealogy page Miscellaneous John Quincy Adams page from C-SPAN The Amistad Case Hymns of John Quincy Adams Quotes National Historic Sites/State Historic Sites/Landmarks/Places to Visit Adams National Historic Site – Quincy, Massachusetts

    95. John Q. Adams
    john quincy adams. 6th President. Biography. Born July 11, 1767 in Braintree(quincy), MA Died February 23, 1848 in US Capitol, Washington
    Last updated April 2001
    New Data

    Executive Branch
    The Presidency Monroe ... Jackson
    John Quincy Adams
    6th President
    Born: July 11, 1767 in Braintree (Quincy), MA
    Died: February 23, 1848 in U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC; buried Quincy, MA
    Spouse: Louisa Catherine Johnson (1775-1852), married July 26, 1797
    Children: 3 sons, 1 daughter
    Religion: Unitarian Congregationalist
    Education: Leyden Univ., 1781-85; Harvard Univ., 1785-87
    Career: Lawyer, 1790-94; Min. to the Netherlands, 1794-97; Min. to Prussia, 1797-1801; Mem., Mass. State Senate, 1802; U.S. Senator from Mass., 1803-08; Min. to Russia, 1809-14; Chief Negotiator, Treaty of Ghent, 1814; Min. to Great Britain, 1815-17; Secretary of State, 1817-25; U.S. President, 1825-29; U.S. Representative from Mass., 1831-48
    Administration One Term Served: Mar 4, 1825—Mar 3, 1829 Party Affiliation: Democratic-Republican Vice President: John C. Calhoun, SC, 1825-29 (Resigned) Cabinet Secretary of State: Henry Clay, KY, 1825-29 Secretary of the Treasury: Richard Rush, PA, 1825-29 Secretary of War: James Barbour, VA, 1825-28

    96. Restoring America Project - The Archives - John Quincy Adams
    Last Updated March 17, 2003, The Archives john quincy adams. john quincy adams Part 1. The period of 1815-1828 was a time of momentous changes for America.
    Last Updated
    March 23, 2003
    The Archives : John Quincy Adams
    About Us Great Books March Feature ... Links
    The Archives
    Learn more about... Christopher Columbus The Pilgrims - 1620 John Winthrop - Massachusetts Bay Colony The First Great Awakening ...
    Washington Monument
    John Quincy Adams - Part 1
    The period of 1815-1828 was a time of momentous changes for America. It endured a tremendous financial depression that was started in 1819 and continued to be the destination for growing numbers of European immigrants. America laid the foundations for corporate development because of the Dartmouth College Case handed down by the US Supreme Court and authored by Chief Justice John Marshall. Marshall had been appointed Chief Justice in 1801. While guiding our highest court into national prominence, he never lost his ability to relate to the common man. As a soldier who had endured the suffering in Valley Forge, during the American Revolution, Marshall wrote that it was,
    Chief Justice John Marshall "a time when the love of the Union and resistance to the claims of Great Britain were inseparable...when patriotism and a strong fellow-feeling with our suffering fellow citizens of Boston were identical; when the maxim `United we stand, divided we fall' was the maxim of every orthodox American."

    97. President John Quincy Adams Links Page
    john quincy adams, 18251829. adams National Historic Site. The American Presidentjohn quincy adams. America's Chrisitan Rulers john quincy adams.

    98. John Quincy Adams - Office Of The Clerk
    john quincy adams, 1858. john quincy adams No single individual is more closelyidentified with the Old House Chamber than is john quincy adams.
    108th Congress, 1st Session Skip Navigation
    March 23, 2003
    Historical Highlights Virtual Tours Splendid Hall John Quincy Adams Printer Friendly
    The Hall of the House
    Growth of a Young Nation Design of the Hall ... Historical Artifacts
    John Quincy Adams, 1858
    George Peter Alexander Healy (1813 -1894). Based on a portrait painted from life in 1845.
    In this portrait, John Quincy Adams holds a book in his left hand while sitting in a chair. He is wearing a black waistcoat and highcolored white shirt with a white tie.
    The First Election
    Cartoon, 1824
    David Claypoole Johnston (1799-1865)
    The black and white illustration is considered to be the first election cartoon. There is a crowd of men discussing the results of the election of 1824. There are numerous captions above the crowd and a depiction of the U.S. Capitol in the background. One of the captions states "Like enough, but betwixt you and I - I don't think he'll ever get the better of the Quincy." Source: Library of Congress.

    99. John Quincy Adams - Books On The Sixth President Of The United States
    john quincy adams. john quincy adams Policymaker for the Union (Biographiesin American Foreign Policy, 7) by James E. Lewis (Hardcover March 2001).
    John Quincy Adams
    Books on the Sixth President of the United States Related Books U.S. History
    U.S. Presidents

    The Presidency

    War of Independence
    History Books UK
    Related Subjects The Presidents
    Key information
    Departments Posters

    History Magazines


    Best Sellers Arguing About Slavery : John Quincy Adams and the Great Battle in the United States Congress by William Lee Miller Book Description In the 1830s slavery was so deeply entrenched that it could not even be discussed in Congress, which had enacted a "gag rule" to ensure that anti-slavery petitions would be summarily rejected. This stirring book chronicles the parliamentary battle to bring "the peculiar institution" into the national debate, a battle that some historians have called "the Pearl Harbor of the slavery controversy." The campaign to make slavery officially and respectably debatable was waged by John Quincy Adams who spent nine years defying gags, accusations of treason, and assassination threats. In the end he made his case through a combination of cunning and sheer endurance. Telling this story with a brilliant command of detail, Arguing About Slavery endows history with majestic sweep, heroism, and moral weight. Paperback - 592 pages 1 Vintage edition (January 1998) Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679768440

    100. John Quincy Adams.
    john quincy adams. painted by T. Sully; eng. by AB Durand. 1826. Keywords Credit Library of Congress.......john quincy adams.
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    John Quincy Adams.
    Description: John Quincy Adams. painted by T. Sully ; eng. by A.B. Durand. 1826.
    Credit: Library of Congress
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