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         Algren Nelson:     more books (100)
  1. The Neon Wilderness by Nelson Algren, 2003-07-01
  2. Nonconformity by Nelson Algren, 2003-07-01
  3. Entrapment and Other Writings by Nelson Algren, 2009-05-01
  4. Somebody in Boots: A Novel (Classic Reprint Series) by Nelson Algren, 1987-04
  5. Chicago: City on the Make: 50th Anniversary Edition, Newly Annotated by Nelson Algren, 2001-09-25
  6. The Man with the Golden Arm by Nelson Algren, 2003-07-01
  7. Chicago's Nelson Algren
  8. The Last Carousel by Nelson Algren, 2003-07-01
  9. A Walk on the Wild Side: A Novel by Nelson Algren, 1998-06-24
  10. Neon Wilderness (Avon 424) by Nelson Algren, 1952
  11. Never Come Morning by Nelson Algren, Jr., Kurt Vonnegut, 2001-11-09
  12. NELSON ALGREN'S CHICAGO (Visions of Illinois) by Arthur Shay, 1988-11-01
  13. The Devil's Stocking by Nelson Algren, 2006-01-01
  14. Nelson Algren's Own Book of Lonesome Monsters by Nelson, editor Algren, 1962

1. Nelson Algren
Algren's page at the Pegasos literaturerelated resource site consists of a biography and bibliography.Category Arts Literature Authors A Algren, Nelson......Nelson Algren was born in Detroit, but he grew up in Chicago in a poor immigrantneighborhood on the South Side. THE TEXAS STORIES OF NELSON ALGREN, 1994.
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Nelson Algren (1909-1981) - original name Nelson Ahlgren Abraham American author, who won the first National Book Award for fiction in 1950 for THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, which was later made into a film, starring Frank Sinatra. Chicago inspired Algren, like the writer James T. Farrell, more than any other city. He depicted its drunks, pimps, prostitutes, freaks, drug addicts, prize-fighters, corrupt politicians, and hoodlums - the whole underside of urban life. Algren published four novels and over fifty short stories, poetry, criticism, and travel books. His trans-Atlantic love affair with the French writer Simone de Beauvoir lasted with intervals for 17 years and ended in bitter accusations. De Beauvoir dedicated her book The Mandarins to Algren, and kept his ring, but never left Jean-Paul Sartre, her life's companion, who was no good in bed. "The great strength of a fighting man is his pride. That was Young Rocco's strength in the rounds that followed. The boy called Kid Class couldn't keep him down. He was down in the fourth, twice in the fifth, and again in the seventh. In that round he stood with his back against the ropes, standing the boy off with his left in the seconds before the bell. He had the trick of looking impassive when he was hurt, and his face at the bell looked as impassive as a catcher's mitt." (from 'He Swung and He Missed,' 1942)

2. Nelson Algren
algren nelson. Mitgang H. Dangerous Dossiers. 1988 (11320)
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3. - Search For: Algren Nelson, The Man With The Golden Arm
Algren, Nelson, The Man with the Golden Arm, Ny Fawcett, 1970. Mass Market Paperback.Good. Page Browning. Algren, Nelson. The Man With the Golden Arm. Nelson&title=The Man

4. Quotations From Nelson Algren
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  • Nelson Algren
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    Nelson Algren
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    6. : Algren Nelson
    Chargement de la page algren nelson
    Chargement de la page : Algren Nelson

    7. Kvasir: Algren Nelson
    Annonsører Er domenet algren nelson ledig? Bokkilden treff . Algren,Nelson (Litteraturnettet) ENDRE INFORMASJONEN om Algren, Nelson? Nelson

    8. Algren Nelson - L'uomo Dal Braccio D'oro
    Translate this page algren nelson. L'uomo dal braccio d'oro. traduzione di PiccininiI. 392 p., € 8,00 Net Il Saggiatore, ISBN 88-515-2064-X (data

    9. Belletr. A-E
    Translate this page algren nelson - Calhoun, HC, 2001 1981, Welterstauflage (!!), 376 S., Z 2,EUR 10. algren nelson - Calhoun, Tb, rororo 1996, 306 S., Z 1, EUR 4,-.
    ? – Ali Baba und die vierzig R¤uber, Tb, Insel 1993, 214 S., Z 2, EUR 3,50 ? – Die Juwelenpagode, ein altchinesischer Roman mit 24 Holzschnitten, Insel Leipzig 1977, HC, SU, 431 S., Z 3, EUR 7,50 ? – Sindbad der Seefahrer, Tb, Insel 1993, 199 S., Z 2, EUR 3,50 A.B.S. – Double Feature, Heyne M¼nchen 1993, Tb, 192 S., Z 4, EUR 2,00 Abecassis Guy – Kopfkissen f¼r Globetrotter, Tb, rororo 1968, 182 S., Z 3, EUR 2,- Abella Alex – Fremde G¶tter, Tb, Goldmann 1994, 351 S., Z 3, EUR 2,- Achternbusch Herbert - Breitenbach, Tb, Goldmann 1991, 130 S., Z 2, EUR 3,- Achternbusch Herbert – Das Haus am Nil, Tb, Suhrkamp Frankfurt 1987, 468 S., Z 2, EUR 5,- Achternbusch Herbert – Die Stunde des Todes, Suhrkamp Frankfurt 1977, Tb, 100 S., Z 3, EUR 2,50 Achternbusch Herbert - Es ist ein leichtes beim Gehen den Boden zu ber¼hren, HC, SU, Suhrkamp 1980, 234 S., NEU, EUR 5,- Achternbusch Herbert - Wohin?, Tb, Goldmann 1991, 358 S., Z 2, EUR 4,- Adcock Thomas – Ertr¤nkt alle Hunde, Piper M¼nchen Z¼rich 1999, Tb, 412 S., Z 2, EUR 4,00 Adcock Thomas – Hell’s Kitchen, Piper M¼nchen Z¼rich 1998, Tb, 382 S., Z 2, EUR 4,00

    10. Algren Nelson
    Translate this page algren nelson. Titre Le Désert du néon. Rubriques Romans contemporainsAuteurs algren nelson Dedijer V. La Route de Saraje
    Algren Nelson
    Titre: Le Désert du néon
    Rubriques: Romans contemporains
    Auteurs: Algren Nelson
    Dedijer V. La Route de Saraje...

    Dieguez Manuel de De l'idolât...

    Dieguez Manuel de Science et ...

    Doroch Ephim Pluie et Soleil ...

    11. Nelson Algren | On Nelson Algren
    Nelson Algren felt the best way to know Chicago was from the bottomup. Take a look through his eyes. On Nelson Algren. “The city

    Who was Nelson Algren? Essay by Bill Savage
    Our Favorite Algren Links
    Lookingglass Theatre's Algren Site
    Algren committee Buy Algren's books CityTalk ... Unofficial Algren Web Page
    On Nelson Algren
    “The city’s rusty heart, that holds both the hustler and the square. Takes them both and holds them there. For keeps and a single day.” ­ Nelson Algren WTTW11’s award winning series Network Chicago Presents takes the gritty, streetwise and achingly beautiful words of Chicago writer Nelson Algren to the streets ­ literally. Nelson Algren: For Keeps and a Single Day is a collaborative creative effort between WTTW11 and Lookingglass Theatre , based on the theater company’s original one-man play of the same name. The TV adaptation was shot entirely on location in back alleys, streets and barfly joints

    12. Eine Transatlantische Liebe Briefe An Nelson Algren 1947 1964
    Translate this page Eine transatlantische Liebe Briefe an Nelson Algren 1947 1964. Belletristik BiographienErinnerungen algren nelson Beauvoir Simone de Taschenbuch Paperback
    Eine transatlantische Liebe Briefe an Nelson Algren 1947 1964
    Beauvoir Simone de
    Eine transatlantische Liebe. Briefe an Nelson Algren 1947 1964.
    Belletristik Biographien Erinnerungen Algren Nelson Beauvoir Simone de
    Taschenbuch Paperback
    Mein Vater der Rabbi. Bilderbuch einer Kindheit....

    Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törleß. Sonderausgabe....

    Kleiner Mann - was nun? Sonderausgabe. Roman....

    Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofes 9 in Familiensachen (BGHF). 1994/1995....

    13. Nelson Algren
    Nelson Algren – Streetwise Chicago Author. Many Americans have seen The Man withthe Golden Arm but few know of his creator, Chicago novelist Nelson Algren.
    Nelson Algren – Streetwise Chicago Author In re Petition to Change Name, Circuit Court #44C-84 (1944) Many Americans have seen "The Man with the Golden Arm" but few know of his creator, Chicago novelist Nelson Algren. He and his family left Detroit for Chicago before he started grammar school, and rooted him in the city whose "underbelly" he would portray so clearly in his writing. Algren finished his journalism degree at the University of Illinois just as the Great Depression settled over the land, driving him across the country in search of work. Hitchhiking and riding the rails with thousands of fellow seekers, he tried a multitude of odd jobs until he published his first article in Story Magazine (1933). His first novel appeared after a jail stint earned by stealing a typewriter ( Somebody in Boots ). Back in Chicago, Algren quickly assumed an important role in the leftist intellectual and literary network of the 1930s, with such writers as Richard Wright and Jack Conroy. He joined the Chicago John Reed Club, co-edited The New Anvil Magazine, and compiled neighborhood studies for the WPA Illinois Writers' Project. During World War II he joined the army and served overseas.

    14. Nelson Algren
    Nelson Algren is featured in a book and play by one of his close friends. Play directedby Lee Gundersheimer; Algren played by James Caufield. Nelson Algren.
    Nelson Algren
    I gave the city what it needed: compassion, humor, rage. I saw her suffering, struggling, dancing on a noisy, smoky stage. But the decades grew greedy, dark— the battles seemed vain. Cruelty, callousness ruled and mocked at the pain. I turned a wry joke here, a lusty one there, to ease the anguish and tame the terror. So now, to their taste, each reader can choose soft flecks of laughter, or hard midnight news.
    Hear this poem read by the author (670K wav, 1 min.) For 17 other pages like this one, check out Voices, Insistent Voices Home page Photo by Steve Deutch
    Ernest Hemingway predicted that Nelson Algren would "rank among our best American novelists." Malcolm Cowley hailed him as Carl Sandburg's successor, dubbing him "the poet of the Chicago slums." In 1950 his classic novel, The Man with the Golden Arm, earned him the first national Book Award. Playing out his youthful ambition to become "the American Gorky," Algren made himself a voice for the lost and despised—addict, prostitute, murderer, prisoner— portraying, with poetry and compassion, the dark underside of the American dream. A Depression radical who rode the rails as a hobo and stole a typewriter to finish his first novel, a member of leftwing literary circles with James T. Farrell and Richard Wright, he was blackballed by the Chicago Public Library, hounded by the FBI, and exploited by Otto Preminger. Still, Algren remained a hilarious raconteur, and whether as wartime correspondent in Saigon or investigative reporter of the controversial murder charge against boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, he was willful, uncompromising, originaland he managed to produce an impressive body of fiction, a lasting legacy in the deeply American tradition of such writers as Dreiser, Anderson, and Twain.

    15. Nelson Algren
    Nelson Algren. One of the greatest writers of the American underbelly,Algren was born in 1909 in Detroit. In 1949 he won the first
    Nelson Algren.
    One of the greatest writers of the American underbelly, Algren was born in 1909 in Detroit. In 1949 he won the first ever National Book Award for "The Man With The Golden Arm", He was a migratory laborer and a soldier in the 2nd World War.
      The Man With The Golden Arm.
      The story of Frankie Machine, a small time card dealer in the polish ghetto of Chicago. It is a classic book on addictions focusing on both heroin and gambling. It was made into an incredible movie starring Frank Sinatra.
      A Walk On The Wild Side.
      Little blurb still to come...
      Nelson Algrens Chicago.
      Great book of photographs by Art Shay.
      Writings on writing.
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    16. Nelson Algren Books
    Nelson Algren Books. A Transatlantic Love Affair Letters To NelsonAlgren By Simone De Beauvoir, Et Al (hardcover September 1998).
    American WebShoppe
    God Bless America Singer Index Author Index Top Selling Accessories ... Photo
    Nelson Algren Books
    The Man With The Golden Arm: 50th Anniversary Critical Edition
    By Nelson Algren, Et Al A Walk On The Wild Side
    By Nelson Algren, Russell Banks (foreword) (paperback - June 1998) Nonconformity: Writing On Writing
    By Nelson Algren (paperback - December 1997) Somebody In Boots: A Novel (classic Reprint Series)
    By Nelson Algren A Transatlantic Love Affair: Letters To Nelson Algren
    By Simone De Beauvoir, Et Al (hardcover - September 1998) Chicago: City On The Make
    By Nelson Algren, Studs Terkel (introduction) (paperback - September 1987) The Neon Wilderness
    By Nelson Algren The Last Carousel
    By Nelson Algren (paperback - May 1997) Never Come Morning
    By Nelson Algren, Et Al (paperback) Conversations With Nelson Algren By H. E. F. Donohue, Nelson Algren (paperback - April 2001) Chicago By Nelson Algren (hardcover - August 1987) The Neon Wilderness: 24 Short Stories By Nelson Algren (hardcover - December 1992) Boxers By Kurt Markus, Et Al (hardcover - February 1998) The Texas Stories Of Nelson Algren By Nelson Algren, Bettina Drew (editor) (paperback - November 1995)

    17. Nelson Algren Club
    The Secret Faces of Inscrutable Poets in nelson algren's Chicago City on the Make
    Choose from hundreds of plot, theme, character, and setting options to find precisely what you're looking for!
    Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mystery/Thriller ... History
    Nelson Algren Topics List Authors Detailed Search Sci-Fi


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    Enter a review and get listed as a scholar! Nelson Algren AllReaders Scholar Profiles
    Charles Smyth
    SCHOLARS: If you could see a sequel to one of the author's books, which would it be and what would it be about?
    "The Man with the Golden Arm could be taken further from Zosh's point of view. But it would be only an exercise. And Nelson Algren tends to reiterate his themes from one title to the next."
    Charles Smyth, Resident Nelson Algren Scholar Want your Nelson Algren thoughts to appear here? Click here to enter a review and become an AllReaders Scholar! Reviews Message Board A Walk on the Wild Side Never Come Morning The Man with the Golden Arm Nelson Algren 12/4/2001 11:15:53 PM Free E-Books! Invasion of the Insectiods (click here) Insectoid Book 1 The Insectoids have destroyed most of the fleet in a cowardly sneak attack. Now, humanity's only hope is left with War Admiral Norman North and the surviving ships of the line, while Clifford Croft leads a

    18. Nelson Algren Committee is the website for the nelson algren Committee. Founded in Chicago's Wicker Park, the site of algren's made by emailing us at or calling 773 235 1522. The nelson algren Committee. was established in 1989.
    Our address is:
    Algren Committee
    1625 N. Oakley,
    Chicago, IL 60647 USA
    To find out more about the
    committee and its work contact:
    Warren Leming at 773 235 1522.
    Please review our newsletter below to which we welcome contributions. They can be made by emailing us at or calling 773 235 1522.
    The Nelson Algren Committee
    was established in 1989.
    photo by Steve Deutch
    By nights when the yellow salamanders of the EL bend all one way and the cold rain runs with the red-lit rain. By the way the city's million wires are burdened only by lightest snow; When chairs are stacked and glasses are turned and arc-lamps all are dimmed. By days when the wind bangs alley gates ajar and the sun goes by on the wind. By nights when the moon is an only child above the measured thunder of the cars, you may know Chicago's heart at last. Nelson Algren: Chicago: City on the Make Of Current Interest: This years Nelson Algren birthday party will be held at the Acme Art Works.... 1741 N. Western Ave.... Chicago. with parking (free) at 1667 N. Western. Date : Saturday, March 29th 2003

    19. Nelson Algren:'s The Biography Project
    nelson algren. Bibliography. The Man With the Golden Arm
    Biography Project Navigation introduction Site Map Oscar Zeta Acosta Nelson Algren Richard Alpert Georges Bataille Charles Bukowski William S. Burroughs Neal Cassady Raymond Chandler Aleister Crowley Richard Dadd Edward Dahlberg Philip K. Dick Allen Ginsberg Ernesto 'Che' Guevara Albert Hofmann Timothy Leary Cormac McCarthy Bettie Page A. G. Rizzoli The Marquis de Sade Iceberg Slim William Browning Spencer Dylan Thomas Jim Thompson B. 'Bruno' Traven Alan Turing Pancho Villa Charles Whitman Colin Wilson Emiliano Zapata
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    20. Algren, Nelson
    encyclopediaEncyclopedia algren, nelson, ôl'grun PronunciationKey. algren, nelson , 1909–81, American novelist, b. Detroit.

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