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         Alkalay-gut Karen:     more detail
  1. Alone in the Dawn: The Life of Adelaide Crapsey by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 2008-09-01
  2. The Love of Clothes and Nakedness by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 1999-08
  3. So Far, So Good by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 2004-10-12
  4. In My Skin by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 2000-05-01
  5. Ignorant Armies by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 1994-04
  6. Biography - Alkalay-Gut, Karen (1945-): An article from: Contemporary Authors Online by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  7. Mechitza (Review Woman Writers Chapbook No.5) by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 1986-06
  8. Shirim al tiviyim (Hebrew Edition) by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 1997
  9. Harmonies disharmonies by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 1994
  10. Ignorant Armies by KAREN. ALKALAY-GUT,
  11. Death, order, and poetry: "the presentation copy" of Adelaide Crapsey by Karen Alkalay-Gut, 1985

61. - The Morpo Review
For the Grace of God by Brett Thomas He's Returned by Cynthia Anne Foster Sestinaby Susan Tefft Fitzgerald Elinor Rigby by karen alkalaygut Twilight Dancers

62. DINO - Language: Englisch - Arts - Literature - Poetry - Poets - A - Alkalay-Gut
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Websites Karen Alkalay-Gut - Poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut, translations from Hebrew (Yehuda Amichai, Asher Reich, Ronny Sommek, Raquel Chalfi, Yael Globerman, Abba Kovner), Yiddish (Itzik Manger,Bracha Kopstein, Yossl Birstein), Arabic (Naim Araidi, Nazi Khir, Nida Khouri) and articles about literature.
[Verwandte Websites] Karen Alkalay-Gut - Short biography and poems by Karen Alkalay-Gut in Alsop Review.
[Verwandte Websites]
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63. Forthcoming Books, February 2002
PS3601 L24 L34 2001 813'.6 0111. alkalaygut, karen. High maintenance / karen alkalay-gut. Campbell River, BC Nèamh Press, c2000. 85 p. ; 22 cm. Poems.
ISSN 1487-5039
Forthcoming Books
February 2002
Albertsen, Ken.
Lali's passage / Ken Albertsen. Victoria, BC: Trafford, 2001.
ISBN 1-55369-077-X
I. Title.
Alkalay-Gut, Karen.
High maintenance / Karen Alkalay-Gut. Campbell River, B.C. : Nèamh Press, c2000.
85 p. ; 22 cm.
ISBN 1-896910-09-2 : $19.00
I. Title.
Amstutz, Renate, 1936- Ludus de decem virginibus : recovery of the sung liturgical core of the Thuringian Zehnjungfrauenspiel / by Renate Amstutz. Toronto : Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2002. (Studies and texts, ISSN 0082-5328 ; 140) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-88844-140-1 1. Eisenacher Zehnjungfrauenspiel 2. German dramaTo 1500History and criticism 3. Liturgical drama GermanyHistory and criticism 4. Church music Germany500-1400 5. Religious drama, GermanHistory and criticism 6. Gregorian chants500-1400History and criticism 7. Drama, MedievalHistory and criticism 8. TheaterGermanyHistoryTo 1500 I. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. II. Title. III. Eisenacher Zehnjungfrauenspiel. IV. Series: Studies and texts (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies) ; 140.

64. @The Source Israel Online Magazine
Home / HandsOn Workshops / Poetry Reading by karen alkalay-gut. Whenkaren alkalay-gut arrived in Israel in 1972, and found herself
Issue #11 January 2001 Get to know Israel's artists, authors, places, products and people. @The Source Israel highlights the treasures of this small, yet dynamic, country. Intimate Israel Portrait Of An Artist Lend-A-Hand Whimsical Excursions ... Awards Choose a workshop from a previous issue Issue #1: Issue #2: Issue #3: Photography Workshop Issue #4: Paint Your Own Pottery/Semi-professional Potting Issue #5: Mosaic Workshops Issue #6: Violin Mastercourse Issue #7: The Art of Etching Issue #8: Dance, Expression and Jewish Ritual Issue #9: Vipassana Workshop Retreat in the Desert Issue #10: Paint Your Own Ceramics Home / Hands-On Workshops / Poetry Reading by Karen Alkalay-Gut When Karen Alkalay-Gut arrived in Israel in 1972, and found herself in a non-English speaking environment, she began holding dialogues with herself through poetry. "Poems became my means of expression, my old friends from home, and my way of communicating with my environment." The communication began when she was discovered by Israeli poets who began translating her work into Hebrew and publishing them in local journals. Soon after, she started writing to journals in the United States and England, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that her work was considered a kind of bridge between the Israeli experience and the Diaspora. "My private conversations became public ones," she notes. Since then she has had numerous books appear in English in the United States, and four books of her poetry have been published in Hebrew translation. The subjects, she points out, are varied, but often deal with Israeli identity as well as feminist issues and interpersonal relationships. "My favorite subject has always been love."

65. @The Source Israel Online Magazine
Text by Translator/Poet karen alkalaygut. Meet karen alkalay-gut in @The SourceIsrael. To contact karen alkalay-gut, e-mail her. To meet her, visit her site.
Issue #27 May 2002 Get to know Israel's artists, authors, places, products and people. @The Source Israel highlights the treasures of this small, yet dynamic, country. Intimate Israel Portrait Of An Artist Lend-A-Hand Whimsical Excursions ... Awards Choose an article from a previous issue Issue #1: Buffalo Cheese Farm Issue #2: Kfar HaRoeh - Gourmet dairy and bakery ... Issue #3: Desert Wine Issue #4: Detention Camp on Mediterranean Shores Issue #5: A Tale of Two Countries Issue #6: Christian Communal Settlement Issue #7: Desert Weavings Issue #8: Olive Branch - Symbol of Peace Issue #9: Jews of Cochin Issue #10: Simply Eggplant Issue #11: Hyssop, Mallow and Almonds Issue #12: Water and Diamonds in the Desert Issue #13: Sounds of Silence Issue #14: Hills of Jerusalem Issue #15: Voices From Israel Issue #16: Meet Israeli Author, Yael Hedaya Issue #17: You Can Vacation Safely in Israel Issue #18: You Can Vacation Safely in Israel Issue #19: A-mazing King David Issue #20: Coexistence Starts Young Issue #21: AMIT Women's Organization Issue #22: Tehilla Organization for Aliyah Issue #23: Eating Indian in Israel Issue #24: Joan Nathan's The Foods of Israel Today Issue #25: Jerusalem Diaries Home /Intimate Israel / Poet Yehuda Amichai To receive your free monthly issue of @The Source Israel, click here to subscribe!

66. The Institute For Contemporary Midrash - Journal Volume #2 Index
p.05 Eden poetry, alkalaygut, karen. p.05 Joseph and Me poetry, alkalay-gut,karen. p.06 Queen Vashti Goes to Her Hanging poetry, Manger, Itzik.
Issue Index
Issue: Prev Next
front cover,
p.03: Jacob Set Up a Pillar

[visual art], Stein, Renata p.02: Re: New Wine in Old Vessels
[letter], Brod, Harry p.03-04: Creating Visual Midrash
[essay], Stein, Renata p.04: Crossroads
[visual art], Stein, Renata p.05: Eden
[poetry], Alkalay-Gut, Karen p.05: Joseph and Me
[poetry], Alkalay-Gut, Karen p.06: Queen Vashti Goes to Her Hanging
[poetry], Manger, Itzik p.07-11: Interview: Marge Piercy [interview], Washburn, Kelly Tzvia p.09: And David Played the Harp [visual art], Stein, Renata p.12-23: Abraham in Egypt [narrative], Schwartz, Howard p.14: Akeida - There is Vision... [visual art], Stein, Renata p.19: Nomad Sand [visual art], Stein, Renata p.24-25: Sarah and Hagar [music], Hirschhorn, Linda p.26-32: [essay], Krondorfer, Bjorn p.29: And the Wall Fell Down [visual art], Stein, Renata p.33-36: From the Camel's Mouth [excursion], Hayman, Kezia Gleckman p.34: By the Waters of Babylon [visual art], Stein, Renata p.36:

67. A Poet Born - A Teacher's Corner
Her own poetry books include Ignorant Armies and RecipesLove Soup and OtherPoems . A Lesson in History by Professor karen alkalaygut. THE WAR.
Welcome to the Teacher's Corner! In this special nook of our site, we are going to offer a great variety of subject matter we believe beneficial to the budding poet....information to excite, entice, teach and inspire! Here you will find in depth research on particular areas of poetry as well as concise lessons of differing poetic styles; authored by Doctoral Students and Professors of English. Also, gracing this space will be shared poems and inspirational accounts by published poets; publishing tips from agents and editors, historical facts and more! We rotate our material frequently so please click in often so you don't miss the one written especially for you! If there is a Poetic Topic you would like to see covered here, please, write us and let us know! You can now write to any author who appears in the Teacher's Corner! Send your letter or e-mail , addressed to the Author of the lesson you wish to comment on to A Poet Born and we will forward it to them! We welcome and encourage your input on this section of our site. Thank you. Karen Alkalay-Gut teaches poetry at Tel Aviv University and chairs the Israel Association of Writers in English.  Her critical works include a biography of Adelaide Crapsey and numerous critical articles on Victorian and modern poetry.  Her own poetry books include "Ignorant Armies" and "Recipes:Love Soup and Other Poems".

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alkalaygut, karen (2) Sites. karen alkalay-gut Short biography andpoems by karen alkalay-gut in Alsop Review. karen Alkalay

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  • Karen Alkalay-Gut - Short biography and poems by Karen Alkalay-Gut in Alsop Review.
  • Karen Alkalay-Gut - Poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut, translations from Hebrew (Yehuda Amichai, Asher Reich, Ronny Sommek, Raquel Chalfi, Yael Globerman, Abba Kovner), Yiddish (Itzik Manger,Bracha Kopstein, Yossl Birstein), Arabic (Naim Araidi, Nazi Khir, Nida Khouri) and articles about literature.
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70. Untitled Document
Every Home Is Borrowed Anyway karen alkalaygut reviews The Road to Fez byRuth Knafo Setton. Detail from cover Charon's Ferry by Gyula Illyés.
American Book Review
Spoon River Poetry Review F Dalkey Archive Press ... rch The Unit for Contemporary Literature in cooperation with the Illinois Arts Council Artstour Presents:
powered by FreeFind January/February 2002
[Volume 23, Issue 2] PoMo's Wake, I Excerpted from this issue: Introduction: PoMo's Wake, I
Charles B. Harris
Tom LeClair reviews
... by Ruth Knafo Setton Detail from cover
Charon's Ferry
All our excerpts are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Acrobat on your computer, you can click this button and download it for free. Table of Contents FOCUS: PoMo's Wake, I Introduction: PoMo's Wake, I
Charles B. Harris
Tom LeClair reviews The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen Jesus' Son
Christopher Coake reviews Choke by Chuck Palahniuk Pile-Drivin' Man
Daniel Garrett reviews John Henry Days by Colson Whitehead Pop-Art Sean Bernard reviews After the Plague by T.C. Boyle

71. EuroIsrael2002
alkalaygut, karen, Dr. Tel Aviv University, English, Israel. alkalay-gut, karen,Dr. Tel Aviv University, English, Israel. Alkin, Marvin, Edd, UCLA, Education,USA.
There are 14861 signatories from 271 countries supporting this protest List of Signatories Last Name First Name Degree/Title Institute Department Country Alexander Herbert Distinguished University Political USA Alexander Linda MSED San Diego Unified Schl Dist Speech Pathologist USA Alexander Peggy Clinical Prof, DDS, MPH UTHSCSA Dental Diagnostic Science USA Alexander Robin M.A. Brooklyn AIDS Task Force Social worker USA Alexander Soibel Ph. D. Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies Condensed Matter Physics USA Alexander Stephen Ph.D., Professor University of Missouri Division of Biological Sciences USA Alexander Tal Dr Weizmann Institute of Science Faculty of Physics Israel Alexander Tom B.A. University of Chicago Political Science USA Alexander Varvak Graduate Student UC Berkeley Chemistry USA Alexeev Michael Ph.D., Indiana Economics U.S.A. Alfassi Miriam PhD Bar Ilan University School of education Israel Alfassi Zeev Prof. Ben Nuclear Israel Alfassi Zeev B. Prof. Nuclear Engineering Israel alfon jose PhD Uriach Pharmacology spain Alfonta Lital Research Associate TSRI Chemistry USA Algranati Israel Ph.D.

72. Autor De La Semana
Translate this page Alas, Leopoldo Alberti, Rafael alkalay-gut, karen Alonso, Dámaso Altolaguirre,Manuel Anguita, Eduardo Arbea, Antonio Arguedas, José María Arlt, Robert
Números Anteriores
Alas, Leopoldo
Alberti, Rafael

Alkalay-Gut, Karen

Alonso, Dámaso
Woolf, Virginia [b]

73. Autor De La Semana
Translate this page Alberti, Rafael, CSociales, 05/16/2000, -, Services, alkalay-gut, karen, CSociales,05/16/2000, -, Services, Alonso, Dámaso, CSociales, 05/16/2000, -, Services,
Autor de la Semana
Edit... Add... File Collection URL BulletinBoard Calendar Appears In: Ciencias Sociales Alas, Leopoldo CSociales Alberti, Rafael ... CSociales
SISIB 1999

74. Arts/Literature/Poetry/Poets/A/Alkalay-Gut,_Karen
Arts / Literature / Poetry / Poets / A / alkalaygut, karen. karen alkalay-gutShort bio and poems by karen alkalay-gut in Alsop Review.
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Short bio and poems by Karen Alkalay-Gut in Alsop Review.
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75. EN692K
Bibliographical Information for Report Articles alkalaygut, karen. The Thing He Loves Murder as Aesthetic Experience in The Ballad
Julia M. Wright
Canada Research Chair
in English
Wilfrid Laurier University
Office: Woods 2-611
Fall Office Hours: Tues., 1-2pm; Wed., 2:30-3:30;
or by appointment. 692k: Special Topics in Genre: Anglo-Irish Writing from the Margins, 1750-1900 Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30 (Woods 1-607b) Texts Assignments Class Schedule Report Articles ... Books on Reserve Required Texts
  • Frances Sheridan, Memoirs of Miss Sidney Biddulph (Oxford UP) Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The School for Scandal and Other Plays (Oxford UP) Sydney Owenson (Lady Morgan), The Missionary: An Indian Tale (Broadview) J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Uncle Silas (Penguin) ( please note: both the Oxford and the Penguin are in the bookstore, but the page references etc. used in class will be to the Penguin edition Oscar Wilde, Complete Works of Oscar Wilde (Harper Collins) Course packet Online texts available through this webpage
  • report (12-15 minutes), 15% seminar (20-25 minutes), 25% essay (4000-4500 words, due December 2nd), 50% participation, 10%
N.B.: All work must be fully and properly documented according to the

76. DIGITAL BOOK INDEX: Indexed EBook Authors (e-Book, E-Books, EBooks)
1888 Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 18361907 Alger, Horatio, 1832-1899 Algren, Nelson,1909- Alexander, Pamela, 1948- alkalay-gut, karen (later 20th c) Allen, James
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77. Front Page
About karen alkalaygut. Maybe karen alkalay-gut can't sleep because she wastraumatized by being born in London on the night of the last buzz bomb.

I was particularly delighted when karen alkalaygut sent me work; an Americanwho’s been living in Israel since 1972, she’s been active in the peace

Wise Women's Web ... Daniela's Appearances
(Click for larger image) Focus 9/11: Part One Poetry guest edited by Rochelle Ratner Click poets' names below to read their poems and biographical notes, or scroll down. Karen Alkalay-Gut Bob Heman Rochelle Ratner Kim D. Hunter
Over 35 years ago, when I was first starting to write, Denise Levertov was one of a handful of poets whose work I found endlessly inspiring, in particular her early New Directions books. The Sorrow Dance was published around that time, and I recall being disappointed, as I was with her subsequent protest poems. Apolitical I branded myself. I longed for those lyrical, personal poems Levertov used to write.
In his 1968 essay, "Leaping Up Into Political Poetry", Robert Bly points directly to why I was having problems. Lamenting that America had not seen good political poetry since writers such as Muriel Rukeyser and Kenneth Fearing wrote in the 1930s, he also admits that even these "were not really poems at all, but opinions." Thirty years later, at a point when he, along with Levertov, Rich, Ferlinghetti and others, were writing poems in protest of the Vietnam war, they were still mostly opinion and rhetoric. As he points out: "The true political poem does not order us either to take any specific acts: like the personal poem, it moves to deepen awareness."

79. Welcome To Wise Women's Web - Features
Renee Ashley * Grace Cavalieri * Fran Castan * Enid Dame * karen alkalaygut *Daniela Gioseffi * Linda Lerner * Jennifer Ley * Virginia McRae * Rochelle

Wise Women's Features
Wise Women's Poems Links Staff ... Italian American
Features Featured Poet: Alicia Ostriker - The Mastectomy Poems Alicia Ostriker's The Crack in Everything reviewed by Madeline Tiger ... Gloria Steinem Speaks Out Against the Violent Porn Industry Grace Paley Anxiety (Story) Daniela Gioseffi : The Bleeding Mimosa (Story) Diana Sperrazza : Lisa (Essay) Helen Barolini The Way of the World (Essay) Lady Borton Still in Hiding (Essay) Marina Mizzau 2 Stories: translated by Blossom S. Kirchenbaum Madeline Tiger: The Family, The City, The Wilderness (Essay on Myra Shapiro's Poems) Cathy Vignale Translates Nobel Prize Winner: Grazia Deledda Mary Ann Vigilante Mannino Strategies of Impowerment (Essay) WHICH LILITH? The World's First Woman: reviewed by Christine L Reed Suggested Reading: Rochelle Ratner's Book: BEARING LIFE: Women's Writings on Childlessness II. Poetry: Renee Ashley Grace Cavalieri Fran Castan Enid Dame ... Harriet Zinnes Plus translations of Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsevteyeva, Ilenea Malencioua, Carilda Oliver Labra.

80. :: V I N E S ::
Lisa Katz. Linda Stern Zisquit. karen alkalaygut. Hebrew University of Jerusalem. KerenBlankfeld. Tel Aviv University. Guest Editor karen alkalay-gut.
#6 - Summer 2001
Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Overseas School at Hebrew University
and Tel Aviv University
Guest Editors:
Lisa Katz
Linda Stern Zisquit Karen Alkalay-Gut
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Guest Editor: Lisa Katz
The student population at Hebrew University is, like that of Israel, multicultural. In addition to Jewish Israelis, there are Moslem-and Christian-Palestinian Israeli citizens, as well as immigrants (from all over the world), and visiting foreign students. This is what makes the subjects of their poetry so diverse and yet universal. Israel is a kind of Tower of Babel, with Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Yiddish, Ladino, Spanish and French ringing in the air in the big cities, not to mention Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, etc. Many people grow up in homes where more than one language is spoken. The official language at the university is Hebrew, although in order to graduate all students have to pass an examination in proficiency in academic reading in English. All those with a native language other than Hebrew have to pass an examination in reading and writing Hebrew. Course bibliographies are usually in both languages. The English Department is mainly made up of women students, and it has a relatively large enrollment. All the classes are taught in English, and students must achieve a high level of writing in English before the end of the second year. In the first year of the program all students study linguistics and literature, then choose to study one or both of these disciplines for the remaining two years. First year courses are genre-based, second year courses are historical approaches, and then students may choose among department offerings.

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