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         Asaro Catherine:     more books (97)
  1. Irresistible Forces by Jo Beverley, Lois McMaster Bujold, et all 2004-02-03
  2. Sunrise Alley by Catherine Asaro, 2004-08-03
  3. Charmed Destinies: 3 Novels in 1 by Mercedes Lackey, Rachel Lee, et all 2003-11-01
  4. The Journey Home: Extraordinary tales of honor, courage and love
  5. Erotic Fantastic: The Best of Circlet Press 1992 - 2002
  6. Saga of the Skolian Empire: Catherine Asaro, Eubians, Skolian Empire, Rhon Psion, Ruby Empire, Primary Inversion, Lyshriol, the Last Hawk
  7. Sextopia
  8. Wondrous Beginnings
  9. Christmas Forever
  10. Spherical Harmonic :Skolian Empire 07 by Catherine Asaro, 2002
  11. Novels by Catherine Asaro (Study Guide): Primary Inversion, the Last Hawk, the Radiant Seas, Spherical Harmonic, Skyfall, Catch the Lightning
  12. Biography - Asaro, Catherine Ann (1955-): An article from: Contemporary Authors Online by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  13. Fantasy: The Best of 2001 (Fantasy: The Best of ... (Quality))
  14. Das Sternenreich von Skolia 03. Der letzte Falke. by Catherine Asaro, 2004-01-31

41. The Last Hawk By Catherine Asaro
The Last Hawk (The fourth book in the Skolian Empire series) (1997). A novel by catherineasaro Awards Nebula (nominee). Title The Last Hawk (asaro, catherine.

42. - United States - New - Lifestyle - Books - Genres - Romance - Authors
A great resource for United States New - Lifestyle - Books - Genres - Romance- Authors A - asaro, catherine. asaro, catherine Preview Category,

43. All About Romance: Catherine Asaro On Feminism & Romance
A Quickie with catherine asaro On Feminism Romance. (Dec 2, 1997).Last month, feminist scholar Kay Mussell responded to the question
A Quickie with Catherine Asaro - (Dec 2, 1997) Last month, feminist scholar Kay Mussell responded to the question: Many readers responded, but today, sci-fi author Catherine Asaro, who includes a very strong romantic component in her writing, responded to the same question. Here is what she had to say: As an author who writes romantic space adventure, a physicist with a PhD in atomic and molecular theory, a former ballet dancer, a wife, and a mother. I have never had the least doubt that romance is feminist. It is the only genre I know of where: What the heroine values is given priority. It is, in fact, the driving force of the story. She is rewarded for what she values by achieving her goals, as well as winning the hero, who is usually a hunk, among other things ("I do too appreciate your mind," she insisted. "Really. I do. I appreciate all of you." ). Which comes to . . . Romance acknowledges the "female gaze." We hear a lot about the male gaze in literature. An author may extol the aesthetic value of the heroine to such length that female readers are tempted to say, "all right, already. Get on with the story."

44. Alphamusic - The Veiled
Translate this page Freitag, den 07. Februar 2003. asaro, catherine The Veiled Web Buch BantamBooks VÖ-Datum 1/2000 Bestell-Nr. 0-553-58151-1 6.55 EUR. 368.
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45. Challenging Destiny
Review of catherine asaro's The Quantum Rose. Crystalline Sphere asaroThe Quantum Rose, catherine asaro, TOR, 2000, 398 pp. With
Challenging Destiny
The page you're trying to access has moved. The Challenging Destiny main page has moved to and can also be accessed via Please update your bookmark and/or inform the owner of the link that brought you here. Last modified: February 28, 2003

46. - Books - Reference Of Science Fiction And Fantasy Novels.
The Last Hawk, asaro, catherine, 05/06/2001, The Phoenix Code, asaro,catherine, 05/06/2001, The Quantum Rose, asaro, catherine, 05/06/2001,10, 1.

47. Catherine Asaro - Author Information, Books, And News
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The Phoenix Code The Veiled Web (©1999) 368 pp. Science Fiction Review Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB Nominated for 2000 Sapphire Award (Best Science Fiction Romance Novel) Book Series : Skolian Empire The Moon's Shadow (©2003) 480 pp. Science Fiction Review Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC US Hardcover is scheduled for release : March 2003 Spherical Harmonic (©2002) 428 pp.

48. Virginia Romance Writers Published Author Catherine Asaro
quest. Photo by Hugh Talman. catherine's fiction is a successfulblend of hard science fiction and exciting space adventure. The
Catherine Asaro

Carole Bellacera

Mary Burton
Denise Jeffries
Updated May 9, 2001
March 2001
Tor Books
Ascendent Sun
Kelric, heir to the Skolian Empire, escapes the planet Coba and returns home, only to find chaos in the afterman of war. Kelric must find a way to claim his title and free his people, but when he is kidnapped and sold as a pleasure slave, he must overcome ever greater obstacles in his quest.
Photo by Hugh Talman Catherine's fiction is a successful blend of hard science fiction and exciting space adventure. The hardcover of Catch the Lightning came out in December 1996 from Tor and the paperback was released in October 1997. It was on the Nebula Award preliminary ballot. Catherine was an invited guest at the conference Technology and American Culture at the University of Freiburg in Germany, where she read from Catch the Lightning
Her critically acclaimed bestseller, the novel

49. Atoc
The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom asaro, catherine. The Last Hawk asaro,catherine. The Radiant Seas asaro, catherine. Veiled Web Ashe, Rebecca.
Allende, Isabel.
Daughter of Fortune
Alphin, Elaine M. -
Counterfeit Son ... Back to Author Index

50. Chicon 2000 Onsite: Catherine Asaro - Chat Guest catherine asaro. Online Chat Links Other Chat Guests catherineasaro writes both space adventure hard SF and near future SF suspense.
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This is a log of a LIVE CHAT originating from the Green Room at Chicon, the 58th Annual World Science Fiction Convention. We thank our guests for being game enough to brave a live chat under less than optimal circumstances. Our guests were typing on unfamiliar laptops with very small keyboards. (Click Here to see the chat area.) Because of these several impediments, as well as other technical difficulties, you will find typos and occasional replication of text. In our humble opinion, typos show that the logs are of *live* chats, not canned interviews, and minimal editing of these logs has taken place.
Catherine Asaro writes both space adventure hard SF and near future SF suspense. Her book Ascendant Sun came out in March 2000, and the Veiled Web in December 1999. Her work has been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula and has won various other awards including the Analog Reader's Poll, the Sapphire, the Compuserve's HOMer, the national Readers Choice Award and the Prism. She earned her doctorate in Chemical Physics and a Masters in Physics, both from Harvard. Her husband, John Cannizzo, is the proverbial rocket scientist. Catherine says she is a walking definition of the words absent-minded and has managed to spill coffee in every room of her house, which is a source of great amusement to her daughter.

51. Catherine Asaro: Space Opera = Physics + Romance
Romance and science fiction are already an uncommon combination, but physicist CatherineAsaro takes her space opera one step further by basing her fasterthan
Catherine Asaro: Space Opera = Physics + Romance
By Chris Aylott
Associate Editor

posted: 09:46 am ET
06 February 2000
Catherine Asaro's faster-than-light (FTL) space drive really works at least on paper. The physicist and science fiction writer has based the "inversion engine" of her Skolian Empire space opera series on her own thought experiments about new forms of space travel. Besides using it to get her characters from place to place, she first wrote about the mathematics of the FTL drive in an April 1996 paper in The American Journal of Physics Images
Dr. Catherine Asaro, theoretical physicist and former ballerina
More Stories
Building Tomorrow's Space Battleships with Today's Tech
Sapphire Awards Celebrate Love Amid the Spaceships Convention Offers Lots of Star Wars, Not Much Space SF's Wild Ride: Publishing in the '90s Related Links Catherine Asaro NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Space Technology and Applications International Forum Institute for Space and Nuclear Power Studies Searching for breakthroughs in propulsion
Research into space travel has been a focus for Asaro's work as a consulting physicist.

52. Catherine Asaro - Feministische Phantastisch-utopische Literatur
Translate this page catherine asaro. Biographie, Auszeichnungen, Links, Artikel, Interviews,feministische phantastisch-utopische Werke. catherine asaro (), USA.
Mail Umfrage Home AutorInnen ... Z Catherine Asaro
Mindsparks Primary Inversion Tangent
The Veiled Web
erhielt sie den 1999 HOMer Award. Asaros Kurzroman 'A Roll of the Dice' wurde mit dem 2001 AnLab Award sowie mit dem 2001 HOMer Award ausgezeichnet.
Asaro ist mit dem NASA-Astrophysiker John Kendall Cannizzo verheiratet. Sie haben eine Tochter und leben in Maryland.
Q: Catherine Asaros Homepage Locus Magazine Interview November 1999 Locus Online 12.5.1999 Science Fiction Weekly ... Locus Online 20.7.2001 Webseiten von und zu Catherine Asaro: Interviews mit und Artikel zu Catherine Asaro:

53. Catherine Asaro & Vonda McIntyre, April 13, 1999
catherine asaro Vonda McIntyre discuss Hard SF. dozois We can start whenever everyoneis ready. Moderator For catherine's http//


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discuss Hard SF
dozois : We can start whenever everyone is ready. smaug : ready PurpleRanger : I'm ready Moderator aka : rwady Cig : whats that mean bigdrew : ready Catherine : I'm ready Vonda : All set. dozois : There! Now we have been translated to the realms of the Divine! Moderator : How about you, Gardner? Typing 80 words per minute? Moderator : Okay! Intro time. Moderator : Hi everyone and thanks for joining us tonight. Tonight we're going to be talking with Catherine Asaro and Vonda N. McIntyre about the subgenre known as "hard SF," debunking some commonly-held stereotypes about who writes it, who reads it and what's so darn "hard" about it anyway. dozois : And that's not even using my fingers, Moderator! Moderator : Catherine is the author of the acclaimed novel The Hawk as well as other popular books; Vonda is the author of The Moon and The Sun. And they both have web pages! For Vonda's's, set your browser to Moderator : For Catherine's:

54. SCIFI.COM: Catherine Asaro, Michael Burstein & Allen Steele, August 10, 1999
catherine asaro, Michael Burstein Allen Steele Hugo Awards nominees. MichaelShould I change my name to MichaelBurstein? * Moderator peers *.


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Michael : Should I change my name to MichaelBurstein? Moderator peers * Moderator : You are the real Michael Burstein, right? Nope, Michael is fine! Michael : Yes, I'm the real Michael Burstein. My wife is here with me and can verify it. Galois : ooo. busted Moderator Moderator : Gosh. On the Internet EVERYONE is Michael Burstein. Didn't you know? powers : hello moonbase : hi powers : any one Michael : Moderator, I'd heard that.... :-) powers : hold on Moderator moonbase : hello Michael : Is Gardner here yet? Moderator : Not yet. Moderator : Soon though. Michael : Patirzia, how do I do an "action" from IRC? Kender : you type /me Michael type me. * Kender : hehehe Galois hugs MS * Michael types me. * CatherineAsaro : Hah! There is only one Michael Burstein Kender : it work Galois : save me meanie Michael : Aha! It worked! Michael : Catherine, my wife says, "Thank God for that!" Kender says it dose work dose it not * MeanStreak : hey gal you did it to yourself *grinz* CatherineAsaro test * MeanStreak : just sit by me CatherineAsaro : Michale, lol!

55. SciFan: Writer: Catherine Asaro (bibliography, Books, Series, Web Links)
Writers catherine asaro (1955 , United States), Bibliography, Dr. catherineasaro - Molecudyne Research. (Wayback Machine - Google cache),
search by writer, book or series: writers series A B ... Writers : Catherine Asaro (1955 - , United States) Bibliography Get pricing and availability through our links to online stores, or click on a title to get more information and buying options. Primary Inversion Amazon Alibris
Catch the Lightning
Moon's Shadow, The
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  • 56. Blackstone Audiobooks - Author Catherine Asaro
    4 Audiobooks by catherine asaro. Authors. The Radiant Seas, The Radiant Seasby catherine asaro read by Anna Fields click here for more details, Asaro

    57. Catherine Asaro
    Read reviews of catherine asaro's books as well as all you need to knowabout SF and Fantasy literature. catherine asaro. Featured Reviews.

    Discussion forum
    Authors Interviews News ... Support , buy your books through these links or read more
    Catherine Asaro
    Featured Reviews
    Catch the Lightning
    The Last Hawk

    Orphan of Creation

    The Last Hawk
    by Catherine Asaro Tor - 0-312-86044-7 - 447pp/November 1997
    Reviewed by Steven H Silver
    The Last Hawk is the third novel set in Catherine Asaro’s Skolian universe, along with the novella "Aurora in Four Voices." Fortunately, each of these stories stands on its own. In fact, The Last Hawk Primary Inversion The action begins when Kelric, a scion of the Skolian empire and half-brother to the current Imperator, is shot down over a restricted planet, Coba. The planet, ruled by a matriarchy, is listed as restricted in the empire's databases, mostly at the connivance of the Cobans, who fear losing their autonomy if the empire takes notice of them. The novel follows Kelric through nearly twenty years of trying to fit into their society. Catch the Lightning was set against a mixture of human and Skolian culture

    58. Crescent Blues | Author Interview: "Catherine Asaro: Fictional Fusion"
    catherine asaro Fictional Fusion By Stephen J. MetherellSmith. SpeculationPress. Go to Homepage, catherine asaro Fictional Fusion.
    Catherine Asaro: Fictional Fusion
    Catherine Asaro (Photo by Hugh Talman, courtesy of Catherine Nancy Berland Public Relations) Few writers in the world of science fiction successfully fuse love, romance and excitement with hard science. Yet Catherine Asaro pirouettes between the worlds of theoretical physics and action-oriented romance with the grace of the ballerina. For Asaro, these seemingly unlikely combinations flow as naturally as the choreography she learned at London's Royal Academy of Dance. A highly respected Ph.D. in chemical physics as well as a seasoned classical dancer, Asaro believes that creativity derives from the analytical side of human nature as much as from its artistic impulses. Her fans cite her award-winning fiction as proof that, in this case, the doctor really does know best. Crescent Blues: In previous interviews you discussed how your childhood imagination led you to daydream about girls flying around the universe in space ships (with a cat). Plus that you read a lot of the old masters like Asimov etc. Was there any particular influence that led you towards a scientific and sci-fi career, or was it just a natural progression? Catherine Asaro: Part of my interest in science comes from my father, a nuclear chemist. He discovered the iridium anomalies that led to the theory that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth 65 million years ago and caused mass extinctions, possibly including the dinosaurs. When Luis Alvarez, Walter Alvarez, Helen Michel and my father, Frank Asaro, published the paper with their hypothesis, it caused a commotion. He's done a lot of other interesting science, too. When I was little, he used to take me up to his lab. It was fun.

    59. Catch The Lightning By Catherine Asaro
    Catch the Lightning by catherine asaro. Relative newcomer catherineasaro has crafted a tale of timetravel, deceit, and romance.
    Catch the Lightning by Catherine Asaro (Tor, $5.99, R) ISBN 0-812-55102-8 Readers who like hard science-fiction as well as romance have reason to rejoice. Relative newcomer Catherine Asaro has crafted a tale of time-travel, deceit, and romance. Catch the Lightning could be a harbinger of crossover sci-fi to come. Young Tina Pulivok lives in Los Angeles of 1987, but it's a world of gangs, drugs, and desperation. One night she is rescued from thugs by a strange, handsome man named Althor. It turns out he's a Jagernaut, a pilot from another time and place, lost on Earth. His ship, Jag, must be located. Althor's life is intricately bound with the ship; they are symbiotic. Tina is overwhelmed by Althor, so much so that she offers him her virginity that night and they begin a strange love affair. Althor needs to find his Jag, however (great play on words there by the author; hundreds of years in the future, guys still want a Jag) and it's locked up tight on an Air Force base, being examined by the military who discovered it. Tina, part Mayan, and Althor, more machine than human, form an alliance with some of Tina's friends to steal the Jag and help Althor return to his home planet and time. Tina finds she can't leave him, and decides to leave with him. Little does she know that her genetic heritage may be the only thing that can save Althor's people. And Althor, who has never loved before, finds he can't let Tina go.

    60. THE ROMANCE READER Reviews: The Quantum Rose By Catherine Asaro
    has also reviewed Catch the Lightning. The Radiant Seas. The Quantum Rose byCatherine asaro. (Analog Magazine, May, June, July/Aug.1999, $2.95 each).
    has also reviewed: Catch the Lightning The Radiant Seas
    The Quantum Rose
    by Catherine Asaro As governor of the poor Argali Province, young Kamoj Quanta Argali is in the unenviable position of having to marry for wealth. The last of the advanced technology left by Balumil's legendary settlers has begun to fail, and Argali Province is in desperate straits. So even though she dreads Jax Ironbridge, Kamoj has agreed to his offer of marriage and alliance. Life seems to have made her choices. But when Kamoj's clandestine swim is interrupted by the appearance of the mysterious Havyrl Lionstar and his men, her life changes more quickly than she could ever have imagined. Kamoj walks home from her swim only to discover that Havyrl has left an unimaginably large dowry with her uncle for her hand in marriage. The laws of their society offer her no choice. Havyrl's offer far exceeds that of Jax. Unless Kamoj can better the offer of his dowry herself, she must accept Havyrl or be ready for war. Havyrl Lionstar has already "forced" them to rent out the run-down ancestral Argali Palace, and this appears to be just one more step in gaining control over the entire province. The mystery surrounding him and his sudden appearance have spawned legends that he's loathsome, is centuries old, arrived on this world on a ship from the skies, has a metal face, and lives in a haunted building. But Kamoj has no choice but to marry this powerful stranger. How this marriage between strangers turns into one between soulmates makes for a truly wonderful love story. Vyrl whisks Kamoj away to the repaired and renovated Argali Palace, which is run by technology so advanced that it verges on the fantastic. She learns that Vyrl married her not for her land, but merely because he was taken by her beauty and emotions at their one encounter.

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