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         Asaro Catherine:     more books (97)
  1. Analog Science Fiction and Fact, December 1998 (Volume CXVIII, No. 12) by Geoffrey A. Landis, Alan Steele, et all 1998-12-01
  2. Lace and Blade
  3. Diamond Star by Catherine Asaro, 2009
  4. The Ruby Dice: Saga of the Skolian Empire, Book 12 {Mp3} {Unabridged} by Catherine Asaro, 2008
  5. The Moon's Shadow (The Saga of the Skolian Empire) by Catherine Asaro, 2004-01-01
  6. ANALOG Science Fiction and Fact May 1999 (ANALOG Magazine) by Ben Bova, Bill Johnson, et all 1999
  7. Analog Science Fiction and Fact, July-August 1999 Double Issue (Volume CXIX, No. 7 and 8) by Catherine Asaro, Shane Tourtellotte, et all 1999
  8. Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2003 (Volume CXXIII, No. 4) by Rajnar Vajra, Catherine Asaro, et all 2003
  9. Civil War Fantastic (Daw Book Collectors)
  10. Redshift: Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction
  11. Down these Dark Spaceways by Mike Resnick, 2005
  12. Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy
  13. Schism: Part One of Triad (Saga of the Skolian Empire) by Catherine Asaro, 2005

81. Catherine Asaro: The Last Hawk
1998 Nebula final ballot, The Last Hawk. by catherine asaro. Kelric Valdorialoses everything in the first chapter of catherine asaro's The Last Hawk.
Epiphyte Book Review up to review index 1998 Nebula final ballot
The Last Hawk
by Catherine Asaro
Kelric Valdoria loses everything in the first chapter of Catherine Asaro's The Last Hawk . He was a powerful telepath, an elite space fighter pilot, and the potential heir to an interstellar empire. Then his spacecraft is shot down and crashes on the planet Coba. His ship is destroyed, brain damage impairs his telepathy, and the Cobans, fearing imperial attention, imprison Kelric on their planet. Coban society is severely matriarchal, and the only path to power for a man is to play Quis in the service of the ruling women. Quis is a complex three-dimensional dice game, the universal obsession on Coba. By modelling concepts and situations in its patterns, Quis functions as a communications network, political battleground, and racial memory. Kelric's profound talent for the game makes him a precious commodity, sought after by the most powerful women in Coba. His influence in the Quis tips the balance of power from one corner of Coba to another until he finally shatters that balance. Kelric has an unlikely combination of gorgeous good looks and strategic brilliance imagine Kevin Sorbo falling out of the sky to become the world's greatest living chess grandmaster but he's an unexpectedly vulnerable character. For most of the story, Kelric is secluded from mainstream Coban society in one way or another, but the characters who touch his life and the ongoing struggles modelled in the Quis give both Kelric and the reader an idea of the world outside.

82. THE QUANTUM ROSE Catherine Asaro TOR 2000 Pb 419 Pages
THE QUANTUM ROSE catherine asaro TOR 2000 Pb 419 pages (includes 15 pages of appendixes)ISBN 0812-56883-4 How would you like a little romance with your
Yet Another
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Home Reviews Must Reads Favourite Links ... Recent Review THE QUANTUM ROSE
Catherine Asaro
TOR 2000
Pb 419 pages (includes 15 pages of appendixes)
ISBN # 0-812-56883-4
How would you like a little romance with your science-fiction? Sound interesting? Author and physicist Catherine Asaro combines top rate science and a good love story into an easy and enjoyable read.
The Quantum Rose is part of her Skolian Empire Saga.
Heroine Kamoj Quanta Argali is the governor of Argali Province, on the long lost colonial world of Balumil where a year is twenty-standard years long and the winters are lethal. Caring about her dying province more than her own happiness, she has agreed to marry Jax Ironbridge, governor of a neighboring province. This "corporate merger," as they term it, will ensure prosperity for her people and more beatings from this violent man.
Enter the mysterious Hero: Havyrl Lionstar, a masked man who becomes so enamored with Kamoj that he must have her. He sends a ridiculously high dowry to her province so he can have her in marriage and it isn't until the wedding night that these two actually meet. Ahh, it gets better. I won't tell you all of this book's secrets, but you do need to know just a little bit more about Havryl. He's a prince, of course: a Skolian prince, a Ruby psion (meaning telepath able to use ancient Ruby Empire machinery). The Imperial Space Command has brought him into exile after a traumatic escape from the current power structure that thrives on slave trade (Havryl is brother to Kelric and Soz. This story falls, chronologically, after theirs)..

83. Author 2nd Author 3rd Author Title Genre Condition Adams Douglas
macabre, Horror, asaro, catherine, Ascendant Sun, SF, asaro, catherine,The Phoenix Code, SF, asaro, catherine, The Radiant Seas, SF, Asimov,Isaac,
2nd Author
3rd Author
Title Genre Condition Adams Douglas
Mostly Harmless SF
Adams Douglas
The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy SF
Adams Richard
Maia SF
Aldiss Brian
Galactic Empires: Volume 2 SF Aldiss Brian Galaxies Like Grains of Sand SF Aldiss Brian More Penguin Science Fiction SF Aldiss Brian No Time like Tomorrow SF Aldiss Brian Starship SF Aldiss Brian Who can replace a man SF Alexie Sherman The Lone Ranger and Tonto FistFight in Heaven Fiction Anderson Kevin J. Champions of the force SF Anderson Kevin J. Dark Apprentice SF Anderson Kevin J. Jedi Search SF Anthony Piers Battle Circle SF Anthony Piers Bio of a Space Tyrant volume 2: Mercenary SF Anthony Piers Bio of a Space Tyrant volume 5: Statesman SF Anthony Piers Chaining the lady SF Anthony Piers Cluster SF Anthony Piers Faith of Tarot SF Anthony Piers God of Tarot SF Anthony Piers Kirlian Quest SF Anthony Piers Macroscope SF Anthony Piers Race Against Time SF Anthony Piers Thousandstar SF Anthony Piers Visons of Tarot SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift 10: Mind games SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift 11: Mutant Beach SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift 3 Cyborg Kickboxer SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift 9 Fire biker SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift and his Motorboat SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift and his Motorcycle SF Appleton Victor Tom Swift and his sky train SF Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and his Diving Sea Coptor SF Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and his Electronic Retroscope SF Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and his Flying Lab SF Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and his Giant Robot SF Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and his Giant Robot SF Appleton Victor II

84. Feminist SFF & Utopia: Reviews: Catherine Asaro
est. 1994 HOME CHECKLIST anthologies lists writers criticism community listserves SEARCH. Reviews catherine asaro. The Last Hawk
There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!
Mario Savio
, Dec. 1964 information and some anti-war organizations: ...
news sources: london guardian
Reviews: Catherine Asaro
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85. Minneapolis Public Library: New Fiction On Order
For love of glory. Request a Copy. asaro, catherine. Moon's shadow. St. Martins Pr,2003. asaro, catherine. Moon's shadow. Request a Copy. Barker, Clive.
New Fiction on Order
Looking for the latest in new fiction? Browse this list of titles recently ordered by the Minneapolis Public Library. This list includes only the most popular fiction on order, so if you don't see a particular title here, check the catalog, or ask at a service desk for assistance. You may request any book on these lists: Click the "Request a Copy" button, then click on "Request Item". We will notify you when the book is ready for check-out. Anderson, Poul. For love of glory.
St. Martins Pr, 2003. Asaro, Catherine. Moon's shadow.
St. Martins Pr, 2003. Barker, Clive. Galilee 2.
Barnard, Robert. Mistress of Alderley.
Scribner, 2003. Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the ghosts of Netley.
Bantam Doubleday, 2003. Bear, Greg. Darwin's children.
Ballantine Books, 2003. Blauner, Peter. Last good day.
Block, Lawrence. Cinderella Sims.
Subterranean Pr, 2003. Cameron, Julia. Prayers from a non-believer.
Tarcher, 2003. Child, Lee. Persuader.

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87. Profile Of Christine G.
Movies SciFi/Fantasy Comedy Personal Dramas Action Dramas. catherine AsaroProfile for Christine G. Name, Christine G. Title, Top (six star) Scholar. G.&TopicID=1021

88. Vol5no1
Science Fiction/AI/Nanotechnology Romance/Science Fiction Veiled WebAsaro, catherine Bantam 0553581511 Lucia del Mar, a beautiful
Volume 5 #1 How to order the Genreflecting books Go the Table of Contents All books reviewed here are recommended. Please, always keep in mind that the only books that appear on this page are ones that I liked enough to write about. For every book reviewed here I have usually read two that I would not want to inflict on anyone. Fantasy/Fairy Tales/Contemporary/The Human Condition
The Godmother
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Ace Seattle social worker Rose Samson wishes for a fairy godmother for the city that is filled with so much pain and suffering and ends up with silver haired Felicity Fortune who helps with people bedeviled in modern fairy tales. Sno whose fashion model stepmother hires a hit man who is later turned into a toad. Hank and Gigi whose mother abandons them in a shopping mall where a pedophile who builds elaborate gingerbread houses finds them and abducts them.
Fantasy/Time Travel/Fairy Tales/Familiar
Orson Scott Card
Del Rey The Magic Egg and Other Tales from Ukraine by Barbara J. Suwyn 1-56308-425-2.

89. Profile Of Harriet Klausner
Movies SciFi/Fantasy Comedy Personal Dramas Action Dramas. CatherineAsaro Profile for Harriet Klausner Name, Harriet Klausner. Total Reviews, 1. Klausner&TopicID=1021

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