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         Aylett Steve:     more books (38)
  1. And Your Point Is? by Steve Aylett, 2006-12-04
  2. Lint by Steve Aylett, 2005-05-23
  3. Slaughtermatic by Steve Aylett, 1998-04-16
  4. The Bizarro Starter Kit(blue) by Steve Aylett, Jeremy C. Shipp, et all 2007-12-18
  5. Atom by Steve Aylett, 2001-09-06
  6. Bigot Hall: A Gothic Childhood by Steve Aylett, 1995-07
  7. FAIN THE SORCERER by Steve & Alan Moore (introduction) Aylett, 2006
  8. The Crime Studio by Steve Aylett, 2001-09-09
  9. The Inflatable Volunteer by Steve Aylett, 2010-01-28
  10. Toxicology: Stories by Steve Aylett, 1999-10-11
  11. Only an Alligator (Accomplice) by Steve Aylett, 2003-02
  12. Dummyland (Accomplice) by Steve Aylett, 2004-01-01
  13. The Velocity Gospel: Accomplice Book 2 by Steve Aylett, 2003-01-01
  14. Karloff's Circus: Accomplice Book 4 by Steve Aylett, 2005-01-01

1. Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett Page 1, Praise for Steve Aylett `Wickedly funny futuristicpulp thriller James Ellroy meets Terry Pratchett in cyberspace.
Page Updated: 13/01/03 Page 1 Page 2 Steve Aylett - Page 1 Dummyland pbk 21 Nov 02 The Velocity Gospel Only An Alligator Toxicology Atom WebPage: by Steve Aylett Author Title Keyword Publisher About the Author (Photo (c) Deirdre O'Callahan) Bibliography
British Pbk Original - Gollancz (2002) Dummyland
Accomplice Book 2
Accomplice: A casual fairy tale.

In Accomplice paranoia is an investment.
In the doll forge Maquette has woken to the flavour of wooden teeth plugs and decided to make a run for it, her clicking motions like surgery.
Gregor is gloomily considering his lifestyle. Five glad bugs on a bedspread, one disconsolate whimper and a head which has no particular shape.
Barny is still with Chloe Low and still hasn’t realised that because he annoyed the demon Sweeney he has become the motivating force for every recent atrocity in town.
And all the time Rakeman, a tumbleweed skeleton if ever there was one, is approaching Accomplice in search of a horizontal mirror to exit shrieking.
Reviews for the Accomplice novels:
‘A hugely impressive example of outrageous literary wit and uncommon good sense demonstrating that Aylett is the coolest writer alive today’ Starburst ‘A non-stop assault of gags, outright sick moments and sharp observations on human foibles. Bizarre and brilliant’ Dreamwatch

2. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett. Other Aylett links Steve Aylett Website BibliographyAtom October 2000, Four Walls Eight Windows Paperback,Steve.php3
Steve Aylett
Other Aylett links:
Steve Aylett Website
October 2000, Four Walls Eight Windows Paperback ISBN:1-568-58175-0
Bigot Hall : A Gothic Childhood
July 1995, Serif Paperback ISBN:1-897-95920-6
The Crime Studio
September 2001, Four Walls Eight Windows Trade Paperback
November 2002, Gollancz (UK) Paperback ISBN:0-575-07087-0
The Inflatable Volunteer
2000, Orion Publishing Group Trade Paperback ISBN:0-575-40265-2
Only an Alligator
Codex Books
April 1998, Four Walls Eight Windows Paperback ISBN:1-568-58103-3
Toxicology: Stories
Short story collection
October 1999, Four Walls Eight Windows ISBN:1-568-58131-9
"Black Triangle"
"If Armstrong was Interesting"
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet What's New? Glossary

3. - Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett, About Author. This author has been recommended by 10 other readers.Edit Author. Books, 2 books listed. Misc. Atom A Novel, 2000, Toxicology, 2002,

4. TOXICOLOGY, By Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett Toxicology Stories. With Slaughtermatic, nominated forthe Steve Aylett was born in London in 1967. He is the author of
Steve Aylett
With Slaughtermatic, nominated for the 1998 Philip K. Dick Award for best original paperback of the year, Steve Aylett introduced us to the charming burg of Beerlight, where to kill is "less a murder than a mannerism." In Toxicology, Aylett’s latest invasion of the New World, the "wickedly funny" mastermind expands his sordid and hilarious universe. Twenty short stories — ten of which appear here for the first time — are included in the collection. Some are extensions of the Beerlight world of heroic criminals and villainous cops — others are set in unique worlds, amalgams of Aylett’s twisted, J. G. Ballard-like nightmare visions and sardonic sense of humor. "If Armstrong Was Interesting" is a series of scenarios positing how the American hero might have jazzed up his voyage to the moon and back. In "Gigantic" corpses rain from the sky, payback for the massacres and casual murders of our century. "Dread Honour" is a first-person send-up of a more traditional English tale, told by a narrator in the habit of taking his Earl Grey "intravenously." "The Met Are All for This" is a (hilarious) cyberpunk transformation of Kafka’s "Metamorphosis." Aylett takes us beyond cyberpunk and the fiction of the brat-pack chroniclers of New York and London nightlife. He is in the vanguard of an irreverent, thoughtful and very funny new generation of writers.

5. THE CRIME STUDIO, By Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett The Crime Studio The critics on Steve Aylett More books bySTEVE AYLETT Order this featured book online at a discount from,
Steve Aylett
The Crime Studio The critics on Steve Aylett:
"Both the bullets and the gags fly fast and furious in Steve Aylett's hyperkinetically violent, hilarious time-traveling crime caper.… While the body count is high, the tone is anything but grim, thanks to Aylett's wickedly funny commentary on the bullet-riddled, nihilistic metropolis and its inhabitants." — New York Times Book Review "Characters spark off one another like flints in a spin dryer. Out spew images as shiny and as perfect as new-minted coins.… How, you wonder, did we ever do without these phrases? … A jaw-droppingly dark and funny work." — The Guardian (U.K.) "Aylett is an author to watch." — Publishers Weekly
In the city of Beerlight, "Every crime is as unique as a snowflake.…" A rising star on both sides of the Atlantic, Aylett has established himself as an artist with the capacity to electrify critics and readers alike. He is blessed with a bombastic imagination, an irresistible comic sensibility, and a felicity with language that has earned comparisons to such innovators as Jonathan Lethem, William S. Burroughs, James Ellroy, and Oscar Wilde. (Just please don't compare him to Updike, thank you very much.) Now available in the U.S. for the first time

6. Profile Of Steve Aylett For Crime Time Magazine
Steve aylett steve Aylett. Steve Aylett was born in Bromley, England, in 1967. Helives in Brighton, England. Steve Aylett in his own words Atom.
Steve Aylett Profile what's new reviews features interviews ... profiles : Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett was born in Bromley, England, in 1967. He left school at 17 and worked in a book warehouse, and later in trade and law publishing - here he invented the concept of 'fractal litigation', whereby the flapping of a butterfly's wings on one side of the world results in a massive compensation claim on the other. His first book The Crime Studio , published in 1994, was generally regarded as a 'cry for help'. This was followed by Bigot Hall Slaughtermatic The Inflatable Volunteer Toxicology and Atom . He is published by Orion in the UK and Four Walls Eight Windows in the US, and was nominated for the 1998 Philip K Dick Award (Slaughtermatic). His toured 'Shroud' show, during which he silently impersonated the Shroud of Turin, caused rage and impatience in clubland in the early '90s. His stories have appeared in the bestselling Disco Biscuits anthologies (Sceptre). He lives in Brighton, England. Steve Aylett in his own words: It's less insulting to the reader to say something in a few words, like 'Progress accelerates downhill', than to spend an entire book saying that.

7. Steve Aylett Interview Page
The Entropy Kid Steve aylett steve Aylett. Interviewed by Barry Forshaw.Steve Aylett, in just three novels, has cornered the market
Steve Aylett interview what's new reviews features interviews ... interviews : Steve Aylett
The Entropy Kid: Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett
Interviewed by Barry Forshaw Steve Aylett, in just three novels, has cornered the market in hip, mordant and highly individual crime fiction - if it's crime fiction he writes. As Phoenix House publishes his latest, Slaughtermatic , we try to find out what's behind the dark glasses. Is your new book a lampoon of the crime genre?
Yeah, Slaughtermatic is a sort of crime satire. When people ask about it who haven't read my other stuff, I save time by calling it a kind of Catch 22 but about crime and law, rather than war. I mean that it's a similar satire of aspects of authority, of manipulations too extreme to process or even talk about in everyday chat. And there's some nice gunplay in there too, and jokes about dogs and so on. The guns are quite unusual.
Well I burnt out straight gun fetishism in the course of doing The Crime Studio - that sort of shoot-out just feels like noise now, it doesn't mean anything. So I started to give the guns meanings by inventing software-enhanced guns, fire-by-wires, like the Zero Approach gun which scans the targets aura to see whether they're asking for it, as it were - it seeks their consent. Then there are guns that fire calories, drugs, ideas, charm, guns that ignore the target, guns that can be set for a certain demographic range, guns that can be set for Mexicans, randomizers, glass guns, tantrum guns, all this. So when a shoot-out happens, it means something, it can be like a philosophical exchange. The Crime Bill means people have to design and produce untraceable one-off firearms and that leads to a little bit of inventiveness at least, which is at a premium these days. So you have Hitachis, Mitsubishis, and Macs of course. There are also Microsoft guns, though they take a long time to fire.

8. Steve Aylett Info On
STEVE aylett steve Aylett wrote the Beerlight books (including Slaughtermatic,shortlisted for the Philip K Dick award). These books
STEVE AYLETT Steve Aylett wrote the Beerlight books (including Slaughtermatic , shortlisted for the Philip K Dick award). These books were described as 'dystopian' for the couple of years they took to come true. He also wrote various stories collected in Toxicology , such as Gigantic and If Armstrong Was Interesting. Shamanspace portrayed the competing assassination campaigns which would follow a discovery that god really existed. The Accomplice Quartet is more pastoral. Aylett was born in England at the gone-to-seed end of the sixties and regrets the incident. He's published by Orion in UK and Four Walls Eight Windows in US, and also by Codex.

Message Board ( 3rd Alternative mag link) ...
Rip cartoon





9. The Velocity Gospel, By Steve Aylett
The Velocity Gospel (Accomplice Book Two), by Steve aylett steve Aylett,Victor Gollancz, 2002, £9.99, 131pp ISBN 057507-088-9
The Velocity Gospel ( Accomplice Book Two), by Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett, Victor Gollancz, 2002, £9.99, 131pp
ISBN 0-57507-088-9
See also Only An Alligator (Accomplice Book One) You have to be in the right mood for Steve Aylett’s quirky fiction. If you’re feeling bright and breezy then something like, say, The Velocity Gospel can seem interestingly different, funny and demanding. If you’ve got a bit of a hangover or you're just a little tired then the same book can seem pretentious, nonsensical and obstreperously difficult. So, allowing for me having been in the right frame of mind whilst reading The Velocity Gospel , I quite enjoyed it. The further adventures of Barny Juno and friends were almost as entertaining as previously – and is it my imagination imposing some order on Aylett’s warped world or is there some measure of political satire in here?
Talking of his voters and the need to keep them occupied with anything but politics, Mayor Rudloe cynically suggests: “Convince them they prosper through witnessing prosperity” (page 63). Surely Aylett wouldn't let reality intrude into Accomplice, would he? Anyway, the plot… well, Barny is unaware of being once more pursued by an emissary of the demon king Sweeny – to be fair he has other things on his mind, like trying to break up with his present girlfriend, Magenta Blaze, for new love Chloe Low. All the familiar bizarre characters from

10. SF-Bokhandeln: Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett. Shamanspace (121 sidor, CodeX, England, 39605)Pris 125 I framtiden vet vi att Gud lever. Han finns. Men
Steve Aylett Shamanspace (121 sidor, CodeX, England, 39605) Pris: 125:-

Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

11. Steve Aylett @ Unverse
Steve Aylett at Unverse Books, pictures, ideas for the unversed. Books Bigot HallA Gothic Childhood. Books, DVDs, CDs, videos and stuffBooks Steve Aylett. Steve Aylett

12. Science Fiction & Fantasy Aylett, Steve
Science Fiction Fantasy Aylett, Steve. Title Atom Subject Science Fiction Fantasy Author aylett steve Thorne, Tamara Candle Bay0786
Title: Atom
Author: Aylett Steve
Thorne, Tamara Candle Bay-0786...

Johnstone, William W. Destiny ...

Pence, Irene A Clue from the G...

Montoya, Tracy Angel, Mine-078...

13. Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett. Atom. The Crime Studio. Slaughtermatic. Toxicology Stories.Bigot Hall A Gothic Childhood. The Inflatable Volunteer. Shamanspace.
Steve Aylett
Atom The Crime Studio Slaughtermatic Toxicology : Stories Bigot Hall : A Gothic Childhood The Inflatable Volunteer Shamanspace Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Collector's Edition) Ghost World The One (Special Edition) Atlantis - The Lost Empire To Kill a Mockingbird A Knight's Tale Authors: A

14. The SF Site Featured Review: Slaughtermatic
Slaughtermatic. Steve Aylett. Four Walls Eight Windows, 153 pages. Slaughtermatic.Steve aylett steve Aylett was born in 1967. He now lives outside London.
Steve Aylett
Four Walls Eight Windows, 153 pages
Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett was born in 1967. He now lives outside London. His work has been characterized as a cross between Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting , and Jeff Noon, who wrote Vurt Four Walls Eight Windows
Serpent's Tail
by Steve Aylett
Bigot Hall : A Gothic Childhood
... by Steve Aylett
A review by Lisa DuMond
Advertisement document.write(''); Have you noticed how you can never really describe your dreams? The more you concentrate, the harder it is to pin down the details. Little wisps of plot escape the most interesting parts slip away. Is that enough build-up to tell you I'm not sure I can capture Slaughtermatic in a review? In any event, there's your warning. Slaughtermatic is an experiment on paper. Not since John Sladek has a writer had so much fun playing with words. (If Sladek isn't a familiar name to you, you've missed out on one of the best satirist in SF. Rectify that, right away.) Aylett twists definitions and toys with everyday expressions, to add meanings that would never occur to the average, sane person. When his characters speak, nothing that comes out of their mouths

15. The SF Site Featured Review: Atom
Steve Aylett. Phoenix House Orion, 137 pages / Four Walls Eight Windows, 153 pages. Steveaylett steve Aylett was born in 1967. He now lives outside London.
Steve Aylett
Phoenix House: Orion, 137 pages / Four Walls Eight Windows, 153 pages
Scott Idleman (US Cover)
UK Cover
Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett was born in 1967. He now lives outside London. His work has been characterized as a cross between Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting , and Jeff Noon, who wrote Vurt ISFDB Bibliography
SF Site Review:
Four Walls Eight Windows
... by Steve Aylett
A review by Lisa DuMond
Advertisement document.write(''); Call it noir bizarre . Call it hard-boiled spec. However you think of it, it's a kick in the frontal lobe, a sucker punch to the soul. And it just may be the most exciting movement in science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. If you've had the great good fortune to obtain a copy of Gun With Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem and read that masterpiece... well, you know exactly what I mean. If you've been hungering for more of its like since then, your pleas are answered: Atom , by the extremely talented Steve Aylett, is served. Don't get the wrong idea though;

16. Aylett, Steve
Aylett, Steve. Title Atom Subject Science Fiction Fantasy Authoraylett steve Ford, Juwanda G.,Walker, Sylvi Perlman, Ilene
Aylett, Steve
Title: Atom
Author: Aylett Steve
Ford, Juwanda G.,Walker, Sylvi...

Perlman, Ilene,Arnold, Eric H....

Pierce, Tamora Daja's Book-059...

Pierce, Tamora Briar's Book-05...

17. Steve Aylett Website - WWW.STEVEAYLETT.COM
Site about satire cyberpunk science fiction author steve aylett.Category Arts Literature Authors A aylett, steve...... NEWS, steve aylett Accomplice Beerlight Accomplice aylett satire Beerlight Accomplicesteve aylett satire books Slaughtermatic Crime Studio Shamanspace satire
enter NEWS Steve Aylett Accomplice Beerlight Accomplice Aylett satire Beerlight Accomplice Steve Aylett satire books Slaughtermatic Crime Studio Shamanspace satire Beerlight Steve Aylett Only an Alligator Atom Bigot Hall Steve Aylett Toxicology satire the Inflatable Volunteer Aylett Steve Aylett Velocity Gospel satire Steve Aylett Beerlight satire books Accomplice series Rip cartoon Welcome to Aylett - sorry you're here

18. Steve Aylett Quotes At
steve aylett QUOTES, When someone tells you life’sa dream, you can bet they’reabout to inconvenience you very badly. The Velocity Gospel, aylett
The Velocity Gospel
Aylett If a memo burns faster than you can read it, nature is telling you something.
Dummyland , Aylett
Progress accelerates downhill.
The Velocity Gospel , Aylett Do not hang a man and be surprised at his reaction.
Toxicology , Aylett
You make more difference to the world emulsioning a wall than you do writing satire.
The Velocity Gospel Aylett
How many times does a man have to shave before his chin gets the message?
Slaughtermatic , Aylett
Painkillers are the drugs of the future Slaughtermatic , Aylett Try to accept that intelligence is aboard. Only an Alligator Aylett The truth is easiest to disprove - its defences are down. Toxicology , Aylett The landfill of masks will never happen. Toxicology , Aylett Shamanspace , Aylett Finding a withered melon on the front step, Gregor gloomily considered his lifestyle. Dummyland , Aylett When I desire a spectacle I look to my own conscience. Bigot Hall , Aylett Dummyland , Aylett Hell is the fifth season. It operates behind the other four. Look.

19. Steve Aylett At The Complete Review
An overview of the life and works of steve aylett, with links to reviews and further information.
Literary Saloon
Site of Review.
Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.
Contents: Main the Best the ... Links
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A Literary Saloon and Site of Review
Steve Aylett
at the complete review
bibliography quotes pros/cons ... links Biographical Name: Steve AYLETT Nationality: English Born:
  • In The Crime Studio (1994) the copy states: "During daylight hours he works as a legal editor. Stroking ferns is his only remaining pleasure."
  • In Bigot Hall (1995) the copy states: "He works as a belching consultant and has the ability to become a silhouette at will. 1994 saw the publication of his book The Crime Studio , a work widely regarded as a cry for help."
Return to top of page. Bibliography Highlighted titles are under review at the complete review

20. The Crime Studio - Steve Aylett
A review and a link to other reviews of The Crime Studio by steve aylett. steve aylett's first novel consists of loosely connected episodes from a place where criminal activity seems to be
Literary Saloon
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The Crime Studio
Steve Aylett
general information
review summaries our review links ... about the author
Title: The Crime Studio Author: Steve Aylett Genre: Novel Written: Length: 156 pages Availability: The Crime Studio The Crime Studio - UK - Return to top of the page - Our Assessment: A- : a remarkable, fast-paced, and immensely clever set of cautionary tales. See our review for fuller assessment. Review Summaries Source Rating Date Reviewer James Sallis From the Reviews
  • "Think of Don Westlake's crime capers on caffeine overdrive, the Marx Brothers filming Crime and Punishment in a single, drunken weekend." -
Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review 's biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. We acknowledge (and remind and warn you) that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

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