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         Ball Hugo:     more books (100)
  1. Ball and Hammer: Hugo Ball's Tenderenda the Fantast by Hugo Ball, Jonathan Hammer, 2002-09-01
  2. Flight Out of Time: A Dada Diary (Documents of Twentieth Century Art) by Hugo Ball, 1996-05-06
  3. Hugo L. Black: Cold Steel Warrior by Howard Ball, 1996-09-12
  4. Die Inflation der Sprache: Dadaist. Rebellion u. myst. Versenkung bei Hugo Ball (German Edition) by Gerd Stein, 1975
  5. Hugo Balls Weg zu Gott. Ein Buch der Erinnerung. by Emmy Hennings-Ball, 1931
  6. Die Funktion des Theaters im Leben Hugo Balls: Materialien zur Bestimmung der Jahre 1910-1914 (European university studies. Series I, German language and literature) (German Edition) by Hans Joachim Bahr, 1982
  7. "Flucht aus der Zeit?": Anarchismus, Kulturkritik und christliche Mystik : Hugo Balls "Konversionen" (Analysen und Dokumente) (German Edition) by Manfred Steinbrenner, 1985
  8. German Dadaist literature: Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, (Twayne's world authors series, TWAS 272. German literature) by Rex William Last, 1973
  9. Die Flucht in die Sprache: Hugo Balls "Phantastenroman" im kulturgeschichtlichen Kontext zwischen 1914 und 1920 (Marburger Studien zur Literatur) (German Edition) by Claudia Rechner-Zimmermann, 1992
  10. The life and work of Hugo Ball, founder of Dadaism (Studies in German literature, v. 11) by Gerhardt Edward Steinke, 1967
  11. Dionysius DADA Areopagita: Hugo Ball und die Kritik der Moderne (German Edition)
  12. Of Power and Right: Hugo Black, William O. Douglas, and America's Constitutional Revolution by Howard Ball, Phillip J. Cooper, 1992-01-30
  13. Blago Bung, Blago Bung, Bosso Fatakal: First Texts of German Dada (Anti-Classics of Dada) by Richard Huelsenbeck, Walter Sterner, et all 1995-12
  14. Vision and the Dream of Justice Hugo L.Black: An Examination of Judicial Philosophy by Howard Ball, 1975-12

1. Hugo Ball ball hugo. (B). Irland Celtic PrideFolklore
Hugo Ball
"Art for us is an occasion for social criticism, and for a real understanding of the age we lived in"
Hugo Ball and his wife Emmy Hemmings arrived in Zurich shortly after the outbreak of war in early 1915. However, it was not long before he became the chief organiser of the Cabaret Voltaire. This club attracted many of the avant-garde artist/performers which were beginning to arrive in Zurich. Any concise account of Dada must be aware of the state of mental tension in which it grew up. In the following extract taken from Ball's diaries which he titled "Flight from time" he gives valuable insight into his reasons for establishing the Cabaret Voltaire.
"I was sure that there must be a few young people in Switzerland who like me were interested not only in enjoying their independence but giving proof of it.
Cabaret Votaire, which has as it's sole purpose to draw attention, across the barriers of war and nationalism, to the few independent spirits who live for other ideals"
Directed, or maybe plagued by his remorse, at the events ensnaring Europe at that time Ball became the human catalyst who united all the elements which finally produced Dada.

2. Ball
Hugo Ball. Born 22 Feb. 1886 in Pirmasens, Germany. Died 14 Sept.1927 in San't Abbondio (Ticino), Switzerland. Writer associated
Hugo Ball
Born 22 Feb. 1886 in Pirmasens, Germany.
Died 14 Sept. 1927 in San't Abbondio (Ticino), Switzerland. Writer associated with the Dada movement in Zurich. , Germany. A selective bibliography of Hugo Ball by Rudolf E. Kuenzli and Timothy Shipe (emphasizing English-language publications) was published in the reprinted edition of Ball's Flight out of Time: A Dada Diary , edited with an introduction and notes by John Elderfield, translated by Ann Raimes (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996), pp. 256-66.
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3. Deutsch Digital
Translate this page Arnim Achim von (1781 - 1831), Der tolle Invalide auf dem Fort Ratonneau, Erzählung,ball hugo (1886 - 1927), Dadaistisches Manifest und Klanggedichte, Dada,

4. Ball, Hugo (1886 - 1927)
Ball, Hugo (1886 1927). • lokal begrenset tilgang * usikker/gammel. bibliothecaAugustana Hugo Ball harsch tekst; m. presentasjon. ANDRE OPPSLAG. Hugo

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7. U B U W E B :: Hugo Ball
Hugo Ball UbuWeb Sound Poetry. Hugo Ball was born at Pirmasens inthe Rhineland in 1886 into a family of practising Catholics.


Karawane (1916)
Grouped MP3 version of all the above poems (7:40)

Performed by Trio Exvoco:
Hanna Aurbacher, Teophil Maier, Ewald Liska
from the LP Futura Poesia Sonora Cramps Records , Milan)
According to Hugo Ball, inventor of dadaist phonetic poetry, we must withdraw into the deepest alchemy of words, reserving to poetry its most sacred ground": a program whichwould have -appealed to Velemir Chlebnikov, "eternal prisoner of assonance", for whom the alphabet was a "table of sounds". Chlebnikov wanted to immerse himself in the depths of the Russian etymons, of the etymological night, in search of a mythical panslavonic language "whose shoots must grow through the thicknesses of modem Russian". The ultra modem tends to link up with the archaic, eternal contradiction of avant-gardes. Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring' (composed in the years 1912-13) is a musical flight from time, a return to the common archaic background, to magic, spells, a primitive religious paganism. Here, one evening, Hugo Ball read his "Verses without words", based on the equilibrium of vowels, regulated and distributed exclusively in relation to the phonic value of the initial line. Clothed in azure, scarlet and golden cardboard, with a cylindrical shaman's hat on his head - it is Ball's own description - "I began with:* Hugo Ball was born at Pirmasens in the Rhineland in 1886 into a family of practising Catholics. His father was a leather dealer and had to maintain six children, all well versed in music.

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10. Hugo Ball
Hugo Ball (1886 1927). Came to Zurich in 1915 to avoid the draft. 1916 -Hugo Ball opened the Cabaret Voltaire with Emmy Hennings at Speigelgasse. Ball.htm
Hugo Ball (1886 - 1927)
Return to Dadaists Return to Main Timeline Return to Theatre Home Page Came to Zurich in 1915 to avoid the draft 1916 - Hugo Ball opened the Cabaret Voltaire with Emmy Hennings at Speigelgasse Fond of the use of "Simultaneous Poems" which engaged three or more voices to recite, sing, etc. Against the Dada anthology: "One should not turn a whim into an artistic school." "Every word spoken here [at the cabarets] says at least one thing: that this humiliating age has not succeeded in winning our respect." "[We have] driven the plasticity of the word to the point it can scarcely be equalled. We achieved this at the expense of the rational, logically constructed sentence."

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Hugo ball (1886927) De Duitse schrijver hugo ball was een van de voormannen vandada, de groep kunstenaars die in 1916, temidden van het geweld van de Eerste ball.html
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12. Hugo Ball
2. hugo ball'in onemli eserlerinden olan flametti / ya da zugurtlerin zuppeligindenisimli roman adresinden indirilip okunabilir. ball

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14. Bibliographie Dada B
24,5 x 16,5, 330 p. II. ball hugo, Briefe 1911-1927, Einsiedeln, 1957. 58.
Sommaire Le Mouvement Dada Catalogue publications Bibliographie Dada ... Nous contacter
51. Bailly Jean-Christophe, Duchamp , Hazan, 1984. 120 p. 52. Baitello Norval, Die Dada-Internationale, Der Dadaismus in Berlin und der Modernismus in Brasilien , Francfort, New York, P. Lang, 1987. 178 p., 21 cm., ill. 53. Balakian Anna, Literary Origins of Surrealism : a New Mysticism in French Poetry , New York, King's Crown Press, 1947. 159 p., ill. 54. Balakian Anna, Magus of Surrealism. New York, Oxford University Press, 1971. 55. Balakian Anna, "Dada-Surrealism : Fundamental Differences", in From Surrealism to the Absurd , Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, 1979, p. 13-30. 56. Ball Hugo, Die Flucht aus der Zeit Flight out of Time : a Dada Diary 57. Ball Hugo, Briefe 1911-1927 , Einsiedeln, 1957. 58. Ball-Hennings Emmy, Ruf und Echo. Mein Leben mit Hugo Ball 59. Bancquart Marie-Claire, Le , Seghers, coll. "L'Archipel", 1972. 60. Baron Jacques, I. N.R.F. , bibl. 703, II, n° 2, face p. 24) ainsi que deux autres poèmes, "Le Salaud" et "EHA", ibid 61. Baron Jacques

15. Bibliotheca Augustana
Seite über Leben und Werk des in Pirmasens geborenen Dadaisten.Category World Deutsch Autoren und Autorinnen B ball, hugo...... hugo ball1886 - 1927. Der Autor hugo ball wurde 1886 in Pirmasens geboren.
Hugo Ball
Der Autor
Das Werk
Ein Krippenspiel

Das Carousselpferd Johann

Flametti oder vom Dandyismus der Armen (Roman 1918)
Zur Kritik der deutschen Intelligenz (1919)
Byzantinisches Christentum. Drei Heiligenleben (1923)
Die Folgen der Reformation (1924) Hermann Hesse (Biographie 1927) Die Flucht aus der Zeit Tenderenda der Phantast (Roman posthum 1967) Briefe
Doug Stevenson's Dada-Seite Quellen, Kolophon

16. Hugo Ball (1886-1927)
Kurzbiographie von DaDa Online .
Hugo Ball
Ball protested several times "against the humiliating fact of a world war in the 20th century." In light of this, all static values of culture appeared to him to be questionable. He composed sound-poems, or "verses without words." In 1917 he ceased to take an active part in the DaDa movement. Became co-editor of the newspaper "Freie Zeitung," in Bern, which demanded, editorially, a republic for Germany. Later he retired and went to live in the Ticino, where he was employed on a biography of Bakunin. From his DaDa period an unpublished novel exists, "Tenderenda, der Phantast." In his "Criticism of German Intelligence" (1919), he tried to present a profound analysis of the German state of mind (which may have foreshadowed Hitlerism).
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17. Ball, Hugo - University Of Maryland
ball, hugo. Flametti; oder, vom Dandysmus der Armen Roman _ 8bit Flametti; oder, vom Dandysmus der Armen Roman
Ball, Hugo
Flametti; oder, vom Dandysmus der Armen : Roman

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18. Hugo Ball: Hermann Hesse
Sein Leben und sein Werk (1927).

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Hugo Ball
Hermann Hesse
Sein Leben und sein Werk
Inhalt: Das Vaterhaus Die Kindheit Kloster Maulbronn Hermann Lauscher und Peter Camenzind ... Druckversion
Politik ... Mediadaten
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19. The Daily Bleed: A Calendar Better Than Boiled Coffee!, Gallery Of Saints & Sinn
A tribute to ball and his role in the Dada movement.
Saint Hugo Ball's Page
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20. Homepage Des Hugo Ball Gymnasiums Pirmasens
œber Aktuelles, Termine, Projekte und Chronik wird berichtet.

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