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         Beaumont Charles:     more books (100)
  1. The Howling Man by Charles Beaumont, 1992-03
  2. A Touch of the Creature: Unpublished Stories by Charles Beaumont, 2000-02
  3. Night Ride and Other Journeys by Charles BEAUMONT, 1960
  4. Thor's Hammer (The Future at War Series Volume 1) by Robert A. Heinlein, Gregory Benford, et all 1988-03-01
  5. The Beautiful People by Charles Beaumont, 2010-08-18
  6. Charles Beaumont: Selected Stories
  7. Best of Beaumont by Charles Beaumont, 1982-11
  8. The Hunger and Other Stories: A Collection of Violent Entertainments by Charles Beaumont, 1959-01-01
  9. Yonder by Charles Beaumont, 1958
  10. Elegy by Charles Beaumont, 2010-07-06
  11. The Magic Man: And Other Science-Fantasy Stories by Charles Beaumont, 1965
  12. Charles Beaumont: Selected stories by Charles Beaumont, 1988
  13. The Work of Charles Beaumont: An Annotated Bibliography & Guide (Bibliographies of Modern Authors,) by William F. Nolan, 1990-12
  14. The Intruder by Charles Beaumont, 1962-01-01

1. Beaumont Charles (1929 - 1967)
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2. Charles Beaumont - Artist Biography, Image Of Painting, Portrait, Sculpture, Or
Birth / Death of Charles Beaumont. State Affillation of Charles beaumont charles Beaumont is Often Known For
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Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) Birth / Death of Charles Beaumont State Affillation of Charles Beaumont: Charles Beaumont is Often Known For: MA (Strongest affiliation) portrait, figure, genre Table of Contents # Museums Holding Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) Biography about Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) Active Bulletins on Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) # Books that contain Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) Image Gallery of Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) 1 images # Auction Records for Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) Keywords for Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) New Feature! Yes Record Price for Beaumont, Charles (fl 1831-34) was on
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3. Beaumont Charles (1929 - 1967)
beaumont charles (1929 1967). Nickname of the American writer CharlesNut who commenced his career with the short story The Devil

4. Ecrivain - Beaumont Charles
Translate this page Charles Beaumont.
Charles Beaumont
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1929
Année de décès: 1964
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses recueils, anthologies (Classés par années)
Ses recueils, anthologies (Classés alphabétiquement)

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5. "Bibliographie De Beaumont Charles"
LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR NUTT CHARLES (USA, 1929 1967) Récompenseet prix littéraire de Science-fiction décerné à Charles Beaumont
Récompense et prix littéraire de Science-fiction décerné à Charles Beaumont :
  • Bram Stoker Award : en 1989
Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 29/07/2002.

6. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Charles Beaumont
Charles Beaumont. (b.1929d.1967) Charles Leroy Nutt. Bio Born in Chicago.Writer for Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, screenwriter, worked,Charles.php3
Charles Beaumont
(b.1929-d.1967) Charles Leroy Nutt
Born in Chicago. Writer for Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, screenwriter, worked on "neo-poe" movies in the mid sixties.
The Intruder
Smoke Ghost
"Blood Brother"
"The Crooked Man"
"I, Claude"
Chad Oliver
Feb 1956
"Last Rites"
In The Magic Man (collection?)
"The Last Word
Chad Oliver
April 1955
"Mourning Song"
Glossary Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet

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8. Charles Beaumont Selected Stories By Charles Beaumont
Charles Beaumont Selected Stories (The Howling Man) (1988). A collection ofstories by Charles Beaumont Awards Bram Stoker World Fantasy (nominee).
dwAuthorName = "Charles Beaumont"; dwBookTitle = "Charles Beaumont Selected Stories"; Fantastic Fiction Authors B Charles Beaumont ... Years
Charles Beaumont Selected Stories
(The Howling Man)
A collection of stories by
Charles Beaumont

Bram Stoker

World Fantasy
The definitive collection of tales by the award-winning horror writer includes such classics as "The Hunger," "Miss Genibelle," and "Free Dirt," and features introductions by Robert Bloch Ray Bradbury Harlan Ellison , Roger Corman, and others.
March 1992 : Paperback Top
Title: The Howling Man
Author(s): Charles Beaumont, Roger Anker ISBN: Publisher: Tor Books (Mm) (Year of publication not known) : Unknown Top Title: Charles Beaumont : selected stories Author(s): Charles Beaumont ISBN: (Year of publication not known) : Hardback Top Title: Charles Beaumont : Selected Stories Author(s): Roger Anker ISBN: Publisher: Dark Harvest Books Home Awards Etexts New releases ... Years Fantastic Questions? Comments? Please contact our Webmaster Fantastic Fiction Authors B ... Charles Beaumont

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10. Base Joconde - Personnages Représentés
Translate this page Beaumanoir Henri Charles de Beaumanoir Jean de Beaumarchais Caron de BeaumarchaisPierre Augustin Beaumont Agnès de beaumont charles de Beaumont Claude de
Base Joconde
Beaujolais comte de
Beaujolais Marie Clémentine de

Beaujon Mr de

Beaujon Nicolas
Benoît baronne de

11. D'Eon De Beaumont Charles, Champagne Roland A., Ekstein Nina
D'Eon De beaumont charles, Champagne Roland A., Ekstein Nina. Title The Maidenof Tonnerre The Vicissitudes of the Chevalier and the Chevaliere D'Eon.
D'Eon De Beaumont Charles, Champagne Roland A., Ekstein Nina
Title: The Maiden of Tonnerre : The Vicissitudes of the Chevalier and the Chevaliere D'Eon
Author: D'Eon De Beaumont Charles Champagne Roland A. Ekstein Nina
Stroud Hubert B. The Promise ...

Lonsdale Steven H. Dance and ...

Dyson Stephen L. Community an...

Mosse Fernand, Walker James ...

12. Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ Vancouver Island ]
Family of beaumont charles Whitty (18831983). I am trying to locate the descendantsof beaumont charles Whitty (Monty) who died 17 Nov 1983 in Vancouver.
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13. The SF Site: A Touch Of The Creature
Charles Beaumont. Subterranean Press, 175 pages. Art Phil Parks A Touch of the Creature.Charles beaumont charles Leroy Nutt was born in 1929 in Chicago, IL.
A Touch of the Creature
Charles Beaumont
Subterranean Press, 175 pages
Art: Phil Parks Charles Beaumont
Charles Leroy Nutt was born in 1929 in Chicago, IL. Like H.P. Lovecraft, Beaumont was brought up by some somewhat eccentric aunts, and like Lovecraft, Beaumont was the centre of and collaborator in a circle of fiction writers, that in his case included Ray Bradbury, George Clayton Johnson, Richard Matheson, William F. Nolan, Chad Oliver, Ray Russell, Jerry Sohl, and John Tomerlin. Besides his many contributions to Rod Serling's Twilight Zone , Beaumont is best remembered for his superb science fiction and horror short stories that appeared in 5 collections during his lifetime: The Hunger and Other Stories The Magic Man Night Ride and Other Journeys Yonder , and the anthology The Fiend in You which he edited. His career began with the sale, in September 1954, of the novella Black Country to Playboy , where he published another dozen short stories and essays. However, Beaumont did not restrict his writing to one genre. He wrote: (i) on cars and car racing, including 2 books with Nolan ( Omnibus of Speed When Engines Roar ); (ii) Walt Disney and other comic books (e.g.

14. Charles Beaumont, Science Fiction And Horror Writer
beaumont, charles, The Intruder, Putnam, New York, 1957. beaumont, charles, TheHunger, Yonder, Night Ride and Other Journeys, Bantam, New York, 1960.
Charles Beaumont (born: Charles Leroy Nutt)
January 2, 1929 (Chicago, Illinois) - February 27, 1967 (California)
Winner of Bram Stoker Award from Horror Writers Association
Beaumont, Charles,
The Intruder, Putnam, New York, 1957.
Original Short Fiction
Beaumont, Charles,
Amazing Stories

California Sorcery

Cemetery Dance

Collections of Short Fiction
Beaumont, Charles,
The Hunger,
Night Ride and Other Journeys,
Bantam, New York, 1960.
The Magic Man, The Howling Man (edited by Roger Anker), TOR, New York, 1988. ISBN: 0-812-50552-2 Bram Stoker Award A Touch of the Creature,
Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
Russel, Ray, A Short, Incandescent Life, in Masques, edited by J. N. Williamson, Maclay, Baltimore, Maryland, 1984. ISBN: 0-940776-18-9 Nolan, William F., Charles Beaumont: The Magic Man, in Masques, edited by J. N. Williamson, Maclay, Baltimore, Maryland, 1984. ISBN: 0-940776-18-9 Anker, Roger, Introduction, in The Howling Man, TOR, New York, 1988. ISBN: 0-812-50552-2

15. BEAUMONT, Charles - Personal Data
charles beaumont vital statistics, photo, bibliography, and obituary data. Also used E. T. beaumont charles McNutt on artwork.
Return to Alphabetical Listing
Name: NUTT, Charles Leroy (surname also McNutt) Aged:
Born: January 2, 1929 Where: Chicago, Illinois
Died: February 21, 1967 Where: Woodland Hills, California
SS#: 334-20-6422 IL Interred: San Fernando Mission Cemetery
Married: Helen Louise Broun When:
Awarded: 1989 Bram Stoker Award for Charles Beaumont: Selected Stories
"Charles Beaumont"
Began publishing SF in 1951 with, "The Devil, You Say?." Beaumont was a major writer, and one of those who brought SF into the main stream. He was all over the place, writing for Playboy, the movies, television, and even Walt Disney. He wrote 18 episodes of Twilight Zone , and screenplays for nearly as many movies including 7 Faces of Dr. Lao . Beaumont liked to collaborate, as many busy writers do, and worked with Chad Oliver and William F. Nolan, among others.
But beyond collaboration, Beaumont used ghost writers. He was the inspirational leader of a group of writers known as that..."The Group." And when Beaumont promised more work than time would allow, he turned to The Group. George Clayton Johnson remembered, "When Beaumont would overwork himself, and had too much to do, and being faced with being exposed because he's taken money, contracts having been drawn...he would take his problems" to the Group who usually split the money 50-50 for article or script assignments. Johnson recalled, "You had people like Bill Idelson writing one, OCee Ritch writing one, (John )Tomerlin writing one, (Jerry) Sohl writing one, and me writing one." [See article at

16. The Howling Man, By Charles Beaumont
The Howling Man, by charles beaumont. aka. charles beaumont Collected Stories. ISBN0812-50552-2. Fiction Contents. beaumont, charles, Miss Gentilbelle, 1955.
The Howling Man, by Charles Beaumont
Charles Beaumont: Collected Stories
edited by Roger Anker
TOR, New York, 1988. ISBN: 0-812-50552-2
Fiction Contents
Beaumont, Charles,
Miss Gentilbelle, The Hunger and Other Stories,
The Vanishing American, August, 1955.)
Place of Meeting, Orbit Magazine,
The Devil, You Say? Amazing Stories, January, 1951.)
Free Dirt, May, 1955.)
Song for a Lady, Night Ride and Other Journeys,
Last Rites, If, October, 1955.)
The Howling Man, 1960. (as by C. B. Lovehill in Rogue Magazine, November, 1959.)
The Dark Music, Playboy, December, 1956.)
The Magic Man, Night Ride and Other Journeys, Fair Lady, The Hunger and Other Stories, A Point of Honor, 1955. (as in Manhunt, November, 1955.) The Hunger, Playboy, Black Country, Playboy, September, 1954.) Gentlemen, Be Seated, Rogue Magazine, The Jungle, 1954. (novelette) ( If, December, 1954.) The New People, Rogue Magazine, Perchance to Dream, Playboy, October, 1958.) The Crooked Man, Playboy, August, 1955.) Blood Brother, Playboy, April, 1961.) A Death in the Country, 1957. (as

17. Welcome To Petrocon!
Multidiscipline professional engineering firm providing services in networking, petrochemicals, co-generation, and manufacturing. Offices in beaumont, Houston, Lake charles, and Baton Rouge.
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18. Five Star Limousines-The Preferred Beaumont Area Limo Rentals. Limo's And Limous
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19. Charles Beaumont

20. Stories, Listed By Author
beaumont, charles; legalized from charles Leroy Nutt (19291967);see pseudonym Michael Phillips (books) Anthem, (ss) Yonder, Bantam
Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections: Combined Edition
Stories, Listed by Author
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