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         Binder Earl And Otto:     more detail
  1. PUZZLE OF THE SPACE PYRAMIDS [A SCIENCE-FICTION NOVEL] by Eando (pseudonym of Earl and Otto Binder) Binder, 1971-01-01
  2. Martian Martyrs by John (Earl and Otto Binder) Coleridge, 1940
  3. SCIENCE FICTION CLASSICS: MARTIAN MARTYRS, VALLEY OF PRETENDERS, THE MACHINE THAT THOUGHT, THE NEW LIFE, THE VOICE COMMANDS and RHYTHM RIDES THE ROCKET. by John (pseudonym of Earl and Otto Binder), Dennis Clive (pseudonym of John Russell Fearn), William Callahan (pseudonym of Raymond Z. Gallun), and Bob Olsen. Coleridge, 1942-01-01
  4. ADAM LINK - ROBOT by Eando (pen name used by Earl Andrew Binder and Otto Oscar Binder) Binder, 1965
  5. EANDO BINDER: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY [F & SF SELF-PORTRAITS 4] by Eando (pseudonym of Earl and Otto Binder) Binder, 1977-01-01
  6. The Impossible World: A Science-Fiction Novel by Eando Binder, Earl Binder, et all 1967-01-01

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Earl and Otto Binder Other Binder links Actually a team of brothers (?) Adam Link Robot Anton York, Immortal Short story collection Autobiography "The First Martian" 1932 Amazing "I, Robot" Jan, 1939 Amazing Life Eternal
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Binder, Jack, 1902-
American comics artist
Binder, Otto, 1911-1974
American comics writer, who also wrote science fiction in collaboration with his brother Earl as "Eando Binder"
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This segment last edited July 12, 2001

2. Earl And Otto Binder
Earl And Otto Binder. Art and Artist Creative Urge and PersonalityDevelopment. My Commando Operations The Memoirs of Hitler's
Earl And Otto Binder
Art and Artist : Creative Urge and Personality Development My Commando Operations : The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Daring Commando (Schiffer Military History) The Backyard Berry Book : A Hands-On Guide to Growing Berries, Brambles, and Vine Fruit in the Home Garden Rough Music Tramps Like Us The Villagers : A Novel of Greenwich Village Authors: B

3. BINDER, EandO - Personal Data
brother earl heavy on his mind, otto's writing moved into areas of reincarnation(which was fadish then) and the 'Lost Continent' theories. binder acquired a
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Name: BINDER Otto Oscar Aged:
Born: August 26, 1911 Where: Bessemer, Michigan
Died: October 14, 1974
Where: Chestertown, New York
SS#: 059-01-0446 NY Interred:
Married: Ione Frances Turek When: November 2, 1940
Name: BINDER, Earl Andrew Aged:
Born: October 4, 1904 Where:
Died: October 1966 Where:
SS#: 321-05-3602 IL Interred:
Married: Yes When:
"Eando" Binder
Another example of SF pulp writers from the Midwest. The Binders took most of their advanced education in Illinois. Otto studying at City College of Chicago, University of Illinois, and Northwestern University. Because Earl preferred Chicago and the secure life of industrial employment, very little is known about him, and practically nothing after 1940. The Binder brothers (pronounced Bender) started writing SF in the early 1930s after being fans for several years. The initial plan was to write as E. and O. Binder but that somehow got turned into EandO Binder when "The First Martian" sold to Amazing Stories in 1932. By the mid 1930s Otto had moved to New York, putting a strain on collaboration. Earl left the team as a writer in late 1938, although helping Otto as an agent. Otto continued to write as Eando Binder until his death, using only a couple pen names, and occasionally, his own.

4. Dani Zweig's Belated Reviews #25: Eando Binder And "Anton York, Immortal"
Eando binder was Eand-O (earl and otto) binder. A binder, Eando %O actuallyearl and otto binder %T Anton York, Immortal %T Adam Link, Robot -.
Belated Reviews #25: Eando Binder and "Anton York, Immortal"
By my lights, Eando Binder is another one-book author, though this statement is in accurate in several respects. Eando Binder was E-and-O (Earl and Otto) Binder. (I've heard 'Binder' rhymed with 'flinder', not with 'finder', btw.) They also produced a considerable number of stories and later books. (The distinction blurs, because many of their books are fixup novels created from series of short stories.) The most influential of their works were their Anton York stories and their Adam Link stories, both of which may be found in novel format. (I've seen references to a third major series, their "Via" stories, but have never read them.) After 1940, Otto Binder continued to write alone under the Eando name a change for the worse. Not much worse, come to think of it; most of what they wrote was quite bad. Their more important works are distinguished for their impact, rather than for the quality of the writing. (In addition to the obvious science-fiction venues, Otto Binder also wrote pulp-style stories for comic books. An evening spent with old "Strange Adventures" comics will tell you most of what you need to know about bad pulp sf.) "Anton York, Immortal" (***) consists of stories written between 1937 and1940, and is the answer to "Why are you reviewing Binder's work if it's so bad?" I discovered it in the school library in grade eight (just about the perfect age to read it, and just about the age of the original target audience), and proceeded to reread that copy to tatters. It has the faults of pre-Golden-Age science fiction heavy-handed prose, minimal characterization, a somewhat idolatrous attitude towards science and technology but, like the best of those stories, it has the virtues of its faults a reliance on idea and on wonder.

5. Otto O. Binder
otto O. binder comiclopedia page by Lambiek.Net otto binder spent the bulk of his time writing short stories, books, articles, and pulp novels in collaboration with his brother, earl,
Otto O. Binder
(Eando Binder)
(26/8/1911 - 14/10/1974, USA)
American comic book writer Otto Binder spent the bulk of his time writing short stories, books, articles, and pulp novels in collaboration with his brother, Earl, under the pen name Eando Binder. He began his comic book career in 1939, as a writer for the Harry 'A' Chesler shop. In 1941, he started writing for his brother Jack's shop, where he came in contact with Fawcett's Marvel Family of comic books.
Otto Binder was a workhorse, and he showed his best as the main scripter for 'Captain Marvel Adventures'. He wrote 451 of the 618 stories, according to Steranko. He also helped create some of the other Marvel features, including 'Mary Marvel', 'Marvel Family', and the 'Jon Jarl' text feature. He also came up with many of the supporting cast: Tawky Tawny, a phenomenally popular talking tiger; Mr. Mind, the evil worm who almost defeated Captain Marvel many times; and the Sivana Family, arch-enemies of the Marvel Family. In addition to all this, Otto O. Binder created scripts for other established Marvel characters like 'Captain Marvel Jr.' and 'Hoppy, The Marvel Bunny'. See thousands of comic artists in the Lambiek Comiclopedia
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6. Start Searching!
Bierce, Ambrose@. binder, earl and otto@. Bioy Casares, Adolfo
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7. Lords Of Creation By Eando Binder
$100.00 Powells. Lords of Creation (1949). A novel by Eando binder (earl andrewbinder and otto Oscar binder). (Year of publication not known) Hardback, Top.

8. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Eando Binder
Eando binder. earl and otto binder Other binder links otto Eando binder BertilFalk Bio Actually a team of brothers (?) Bibliography Adam Link Robot,Eando.php3
Eando Binder
Earl and Otto Binder
Other Binder links:
Otto "Eando" Binder - Bertil Falk
Actually a team of brothers (?)
Adam Link: Robot
Anton York, Immortal
Short story collection
November 1977
"The First Martian" 1932 Amazing
"I, Robot"
Jan, 1939 Amazing
Life Eternal
Feb 1938, Thrilling Wonder Stories
TWS cover illustration
Glossary Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet

9. The Pulp Zone - The Web Guide To Pulp Magazines!
When AMAZING STORIES first appeared in 1926, Eando binder did notexist as a single individual, but as otto and earl binder. We

10. Star Trek Trivia
Limits program in an episode called “I, Robot.” The episode title was taken froma story by the same name written by earl and otto binder (published under
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Star Trek trivia
Star Trek: The Motion Picture In Star Trek: The Motion Picture (the first of the Star Trek movies), there is a scene where Spock is flying through space with a space suit on, into the heart of “V’ger,” and he does a mind-meld with it. There is a quick flash of images and he passes out. If you slow the flash of images to frame-by-frame, one image shows the plaque that was put on the real Voyager spacecraft, with a naked man and a naked woman, hand held up in greeting, and other symbols representing the Earth in relation to the solar system. Here’s the REAL trivia of this scene: the plaque is actually the one used on the Pioneer spacecraft, NOT the Voyager spacecraft! In the movie they used the WRONG plaque!
This is the plaque image shown during Spock's flashback sequence in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, presumably from the Voyager spacecraft; however, this is the plaque that was placed on the Pioneer spacecraft, not Voyager!
Here is the plaque that was placed on the Voyager craft, which is the image that Spock should have seen:

11. Mars SF Novel Bibliography: Alexander - Brunner
1953. 1st ed. binder, earl and otto binder (as John Coleridge) Martian Martyrs. 1942. Bisson, Terry Voyage to the Red Planet . William Morrow Co.1993.

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Science Fiction Novels
Alexander - Brunner
Please e-mail Gene Alloway with any additions, corrrections, or sugestions.
- A -
Alexander, James B.
The Lunarian Professor and His Remarkable Revelations Concerning the Earth, the Moon, and Mars; Together with an Account of the Cruise of the Sally Ann
Anderson, Kevin J.
Climbing Olympus . Warner:1994.
Anderson, Kevin J.
War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches
Anderson, Poul
The War of Two Worlds . Ace:1959. Ace paperback original. Ace Double D-335 with Threshold of Infinity by John Brunner. 108 p.
Anthony, Piers
Hard Sell
Arnold, Edwin Lester
Gulliver of Mars . Ace:196?. Ace paperback 30600. 224 pgs. 1st Ace printing of Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation. Text is from the original 1905 edition.
Arnold, Edwin Lester
Gulliver of Mars . Ace:1964. Ace paperback F 296. Paperback printing of Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation.
Arnold, Edwin Lester
Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation
Asimov, Isaac
David Starr, Space Ranger . Doubleday:1952.
Asimov, Isaac

12. The Pulp Heroes: X-Z
Anton York was created by “Eando binder,” aka earl binder and otto binder,and appeared in a series of stories published in Thrilling Wonder Stories
Pulp and Adventure Heroes: X-Z X Bar X Boys. The Boys were created by Howard Garis and debuted in The X Bar X Boys on the Ranch (1926); they appeared in 22 novels in all, through 1943. The boys were Roy and Teddy Manley, sons of an "old ranchman" and very manly teenage brothers who were, in the words of one critic, "a reasonably accurate facsimile of the Hardy Boys, but moved out West and riveted firmly in the saddle." The X Bar X Boys
A bibliography of the series. The X Bar X Boys (II)
A nicely thorough site, with loads of information. A better effort than the X Bar X Boys deserve, frankly. X37 was created by Major A.J. Dawson and appeared in The Case Books of X37 , a collection of short stories published in 1930. X37 is a retired British detective whose past is full of encounters with card sharpers, forgers, murderers, blackmailers, female thieves, and the like. His case books are full of accounts of life en bas , but nothing particularly exotic (or interesting). Yankee Flier. The Flier was created by Thomson Burtis and appeared in the 16-volume "Air Combat Stories for Boys" series, starting with Daredevils of the Air (1932) and running through 1946. The first 7 volumes deal with Stan Williams, the titular flier, and his adventures flying fighters against the German air force during WW2. Before the war Williams had been an All-American halfback at the University of Colorado and an expert test pilot, but once the hostilities started he immediately volunteered for action. The last 9 volumes deal with Stan Wilson, an American pilot, who joined the Red Flight of the R.A.F. and fought, along with his best friends March Allison and Bill O'Malley, against the Axis forces over Occupied France, in Singapore (with the Flying Tigers), Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Normandy, and after the war against a German spy ring.

13. Book Review #2 By Eric Weeks
stars.). Anton York, Immortal, by Eando binder, Belmont Books, 1965.Eando binder is the pseudonym of earl and otto binder. This
Eric Weeks - personal pages - miscellaneous
Book Reviews: Index
Book Review #2, by Eric Weeks
March 22, 1998

The previous books I reviewed were Virtual Light by William Gibson (3 stars), The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell by Harry Harrison (3 stars), and three books by Gordon R. Dickson (2 stars each, maybe 2 1/2 stars for Outlander ). These ratings are for books considered in their categories; Virtual Light is a 3 star cyberpunk book, and The Stainless Steel Rat... is a 3 star fluffy humor book. (If you strongly protest that William Gibson, the master of cyberpunk, should not receive a 3 star rating for any cyberpunk book he writes, you're probably someone will read all of Gibson's books no matter what I think of them that's fine.)
"The Mountains of Majipoor," by Robert Silverberg, Bantam Books, 1995.
Currently there are five books in the Majipoor series (starting with Lord Valentine's Castle ). This was the fourth book written, and the events in the book occur after the other four books. It is easily read by itself without having read any of the others. However, I would suggest starting with Lord Valentine's Castle for a better introduction to the series, and a more enjoyable book. This book is good, but has some flaws.

14. A Collection Of Manuscripts, Letters, Postcards, Clippings And Other Archival Ma
is available on request otto Oscar binder (19111974) began writing science fictionin 1932 with his brother earl under the pen name Eando binder, keeping the
Visit WorldPrintDealers Welcome to WorldBookDealers Sign in Register You have 0 items in your Shopping Basket Your Wishes Your Account Dealer For more information on James Cummins, Bookseller, Inc., click here Summary Author: Binder, Otto
Title: A collection of manuscripts, letters, postcards, clippings and other archival material by and concerning the science fiction writer Otto Binder. Present are 8 novels and 18 short stories: excluding duplicate carbons, letters, etc., there are ca. 2,300 pp of typescript, ca. 575,000 words
Publication: v.p, v.d
Price: Book Sold
Reference No:

Book Description The Science Fiction Archive of Otto Binder
Mostly 11 x 8-1/2 inches. . Clippings fair to very good, manuscripts and correspondence near fine to fine. A detailed enumeration is available on request
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15. Colfax County, NE - Mortuary And Prayer Cards
Biggs, Anne M. binder, Ruth Black, Lawrence G. Blatny Adolph Frank Hobza, Joseph J.Hockemeier, otto Hodyc, Monica A Joseph Hogel, Charles A. Hogel, earl E. Hogel
NEGenWeb Project
Colfax County, Nebraska
Return to Colfax County Home Page Vital Records Colfax County NEGenWeb Project Page
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16. Rants & Raves
includes a couple cameo appearances (Tawky Tawny, the Tiger, and even Sivana) anda sly reference to the writing binder brothers, earl and otto, whose byline
Opus 49:
"The Return to Krypton" story arc running in the Superman titles these days makes you wonder whatever became of model sheets. The artists on the various titles are apparently permitted to render the first flying member of the longjohn legions in whatever their own particular style of drawing isat the moment. Remember when Jack Kirby Superman: Man of Steel No. 111 even the lettering in the captions is so affected that the verbiage cannot be read easily. Or hardly, for that matter. The Himalayas get some attractive treatment in Tomb Raider No. 11, but visual razzle-dazzle often obscures the storyline not to mention the action it is supposed to be depicting. Lara Croft Batman: Hollywood Knight Bruce Wayne. Jack Napier shows up, though, and he gets violent if someone calls him the Joker. Dick Giordano is doing the art chores, and while his work is pure and good, it seems his figures are a little stiff and his feathering a little forcedcompared to the wonders he did on, say, Wonder Woman when she was out of costume back there in the late sixties or so.

17. ADASTRA Revista De Fantasia Y Ciencia Ficcion.
Translate this page En esta etapa detacan los hermanos earl y otto binder, conocidos por el acronimoEando binder (E and O) autores de The Hormone Menace y Via Etherline.
Análisis I ván de la Torre
La etapa pulp: huele a espiritu adolescente Por Iván de la Torre Las maravillas de la ciencia: una fabula encantadora. La literatura pulp puede rastrearse desde The Argosy , editada por Frank Munsey , que aparecio en 1882 como un semanario juvenil, e hizo su entrada a la ciencia ficcion con la publicacion de Under the Moons of Mars de E. R. Burroughs. Pero la etapa pulp de la cf. norteamericana comenzaria realmente en 1926 con la publicacion de Amazing Stories dedicada totalmente al género . El termino pulp se debia al papel del que estaban hechas las revistas que las diferenciaba de las satinadas, de mas calida y nivel intelectual, como el Saturnay Evening Post El creador de Amazing Stories fue Hugo Gernsback , quien bautizo al género como cientificcion , y se dedico (con gran entusiasmo, por cierto), a dar fe (como Verne cincuenta años antes) de que la ciencia y la tecnologia eran las salvadoras de la humanidad. Gernsback era un emigrado de Luxemburgo que habia llegado a Estados Unidos en 1904, donde demostro inmediatamente sus dotes empresariales lanzando su primera revista de divulgacion cientifica en 1908

18. The Great SF Stories 1 1939
nb binder was in fact a pseudonym used by brothers otto and earl binderfor jointly written stories. Interestingly, the Encylopedia

19. Amazing Stories - The Amazing Story
reputations. He published several stories by Eando binder, the nameused by the writing team of earl and otto binder. earl later
The Amazing Story
Part 2: The Thirties
Escape from Oblivion
by Mike Ashley The last issue of Amazing Stories under Hugo Gernsback's editorship was dated April 1929. Following the bankruptcy of his publishing company, Gernsback was ousted from control. The receiver eventually refloated the company and it was sold to a new publisher, Mackinnon-Fly (later renamed Teck). Gernsback, never one to rest on his laurels, formed a new company and launched a stream of science fiction and technical magazines. The first, Science Wonder Stories (which started with its June 1929 issue), was modeled closely on Amazing Stories and even contained stories that had been sent to Gernsback for Amazing. In the next six months came Air Wonder Stories, Science Wonder Quarterly, and Scientific Detective Monthly, plus a series of SF booklets. It was at this time that Gernsback began using the term "science fiction." His old term, "scientifiction," had been registered as a trademark by his former company, and he was advised that he could not use it to promote his new publications. His phrase (which, unknown to him, had been coined eighty years earlier by a long-forgotten Englishman, William Wilson) rapidly came into common usage. This flurry of activity attracted the attention of other pulp publishers. William Clayton set his editor, Harry Bates, the task of preparing a new magazine, which appeared in December 1929 (cover date January 1930), entitled

20. The Austin Chronicle Columns Page Two
and through the very early Forties, writing as Eando binder, otto established himselfas an important pulp science fiction author. His brother earl cowrote
Page Two
January 12, 2001:
This year The Austin Chronicle Music Poll celebrates its 20th anniversary. Some of the winners from 20 years ago are still around and flourishing (more individuals than the bands), but I don't think they would take it as a compliment to be singled out. For 20 years, our readers, by voting in the poll, have presented their own chronicle of the Austin music scene. Looking back through all the old music poll issues is one of the clearest guides to what has been happening in Austin music over those years. Make sure we get the details right for 2000 and vote. The poll results are authored by you the people who go to the clubs, listen to the radio, buy the releases, and in general, support the music. No writers, pundits, or aesthetic entrepreneurs control the poll results; the readers do. Vote now and then come join us in March when we celebrate the results. Over the past couple of months I've received a number of compliments on the Politics section. The bottom line is stories like this week's cover effort on Eastside activist Rev. Sterling Lands ("Sterling Lands' New Mission," p. 24). Politics is not just personal; it's people. The story of Austin is not just an imploding economy and a small town still caught in the ugly transition to big city. It is people and the events that occur in their wake. Lands represents an important constituency in helping to determine Austin's future. The paper has committed even more resources to our Politics coverage. This week's cover story ideally illustrates this team, led by new Politics Editor Louis Dubose. Writers Amy Smith, Robert Bryce, Mike Clark-Madison, and Kevin Fullerton are all still offering excellent coverage and in-depth reporting. Associate editor Erica C. Barnett's editing responsibilities have expanded, though we're hoping to shift things a little so we can publish some more of her excellent writing. The cover story was written by Jordan Smith, who returns to us after a stay in California working for a daily. The story was supervised by Dubose but carefully edited by associate editor Michael King, who worked closely with Smith on this story. King joins us from

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