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         Black Arthur:     more books (103)
  1. King Arthur and the Black Knight (Read-It! Readers) by Retold by: Meister, Cari, 2008-09-01
  2. Empire of the Stars: Obsession, Friendship, and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes by Arthur I. Miller, 2005-04-25
  3. The First Black Footballer: Arthur Wharton 1865-1930: An Absence of Memory (Sport in the Global Society) by Phil Vasili, 1998-09-30
  4. The New Black Gods: Arthur Huff Fauset and the Study of African American Religions (Religion in North America)
  5. In the Tradition (for Black Arthur Blythe) by Amiri Baraka, 1980-01-01
  6. Basic Black: The Wit and Whimsy of Arthur Black by Arthur Black, John Stinchcombe, 1991
  7. Basic Black; the Wit and Whimsey of Arthur Black by Arthur Black, 1992-01-01
  8. The Works of Arthur Schopenhauer: The Wisdom of Life and Other Essays (Black's Readers Service) by Arthur Schopenhauer, 1935
  9. Arthur Ashe: Alone in the Crowd (Black American Athletes) by Linda Jacobs Altman, 1976-11
  10. In the Tradition (for Black Arthur Blythe), Cover Art: Vincent Smith by Amiri Baraka, 1980-01-01
  11. Blackie: The Steve Black Story (Mainstream Sport) by Steve Black, Arthur McKenzie, 2005-10-01
  12. Arthur Ashe: Tennis Champion (Melrose Square Black American Series) by Ted Weissberg, 1993-12-01
  13. Arthur Boyd Houghton: A Selection from His Work in Black and White, Printed for the Most Part from the Original Wood-Blocks by Arthur Boyd Houghton, 2010-01-09
  14. Black Hawk by Arthur J Beckhard, 1957

1. Arthur Black
Brief biography, selected publications, and awards.Category Arts Literature Genres Humor Authors Black, Arthur......Arthur black arthur Black was born in Toronto in 1943. Limited, 1994. That Old BlackMagic. Toronto Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1991. Arthur! Arthur!
Arthur Black Arthur Black was born in Toronto in 1943. His abortive getaways were launched from 1946-1994. Temporary respites were achieved in Schomberg, Montreal, London, Las Palmas, Madrid, Thunder Bay and Fergus, Ontario. Permanent liftoff was achieved in 1995 with his move to Salt Spring Island. He is presently the host of the CBC radio show, Basic Black and the TV Series, "Weird Homes." Favourite colour: guess. Academic laurels: scant. Selected Publications: Black in the Saddle Again. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1996.
Black by Popular Demand. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1994.
That Old Black Magic. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1991.
Arthur! Arthur! Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1989.
Back to Black. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1986. Awards: Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, for Black in the Saddle
National Magazine Award for Humour, for The Beaver
ACTRA "Nelly" Award for Best Opinion/Commentary, 1986.
Cadogan Award for Best Weekly Newspaper Column, 1977.
Ohio State Award for Best Children's series, 1976.

2. The Village Voice: Music: Weatherbird: Black Arthur's Return By Gary Giddins
Sponsored by Bandwidth. Weatherbird by Gary Giddins black arthur's ReturnArthur Blythe's Western Wind, Part II August 23rd, 2002 600 PM
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Weatherbird by Gary Giddins Black Arthur's Return Arthur Blythe's Western Wind, Part II August 23rd, 2002 6:00 PM A paternal warmth (photo: R. Andrews Lepley) By 1978, Columbia Records, which a few years before had jettisoned its jazz roster, began paying attention. Bruce Lundvall was at the helm, and Dexter Gordon's "homecoming" proved a huge success. Blythe was signed as a token representative of the new generation. Lenox Avenue Breakdown , a triumphant disc with dance rhythms and radiant colors, has grown in stature. Yet back then, an over-the-top press campaign that compared Blythe with Charlie Parker guaranteed instant backlash. Tell the world you've signed a brilliant new saxophonist, and the world will say, "Good, let's hear him." Tell the world you've signed the Messiah, and it sharpens its knives. No one doubted that he could play, but for some the ripe, quavering tone was too much. Meanwhile, Blythe's follow-up albums revealed increasing scope: jazz standards on

3. MagnePower Microman Data Video
Black Microman Arthur. black arthur in bag. Closeup view of black arthur. Theimage below shows black arthur amongst other Arthurs in my collection.
MagnePower Microman Data Video
with Black Microman Arthur:
Microman Data Video I just received this on 10/30/99 from Yutaka of KAIKODO for ¥5,000. This video shows the various Microman Anime character with snippets from the TV Show/Microman Videos. There are no sub-titles, so unless you can understand Japanese, you're out of luck! So looking at images is what you have to deal in my case! In addition to the data video, you receive a black Microman Arthur special edition. This Arthur has a "gold" head versus the standard chrome with silver painted shoulders, pelvis, and parts of the torso. He is displayed packaged in a plastic bag as well as placed in a box (view above).
Black Microman Arthur
Black Arthur in bag The picture above show Arthur in his original packaging. The packaging is similar to the way the "Clear" promotional/exclusive figures are distributed. No fancy cases, bubble-packs, etc., just a plain old sealed bag. Here is a close-up of Black Arthur which isn't the greatest pic, but you get the idea of the colorization and detailed head of Arthur.

4. Blue Wave Records - Arthur Brown & Jimmy Carl Black
CD# BW 109 Track Listing: Fever, Monkey Walk, Unchain My Heart, Got My Mojo Working, Smokestack Lightin’ Hound Dog, Help Me, The Right Time, Stand By Me, The Lord Is My Friend Total CD Time = 36 Min.

5. TAKAHASHI Makoto's Black Swan Inn: Room Of Arthur Ransome
black Swan Inn. Bank Ground Farm from Lake Coniston(August 1994) Details of Books by arthur Ransome. v. A list of books by arthur Ransome published in Japan with impression
Black Swan Inn
Bank Ground Farm from Lake Coniston(August 1994)
This page has had visitors since 1998/7/23. ©1998/4/21,2000/7/7 TAKAHASHI Makoto This is pub Black Swan Inn in Lake District. Pirates have parties here.
Title Access Key Contents Last Updated Details of Books by Arthur Ransome v A list of books by Arthur Ransome published in Japan with impression history How to walk Lake District for Ransomite l Lake District Information for Ransomite How to walk Lake Windermere for Ransomite w Winderemere Information for Ransomite How to walk Lake Coniston for Ransomite c Coniston Information for Ransomite Signalling to Mars m Pages about Arthur Ransome Home(x)

6. Arthur Wharton - Footballer
arthur Wharton the first black Footballer black British Footballers. arthur Wharton. arthur Wharton was the world's first black Professional Footballer. arthur

7. Hall, ArthurLearn More About The Life And Work Of This Famous African Dance Chor
black, arthur NEIL. Name arthur Neil black Rank/Branch E2/US Air Force Unit Det 3, 38th ARS (TDY From 41st ARS) Date
Arthur Hall
Home Page
Photo Credit: Gary Samson
Arthur's spirit left his body July 6, 2000
The Arthur Hall International Dance Center
Ile Ife Films
and The Arthur Hall Collection
In Memorium
Adam Smith
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8. BasicBlack
Welcome to arthur black's Basic black "This is an odd way to meet " arthur's pages!
Welcome to
Arthur Black's
Basic Black
"This is an odd way to meet..."
Arthur's pages!

9. Arthur Alfonso "Afroborinqueno" Schomburg, A Biography Of The Black Historian By
Biography of the Puerto Rican and black historian by Robert Knight, in Civil Rights Journal , premiere edition. Published by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
Civil Rights Journal
Premiere Edition
published by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
by Robert Knight (c) 1995 I t was barely a century ago that a young man arrived in New York on a mission that would bridge two cultures, span several centuries, and provide a lasting structure for understanding and respect among African-, Latino- and European-Americans. He hunted the hidden treasures of African history, gathered the most significant collection of Black memorabilia, and created a global research center that carries on his work to this day. With a precision that rivals today's electronic databases, Arthur A. Schomburg established his position as a prime architect of the Information Superhighway of Black History. A S chomburg immigrated to New York on April 17, 1891, where he was active in the decolonization movement, and where he continued amassing the materials needed to further untangle the African thread of history in the fabric of the Americas. In 1911 Schomburg co-founded the Negro Society for Historical Research, an archival institute which published several important papers on black history. In 1914 he was inducted into, and later presided over, the American Negro Academy which championed black history and combatted "scientific racism" of the day. He went on to direct acquisitions for Fisk University's Negro Collection, which he eventually curated. Throughout these years, Schomburg was a leading light of the legendary Harlem Renaissance. B ut the keystone of Schomburg's legacy was the world-renowned collection he had built over the years. Comprising thousands of slave narratives, manuscripts, rare books, journals, artwork and other remnants of African history, his collection was presented to the New York Public Library's Division of Negro History in 1926 through a $10,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation. Schomburg eventually curated his own collection, now renamed the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Today the collection comprises nearly six million items, including photographs, films, audio recordings and institutional archives. The Center's extensive bibliographic records have recently been cataloged on CD-ROM for those using modern technology to research ancient history.

10. AIM25: University College London: Black (Arthur) Notebooks
ARCHON Contact details. black (arthur) Notebooks. IDENTITY STATEMENT. Held atUniversity College London. Title black (arthur) Notebooks. Date(s) c1890.

11. Kappes's "How Arthur Gat His Sword Excalibur"
Kappes, Alfred (18501894) from Lanier, Sidney. The Boy's King arthur. New YorkCharles Scribner's Sons, 1880. arthur reaches eagerly for the sword in the Lake of Avalon. black and white.
How Arthur Gat His Sword Excalibur
Alfred Kappes
Kappes, Alfred (1850-1894). "How Arthur Gat His Sword Excalibur," from Lanier, Sidney. The Boy's King Arthur . New York:Charles Scribner's Sons, 1880.

black, arthur NEIL. Name arthur Neil black, Rank/Branch Master Sergeant/USAir Force, Unit 38th Air Rescue/Recovery Sq. DaNang Airbase, South Vietnam,
Name: Arthur Neil Black Rank/Branch: Master Sergeant/US Air Force
Unit: 38th Air Rescue/Recovery Sq.
DaNang Airbase,
South Vietnam
Date of Birth: 12 December 1944
Home of Record: Bethlemem PA
Date of Loss: 20 September 1965
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates:
Click coordinates to view (4) maps

Status in 1973: Returned Prisoner Of War Category: Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: HH43B "Huskie" Other Personnel in Incident: Duane W. Martin (missing), Thomas J. Curtis and William A. Robinson (returned POWs) REMARKS: 730212 RELEASED BY DRV SYNOPSIS: The Kaman HH43 Huskie helicopter, nicknamed "Pedro," provided the only dedicated rescue capability early in the war and helped to develop many of the techniques which were later perfected by other rescue aircraft. The Huskie was also used extensively to provide airbase crash fire suppression. Thomas Curtis, William Robinson and Arthur Black were captured by the NVA, moved to a POW camp in North Vietnam where they were released during Operation Homecoming. Duane Martin was captured by Pathet Lao forces and immediately moved to a POW camp in Khammouan Province, Laos. This camp already housed Eugene DeBruin, Prasit Promsuwan, Prasit Dhanee, To Yick Chiu (Y. C. To) and Pisidhi Indradat; the surviving five crewmen from an Air America C46 aircraft shot down in 1963. Duane W. Martin is among nearly 600 Americans who disappeared in Laos. The Lao admitted holding "tens of tens" of American Prisoners of War, but these men were never negotiated for either by direct negotiation between our countries or the Paris Peace Accords since Laos was not a party to that agreement.

13. Arthur Ashe
Discussion of the impact that black athletes, such as arthur Ashe, had on their sport and our society.
Arthur Ashe
Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. was born on July 10, 1943 to Mattie Cunningham and Arthur Ashe Sr. in Richmond Virginia. Racism and injustice were not uncommon in this state. Arthur's mother died when he was six. He began playing tennis at the age of seven. In 1953, Ashe began training with Dr. Robert Walter Johnson, a man who taught many young blacks to play tennis including Althea Gibson (the first black to win a major tennis championship). From 1956 to 1961 Arthur Ashe won several amateur tennis events, putting him in the spotlight of a field dominated by white males. During his senior year in high school, Arthur was asked to polish his tennis skills with the highly respected coach Richard Hudlin of St. Louis, Missouri. Ashe accepted, moved to St. Louis, and finished his education at Sumner High School. In 1961, Ashe graduated from high school with the highest grades in his class and earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA. In 1963, Arthur competed in Wimbledon for the first time. After winning several more titles in his collegiate career, Ashe graduated in 1966 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. After joining the army and becoming second lieutenant, Ashe took the U.S. Men's Clay Court title in 1967 and the U.S. Men's Single's Title in 1968. Later that year, he won the U.S. Open title, becoming the top ranked player in the U.S. Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA). Much like the other great black athletes, Ashe defeated the notion of white superiority in sports on earning the title of "tennis champion".

14. African American Resources - Black Studies - Social Studies- History
Resource provided by this educational CDROM offers a large collection of links to information about African-American history. black History Quest. African-American History, Culture, and black Studies Resources Developed and edited by C. arthur Blair
Black History Quest African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Resources AFRICA HOMEPAGE - Connecting a Continent to its children around the World. AFRICAN AMERICAN ART-On the internet. AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE This site will guide you to the essentials of the African American culture. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY MAKERS AFRICAN AMERICAN IMAGES -from the 19th century AFRICAN AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY AFRICAN AMERICAN ODYSSEY - Library of Congress. AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIERS FOR LIBERTY AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE WEST AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS AFRICA SITES - A Comprehensive Guide to African Websites AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - Information for BLACKs that makes a Difference. AFRICAN AMERICAN-Commemorative Stamps listing. AFRICAN AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES AFRICAN AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS- across the United States. AFRICAN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE SCIENCES AFRICAN AMERICANS-In the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Service. AFRICAN ISSUES-U.S. Department of State ... ANCESTRY.COM Ethnic Research in Genealogy ANCIENT NUBIA - An introduction to the Nubian Civilization. This site explains Nubian culture, arts and society in the different periods of their history.

15. Bio, Blask Arthur N.
black, arthur NEIL Name arthur Neil black Rank/Branch E2/US Air Force Unit Det3, 38th ARS (TDY From 41st ARS) Date of Birth 16 December 44 Home City of
BLACK, ARTHUR NEIL Name: Arthur Neil Black Rank/Branch: E2/US Air Force Unit: Det 3, 38th ARS (TDY From 41st ARS) Date of Birth: 16 December 44 Home City of Record: Bethlehem PA Date of Loss: 20 September 1965 Country of Loss: North Vietnam Loss Coordinates: 180500N 1054400E (WF775009) Status (in 1973): Released POW Category: Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: HH43B Other Personnel in Incident: Duane W. Martin, POW/MIA; William A. Robinson; Thomas J. Curtis (returned POWs) REMARKS: 730212 RELSD BY DRV Source: Compiled from one or more of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews. Updated by the P.O.W. NETWORK in 1998. SYNOPSIS: On September 20, 1965, 1Lt. Duane W. Martin, co-pilot; Capt. Thomas J. Curtis, pilot; SSgt. William A. Robinson, flight engineer; and Airman Arthur N. Black, pararescue; comprised the crew and passengers of an HH43B "Huskie" helicopter operating about 10 miles from the border of Laos in Ha Tinh Province, North Vietnam. The Huskie is typically a crash rescue helicopter, and although it was considered to be inadequate for Southeast Asia duty, the Air Force had no other options at the time. The increase in combat called for an ever increasing need for rescue services. Some of the Huskies were shored up with heavy armor plate to protect the crews, and outfitted with long cables to facilitate rescue in the high rain forest. During the period Martin, Curtis, Robinson and Black were on their mission in Ha Tinh Province, most of the rescue crews were dispatched out of Nakhon Phanom, Thailand and Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, both being stop-gap installations until the primary rescue agency, 3rd Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group was formed at Tan Son Nhut in January 1966.

16. Black Gold Golf Course
arthur Hills designed course in the foothills above Yorba Linda in Orange County. Course layout, featured hole descriptions, tee times and amenities are featured.
In the foothills of Yorba Linda, California (Orange County) golfers have discovered gold, Black Gold that is. This is more than just a play on words, it is the city of Yorba Linda's prized possession, Black Gold Golf Club... click here for rest of story

17. Amherst College Biographical Record: Class Of 1921
5924. black, arthur Proctor. S. of William Francis and Hattie Pamelia (Lovell),b. Thedford, Neb., Je. 16, 1900. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Gamma Delta.
Home Genealogy Amherst College Biographical Record
Amherst College Class of 1921
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921) Previous Class... Menu Index ... Atkinson , Frank Carroll . S. of William Alexander and Bertha (Carroll), b. Caldwell, O., N. 5, 1898. Psi Upsilon. Prepared Marysville (O.) H. S. and Mercersburg Acad. Amherst S. A. T. C. Address, Psi U Club, 28 East 39th St., N. Y. City. Bailey , Carroll Capen . S. of William K. and Cora I. (Wheeler), b. Fitchburg, S. 29, 1900. Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon. Prepared Fitchburg H. S. Asst. engineer Honolulu (T. H.) Rapid Transit Co., Ltd. Amherst S. A. T. C. Married. Address, c/o Honolulu Rapid Transit Co., Ltd., Honolulu, T. H. Barnes , Robert Percy . S. of Rev. William Humphrey and Mary Jane (Thomas), b. Washington, D. C., F. 26, 1898. Phi Beta Kappa; Omega Psi Phi. Prepared Dunbar H. S., D. C. Research asst. in chemistry A. C., 1921-22. Amherst S. A. T. C. Married Ethel, da. of Lloyd G. Hasbrouck, Amherst. Address, 1217 Walter St., S. E., Washington, D. C.

18. Art & Erin's Home Page!
Home of Lessons of Mastery (R1/2) black Moon Eclipse of the Sun (R1/2+SM) and other unfinished Ranma fan works, most of them in .DOC format.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

19. Harvey James Black/Annie Catherine Hamilton
Name arthur Harvey black Born at Married at Died at Spouses
Hamilton Family Tree
Husband: Harvey James Black Born: at: River Louison, Rest. Co., NB Married: at: Died: 10 Jun 1977 at: Father: Edgar Harvey Black Mother: Marguerite Christine Hamilton Other Spouses: Wife: Annie Catherine Hamilton Born: at: Died: at: Father: James Ian Jackson Hamilton Mother: Grace Irene Alexander Other Spouses: James Harvey Black CHILDREN Name: Eric Black Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Arthur Harvey Black Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Karen Ann Black Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Malcolm Stewart Name: Allan Brent Black Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Nancy Michelle Lapoint Nancy Michelle La Pointe Name: Cynthia Elizabeth Black Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Robert Sterling Black Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:
modified December 19, 2001

20. Clarendon Publishing House
arthur Lewin's web page contains a short essay on the academic discipline of black Studies.

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