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         Bloch Robert:     more books (100)
  1. Complete Stories of Robert Bloch: Final Reckonings (Complete Stories of Robert Bloch, Volume 1) (Volume 0) by Robert Bloch, 1998-08-31
  2. Psycho by Robert Bloch, 1984-04
  3. Once Around the Bloch: An Unauthorized Autobiography by Robert Bloch, 1995-10
  4. Robert Bloch's Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper by Robert Bloch, Joe R. Lansdale, et all 2010-10-12
  5. The Man Who Collected Psychos: Critical Essays on Robert Bloch by Benjamin Szumskyj, 2009-08-04
  6. Firebug by Robert Bloch, 1988-10
  7. Psycho: A Novel by Robert Bloch, 2010-05-25
  8. The Robert Bloch Companion: Collected Interviews, 1969-1986 (Starmont Studies in Literary Criticism, No. 32) by Robert Bloch, Randall D. Larson, 1989-12
  9. Robert Bloch (Starmont Reader's Guide, 37) by Randall D. Larson, 1987-02
  10. Three Complete Novels (Psycho, Psycho II, and Psycho House) by Robert Bloch, 1993-09-01
  11. Psycho House by Robert Bloch, 2003-11-01
  12. The Song of Songs: The World's First Great Love Poem (Modern Library Classics)
  13. Psycho II by Robert Bloch, 2003-09-01
  14. Psycho (A Lythway book) by Robert Bloch, 1985-03-13

1. Robert Bloch
Author biography and list of selected works, from the Pegasos literature resources site.Category Arts Literature Authors B Bloch, Robert......Robert Bloch was born in Chicago, Illinois. THE BEST OF ROBERT BLOCH,1977; COLD CHILLS, 1977; THE BEST OF FREDRIC BROWN, 1977 (edit.);
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Robert Bloch (1917-1994) - also wrote as Collier Young American crime and suspense writer who acquired fame with his frightening characterizations about psychopaths. The best known is Norman Bates from PSYCHO, a novel whose impact was strengthened by Alfred Hitchcock's famous film version in 1960. Bloch's writing spanned seven decades of the 20th century, and his fiction reflected most of the major trends in weird fiction that occurred during this interval. "I discovered, much to my surprise - and particularly if I was writing in the first person - that I could become a psychopath quite easily. I could think like one and I could devise a manner of unfortunate occurrences. So I probably gave up a flourishing, lucrative career as a mass murderer." (from Faces of Fear by Douglas E. Winter, 1990) Robert Bloch was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was educated at public schools in Maywood and in Milwaukee. At the age of nine Block saw his first horror movie, The Phantom of the Opera , starring Lon Chaney, and slept afterwards for a long time with the light on.

2. Robert Bloch ISFDB Bibliography
Chronological , alphabetical, and publication bibliographies. Include awards (actual and nominations), and for some of the entries a reviews history.

3. Bloch Robert (1917 - )
bloch robert (1917 ). ? ?µe?a? Robert Bloch eµfastet? 1934 µe t? dµa Lillies st?

4. Bloch Robert (1917 - )
bloch robert (1917 ). Psycho, 1960 - Title in Greek Psycho, PublisherErmias, Translated by Giannis Labsas, 1982 - Title in

5. Ecrivain - Bloch Robert
Translate this page Robert Bloch.
Robert Bloch
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1917
Année de décès: 1994
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
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Ses nouvelles (Classés par années)
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6. : Bloch Robert
bloch robert, Chercher Par titre Recherche avancée Vers la rechercheavancée. bloch robert. Afficher 10 résultats par page.

7. Bloch Robert Psycho (Lernmaterialien)
bloch robert Psycho (Lernmaterialien). Titel Psycho. (Lernmaterialien)Autor bloch robert. Rubrik Lektüren Interpretationen Englisch

8. BLOCH Robert
Translate this page Accueil Biblios B Retour bloch robert Robert Bloch USA (Chicago(Illinois) 05 avril 1917 - 23 septembre 1994) A utilisé les pseudonymes de
Accueil Biblios B Retour
    BLOCH Robert Robert Bloch
    USA (Chicago (Illinois) 05 avril 1917 - 23 septembre 1994)
    Young Collier

  • (1947, The scarf)
      PAC, "Red Label" (~5), 1977
  • (1958, This crowded earth)
      in Matriarchie in
  • Psychose (1959, Psycho)
  • (1978, Strange eons)
  • Psychose 2 (1982, Psycho 2)
  • Psychose II (1982, Psycho 2)
  • Lori (1989, Lori)
  • Psychose 13 (1990, Psycho house)
    Recueils, anthologies, omnibus...
  • Parlez-moi d'horreur... (1967, The living demons)
  • (1969, Bloch and Bradbury) (avec BRADBURY Ray
  • Matriarchie
  • (anthologiste CHAMBON Jacques
  • (anthologiste CHAMBON Jacques
      Casterman, Autre temps, Autres mondes/Anthologies (~31), 1981
  • (1981, Mysteries of the worm)
      Oriflam, coll. Nocturne (~1), 1998
  • Un brin de Belladone : Robert BLOCH (anthologiste CHAMBON Jacques
      Casterman, Autre temps, Autres mondes/Anthologies (~35), 1983
  • (1983, The Twilight Zone: the movie)
  • Le train pour l'enfer (anthologiste
  • Les yeux de la momie (avec
  • Nounours est pyromane (anthologiste
  • L'homme qui criait au loup (anthologiste
  • Contes de terreur
      Opta, Aventures Fantastiques (~12), 1974

9. Horror A-L
Translate this page bloch robert – Ein wirklich schlechter Freund (Kriminalstories), Tb,rororo 1979, 141 S., Z 4, EUR 2,-. bloch robert - Horror Cocktail
Ahner Guido – Gehirnrotze oder Die R¼ckkehr der Beulenleute, Dead Monkey Berlin 1996, Heft, OA, 1.A, 53 Seiten, Z 3, EUR 2,00 Aiken Joan – Ein Hauch von Frost, dtv M¼nchen 1987, Tb, 2.A, 136 S., Z 2, EUR 2,50 Aiken Joan – Ein Kichern in der Luft, dtv M¼nchen 1988, Tb, 2.A, 152 S., Z 2, EUR 3,50 Aiken Joan – Ein Knistern im Geb¤lk, Oetinger Hamburg 1994, HC, 137 S., Z 2, EUR 6,00 Aiken Joan – Ein Schaudern auf der Haut, dtv junior M¼nchen 1991, Tb, 125 S., Z 3, EUR 2,50 Aubin Etienne – Dracula und die Jungfrauen, Tb, Domino 197?, 158 S., Z 3, EUR 2,50 Bachmann Richard - Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1986, 3.A, 347 S., Z 3, EUR 2,50 Bachmann Richard - Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1987, 4.A, 347 S., Z 4, EUR 1,50 Bachmann Richard - Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1987, 5.A, 347 S., Z 4, EUR 1,50 Bachmann Richard - Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1989, 347 S., Z 3, EUR 2,- Bachmann Richard - Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1990, 10.A, 347 S., Z 3, EUR 1,50 Bachmann Richard – Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1992, 14. A, 347 S., Z 3, EUR 1,50 Bachmann Richard – Der Fluch, Tb, Heyne 1995, 23.A, 347 S., Z 4, EUR 2,- Bachmann Richard – Menschenjagd, Tb, Heyne 1988, 8.A, 254 S., Z 3, EUR 2,-

10. Robert Bloch - Wikipedia
Robert Bloch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert Bloch was alsoa major contributor to science fiction fanzines and fandom in general.
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Robert Bloch
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert Albert Bloch April 5 September 23 ) was a prolific author in the science fiction horror fiction , and pulp fiction genres, and screenwriter . He was the recipient of the Hugo Award , the Bram Stoker Award , and the World Fantasy Award Robert Bloch was also a major contributor to science fiction fanzines and fandom in general. He was a friend and correspondent with H. P. Lovecraft , and was the author of a number of stories that were set in, and extended, the world of the Cthulhu Mythos . Bloch even appears, thinly disguised, as the character "Robert Blake" in Lovecraft's story The Haunter of the Dark He became famous as the author of the novel Psycho , which was made into the film of the same name, directed by Alfred Hitchcock His autobiography entitled Once Around the Bloch ISBN 0-312-85373-4 ) was published in
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11. Bloch Robert Psycho House (Tor Horror)
bloch robert Psycho House (Tor Horror). Title Psycho House (Tor Horror)Author bloch robert. Category Mystery Thrillers
Bloch Robert Psycho House (Tor Horror)
Title: Psycho House (Tor Horror)
Author: Bloch Robert
Dozois, Gardner R. The Year's ...
The Year's Best Science F...

Dozois, Gardner The Year's Bes...

The Year's Best Science F...
Kepler Johannes Astronomia Nova (B...

12. Robert Bloch - Bibliography Summary
Robert Bloch Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Main MenuSearch Bloch, Robert (USA, 1917-1994). Awards Hu = Hugo

Translate this page bloch robert. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°. La quatrièmedimension, . J'ai Lu, 1530. La boite à maléfices, . Presses Pocket,5321.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction BLOCH ROBERT TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° La quatrième dimension J'ai Lu La boite à maléfices Presses Pocket Autres temps, Autres mondes L'embarquement pour Arkham Presses Pocket Le retour à Arkham Presses Pocket Néo Frère de la chauve-souris Denoël Présence fantastique Contes de terreur CLA Aventures fantastiques Parlez moi d'horreur... Néo La fourmilière Néo Matriarchie Néo Les yeux de la momie Néo Le train pour l'enfer Néo Nounours est pyromane Néo L'homme qui criait au loup Néo Un brin de Belladone Autres temps, Autres mondes

14. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Robert Bloch
Robert Bloch. (d.1995) Other Bloch links From the Cabinet of Dr. CaseyBio Scriptwriter for film and television. Bb American Gothic,Robert.php3
Robert Bloch
Other Bloch links:
From the Cabinet of Dr. Casey
Scriptwriter for film and television.
American Gothic
The Dead Beat
The King of Terrors
Psycho II
The Scarf
sh.sts. Ed.
Mysteries of the Worm
Monsters in Our Midst
"Beelzebub" 1963 Playboy
"Crime Machine"
Short story
October 1961, Galaxy Magazine illustrated by Burns
"The Mad Scientist"
"Secret of the Observatory"
"The Strange Flight of Richard Clayton"
March 1939 Amazing
"The Cloack" 1939 Unknown Worlds
"Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper"
"Word of Honor" Playboy
"The Old College Try"
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet What's New? Glossary

15. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Previous 10 Next 10. Author, Count. Bloch, Robert, 1917, 14. Bloch, Robert,1917- Psycho, 1. Bloch, Serge, 4. Blochwitz, Hans-Peter, 6. Blochwitz, Hanspeter,0. Robert&index=AA

16. - Robert Bloch
Robert Bloch, About Author. Born in April 5, 1917 Where Chicago,Illinois. After Poe, the founder of modern psychological horror.

17. Robert Bloch
Robert Bloch (Tentative Deputy Election officer). Robert Bloch getspaid as supervisor of the Chicago Laborers district Council.
TOP The Laborers Network Home History ... Discussion ] Robert Bloch (Tentative Deputy Election officer) See Bloch's interpretation of events. Harvey Nathan, Ed Sadlowski, Joseph Romano, LIUNA IG agents will, McGough contends, fully support the truth and accuracy of what "CrimeDawg" reports. Robert "Bobby count the money" Bloch is now(Aug-2000) supervisor to the Chicago Laborers District Council which is operating under a RICO consent decree, having formerly been appointed trustee by GEB Attorney Robert Luskin with the acquiescence of the U.S. Attorney. Robert Bloch is a partner in the Chicago law firm of Dowd and Bloch, was regional coordinator for the great Lakes region in 1996 and in this member's humble opinion, is a disaster as a trustee, as a deputy election officer, as a supervisor, and as defender of a union's member's right of self governance. The reasons justifying this assessment of Robert Bloch's capability to assure a free, fair, democratic and informed LIUNA Election will be documented extensively and Mr. Bloch will be given an opportunity to respond and correct any statements he considers false. Robert Bloch's law partner, Peter Dowd, is counsel to the Chicago Laborers pension fund and welfare fund, having been appointed in a process that Mr. Bloch engineered by appointing trustees to the funds who were instructed to appoint Peter Dowd as counsel to replace Hugh Arnold. One of the appointments was Harvey Nathan, a non LIUNA member. I was told Harvey wanted to do an extensive audit of the funds and was rebuffed. There is a computer systems operator who manages the pension/welfare computer systems who was specifically recommended by Hugh Arnold and Joseph Lombardo and who apparently can make changes to records /files without leaving an audit trail. This, I find, disconcerting to say the least

18. Bouquins
1986 After Alice died Exorciste ( L' ) BLATTY William P. 1971 The exorcist ExorcisteIII ( L' ) BLATTY William P. 1983 Legion Echarpe bloch robert 1947 The
MA BIBLIOTHEQUE FANTASTIQUE Non french people : Please don't go ! The original book title is noticed after the year of the book.Just scroll Titre / Title Auteur/Author Année/Year Original title TOTAL : 264 Last Update: 24/08/97 RETOUR A LA PAGE PRINCIPALE DES LYRICS / RETURN TO THE MAIN LYRICS PAGE RETOUR A MA HOMEPAGE / RETURN TO MY HOMEPAGE

19. Robert Bloch On Poe And Lovecraft
Comparison of the two preeminent American authors of supernatural horror and fantasy.
Lovecraft by
Robert Bloch
[Reprinted from Ambrosia No. 2 (Aug. 1973)]
Comparisons between Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft are, I suppose, inevitable; seemingly, in recent years [writing in 1973] they are also interminable.
I shall not, therefore, repeat the usual recital of similarities to be found within their work there will be no mention of black cats, revenants , or Antarctic settings per se
But at the same time I have no intention of making a calculated bid for attention by deliberately asserting, as some have also declared, that no real resemblance exists aside from superficial employment of stock characters and themes common to virtually all stories in the genre
To me, this is an untenable statement: Lovecraft, like every writer of fantasy and horror fiction subsequent to Poe, was necessarily influenced by the work of his predecessor and to certain extent his work needs must be derivative in some slight sense. Actually, Lovecraft's homage to Poe in his essay Supernatural Horror In Literature , indicates a degree of appreciation and admiration which leaves no doubt as to the profound impression made upon him by the earlier master.

20. BLOCH, Robert Albert - Personal Data
robert A. bloch vital statistics, photo, bibliography, and obituary data. VITAL STATISTICS. Name bloch, robert Albert Aged 77. Born April 5, 1917 Where Chicago, Illinois
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Name: BLOCH, Robert Albert Aged:
Born: April 5, 1917 Where: Chicago, Illinois
Died: September 23, 1994 Where: Los Angeles, CA
SS#: 394-22-0650 WI Interred:
Married: Marion Holcombe When:
Married#2: Eleanor Alexander When: October 16, 1964
Awarded: 1959 Hugo, "That Hell-Bound Train," and 1984 Hugo (Special Award). The 1975 World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.
Robert A. Bloch
An early fan of movies, as a boy Bloch was terrified by a Lon Chaney performance and slept with a light on for several months. But the horror hook was set and he followed the genre thereafter, learning the whereofs and howtos of it. Bloch read the horror pulps like "Weird Tales" and "Marvel Tales" and corresponded with H. P. Lovecraft and Henry Kuttner, later writing with both. He helped to keep Lovecraft's "Cthulhu Mythos" alive, even after his own career had moved to Hollywood. While he achieved a reputation with Psycho , it would be the hard work in teleplays for "Thriller," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and "Night Gallery" that would bring him a measure of success. Born in Chicago, Bloch was schooled in nearby Maywood and then in Milwaukee, when the family relocated to Wisconsin. He married, worked at various jobs while hobbying at writing, until work was unavailable during the Depression...then, Bloch wrote full time, plus any labor he could pick up. His first exchange of letters with H. P. Lovecraft occurred in 1932 and they continued to write until Lovecraft's death in 1937. Bloch remained in penny-a-word short stories until WW II but he had been eyeing the radio-play markets. His 1943 short story "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" was adapted to radio and, by 1945, Bloch was writing a series of radioplays for a show titled "Stay Tuned for Terror."

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