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         Bova Ben:     more books (100)
  1. Voyagers (Voyagers (Tor)) by Ben Bova, 2010-08-03
  2. Voyagers II (Voyagers (Tor)) by Ben Bova, 2010-08-03
  3. The Return: Book IV of Voyagers by Ben Bova, 2010-08-03
  4. Powersat by Ben Bova, 2006-10-31
  5. The Story of Light by Ben Bova, 2002-10-01
  6. Mars by Ben Bova, 1993-06-01
  7. Able One by Ben Bova, 2010-02-02
  8. Titan (The Grand Tour) by Ben Bova, 2006-02-21
  9. Saturn: A Novel of the Ringed Planet- And the Humans Who Explore It (The Grand Tour) by Ben Bova, 2004-09-01
  10. Titan (The Grand Tour) by Ben Bova, 2007-03-06
  11. Moonrise by Ben Bova, 1998-03-01
  12. Venus by Ben Bova, 2001-05-15
  13. The Exiles Trilogy by Ben Bova, 1994-10-01
  14. Voyagers III: Star Brothers by Ben Bova, 2010-08-25

1. Ecrivain - Bova Ben
Translate this page Ben Bova.
Ben Bova
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1932
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses nouvelles (Classés par années)
Site maintenu par Alain
Dernière mise à jour de cette page : 11/04/99

2. Ben Bova Ben Bova Message Board
Return to Ben Bova main page BooksMessage Board - Ben Bova. Ben Bova. TheRespected Roger posts a message about Ben Bova book, Star Conquerors .

3. "Bibliographie De Bova Ben"
bova ben, LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR bova ben (USA, 1932 ) 6 2ROMANS OU ANTHOLOGIES Analog Yearbook 1979; As on a Darkling Plain

Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 29/07/2002.

4. Buch Bova Ben - Mars.
Translate this page Buch bova ben - Mars. Info1 bova ben Info2 Mars.
Buch Bova Ben - Mars.
Bova Ben
Info2: Mars.

5. Bova Bova
Translate this page Info1 Info2 bova ben Mars.
Bova Bova
Bova Ben

6. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Ben Bova
Ben Bova. (b.1932) Other Bova links The Ben Bova Webpages Bio Six timeHugo award winner for Best Professional editor (19731977 and 1979).,Ben.php3
Ben Bova
Other Bova links:
The Ben Bova Webpages
Six time Hugo award winner for Best Professional editor (1973-1977 and 1979). One time editor of Analog . Native of Philadelphia, received a degree in journalism from Temple University. Newspaperman, editor, aerospace executive, motion picture writer, and tv science consultant. Resident of NY. Bova was GOH at the Chicago Worldcon in 2000
Ed. Novella I
Astral Mirror
Short story collection
1985, Tor Books
Battle Station
Short story collection
1987, Tor Books
April 1996, Bantam Books Hardcover ISBN:0-553-09379-7
Short story collection
1993, Tor Books
City of Darkness
1976, Scribner's
Death Dream
1994, Bantam Books
The Dueling Machine
Empire Builders
Also as a book-on-tape, Brialliance Co. ISBN:1-56100-520-7
The End of Exile
1975, Dutton
The Exiles Trilogy
1981, Berkley
The Fourth State of Matter
Science fact, 1971

7. The Story Of Light Bova Ben Science/Mathematics, Light, Popular Works, Science
The Story of Light bova ben Science/Mathematics, Light, Popular works,Science. Title The Story of Light. Subject Science/Mathematics
The Story of Light Bova Ben Science/Mathematics, Light, Popular works, Science
Title: The Story of Light
Subject: Science/Mathematics, Light, Popular works, Science
Subject2 Science
Author: Bova Ben
Humes Thomas W. The Loyal Mou...

Seale Gayla Dowdy Ten Friends...

Phillips V. N. The Book of Ki...

Kerns Thelma, Owens Bryant F...

8. Orion In The Dying Time Bova Ben
Orion in the Dying Time bova ben. Title Orion in the Dying TimeAuthor bova ben. Subject Science Fiction Fantasy
Orion in the Dying Time Bova Ben
Title: Orion in the Dying Time
Author: Bova Ben
Bishop, Paul Sand Against the ...
Grant, Charles L. In a Dark Dr...



9. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Previous 10 Next 10. Author, Count. Bova, Ben, 1. Bova, Ben, 1932, 39. Bova, Benjamin,0. See Bova, Ben, 1932-. 39. Bova, Benjamin, 1932-, 0. See Bova, Ben, 1932-. 39. Ben&index=AA

10. - Ben Bova
Ben Bova, About Author. Dr. Ben Bova, author of more than 80 futuristicnovels and nonfiction books, became involved in the US space

11. BOVA Ben
Translate this page Accueil Biblios B Retour bova ben Benjamin Bova USA (08 novembre1932 - ) Rédacteur en chef de la revue _Analog_, il à écrit quelques romans
Accueil Biblios B Retour
    BOVA Ben Benjamin Bova
    USA (08 novembre 1932 - )
  • Colonie (T 1) (1978, Colony)
  • Colonie (T 2) (1978, Colony)
  • (1969, Foeman, where do you flee?)
  • (1969, The duelling machine)
  • Flic de fer (1970, Brillo) (avec ELLISON Harlan
      in La chanson du Zombie
  • Petite erreur de calcul (1971, A slight miscalculation)
  • Etre ou ne pas (1979, To be or not)

12. Bova Ben Voyagers III : Star Brothers
bova ben Voyagers III Star Brothers. Title Voyagers III Star BrothersAuthor bova ben. Category Science Fiction Fantasy
Bova Ben Voyagers III : Star Brothers
Title: Voyagers III : Star Brothers
Author: Bova Ben
Norton, Andre Tales of the Wit...
Dozois, Gardner R. The Year's ...

The Year's Best Science F...

Dozois, Gardner The Year's Bes...
Kepler Johannes Astronomia Nova (B...

13. Bova Ben Privateers
bova ben Privateers. Title Privateers Author bova ben. Category Science Fiction Fantasy Gregory, Jack Black Out (Law Millard, Bob The Judds
Bova Ben Privateers
Title: Privateers
Author: Bova Ben
Millard, Bob The Judds...
O'Brien, Patricia The Candidat...

McFather, Nelle Southern Secre...

Ross, Jo Ann Private Pleasures...
Kepler Johannes Astronomia Nova (B...

14. Ben Bova - Bibliography Summary
Ben Bova Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Main MenuSearch Bova, Benjamin William (USA, 1932-). Series Exiles 1 1

15. Ben Bova
Ben Bova. Books Reviewed Aliens (Edited) Paperback Parlour, Dec 1977by Phil StephensenPayne Analog 9 (Edited) Vector, Sep 1977,Ben

16. Basic Search
1. Triumph, Bova, Ben, SCIENCE FICTION, FBOV-, Text. 2. Moonrise, Bova, Ben, SCIENCEFICTION, F-BOV-, Text. 3. The trilogy exiles, Bova, Ben, SCIENCE FICTION, F-BOV-,Text. BEN

Translate this page Accueil Liens Votre avis Le livre du mois Astronomie Quiz Labyrinthe Découvrezla science-fiction. bova ben. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction BOVA BEN TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Colonie 1 J'ai Lu Colonie 2 J'ai Lu

18. Ben Bova
Ben Bova. Dr. Ben Bova started writing fiction in the late 1940s andhas been at it ever since, even while pursuing careers in journalism
Ben Bova
Dr. Ben Bova started writing fiction in the late 1940s and has been at it ever since, even while pursuing careers in journalism, aerospace, education and publishing. Author of more than eighty futuristic novels and nonfiction books, Dr. Bova became involved in the U.S. space program two years before the creation of NASA. He was editor of Analog and Omni magazines, has written teaching films with Nobel laureate scientists, and is President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He has won six Hugo awards. He has worked with Woody Allen, George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry on film and television projects, and has been a regular science guest on CBS Morning News. He lectures on topics ranging from the craft of writing fiction to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. In his various writings, Dr. Bova has predicted the Space Race of the 1960s, solar power satellites, electronic books, the discovery of organic chemicals in interstellar space, virtual reality, video games, the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), international peacekeeping forces, electronic publishing (Cyberbooks), and sex in zero gravity. His novels, such as BROTHERS, MARS and DEATH DREAM, combine romance, adventure, and the highest degree of scientific accuracy to explore the impact of future technological developments on individual human beings and on society as a whole.

19. Ben Bova Official Site, Sponsored By Author.
Website dedicated to the author and his works; includes biographical information, news, scheduled Category Arts Literature Science Fiction Authors B bova, ben......For more than a decade ben bova has been creating novels about the humanrace's expansion through the solar system. ben bova , June 2000.
For more than a decade Ben Bova has been creating novels about the human race's expansion through the solar system.
From the Moon to Mars, Venus, Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt, these novels show the adventure and excitement of our advance across the space frontier.
And there is more to come!
The 'GRAND TOUR' books!
Named by the FANS themselves!
The Precipice (The Asteroid Wars, Book 1)

The Rock Rats (The Asteroid Wars, Book 2)

[COMING IN JUNE!] Random Bova Quote... Refresh page for more. This Just in from the SUN!
Click the link above for entire article! In Memory of those departed... Ben reacts to the Columbia Tragedy Excerpt from the Asteroid Wars,
Book Two!

" Millions of chunks of rock and metal float silently, endlessly through the deep emptiness of interplanetary space. The largest of them, Ceres, is barely a thousand kilometers wide. " More PRECIPICE BOOK ONE OF THE ASTEROID WAR Dan Randolph had been a millionaire

20. Ben Bova Fan Club
Structured reviews of ben bova novels.

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