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         Burgess Anthony:     more books (101)
  1. Shakespeare by Anthony Burgess, 2002-02-09
  2. A Dead Man in Deptford (Burgess, Anthony) by Anthony Burgess, 2003-03
  3. The Real Life of Anthony Burgess by Andrew Biswell, 2007-04-01
  4. Joysprick: Introduction to the Language of James Joyce (Language Library) by Anthony Burgess, 1979-07-01
  5. Honey for the Bears (Norton Paperback Fiction) by Anthony Burgess, 1996-05-17
  6. The Long Day Wanes: A Malayan Trilogy (The Norton Library) by Anthony Burgess, 1993-02-17
  7. One Hand Clapping: A Novel by Anthony Burgess, 1999-07-01
  8. The Wanting Seed (Norton Paperback Fiction) by Anthony Burgess, 1996-12-17
  9. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, 1986-11
  10. Man of Nazareth by Anthony Burgess, 1982-03
  11. Shakespeare by Anthony Burgess, 2006
  12. Re Joyce by Anthony Burgess, 2000-06
  13. Nothing Like the Sun (Norton Paperback Fiction) by Anthony Burgess, 1996-12-17
  14. Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess, 2004-05-06

1. Anthony Burgess
Biography and Reviews at the Bohemian Ink.Category Arts Literature Authors B Burgess, Anthony......Anthony Burgess (19171993). Anthony Burgess made up a teenage argot he callsNadsat. It is English with a polyglot of slang terms and jargon thrown in.
Anthony Burgess from A Clockwork Orange
Born 25th February 1917. The author who will always be remembered for his eighth book, The Clockwork orange, was born Jack Wilson in a small house in Harpurhey, the son of a bookkeeper and part-time pianist, and the musician/dancer he met at the Ardwick Empire. When he was a baby he was found lying in his cot with his mother and sister dead beside him, both victims of Spanish flu. Burgess went to Bishop Bilsborrow Primary School, Moss Side, Xavarian College, and Manchester University, spent six years as a war-time soldier, and then went into education, eventually becoming education officer in Malaya and Brunei. Invalided at home in 1959 with a terminal illness, he became a professional writer in the hope that in his final year he would provide some security for his wife. The medical diagnosis was wrong, and Burgess stayed with his new carreer, writing more than 30 novels and other books. This prolific and often controversial writer once created a storm when he returned to his native city and said: "As a piece of civic planning, or rather unplanning, I think it's terrible."

2. Anthony Burgess
About Anthony Burgess - literature and music, large bibliographyCategory Arts Literature Authors B Burgess, Anthony......Anthony Burgess discussion biography writings. NEWS 10 Nov 02 BIOGRAPHY NEWS.Two Anthony Burgess biographies will be published over the next few months.
NEWS: 10 Nov 02 Biography update: Roger Lewis's controversial new biography "Anthony Burgess" is published on Monday 11 November. Amazon here , we'll have our own review within the next few days, reviews have already started coming out ( read them here ). But you may also want to read this leaked copy of a bizarre interview with Lewis first ! It appeared on Dutch radio recently.
Two Anthony Burgess biographies will be published over the next few months. The biography by Andrew Biswell, lecturer in English Literature at Aberdeen University, will be published by Picador in the first quarter of 2003. This is likely to be a thorough academic study. Biswell has trawled through the archives in Angers, Monaco and Texas, spoken to relatives and friends and found previously hidden materials. We hope to bring you a sneak preview of the book soon.
The other Burgess biography is Roger Lewis's contrvoersial "Anthony Burgess: A Life". Lewis who has written biographies on several other subjects including actors Charles Hawtrey and Peter Sellars. Published by Faber on 11 November, this is a much more personal book, charting how Lewis's own youthful enthusiasm for Burgess evolved into loathing and contempt. It is also only a partial biography, as events after 1968 are dealt with in a cursory epilogue. It has received mostly poor reviews so far. (read them here

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5. Anthony Burgess
Anthony Burgess. Biography, Works. Anthony Burgess, who was born onFeb. 25, 1917, and died on Nov. 25, 1993, who also published
Anthony Burgess
Biography, Works
Anthony Burgess, who was born on Feb. 25, 1917, and died on Nov. 25, 1993, who also published as John Burgess Wilson and as Joseph Kell, was a versatile translator, musician, and comic novelist whose inventive use of language and taste for parody reflected his interest in James Joyce, about whom he wrote in Re Joyce (1965). He is perhaps best known for his futuristic novel A Clockwork Orange (1962; film, 1971). Raised a Roman Catholic in Manchester, England, he was trained as a composer and frequently used musical forms in his fiction, such as Napoleon Symphony: A Novel in Four Movements (1974). After serving in the British Army in World War II, he became a teacher and education officer, first in England (1950-54) and then in the Far East (1954-59), the setting of Time for a Tiger (1956), his first published novel. Sent back to England with a supposedly fatal brain tumor, he wrote five books in a year. His many other books include such novels as The Right to an Answer (1960), Enderby Outside (1968), and MF (1971); fictional (Nothing Like the Sun, 1964) and factual (Shakespeare, 1970) biographies of Shakespeare; variations on the Oedipus legend; and critical studies of literature, such as Flame into Being: The Life and Work of D. H. Lawrence (1985). The first volume of his autobiography, Little Wilson and Big God, was published in 1987.
  • 6. "Bibliographie De Burgess Anthony"
    Translate this page BURGES S ANTHONY, LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR burgess anthony Récompenseet prix littéraire de Science-fiction décerné à Anthony Burgess
    Récompense et prix littéraire de Science-fiction décerné à Anthony Burgess :
    Paul Denis
    Mise à jour : 29/07/2002.

    7. Anthony Burgess
    Anthony Burgess. Info1 Info2 burgess anthony Clockwork Orange.
    Anthony Burgess
    Burgess Anthony
    Clockwork Orange.

    8. Novels Other Prose & Writers: From C 1900 - Burgess Anthony Ernest Hemingway
    Novels other prose writers from c 1900 burgess anthony ErnestHemingway. Title Ernest Hemingway. Subject Novels other prose
    Title: Ernest Hemingway Author: Burgess Anthony
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    Lewis Bernard The World of Is...

    9. Burgess Anthony English Literature
    Translate this page burgess anthony English Literature. Titel English Literature Autor BurgessAnthony. Rubrik Kategorie Cahn Robert W., Haasen Mate
    Burgess Anthony English Literature
    Titel: English Literature
    Autor: Burgess Anthony
    Cahn Robert W., Haasen Mate...

    Cahn Robert W., Haasen Mate...

    Sykes Peter Reaktionsmechanis...

    Hoffmann Roald Solids und Sur...

    10. : Burgess Anthony
    Chargement de la page burgess anthony
    Chargement de la page : Burgess Anthony

    11. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
    Author, Count. Burgess, Anthony, 1917, 0. See Burgess, Anthony, 1917-. 34.Burgess, Anthony, 1917-, 34. Burgess, Anthony, 1917- Clockwork orange, 1. Anthony&index=AA

    12. The Anthony Burgess Center
    Home of the anthony burgess society in Angers, FranceCategory Arts Literature Authors B burgess, anthony......The anthony burgess Center. Bibliothèque universitaire d'Angers.Université d'Angers. anthony burgess Center About us.
    The Anthony Burgess Center Anthony Burgess Center: About us A. Burgess Special Collection at the University Library Anthony Burgess: Biographical Sketch A Sample of the Collection Holdings Newsletter The Chronicles of Liana Burgess Symposium, December, 2001
    "Avatars of A Clockwork Orange

    13. Anthony Burgess
    A biography and bibliography from the books and writers websiteCategory Arts Literature Authors B burgess, anthony......John anthony burgess Wilson was born in Manchester into a Catholicmiddleclass family. His father was a cashier and pub pianist.
    Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
    B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Anthony Burgess (1917-1993) - also called Joseph Kell, original name Jon Anthony Burgess Wilson English novelist, composer, and critic, whose novels are characterized by verbal inventiveness and social satire. Burgess has also written several biographies. However, the author's first love was music: he composed a number of works before publishing his first books. Among Burgess's best-known novels is A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1962). "'What's going to be then, eh?'
    There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, dim being really dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up rassoodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard through dry."
    (the beginning of A Clockwork Orange John Anthony Burgess Wilson was born in Manchester into a Catholic middle-class family. His father was a cashier and pub pianist. After his mother died in the flu pandemic of 1919, he was brought up by a maternal aunt and later by a stepmother. He studied at Xaverian College and Manchester University, where he read English language and literature, graduating in 1940. During World War II Burgess served in the Royal Army Medical corps. In 1942 he married Llwela Isherwood Jones, who died of alcoholic cirrhosis in 1968. From 1946 to 1950 Burgess taught at Birmingham University, worked for the Ministry of Education, and was teacher at Banbury Grammar School. Burgess wrote comparatively little until 1959, but primararily studied music composition. His first novel, A VISION OF BATTLEMENT, was completed in 1949 but published in 1965. It was loosely based on the

    Il tributo di un appassionato al famoso autore di Un'arancia a orologeria, da cui ¨ stato tratto il film Arancia Meccanica. Riflessioni, curiosit , notizie e numerosi link sull'argomento.

    15. A Critical Look At A Clockwork Orange
    Read critical essays and discussions covering such topics as moral freedom and conscience and repetition. Find biographical info on burgess. of critical and analytical literature documenting anthony burgess's themes, methods, motivations, conventions and

    16. Anthony Burgess Newsletter: Contents
    Online bi-annual journal published by the anthony burgess Center, University of Angers, FranceCategory Arts Literature Authors B burgess, anthony......On line journal published by the anthony burgess Center, University of Angers,France. anthony burgess Newsletter. anthony burgess, (Auto)Biographer.
    Anthony Burgess Newsletter
    The Anthony Burgess Newsletter, published biannually on the Anthony Burgess Center Website, includes original articles reminiscences, announcements of work-in-progress, reviews, interviews, notices of performances and of all events related to the work of Anthony Burgess. Contributions are welcome, and should be sent directly to the Website address. Le bulletin Anthony Burgess Newsletter Issue # 5, October, 2002 Introduction by Ben Forkner Introduction to Revolutionary Sonnets and Other Poems by Kevin Jackson Wind, Ham, Lewis: The Bad Art of Cacography by Douglas Milton Speech for the Anthony Burgess Symposium in Angers by Liana Burgess Critic's Prize: Burgess's Acceptance Speech for Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange with an introduction by Liana Burgess Notes on the Program: "A Clockwork Hour" by Maureen Turquet Burgess' Blooms by Zack Bowen Anthony Burgess, (Auto-)Biographer by John Fletcher Notes on the BBC Donation for the ABC Homage to Antonio Borghese: Poem by Martin Phipps Download the full issue in RTF file BACK ISSUES Issue # 1, July, 1999

    17. Guardian Unlimited Books | Authors | Burgess, Anthony
    Profile, reviews, articles, obituary and links.Category Arts Literature Authors B burgess, anthony...... anthony burgess (19171993). 9 Nov 2002, Kingdom of the wicked Blake Morrisonis appalled by Roger Lewis's 20-year quest to destroy anthony burgess.,5917,-28,00.html
    Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The weblog The informer The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Newsroom Soulmates Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Guardian Weekly Money Observer Home Guardian Review By genre Reviews ...
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    "Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don't want it." Birthplace

    Manchester, England
    Manchester University, England
    Other jobs
    Served in World War II, then became an education officer in the far east before beginning to write.
    Did you know? He took up writing to provide security for his widow-to-be when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness - and went on to produce an embarrassment of novels, criticism, symphonies and scripts. Critical verdict Burgess saw writing very much as a trade, accepting Samuel Johnson's dictum that only a fool ever wrote, except for money; he considered that his reputation for readability over brilliance stemmed from his prolific dabbling, encompassing reviewing, criticism, history, poetry, librettos and symphonies as well as novels (his oeuvre includes a coffee-table history of sleep, And So To Bed). As he said, "The trouble began with Forster. After him it was considered ungentlemanly to write more than five or six novels." He will always be most famous for a Kubrick-coloured perception of A Clockwork Orange's ultraviolence, though William Burroughs, another linguistic experimenter, said of the novel: "I do not know of any other writer who has done as much with language as Mr Burgess has done here.

    18. Anthony Burgess
    Includes an obituary, articles and reviews by burgess, and reviews of his works.
    More on Anthony Burgess
    From the Archives of The New York Times
  • Book Ends: Busy Burgess
    An interview with Anthony Burgess.
  • Modern Novels; the 99 Best
    In an article for The Book Review, Burgess listed his choices for the 99 best modern novels, and what makes them the best.
  • The Ecstasy of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Burgess wrote this piece for the Book Review shortly after completing Gerald Manley Hopkins's unfinished drama, "St. Winefred's Well."
  • Anthony Burgess, 76, Dies; Man of Letters and Music
    The New York Times obituary for Anthony Burgess. REVIEWS
  • A Clockwork Orange
    "'A Clockwork Orange' is a brilliant novel . . . [it] is a tour-de-force in nastiness, an inventive primer in total violence, a savage satire on the distortions of the single and collective minds."
  • One Hand Clapping
    "Read this witty and shrewdly joyful novel . . . and be better for learning why the title is 'One Hand Clapping.'"
  • A Novel in Four Movements
    "As the jacket copy says, he has pulled out all the stops in this bookand the result is sometimes near cacophony . . . Throughout the novel, so much is thrown together in a little room that the value of everything is diminished."
  • The Clockwork Testament, or Enderby's End
  • 19. Novecento: Anthony Burgess
    Intervista di Luciano Simonelli all'autore.
    L'Istrice eBookNewsDigest Il Catalogo Dialetti d'Italia ... Home Page
    Per non dimenticare le nostre radici
    ...e affrontare il nuovo secolo consapevolmente
    Luciano Simonelli

    Nell'arco di circa trenta anni ho avuto il piacere d'incontrare direttamente o "indirettamente" molti protagonisti del mondo culturale del Novecento, di conversare a lungo con loro, di compiere delle ricerche fra i loro scritti inediti e di raccontare di incontri, di ricerche e di scoperte in vari articoli. Testi che oggi riaffiorano come le pagine sparse di un mio personale diario che, giorno dopo giorno, desidero condividere con chi non desidera perdere la memoria di personaggi inimitabili. IGNAZIO SILONE DIEGO VALERI GEORGES SIMENON ERNEST HEMINGWAY ... CESARE ANGELINI
    Milano, Gennaio 1982.
    "Per me, Papa Roncalli ha rovinato la Chiesa"
    (Fine) Luciano Simonelli

    Per non dimenticare le nostre radici ...e affrontare il nuovo secolo consapevolmente Per orientarti Mondo Simonelli Editore e nell' Istrice Chiedi aiuto al Motore di Ricerca Find! Trova!

    20. Anthony Burgess - Not Only Clockwork Orange
    Page which includes many links to other burgess sites, reviews, interviews and dedicated clubs
    Anthony Burgess
    British novelist, composer, librettist, essayist, semanticist, translator and critic, Anthony Burgess published over 50 books. In a 1973 interview in The Paris Review about the art of fiction, he said, "The ideal reader of my novels is a lapsed Catholic and failed musician, short-sighted, color-blind, auditorily biased, who has read the books that I have read."
    His best-known novel, A Clockwork Orange (1962), offered a bleak vision of a violence-ridden future. It follows a murderous, Beethoven-loving teen-age gang leader in complacent and conformist society. Roving bands of delinquents fight, steal and rape to assert their freedom against the conformity of a clockwork society. The brutality depicted in A Clockwork Orange emerged after an assault on Burgess's wife during the war that resulted in the loss of their expected child. She died 1948. The movie version of the novel, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971, encountered heavy criticism - some of its violent scenes were said to have inspired real-life violence by gangs of hoodlums - and was eventually withdrawn by its producers and distributors. After graduating from Manchester University in 1940, Burgess joined the British Army Education Corps where he served as musical director of a special services unit, entertaining troops in Europe.

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