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         Burroughs William S:     more books (100)
  1. Letters of William S. Burroughs (Spanish Edition) by William S. Burroughs, 1998-12
  2. Word Cultures: Radical Theory and Practice in William S. Burroughs' Fiction by Robin Lydenberg, 1987-08-01
  3. Three Novels: The Soft Machine, Nova Express, the Wild Boys by William S. Burroughs, 1988-03
  4. Interzone by William S. Burroughs, 1989-02
  5. S. Clay Wilson Selected Works. an Appreciation By William S. Burroughs. Foreword By Brad Balfour by S. Clay; Burroughs, William S. Wilson, 1982-01-01
  6. Retaking the Universe: William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization by Davis Schneiderman, Philip Walsh, 2004-05-20
  7. THE LETTERS OF WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS 1945-1959. by William S. Burroughs, 1983
  8. Last Words: The Final Journals of William Burroughs (1960s A) by William S. Burroughs, 2001-04-17
  9. You Got to Burn to Shine: New and Selected Writings (High Risk Books) by John Giorno, 1993-01-01
  10. Electronic Revolution/Die Elektronische Revolution by William S. Burroughs, 1998-01
  11. Letters to Allen Ginsberg, 1953-1957 by William S Burroughs, 1982
  12. William S. Burroughs: Time Place Word an Exhibit at the John Hay Library, Brown University by William S. Burroughs, 2000
  13. WALKER ART CENTER: William S Burroughs / Roy MacBride [Event Program] by William S] [BURROUGHS, 1983-01-01
  14. AUTHOR PRICE GUIDE 134.3: William S. Burroughs. by William S.). (Burroughs, 2004

61. William S. Burroughs
Skidoo Links. The Unofficial william burroughs Homepage. williamS burroughs This site includes the burroughs network database. A
Axis William S. Burroughs
5 February 1914 - 2 August 1997

An interview with William Burroughs and Genesis P-Orridge. The Final Academy
Multi-media event in London, 1982. Featured Burroughs/Gysin readings, Cabaret Voltaire, John Giorno, Last Few Days, Psychic TV's debut, 23 Skidoo...
Links The Unofficial William Burroughs Homepage William S Burroughs
This site includes the Burroughs network database. A collection of Burroughs related searchable documents. Photograph by Tina Freeman
Reproduced from
Industrial News, 4 November 1980

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62. Guardian Unlimited Books | Authors | Burroughs, Willliam
Profile, reviews, obituary and links.,5917,-29,00.html
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"Language is a virus from outer space." Birthplace

St Louis, Missouri, US
Harvard, US
Other jobs
Parental support allowed him to avoid the daylight world of work, though at one point he set up as a Texas farmer, growing oranges, cotton and marijuana.
Did you know? He has loomed large in popular culture, naming a musical genre - heavy metal - and in 1993 modelling for Gap. Critical verdict Always assured of adolescent adulation, from Naked Lunch on ("strident and illiterate to its heart of pulp"), critical reaction has been sharply divided - though his surprising endurance was proof that if you last long enough, the establishment develops an affection for you. The cut-up technique can make mid-period Burroughs taste over-chewed (if you've read Naked Lunch, then you've read The Soft Machine), but his last major work, the 80s Western Lands trilogy, was praised for its new discipline and narrative accessibility (while still including plenty of homoerotic cowboys, Egyptian gods and putrefying giant insects).

63. William S. Burroughs - [The Hip Surgery Music Guide]
william S. burroughs. b. william Seward burroughs February 5, 1914 St. 1975 williamS. burroughs/John Giorno (Giorno Poetry Systems) split w/John Giorno;
This Site The Internet RE/Search #4/5
William S. Burroughs
b. William Seward Burroughs
February 5, 1914
St. Louis, Missouri, USA. d. August 2, 1997
Lawrence, Kansas, USA. William S. Burroughs came to prominence through the typewriter, but his literary visions have had immense influence on the world of music, too. He's inspired artists such as Laurie Anderson , Bill Laswell, Throbbing Gristle DJ Spooky , and John Oswald , and he can be found on the cover of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album. His work has also sparked numerous band monikers (Steely Dan, Soft Machine, Nova Mob, Clem Snide, The Mugwumps). Although he is not actually a Beat Generation writer, he was friends with Beats like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg and often gets lumped in with them by association. His writing first gained attention with the 1959 publication of his infamous "The Naked Lunch," which became the subject of an obscenity trial a few years later. In Tangier

64. William Burroughs Interview With Don Swaim
An interview of william burroughs in 1984 by Don Swaim of CBS Radio. Available in RealAudio.
Wired For Books home Don Swaim Interviews
Audio Interview with William Burroughs
William Burroughs, author of Junkie Naked Lunch , and Cities of the Red Night , talks to Don Swaim in 1984 about his drug addiction, living in Tangiers, working as an exterminator, and his memories of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Listen to the William Burroughs interview with Don Swaim, 1984 (24 min. 55 sec.) Download Free RealPlayer
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(note: version 5.0 or higher is required) For many years most of the best writers of the English language found their way to Don Swaim's CBS Radio studio in New York. Wired for Books is proud to webcast these interviews in RealAudio. Wired for Books home

65. BeatBooks: Mayfair Academy Series More Or Less. BURROUGHS, William S.
Brighton Urgency Press RipOff, 1973. First edition.......Title Mayfair Academy Series More Or Less. Author burroughs, william S.
Title: Mayfair Academy Series More Or Less.
Author: BURROUGHS, William S.

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66. Burroughs 1
Fictionalized biography. The month in 1965 when william burroughs lived with us in the Church of the All Seeing Eye. Illustrated.
August Horne's Morbid Obsessions has moved to a new location. You will be redirected in a few seconds. Or you can click here var site="sm6gushorne"

67. > Burroughs, William S.
burroughs, william S. Viewing 11 of 1 results. 1. Dead City Radioburroughs, william S. Audio CD Recorded at Hairball 3 in Lawrence

68. Shooting Joan Burroughs, Beats In Kansas
Beat writer william S. burroughs at home in Lawrence, Kansas. Original photographs of william and Allen Ginsberg included. A view of the old beat feeding his fish, talking about Beckett and about shooting his commonlaw wife, Joan Vollmer burroughs.
Beats In Kansas Web Sites
Shooting Joan Burroughs
by George Laughead Jr.
[Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs at home in 1997. From Beat Fools: James Grauerholz and Me30 Years of Weirdness . It all started when I was James Grauerholz's teacher in 1970. He was a student in my "Electronic Media and Society" class, the first at KU to use a William Burroughs book ( Nova Express , 1965) as required reading. James Grauerholz went on to become William's boy. It has been confusing ever since. William Burroughs died August 2, 1997.] "Do you believe in UFOs?" William S. Burroughs asked. We had been talking in William's bedroom while I worked, sitting at his one-drawer wood desk, looking out at the backyard fishpond and his Reichian orgone box. The nervousness of being around William increased due to his reading out loud from Mario Puzo's The Last Don "He wanted blood. He cut the guy to pieces. He cut off his cock and nuts and breasts.... He enjoys doing it and that is very dangerous for the Family...." "That's power," William stated, then read on. From William Burroughs' mouth, Puzo is fucking alarming.

69. Grazulis
Dedicated to the work of william burroughs, a writer who dealt with things in their true nature, showing us the food on the fork, the Naked Lunch .
Welcome Burroughs Zen Writing Links This is the web site of G. D. Leeming. This site is a part of , a loose association of writers, artists and musicians. Here you can find information on the American writer William S. Burroughs and a working, javascript version of the Cutup Machine, also available as a free download The section on Zen Buddhism has recently been expanded and now includes some extra poems, images and texts. The writing area is for some of my own work, mainly short fiction but it also includes an online diary kept while travelling in Mexico, Central America and Peru. A selection of photos of some of the highlights are also there, including pictures of famous Mayan ruins, caves and Semana Santa in San Cristobal de las Casas. I am also pleased to be able to direct you to where there is a copy of the cut-up machine available in Spanish. What's New? You can now pick a different look for the website. Just click one of the selected styles below and the site will appear in that style from then on. Special: Chumbawamba have released an anti-war single which is also available as a free mp3 download. Click on the image to learn more:

70. File:///Burroughs, Ports Of Entry Exhibition
2, 1996. The Nova Convention Revisited william S. burroughs the Arts, at theLied Center, University of Kansas, Tuesday, Nov. 26, 1996. Some burroughs Links.
Ports of Entry: William S. Burroughs and the Arts
On Display at the Spencer Museum of Art
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A.
October 26, 1996 - January 5, 1997
Press Release
, and other information Ports of Entry Symposium , at the Student Union, University of Kansas, Nov. 2, 1996 , at the Lied Center, University of Kansas, Tuesday, Nov. 26, 1996 Some Burroughs Links The Unofficial Burroughs Homepage
The William S. Burroughs InterNetWebZone
Ports of Entry is organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Its presentation at the Spencer Museum of Art is supported by the William T. Kemper Foundation and the Institute of Museum Services, a federal agency. (Return to Printroom Home Page)

Excerpts from The Naked Lunch , The Soft Machine , The Ticket That Exploded , and Nove Express .
THE NAKED LUNCH (Olympia Press, Paris, 1959)
The Naked Lunch is a blueprint, a How-To Book ... How-to extend levels of experience by opening the door at the end of a long hall ... Doors that only in Silence ... Naked Lunch demands Silence from The Reader. Otherwise he is taking his own pulse ...
... There is only one thing a writer can write about: what is infront of his senses at the moment of writing ... I am a recording instrument ... I do not pretend to impose 'story' 'plot' 'continuity' ... Insofaras I succeed in Direct recording of certain areas of psychic process I may have a limited function ... I am not an entertainer...
... Gentle Reader, The Word will leap on you with leopard man iron claws, it will cut off fingers and toes like an opportunist land crab, it will coil round your thighs like a bushmaster and inject a shot glass of rancid ectoplasm ... ... The Word is divided into units which be all in one piece and should be so taken, but the pieces can be had in any order being tied back and forth, in and out fore and aft like an innaresting sex arrangement. This book spill off the page in all directions, kaleidoscope of vistas, medley of tunes and street noises, farts and riot yipes and the slamming steel shutters of commerce, screams of pain and pathos and screams plain pathic, copulating cats and outrages squark of the displaced bull head, prophetic mutterings of brujo in nutmeg trances. snapping necks and screaming mandrakes, sigh of orgasm, heroin silent as dawn in the thirsty cells, Radio Cario screaming like a berserk tobacco suction, and flutes of Ramadan fanning the slick junky like a gentle lush worker in the grey subway dawn feeling with delicate fingers for the green folding crackle.

72. Burroughs, William S. In General Reviews, Ratings, Guide - Advice And Online Sho
burroughs, william S. in general reviews, ratings, guide advice and online shoppingfrom more. all reviews on burroughs, william S. in general,
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Search... Home Books and Magazines Printed Books Burroughs, William S. in general
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73. On-line Texts By Or About William S. Burroughs
Texts by burroughs, interviews, and reviews of his work.
on-line texts by or about William S. Burroughs
These files came from the William S. Burroughs gopher site , with hypertext markups added here for the Web versions. A direct link to the gopher site at is referenced above and elsewhere in this project. Additional texts may be found there as new submissions are added.

74. EFF "William_S_Burroughs" Archive
A small online archive of material about and by burroughs, including the texts of three interviews, spaced over three decades. All material is in plaintext format.
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The William S. Burroughs InterNetWebZone
Burroughs' last tape
The final journals of Beat legend William S. Burroughs reveal the kinder, gentler last days of an "evil old man."

75. Disinformation | William S. Burroughs
william s. burroughs December 20, 2000, The william S burroughs Inter Net WebZone 'An electronic reference guide to work of william S. burroughs.
WHY DO PEOPLE HATE AMERICA? is out now - the most important book of the year is here just in time!
Justice Scalia: 'Protections Will be Ratcheted Right Down to the Constitutional Minimum'
U.S. Steps up Afghanistan Campaign
U.S. Exaggerates Relative Size of Iraq Alliance
Religion in the News: February 2003
william s. burroughs
December 20, 2000
'When I become death, death is the seed from which I grow.' Gentleman junkie, world traveler, anti-authoritarian, and visionary author of the nightmarish masterpiece Naked Lunch, William S. Burroughs was America's renegade man of letters. From the accidental murder of his wife Joan Vollmer and his search in South America for the hallucinogenic vine yage, to his exotic adventures with fellow 'Beats' Allen Ginsberg, Jack Keroauc, painter Brion Gysin, and novelist Paul Bowles, Burroughs' life was the stuff of legend. Described by Norman Mailer as 'the only living American novelist who may conceivably be possessed of genius', Burroughs certainly lived up to those words. William Burroughs died at age 83 of heart failure in Lawrence, Kansas on August 2, 1997. With the passing of Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and Burroughs, the question must be asked: where is the new breed of dissident intellectuals to take their places?

76. William S. Burroughs Homepage
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77. OAC:
Finding Aids Browse UC San Diego Mandeville Special Collections Library burroughs (william S.) Correspondence. burroughs (william S.) Correspondence.
Burroughs (William S.) Correspondence Finding Aids Browse UC San Diego Mandeville Special Collections Library Burroughs (William S.) Correspondence
Burroughs (William S.) Correspondence
View options: Standard Entire finding aid (3K bytes) Contents: DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY Administrative Information BIOGRAPHY SCOPE AND CONTENT
William S. Burroughs correspondence, 1961-1965 Collection number:
MSS 0280 Extent:
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Mandeville Special Collections Library, Geisel Library, UC, San Diego

La Jolla, CA 92093-0175

Shelf Location:
For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
To access these materials, please contact the contributing institution: UC San Diego, Mandeville Special Collections Library Comments? Questions?
The Online Archive of California (OAC) is an initiative of the California Digital Library

78. Browse By Artist: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S.
Index of Artists Browse by Artist burroughs, william S. Artist burroughs, williamS. Title Break Through In Grey Room. Label SUB ROSA (BELGIUM). Format CD.
FE Home New Releases Browse Catalog Info ...
Index of Artists
Browse by Artist: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S.
Artist: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. Title: Break Through In Grey Room Label: SUB ROSA (BELGIUM) Format: CD Price: Catalog #: SR 008 CD Previous Page Index of Artists Next Page

79. William S. Burroughs @ Catharton Authors
Catharton Authors B burroughs, william S. william Seward burroughs. 1914 1997. Bored? Websites william S. burroughs Word Virus.
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors B : Burroughs, William S. William Seward Burroughs Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: William S. Burroughs [] Word Virus William Burrough's Cutup Method The Cosmic Baseball Association: William Seward Burroughs ... The William S. Burroughs Files Message Boards: Suggest or Request a board Mailing Lists: THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE Burroughs' Naked Lunch BillBurroughs Chat Rooms: THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE Burroughs' Naked Lunch BillBurroughs Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for William S. Burroughs List of Works:
Naked Lunch

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80. William S. Burroughs
Cola. burroughs, william S. “Ah Pook Is Here,” illustrated by MalcolmMcNeil. Here.”, burroughs, william S. Cities of the Red Night.
Updated 6-Mar-03
William S. Burroughs
Bockris, Victor. With William Burroughs. A Report from the Bunker. NYC: Seaver Books, 1981. 8vo, xx + 250pp. Illustrated. Hardbound in dust jacket. Fine. $30 Burroughs, Laura Lee. Flower Arranging. Three volumes. Atlanta: Coca-Cola Company, 1941-42. Small 4tos, 56 unnumbered pages, 80pp, 80pp, respectively. Fine. $100 Burroughs, William S. in Rush, the Magazine of High Entertainment, vol. 1 no. 3. NYC: Rush magazine, December 1976. 4to, 88pp counting covers. Saddle-stapled, slick paper. Trifling fatigue near spine. $125 Burroughs, William S. Cities of the Red Night. NYC: Holt, Rinehart anmd Winston, [1981]. 8vo, xviii + 332pp. Hardbound in dust jacket. Fine. $35 First edition. Burroughs, William S. Electronic Revolution. First edition, one of 450 copies. Illustrations by Brion Gysin. Cambridge, England: Blackmoor Head Press, 1971. 4to, 76pp. Wraps. Fine. $300 First edition. One of 450 copies comprising the trade edition (500 copies total). Burroughs, William S. Port of Saints. First edition, one of 100 signed.

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