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         Carrier Roch:     more books (82)
  1. The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, 1985-09-01
  2. L'homme dans le placard: Roch Carrier (French Edition) by Roch Carrier, 1991
  3. Les Enfants du Bonhomme dans la Lune by Roch; Fischman, Sheila (translator) Carrier, 1998
  4. Our Life with the Rocket : The Maurice Richard Story by Roch Carrier, 2002
  5. The Hockey Sweater and Other Stories by Roch Carrier, 1979-11-01
  6. Il n'y a pas de pays sans grand-pere (Quebec 10/10) (French Edition) by Roch Carrier, 1979
  7. Une chaise: Roman (French Edition) by Roch Carrier, 1999
  8. La dame qui avait des chaines aux chevilles: Roman (French Edition) by Roch Carrier, 1981
  9. The Longest Home Run by Roch Carrier, 2001-09-11
  10. Un chameau en Jordanie: Recit (French Edition) by Roch Carrier, 1988
  11. Chambre 204 (French Edition) by Richard Evraire, 1982
  12. Lady With Chains by Roch Carrier, 1984-07
  13. Floralie, Where Are You? by Roch Carrier, 1971-06
  14. They Won't Demolish Me! by Roch Carrier, 1974-06

1. Roch Carrier
Roch Carrier (1937 ) born and raised in the village of Sainte-Justine-de-Dorchester, Quebec educated at the Universite de Montreal, and the Sorbonne in Paris where he received a doctorate in literature
Roch Carrier (1937- )
  • writer
  • born and raised in the village of Sainte-Justine-de-Dorchester, Quebec
  • educated at the Universite de Montreal, and the Sorbonne in Paris where he received a doctorate in literature
  • returned to Montreal, became resident dramatist with the Theatre du Nouveau Monde
  • one of Quebec's most celebrated novelists
  • also writes contes (a French-Canadian form of extremely short stories)
  • Novels and Short Story collections:
    • La Guerre, Yes Sir!
    • Floralie, Ou Es-Tu? Floralie, Where Are You?
    • Il est par la, le Soleil Is it the Sun, Philibert?
    • Jardin des Delices The Garden of Delights
    • Il ny a pas de Pays sans Grand Pere No Country without Grandfathers
    • Les Enfants du Bonhomme dans la Lune The Hockey Sweater and other stories
    • Dame qui avait des Chaines aux Chevilles Lady with Chains
  • Carrier has adapted La Guerre, Yes Sir! and Floralie, Ou Es-Tu? for the stage
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2. Writing In Canada: Authors: Roch Carrier
roch carrier resources online, including bibliographical materialand annotated links. home authors publications publishers

authors publications publishers ... about us Roch Carrier works by
  • Jolis deuils La guerre, yes sir! (1968; trans 1970) (1969; trans 1971) (1970; trans 1972) (1973; trans 1974) (1975; trans 1978) (1979; trans 1981) Les fleurs vivent-elles ailleurs que sur la terre The Man in the Closet Fin / The End (1994; trans by Sheila Fischman)
for children
  • Les enfants du bonhomme dans la lune / The Hockey Sweater (1979; trans 1979) Les voyageurs de l'arc-en-ciel La celeste bicyclette / The Celestial Bicycle (1991; trans by Sheila Fischman) Canada Je T'aime / I Love You , images by Miyuki Tanoube
works on
  • Margot Northey, "Sportive Grotesque," Canadian Literature , 70 (Autumn 1976)
  • in 1964 for Jolis deuils in 1981 Stephen Leacock Award for Humour in 1991 for Prayers of a Very Wise Child
Roch Carrier
brief bio and picture
Favourite Place
Roch tells about his favourite place
Roch Carrier named head of National Library
brief article
Roch Carrier
brief bio and lengthy bibliographical info from national library.
Talking Translation: Sheila Fischman Roch Carrier Une terre ingrate - Roch Carrier se souvient de Sainte-Justine (The Ungrateful Land: Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine)
narrated by Roch Carrier
Roch Carrier
picture, and biographical info from canoe.

Translate this page carrier roch. Pourquoi fêter Roch Carrier La Presse, samedi, le 30 juin 2001.
  • Pourquoi fêter
    Roch Carrier La Presse, samedi, le 30 juin 2001
    carrier roch. Records 1 to 3 of 3. Carrier, Roch. The basketball player/ story by Roch Carrier ; illustrations by Sheldon Cohen ROCH

    5. Roch Carrier - Wikipedia
    Roch Carrier. Roch Carrier is a celebrated FrenchCanadian novelist and authorof contes (a French-Canadian very brief form of the short story).
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    Roch Carrier
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Roch Carrier is a celebrated French Canadian novelist and author of "contes" (a French-Canadian very brief form of the short story ). He was born in Sainte-Justine-de-Dorchester, Quebec , on May 13 He studied at the Université St-Louis (in the Canadian province of New Brunswick ), the (in Quebec), and at the Sorbonne , in Paris France , where he received a doctorate in literature. From 1994 to 1997, he served as head of the Canada Council In , Carrier was named Canada's National Librarian. Published novels and collections of short stories
    • La guerre, yes sir! (Floralie, Where Are You?) (1969)

    6. Untitled
    Roch carrier roch Carrier was born in the small town of SainteJustine, Quebec,in 1937.He received a BA from the Universite Saint-Louis in Edmunston, New

    7. Roch Carrier
    Roch Carrier. Roch Carrier was born in 1937 in the village of SainteJustine-de-Dorchester,Quebec. He was educated at the Universite
    Roch Carrier
    Roch Carrier was born in 1937 in the village of Sainte-Justine-de-Dorchester, Quebec. He was educated at the Universite de Montreal and the Sorbonne in Paris where he got a doctorate in literature. Then he returned to Montreal and became one of Quebec's most celebrated authors . Here is some of his work La Guerre,yes sir!(1968)
    Floralie,Ou Es-Tu (1969)
    Il est par la, le Soleil (1970)
    Jardin des Delices (1975)
    Il ny a pas de pays sans Grand pere (1977)
    This page was written by Luke O'Brien, January 20, 2000.

    8. ALC 2001 - Keynote Speakers
    Keynote Speakers 2001 ROCH carrier roch carrier roch Carrier wasborn in SainteJustine, Quebec, on May 13, 1937. He received a
    Keynote Speakers 2001 ROCH CARRIER Roch Carrier Roch Carrier was born in Sainte-Justine, Quebec, on May 13, 1937. He received a bachelor of arts degree (1957)from the Université Saint-Louis in Edmundston, New Brunswick, a master of arts degree (1964) from the Université de Montréal, and a doctorat ès lettres degree (1970) from the Université de Paris. In 1964, he joined the French Department of the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean (CMR), where he taught literature until 1970. In search of new challenges, he continued his teaching career at the Université de Montréal (1970-1971). He was appointed secretary general of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde in 1971. He returned to CMR as director of the French Department (1973-1980) and coordinator of the undergraduate program in Canadian Studies. In 1986, he became dean of the Faculty of Administration and Humanities. In August 1989, he was named acting rector, and in March 1990, he was appointed rector. Several novels written by Mr. Carrier are considered classics and are used in schools and universities around the world, in both French and English. Some have been translated into foreign languages. He has also written plays that have been produced both in Canada and abroad. In addition to teaching, administrative responsibilities and writing, Mr. Carrier has been active in such prestigious cultural organizations as the Canada Council for the Arts and the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, where he served on the board of directors, in various capacities, over a period of 12 years. He also acted as a consultant to the Canadian Film Development Corporation for six years. He was the director of Québec 10/10, a collection of Quebec literature published in paperback by Stanké, and was advisor to the Quebec Minister of Cultural Affairs.

    9. Interview With Roch Carrier
    From the Marginal Librarian.
    Interview with Roch Carrier National Librarian of Canada Photo by D. Gwyn Everyone has to start somewhere; in fact an experience similar to the one above can be found on the resume of our current National Librarian, Roch Carrier, who early on in his career learned the value of books and the power of a good sales pitch. His recent appointment as National Librarian will no doubt put these skills to the test as he moves forward to raise the profile of the National Library, and reinforce the importance of libraries and literacy across the country. Mr. Carrier visited McGill's Graduate School of Library and Information Studies in early November and spoke to a full house of staff and students about his role, his vision and his thoughts about information and society. (For a full report on his speech see David Kemper's article When asked about his priorities, Carrier listed three main challenges he faces as National Librarian. The first and foremost is to interpret the governmental mandate for the National Library and fit it into the newly delineated vision. Challenge number two is to take an objective look at what the National Library is doing, and to identify areas for improvement. Challenge number three is to increase funding for libraries. He did not believe that asking for a bigger budget was feasible without addressing the first two challenges on his list. "[Budget] cuts need to be corrected and won't unless people know what libraries are doing." Carrier said. He plans on getting the word out.

    10. NLC - Reading By Roch Carrier
    Biography and works.Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists carrier, roch...... Lectures, Photo Yves Beaulieu, roch carrier. April 21, 1995. WORKS BY rochcarrier EXCLUDING BOOKS FOR CHILDREN ROMANS NOVELS. La guerre, yes sir!


    Photo: Yves Beaulieu
    Roch Carrier
    April 21, 1995
    "Words aren't the true reality. Thinking about a trout isn't the same as holding it, slippery and trembling, in your hand; but words make a kind of magic that revives dead things and brings to life other things not yet alive. Words bestow life." Roch Carrier, No Country without Grandfathers "To write is to agree to play the great game of life, of love and of death where the soul is condemned to lose at the end of the game, and the novelist is he who never really accepts this role." Roch Carrier "When nothing happens, one always hopes to go where there is something. The dream therefore takes a major place in the spirit and one develops this ability which is essential to the writer." Roch Carrier
    A prolific contemporary Quebecois author, Roch Carrier has a number of works to his credit, and has received many prizes and honours, among them the 1991 Stephen Leacock Prize for humour for Prayers of a Very Wise Child His inspiration often has an autobiographical source, and he likes to describe the lives of people here and elsewhere.

    11. L'ILE | écrivains | Roch Carrier
    mai 1937 ) Poète, conteur, romancier et dramaturge, roch carrier a étudié au Collège Saint-Louis d'Edmunston, à l

    12. Roch Carrier's La Guerre, Yes Sir!
    Review of the novel.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Roch Carrier's La Guerre, Yes Sir!
    A Pile of Shit, Yes Sir! While I was at the Missisauga Central Library last week, I managed to pick up a slim paperback for a buck - Roch Carrier's La Guerre, Yes Sir! , a translation of his 1968 novel. I've never read anything else by Carrier, but I would suspect that his work is pretty much the same.
    The book is full of characters, albeit not very interesting ones. For an anti-war novel (presumably - it was hard to tell whether it was anti-war, anti-British or what), it was full of characters abusing others, whether it was a father kicking his son in the ass or a soldier demolishing a man's face who praises killing Germans. Since that particular soldier had no personal experience of the horrors of war (he cleaned bathrooms on a base), there was no reason for him to be so violent. That's basically the way the whole novel went. It was impossible to determine what each character's motivation was - a mark of hackwork. All of them are flat; we really don't know anything about any of the characters, about their backgrounds.
    La Guerre has the feel of a Vonnegut or Heller, but without their class. Full of bitter mockery - of every character, not just the English (soldiers) who "smiled because they didn't understand a word" of French. We find out at the end of the novel that the French Canadian character Corriveau, who was mourned and wept over so much where the reader didn't give a damn about him anymore, died by stepping on a mine while trying to relieve himself. Amusing as that is, Carrier's writing (and/or perhaps the translation by Sheila Fischman) is so incompetent that the reader isn't able to laugh. We're so sick of his family and the other villagers who pray over "poor Corriveau," a French Canadian tragic figure who died in a war that, according to the novel, the French Canadians didn't even want. Who is to blame for this war? The English? Who cares!

    13. Biography - National Librarian, Roch Carrier
    Photograph of roch carrier, aged ten, wearing the dreaded Toronto Maple Leafs sweaterYoung roch in the dreaded Toronto Maple Leafs sweater that inspired his
    See Also
    Young Roch in the dreaded Toronto Maple Leafs sweater that inspired his well-loved tale The Hockey Sweater
    Who would have known that of all the boys who dreamed of one day becoming the next Maurice Richard, it would be Roch Carrier, the self-admitted worst hockey player in his village, who would one day be given Richard's hockey sweater by his childhood idol? Born May 13, 1937 in Sainte-Justine, Quebec, Roch Carrier has always followed his own path. The path leading from his village's outdoor skating rink to the office of Canada's National Librarian has been a long and winding one, filled with many achievements and surprises. One thing that was not a surprise to Roch Carrier was becoming an author. From the time he was a young boy, he knew he wanted to be a writer. Not content to just sit and write all day, he also wanted to be involved in life. He has been able to fulfill both desires. At the age of 31, he published his hugely successful novel, La Guerre, Yes Sir!

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    15. Poésie-Québé - Carrier, Roch
    Translate this page Cliquez! carrier, roch. Nom Dates Lieu de naissance carrier, roch. 1937 -.Sainte-Justine (comté Dorchester). Biographie À venir. Bibliographie
    Le portail de la poésie québécoise
    et francophone d'Amérique MC


    Message de R. Duhamel

    Carrier, Roch Nom: Dates: Lieu de naissance: Carrier, Roch Sainte-Justine (comté Dorchester)
    Biographie: À venir.
    Bibliographie: LES JEUX INCOMPRIS poèmes / Roch Carrier. [Montréal] : les Editions Nocturne, 1956 CHERCHE TES MOTS, CHERCHE TES PAS / Roch Carrier. [Montréal] : les Editions Nocturne, 1958 JOLIS DEUILS petites tragédies / Roch Carrier. Montréal : les Editions du Jour, c1964
    Notes : Titre de la couv.: Jolis deuils : petites tragédies pour adultes. LA GUERRE, YES SIR Roman / Roch Carrier. Montréal : Editions du Jour, c1968 FLORALIE, OÙ ES-TU? roman / Roch Carrier. Montréal : Editions du Jour, 1969 IL EST PAR LÀ, LE SOLEIL roman / Roch Carrier. Montréal : Editions du Jour, c1970 LA GUERRE, YES SIR Pièce en quatre parties / Roch Carrier. Montréal : Editions du Jour, c1970
    Notes : Sur la couverture: Théâtre ; "Cette pièce en quatre parties constitue l'adaptation pour la scène d'un roman de Roch Carrier paru sous le même titre aux Editions du Jour, à Montréal, en 1968". Cf. p. [7] LA GUERRE, YES SIR

    16. Roch Carrier Becomes Librarian Of Canada
    Article from the Montreal Gazette.
    Reprinted from
    Tuesday 6 July 1999 Roch Carrier becomes librarian of Canada

    Southam Newspapers FILE PHOTO / Carrier's getting job is believed so library can become more prominent in unity debate.
    Roch Carrier, the award-winning novelist who ran for the Quebec Liberals in the provincial election last year has been named to a $140,000-a-year federal post as Canada's national librarian. Canadian Heritage Minister Sheila Copps announced yesterday that Carrier, a former director of the Canada Council under the Liberals, will take over as head of the national library in October. The move comes despite earlier arguments from the Canadian Library Association that the government should put a professional librarian in the post following the retirement of Marianne Scott. 'Going to promote Canada' However, government officials suggest the appointment means the Liberals plan to catapult the low-profile $30-million-a-year federal institution into a more prominent role as the national unity battle against Quebec separatists heats up. "He's going to promote Canada," Jacques Lefebvre, Copps's press secretary, said of Carrier's appointment and duties.At the same time, Copps announced another ardent Quebec federalist, veteran journalist Laurier Lapierre, will be her special consultant on the creation of an advisory board to oversee the national library and the national archives.

    17. L'ILE | écrivains | Roch Carrier
    Translate this page Notice biographique. (Sainte-Justine, comté Dorchester, le 13 mai 1937 - ) Poète,conteur, romancier et dramaturge, roch carrier a étudié au Collège Saint

    18. Our Life With The Rocket By Carrier, Roch - Isbn 0670883751
    Last updated April 4, 2002. Canadian Biography. Title Our Life With TheRocket. Author carrier, roch. ISBN 0670883751. Estimated Price $ 35 (Cdn).
    Main cHistory cPolitics cMilitary ... cFiction
    Last updated : April 4, 2002
    Canadian Biography
    Title: Our Life With The Rocket Author: Carrier, Roch ISBN: Estimated Price: $ 35 (Cdn) Binding: Cloth hardbound edition Summary: Maurice Richard, the Rocket, was the greatest hockey player of his era. Part hockey book, part biography, and part social history. Larger view of cover
    For further information, price, or availability then visit
    affiliated with Main cHistory cPolitics cMilitary ... cFiction

    19. The Boxing Champion
    Review of 'The Boxing Champion'.Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists carrier, roch......roch carrier. In The Boxing Champion, roch carrier returns to his childhood villageof Sainte Justine to continue the story of his athletic adventures.
    THE BOXING CHAMPION Roch Carrier. Illustrated by Sheldon Cohen. Translated by Sheila Fischman.
    24pp., cloth, $14.95.
    ISBN 0-88776-249-2. Also available in French as: Un Champion. CIP.
    Grades K - 5 / Ages 4 - 10
    Reviewed by Norma Charles. Volume 19 Number 4
    1991 September
    Roch Carrier's humorously self-deprecating story, whose wit, lilt and cadence Sheila Fischman has managed to maintain, blends wonderfully with Cohen's riotously colourful, delightfully detailed illustrations to produce a sure winner. In The Boxing Champion , Roch Carrier returns to his childhood village of Sainte Justine to continue the story of his athletic adventures. This time, it is spring. The ice rink is nothing but a big puddle, so the hockey players regretfully hang up their hockey sweaters (Roch's disguised Toronto Maple Leaf sweater from his wonderful previous book, The Hockey Sweater Otherwise, this is a very fine book, which will be read and re-read many times while we await the next one in the series. Norma Charles, Van Horne Elementary School, Vancouver, BC.

    20. CM Archive
    May/June. carrier, roch The Boxing Champion Reviewed by Norma CharlesGrades K 5 / Ages 4 - 10 1991 September. carrier, roch The





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    Carrier, Roch

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