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         Charteris Leslie:     more books (100)
  1. The Saint: Five Complete Novels: The Man Who Was Clever, The Lawless Lady, The Saint Closes the Case, The Avenging Saint, The Saint vs. Scotland Yard by Leslie Charteris, 1983-02-01
  2. Saint Abroad by Leslie Charteris, 1979-08
  3. The Saint: Alias the Saint by Leslie Charteris, 1994-04-20
  4. The Saint: Saint Overboard & The Saint Plays with Fire: Two BBC Radio Crimes Full-Cast Dramatizations by Charteris Leslie, 2010-08-10
  5. Saint Overboard: A Saint Story by Leslie Charteris, 1984-06
  6. The Saint Meets the Tiger by Leslie Charteris, 1944
  7. Featuring the Saint by Leslie Charteris, 1980-02
  8. The Saint Bids Diamonds (Coronet Books) by Leslie Charteris, 1989-09-01
  9. Saint Goes West by Leslie Charteris, 1940-06
  10. The Saint At Large by Leslie Charteris, 1945-05-01
  11. The Saint in Action by Leslie Charteris, 1980-08
  12. Knight Templar (The Saint Series) by Leslie Charteris, 1989-08
  13. OFF THE BEATEN ORBIT: Wolves Don't Cry; The Ambassadors; Share Alike; Blood; A Way of Thinking; Child's Play; O Ugly Bird; The Wheelbarrow Boy; Fish Story; Desertion; Triflin' Man; The Night He Cried; The Demon King; Proof of the Pudding; Homecoming by Judith (editor) (Bruce Elliott; Anthony Boucher; Jerome Bixby; Joe E. Dean; Fredric Brown; Theodore Sturgeon; William Tenn; Manly Wade Wellman; Richard Parker; Leslie Charteris; Clifford D. Simak; Walter M. Miller; Fritz Leiber; J. B. Priestley) Merril, 1959
  14. The First Saint Omnibus: An Anthology of Saintly Adventures (Saint Series) by Leslie Charteris, 1990-07

1. Leslie Charteris
Bibliography of The Saint novels from the Secret Agent's Homepage.Category Arts Literature Authors C Charteris, Leslie......Leslie Charteris. 'I am the Saint you may have heard of me. Justa twentieth-century privateer. In my small way I try to put right
Leslie Charteris
'I am the Saint - you may have heard of me. Just a twentieth-century privateer. In my small way I try to put right a few of the things that are wrong with this cock-eyed world, and clean up some of the excrescences I come across.' Thus Simon Templar introduces himself in one of Leslie Charteris' witty and action-packed 'Saint' books. In order of publication, they are: Meet the Tiger (later Saint Meets The Tiger)
Last Hero (later Saint Closes the Case)
Enter The Saint
Knight Templar (later Avenging Saint)
Wanted for Murder
Featuring the Saint
Alias the Saint
She Was A Lady (later Saint Meets his Match)
The Holy Terror (later Saint v. Scotland Yard)(
Getaway (later Saint's Getaway
Once More the Saint (later Saint and Mr Teal) The Brighter Buccaneer Boodle (later Saint Intervenes) Saint Goes On Saint in New York Saint Overboard Ace of Knaves Thieves' Picnic (later Saint Bids Diamonds) Prelude for War (later Saint Plays With Fire) Follow the Saint Happy Highwayman Saint in Miami Saint goes West Saint Steps In Saint On Guard Saint Sees It Through Call for the Saint Saint Errant Saint in Europe Saint on the Spanish Main Saint around the World Thanks to the Saint Senor Saint Saint to the Rescue Trust the Saint Saint in the Sun Vendetta for the Saint Saint in Pursuit Saint and the People Importers These are the original book titles, Many were later changed - I have given all the revised titles I know of.

2. Leslie Charteris
Brief biography.Category Arts Literature Authors C Charteris, Leslie......Leslie Charteris by George Alex Windish Leslie Charteris is not a forgotten writer. Thereis also a meticulously researched website for Leslie Charteris.

Play/Screen Writing
Freelance Writing Specialty Writing Leslie Charteris
by George Alex Windish

Leslie Charteris is not a forgotten writer. Though he wrote other things, he will go down in literary history with his character, Simon Templar, the urbane, sophisticated, gentleman-adventurer better known as the Saint. Charteris was born in 1907, the son of Dr. S.C. Yin, whose roots could be traced to the old emperors of China. Charteris was christened Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin, and learned several language before he learned English. He was not a distinguished scholar, but did manage to write a novel while he was attending Cambridge. He continued to write, but seldom made money at it. To keep himself fed, he worked as a policeman, drove a bus, prospected for gold, worked in tin mines, fished for pearl, tended bar, and became a professional bridge player. In 1926, he legally changed his name. In 1929, he wrote MEET THE TIGER, the first Saint book. MEET THE TIGER sold very well, and soon the followup adventures of Simon Templar were making Charteris famous and rich. In 1932, he moved to the United States.

3. Leslie Charteris
Biography of the author with a selected bibliography and listing of film scripts.Category Arts Literature Authors C Charteris, Leslie......Leslie Charteris was born Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin. His father wasDr. SC Yin and mother Florence Bowyer. He learned Chinese and
Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Leslie Charteris (1907-1993) - in full: Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin American mystery-adventure writer, born in Singapore. Charteris is best-known for his highly popular " The Saint" stories, depicting the adventures of Simon Templar, a hero outside the law, who hunted down criminals and con artists whom the law could not or would not touch. The first screen adaptation was made in 1938; the TV series started in 1963 with Roger Moore as the Saint. Simon Templar's return to the big screen was seen in 1997, this time with Val Klimer in the title role. "It is truly said that adventures are to the adventurous. Simon had about him that indefinable atmosphere of romance and adventurousness which is given to some favored men in every age, and it attracted adventure as inevitably as a magnet attracts iron filings." (from Enter the Saint Leslie Charteris was born Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin. His father was Dr. S.C. Yin and mother Florence Bowyer. He learned Chinese and Malay from native servants before he could speak English. Charteris was educated at private schools, and was keen to run the school magazines. At the age of seventeen Charteris sold his first fiction story. He attended Cambridge University, where he studied law. After the success of his first books, X ESQUIRE (1927) and the Simon Templar story, MEET THE TIGER (1927), the young author abandoned his studies, and changed his name to Leslie Charteris. Experiments with other detective-protagonists were not fruitful, and he brought back the Saint in his sixth book, ENTER THE SAINT (1930). "We Saints are normally souls of peace and goodwill towards men. But we don't like crooks, bloodsuckers, traders in vice and damnation..."

4. Leslie Charteris
LESLIE CHARTERIS. Simon The Saint Templar, an international thief,millionaire, and master of disguise, is featured in Meet the
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Simon "The Saint" Templar, an international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise, is featured in: Meet the Tiger (1928)
APA The Saint Meets the Tiger Knight Templar (1930)
APA The Avenging Saint Enter the Saint [three novellas] (1930) The Last Hero
APA The Saint Closes the Case Alias the Saint [SS] (1931) Featuring the Saint [SS] (1931) Wanted for Murder (1931)
APA The SaintWanted for Murder She Was a Lady (1931)
APA Angels of Doom
APA The Saint Meets His Match The Saint versus Scotland Yard [four novelettes] (1932)
APA The Holy Terror Getaway
APA Saint's Getaway The Saint and Mr. Teal [three novelettes] (1933)
APA Once More the Saint The Brighter Buccaneer [SS] (1933)
APA The Saint: The Brighter Buccaneer The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal [three novelettes] (1934) APA The Saint in London The Saint Intervenes [SS] (1934) APA Boodle The Saint Goes On [three novelettes] (1934) The Saint in New York (1935) Saint Overboard APA The Pirate Saint The Ace of Knaves [SS] (1937) APA The Saint in Action Thieves' Picnic (1937) APA The Saint Bids Diamonds Prelude for War (1938) APA The Saint Plays with Fire Follow the Saint [three novelettes] (1938) The Happy Highwayman [SS] (1939) The First Saint Omnibus (1939) The Saint in Miami (1940) The Saint Goes West [three novelettes] (1942)

5. Helgonet - Simon Templar. Om Leslie Charteris.
Leslie charteris leslie Charles Bowyer Yin. Leslie Charles dynastin. Hansmor var engelska. Leslie bytte 1926 namn till Leslie Charteris. 1920

Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin.
Leslie bytte 1926 namn till Leslie Charteris.
Simon Templar
, som Helgonet.
The Saintly Bible

Charteris samlade verk
jag bilar ... film leslie musik
Simon Templar,

6. Novels 2
john kimmie; charteris leslie - saint overboard; charteris leslie- the saint in new york; cheyney peter - youd be surprised; christie
Please select a title from the list below:-

7. Roman Policier
Translate this page Neuf. 69 FB charteris leslie, Le Saint. Le policier fantôme. 93 p. Occasion- 68 FB charteris leslie, Par ici la monnaie (Le Saint). Librio, 1998.
Roman policier
BALLINGER Bill, Version originale.
Librio, 1998.
Neuf - 70 FB
BOILEAU-NARCEJAC, A coeur perdu.
Occasion - 30 FB
BROWN Carter,
Occasion - 30 FB
BRUSSOLO Serge, La fille de la nuit.
Livre de poche, 1997. 317 p.
Neuf - 225 FB BUCHAN J., Les 39 marches. Librio. Neuf - 68 FB CARTERIS Leslie, Le Saint. En petites coupures. Librio, 1997. Neuf. 69 FB CHARTERIS Leslie, Librio, 1997. 93 p. Occasion - 68 FB CHARTERIS Leslie, Par ici la monnaie (Le Saint). Librio, 1998. Neuf - 70 FB CHARTERIS Leslie, Librio. Neuf - 68 FB CHARTERIS Leslie, Librio. Neuf - 69 FB CHARTERIS Leslie, Librio, 1997. 93 p. Neuf - 68 FB CHEVRON Michel, Fille de sang. Librio, 1999. Neuf - 69 FB CHEYNEY Peter, Et rendez la monnaie. Masque, 1950. 250 p. Occasion - 30 FB CHEYNEY Peter, Elles ne disent jamais quand! Le Masque, 1953. 252 p. Occasion - 30 FB CHRISTIE Agatha, Les vacances d’Hercule Poirot. Livre de Poche, 1964. Occasion - 50 FB CHRISTIE Agatha, And then there were none. s.l., 1989. 221 p. Occasion - 30 FB CHRISTIE Agatha

8. Leslie Charteris
Leslie Charteris.
Leslie Charteris
Forside Et trin op Sidst redigeret 11. november 1999 Et netsted for Troels Nybo Nielsen: Skriv til mig her

9. Mid-Hudson Library System /ALL
Evan Edward Hon Sir 1864 1940 1931 1 Charteris Evan Edward Sir Hon 1864 1940 19721 Charteris Hugo 1991 1 Charteris Jamie 2 charteris leslie 10 Charteris,2126/search/aCharteris, Leslie./acharte
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT All Libraries All Childrens Materials All Columbia County Libraries All Dutchess County Libraries All Greene County Libraries All Putnam County Libraries All Ulster County Libraries Columbia County Childrens Materials Dutchess County Childrens Materials Greene County Childrens Materials Putnam County Childrens Materials Ulster County Childrens Materials Adriance Amenia Arlington Athens Beacon Beekman Brewster Cairo Canaan Carmel Catskill Chatham Claverack Clinton Corners Clintondale Cold Spring Coxsackie Dover Plains East Fishkill Esopus Fishkill Garrison Germantown Greenville Haines Falls Highland Hillsdale Hudson Hunter Hurley Hyde Park Kent Kinderhook Kingston LaGrange Livingston Mahopac Marlboro Millbrook Milton New Lebanon New Paltz North Chatham Northeast Millerton Palenville Patterson Pawling Philmont Phoenicia Pine Hill Pine Plains Plattekill Poughkeepsie Public Libraries Pleasant Valley Putnam Valley Red Hook Rhinebeck Rhinecliff Rosendale Saugerties Staatsburg Stanfordville Stone Ridge Tivoli Ulster, Town of

10. Detectives
5758 charteris leslie De zwarte markt. Utrecht, AW Bruna Zoon, 1950. 5759 charteris leslie Ridder Templar Utrecht, AW Bruna Zoon, 1952.
Detectives Christie Agatha De giftige pen
Bekijk afbeelding...

Christie Agatha Waarom Evans niet?
nr 57 Amsterdam, Sijthoff, 1984. Domineeszoon Bobby Jones vindt tijdens een spelletje golf met de dorpsdokter een stervende man
Bekijk afbeelding...

Christie Agatha Miss Marple met vakantie
Bekijk afbeelding...

Christie Agatha Het mysterie van Sittaford.
nr. 2 Amsterdam, Sijthoff, 1984. Het Engelse dorpje Sittaford ligt dik onder de sneeuw. In Sittadford House zitten zes mensen om een ronde tafel en proberen geesten op te roepen. De tafel gaat inderdaad bewegen en spelt: Treveyan - dood - moord.
Bekijk afbeelding...

Christie Agatha Het vale paard. nr. 42 Alphen a/d Rijn, A.W. Sijthoff, 1980. Pastoor Gorman wordt onverwacht bij een stervende vrouw geroepen. Als hij 's avonds door het mistige Londen weer naar huis loopt, slaat iemand hem in een duister steegje neer. De politie vindt in de schoen van de dode pastoor een lijstje met namen - van mensen die bijna allemaal blijken te zijn gestorven. Bekijk afbeelding... Christie Agatha Het geheim van de blauwe trein.

11. Leslie Charteris - Wikipedia
Leslie Charteris. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leslie Charteris Englishwife. He changed his name to Leslie Charteris in 1926.
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Leslie Charteris
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leslie Charteris May 12 Singapore April 15 ) was the assumed name of Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin , the son of a noted Chinese surgeon and his English wife. He changed his name to Leslie Charteris in 1926. In his youth he studied law at Cambridge University before writing his first book whilst still in his teens. The first Simon Templar " Saint " adventure followed shortly after that. In all he chronicled the adventures of The Saint in nearly one hundred books.
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12. Leslie Charteris The Saint Collecting Books Modern First Editions Rare Antiquari
Leslie charteris leslie Charteris was born Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin in Singaporein May 1907 to a wealthy Chinese doctor and an English mother.

Mysteries Contact Us About Us ... Home Leslie Charteris:
Leslie Charteris was born Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin in Singapore in May 1907 to a wealthy Chinese doctor and an English mother. Always adventurous, he left for America in 1932 arriving with a grand total of $25 in his pocket and quickly became assimilated in its culture. Soon he was hired by a Hollywood studio. Quickly disillusioned he left, but returned several times (once on the Hindenburg) and eventually became a US citizen. At the age of seventeen Charteris had his first story published. In 1927 he created the character The Saint in 'Meet the Tiger'. He experimented unsuccessfully with other characters and eventually returned to Simon Templar with the 1930 'Enter the Saint'. A cult hero was thus born. Described as being a mixture of Raffles and Arsene Lupin, it was not always known on which side of the law The Saint stood. In 1936 The Saint appeared in his first movie 'The Saint in New York' with Louis Hayward, later taken over by George Sanders. The Saint began appearing on the radio, in comic books and magazines from then on, growing in popularity and gaining new fans. It was later made into a TV series with Roger Moore (pre-James Bond).

13. Classeur3
Translate this page charteris leslie, Le Saint à New York, 516, Policier. charteris leslie, Les compagnonsdu Saint, 515, policier. charteris leslie, L'héroïque aventure, 517, policier.
CAIG Donald Mc Nop. CALDWEIL Erskine CAMUS Albert Le premier homme R. CANNAVO et H. QUIQUERE Y. Montant : le chant d'un homme CARDINAL Marie CARNAL Michel La longue route CARR John La chambre ardente. La gloire des nations ou la fin de l'empire sovietique CARRIERE Jean CARRIERE Jean CARRIERE Jean CASTILLO Michel (de) CAU Jean Mon lieutenant. CAU Jean CAUVIN Patrick Rue des Bon-enfants. CAUVIN Patrick L'amour aveugle. L'arlequin des jours meilleurs. CESBRON Gilbert Les saints vont en enfer. CHABROL Jean-Pierre Le Crève-Cévenne " les chants desespérés " CHABROL Jean Pierre Un homme de trop. Les chocolats de l'entracte. CHAMOISEAU Patrick Texaco. CHARLES Jean Le rire en herbe. CHARLES Jean La maison aux bidasses CHARLES-ROUX Edmonde CHARTERIS Leslie Policier CHARTERIS Leslie Les compagnons du Saint policier CHARTERIS Leslie policier CHAUSSADE Jean et CORLAY P La maison sans racines.

14. SWAN /All Libraries
1887 1960 See Asquith Cynthia Lady 1887 1960 1 Charteris Evan Edward Sir Hon1864 1940 1972 1 Charteris Hugo 2 Charteris Jamie 2 charteris leslie 1976 1,1913,1941/search/aCharteris, Leslie, 1907-/a
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT All SWAN libraries Acorn Acorn Juvenile Alsip-Merrionette Park Alsip-Merrionette Park Juvenile Anderson/Oglesby Anderson/Oglesby Juvenile Bedford Park Bedford Park Juvenile Beecher Beecher Juvenile Bellwood Bellwood Juvenile Berkeley Berkeley Juvenile Berwyn Berwyn Juvenile Blue Island Blue Island Juvenile Broadview Broadview Juvenile Brookfield Zoo Brookfield Zoo Education Calumet City Calumet City Juvenile Calumet Park Calumet Park Juvenile Chicago Heights Chicago Heights Juvenile Chicago Ridge Chicago Ridge Juvenile Cicero Cicero Juvenile Cicero Branch Cicero Branch Juvenile Clarendon Hills Clarendon Hills Juvenile Crestwood Crestwood Juvenile Crete Crete Juvenile Dolton Dolton Juvenile Downers Grove Downers Grove Juvenile Eisenhower Eisenhower Juvenile Elmhurst Elmhurst Juvenile Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Juvenile Evergreen Park Evergreen Park Juvenile Flossmoor Flossmoor Juvenile Forest Park Forest Park Juvenile Frankfort Frankfort Juvenile Frankfort Bookmobile Glenwood-Lynwood Glenwood-Lynwood Juvenile Grande Prairie Grande Prairie Juvenile Harvey Harvey Juvenile Hillside Hillside Juvenile Hinsdale Hinsdale Juvenile Hodgkins Hodgkins Juvenile Homewood Homewood Juvenile Indian Prairie Indian Prairie Juvenile Justice Justice Juvenile La Grange La Grange Juvenile La Grange Park La Grange Park Juvenile Lyons Lyons Juvenile Matteson Matteson Juvenile Maywood Maywood Juvenile McClure Junior High School McClure Junior High School Audiovisual McConathy

15. Leslie Charteris
leslie charteris make Biography of Leslie Charteris Born Leslie CharlesBowyer Yin in Singapore (then a British Leslie legally

16. HYPERHELGO / Litteratur / Författare / Leslie Charteris
Leslie Charteris länk beskrivning snubbe datum Helgonet/, mapp, Enar,200012-12 224116. Bookshelf Leslie, Bibliografi, Enar, 2000-12-12 224217.

17. Leslie Charteris' Simon Templar, Alias The Saint
A WWW Reference to the Immortal Works of leslie charteris and his Saint Saga. Also home of the official Category Arts Literature Authors C charteris, leslie......The Saintly Bible by Dan Bodenheimer. A WWW Reference to the Immortal Worksof leslie charteris and his Saint Saga. leslie charteris, 1939.
The Saintly Bible
by Dan Bodenheimer
A WWW Reference to the Immortal Works of Leslie Charteris and his Saint Saga
I have been trying to make a picture of a man. Changing, yes. Developing, I hope. Fantastic, improbable-perhaps. Quite worthless, quite irritating, if you feel that way. Or a slightly cockeyed ideal, if you feel differently. It doesn't matter so much, so long as you feel that you would recognise him if you met him tomorrow. Leslie Charteris, 1939
watch for the sign of The Saint, he will be back.
Table of Contents:
current late '97 early '97

18. Bibliography Of Leslie Charteris
Bibliography of leslie charterisCategory Arts Literature Authors C charteris, leslie......Bibliography of leslie charteris. NonSaint Writings by leslie charteris.Other novels and short stories that were written by leslie charteris
Bibliography of Leslie Charteris
The Saint Books
1-B17 The Saint Meets The Tiger (Meet-The Tiger!)
First hardcover publishing in England was by Ward Lock in 1928, as Meet-The Tiger! A condensed version appeared on Sep 4, 1928 in The Sunday Dispatch (London) as Scoundrels Ltd. First hardcover publishing in the U.S.A. was by The Crime Club in 1929, as Meet-The Tiger! Published anonymously in England by Boys Friend Library as Crooked Gold in 1929. Title changed in the U.S.A. to Meet-The Tiger! The Saint in Danger by Sun Dial Press in 1940. First titled The Saint Meets The Tiger by Bond-Charteris Enterprises (U.S.A.) in 1945. Digit Books of England used the title, The Saint Meets The Tiger in a 1963 paperback reprint.
2-B16 The Saint Closes the Case (The Last Hero)
Serialized in Thriller (England) as The Creeping Death and Sudden Death in 1929. First hardcover publishing in England was by Hodder and Stoughton in 1930, as The Last Hero . First hardcover publishing in the U.S.A. was by The Crime Club in 1931, as

19. Leslie Charteris, Mystery And Suspense Writer
Character Simon Templar, The Saint. charteris, leslie, Saint Series Order
Leslie Charteris
Character: Simon Templar, The Saint
Charteris, Leslie, Saint Series Order:
Knight Templar, International Polygonics, New York, 1930,1931. ISBN: 1-55882-010-8
Meet the Tiger!
Enter the Saint,
The Saint Closes the Case,
The Avenging Saint,
Featuring the Saint,
Alias the Saint,
The Saint Meets His Match,
The Saint V. Scotland Yard,
The Saint and Mr. Teal, The Brighter Buccaneer, The Saint in London, The Saint Intervenes, The Saint Goes On, The Saint in New York, The Saint Overboard, Ace of Knaves, The Saint Bids Diamonds, The Saint Plays with Fire, Follow the Saint, The Happy Highwayman, The Saint in Miami, The Saint Goes West, The Saint Steps In, The Saint on Guard, The Saint Sees It Through, Call for the Saint, Saint Errant, The Saint in Europe, The Saint on the Spanish Main, Thanks to the Saint, The Saint Around the World, Senor Saint, The Saint to the Rescue, Trust the Saint, THe Saint in the Sun, Vendetta for the Saint, The Saint on T.V., The Saint Returns, The Saint and the Fiction Makers, The Saint Abroad, The Saint in Pursuit

20. Leslie Charteris
Very brief bio and complete bibliography.
Page 1 of 2 Leslie Charteris Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin was born in Singapore. After being educated by a governess and a tutor, he was sent to school in England. In 1924 he left school and went to Paris. After a short time he went back to England and entered King's College, Cambridge. After a year he left university and became a writer. The first years were hard but in 1927 his first novel was published. In the same year he changed his name by deed poll to Leslie Charteris. A year later his first 'Saint' novel appeared. The 1930s were busy years for him. Not only did he write further stories but he also went to America to write film scripts for Hollywood.
In 1992 Charteris received the Diamond Dagger Award from the Crime Writer's Association in recognition of his life-long service to crime fiction.
See also this site Titles and year of publication:
'Saint' Novels 1) Meet the Tiger (Also published as: Crooked Gold, and as: The Saint Meets the Tiger) 2) The Last Hero (Also published as: The Saint Closes the Case, and as: The Saint and the Last Hero)
3) Enter the Saint (novelets) 4) Knight Templar (US Title: The Avenging Saint) 5) Featuring the Saint (novelets) 6) Alias the Saint (novelets) 7) She Was a Lady (US Title: Angels of Doom) (Also published as: The Saint Meets His Match) 8) The Holy Terror (US Title: The Saint vs. Scotland Yard) (novelets)

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