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         Compton-burnett Ivy:     more books (100)
  1. Pastors and Masters (Hesperus Modern Voices) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 2009-10-01
  2. A House and Its Head (New York Review Books Classics) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 2001-03-12
  3. Manservant and Maidservant (New York Review Books Classics) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 2001-03-12
  4. Ivy: The Life of Ivy Compton Burnett by Hilary Spurling, 2009-10-01
  5. The Present and the Past (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1999-07-29
  6. The life of Ivy Compton-Burnett. by Elizabeth Sprigge, 1973
  7. A God and His Gifts (King Penguin) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1983-08-25
  8. Parents and Children (Penguin Modern Classics) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1986-04-01
  9. Heritage and Its History by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1969-03
  10. Brothers and Sisters by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1984-05
  11. Mighty and Their Fall by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1979-08-02
  12. Compton-Burnett Compendium by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1973-03-26
  13. A Family and a Fortune (Modern Classics) by Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1983-08-25

1. WU Libraries Special Collections - MLC - Ivy Compton-Burnett Papers
IVY COMPTONBURNETT, 1892-1969, British author. Finding-Aid for the Ivy Compton-BurnettPapers Papers, ca. 1944-1969. 167 items. Compton-Burnett, Ivy, 1892-1969.
IVY COMPTON-BURNETT, 1892-1969, British author
Finding-Aid for the Ivy Compton-Burnett Papers
Papers, ca. 1944-1969.
167 items Access: Open Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett was one of the most prolific British novelists of her time as she produced well over 20 novels during her career. Born in Middlesex in 1892, compton-Burnett published her first novel, Delores , in 1911, but did not produce another until Pastors and Masters , published in 1925. Beginning with the publication of her third novel in 1930, however, Compton-Burnett produced a new book nearly every two years until her death in 1969. Compton-Burnett novels deal exclusively with life in the confines of family and school and are set in Victorian and Edwardian England. Her work consists largely of dialogue, which carries the burden of exposition, description, and narration. For this reaso Compton-Burnett's novels have made excellent sources for radio dramas; several have been adapted for radio and one, A Heritage and Its History , for the stage.

2. Ivy Compton-Burnett
Ivy ComptonBurnett. Biography. Ivy Compton Burnett was born in 1884 andwrote books about the relationships between family members.
Ivy Compton-Burnett
Ivy Compton Burnett was born in 1884 and wrote books about the relationships between family members. She was a sibling to 13 other children. Six of which were half-siblings. Ivy's father, a homeopathic physician, Dr. James Compton Burnett, remarried to Katharine Compton Burnett after his wife died. Ivy was the first to be born by Katharine and James. Ivy was very close to her younger brothers Guy and Noel. They played together and learned Latin and Greek together. Unfortunately in 1901, when Ivy was 16 her father died of a heart attach. This brought Katharine into depression, which was taken out on Ivy. Katharine made her children dress in black and isolated herself from the outside world. Ivy continued on to London University, like her father encouraged her to do before he died. IN 1904, her last year of college, Guy died of pneumonia. He was Ivy's mother's favorite. Noel and Ivy developed a strong bond dealing with the death. Noel left for London three years later, leaving Ivy at home with her mother and four younger sisters to take care of. Ivy's mother died of cancer in 1911. Ivy was left to care for the house and her sisters. In 1914 Noel joined the Army and was killed two years later in the battle of Somme. He had left Ivy for good. This was very hard for Ivy to deal with. Up until her death she could not talk of her brother or the war with out tears flooding her eyes. Shortly after in 1915 all four sisters ran away to London. In 1917 on Christmas day, two of the sisters killed themselves. The following summer a flue epidemic almost killed Ivy. She slowly recovered from sickness and loss over the next few years. Those years she refers to as the death in life years.

3. Compton-Burnett Ivy Deux Mondes Et Leurs Usages
comptonburnett ivy Deux mondes et leurs usages
Compton-Burnett Ivy Deux mondes et leurs usages
Deux mondes et leurs usages
Compton-Burnett Ivy
Romans Livres de Théâtre et de Poésie
Littérature Policier et Suspense Science-fiction et Terreur
Burckhardt Titus Miroir de l'...

Barilier Etienne Alban Berg...

Tsernianski Milos Le roman de...

Craig Mary Kundun...

4. Compton-Burnett Ivy Un Héritage Et Son Histoire : Roman
comptonburnett ivy Un héritage et son histoire roman
Compton-Burnett Ivy Un héritage et son histoire : roman
Un héritage et son histoire : roman
Compton-Burnett Ivy
Romans Livres de Théâtre et de Poésie
Littérature Policier et Suspense Science-fiction et Terreur
Crugten Alain van Diable ! (d...

Laurière Assassins au nom de d...

Volkoff Vladimir Tchaïkovsky...

Craig Mary Kundun...

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Translate this page Collodi Carlo. Colombo Gherardo - Stajano Corrado. Comastri Montanari Danila.compton-burnett ivy. Conrad Joseph. Constant Benjamin. Conte Gian Biagio.

7. NYRB: Ivy Compton-Burnett
Ivy ComptonBurnett. Ivy Compton-Burnett (1892-1969) wrote over fifteennovels about the upper classes of the late Victorian period.
NYRB home About NYRB Authors Browse ... Introductions
Ivy Compton-Burnett
Ivy Compton-Burnett (1892-1969) wrote over fifteen novels about the upper classes of the late Victorian period. The novels are constructed almost entirely of seemingly banal dialogue that eventually reveals, beneath its surface, the truths of human nature and insights into human relationships which Compton-Burnett took as her themes. Her works include Pastors and Masters, A Family and a Fortune, Manservant and Maidservant, and A House and Its Head A House and Its Head
A House and Its Head is Ivy Compton-Burnett's subversive look at the politics of family life, and perhaps the most unsparing of her novels. Manservant and Maidservant
At once the strangest and most marvelous of Ivy Compton-Burnett's fictions, Manservant and Maidservant has for its subject the domestic life of Horace Lamb, sadist, skinflint, and tyrant.

8. Compton-Burnett Ivy
Translate this page compton-burnett ivy. Titre Un dieu et ses dons. Rubriques Romans contemporainsAuteurs compton-burnett ivy Hoffmeister La Prison
Compton-Burnett Ivy
Titre: Un dieu et ses dons
Rubriques: Romans contemporains
Auteurs: Compton-Burnett Ivy
Hoffmeister La Prison...

Humphrey Les Pionniers du Texa...

Ingrey Le Pourceau en laisse...

Huriet La Fête de la dédicace...

9. Romans Livres De Théâtre Et De Poésie Compton-Burnett Ivy Frères Et Soeurs
Translate this page Romans Livres de Théâtre et de Poésie compton-burnett ivy Frèreset Soeurs. Titre Frères et Soeurs. Rubriques Romans Livres
Romans Livres de Théâtre et de Poésie Compton-Burnett Ivy Frères et Soeurs
Titre: Frères et Soeurs
Rubriques: Romans Livres de Théâtre et de Poésie
Auteurs: Compton-Burnett Ivy
Meyer Conrad F. Les Noces du ...

Meyer Conrad F. Le Saint. Poc...

Schiltknecht Wilfred Le roman...

Schlemmer Oskar Théâtre et Ab...

10. Gullivertown - Oltre La Libreria
Translate this page SILENZIO. COMES D. 4,96. SERVO E SERVA. compton-burnett ivy. 4,13. MADRE E FIGLIO.compton-burnett ivy. 3,51. PRESENTE E IL PASSATO, IL. compton-burnett ivy. 3,10. STRANIERA&daquale=

11. Pippo Virtual Shop
Translate this page 2. SILENZIO. COMES D. 4. SERVO E SERVA. compton-burnett ivy. 4. MADRE E FIGLIO.compton-burnett ivy. 3. PRESENTE E IL PASSATO, IL. compton-burnett ivy. 3. STRANIERA&da

12. Ivy Compton-Burnett - Acapedia - Free Knowledge, For All home acapedia feedback. Friends of Acapedia Ivy ComptonBurnett.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (There is currently no text in this page).
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13. Ivy Compton-Burnett
Translate this page Ivy Compton-Burnett. Ivy Compton-Burnett (1884-1969) Ivy Compton-BurnettEscritora inglesa Nació el 5 de junio de 1884 en Pinner (Middlesex). Compton-Burnett

14. The Ivy Compton-Burnett Home Page
Examines the life and work of the English novelist ivy compton-burnett (1884-1969).Category Arts Literature Authors C compton-burnett, ivy......The ivy comptonburnett Home Page An introduction. Her novels. Manservant and Maidservant.A House and Its Head. ivy compton-burnett English Novelist, 1884-1969.
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The Ivy Compton-Burnett Home Page
An introduction Her novels Her characters ... Ivy on . . .
everything from
age to wild horses Interviews
Ivy speaks! Critics on Ivy Compton-Burnett People in her life Obituary Introduction to ... Feedback Two of Ivy's novels were reissued in paperback by New York Review Books in March 2001. Follow these links to learn more: Manservant and Maidservant A House and Its Head Ivy Compton-Burnett
English Novelist, 1884-1969
"There is nobody in all this writing
world even remotely like her."
From the publishers of
Bright Lights Film Journal

15. ICBFrame
Annotated bibliography of works about the English novelist ivy comptonburnett (1884-1969), one of the most innovative writers of the 20th century. Includes an essay on the friendship of ivy compton-burnett and Margaret Jourdain.
name="sub"> META NAME="description" CONTENT="Ivy Compton-Burnett - her life and works, "> This site is devoted to Ivy Compton-Burnett the novelist; describes her books, with quotations; and provides a biography of her early life, and some literary criticism. You need frames to view this site properly, but can reach most of it from the following links: Ivy Compton -Burnett - the early years
Ivy Compton -Burnett and Virginia Woolf
- what they thought of each other.
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- a list of her novels. What's best? What first?
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- -a typical novel.
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- proverbs, cliches, aphorisms.
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- Plautus the Cat and Friends.
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- her own views on her writing and its morality.
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- Robert Liddell on the Novels
Ivy Compton -Burnett
- Barbara Pym, Robert Liddell and Ivy Compton-Burnett
For more information a good site is The Ivy Compton-Burnett Homepage , giving information on where to buy the novels, more quotations from her works, interviews and obituaries, a summary biography, and a comprehensive bibliography. Send me an E-mail

16. Ivy Compton-Burnett And Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf and ivy comptonburnett views on each other.
Ivy Compton-Burnett and Virginia Woolf
Here is Dame Ivy on VW: 'a snob'. 'She was a bit malicious, you know - she'd say the most dreadful things about people. Of course, one does oneself. But one doesn't expect it of Virginia Woolf. And on her novels: 'Well, is she really a novelist?' 'A lack of bone and a lack of character drawing.' 'I admire her use of words, I enjoy most of her work, but I wouldn't actually call her a good novelist.' But when Angus Wilson wrote a review claiming that Woolf's quality had been overestimated, she said: 'Ugly behaviour - I trust it will do him some harm'. And here is Virginia Woolf on Dame Ivy: 'There is something bleached about Miss Compton-Burnett: like hair that has never had any colour in it'. And in her diary in March 1937, Virginia reads a review comparing The Years and IC-B's Daughters and Sons, both of which have just been published: '"Much inferior to the bitter truth and intense originality of Miss Compton-Burnett" Now this pain woke me at 4a.m. and I suffered acutely.' Ivy Compton -Burnett - a list of her novels.

17. Ivy Compton-Burnett | A Bibliography
ivy comptonburnett Boston Houghton Mifflin, 1991. Includes an essay on the friendshipof ivy compton-burnett and Margaret Jourdain. Burkhart, Charles.

The Ivy Compton-Burnett Home Page
An introduction Her novels Her characters ... Ivy on . . .
everything from
age to wild horses Interviews
Ivy speaks! Critics on Ivy Compton-Burnett People in her life Obituary Introduction to ... Feedback Ivy Compton-Burnett
A Bibliography Biography
Literary Criticism and Commentary



Biography Auchincloss, Louis. Love Without Wings: Some Friendships in Literature and Politics. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1991. Includes an essay on the friendship of Ivy Compton-Burnett and Margaret Jourdain. Burkhart, Charles. Herman and Nancy and Ivy: Three Lives in Art. London: Gollancz, 1977. Essays on Herman Schrijver, Nancy Cunard, and Ivy Compton-Burnett. Dick, Kay. Greig, Cicely. Ivy Compton-Burnett: A Memoir. London: Garnstone Press, 1972. By Ivy Compton-Burnett's longtime typist. A warm and insightful memoir. Liddell, Robert. Elizabeth and Ivy. London: P. Owen, 1986. Liddell's friendships with the novelist Elizabeth Taylor and Ivy Compton-Burnett. "Obituary: Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett: Novelist Who Explored the Relationships of Family Life," London Times

18. Creative Quotations From Ivy Compton-Burnett (1892-1969)
Quotes from ivy comptonburnett to inspire your creative thinking
CQ Home Search CQ Random CQ Search eLibrary ... Bemorecreative
Creative Quotations from . . . Ivy Compton-Burnett
(1892-1969) born on Jun 5 English novelist. She wrote witty, chilling social comedies of the Edwardian family line in "Mother and Son," 1955.
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Random Quotes Book Close Outs There is probably nothing like living together for blinding people to each other.
People who have power respond simply. They have no minds but their own. Real life seems to have no plot. Time . . . is not a great healer. It is an indifferent and perfunctory one. Sometimes it does not heal at all. And sometimes when it seems to, no healing has been necessary. My youth is escaping without giving me anything it owes me.
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Published Sources for the Quotations Shown Above: F: In "An Uncommon Scold," by Abby Adams, 1989.

19. Ivy Compton-Burnett @ Catharton Authors
Catharton Authors C comptonburnett, ivy. ivy compton-burnett. 1884 - 1969.Bored? Websites ivy compton-burnett Message Boards
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors C : Compton-Burnett, Ivy Ivy Compton-Burnett Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: Ivy Compton-Burnett [] Message Boards: Suggest or Request a board Mailing Lists: Suggest or Request a list Chat Rooms: Suggest or Request a room Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for Ivy Compton-Burnett List of Works:
Pastors And Masters
Brothers And Sisters
Men And Wives
More Women Than Men A House And Its Head Daughters And Sons A Family And A Fortune Parents And Children Elders And Betters Manservant And Maidservant Two Worlds And Their Ways Darkness And Day The Present And The Past Mother And Son A Father And His Fate A Heritage And Its History The Mighty And Their Fall A God And His Gifts The Last And The First
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20. Finding-Aid For The Ivy Compton-Burnett Papers
FindingAid for the ivy compton-burnett Papers. © 2001 University Libraries,Washington University in St. Creator, compton-burnett, ivy, 1892-1969.
Finding-Aid for the Ivy Compton-Burnett Papers
Department of Special Collections Olin Library Campus Box 1061 1 Brookings Drive St. Louis, MO 63130 Fax: (314) 935-4045
Funding and support for digitization of finding-aids provided by The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Descriptive Summary Biographical Note Scope and Contents Note Restrictions ... Collection Outline
Collection Outline
I. General Correspondence 1944-68 I.1 General Correspondence 1947-48. I.2 General Correspondence 1949-50. I.3 General Correspondence 1951. ... Return to the Table of Contents
Descriptive Summary
Creator Compton-Burnett, Ivy, 1892-1969. Title Ivy Compton-Burnett Papers Quantity: 167 items Identification: WTU-MSS-26089376 Return to the Table of Contents
Biographical Note
Biographical information on Ivy Compton-Burnett may be found in Contemporary authors, v. 4. For information on Kay Dick see v. 15/16, and on Kathleen Farrell, v. 7/8. Cicely Greig was employed by Compton-Burnett to type her manuscripts. Return to the Table of Contents
Scope and Contents Note
The collection consists primarily of letters and post cards from Compton-Burnett to Kay Dick, Auto. Post Cards Signed, 82, Auto. Letters Signed, 16, and Kathleen Farrell, Auto. Post Cards Signed, 27, Auto. Letters Signed, 2, some items addressed to both, all written between 1947 and 1969. Included is one Auto. Letter Signed from Margaret Jourdain to Kay Dick dated Dec. 16, 1947. The content is largely personal in nature, offering or accepting invitations, conveying information about travel plans, etc. Frequent reference is made to Compton-Burnett's domestic situation and health. Occasional comments concern contemporary events and literary figures including Olivia Manning, Rose Macaulay, Richard Church and Pamela Hansford Johnson, and Compton-Burnett's own work and work habits.

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