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         Cooper-posey Tracy:     more books (27)
  1. Ningaloo Nights by Tracy-Cooper Posey, 2009-11-01
  2. Black Heart by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2008-03-04
  3. Blue Knight by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2010-10-01
  4. The Case of the Reluctant Agent: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2001-09
  5. Heart of Vengeance by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2010-07-15
  6. Lucifer's Lover by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2005-12-31
  7. Dead Again by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2010-05-27
  8. Masquerade Match by Julia Templeton, Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2008-12-01
  9. Betting With Lucifer by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2009-11-01
  10. Chronicles of the Lost Years by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 1999-10-15
  11. Die schöne Rächerin by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2007-01-31
  12. Winter Warriors: Maneater, Solstice Surrender, Turkish Delight by Denise A. Agnew, Tracy Cooper-Posey, et all 2004-07-31
  13. Silent Knight by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2004-11-30
  14. Thief in the Night by Tracy Cooper-Posey, 2009-11-01

1. Tracy Cooper-Posey
Tracy CooperPosey Eyes of a Stranger by Tracy Cooper-Posey Hard ShellWord Factory (August 1999) ISBN 1-58200-135-9 Order Chronicles
Tracy Cooper-Posey
Eyes of a Stranger by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Hard Shell Word Factory
(August 1999)
ISBN: 1-58200-135-9
Chronicles of the Lost Years - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Turnstone Press
(August 1999)
ISBN: 0-88801-241-1 Diana By the Moon by Tracy Cooper-Posey Hard Shell Word Factory
June 2000
ISBN 1-58200-569-9 Upcoming Books Dare to Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey Hard Shell Word Factory (October 2000) ISBN: 1-58200-600-8 The D'Jordan Woman by Tracy Cooper-Posey Hard Shell Word Factory (Late 2000) ISBN 1-58200-623-7 Contact Information Home Page Email Directory of Romance Authors All the Romance You Can Handle email (c) 2000 Romantic Notions

2. Tracy Cooper-Posey
Tracy Cooper-Posey

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TRACY COOPERPOSEY. also writes as Anastasia Black. © Ellora'sCave Publishing, Inc., 2000-2003. All Rights Reserved.
also writes as Anastasia Black © Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc., 2000-2003. All Rights Reserved.

4. Gaslight Digest Wednesday, December 15 1999 Volume 01 : Number 121
Kay Douglas. =0= Date Mon, 13 Dec 1999 223205 0700 From Tracy cooper-posey tracy.cp(at) Subject Re A non-fiction (perhaps) query At 1140
Gaslight Digest Wednesday, December 15 1999 Volume 01 : Number 121 Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 14:26:55 -0600 From: puddlejumpers(at) (Michael Keating) Subject: Re: He's BAACCKKK Yes, mam, Hey, where the heck is that web page. I tried it a few times before I came back and it isn't there. What's the deal, ya to lazzzzy or to broke? - -Gildy Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 14:24:15 -0600 From: puddlejumpers(at) (Michael Keating) Subject: Re: He's BAACCKKK Sorry Linda baby, I sold the barbeque company. I now have a national breast cancer research foundation. want some? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A gift for you for Christmas: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to write romance novels? Free articles on writing Free mailing list:

5. Tracy Cooper-Posey -- Author
E-books, romance novels, Sherlock Holmes pastiches, creative writing instruction.Category Arts Literature Authors C cooper-posey, tracy...... Best viewed at a resolution of 800 X 600 This site and all its contentsCopyright 2003 (C) Sasha Productions tracy cooperposey.
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6. Wish List
Isabella Knaves' Wager The Lion's Daughter Chase, Taylor Heart Of The Night Cook,Linda Silver Winds Night Fires Follow The Moon cooperposey tracy Jewels of
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I only want historical, no contemporary please. If a contemporary title is on my list, it's a mistake. Please don't send me that one! Thanks! :)
(TIP) Means Trade In Process)
Alcott, Laura Mill
The Brier and The Rose
The Locket
Lord Rakes Bride
Alexander Victoria
Promises to Keep
Shakespeare and the Three Kings
One Magic Moment The Last Love Letter Love With the Proper Husband Archer Catherine Dragon's Daughter Dragon's Knight Autumn's Bride Winter's Bride Fire Song Lord Sin Lady Thorn Velvet Bond Rose Among Thorns Bailey Lynn Kissed by Starlight Magic by Daylight The Irish Bride (Irish Series) Becnel, Rexanne The Bridemaker Bolen, Cheryl With His Ring Beverley Jo The Fortune Hunter Forbidden Emily And The Dark Angel Forbidden Affections The Stanforth Secrets Balogh, Mary Slightly Married (4/03) Slightly Wicked (5/03) Slightly Scandalous (6/03) A Summer To Remember (3/03) A Certain Magic The Constant Heart The First Snowdrop The Red Rose The Wood Nymph A Counterfeit Betrothal Blayne, Sara

7. Tracy Cooper-Posey - Not Found
tracy cooperposey Best Selling This site and all its contents Copyright1999, 2000, 2001 (c) Sasha Productions tracy cooper-posey.
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8. Cooper-Posey, Tracy
tracy cooperposey. tracy cooper-posey is a national award-winning writer. AnAustralian, she brought her family with her to Alberta in 1996 to marry.
Tracy Cooper-Posey Tracy Cooper-Posey is a national award-winning writer. An Australian, she brought her family with her to Alberta in 1996 to marry. Tracy is a "net citizen": She met and courted her husband on the Internet, and has coordinated discussion groups and teaching on-line. She also wrote and maintains her own web site. She teaches creative writing when she isn't writing it, and has entertained students and the public with anecdotes and insights into one the most antisocial professions in the world, and the peculiar industry it drives. In 1994 Tracy won the Emma Darcy Award for novelists, for her novel EYES OF A STRANGER, and repeated her success by placing fourth in the 1998 competition with Diana by the Moon. She has been nominated for the Carol Anne Sorel Encouragement Award for writers, and was awarded the Sherlock Holmes Society of Western Australia's Best Pastiche Award for her Sherlockian novel CHRONICELS OF THE LOST YEARS A SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY. Her short stories and articles have appeared in various Canadian and Australian magazines and periodicals, and on the Internet. Tracy's first book, EYES OF A STRANGER, was released by Hard Shell Word Factory last August, the same month as her second book (Chronicles) was published by Turnstone Press. EYES OF A STRANGER reached #7 on the e-book romance new release bestseller list in its first quarter of sales, and has garnered rave reviews, including a four-star review by the internationally circulated romance industry newspaper, The Romantic Times. Her third novel, and second romance, DARE TO RETURN, is scheduled for release in June, 2000, by Hard Shell Word Factory. Other romances that will be released in 2000 include Diana by the Moon (historical), and The d'Jordan Woman, a science fiction romance, both being published by Hard Shell Word Factory. Late in 2000, Chronicles of the Lost Years will appear in print in Portugal.

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10. Tracy Cooper-Posey Interview By Cindy Penn
An Interview with tracy cooperposey. by Cindy Penn. tracy cooper-poseyis a remarkable voice, whatever genre she chooses to indulge
An Interview with Tracy Cooper-Posey
by Cindy Penn
Tracy Cooper-Posey is a remarkable voice, whatever genre she chooses to indulge in, whether it be romance, such as EYES OF A STRANGER , or a mystery, such as CHRONICLES OF THE LOST YEARSA SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY CP: Your voice in EYES OF A STRANGER is amazing sensual, erotic, and mysterious. But CHRONICLES OF THE LOST YEARSA SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY has a vastly different voice properly restrained, logical, and precise. Tell me about your writing background, and how you've learned to write such vastly different works? Tracy: Thank you for the compliment. I wish I could say I sweated and swotted to learn how to write in such vastly different voices, but I have to say that this does seem to be one of my natural abilities. I just seem to be a natural mimic...but only in print. I would never have been a good actor because I'm terrible at accents and mimicry in person. But I do seem to be able to soak up the style of different authors and reproduce that on the page. That's why CHRONICLES sounds so much like the original stories. The voice in EYES, on the other hand, is all mine.

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    13. All About Romance: Tracy Cooper-Posey On Fifth & Sixth Century Britain: Arthur A
    Fifth Sixth Century Britain Arthur The Dark Ages. by tracy cooperposey.It's tricky calling any period in British history as Arthurian.
    by Tracy Cooper-Posey It's tricky calling any period in British history as Arthurian. Authorities who date such eras look at the records of the day to determine the political leaders, and from this evidence eras are given their name. But Arthur, if he even existed, lived in the Dark Ages - and the Dark Ages are given their name because so very few written records survived that terrible period. The closest archaeologists have been able to come to pinpointing the real Arthur in written history is a shadowy figure mentioned second-hand - a war lord who worked with Ambrosius (a British leader who was barely a footnote himself). This was towards the end of the 5th Century.
      A Quick Snapshot
      Date Line
      The Way of Life during The Dark Ages
      Further Reading
    A Quick Snapshot: Why are there so few records of the Dark Ages? Up until the beginning of the 5th century, and for hundreds of years before that, Britain was a colony of Rome. Roman Britain was a civilized, peaceful cash cow that the occupying Romans milked systematically. They also left their mark on the place, contributing language (Latin), engineering (roads, drainage, fortified town walls, bridges, canals, Hadrian's wall), culture (books, music, education, imported food), religion (Roman deities at first, and later, Christianity). There were two Legions based in Britain, and the men intermarried with native Britons, or brought wives and families from Rome, settled down and lived as colonials for the next few hundred years. When the Roman Legions were pulled from Britain and sent back to defend Rome from the invading hordes, the bulk of the Roman colonial families stayed behind, clinging stoutly to their culture and heritage.

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    Excite MetaSearch allows you to search multiple leading search engines at once, returning more comprehensive and relevant results fast. Excite Meta-Search is the only way to search the Web! http// 3. tracy Cooper Posey. tracy Cooper Posey. tracy COOPER POSEY,,+Tracy

    15. All About Romance: At The Back Fence #100, Fka Laurie's News & Views
    Ebook author tracy cooper-posey indicated she has never used the term in questionin her romances because it feels a bit more frankly sluttish than any of
    Issue #100 (August 15, 2000) Let's Talk About Sex (by Laurie Likes Books):
    I'm no Dr. Ruth, and those who know me well know that I'm just as liable as my 8-year-old daughter is to giggle when I say the words "penis" or "vagina." But I noticed something irksome last week while reading a series romance. Yeah, it did bother me that another closer to 30 than 20 supposedly experienced heroine was in actuality a virgin, but that's another column. No, what was particularly annoying was that, at the pinnacle of passion, the climax, the peak, the moment of ecstasy when seed is spilled and groans reverberate throughout the room, the wording of that moment of la petite mort was not as it should be. When in the throes of passion, which would you rather hear, "I want to see you reach your peak" or "I want to watch you come?" How fitting that this topic should rear its head, so to speak, as Salt n Pepa's Let's Talk About Sex is playing on the radio. How ironic that last week, the subplot of Sex and the City involved not the verb "to come," but the result of that verb and Kim Cattral’s lover’s "funky spunk." I know this is a raunchy topic, but it

    16. Freebies And Contests For Romance Readers
    by Lori Foster A Touch of Christmas Magic by Leta Nolan Childers In Bed With theBoss by Sharon Kendrick A Dangerous Man by tracy cooperposey Rob's Great
    Freebies and Contests for Romance Readers
    Free Romances
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      Sign up once to be eligable to win Harlequin Blazes from the Blaze Authors in their monthly giveaway! Ongoing Visit The Vampire Vixens for a chance to win one of several prizes. Kim Cox is giving away Suspicious Minds goodies. Helen Haddad is giving away a gift box containing a jeweled mini-picture frame and other surprises to one out of each 20 readers who request a bookmark from her website. Catherine Snodgrass is giving away an insulated carry bag with her cover art on it. Ends November 1

    17. Slake Archive - Tracy Cooper-Posey
    tracy cooperposey. Search for Book Author's Last Name. Related Links.tracy cooper-posey, best-selling author. Do you want to add a link?

    18. Slake Archive - Eyes Of A Stranger
    Author, tracy cooperposey. Date First Published, August, 1999. Check Barnes and NobleSearch for Eyes of a Stranger or ISBN 1-58200-135-9 or tracy cooper-posey.

    19. The Authors Of Ellora's Cave
    Mari Byrne. Scott Carpenter Margaret Carter. R. Casteel Marly Chance. tracy cooperposey.Lanette Curington. MaryJanice Davidson Kate Douglas. Kathryn Anne Dubois.
    EC AUTHOR LIST updated 02/17/03 Lani Aames Dominique Adair Elisa Adams Denise Agnew ... Joanna Wylde © Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc., 2000-2003. All Rights Reserved.

    20. Chocolate Edmonton Style
    Chocolate Edmonton Style By tracy cooperposey. Pushing back the frontierone truffle at a time. Edmonton always manages to surprise
    By Tracy Cooper-Posey
    Chocolate Edmonton Style By Tracy Cooper-Posey
    Pushing back the frontier one truffle at a time. Edmonton always manages to surprise you when you least expect it. Peter Johner is one of those surprises, a very pleasant one indeed. Many Edmonton diners will be quick to tell you that Peter is the owner of Packrat Louie, a popular restaurant in trendy Old Strathcona. What they often don't know is that Peter is also a Swiss Confiserie, and had been hand-making delicious chocolates for 40 years next spring. Peter completed his apprenticeship in Switzerland, one of the premier chocolate-makers in the world. He also apprenticed as a cook, before bringing his trade to Alberta. But he found more steady work as a cook than as a confiserie. "Edmonton is a frontier town when it comes to chocolate," Peter says. "It's not like Switzerland, where there is a chocolate shop on almost every street. For a long while, getting the right ingredients was very difficult." The right ingredients are the key to fine chocolates. The chocolate itself should be the best ‹ real chocolate, not coating chocolate. The butter, the cream, and other ingredients used to make the final chocolate should also be top quality. However when Peter first tried to produce chocolates here, suitable products were hard to come by. For a while, his chocolate making was put aside while he concentrated on his mainstay trade as a chef, and finally, as a restaurant owner. Nevertheless, one of the highlights of his career as a confiserie, and the event that brought him back to chocolate-making was Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Edmonton in 1975, when Peter was asked to make chocolates for the Queen. Despite difficulties with supplies he provided truffles and chocolate dates, marzipan and almonds. "I don't think she ate any of them," he says with a laugh. "The trays came back untouched. But I made the chocolates and it was fun."

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