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         Cooper Susan Fenimore:     more books (100)
  1. The water-witch. With an introd. by Susan Fenimore Cooper by James Fenimore Cooper, 2010-09-10
  2. Pages and Pictures from the Writings of James Fenimore Cooper, with Notes by Susan Fenimore Cooper by James Fenimore Cooper, 1980
  3. "Susan Fenimore Cooper": A Biographical Essay from Gale's "Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 239, American Women Prose Writers 1820-1870" (code 4)
  4. The Red Rover; a tale. With an introd. by Susan Fenimore Cooper by James Fenimore, 1789-1851 Cooper, 2009-10-26
  5. The Last of the Mohicans or A Narrative of 1757, (The Riverside Literature Series) by James Fenimore Cooper 1896 Hardcover by James Fenimore Cooper, 1896
  6. The Pathfinder (J. Fenimore Cooper's Works) by J. Fenimore Cooper, 1876
  7. Missionary Life at Valle Crucis: Memoir of William West Skiles by Susan Fenimore Cooper, 1992-01-01
  8. Elinor Wyllys:Or, the Young Folk of Longbridge.a Tale(volume I. of 2) by Amabel ( Susan Fenimore Cooper ); Edited By J. Fenimore Cooper Penfeather, 1846
  10. Rural Hours. By A Lady by Susan Fenimore Cooper, 1850
  11. Wonder Stories of History by Mrs. Frances A. Humphrey, Mrs. Sarah K. Bolton, et all 1886
  12. WONDER STORIES OF HISTORY by Frances A.; Sarah K. Bolton; Susan Fenimore Cooper; I. L. Beman Humphrey, 1896
  13. Elinor Wyllys, V1 by Fenimore Susan Cooper, 2008-06-12
  14. Elinor Wyllys, V2 by Fenimore Susan Cooper, 2008-06-12

81. I370 AMY ( - )
James fenimore cooper. NI118 15 Sep 1789 14 Sep 1851. Father Williamcooper Family 1 susan DELANCY MARRIAGE 1 Jan 1811.

82. - United States - New - Lifestyle - Books - By Country - North America
edu/cooper/ Contains texts, reference materials, and articles relating to the lifeand works of the American author and his daughter, susan fenimore cooper.

A third link leads to a page devoted to susan fenimore cooper, James fenimore cooper’seldest daughter.It gives information about the girl as well as several
PAL: James Fenimore Cooper: 1789-1851 This website explores the life and works of James Fenimore Cooper, with a focus on his Native American stories. It holds not only a list of his works, but also discusses some types of interactions between Native Americans and the settlers during colonization. This site gives several links to Cooper's works and to his biography. One of the links on this page is an outside link to the James Fenimore Cooper Society's web page. This website offers a look into the life of Fenimore Cooper. There is also a link to a list of the primary works of Fenimore Cooper that are found on this web page. The third link takes you to an alphabetical list of all of the authors with whom the website holds information on. This site also holds a selected bibliography from which it received the information found on the website. This site is sponsored by the California State University and has been credited by its department of English. In addition, this site has won many awards and that makes it a good site to use. Because this is a research and reference guide, it is a safe website to use on research papers and for other educational purposes. The website seems to be well balanced in the information that it provides. From this website we can see the works of Cooper, his lifestyle, and many of the themes used in his novels.

84. Authors: C
cooper, James fenimore. cooper, Jane. cooperPosey, Tracy. cooper, susan. cooper,susan fenimore. Coover, Robert. Cordelier, Jeanne. Corelli, Marie. Cormier, Robert.
Authors: C
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85. James Fenimore Cooper
by Evan Watkins. James fenimore cooper was born in Burlington, New Jersey on September15, 1789. cooper married susan De Lancy in 1811, and for the next
Biography of James Fenimore Cooper
by Evan Watkins
James Fenimore Cooper was born in Burlington, New Jersey on September 15, 1789. He was the eleventh of twelve children born to William and Elizabeth Cooper. When James was one year old the family moved to the frontier, and his father established the settlement of Cooperstown at the head of the Susquehanna River. Cooper attended a private preparatory school at Albany, New York, and was then admitted to Yale in 1803. He was expelled during his junior year because of a prank. His family allowed him to join the navy as a midshipman, but he soon found that more discipline was present in the Navy than at Yale. In 1810 Cooper took a furlough, and never returned to active duty. Cooper married Susan De Lancy in 1811, and for the next ten years he led the life of a country gentleman. However, after the death of all five of his elder brothers he became responsible for supporting their widows and paying their debts. Added to this was the fact that his father's estate had not been worth as much as originally thought. In 1820 Cooper published his first fiction, Precaution, on a challenge from his wife. This novel was a plodding imitation of Jane Austen, and was largely unsuccessful. In 1821 he published his second book, The Spy, to praise from reviewers. The Spy was modeled after Sir Walter Scott's "Waverly" novels, except it was set during the American Revolution. The Spy brought Cooper international fame and a certain amount of wealth.

86. Fiction > Reviews > J. Fenimore Cooper
susan Stepney's Home Page fiction reviews index J. fenimore cooper. • Novels/collections Search Web for J. fenimore cooper
J. Fenimore Cooper
Novels/collections Search Web for J. Fenimore Cooper Google search Alta Vista search
  • The Last of the Mohicans

87. Biography
JFC's daughter, susan, described the critical moment in her Small Family Memories, written as an introduction to Correspondence of James fenimorecooper A
James Fenimore Cooper, (1789-1851) JFC was born James Cooper on September 15, 1789 in Burlington, New Jersey. (The "Fenimore" was legally added only in 1826.) His parents, William Cooper and Elizabeth Fenimore Cooper, were both Quakers, though they drifted into a generalized Protestantism, attending Episcopal and Presbyterian services. JFC was the twelfth of thirteen children, of which only four brothers and two sisters also survived childhood. In 1790 the family moved to Lake Otsego, in upstate New York, where William Cooper had purchased a large tract of land and founded a settlement he called Cooperstown. There he served as a Federalist judge and local squire, with large political and social ambitions. Early experiences in a frontier town gave JFC the background for The Pioneers (1823), among other frontier novels. In 1800 JFC's beloved older sister, Hannah, was killed at 23 in a fall from a horse. After boarding for schooling in Albany, JFC attended Yale College 1803-1805 but was expelled, apparently for a dangerous prank involving blowing up another student's door. In 1806 he tried to run away to sea, but his father intervened and got him a commission in the United States Navy. He sailed twice to England and served at a frontier outpost on Lake Ontario before being assigned to recruit sailors in New York City, where he met William Branford Shubrick, a career naval officer who became JFC's closest life-long friend. In 1810, JFC met Susan Augusta De Lancey, daughter of a wealthy Westchester family that had been Loyalist during the Revolution. JFC resigned his commission to marry Susan; the wedding was New Year's Day, 1811.

88. James Fenimore Cooper
the financial crisis, James fenimore cooper fled According to susan fenimorecooper, her father began cooper and susan fenimore, cooper had been
You are in: Virtual Public Library Hall of Famous Authors James Fenimore Cooper
James Fenimore Cooper
Edited Appleton's American Image 2001 by Virtualology TM Click Here for Steel Engraving of James Fenimore Cooper COOPER, James Fenimore
author, born in Burlington, New Jersey, 15 September 1789; died in Coopers-town, New York, 14 September 1851. On his father's side he was descended from James Cooper, of Stratford-on-Avon, England, who immigrated In 1796 Mr. Cooper determined to make his home permanently in the town he had founded, which by that time promised to become a thriving settlement. He began the construction of a mansion, completed in 1799, which he named Otsego Hall, and which was for many years the manor-house of his own possessions, and by far the most spacious and stately private residence in central New York. To every reader that has fallen under the spell of Cooper's Indian romances, the surroundings of his boyhood days are significant. The American frontier prior to the 19th century was very different from that which exists at present. Then the foremost pioneers of emigration had barely begun to push their way westward through the Mohawk valley, the first available highway to the west.

89. Michael Davey's Cv
Publications. “Reading susan, Reading Ruth Audience, Response, and the HistoricalHermeneutics of Rural Hours.” susan fenimore cooper New Critical Essays
Dr. Michael J. Davey 1200 North Court Street Quitman, GA 31643
1998 Ph. D., English, the Ohio State University 1994 M.A., English, the Ohio State University 1989 B.A., English and Philosophy, Binghamton University (SUNY)
Convention, Progression, and Romance: History and Form in the Study of the American Antebellum Novel Publications “Reading Susan, Reading Ruth: Audience, Response, and the Historical Hermeneutics of Rural Hours Susan Fenimore Cooper: New Critical Essays on Rural Hours and Other Works . Eds. Rochelle Johnson and Daniel Patterson. Athens and London: U of Georgia P, 2001. Editor, Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick: A Sourcebook . Currently under contract with Routledge P, UK. “Convention and the Limits of Biography for Literary Criticism: Fathers, Daughters, and Sentiment in Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper: His Country and His Art . Papers from the 1999 International James Fenimore Cooper Conference, State University of New York College at Oneonta. Oneonta, N.Y.: James Fenimore Cooper Society and the College at Oneonta, 2000. “Plainly Bred in the Woods: Manners as Mode in The Pioneers James Fenimore Cooper: His Country and His Art . Papers from the 1997 International James Fenimore Cooper Conference, State University of New York College at Oneonta. Oneonta, N.Y.: James Fenimore Cooper Society and the College at Oneonta, 1999.

90. Directory ::
2) Coolidge, Clark (3) Coolidge, susan (1) Cooney, Caroline (1) cooper, James fenimore(29) cooper, Jane (1) cooper, susan (6) cooper, susan fenimore (3) cooper

91. American Writers
Some of those which you have contain special introductions by cooper'sdaughters, susan fenimore cooper, and might be worth a little more.
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92. Output=preview
BEGIN PREVIEW -This e-text was preparedfrom the first edition of susan fenimore cooper's Elinor Wyllys or

93. Der Letzte Mohikaner Cooper James Fenimore Fenimore Cooper James
Translate this page Titel Der letzte Mohikaner Autor cooper James fenimore fenimore cooperJames. Kelly Thomas Boomtown Blues . Sallis susan Jenseits des Mee
Der letzte Mohikaner Cooper James Fenimore Fenimore Cooper James
Titel: Der letzte Mohikaner
Autor: Cooper James Fenimore Fenimore Cooper James
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Winter Douglas E. Offenbarung...

Carels Maeve Das Kuckucksnest...

Copeland Sarah Ehlanas Erwach...

Contributions to Essay Collections and Reference Works. Rustic Matters Placingthe Rural Community Narratives of Alice Cary, susan fenimore cooper and.
ERIKA M. KREGER 1320 Locust Place Department of English
Davis, CA 95616 University of California
530/297-6022 Davis, CA 95616 530/752-2281
EDUCATION Degree History Ph.D., English with a designated emphasis in Critical Theory, University of California, Davis. Advanced to Candidacy, December 1997. Degree expected, June 2000. Dissertation: Plain Speaking: American Women Writers and the Periodical Sketch Form, 1820-1870. Director: Joanne Feit Diehl. Readers: Karen Halttunen and Linda A. Morris. Examination Fields: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Literature; Literature by Women.

95. Chronological List, Part 14
Fairhurst) (19301998); cooper, SG; cooper, SPENCER; cooper, susan(Mary) (1935- ); cooper, susan fenimore; cooper, WJ; cooper, WALTER;
The FictionMags Index
Chronological List, Part 14
Previous Table-of-Contents

96. Project Gutenberg Author Index
cooper, Elizabeth, 18771945. cooper, James fenimore, 1789-1851. cooper, Susanfenimore, 1813-1894. Coppee, Francois, 1842-1908. Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924.
Project Gutenberg
Author Index "C"
Cabell, James Branch, 1879-1958 Caesar, Gaius Julius, ca. 100-44 BC Cahan, Abraham, 1860-1951 Caine, Hall, Sir, 1853-1931 ... Curwood, James Oliver, 1878-1927
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97. James Fenimore Cooper
cooper Society, and much more. This site also has information aboutSusan fenimore cooper (Rural Hours and other works). New URL.
Literary Movements Timeline American Authors English 310/510 ... English 462/562 James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851)
American Literature Sites

Foley Library Catalog
Brief notes on Cooper and The Pioneers ...
James Fenimore Cooper Society Page.
This informative, well-organized, and extensive site has excellent information, including articles and papers about Cooper, a detailed chronology of Cooper's life, an "Ask Fenimore" feature, information about the Cooper Society, and much more. This site also has information about Susan Fenimore Cooper ( Rural Hours and other works). New URL Biographical Information f rom the "Home as Found" Site
D.H. Lawrence on Cooper's Leatherstocking novels
from Studies in Classic American Literature
From J ames Russell Lowell's A Fable for Critics (page images at MOA) Scene from The Pioneers and portrait of Cooper
courtesy of the New York State Historical
Association at Cooperstown
Early Biographies from the University of Virginia Text Center "Romancing the Indian" site discusses Cooper's portrayal of Native Americans
Paul P. Reuben's Cooper Page

98. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > C
Coombs, Norman, 1932; cooper, James fenimore, 1789-1851; cooper, Susanfenimore, 1813-1894; Coppee, Francois, 1842-1908; Corelli, Marie

99. Chapter 2. James Fenimore Cooper. Van Doren, Carl. 1921. The American Novel
Born at Burlington, New Jersey, in 1789, the son of Judge William cooper and SusanFenimore, cooper had been taken when a baby to cooperstown, the raw central
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Carl Van Doren The American Novel.

100. The Writings Of James Fenimore Cooper - News And Events
This year's Conference Seminar will focus on JF cooper's The Deerslayer SusanFenimore cooper's Elinor Wyllys, so papers which deal in some meaningful way
News and Events
July 13 - 17, 2003
The State University of New York
College at Oneonta
"Coming of Age: Gendered Perspectives"
Elinor Wyllys , so papers which deal in some meaningful way with these texts or the theme perspective - either individually or in some combination - are especially welcome. However, papers that treat any other area of interest to Cooper scholars will also be considered. The forthcoming publication of Elinor Wyllys , which is already available online, makes this a particularly timely Conference theme. Abstracts - 250 words or so - for 20-minute Conference presentations should be sent to Prof. Richard Lee
Dept. of English
313 Netzer Administration Bldg.
SUNY College at Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820 by no later than March 30, 2003. Submission by e-mail is preferred: * For more information and for online registration (by December, 2002), please check the conference Web site Maintained by
Last modified: Jan 24, 2003, 16:00 EST
The Writings of James Fenimore Cooper, Lance Schachterle, Editor in Chief

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