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         Corso Gregory:     more books (100)
  1. Mindfield: New and Selected Poems by Gregory Corso, 1998-12-30
  2. Gasoline (City Lights Pocket Poets Series) by Gregory Corso, 2001-01-01
  3. Elegiac Feelings American. by Gregory Corso, 1970-06
  4. Long Live Man by Gregory Corso, 1962-12-12
  5. A Happy Birthday of Death by Gregory Corso, 1960
  6. The American Express (Volume 0) by Gregory Corso, 2008-06-23
  7. An Accidental Autobiography: The Selected Letters by Gregory Corso, 2003-04
  8. Gregory Corso: Doubting Thomist by Kirby Olson PhD, 2002-08-30
  9. Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg (Penguin Modern Poets 5) by Gregory; Ferlinghetti, Lawrence; Ginsberg, Allen Corso, 1963-01-01
  10. Gregory Corso (Riverside Interviews,)
  11. A Clown in a Grave: The Complexities and Tensions in the Works of Gregory Corso by Professor Michael Skau, 1999-09-10
  12. Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit by Gregory Corso, 1981-10-01
  13. The Japanese Notebook Ox by Gregory Corso, 1974-06
  14. Olympia 4 by William, Gregory Corso, Etc. Contributors Burroughs, 1963

1. Gregory Corso
Opere di Gregory Corso. corso gregory, Bomb, San Francisco, City Lights Books, 1958; 90x19 cm., foglio pieghevole
Los Angeles Examiner and later served as a merchant seaman. In 1954 he unofficially attended Harvard University, where students contributed to the publication of his first collection of poems, The Vestal Lady on Brattle and Other Poems. Two years later he joined Ginsberg in San Francisco, where Lawrence Ferlinghetti published his volume of poems Gasoline. In 1957 Corso joined Kerouac and Ginsberg for a series of unconventional readings and interviews. Since that time he has traveled extensively, especially in Mexico and Eastern Europe. He taught briefly at the State University of New York at Buffalo and occasionally during summer sessions at the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. His major publications after Gasoline include The Happy Birthday of Death The American Express Long Live Man Elegaic Feelings American Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit (1981), and Mindfield -Michael Skau, Modern American Poetry
Corso Pics
Jack Magazine Tribute to Corso Long Shot Magazine Tribute to GC ... Tribute to Gregory Corso Interviews On "Bomb" On "Marriage" The Riverside Interviews with Gregory Corso
Archives Gregory Corso Notebooks and Papers The Other Side of April Selected Poems Bomb I Held a Shelley Manuscript Destiny Marriage ... The Whole Mess ... Almost

2. Gregory Corso
Biographical note, on "Bomb," on "Marriage," works cited. Prepared and Compiled Category Arts Literature Authors C Corso, Gregory......Gregory Corso Photo CreditArthur Winfield Knight. Gregory Corso (19302001)
Gregory Corso: Photo CreditArthur Winfield Knight Gregory Corso
Biographical Note
On "Bomb" On "Marriage" Online Poems ... Works Cited Prepared and Compiled by Michael Skau Return to Modern American Poetry Home Return to Poets Index

3. The Beat Page - Gregory Corso
Brief biography and small selection of poems.Category Arts Literature Authors C Corso, Gregory......Gregory Corso was born on March 26, 1930 in New York. He has spent timeworking as a manual laborer in New York City and as an employee


Last Night I Drove a Car


The Mad Yak
I Held a Shelley Manuscript
Other Writers: Richard Brautigan Charles Bukowski William S. Burroughs Neal Cassady Robert Creeley Diane di Prima Robert Duncan William Everson Lawrence Ferlinghetti Allen Ginsberg John Clellon Holmes LeRoi Jones Bob Kaufman Jack Kerouac Ken Kesey Philip Lamantia Denise Levertov Michael McClure Frank O'Hara Peter Orlovsky Kenneth Patchen Kenneth Rexroth Gary Snyder Anne Waldman Lew Welch Philip Whalen William Carlos Williams PHOTO GALLERY Gregory Corso was born on March 26, 1930 in New York. He has spent time working as a manual laborer in New York City and as an employee of the Los Angeles Times. In addition, he was a merchant seaman on Norwegian vessels and has had some acting experience, including an appearance in Andy Warhol's film, Couch.
As a writer in the 1950's and 60's, Corso became a key member of the Beat movement. He pressed for social and political changes and Allen Ginsberg even called him an "awakener of youth".

4. L'Arengario. Beat Generation: Gregory Corso
Propone cenni biografici e bibliografici dell'esponente della Beat Generation.Category World Italiano Poesia Poeti Tradotti Corso, Gregory...... pieghevole stampato al recto e al verso. 55). corso gregory, Gasoline.
(New York 1930 - Minneapolis 2001) Bibliografia

The Vestal Lady on Brattle and Other Poems
The Happy Birthday of Death
Early Poems
American Express
Selected Poems
Long Live Man
The Mutation of the Spirit Elegiac Feelings American
"Internato a tredici anni in riformatorio. A vent’anni si stabilì nel Greenwich Village, fece leggere le poesie scritte in carcere ad Allen Ginsberg , diventò suo amico e si affermò presto come uno dei poeti più significativi degli anni Cinquanta" (Pivano 1978: pag. 354). Gregory Corso (1960) fotografia di Howard Smith Opere di Gregory Corso CORSO Gregory Bomb , San Francisco, City Lights Books, 1958; 90x19 cm., foglio pieghevole stampato al recto e al verso. Prima edizione (Pivano 1978: pag. 354). "Questa poesia fu ispirata a Gregory Corso da una dimostrazione contro la bomba atomica alla quale il poeta assistè in Inghilterra nel 1958. Di quella dimostrazione non lo impressionò tanto lo scopo quanto la carica di odio, di violenza, di rabbia. Un odio simile, una violenza simile gli parvero almeno altrettanto mostruosi che la bomba e gli parve che la mostruosità distruggitrice della bomba non fosse diversa dalla mostruosità distruggitrice di uomini che tentavano di annientare una cosa nel momento stesso che l'avevano creata. (...) Così Gregory Corso scrisse una lettera d'amore alla bomba atomica; e non capì perché tutti inorridissero. Perché tutti provavano orrore per la bomba atomica e non ne provavano invece nel vedere «i bambini abbandonati nei parchi» o «gli uomini che muoiono sulle sedie elettriche»?

5. Gregory Corso
Gregory Corso (1930 2001). a web guide to Beatpoet Gregory Corso from
Gregory Corso (1930 - 2001) a web guide to Beat poet Gregory Corso from main page 20th century outline authors, alphabetical 19th century authors General Articles An introduction, plus excerpts of reputable critical discussions of some poems, from the Modern American Poetry Site (Univ. of Illinois). An introduction to the poet from the Academy of American Poets. A Tribute to Gregory Corso contains 23 articles and poems on Corso by friends and poets, including Joanne Kyger, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Edward Sanders, Robert Creeley, and Diane Di Prima. In Woodstock Journal. An article on Corso's passing by Patti Smith. A goodbye article to Corso by By Barbara Stufflebeem. An intro to Gregory Corso from the Beat Page at Rooknet.

6. - Literatura I Sztuka ::: Corso Gregory :::
corso gregory (19302001), pisarz amerykanski. Zdobyl rozglos jako uczestnikruchu tzw. corso gregory. corso gregory (1930-2001), pisarz amerykanski.
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    Corso Gregory
    Corso Gregory (1930-2001), pisarz amerykañski. Zdoby³ rozg³os jako uczestnik ruchu tzw. beatników, zbuntowanych przeciwko mieszczañskiemu ¿yciu i zawiedzionych cywilizacj± zachodni±, zw³aszcza amerykañsk±. Dzia³a³ w Nowym Jorku wraz z jedn± z g³ównych postaci tego ruchu - poet± A. Ginsbergiem. 1956 zamieszka³ w San Francisco. Opublikowa³ zbiory wierszy: Gasoline (1958), Long Live Man (1962), Elegiac Feelings American (1970). Informacja ze strony:
    Spis publikacji dzia³u "Corso Gregory" Tytu³ publikacji Autor/opiekun Data publikacji ods³./op. Na Akropolu Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 Pewnego dnia Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 Pisane na stopniach portorykañskiego Harlemu Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 Uccello Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 W ulotnej rêce czasu Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 Z tamtego pokoju Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 ¯ycie to Rotary Club Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 ¦miertelne cierpienie Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 ¦redniowieczna anatomia Gregory Corso 26-maj-2002 Sortuj wg.

    7. : Corso Gregory
    Chargement de la page corso gregory
    Chargement de la page : Corso Gregory

    8. Books
    corso gregory Allen Gisberg Check, corso gregory, Unmuzzled Ox (dedicatoa Corso), New York, 1973 signed with drawings (n. 21 of first edition),'s books/books.htm
    Books Authors' Individual Works Check [Selerie Gavin, The Riverside Interviews 3:] Gregory Corso , Binnacle Press, London, 1982 - first ed., 500 copie s Corso Gregory, Unmuzzled Ox (dedicato a Corso) , New York, 1973 - signed with drawings (n. 21 of first edition) Corso Gregory, Ankh , The Phoenix Book Shop, New York, 1971 - n 42/100 signed Corso Gregory, Bomb , City Liths Books, San Francisco, 1958, - broadside signed and dedicated to Raffaele, New York 1974

    9. Gregory Corso
    Gregory Corso. BACK, Gregory Corso was born on March 26th, 1930 in New York Cityand died on the 17th January, 2001. Budger of history. Brake of time. You. Bomb.
    Gregory Corso BACK Gregory Corso was born on March 26th, 1930 in New York City and died on the 17th January, 2001. "Budger of history Brake of time You Bomb I cannot hate you" G. Corso-From the poem 'Bomb' He had a troubled childhood living with foster parents after his Italian mother went back to Italy. Corso became involved with crime and spent time in a Youth House and at the age of sixteen was sent to state prison for three years on theft charges. Whilst in prison, Corso began to read and write poetry and at his release had aspirations to be a poet. In 1950, Corso met Allen Ginsberg in a bar and showed him and a Columbia college professor of Ginsbergs. Corso was encouraged to keep writing and began publishing in 1955. Three years later City Lights published some of his most famous poems including ' I am 25'. Corso continued to write and perform poetry with the likes of Marianne Faithfull and wrote several collections of poetry including Herald of the autochthonic Spirit (1981) and Mindfield(1989) .

    10. Corso
    Gregory Corso. Gregory Corso is one of the few original beat poets still alive,though occasionally questions arise on the Internet Where is Gregory Corso?
    Gregory Corso Gregory Corso is one of the few original beat poets still alive, though occasionally questions arise on the Internet: Where is Gregory Corso? An eccentric person, he was quite critical of being termed as a beat and rejected the whole concept of this representing a generation. Nonetheless his poetry is highly challenging as in this love poem Bomb . An embarrassing photograph of Corso accompanies "Destiny", while is one book still available. Acknowledgements:

    11. Gregory Corso
    Gregory Corso. Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Photograph copyright byLarry Keenan. January 17 Gregory Corso passed away on January 17. He was 70.
    Gregory Corso
    ...Like the jester who blew out candles
    tip-toeing in toe-bell feet
    that his master dream victories
    so I creep and blow
    that the cat and canary sleep. I've no plumed helmet, no blue-white raiment;
    and no jester of-old comes wish me on.
    I myself am my own happy fool...
    Born: March 26, 1930, New York City
    Died: January 17, 2001, Robbinsdale, Minnesota Photo courtesy: Larry Keenan , of Gregory Corso (left) and Lawrence Ferlinghetti posing in front of my "Last Gathering" mural at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, Rebels: Painters and Poets of 1950's exhibition. January 17: Gregory Corso passed away on January 17. He was 70. There's more about him at the SF Gate . I figured this was a good time as ever to open some blackberry wine and have a few smokes (which I'd given up) in honor of the poetry whiz whose words were witty and wonderful. Gregory suffered from prostate cancer and last summer had a significant relapse, which got everyone worried sad. Everyone thought he was going to die then, but he hung on. Word had it later that he was off with his daughter gambling on an Indian reservation. I'm not sure if that's true, but it wouldn't surprise mehe had a lot of energy and soul, even in the roughest times. Around the time he had the relapse, a few people wrote devotionsto express what was going on at that time in their headswhich you can read at Jack Magazine . Most of all, though, I think we're all affected to some degree (most of us a lot) that Gregory is not here anymore. Well, I can't be some preacher chick saying all the platitudesbut long live Gregory. Here's a toast to ya, man.

    12. Gregory Corso
    GREGORY CORSO. (19302001). New York kentinde dogdu, daha çok yetim yurtlarindabüyüdü, ve on yedi yasinda üç yil hapis cezasina çarptirildi. Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter!

    New York kentinde doðdu, daha çok yetim yurtlarýnda büyüdü, ve on yedi yaþýnda üç yýl hapis cezasýna çarptýrýldý. Orada þiir okudu-Marlowe ve Chatterton- ve yazmaya baþladý. Sonra, Allen Ginsberg ve Jack Kerouac'la Beat akýmýna katýldý. Avrupa'yý, Güney Amerika'yý ve Afrika'yý gezdi, Meksika ve Hindistan'da yaþadý, ve bugün New York'da yaþýyor. Þiirlerinden baþka, Paris'te 1961'de yayýnlanmýþ, The American Express adýnda bir romaný var.
    Vestal Lady on Brattle. Cambridge, Mass.:Brukenfield, 1955.
    Gasoline. San Fransisco: City Lights Books, 1958.
    The Happy Birthday of Death. New Directions, 1959.
    Long Live Man. New Directions, 1962.
    The Mutation of the Spirit, a Shuffle Poem. New York: Death Press, 1964.
    Elegaic Feelings, 1970.
    Herald of the Autochthonic, 1980. Mindfiel, 1991. YENÝDEN UÐRANAN DOÐUM YERÝ Duruyorum loþ ýþýkta, karanlýk sokakta ve bakýyorum yukarý, pencereme, orada doðdum ben. Iþýklar açýk; deviniyor baþka insanlar.

    13. GVU Center: People: Gregory Corso
    Gregory Corso. Associate Professor, School of Psychology. Gregory M. Corso receivedhis Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology from New Mexico State University in 1978.

    Other GVU Faculty

    GVU Associate Directors

    School of Psychology

    College of Computing
    Gregory Corso
    Associate Professor,
    School of Psychology
    Gregory M. Corso
    received his Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology from New Mexico State University in 1978. He has been at Georgia Tech since 1978, except for time spent as a visiting professor at the United States Military Academy during the 1986 academic year. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Associate Director of the School of Psychology. He teaches graduate classes in human performance, displays and controls, and environmental stresses. His research has been supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research , the Office of Naval Research and General Dynamics . He has been a consultant to The Institute of Simulation and Training, BellSouth, NCR, and Lockheed Corporation. Dr. Corso's primary research interests are in visual display coding, theories of human performance, the effects of auditory noise on human performance, and adaptive automation. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and Sigma Xi.
    Contact information:
      Gregory Corso
      College of Computing
      801 Atlantic Drive
      Georgia Institute of Technology
      Atlanta, GA, 30332-0280

    14. Gregory M. Corso
    GREGORY M. CORSO Ph.D. (1978) Engineering Psychology New Mexico StateUniversity. Associate Professor of Psychology Member of Graphics

    15. Gregory Corso
    Gregory Corso er en af de tre store digtere i gruppen af beatpoeter(deandre er Ginsberg og Jack Kerouac). Hans mest kendte digt er Bomb.
    Gregory Corso er en af de tre store digtere i gruppen af beatpoeter(de andre er Ginsberg og Jack Kerouac) . Hans mest kendte digt er Bomb . Thygesen har oversat et mindre kendt digt fra digtsamlingen "gasoline": Italiensk Extravanganza
    Fru Lombardi s månedgamle søn er død
    Jeg så det i Rizzos kapel
    et lille blårødt rynket hoved.
    De har netop sluttet den store messe over det,
    de kommer ud nu -
    ...orv, sådan en lille kiste!
    Og ti sorte cadillac'er til at transportere den i.

    16. Gregory Corso
    GREGORY CORSO. Gregory Corso (19302001) has been much publicized asone of the leading literary spokesman for the “Beat Generation
    GREGORY CORSO Elegiac Feelings American The Happy Birthday of Death Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit Long Live Man

    17. Gregory Corso
    Gregory Corso. sleeping in Jack Sarfatti's North Beach apartment. from MINDFIELDby Gregory Corso with forwards by William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.
    Gregory Corso
    sleeping in Jack Sarfatti's North Beach apartment. Photo by David Gladstone.
    They deliver the edicts of God without delay And are exempt from apprehension from detention And with their God-given Petasus, Caduceus, and Talaria ferry like bolts of lightning unhindered between the tribunals
    The Messenger-Spirit in human flesh is assigned a dependable, self-reliant, versatile, thoroughly poet existence upon its sojourn in life
    It does not knock or ring the bell or telephone When the Messenger-Spirit comes to your door though locked It'll enter like an electric midwife and deliver the message
    There is no tell throughout the ages that a Messenger-Spirit ever stumbled into darkness Return to main document from MINDFIELD by Gregory Corso with forwards by William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg You can purchase this book from Consortium Books 213 East 4th Street St Paul, Minn 55101

    18. Woodstock Journal - Gregory Corso
    Woodstock Journal, September 115, 2000 Vol. 6, No. 18 and September 15-29, 2000 - Vol. 6, No. 19.
    May 11-25, 2001, Vol. 7, No. 10
    Gregory Corso Arrives in Rome
    Untamed Poet Crosses River

    By Lawrence Ferlinghetti
    February 2 - 16, 2001 Vol. 7, No. 3
    Gregory Corso, 1930-2001
    By Edward Sanders
    Gregory Corso, 1930-2001

    By Robert Creeley
    September 1-15, 2000 Vol. 6, No. 18
    and September 15-29, 2000 - Vol. 6, No. 19
    A Salute to Gregory Corso Poet Among Poets By Edward Sanders a few words from Lawrence Ferlinghetti Andy Clausen We Were in Port Authority Ira Cohen Robert Creeley "Short and Clear" Diane Di Prima Rosebud Feliu-Pettet Raymond Foye A Working Poet Anselm Hollo Gregorio the Herald Donald Kennison Dream of Corso Joanne Kyger Gregory Corso Michael McClure Saluto!

    19. LitKicks: Gregory Corso
    Literary Kicks. Visit the general discussion board or view list of boards.gregory corso. gregory corso was born on March 26, 1930 in New York City.
    Literary Kicks
    Visit the general discussion board or view list of boards
    Gregory Corso
    Gregory Corso was born on March 26, 1930 in New York City. He was the only native New Yorker among the circle of major Beat writers, and was in fact born on Bleecker Street in the heart of Greenwich Village , where as a young man he would meet Allen Ginsberg in a bar. He was not planning a life in poetry at this time, and in fact had spent time in prison on a robbery charge when he was only 16. Now 20 years old, he quickly fell in with the rambunctious crowd of writers and other artists that would become famous as the "Beats". Unlike many others who merely hung around this scene, though, Corso had a natural talent, and easily began churning out wonderful poems for his friends to enjoy. His poetic voice was simple, colloquial, funny and unpretentious. His first book of poetry was published by City Lights in 1955. He quickly became popular, and was much more well-known in the 50's and 60's than he later became. He was one of the major "characters" in the Beat circle, and appeared as the charismatic Yuri Gregorovic, the guy who steals Jack Kerouac's girlfriend in Kerouac's somewhat self-pitying novel 'The Subterraneans.'

    20. Gregory Corso At The Blue Neon Alley
    Read a tribute and brief biography of the poet. gregory corso, shown in 1993, was one of the circle of Beat poets that included Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac
    Home Jack
    Allen ... About
    More Neon Alley
    About Jack Kerouac's Blue Neon Alley
    An Understatement of Poetry

    Polarity Emagazine

    Nuestra Palabra (Latino Writers)
    Email: Blue Neon Alley Jack Kerouac's San Francisco
    A Directory of the Beat Generation on the World Wide Web

    Gregory Corso
    "What are fish? Animalized water. . Gregory Corso Gregory Corso A Tribute by Robert Creely Gregory Corso The Woodstock Journal Gregory Corso A Tribute by Robert Creely "Direction Sign in London Zoo" A Poem by Gregory Corso Post Angelic Musing for the Electronic Beat Gregory Corso Gregory Corso A Bibliography Gregory Corso At the Cosmic Baseball Association Gregory Corso Literary Kicks Gregory Corso The Beat Page "Friend" A Poem by Gregory Corso Gregory Corso At City Lights Gregory Corso Village Voice Gregory Corso The Beat Museum Gregory Nunzio Corso Home Page An Excellent Site From Italy. Gregory Corso "Bomb" "The Whole Mess ....Almost" Gregory Corso Gregory Corso @The San Francisco Chronicle Gregory Corso @Modern American Poetry Corso Poem "Marriage" Gregory Corso "Poets Hitchhiking on the Highway" Gregory Corso At About.Com

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