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         Dickinson Charlie:     more detail
  1. The Cat at Light's End by Charlie Dickinson, 2005-07-20
  2. The Wire Donkey by Charlie Dickinson, 2010-03-12
  3. Charlie O'Brien, Private Investigator by Alan Dale Dickinson, 2010-06-29
  4. Social Democracy in the Austrian Provinces 1918-1934: Beyond Red Vienna by Charlie Jeffery, 1995-09

1. Charlie Dickinson
Charlie Dickinson. Full name Parents Born Siblings Married Children Playedby Bill Owen Appeared 1971. Can you update or amend this profile? Let us know.
Charlie Dickinson
Full name:
Played by:
Bill Owen
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2. Charlie Dickinson
Charlie Dickinson. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Puffin Novels).Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. My Wars Are Laid Away in Books
Charlie Dickinson
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Puffin Novels) Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson My Wars Are Laid Away in Books: The Life of Emily Dickinson The Master and Margarita The Man With the Black Coat : Russia's Literature of the Absurd (European Classics) Russia's Economy of Favours : Blat, Networking and Informal Exchanges (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies , No 102) Authors: D

3. State Resulta
Top Eight Doubles Bobby Jackson/Michael Evanoff, Minot Tim Christen/Tyler Jundt,Williston Anish Das/Keegan Lantz, dickinson charlie Moore/Lyndon Coutts
STATE RESULTS 2002 GIRLS CLASS A GOLF 2002 Dakota Bowl Results 2002 BOYS CLASS A TENNIS 2002 CLASS B VOLLEYBALL ... 2002 CLASS A PLAYS 2002 GIRLS' REGION CLASS A GOLF TOURNAMENTS East Region at Mapleton, Sept. 23, 2002 – Curt Jones, Manager Team Totals 1. Fargo South - 323
2. Grand Forks Red River - 367
3. Fargo Shanley - 373
4. Wahpeton - 374
5. Fargo North - 380
6. Valley City - 400
7. Jamestown - 411
8. West Fargo - 417
9. Devils Lake - 441
10. GF Central - 467
Top Ten Individuals 1. Amanda Miller, Wahpeton - 79 2. Merritt Brothen, Fargo South - 80 2. Kelly Weisgarber, Fargo South - 80 4. Jenny Henderson, Fargo South - 81 5. Jeana Dahl, Fargo South - 82 5. Ashley Anderson, fargo South - 82 7. Megan Kosse, Fargo Shanley - 84 8. Ashley Kasowski, Fargo South - 87 9. Bryn Putbrese, GF Red River - 90 9. Angela Schmidt, GF Red River - 90 9. Kim Nicholls, Devils Lake - 90 Individual Qualifier Erika Hochgraber, West Fargo - 91 West Region at Williston, Sept. 23, 2002 – Tom Christen, Manager Team Totals 1. Bismarck Century - 366

4. The Bradys
GUESTS Teri dickinson charlie Spradling Gene Dickinson Herb Edelman Wallach DyanaOrtelli Meadows Aaron Lustig Borden Jerry Hauck housewife Fran Ryan delivery
If above clip is not buffering
Get Plug-In
or try Separate Clip) THE BRADYS
Aired February 9, 1990 - March 9, 1990 Friday 8:00 p.m.
Mike Brady Robert Reed Carol Brady Florence Henderson Greg Brady Barry Williams Marcia Logan Leah Ayres Peter Brady Christopher Knight Jan Covington Eve Plumb Bobby Brady Mike Lookinland Cindy Brady Susan Olsen Nora Brady Caryn Richman Wally Logan Jerry Houser Phillip Convington III Ron Kuhlman Tracey Wagner Marhta Quinn Kevin Brady Jonathan Weiss Mickey Logan Michael Melby Jessica Logan Jacklyn Bernstein Patty Covington Valerie Ick Gary Greenberg Ken Michelman
1. "Start Your Engines/Here We Grow Again" - Aired February 9, 1990
Also known as "Brady 500"
Written by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd Schwartz. Directed by Bruce Bilson. GUESTS : Valerie Mary Candorette Howie Lenny Garner Dr. Stevens Richard Herkert Maxine Sheila Shaw Erica Hopkins Hope Juber track paramedic Jack Stauffer track security guard Greg Collins Joe Fletcher John Wheeler Lisa Kim Maxwell Donna Darcy De Moss Laura Dinah Lenney Steve Jeffrey J. Nowinski Mrs. Powell Barbara Mallory Mr. Powell Nick Toch man Leonard Ross track announcer Stu Nahan the minister Dabbs Greer (seen in the 1st episode of the original Brady Bunch)
2. "A Moving Experience"

5. Cuchulainn Trophy DBM Comp 2002 Report
9, Brennan Rob, 5/238, GraecoBactrian, DGG. 10, Cleland Cillian, 4/291, E.Crusader,DGG. 11, dickinson charlie, 4/190, EIR, UWS. 12, McKenna Seamus, 3/185, EIR, Dragonslayers.
Cuchulainn Trophy DBM Comp 2002
On the 29th-30th of June 2002 a DBM competition was organised by UWS as part of the Q-Con games convention in Belfast. This page contains some images of the day and the final results of the competition.
Results Pictures Go Back to the Dublin Games Guild DBM Page
There was an excellent turn out of players (17 + a non-playing umpire) for this event which was held in the great facilities of the Common rooms in Queens University, Belfast. This was a 2-day, 4-round 400AP open event using BB310 scoring. Everyone had a great time and the games all proceeded smoothly.
Winner 2nd and 3rd Place Players:
Picture not yet available Picture not yet available Picture not yet available Alex Moran was the winner of the competition with a Central Asian City States army structured as follows: Central Asian City States (Turfan) 861 AD Army EE 62 Dem 31 400AP Command 1
EE/BP 21.5/7.17 CinC as armoured cavalry 1 x Reg Cv(S)
Chakar armoured cavelry 8 x Irr Cv(S)
Scout or local nomad horse archers 6 x Irr Lh(F) Archers
1 x Irr Ps(O)
Spearmen 12 x Irr Hd(O) Total 140AP Command 2
EE/BP 19.5/6.5

6. Stories & More From Charlie Dickinson
Author website 'stories more from charlie dickinson' features The Irvington Storiesabout fictional lives from one neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, USA
Updated as of 02/17/2003
charlie dickinson Welcome, dear Reader! With this Web site, I want to share with you stories and other writings published in various e-zines. Readers like yourself are important to any writer and what I am trying to do here is quite simple: Give you a one-stop URL for all my Web-published writings. If you are new to my writing, you might start with "The Cat at Light's End" . Or pick a link below. If you've spidered in from my writing elsewhere, please explore and don't hesitate to e-mail any comments about the work. Charlie Dickinson
choices: book reviews

the irvington stories


February 16, 2003: Heaven's Edge by Romesh Gunesekera, a book review, goes up at
January 28, 2003: The Guru of Love by Samrat Upadhyay, a book review, goes up at
January 18, 2003: The Scheme for Full Employment by Magnus Mills, a book review, goes up at
November 27, 2002: Born Twice by Giuseppe Pontiggia, a book review, goes up at

7. Archive: Repair Of Analog Tektronix Scopes
Repair of Analog Tektronix Scopes. charlie dickinson (, 25 Jul 2002 094423 0400 Messages sorted
Repair of Analog Tektronix Scopes
charlie dickinson (
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:44:23 -0400

8. Firehouse.Com Commentary - 01/08/02 - Is Chief Charlie Dickinson The New Deputy
Firehouse.Com Commentary 01/08/02 - Is Chief charlie dickinson the New Deputy Fire Administrator?
Wildfire Central PhotostoriesWorld of Fire Features NewsTickerE-NewslettersPagerNewsSubmit StoriesUpdated: Tuesday, January 8 - 2p Home > Commentary E-Mail this pageto a friend/co-worker Is Chief Charlie Dickinson the New Deputy Fire Administrator? STEVE AUSTIN Retired Pittsburgh Fire Chief Charlie Dickinson is seen poised to become Deputy Administrator of the USFA. The choice couldn't be better. If the appointment comes about, the love fest with this Administration's picks for key emergency service leaders continues into the second year of the Bush Administration.

members zone fh network buyers guide ... events
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Steve Austin
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9. Savoy Prose: Talking Cabbage Heads, By Charlie Dickinson (page 2)
In his latest short story, charlie dickinson takes a walk on the produce side oflife. That salad crispy enough for you? Copyright ©1998 charlie dickinson.
P R E V I O U S What do you say to an insalata mista Anywho, this working dayshift in produce fit my plan to, one day, get the scoop on what all my life could be. First thing I did, though, I get to Portland, was change my name. undecided . Undecided is a fat waste, time and money. There those are up. Let me show you the back room. I tell you, I feel at times like that whole salmon on ice there in the deli case. Poor fish ever get what he was born for? Not in this go-round.
Used by permission. S A V O Y I N D E X

10. Archive: AC200 For Sale
AC200 for sale. charlie dickinson ( Wed,29 Jan 2003 153424 0500 Messages sorted by date subject
AC200 for sale
charlie dickinson (
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 15:34:24 -0500

11. English Literature And Cultural History Charlie Dickinson
Mr. charlie dickinson. Job Title Lecturer. Department DR. Room GO1. BuildingJoe H. Makin. Address Hope Place Liverpool L1 9BG. Telephone +44/0 151 231 5064.

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13. Drama/Theatre Studies Charlie Dickinson
Mr. charlie dickinson. Job Title Lecturer. Department Drama. Room G01.Building Joe H Makin Building. Address Telephone 0151 231 5066. Fax

14. InterText V8n4: Espresso'd By Charlie Dickinson
Espresso'd charlie dickinson The quest for human companionship 8, Number4 of InterText. This story Copyright © 1998 charlie dickinson.
Charlie Dickinson The quest for human companionship may be ages old, but in all that time, has it been perfected? Hardly.
N What's closer to a ten on the start of a day than this? Top-down weather and across fifteen feet of pedestrian walkway from the parked Alfa, behind the glass sheet fronting Espresso'd, something in the form of woman moves with a hypnotic liquidity that's escaped every sculptor who ever lived. She's brushing crumbs, picking up napkinsall thatfrom tables and counters inside. Any other morning, Nelse would have already been cubicle-bound to Cirrus Labs. Today, however, one of the other woman employees called her by name: CaraJo. The revelation snagged him. Why not? Where there's a technology, there's a way. Nelse wordlessly thanks the gods for this technological gift that now summons CaraJo away from the window. Not that he didn't enjoy the front and side views of CaraJo at her cleaning chores; he simply also appreciates a mathematical aesthetic as she turns away. Her sacral concavity reverse-curves flawlessly to the muscular convexity of her bum as, with divine motion, she goes for the phone on the back wall. CaraJo comes on the phone with an incredibly up voice. In profile, hand on hip, leaning on the wall, she says she doesn't know any Nelse and doesn't understand why he'd be watching her.

15. A Fiction Story Espresso'd By Dickinson, Charlie
A Free/Complete story by

Free Stuff Authors Books ... by Dickinson, Charlie
About the Story
Excerpt: "... He might as well break bread with a yak for all the companionship potential he sees here. "Yeah, your nose gave you away," he says, trying to act nonchalant about CaraJo's shocking sartorial feat. "It's Friday afternoon. I take off early for my public service project at St. John's. Visit kids in the cancer ward. They're in love with me." She says this, jaws flapping away with a real wad of gum. Nelse would bet anything she's lying about the kids with cancer, but would she go and rent a costume just to make him out as a fool? He doesn't really know. "That's commendable," he says. "Just commendable." "I try." He suggests they sit outside at one of the umbrellaed tables. He wants to see CaraJo the way she used to be. He decides if he's going to take pictures, she'd look better without that ridiculous red nose on her face. "Wanna do me a favor?" he asks. ..." Statistics for this Story
Please note: I do not guarantee the complete correctness of all stats.

16. InterText Story Index By Author
Currer, Barney Drifters (v10n1). Devereaux, Robert Fructus in Eden (v3n2).dickinson, charlie Espresso'd (v8n4). DiFonzo, John Wampanoag (v4n4).
Story Index by Author
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Fourteen Ways of Seeing Dad
Appell, David
Understanding Green
Baby Glenn ...
The Posticheur
Appelquist, Daniel K.
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Anticipation of the Night
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Baron, Connie
The Funeral Party
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The Gilding of Norm Lilly
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Facing Myself in the Dark
Bryan, Deborah
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Skin the Color of Blood
Burke, Carolyn L
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The Web
Blame it on the Pigeons
Cadwallader, Gary ...
Something in Between
Campbell, Tyree
Carey, Jacqueline
Cassidy, Kyle Bradley
Circles: A Romance
What Are You Looking For, China White? ...
This is the Optative of Unfulfillable Wish
Cholbi, Wendy J.
Click, Shawn

17. -after The Quake - Charlie Dickinson Review
A final note Haruki Murakami insisted that the title of this English editionand its story titles be all lowercase.© charlie dickinson 08/19/2002 email

Welcome About Us Contact Us ... July02 Issue
After the Quake
Review by Charlie Dickinson
after the quake: stories by Haruki Murakami
Alfred A. Knopf, 2002, 181 pp., ISBN: 0-375-41390-1
By the 79th day of 1995, Japan had suffered both the Kobe earthquake that killed thousands and the terrorist poison-gas attacks in Tokyo subways at morning rush hour. These twin shocks to the Japanese psyche closed out Haruki Murakami's years as a novelist-in- exile: He came home to confront the grief of his fellow nihonjin and subsequently wrote about both disasters.
after the quake is, in a sense, a fiction companion to Murakami's earlier nonfiction work Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche. The six stories of this collection occur in February 1995, weeks after the Kobe earthquake, prior to the Tokyo gas attacks. Not one of these six stories, however, takes place in Kobe. That immediate terror of earth tsunami, that sure horror of structural collapse and fireit's capsulized as mere TV images, no more. Removed from the physical chaos, the story voices are heard elsewhere: Tokyo, the snow-engulfed northern island of Hokkaido, a balmy vacation resort in Thailand. What is not at a remove for the voices is the psychic aftershocks from the Kobe earthquake that keep rolling through their lives.

18. -Sparrow Nights - David Gilmour - Review By Charles Dickinson
The lock of memory is broken and Darius Halloway is released from sparrow nights. © charlie dickinson August 2002 email Counterpoint Press

Welcome About Us Contact Us ... July02 Issue
SPARROW NIGHTS by David Gilmour
Review by Charlie Dickinson
'The story builds to a stunner of a climax...'
Counterpoint, 2002, 217 pp., ISBN: 1-58243-203-1

Hardcover - 224 pages (September 25, 2001)
Language: English
Random House of Canada; ISBN: 0679311122 When we first meet Darius Halloway, the first-person narrator of Sparrow Nights, our first impression is respectability and intellectual prowess. Professor Halloway teaches French Literature at a Canadian university and we might think his tenured work life at age 54 an uncomplicated coast to retirement years. He's over a failed, childless marriage. Now, his contentments are the arcana of French Symbolists and an occasional restaurant meal, usually taken alone, of fine food and a robust red wine. The title of David Gilmour's novel, however, refers to a Russian expression, we learn, that describes a night of dementia and torment. Professor Halloway's confession takes us from first impressions downward to somewhere in Dante's circles.
How did Halloway find himself, to borrow a phrase from one of his scholarly subjects, in "une saison en enfer"? It had to do with teacher-student relations ....

19. Amarillo Bay Presents My Wal-Mart Salvation By Charlie Dickinson
Welcome to Amarillo Bay!
Something Good To Read
Amarillo Bay is the online literary magazine containing the finest modern literature. Your browser does not appear to support frames. At this time, we require frame support. If you wish to view the stories in Amarillo Bay, please download a browser that supports frames. See the following sites. Microsoft

20. Amarillo Bay Works Sorted By Author Name
Denham, Laura, Wipeout, 12. dickinson, charlie, La Mosca, 3-2. dickinson, charlie,My Wal-Mart Salvation, 2-3. dickinson, charlie, President, He Slept Here, The, 2-1.E,
Amarillo Bay
Works Sorted by Author Name
Click the Volume to see the issue that contains the work of fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry. (If you don't find what you're looking for, try all works sorted by title or search with Google Author Work Vol A Ang, Arlene Now that lilacs are in bloom Ang, Arlene Ornithorhynchus anatinus Antosca, Nick Night B Barnet, Cris When My Father Whistled Bennett, Patrick Penman in Public Places, A Bennett, Patrick Stalking Delight Bowman, John Tribe of Frogs Boyar, Theresa Girl Who Couldn't Wait, The Bradley, Jerry Don't Dance Don't Wanna: A Twelve-Step Approach to Country-and-Western Dancing Bradley, Jerry Remembering Jim Corder Breeden, David Nom de Critique Buck, Janet I. Faint Collage, A Buck, Janet I. Red Eyes Buck, Janet I. September Snow ... Infield Fly Clift, G. W. Center for Advanced Thought Cook, Kenneth Strange Waters Cronin, Keith Black Lights and Breast Milk D Day, Holly Casualty in Progress Day, Holly Spelunker Dees, Diane E. Coaching in the Zone Dees, Diane E. Rules of the Road Denham, Laura Wipeout Dickinson, Charlie

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