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         Dreiser Theodore:     more books (100)
  1. Twelve Men by Theodore Dreiser, 2010-07-12
  2. The "Genius" by Theodore Dreiser, 2010-07-06
  3. Sister Carrie (Norton Critical Editions) by Theodore Dreiser, 1991-02
  4. An American Tragedy (Signet Classics) by Theodore Dreiser, 2010-08-03
  5. Sister Carrie (Enriched Classics) by Theodore Dreiser, 2008-07-01
  6. Theodore Dreiser: An American Journey by Richard Lingeman, 1993-05-24
  7. Theodore Dreiser's an American Tragedy (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations)
  8. Sister Carrie (Oxford World's Classics) by Theodore Dreiser, 2009-05-15
  9. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, 2004-03-01
  10. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser, 2009-10-04
  11. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, 2000-11-01
  12. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, 2009-10-04
  13. The Financier, a novel by Theodore Dreiser, 2006-02-26
  14. The Financier, a novel by Theodore Dreiser, 2009-10-04

1. Theodore Dreiser
Biographical information.Category Arts Literature Authors D Dreiser, Theodore......Theodore Dreiser was born in Sullivan, Indiana, the ninth of ten children.His parents were poor. In the 1860s his father, a devout
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945) American author, outstanding representative of naturalism, whose novels depict real-life subjects in a harsh light. Dreiser's novels were held to be amoral, and he battled throughout his career against censorship and popular taste. This started with SISTER CARRIE (1900). It was not until 1981 that the work was published in its original form. Dreiser's principal concern was with the conflict between human needs and the demands of society for material success. "A woman should some day write the complete philosophy of clothes. No matter how young, it is one of the things she wholly comprehends. There is an indescribably faint line in the matter of man's apparel which somehow divides for her those who are worth glancing at and those who are not. Once an individual has passed this faint line on the way downward he will get no glance from her. There is another line at which the dress of a man will cause her to study her own." (from Sister Carrie Theodore Dreiser was born in Sullivan, Indiana, the ninth of ten children. His parents were poor. In the 1860s his father, a devout Catholic German immigrant, had attempted to establish his own woolen mill, but after it was destroyed in a fire, the family lived in poverty. Dreiser's schooling was erratic, as the family moved from town to town. He left home when he was 16 and worked at whatever jobs he could find. With the help of his former teacher, he was able to spend the year 1889-1890 at the University of Indiana. Dreiser left after only a year. He was, however, a voracious reader, and the impact of such writers as Hawthorne, Poe, Balzac, Herbert Spencer, and Freud influenced his thought and his reaction against organized religion.

2. Theodore Dreiser - University Of Maryland
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Theodore Dreiser
The Financier, a novel
Sister Carrie
The Titan

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3. Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser. Of She said that the library trustees had orderedher to collect and burn every one of Theodore Dreiser's books. I
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Theodore Dreiser
Of the many Hoosiers throughout the years who have succumbed to the temptation to put pen to paper in an imaginative way, none is as important to American literature as Theodore Dreiser . Never as popular in his lifetime as contemporaries Booth Tarkington or Meredith Nicholson , Dreiser and his works are now sources of an ever-increasing amount of textual, critical, and biographical scholarship. A small collection of Dreiser papers in the IHS library sheds a faint but colorful light on the author's life and reputation. Born in Terre Haute in 1871 the second youngest in a large family that would number ten children, Dreiser grew up in various Indiana cities, including Sullivan, Vincennes, Evansville, and Warsaw, the family looking always for a place that would supply them with something more than mere subsistence. In A Hoosier Holiday (1916) Dreiser referred to these formative years as "one unbroken stretch of privation and misery." From his Indiana years Dreiser derived what would become a major theme of his subsequent writing: the effect of money or the lack of it on moral behavior. He founded his best works

4. Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser, Education on the Internet Theodore Dreiser wasborn in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1871. The ninth child of German
Theodore Dreiser
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Theodore Dreiser was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1871. The ninth child of German immigrants, he experienced considerable poverty while a child and at the age of fifteen was forced to leave home in search of work.
After briefly attending Indiana University , he found work as a reporter on the Chicago Globe . Later he worked for the St. Louis Globe-Democrat , the St. Louis Republic and Pittsburgh Dispatch , before moving to New York where he attempted to establish himself as a novelist. Dreiser was influenced by books by authors such as Charles Edward Russell David Graham Phillips and Frank Norris
Dreiser worked for the New York World before Frank Norris , who was working for Doubleday, helped Dreiser's first novel, Sister Carrie (1900), to be published. However, the owners disapproved of the novel's subject matter (the moral corruption of the heroine, Carrie Meeber) and it was not promoted and therefore sold badly.

5. WIEM: Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia D......dreiser theodore Herman Albert (18711945), amerykanski pisarz. DreiserTheodore Herman Albert (1871-1945), amerykanski pisarz. napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Literatura, Stany Zjednoczone
Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert (1871-1945), amerykañski pisarz. Najwybitniejszy przedstawiciel naturalizmu w USA. Do 1900 pracowa³ jako dziennikarz. Ukazywa³ kryzys warto¶ci, bezwzglêdno¶æ i okrucieñstwo w stosunkach miêdzyludzkich oraz purytañsk± ob³udn± moralno¶æ. Pod wp³ywem tzw. darwinizmu spo³ecznego stworzy³ pesymistyczn± wizjê ¿ycia kierowanego przez determinizm ekonomiczny i biologiczne odruchy. Atakowany przez ko³a zachowawcze, zbli¿y³ siê do lewicy, w latach 1927-1928 przebywa³ w ZSRR, a na kilka miesiêcy przed ¶mierci± wst±pi³ do partii komunistycznej. Powie¶ci, Siostra Carrie (1900, wydanie polskie 1937), Jennie Gerhardt (1911, wydanie polskie 1930), trylogia: Finansista (1912, wydanie polskie 1938), Tytan (1914, wydanie polskie 1938-1939), The Stoic Tak¿e g³o¶na Tragedia amerykañska (1925, wydanie polskie 1929-1930), Galeria kobiet (1929, wydanie polskie

6. Books On-line: Search Results
The OnLine Books Page SEARCH RESULTS. You requested author names startingwith dreiser theodore . Dreiser, Theodore Sister Carrie theodore&

7. Our Land, Our Literature: Literature - Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser (18711945). Hoosier Connection Though he grew up in the Indianacities of Terre Haute, Sullivan, Vincennes, Ft. Sources Dreiser, Theodore.
Theodore Dreiser
Hoosier Connection: Though he grew up in the Indiana cities of Terre Haute Sullivan Vincennes Ft. Wayne ... Evansville , and Warsaw , Dreiser's popular fiction novels do not even mention Indiana. His nonfiction works A Hoosier Holiday and Dawn Works Discussed: A Hoosier Holiday Free and Other Stories , " Indiana: Her Soil and Light ," Dawn Sister Carrie Jennie Gerhardt , and An American Tragedy Free and Other Stories . Dreiser’s father was frequently in debt due to failed business ventures, and it was this poor economic and social standing that affected Dreiser’s status as “the foremost creator of those ‘hopeless unfortunates’ [stories]” (Vanausdall 57). Dreiser is associated with the naturalist movement in American literature, described by Jeanette Vanausdall as "a logical product of the growing complexity of American society, which, naturalists believed, rendered the individual powerless and isolated. As a literary school, naturalism was a product of an immigrant, industrial, and urban society" (

8. Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser. 1871 1945, Related Links, Theodore.htm

9. Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser, links to information and all texts available on theweb, information. 562 Theodore Dreiser (18711945). . American
Literary Movements Timeline American Authors English 310/510 ... English 462/562
Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)
American Literature Sites
Project Muse: Journals

Foley Library Catalog
Three Perspectives on the Men in the Street: Texts of William Dean Howells's "The Midnight Platoon," Stephen Crane's "An Experiment in Misery," and Theodore Dreiser's "Curious Shifts of the Poor" from Sister Carrie. Research Collections
Sister Carrie Website at the University of Pennsylvania contains the text of the novel, facsimiles of the typescript, and essays on the work by distinguished Dreiser scholars. The general page for the DreiserWebSource at this site includes photographs and a short movie (in color) of Dreiser at Iroki.
Dreiser papers
at the Indiana Historical Society
Dreiser papers
at the University of Pennsylvania
A Guide to the Theodore Dreiser Collection at the University of Virginia 6220-k 6220-l 6220-m 6220-n ...
James D. Mooney papers
at Georgetown
The "Three Cities" project contains multimedia essays on Chicago and New York from 1870-1930; it uses Sister Carrie in several essay segments.

10. Dreiser Theodore Newspaper Days : An Autobiography
dreiser theodore Newspaper Days An Autobiography. Title NewspaperDays An Autobiography Author dreiser theodore.
Dreiser Theodore Newspaper Days : An Autobiography
Title: Newspaper Days : An Autobiography
Author: Dreiser Theodore
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Ritchie Roy, Stewart Ro Stan...

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11. Dreiser Theodore Nostwich T D Newspaper Days : An Autobiography
dreiser theodore Nostwich TD Newspaper Days An Autobiography. Title NewspaperDays An Autobiography Author dreiser theodore Nostwich TD.
Dreiser Theodore Nostwich T D Newspaper Days : An Autobiography
Title: Newspaper Days : An Autobiography
Author: Dreiser Theodore Nostwich T. D.
Izen Judith Collectors Guide ...
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12. CyberSpace Search!
http//; Books Compare Prices for dreiser theodore dreisertheodore - Compare book prices at Nextag for thousands of stores. dreiser

13. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Author, Count. Dreiser, Theodore, 18711945. 21. Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945.American tragedy, 1. Dreishpoon, Douglas, 1. Dreistadt, Steve H. 1. Theodore&index=AA

14. The International Theodore Dreiser Society
Organization promoting the life and works of dreiser.Category Arts Literature Authors D dreiser, theodore......The International theodore dreiser Society was formed at the second annual AmericanLiterature Association Conference in Washington, DC, on 25 May 1991.
The International Theodore Dreiser Society was formed by Miriam Gogol and Frederic E. Rusch at the second annual American Literature Association Conference in Washington, D.C., on 25 May 1991. A growing organization of scholars, teachers, and Dreiser enthusiasts, the Society promotes interest in the life and works of Theodore Dreiser and those associated with him. Last updated:

15. PAL: Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)
Provided by the Perspectives in American Literature project, this page lists dreiser's works, as well as papers and books written about him. 1928; A Gallery of Women, 1929; Dawn, 1931; The Bulwark, 1946; The Stoic, 1947. dreiser, theodore. A Book about Myself.
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide Paul P. Reuben Chapter 6: Late Nineteenth Century - Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945) Primary Works Selected Bibliography MLA Style Citation of this Web Page Chap 6: Index ... Home Page
Source: Penn Special Collections - Dreiser Primary Works Sister Carrie Jennie Gerhardt The Financier A Traveler at Forty The Titan The Genius A Hoosier Holiday Free and Other Stories Twelve Men A Book About Myself The Color of a Great City An American Tragedy Moods , 1926; "Typhoon," (short story), 1926 Chains Dreiser Looks at Russia A Gallery of Women Dawn The Bulwark The Stoic Dreiser, Theodore. A Book about Myself . London: Constable, 1929. PS3507.R55 Z5 Theodore Dresier Sister Carrie, Jennie Gerhardt, Twelve Men . Ed. Richard Lehan. NY: The Library of America, 1987 Achievement Considered by many as the leader of Naturalism in American writing, Dreiser is also remembered for his stinging criticism of the genteel tradition and of what Howells described as the "smiling aspects of life" typifying America. In his fiction, Dreiser deals with social problems and with characters who struggle to survive. His sympathetic treatment of a "morally loose" woman in Sister Carrie was called immoral and he suffered at the hands of publishers. One of Dreiser's favorite fictional devices was the use of contrast between the rich and the poor, the urbane and the unsophisticated, and the power brokers and the helpless. While he wrote about "raw" experiences of life in his earlier works, in his later writing he considered the impact of economic society on the lives of people in the remarkable trilogy -

16. Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)
Resource site for dreiser information online.

Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)
  • Writings American Literature on the Web
  • 17. Salon Classics
    Salon magazine article on dreiser and his impact on 20th century American fiction.
    The Salon
    Classics Book Group
    and the New York
    Public Library Back to Salon About Theodore Dreiser With the publication of "Sister Carrie" in 1900, Dreiser became the first American author to step into the 20th century, rejecting the cumbersome Victorian morality for what was considered to be a shocking new form of descriptive realism. This novel irrevocably altered the landscape of American literature and gave the country its first modern heroine, Carrie Meeber. In chronicling the rise of a fallen woman, Dreiser unwittingly also touched off a censorship battle that helped end the Victorian era and inspired a new generation of writers. Herman Theodore Dreiser was born in Terre Haute, Ind., on Aug. 27, 1871. He was the ninth of 10 children. DreiserÕs childhood was marred by the downfall of his successful father, John Paul, the manager of a cotton mill. A series of unfortunate mishaps sent the family spiraling into poverty. In 1864, the mill burned down, and during the millÕs reconstruction (according to family legend), a beam hit John Paul on the head, an injury from which he never fully recovered. DreiserÕs father subsequently became obsessively religious and was easily cheated by his business partners. Theodore would remain deeply resentful of his father and of the poverty into which he plunged the family. At the age of 15, Dreiser moved to Chicago where he found work at numerous low-paying and frustrating jobs washing dishes, clerking in a hardware store and tracing freight cars. His working life was interrupted when a former teacher offered to send him to Indiana University for a year. During this time, Dreiser developed an interest in writing. When he moved back to Chicago, he decided to try his hand at journalism, and over several years, became a successful newspaper writer.

    18. Theodore Dreiser
    Materials available on dreiser at the American Study Collection in American Resource Center.

    19. Theater In Dreiser's _Sister Carrie_
    Examines how melodrama functions in Sister Carrie along with the theatres, actors, and plays that are referenced in the novel.

    Cover Art: Gibson's "Seed of Ambition"

    20. Dreiser Web Sites
    dreiser, theodore Forum Frigate. theodore dreiser the Naturalist Studentweb project interpreting dreiser's short story Typhoon. .
    Dreiser Websites
    Sister Carrie Turns 100 , the Sister Carrie Centennial Celebration at the University of Pennsylvania.
    The Penn Alumni Book Club forum on Sister Carrie
    Sister Carrie
    Web digitized etext from the University of Virginia Hypertext project. Sister Carrie
    (Gutenberg digitized etext) The Financier
    (Gutenberg digitized etext) The Church and Wealth in America (Chapter 14 of Tragic America
    from the Secular Web Dreiser, Theodore Forum Frigate
    On-line forum with a nautical format. Theodore Dreiser: the Naturalist
    Student web project interpreting Dreiser's short story "Typhoon." Theodore Dreiser
    On-line companion to the Norton Anthology of American Literature. THE SALON CLASSICS: Theodore Dreiser and Sister Carrie
    The Salon Classics is a Book Group, sponsored by the New York Public Library, that offers an opportunity to join well-known contemporary authors and Salon readers in lively conversations about some of the greatest books of all time. This segment includes an essay on Sister Carrie by Garrison Keillor, as well as essays about Dreiser and the publication of the novel.

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