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         Eady Cornelius:     more books (36)
  1. You Don't Miss Your Water by Cornelius Eady, 2004-01-01
  2. Hardheaded Weather: New and Selected Poems by Cornelius Eady,
  3. Kartunes [Poetry, 1st ed.] by Cornelius Eady, 1980
  4. How To Do.(Poem): An article from: American Scholar by Cornelius Eady, 2001-06-22
  5. BOMB Issue 79, Spring 2002 (BOMB Magazine) by Steven Holl, Stephen Mueller, et all 2002-03-15
  6. Victims of the Latest Dance Craze by Cornelius Eady, 1985
  7. Boom Boom Boom by Cornelius Eady, 1988
  8. THE NEW YORKER: January 7, 2008. by John; Samantha Power, Cornelius Eady, Elizabeth Kolbert, Sharon Olds and others Updike, 2008-01-01
  9. Brutal Imagination, Poems (A Marian Wood Book) by Cornelius Eady, 2001
  10. The Autobiography of a Jukebox: Poems (Carnegie Mellon Poetry) by Cornelius Eady, 1997-10
  11. Victims of the latest dance craze; poems. Illustrations by Susan Micklem. by Cornelius Eady, 1986
  13. Victims of the Latest Dance Craze by Cornelius Eady, 1986
  14. VICTIMS OF THE LATEST DANCE CRAZE by Cornelius Eady, 1985

21. Twentieth-Century African-American Poetry: Bibliography
eady, cornelius 1991, The Gathering of My Name (Carnegie MellonUniversity Press) eadyCThGthrng (gender=M). eady, cornelius
Twentieth-Century African-American Poetry
Bibliography SEARCH Database Home Chadwyck-Healey The ARTFL Project ... Back to EFTS
Ai [ Greed (Norton) [ Ai:Greed ] (gender=F). Ai, 1947- [ Vice (Norton) [ Ai1:Vice ] (gender=F). Atkins, Russell. [ Phenomena (Wilberforce University) [ AtkinsR:Phenomena ] (gender=M). Atkins, Russell. [ Heretofore (Penguin Books) [ AtkinsR:Hrtfr ] (gender=M). Atkins, Russell. [ Here In The (Cleveland State University Poetry Center) [ AtkinsR:Here-In ] (gender=M). Atkins, Russell. [ (Paul Bremen) [ ] (gender=M). Aubert, Alvin. [ If Winter Come: Collected Poems 1967-1992 (Carnegie Mellon University Press) [ AubertA:If-Winter ] (gender=M). Baker, Houston A. Jr. [ No Matter Where You Travel, You Still Be Black (Lotus Press) [ BakerH:No-Matter ] (gender=M). Baker, Houston A. Jr. [ Spirit Run (Lotus Press) [ BakerH:Spirit-Run ] (gender=M). Baker, Houston A. Jr. [ Blues Journeys Home (Lotus Press) [ BakerH:Bls-Jrnys ] (gender=M). Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934- [ Preface To A Twenty Volume Suicide Note.... (Totem Press) [ BarakaI:Preface-To ] (gender=M).

22. Chelsea Forum Speaker Topics
Marjorie Agosin Chastity Bono Judith Ortiz Cofer cornelius eady Judith E. HeumannTony Hillerman Jeffrey Montgomery Magarita Rosa Yvonne S. Thornton, MD.
many can be combined.
business/ government


Calvin Trillin
Linda Ellerbee

Ellen Goodman

Barbara Robinette Moss

Sally Bedell Smith
Calvin Trillin
history Merrit Ierley David Kahn David M. Kennedy, Ph.D. Donald McCaig ... spirituality business/government Marion Luna Brem Judith E. Heumann Margarita Rosa Alexander C. Sanger ... Lionel Tiger, Ph.D. business Marion Luna Brem Lionel Tiger, Ph.D. government Judith E. Heumann Margarita Rosa Alexander C. Sanger business/ government ... spirituality diversity Marjorie Agosin Chastity Bono Judith Ortiz Cofer Cornelius Eady ... Yvonne S. Thornton, M.D. disabilities Judith E. Heumann ethnicity/race Marjorie Agosin Judith Ortiz Cofer Cornelius Eady Tony Hillerman ... Yvonne S. Thornton, M.D. gay/ lesbian/ bisexual/ transgender Chastity Bono Jeffrey Montgomery business/ government diversity ... spirituality elder care Joy Loverde Richard M. Restak, M.D. Harriet Sarnoff Schiff Judith Tatelbaum, MSW aging Richard M. Restak, M.D. Donna Quinn Robbins caregiving Joy Loverde Harriet Sarnoff Schiff loss Joy Loverde Judith Tatelbaum, MSW

23. Ploughshares, The Literary Journal
Authors Articles About cornelius eady. About cornelius eady. byNatasha Trethewey. cornelius eady spent his entire childhood in

24. Ploughshares, The Literary Journal
Authors Articles cornelius eady This bio was last updated on 07/24/2002.cornelius eady. cornelius eady, How I Got Born, Poetry, Spring 1996.

25. Poetry Daily Feature: Cornelius Eady
Three Poems How I Got Born My Heart Who Am I? from cornelius eady'sBrutal Imagination. (Photograph of cornelius eady by Miriam Berkley).
Three Poems
"How I Got Born"
"My Heart"
"Who Am I?"
from Cornelius Eady's
Brutal Imagination
Online Bookstore Listing
Cornelius Eady: Formerly director of the Poetry Center at SUNY/Stony Brook, Cornelius Eady is currently Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the City College of New York. His many awards include the Academy of American Poets Lamont Prize, a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship to Ballagio, and fellowships from the Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Foundation, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Widely anthologized, Eady is the author of six volumes of poetry, including Victims of the Latest Dance Craze, You Don't Miss Your Water , and The Autobiography of a Jukebox . With poet Toi Derricotte, he co-founded Cave Canem, which offers workshops and retreats for African-American poets, and with composer Diedre Murray, he has collaborated on two highly acclaimed music-dramas, You Don't Miss Your Water and Running Man . (Photograph of Cornelius Eady by Miriam Berkley)
About Brutal Imagination Brutal Imagination is made up of two cycles of poems, each confronting the same subject: the black man in white America.

26. Cornelius Eady
The Later Songs of Billie Holiday. cornelius eady. Her voice, roughTrick of will and breath Erodes out. Even knowing She's beyond
The Later Songs of Billie Holiday
Cornelius Eady
Her voice, rough
Trick of will and breath
Erodes out.
Even knowing
She's beyond all trouble now,
It's a worry
To listen.
The cabaret law, what
Was it? Gone like spats. Now her trumpet of a throat
Begins to weed. She works harder
To convince these notes to stay, To treat her right. Back to IR Spring 2002 Email us: Indiana Review Write us: Indiana Review Ballantine Hall 465 1020 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405-7103 Coming Soon: our 25th anniversary issue Call for Submissions: Writing Between Cultures Enter your email address to sign up for our email newsletter:

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"The Academy of American Poets presents a biography photograph and selected poems."
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28. Gateway To The Black World.Screen Name Service
For acclaimed poet cornelius eady, however, the nightmarish nine days in whichSmith's lie reigned became a locus for cultural examination and metaphor.
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29. Poetry » Archive » Cornelius Eady » "I'm A Fool To Love You"
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30. Poetry » Archive » Cornelius Eady
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31. Cornelius Eady, "Nature Poem"
Nature Poem cornelius eady. Once, When I lived In Virginia, My upstairsneighbor asked If, at the reading I was to give Would any
"Nature Poem"
Cornelius Eady
Once, When I lived In Virginia, My upstairs neighbor asked If, at the reading I was to give Would any Of my new poems Include a bit Of the surrounding Landscape, And I said to her No , I don't wirte About that , but, This was A false statement. I could have told her Behind a certain house In Illinois, Is the beginnings Of a prairie. I loved The subtle turnings Of the word Brown , I loved What a Clumsy movement Could toss up: Feathers, Survival tactics, Dust Slanted by A mid-November's Light. And I could have spoken On behalf of The New York Roof gardens in May: Small tufts Of Spring. Near-secret outposts Tucked within A city's Agenda. I can't tell you why Certain things make me Hold my tongue. I think the conversation Dwindled At that point. Nervous laughter, Then she walked Upstairs. Why wouldn't a poet Want to broadcast Such lush noise? It was spring In Virginia, That particular year A lovely meter. It was senseless, And when she missed The reading, Didn't I pluck A stingy blossom? SEARCH POETRY HOME ENGLISH 88 READING LIST POETRY NEWS ... FILREIS HOME Document URL:

32. A Wall Of Words, A Burst Of Verse
From the moment he walked in, poet cornelius eady captivated the Kelly Writers Houseaudience with his unruly dredlocked hair, melodic voice and lemon yellow
Poet Captivates Writers House
By Jennifer Arend
The Daily Pennsylvanian From the moment he walked in, poet Cornelius Eady captivated the Kelly Writers House audience with his unruly dred-locked hair, melodic voice and lemon yellow Converse All-Stars. In his Friday visit, Eady brought stories of his late father, a train ride and piggy banks as well as volumes of acclaimed poetry. Author of five books of poetry, including The Gathering of My Name, Victims of the Latest Dance Craze and The Autobiography of a Jukebox, Eady has received several awards and fellowships, including a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Victims was the Lamont Poetry Selection for 1985 and The Gathering was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1992. College junior Holly Johnson opened the reading with selections from her own poetry before College junior Karina Zappia introduced Eady, whom she had studied as part of a Writers House-coordinated class designed to study writers invited to the facility.

33. - Cornelius Eady Named Oppy Award Winner For "Brutal Imagination"
Playwright cornelius eady has been named the winner of Newsday's 2002George Oppenheimer Award for his play, Brutal Imagination.,0,6940406.story?coll=ny-about-utility

34. Brutal Imagination - Cornelius Eady
Brutal Imagination review of stage play based on the poetry of cornelius eady'fullof powerful language and striking images, but disappointing as theatre

dance destinations film ... archives Brutal Imagination
Cornelius Eady New York, Vineyard Theatre
December 19 - February 3
Joe Morton, Sally Murphy Brutal Imagination: Poems
(2001), Cornelius Eady
Eco-Friendly Alternative to AAA A program note states: "In 1994 in Union, South Carolina, Susan Smith strapped her two children into their car seats and rolled her car into a lake. She then told police that a black man had carjacked her 1990 Mazda Protégé with her two sons, Michael, age 3, and Alexander, age 14 months, still in the car. An intense nationwide search for the children and their abductor followed. After nine days of fooling the world, she confessed to her crime."
How could a mother do such a thing? And why? What drove her to it? What led up to this horrible act in the days and hours and minutes before she murdered her children? What was she thinking about during those nine days of lying to everyone? How does she feel about it now? Can she ever recover?
These are questions that might be expected to swarm through the minds of audience members waiting for the house lights to dim, but unfortunately they are all but ignored in

35. Cornelius Eady -- 20th Annual Literary Festival -- Old Dominion University -- Fi
cornelius eady is the winner of an NEA fellowship, a National Arts Club Scholarshipin poetry at the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference, a Millay Colony fellowship
20th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 14-17, 1997 Cornelius Eady

is the winner of an NEA fellowship, a National Arts Club Scholarship in poetry at the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference, a Millay Colony fellowship, and fellowships from the Ragdale Foundation and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Cornelius Eady has worked as a Poet-in-the-Schools in New York, Vermont, and Virginia. In Virginia he was in the Artist-in-Residency program in Richmond and the University of Virginia’s Young Writers Workshop. He was also Writer-in-Residence at Sweet Briar College from 1982 to 1984. His books include Kartunes, Victims of the Latest Dance Craze, The Gathering of My Name , and You Don’t Miss Your Water . [extracted from 1997 brochure]
20th Annual Literary

Festival (1997)
Books Available
Web Sites

36. Cornelius Eady -- Video -- 20th Annual Literary Festival -- Old Dominion Univers
20th Annual Literary Festival, 20th Annual Literary Festival Old DominionUniversity October 1417, 1997. cornelius eady October 14, 1997.
20th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 14-17, 1997 Cornelius Eady
October 14, 1997 Poetry Reading Part 1
(with introduction to festival by Tim Seibles)
  • Video recorded on VHS by English Department Graduate Assistant 15.5 minutes; 38 mb; streamed
VHS tape and AVI file on CD-ROM are available in Perry Library's Special Collections. Reading Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 ... Return to 20th Festival Video page
Requires RealPlayer Version 8 Download Now

37. OFFOFFOFF Theater Review BRUTAL IMAGINATION Play By Cornelius Eady And Diane Pau
theater review BRUTAL IMAGINATION play by cornelius eady and Diane Paulus withJoe Morton and Sally Murphy. Written by cornelius eady and Diane Paulus.
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  • Yi Sang Counts to Thirteen ADVERTISEMENT Vineyard Theatre 108 East 15th St. Previews start: Dec. 19, 2001 Jan. 8 - Feb. 3, 2002 Tues.-Fri. 8 p.m., Sat. 5 and 9 p.m., Sun. 3 p.m. Tickets: $15-$45
    If he didn't exist they'd have to invent him
    By MARIANA CARREñO KING On October 25, 1994, in Union, South Carolina, 23 year-old, Caucasian, Susan Smith, stunned her otherwise quiet town when she accused an unidentified black man of kidnapping her two small boys, 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex. Nine days later, she shocked the entire nation by confessing that she herself had let her car, with the two infants strapped in the back seat, drift deep into the John D. Long Lake, not too far from her home. Almost a decade later, the investigation that took place then, the implications of her lie and the headlines they made, have faded in memory. But not for everyone. BRUTAL IMAGINATION Written by: Cornelius Eady and Diane Paulus Directed by: Diane Paulus Adapted from the book by: Cornelius Eady Cast: Joe Morton and Sally Murphy Music by: Deidre Murray Poetry, court transcripts, news clips and music intermingle in "Brutal Imagination," the new stage adaptation of Cornelius Eady's book with the same title (2001 National Book Award finalist). Beyond trying to explain the reasons behind Ms. Smith's actions, "Brutal Imagination" poses other scenarios: what if, at least during the nine days between the boys' disappearance and Ms. Smith's confession, the black man in her imagination actually existed? What if all the imaginary black men, from Uncle Tom to Stagger Lee, were to think, question, feel, at least for as long as they are being summoned?
  • 38. Thelonious Monk - Jazz Poetry - Cornelius Eady.
    jazz poetry. from cornelius eady. Thelonious Monk cornelius eady I know whatto do with math. Listen to this. Read an interview with cornelius eady.
    jazz poetry
    from Cornelius Eady.
    "Thelonious Monk" Cornelius Eady I know what to do with math. Listen to this. It's Arithmetic, a soundtrack. The motion Frozen in these lamposts, it Can be sung. I can lift away Its logic, make it spin Like an orbital satellite, find Gambling's true pitch. It can be *played:* Adventure, the trying of Patience, holding back, holding Up, laying out, stop-time, Slow motion, time travel, Space walking. It can be Splintered, strained Through the fine mesh Of a second. Now I try A few bars of *what's next?* Run It over my hands, ignite it, Make the fire sound like *April in Paris.* from "The Gathering of My Name" 1991 Read an interview with Cornelius Eady Listen to "Thelonious Monk" read by the poet Return to the Jazz Poetry page.
    The Thelonious Monk Website - Over 6 years on the Web - © howardm

    39. Poet Cornelius Eady To Read At Smith
    cornelius eady to Read at Smith College. NORTHAMPTON, Mass.The Poetry Center atSmith College will present poet cornelius eady at 730 pm on Tuesday, Feb.
    Office of College Relations
    Smith College
    Garrison Hall
    Northampton, Massachusetts 01063 January 31, 2002
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editor's note: To request a photo of Eady, e-mail Cornelius Eady to Read at Smith College NORTHAMPTON, Mass.-The Poetry Center at Smith College will present poet Cornelius Eady at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 19, in Stoddard Hall Auditorium.
    Dubbed "the heir of Langston Hughes" by The Southern Review, Eady is the author of seven books of poetry and two librettos. Much of his work celebrates Harlem and addresses the experiences of the African-American family threatened by barriers of color and class. As poet Leslie Ullman writes, his poems offer "brief glimpses of urban life, meditations to jazz and blues music, and a quiet, crystalline sort of anger."
    His most recent volume, "Brutal Imagination," explores the vision of the black man in white imagination with what Booklist calls "tremendous verve, drama, compassion, and insight." The bulk of the collection is narrated by the black kidnapper invented by Susan Smith to cover up the killing of her two young sons.

    40. The Poetry Center At Smith College -- Biographies
    Printerfriendly version, cornelius eady is the author of seven books of poetryand two librettos. poems by cornelius eady. How I Got Born. I. Thrift.

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